Learning to love

Part 4

Making connections


I found my Algebra class and walked in just as the tardy bell rang.  There were already about 25 other students finding desks and taking their seats.  I worked myself down the second row and found a seat two up from the back.  I took my book bag off my shoulder and slide into the seat.  I looked around to see who was sitting near me.  In front of me was a guy that looked pretty small.  When I got a look at his face, he was cute, but he had one of those faces that looked like he still belonged in 6th grade.  The girl sitting to my right turned out to be the red head I had asked about Tommy, the one with the massive amount of freckles.  Even so, she had an open, inviting face, and when she saw me looking she gave me a welcoming smile.  I then turned to my left and was greeted by a guy about my size, brown gel spiked hair, blue eyes and a very cute smile.

"Hey Cali," He greeted. "My names Robert.  So how do you like our part of the country so far?"

"Hey Robert, I'm Brent.  It's ok, but I've been here less than a week, so I'm reserving my opinion."  I smiled and he laughed.

"Don't worry Brent, it'll grow on you in no time!" He winked.

The teacher entered the room and told the class to settle down.  Her name was Ms. Rondo and she started class by taking row call.  She told us to make sure we were comfortable where we were, because these would be our seats from this point forward unless something came up that required a seating change.  Everyone looked around themselves and seemed satisfied with their initial choice.  When the guy in front of me finally turned and saw me behind him, his eyes widened a little and he gave me a smile, then turned back around.  Once row call was taken, Ms. Rondo called each of our names to come forward and pick up our textbook and sign an acceptance form.

Not much passed in Algebra.  The teacher outlined what the course consisted of and explained that we would be following the structure of the textbook.  She did explain that algebra was one of those courses where some students "got it" pretty quickly, but others would have some difficulty grasping some of it concepts.  She emphasized that if anyone found themselves part of the latter group, to not be shy, but speak up so she could cover the material more in depth.  The bell rang signaling the end of the class and we all gathered our things and started filing out of the room.  The textbook went into my book bag, and I was glad I had the bag because by the end of the day, having to carry around all these books, was definitely going to be a burden.

My next class was English I.  It was located on the second floor, as well, and I made it to class in like 4 minutes.  Again I chose a desk in approximately the same location I had in Algebra.  I was one of the first students in the classroom and I watched as the others made their way through the door.  Blonde hair, blue eyed people definitely ruled this school.  The guy who sat in front of me in Algebra came walking in the door and looked around.  When he saw me, he hurried over and took the place in front of me.  He then turned around and introduced himself.

"Hi again, my names Peter Neumann.  Your Brent Stewart right?"

"Hi Peter and yep that's me."  He smiled and nodded his head.

"My father is the dairy manager on your fathers farm.  My father told me that Opa Stewart had a grandson my age that had moved here." I frowned at what he said.

"Opa Stewart?"

"Oh, yeah, that's what a lot of us kids who have parents that worked for your grandfather called him.  Opa means grandfather in German.  He was a very nice man." Peter said and smiled at me again.

"Oh, well, I never met him, so I never really knew anything about him.  He and my dad never got along since my dad was a kid." I guess he must have been nicer to other people than he was to my father, I thought.

"Oh I see.  Any way, it's nice to meet you finally.  Welcome to Beulah." Saying so, he smiled at me again and then turned back around in his seat.

The teacher came in and basically followed the same procedure that Ms. Rondo had in Algebra.  His name was Mr. Richter.  We were given our text, which was a thick, heavy book.  Many of my Algebra classmates were also in this class, but there were a few new faces as well.  After everyone had their text and had taken their seats, Mr. Richter had us open the text to the first chapter, which began with grammar.  He told us he would be selecting a news article each day and would be reading it to us, which we were required to write as he read it aloud.  We would need a journal notebook and would be required to turn it in each day at the end of class for him to check our spelling and punctuation.  We followed along in the text as he continued his instruction.  The bell rang and we all gathered our things and left the class.  I knew I needed to hurry this time because my IT Essentials class was on the bottom floor, somewhere close to where the library was.  

I hurried downstairs and had to fight against the oncoming student traffic, obviously heading towards the cafeteria for first block lunch.  Halfway down the hall, I heard my name called and there was Tommy coming towards me.  When I saw him, I gave him a huge smile and his face seemed to light up and he rushed over to me.

