Learning to love

Part 18

Terms of love and sex

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]



Sunday morning, I woke and showered.  Tommy was coming home.  After our phone conversation last evening, I was confused about what Tommy was thinking.  I had already admitted to myself that if I were not with Tommy, I would hook-up with Frank fast enough to give everyone watching whiplash.  The distinct difference was it would be a hook-up.  I loved Frank as a friend, but I didn't feel much more.  Lust for sure and perhaps comfort in his presence, but I did not sense he would touch my soul like Tommy does.  Frank was a jokester and had a dominate personality.  I liked to control my life and I could see major problems had it been him I had fallen for instead of Tommy.  I didn't try to dominate Tommy, but we fit well because mostly he let me lead.  Frank was a leader and I wasn't good at following.  Independence is stitched into the fabric of my being.  I may be yearning for love, but in all other matters, I felt in-charge.

Breakfast finished, I hugged Connie and my father, and then went for a walk.  I had never taken a walk around the property surrounding our house.  I had made it as far as the barn before, but I had never visited the Ag building, the stables or even walked down the road that leads to the highway into town.  For that matter, I had never even gone into a single store or shop in Beulah.  Schools and the DMV were the extent of my introduction to Beulah.  I walked the 50 yards or so to the Ag office.  I was surprised to see a truck parked there, it was Sunday after all.  I tried the doorknob and finding it unlocked, I walked in.  Standing at a filing cabinet, was Mr. Manouli, Frank's father.  He turned when he heard the door open and when he saw me standing, looking at him, he smiled.

" Good morning Brent.  How are you doing today?"  The differences between Frank and his father's appearance always dominates my mind when I see Mr. Manouli.  I knew that he was of Greek descent and Frank's father has a darker complexion than he.  His father also has an accent I couldn't place and he had grown up in Beulah with my father and his other friends. 

"Good morning Mr. Manouli.  I'm fine so far."  I looked around the office, and he and I were alone.  "I didn't think anyone worked on the farm on Sunday.  I didn't mean to bother you."  He closed the file drawer he had been looking in when I arrived and turned back to me.

"It is a farm and growing doesn't stop on Sunday and the animals still get hungry."  He chuckled and walked over to a desk.  "I'm just checking on feed supplies and then I'm getting out of here.  I enjoy my time off as much as anyone."  He wrote on a piece of paper that was lying on the desk, and then placed it into a metal file basket on the corner of the desk.  "Were you looking for something that I can help you find?" He asked me when his concentration returned to me.

"No Sir, I just decided to go for a walk and I haven't been here before, so I just wanted to see what it looked like inside.  Hank spends lots of time here, I guess, when he's not carting me around."  There were three desks in the office space with other office equipment you'd find in most any.

"He does for a fact."  Mr. Manouli smiled.  "He spends much time complaining of boredom when he's not driving.  He used to help in the stables before you and your family moved back here.  Your father insists that he be available at a moments notice when you need him."  He chuckled and winked at me.  "He spends almost as much time pondering if you're all right and making sure that SUV is in order for whatever duty calls him.  Hank is a good man and I've known him since he was a teen.  He has calmed down a lot since his youth, but you expect him to be wild, having grown up in Hazen.  I think there is even less for teens to do there, then they have available here in Beulah."

"I like Hank a lot.  He's always concerned with my well-being, almost like I was a 5-year-old.  It...It makes me feel safe when I'm with him."  I said.

"You're as safe with him as his own son, Brent.  I get the feeling from his talking, that he feels a paternal need to care for you."  Mr. Manouli picked a key ring up from the desk, and I took this as my cue to leave, since he was obviously finished with what brought him to the farm this morning.

"Well, I better leave you alone.  Please tell Frank I said hello when you see him.  I'll be glad when he's able to go back to school.  I miss having him around.  He makes me laugh and well, he's one of my best friends."  I told him and walked towards the door and then turned back to him.  "Have a good day sir."

"Brent, my name is Ed or even Eddy if you prefer.  If you weren't a teen, then maybe I would expect to be address so formally, but I would prefer you use my name.  It was a pleasure seeing you this morning and I will be sure to tell Frank your message.  I know he misses school as well, and especially seeing you."  He gave me a speculative look.  "Yes, he misses you too.  Have a good day.  I'm right behind you out the door."  I told him bye again and walked out of the office.

My next stop was the stables.  The smell I expected was not what I met.  All that touched my senses was a strong smell of grass and maybe horsey.  There were two stable hands busy in the stalls and another dragging in a bale of hay.  I walked through the center of the stall enclosures on each side and out to a paddock, eventually to stand by a fenced in area with several horses in it, grazing as they meandered around the area.  I was startled out of watching the horses by my name being said right next to me.  I jumped and looked to see who was talking to me.

"Brent?  Good morning.  Did you want me to have one of the men saddle a horse for you?" Asked Mr. Schafer.  I told him good morning and then laughed.

"Me ride on a horse?  Um...no sir, I have never ridden a horse in my life and I think I will leave it that way."  I blushed. "I'm a bit intimidated by the size of them and having no real control over something large with a brain of its own, I prefer to watch them.  I do think they are awesome though.  Those out there look fantastic."  I pointed out into the field.  He looked to where I pointed.

"The 4 white ones are Lipizzaner and the 3 blacks Friesian." He explained. We chatted for a while longer and he then excused himself to return to whatever he was doing before having seen me at the fence. I was glad that Bobby had not come up in our conversation. I did not want to have to excuse him for the actions of his son over and over each time we saw each other. I noticed a pond a little in the distance and decided to walk to it. When I arrived, I sat down on the raised bank and began going over my conversation with Tommy from the day before.

The sound of my phone ringing, brought me out of my musings and when I pulled it from my pocket, I saw it was Tommy calling. I hurried and answered. "Hey! Where are you? How far from Beulah?" I asked. Tommy chuckled.

"Hey Babe! Let me see, we are about 5 miles if that is how far it is from your front door to the city limits! Where the hell are you? I get no welcome home kiss and then I can't find you anywhere." Tommy replied.

"Oh my god! You're at my house? I'm out sitting by a pond on the other side of where we have horses fenced in. I'll be right there, give me a couple minutes!" I was breathless, the excitement taking me over.

"No, stay there and I'll come to find you. Sitting by a pond sounds romantic." Tommy said and my heart felt so good that he wanted to be alone with me. "I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't you go wandering off!" I laughed when he said this.

" I'm not going to wander anywhere. Just hurry because I want to hold and kiss you." We ended the phone call and I sat down to wait for him. I didn't have to wait long. Only a couple minutes had passed when I heard someone yelling from a distance behind me. I stood up and looked. There I saw Tommy, running across the open field towards me. It was like some silly romantic drama you see from Hollywood. He was waving his hands above his head and calling my name. I followed the script, and started running towards him. We met in a hug and I planted a kiss on his lips and didn't plan to stop until I devoured him.

"Wow, I need to breathe!" Tommy said as he broke from my kiss. I gave him time to take a breath and then locked my lips on him again. This time we both began to laugh and our tongues fought to stay in one mouth or the other, until we had to stop to gain control of the moment.

"Tommy, I missed you so much!" I took his hand and we walked to the pond. I sat and pulled him down until he was stretched out in front of me, his back against my chest and the rest of his body between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his chest and held him tight to me. "I love you. You don't know how scared I was that you weren't going to come back to me." Tommy shook his head against my chest.

"I will always come back to you. Don't ever think I won't." He looked up at me and I looked down to meet his eyes. "I love you too. How could I ever leave someone I love so much?" He pulled away from me, turned around and then straddled me until we were face-to-face, him now sitting in my lap and his legs wrapped around my waist. He looked me deep in the eyes and I knew one of his serious questions that he wanted an honest answer to was coming next. "Did you and Frank have sex?" He focused his eyes.

"No, we didn't do anything beyond what I told you we did when I called you. I, I still don't understand what you meant with all you said." He nodded his head.

"Well, I meant that you should have fucked his brains out and give him a sore ass like I had for two days." He said, laughing. My eyes shot open because I couldn't believe he was still sticking to his original permission.

"That's what I mean, Tommy. You seriously would let me have sex with someone else and not have a problem with it?  I, I don't think I like that. I thought when we had sex it was..."

"Whoa Brent, we're not talking about you and I having sex, besides I think of every time we're together no matter what we do, as making love. Love is not the same as lust Babe." He said before I could complete my train of thought. "You having sex with Frank is a whole different matter than you and me." I thought about what he just said and then finally found the question I had been searching for to ask him.

"Do you want to have sex with someone other than me Tommy?" I looked him deep in his eyes, turning the needed answer look on him now. He appeared to think for a moment and a mischievous smile formed on his lips.

"Frank would be the only one I would want to have sex with, but you know what? I don't think I would want to if you're not there. No, wait, I'm positive I wouldn't if you're not there. That's it Brent. I think I have no problem with you having sex with someone, but you see, I always imagine myself as being with you, so last night I said it was all right because I was thinking we were together, even though I was still in Fargo." He blushed, "Brent, I don't ever want you to have sex with someone else if I'm not there! Never, do you hear me?" He suddenly exclaimed and grabbed me in a tight embrace. I hugged him tightly too.