"You still want me to call to see if I can come home with you after school, right?"  He asked as we moved out of the path of traffic to keep from being hit left and right.

"Definitely, that's if you still want too?"  Some idiot hit me from behind and shoved me into Tommy.  Tommy steadied me and then I felt him run his hand along my arm before he let me go.

"Are you crazy, of course I still want to come over.  There might be a slight problem though."  The hall started to clear up as more students made it past us and in the direction of the cafeteria.  "I usually have chores right when I get home, so my parents might not agree no matter how much I beg."  He gave me a nervous look as he gauged my reaction.

"Hmm.  Well if you can't come home with me because of your chores, you think they'd let me come home with you?"  I wasn't going to take any excuse for us not seeing each other after school.  I didn't expect that we were going to fool around, I just needed to talk to him some more, in a more private settling, and I needed to do it soon, before we both started having second thoughts about all this.

"YEAH! That's a great idea.  If they say no to me coming with you, then I know they will agree to you coming over.  But, what about your folks?  Will it be ok with them?  Do you have chores to do after school?" He asked.

I laughed, "The only chores I have after school would be homework and then trying to figure out what to do to occupy myself until dinner time.  Besides that, my parents wouldn't have a problem with me going with you.  They let me do whatever I want as long as I let them know where I am."  I noticed that the hall was almost empty now and then realized I needed to get my ass to class before I was late.  "Tommy I have to hurry to IT Essentials before I'm tardy, call home and then let me know in Spanish.  If you get there before me, try and save me a seat in back of you and I'll do the same if I get there before you, but in front of me."  I smiled at him.  "I want you in front."  We both laughed.

"Ok, deal.  I'll see you in history!"  I gave him a "friendly" hug which he returned this time without hesitation and I hurried to make it to class.

IT Essential was a breeze class.  Learning about software and hardware, all things I think any normal teen know these days the moment they can reach a keyboard.  There were more than just freshmen in this class also.  The desks were set up for two people to share, and when I walked in the classroom, I saw Frank was there. He saw me walk in, and then I saw him speaking to a guy that was sitting next to him.  The guy collected his stuff and Frank motioned me over to him.

"Hey Brent.  This here is Mike, he plays hockey like me." Frank said.  We both said hello and then Mike moved away and took a seat at another desk.  "Have a seat.  We can be lab partners."

"Oh, ok, but didn't Mike already have this spot?  I don't want him to be mad because he gave up his seat for me."  I looked over at Mike, who was now talking cheerfully with the guy at the desk he had moved to.

"Oh no, it wont be anything like that.  He and I have lots of classes together.  Come on man, have a seat...well that's if you want to?"  He smiled and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ok, as long as it's not a problem, it' cool."  I took my book bag off my shoulder and sat it next to my chair and sat down next to Frank.  I really hoped this wasn't another one of Missy's ploys to have her friends keep a watch on me and I decided I need to let him know before we got settled in that I wasn't cool with that treatment.  "Look Frank, I need to ask you something."  He looked at me, waiting for me to continue.  "Well, it's like this.  I understand from Erika that Missy, well, that she has some idea that her and I made a connection or something on Friday and has asked you guys to keep an eye on me for her.  That's not what this is about is it?"

"What!? That bitch.  No way Brent!  I wouldn't do something like that for her, or for any other girl for that matter.  I can't stand the way they all get together and try to gang up on someone they have the hots for.  We guys need to stick together, right?"  He gave me a conspiratorial grin.

I smiled at him. "Yeah, we definitely need to do that dude.  I can't stand being pursued, I prefer making my own choices.  Thanks then for inviting me to sit."

"Not a problem, man.  Besides, I want to hear about all the hot ass they have in California!"  He wiggled his eyebrows at me and we both laughed.

"What makes you think I know anything about the hot ass in California?" I laughed as I asked him.

"Because, it takes one hot ass to know about all the others, so I'm sure you have the scoop!  Shit man, you have half the girls in this school asking about you already, and you've only been here for 4 hours!"  He gave me a sly grin this time and a small punch to my arm.

"Yeah, whatever dude!" My face felt hot and I knew I was blushing which I hated.