"That makes me feel a lot better Tommy. You don't let someone you love have that amount of freedom, at least I know I won't. You can't either, I won't allow it now or ever. And, you're not allowed to ever let anyone but me have anal sex with you. I don't want to see anyone give you that look you had on your face when I made love to you." I blushed with his head on my shoulder. He pushed away from me and gave me a serious look.

"That would never happen anyway Brent. I told Frank over the phone yesterday that he couldn't have you that way either and I also told him that if he let you fuck him, he'd never want anyone else. It's true, I would never want anyone else like that but you. You were amazing and I don't think anyone could make me feel like that. I don't even care to find out." I kissed him and after a very long time we finally broke the kiss and he wiggled his ass in my lap. "You fell like making me feel that way again?" His eyes were sparkling with mirth and a hint of want.

"NO! I get mine first and then you can have another go. Tommy, it's not fair for you to get to feel me in you and not let me feel you." I whined. I must admit, I sounded pathetic with my plea and we both laughed. "I get mine tonight! No more delay or I'll, I'll force you!" I started tickling him along his ribs and moved down and pinched the insides of his thighs when he fell backwards trying to get away from me. He was laughing hysterically, trying to fend me off.

"Stop, stop, you're going to make me pee myself!" He rolled away from me and jumped to his feet. I saw it in his eyes, and as I thought, he took off running towards the house looking back to see if I was chasing him. Well of course I was, I couldn't let my prey escape me that easily. Tommy didn't stop running until he ran onto the front porch of the house. I got there only moments after him, but I was so out of breath, that I was bending over, taking deep breaths. Tommy was doing likewise, and we stayed there gasping. The front door opened and out walked Brandon, looking from Tommy back to me.

"What were you two doing for so long? Why are you breathing so hard? Are we going to play that war game on the PS3 now?" Full of questions wasn't he? I looked at Tommy and he crossed his eyes at me, making me start to laugh.

"Yes Brandon, we can go play Call of Duty. I think I can at least take normal breaths now." I finally stood up and took a good look at him. Brandon was a cute guy. He had the same looks about him that Tommy did, but his hair was light brown and his eyes were a bit more piercing. He gave me a big smile and a surprising hug.

"Thanks Brent, I've been waiting since your birthday party to play again!" I grabbed Tommy on my way in behind Brandon and we stopped in the kitchen first to grab some drinks. Connie wasn't there, so we also helped ourselves to the brownies on the kitchen counter, before going to my rooms. We played video games until Connie came to the door and said we had ten minutes before dinner, to wash up. Tommy and I set down our controllers, but Brandon just stared at the plasma like he was mesmerized.

"That means you too Brandon." Tommy said. Brandon looked at him and I thought he was about to let go with some scathing remark.

"I know. I wish we had one of these in our room TJ. It would be awesome to be able to play all the time." He laid the controller down and I pressed the power button, to turn everything off. I suddenly remembered the CD from Matt in the player, and told myself to remember to take it out before Tommy came across it. It was a little secret that I was keeping from him, only because for some strange reason, I didn't what Matt's efforts and feelings to be on display. If he found it, then so be it. I just wasn't going out of my way to bring it to his attention. We washed our hands and then all went downstairs to the dining room.

Connie had refused to have my father hire someone to replace her with the duties of cooking and cleaning. She was adamant that no one knew how to take care of her family like she did and that was the last word on it. My father was already seated and we three sat to either side of him. Connie came in and placed a large pan of lasagna in the center of the table and then left, to return with a bowl of salad and garlic bread. She stood over us all and served us each around the table before finally serving herself and taking her seat at the other end. We never said grace at our home, but Brandon asked if he could and after having said grace, we dug in and managed to finish off all the food Connie had prepared with second and third helpings of all. Connie beamed with pleasure that all her boys were well fed and happy.

We three returned to my room and decided to watch a DVD. Brandon was elected as the chooser and we settled on the sofa to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The books were ten times better than any of the movies I had seen so far, but they were still watchable. Tommy sat on my left and I had my arm around him all snuggled up. Brandon was on my right and he was even squeezed up against me. Here I was in the middle of two cute guys, one I was in love with and the other was my lovers brother. I grinned to myself about how much my life had changed.

After the move it was time to get ready for bed. We had school in the morning and with Brandon staying the night, any hopes of sex between Tommy and me were put on hold. I needed to shower and both brothers said they did as well. Tommy and I could knock out our shower together and that would only leave Brandon to take his. Tommy and I showered and then Brandon took his. Tommy had to explain how the shower controls functioned, and while they were doing that, I went and moved the table in front of the sofa to the side and folded out the bed hidden in the sofa. I went to the linen closet in the hall and brought back stuff to make out the bed and then went and got a pillow and case. I opened the CD player and took out the disc and returned it to its jewel case. I carried it into my study and put it in the same drawer that held my father's journal.

Brandon was finished showering and brushing his teeth when I came back in the bedroom. Tommy was pulling back the sheets on the bed and making everything ready for us. His cute butt was clad in only his boxers from American Eagle and they did a great job of displaying his mounds. He looked up at me and caught me staring at him and he smiled, rubbed his ass cheeks and gave me a little shake of it. Brandon came walking out of the bathroom and he was only in a pair of boxers, them being a pair I had bought him at Hollister's.

"Brandon, I folded out the sofa sleeper for you and made it up. I didn't know how many comforters you would want, so I set an extra on the table for you if you need it. I'll set the alarm for 6 am so we have time to dress and have breakfast before Hank drives us to school." I started to walk out to show him what I had prepared when I saw him give Tommy a strange look, then look back at me. I stopped and looked at Tommy.

"Uh, Brent, Brandon has never slept in a room by himself. Well, we've always shared a room and he's, he doesn't sleep well by himself." Tommy said. I looked at Brandon and he was now staring at the floor and I could see a red blush on his face. There was no room to drag the sofa into my bedroom and I surely didn't feel like going to hunt for a cot and then have to make that all up so he would be in the same room.

"Oh, that's all right Brandon. I didn't know and dude, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I understand. Um, there's room enough for all three of us in my bed. It's a queensize, so we should all fit without bothering one another." Brandon looked at me with a grateful look on his face and Tommy just smiled at me. Now for sure Tommy and I were going to have to be hands-off. I sighed silently and smiled at them both.

Next came the debate about whom was going to sleep where on the bed. Tommy refused to sleep next to Brandon, because he swore his brother kicked while he slept. Brandon on the other hand denied this and was getting surly about it. I closed the debate with taking the center, Tommy on the right side of the bed and Brandon on the left. I set the alarm, then crawled into the bed, then back out to go traipsing into the game room to get Brandon's pillow. I crawled back in and Brandon crawled in next to me, followed by Tommy on his side of the bed. We settled in and I told Brandon how to turn off the lamps. After the lights we turn out, I gave Tommy a kiss goodnight and Brandon insisted on a hug and then he laid over my body to give Tommy a hug too. We settled back in and after many minutes passed with the strangeness I was feeling being in the center of my bed surrounded by bodies, I finally fell asleep.

I slowly came out of a deep sleep, feeling Tommy's mouth working on my very stiff cock. Somehow he had managed to undue the one button on the fly slit and work my cock out to be exposed for him to give it attention. He had also worked himself under the sheets, to where he was laying in-between my legs. I stayed completely still and stifled the urge to moan a couple times when the feeling of his hot mouth and tongue worked the crown. I couldn't believe he was taking the chance of waking Brandon, but the pleasure I was getting from his sucking, dispelled any apprehension on my part. I winced a couple times as I felt his teeth accidentally scape across the sensitive head, but it added something as he would lick my shaft and then engulf me to once again suck me into his throat. Soon I felt my balls tighten and the electric pulses of an orgasm start to invade all the parts of my senses. He must have felt my cock swell in size and he doubled the speed of his suction until he brought me to climax and ejaculate my balls full of cum into his mouth. He swallowed around the head of my cock as I shot at least 6 jets of seed down his throat. I couldn't help letting a moan and gasp escape as I came. He continued to suck my cock until I'm sure not a drop of semen could be coaxed from my shaft. He took his mouth from around my cock and returned it to within my boxers and then I felt him search for the button and secure it. I felt him start to move to my right and I froze solid. He continued until he was no longer between my legs and worked himself up towards the head of the bed. Finally his head emerged from under the sheets and I looked at him and he was looking at me. Brandon held his finger up to his mouth in a sign to keep silent. He needn't have done that, because the shock of realizing that Tommy's brother had just given me a blow-job, and swallowed my cum, with Tommy lying in the bed next to us, had me in shock. Brandon moved close to me and whispered in my ear softly.