I found out from him, that he was a Junior and he had been playing hockey since last year.  He also ran cross country and boasted about his athletic prowess like every other jock I knew.  I told him I had played soccer, beach volleyball, basketball, swim and surf.  Not much happened in the class.  The instructor handed out a few work papers and a workbook.  Then we were all treated to learning how to turn on a computer, login, create an email account, then the correct procedure for logging out and shutting down the computer.  Frank kept making off the wall comments causing me to laugh and our little section of the class was singled out multiple times by the instructor to "keep it down" and "pay attention", then finally, "Mr. Manouli and Mr. Stewart, if you two can not control your enthusiasm, I will have to separate you both."  We both agreed to control ourselves and when the bell finally rang, Frank and I gathered our things and walked out together.

"Hey Brent, come with me to my locker so I can drop off my stuff and then we'll drop by yours before we head to lunch."  He grabbed my arm and started steering me off down the hall.  I didn't really want to hang out with him, Missy, and the rest of her crowd at lunch, but didn't really see a way out of it, so I went along.  He dropped his book bag off in his locker, then he followed me to mine.  We then walked into the cafeteria and got in the line for hamburgers, fries and some kind of red punch drink.  I followed him as he worked his way around other students at their tables, dreading the eventual meet up with Missy and crew.  We made it to a table near the windows that afforded an outside view from the school.

"Hey Jerry, slide over to that other chair so Brent and I can sit down.  Anyone seen Mike yet?"  I looked around the table and found that I didn't know anyone else sitting there and wondered what Frank was doing.  There was only three empty places and after he and I sat, only one place was vacant.

"I saw Mike in line so he should be here in a few seconds." Jerry told Frank as he slid over to make room for Frank and I to sit next to each other.  I placed my tray on the table and sat down and Frank did the same.

"This is Brent guys, he's in my computer class and he almost got us kicked out last period!" Frank said and started laughing.

"ME! Like hell, it was you with all those comments!  I think you got him flustered a couple of times, his face looked like it was turning red!"  Frank and I both started laughing and he gave me a little shove.  Mike arrived at the table and took the last seat on the other side of Jerry.

"You guys were a RIOT." He looked over at Frank and I, laughing.  "I swear Mr. Smith was going to pop a blood vessel if you didn't stop!"  Just as he finished saying this, Missy showed up behind Frank and I.

"Hey! I thought you two were going to sit over with us at lunch!"  She gave Frank a push on the back and then smiled over at me when we both turned around to look at her.  One of the guys that was sitting across from me, spoke up.

"Why would they want to do that?  Trying to whore yourself in on the new guy or something?"  He then pointed at the table evidently Missy had come over from, I could see all her friends from this morning sitting there looking over at our table, "Sluts belong over there!  Why don't you slide your way back before something jumps off of you and lands on Brent's' back!"  Her face turned red and she shot the guy a look that could kill.

"Fuck you Barry!" She screeched at him and the rest of the guys that were sitting around the table, started laughing.

"No thanks, bitch!  I'd fuck John here before I fuck your skanky ass!  Now leave, no one invited you to this party."  He made a shooing motion with his hand and she turned around and stormed off back towards here table.  The guys all busted out laughing and the guy sitting next to Barry on the right punched him in the arm.

"Why'd you bring me into that shit with her, ass hole!"

"Oh John, you know you'd like to get a piece of this!"  Barry's hand must have been groping himself under the table for John to see and the guys laughed when John shoved Barry, almost pushing him out of his chair.  I was still in a kind of daze from how Barry had handled Missy, but everyone else was acting like it was a normal daily routine.  I felt Frank jab me in the side.

"Why so quiet all of a sudden?" He leaned and sort of whispered to me.

I whispered back, "Just surprised at the way Barry handled Missy.  I thought you and she were friends."

"No not a chance.  I like Michelle, a little, and she's always hanging with Missy's group, so that was why I was with them this morning.  I've already had my run in with Missy, so she knows not to fuck with me, and now it seems your not to be fucked with either.  You should thank Barry later."  He chuckled and gave me a little shove.  I looked over at Barry and he gave me a wink, and went back to talking to the other guys.  I glanced at Missy's table and she was still red in the face talking animatedly with her friends.

I ate and listened to the guys talking and laughing around the table at each others antics and jokes.  Frank asked me what other classes I had, and we found that we were going to see each other once again in gym class 6th period.  Close to when the bell was going to ring, we all started carrying our trays from the table and putting them through the window where the kitchen staff collected them.  The bell rang and Frank said he'd see me in gym and walked off towards the hall leading to his locker.  I went to mine an retrieved my bookbag.  I took the books already in it out and stored them in the bottom of the locker.  I looked at the facility map and located where the room was for Spanish.  I closed the locker and slung the book bag over my shoulder and headed off for class.