"I wanted to know what it was like. It, it wasn't too bad, but I don't think I liked it very much. You sure do have a lot of sperm. I almost choked." I was still frozen solid in my prone position and I felt him kiss my right cheek. "Goodnight, and thanks for letting me try it." He moved away and then turned on his side, facing away from me and settled himself to return to his slumber. It seemed an eternity passed before I got the courage to turn and look towards where Tommy was sleeping. He was rolled over on his left side, facing away from both Brandon and me. I needed contact with him and now. I turned on my side and scooted forward until I was now spooning him. He mumbled in his sleep and pressed his body back against mine. I leaned and whispered in his ear.

"I love you so much Tommy Weber. I'll always love you." I reached my right arm around him and held him tight to me. He turned his head a little to the side.

"I love you too Brent and don't worry. You and I discussed this today and remember I was here. Don't make a big deal out of it. Now give me a kiss and don't let go of me for the rest of the night." He turned towards me and I felt his lips press to mine, yet mine were locked in the second shock I was experiencing for the night. Tommy knew what had just happened with Brandon, his own brother, and he was calm and collected. He took his lips from mine. "Babe, I want a kiss, not just to feel you lips on mine."

"Tommy, how can you be so calm?" I whispered back to him.

"Because I heard what he whispered to you when he was finished. He was only experimenting and I gather he got more than he expected." Tommy chuckled softly. "I know I got more than I ever expected, but unlike him, I loved it. Now don't over-analyze it, don't worry about it, and give me a kiss. Too bad he was bolder than me, or I would have fought him for you." I felt his lips once again on mine and this time I opened my mouth and kissed him deeply. He sighed and broke the kiss. He turned back over and once again I pulled him to me and held him tight. "Goodnight Babe, I love having your arms around me when I sleep."

When morning finally arrived and the alarm sounded, I felt as if I hadn't slept at all. We got out of bed and of course the first thought on everyone's mind was the need to take a leak. Brandon headed straight to the bathroom, leaving Tommy and me to do the pee dance outside the door. He finally emerged and we bolted in to share the toilet bowl. Wen we were finished, Tommy opened the bathroom door and told Brandon he could come and brush his teeth with us. We three stood around the sink brushing teeth and alternately looking at one another in the mirror. I felt weird after last night and leave it to Tommy, after we finished, he said we needed to talk.

"Let's go sit on the bed for a minute, you too Brandon." He stopped him before he went into the game room to grab his bag. I sat down on the left side, Tommy hopped in the center and Brandon sat on the left corner of the bed. Tommy looked at Brandon. "Look, I know what you did last night and I'm not mad." Brandon's eyes shot wide and then he blushed deeply. "Brent didn't tell me, I heard you. You know I don't sleep that soundly, so what I want here is to stop any further tension before it starts." He turned now to look at me. "Brent, I told you last night that it was all right. It still is, and I get the feeling you're still weirding out by it. So, talk to him and then we can all get dressed and ready for school." He smiled at me and I looked at Brandon.

"Well, I'm feeling weird because I thought it was Tommy and I guess I enjoyed it too much, then it turns out to be you. No, no one else has ever, well, I never had sex with anyone else. It's just weird to me, the second person in my life to suck my penis, was my boyfriends brother!" I looked down and away from Brandon then over at Tommy. He was looking towards Brandon, so I moved my eyes back to him. Brandon fidgeted and looked at me.

"I feel strange sitting here and talking about this stuff. You two are gay, but I'm not. I don't know how to sit around and talk about fucking and cocks and cumming and all that stuff." He whispered the words and blushed as he said them. Somehow, this broke the tension in me and Tommy had a similar reaction, we started laughing. Each second that passed, our laughter increased until we were almost howling with it. Tommy grabbed Brandon and pulled him towards us.

"Bran, we don't sit around and talk about that shit either." He wrestled with him until Brandon was laughing with us. "Geez, you'd think the way you made it sound, all we do is talk about fucking." I finally got rid of all the tension and was able to smile at Brandon.

"I do have some advice for you though. If you ever decide to do that again, to someone else, watch your teeth. You almost scraped the skin off of my knob." We three busted out laughing again after I said this to Brandon.

"I don't think I'll be doing that again. Your cum made my throat almost feel like it was closing up and I had to keep swallow for have the night before I could finally breathe normal!" I shrugged my shoulders as if to say, not my fault.

"So is everything all right now with you two?" Tommy asked and gave us each a look. We both nodded and then got up from the bed to begin dressing for the day. I still thought it should be more complicated than it seemed, but if Tommy was all right with it, who was I to go crazy about it.

We greeted Connie and my father in the kitchen. They both looked at Tommy as he walked in and even I blushed with him at the thought they were watching his walk. We ate breakfast and listened to Tommy and Brandon relate some of the events of Fargo. Hank honked from outside and after saying our goodbye's to my father and Connie, grabbed our book bags and left the house. Brandon sat in front while Tommy and I took seats in the back.

"Hey guys, good morning!" Hank offered after we had all climbed in and settled. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw him smiling back at me. "And especially to you Brent. I admit to feeling much better knowing I was only minutes away instead of hours. We're gonna have to work on that!" He laughed and I said good morning.

The rest of the week passed without much activity. Labor day weekend was coming up on the 1st of September. Tommy's father wanted to have a cookout at their house and invited my family to join in. He said we could invite a friend, but not our entire schools. I called and spoke with Frank a few times during the week and his first question on my very first call after Tommy had returned, was if he was crazy or not, and when we were going to do the nasty. I laughed at him and told him only if Tommy joins in, and he tried to set a confirmed date. The guy was incorrigible! He would finally be returning to school after labor day and so would Matt. Shane kept me informed on Matt's activities, to my dismay. I suspected it was Matt's doing to make sure I didn't forget about him while he was absent. Perhaps he was feeling that since he was not there for me to see each day, I would somehow forget he existed. Midweek, I called him again and during the conversation, I assured him that I was still his friend.

Tommy and I decided that he would invite Frank and I was going to invite Peter. I still felt bad about Peter's reaction to my invitation to be friends, and thought this would be a good way to break the ice. His father, Mike, and mine had all been friends in high school, so everyone knew Peter and he was at least aware of whom they were. The rest of the Weber children invited friends from school and on Saturday, the cookout was in full swing by noon.

I spent Friday night at Tommy's house, my first. I slept in Tommy's and Brandon's room with the two of them, on a pallet next to Tommy's bed. That didn't last but five minutes once the lights were out. Remembering Mike's warning about where and when we could engage in sexual activity, Tommy and I just held each other through the night. Saturday morning, we three were awakened by Mike opening the door and yelling into the room, "IT'S PARTY TIME!" If there had been a lamp above my head to grab a hold of, I would have been swinging from it. He scared the hell out of me and I jumped four feet into the air. He reacted as predictable when I was around, he laughed while supporting himself by holding the door frame.

"Oh Brent, how I miss when you're not around to make me laugh!" He chuckled. He then focused on the fact I was in Tommy's bed and not on my pallet on the floor. "Oh ho! What is this I see? Looks like someone sleepwalks during the night, hmm?" I blushed and stammered out a reply.

"Um, well we didn't do anything but sleep." I looked over at Brandon, who was sitting up in his bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"It wouldn't mess with me anyway dad! I know all about sex you know?" Brandon told his father.

"Oh you do, huh? Fiddling with you tally whacker, if you've found it yet, don't count boy o!" Brandon blushed and Mike laughed. "Everyone up and get ready. We have a lot to do to get this cookout going. Tommy, you and Brent go drag the barrel pit out of the barn and make sure the grates are clean." He looked at Brandon, "After you get dressed, go help your mother in the kitchen. She'll make sure your hands are occupied, so you won't be having sex with yourself all-day!"

"Grrr, dad that ain't funny and you know it! I'll tell you how much I know about sex!" He said and Mike raised his eyebrows. Brandon stopped and took a quick look at Tommy and me, then looked back at his father. "Um, maybe not." He was blushing furiously now. All Mike did was chuckled at him again and told us to hurry up.

The barrel pit was in the barn and I approached this structure with ultimate caution. I remembered Mike's comment about a mare in heat or some such, and I wasn't about to have a run in with any Weber farm animals today. Tommy laughed at me and kept telling me that there was nothing going to attack me, except maybe him. We maneuvered it from the barn to the side of the house and Tommy took the grills out of the inside and carried them over to the water-hose to give it a rinse. He asked me if I would help him carry some wood from a pile of it stacked by the barn. Several trips later, it appeared everything was ready for Mike when he came to start the pit for cooking. I looked at my watch and was surprised that it was only 7 am, early for me on a Saturday. Carolyn asked Tommy and me if we wanted breakfast and we both declined. Having a big meal for lunch was going to be fine for me.

Frank showed up at the door about an hour later. He looked excited and all I could do was smile at him. He gave Tommy and me a hug and covert pecks on the cheeks. "Hey you two, I've been waiting for today all week! When do you guy's start the strip show?" He laughed.

"We left our costumes at your house, so you'll have to go back and get them. While you're there, I hope you break a leg!" I said and laughed. He punched me in the shoulder.

"No chance of that happening! I'm not going to put any part of me out of commission." He gave Tommy a wink and me a leer.

"Get your horny ass in here and start helping with something. You've been out of school to long and it shows!" Tommy told him and we all went outside to see if Mike needed anything.

My father and Connie arrived a little before noon, and after hugs and kisses, I help my father carry some food that Connie had prepared into the kitchen, where Connie stopped to lend Carolyn a hand finishing up none pit food. My father and I went back outside to join Mike at the grill.

"Billy!" Mike called out when he saw us. "Never thought you'd ever be back at my house again did you?" They both gave each other a hug and slaps on the back. Mike push him back and looked him in the eyes. I was watching carefully for any exchange and I didn't miss it. It flashed in Mike's eyes like a lightening strike and was gone as fast. Unadulterated love was all it could be called. "Um, would you like a beer or something else to drink?" Mike looked around and spied me looking at him. He lowered his voice, "Stop lurking Brent. I should never have agreed to have you know. Now go find my scapegoat son and do your lurking with him, away from us." He smiled and like my father was prone to do, ruffled my hair. I excused myself with a big smile on my face, and went in search of my lightning strike.

Everyone had arrived by noon. I met Patrick out front when he arrived, with Tommy and Frank towing along behind me. Patrick was shy and had a hard time looking at me, or even looking at the other two of his school mates. Frank was his usual boisterous self and he included Patrick in jokes, playful antics and soon Patrick was breaking through his shell to finally relax and enjoy himself. Patrick had the looks of what I would call a typical blonde haired, blue eyed person of Germanic decent. He wasn't just handsome, he was cute. His voice was a little deeper than my own and coming from him, it added charm to his personality. He stuck to my side as if glued there and Tommy would wink at me and smile, and cut his eyes to Patrick at my side. I roll my eyes at his obvious meaning and he'd chuckle. Frank wasn't laughing or amused. I swear the boy was acting jealous, but Frank was too goodhearted to make a scene and eventually settled whatever feelings he was having.

Jamesson had invited one of his little league buddies and just had to drag him over to me for introductions. He made it clear to the kid, Erik, that I was his best-friend and that he was only a friend, but maybe someday they could be best-friends too. Erik smiled at me and off they ran to whatever mischief 10-year-old's got into. Brandon's friend was a really cute girl, that within minutes of arriving, Mike had her and Brandon both blushing like twin apples. David and Scott were flying it solo, I guess the two had each other, and that was enough as far as they were concerned. Hank of course was there with his wife. He gave me a hug when he arrived and I even received a hug from his wife. Mike was the life of the gathering. He always had a joke or comment that had the guests laughing and if he felt a lull in activity, he'd come up with some way to stir the pot to get it going again. Tommy, Frank, Patrick, and I were sitting under a tree eating when Frank broached a question that I knew would come up at some point this afternoon. He looked at me.

"So, what are you all doing after the cookout? I thought maybe I could ask my dad if I could come over to your house, and maybe spend the night so we could play video games and stuff." He didn't alter his expression in the slightest to convey other than his desire to hang out for the evening and night. I however knew exactly what he had in mind and when I looked at Tommy, he gave me a sly smile.

"Sure Frank. That sounds good." I then looked at Patrick. "Would you like to come over and hang out with us some more? You could even ask your father if you can spend the night too. I have a lot of video games and DVD movies. I think it would be cool." Patrick's eyes got wide and he blushed a bit. I looked at Frank and he was frowning. I almost laughed out loud at his expression.

"Um, well, I would really like too Brent, but, man I can't. I have to help my mom get stuff ready for a church lunch tomorrow and well, damn, I can't get out of it." He looked to be getting upset and I assured him, that this wasn't going to be the last offer he got from me to hang out. Frank, however, was almost bouncing on the ground at Patrick's unavailability to join us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting around talking about school and I informed them that I thought I'd try out for the swim team. The season began mid-November and ran through February. Tommy's wrestling season started around the same time and also ended in February. Frank's first game wouldn't be until the end of November, but they began practicing in mid-November. So, effectively, we would all begin around the same time and end together, just in different team sports. Just before it was time to start cleaning up for the evening Frank asked to borrow my phone to call his father. When he handed it back he had a big smile on his face.

"I can spend the night. He said for us boys not to get into trouble and I told him we weren't planning on leaving your room once we got there." He raised his eyebrows at both Tommy and me. I looked at Tommy and all we did was laughed. The boy was dead set on getting what he wanted and his one track mind had locked on target.

Patrick was watching and listening to the interplay with a wistful look on his face. He couldn't know what the hinting and suggestive mouthing of Frank meant, all he knew was that he was going to be missing out on having some more fun. He had enjoyed being with Brent and the others. Brent had promised that he would give Patrick another chance to hang out with them all. He still could hardly believe Brent had invited him to Tommy's party, as HIS guest. Of all the other guys that Brent could have asked, he chooses him. It was during Algebra class and Brent had asked him almost the moment Patrick had taken his seat. The enormity of being asked by Brent himself, was almost too much and he had felt tongue-tied before finally stammering out his acceptance. He looked at Brent smiling at something Frank had said, and thought that he had never seen a cooler or nicer guy in his life. Brent could put a frightened mouse at ease and coax it out of its hole to take cheese right from his hand. Patrick promised himself that he was not going to screw this up.

I looked over at Patrick and he seemed to be lot in thought, so I asked if he was all right. My question startled him a little and he nodded his head at me and smiled. We all helped clean up and carry stuff into the house. Mike said the pit would stay out all night so it could cool and then he'd take care of it tomorrow. Parent's arrived to pick up kids and Patrick's father was one of them. While Patrick told us all goodbye and how much he wished he could come to my house, his father went and spoke to Mike and my father for a little while.

"Like I said, there will be other times we can hang out. I'm not going to forget about you and I also told you that you can come over without an invitation. I meant it. Dude, we have 3 classes together in school and your father works with mine. We should have already hung out way before now." I told Patrick. His father called for him, and when I reached and gave him a friendly hug goodbye, I swear I saw his eyes mist when Tommy and Frank followed my example. He waved bye and ran over to join his father.

"Cute kid." Frank said and grinned. "Now, lets get the evening party started. When we leaving?"

"If you mean when are we leaving to go to my house to play video games and watch movies, then you going to bed on the sofa sleeper in the game room while Tommy and I have wild unbridled sex, locked behind my bedroom door, then I would say in about 15 minutes." After I told Frank this and Tommy saw the look on his face, he dropped to the ground and rolled around laughing. Everyone in the yard looked over at Tommy as he lay on the ground. I started laughing too. Frank was just too damned sure of himself.

"Aw Brent, stop teasing me! I, I want to play video games and watch a movie too. It's just, you don't know what a dream come true this will be to me." He looked down at Tommy and back at me. "Look at you two." He lowered his voice. "You think I'm a walking orgasm, you two are orgasms walking, standing still, picking your nose, whatever the hell you choose to do." I looked at him with a direct stare.

"Frank, what was all that stuff about I'm with the ladies and you're not being gay. Dude, you're standing here talking like all you do is daydreamt about guys. Are you coming out to us right now, or is this just some game for you. Like a conquests list you keep, and now think you will be able to mark us off tomorrow? I'm confused." I looked at Tommy and he stood up. His mirth was gone and he also looked at Frank for the answer to my question. Frank looked around us and then asked if he could wait to explain when we got to my house. "All right, but don't get your hopes set on fulfilling your dreams just yet. I'm still not comfortable with the idea of having sex with anyone other than Tommy. He's all I need and want. You're sexy as hell and yeah, you got me to go wild the other day, but the situation isn't the same. I, I want to be friends more than I want anything else to come between the three of us Frank. I feel like if we take a step farther and have sex, it will only complicate and eventually destroy our friendship. I can't help feeling this way."

"Brent, it won't change it for the worse, man. Damn, it's just sex and even better, sex between close friends. I respect that you love each other and I don't expect to steal you or Tommy from each other. Matter of fact, I wouldn't do that. Both of your friendships mean too much to me. I can't help that I'm lusting for you and to have Tommy with you, is mind blowing. I'll tell you what's up when we get to your house. It, it happened a few years ago and opened my eyes. Just don't close yourself off and try and keep an open mind." Tommy and I shared a look and then nodded to Frank. Whatever he wanted to tell us must really be something to hear.

We finished with the cleaning up and I told my father that Frank was going to come home with us and spend the night. My father's acceptance of anything I asked was at this point a teens dream come true. I knew that it was not going to last forever. I also didn't like to feel I was taking advantage of his wish for reconciliation. He just accepted my statement and also the fact that we needed to drop by Frank's house for him to get a change of clothes. Tommy's coming along was a given and not open to debate, ever. Even Mike and Carolyn respected this need, as long as Tommy had noting to prevent him from going that required his involvement.

After saying our goodbye's to everyone and squeezing into my father's BMW, we finally left Tommy's house to the further adventure to come. Once we got to my house, we'd hear what Frank had to say about his past and deal with his expectations for breaking past the established barriers of friendship to sexual involvement. I still felt it was going to cause us enormous problems.


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