Finally I was going to get to spend some time with Tommy!  I hurried along the hallway to my Spanish class.  I tried to keep my excitement in check.  It wouldn't look good when I finally saw him to rush up and put a lip lock on him.  When I got to the room and went inside, there he was watching me as I came in.  His smile at seeing me sent a shiver along my spine and I saw he had saved a seat behind him like we agreed.  I smiled back at him and hurried to take the seat.

"This is driving me crazy Brent," He turned and whispered to me.  We were still semiprivate because he had chosen the last row from the door and the last two seats in the row for us, plus we were only 2 of 5 students in the room at the moment.  "Since this morning, all I can think about is us getting together after school.  I called home and like I thought, I couldn't get out of my chores, but my dad said it was fine that you come home with me as long as I got them done before we started visiting."

"Really!  That's great Tommy!  Dude, I've been thinking about it all day also.  Hell, I've been thinking about this class too, because it's the first one we're in together!"  More students had entered the room and were taking the available seats.  I leaned in closer to him and lowered my voice a little more.  "You do feel ok about, well, what I said and what happened in the restroom this morning right?  I mean, I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you or anything."  I looked around and felt we were still safe for the moment talking.

In a very low voice, Tommy said, "Brent, we're going to talk after I finish my chores at home and then your going to know exactly how I feel about it, but just so you know for now, I'm very very happy about..." He looked around and finished with, "the kiss."  His face started taking on a red ting and I felt mine warming up as well.  I looked around and we were starting to get surrounded by other students taking the available seats.

"Ok, then.  After school.  I really do like you Tommy...a lot." I whispered to him.  The teacher came into the room and closed the door behind her.  Everyone got quiet as she walked to her desk.  She turned and faced the class.

"Buenas tardes. Mi nombre es señora Anderson. Seré su profesor español para este semestre."  She said to the class.  I thought she wanted a response so I piped right up, thinking the other students would be following suit.

"Buenas tardes señora Anderson." I said to the sound of only my voice echoing in the dead silence of the room.

"Ah." She smiled at me and walked a little closer to my side of the room. "Y como estas?"

I felt like I had jackass written across my forehead at this point and even Tommy had turned around in his seat and was looking at me with a smile on his face.  "Muy bien, gracias y usted?" I had to go along now.

She smiled at me and replied, "Bien, muy bien! De donde es?"

"Me movi aqui desde Los Angeles hace una semana." Now Tommy was no longer smiling at me, he kind of looked shocked and I blushed.

Mrs. Anderson turned her head slightly to the right and asked, "And why exactly are you in my class young man?  Somehow I feel you don't need any instruction from me in the least.  What is your name?"  at least she had a kind smile on her face still.

"My name is Brent Stewart ma'am and well, um, I'm here to learn how to speak Spanish."  The whole class erupted in laughter when I said that and the heat in my cheeks was almost unbearable.

"Well welcome to Beulah Brent, and I think I will be relying on you to help me teach this class and keep me on my toes then." She said and smiled.  Some guy from the other side of the room shouted, "No shit!" and once again the class erupted in laughter.  "Alright everyone settle down.  Before I continue I'll translate Brent's and my conversation, so you all don't feel left out."  She moved to stand back in front of her desk.  "When I entered the room, the first thing I said was good afternoon, my name is Mrs. Anderson and I will be your Spanish teacher for this semester."  She smiled in my direction, "And Brent replied to my greeting with his own of good afternoon Mrs. Anderson.  I then asked him how he is doing, and he said very well thank you and you?  I said well, very well and I then asked him where he is from.  He told me that he moved here from Los Angeles a week ago.  Of course our discussion was somewhat involved at this stage of your instruction, but I'm confident you will be able to do as well as he before you complete this course.  Now, please come forward and get a textbook when I call each of your names and we will begin for the day."

While the teacher was occupied with handing out books, Tommy turned around and gave me a smile, "You were awesome man.  That was the coolest thing I ever saw.  You gotta promise to help me learn this stuff, ok?" 

I smiled back at him, "I'm all yours." His eyes widened and then he blushed and turned back around.  I chuckled to myself and thought how cute it was that I can catch him off guard like that and see his cute face blush, even though I hated blush myself.  We all got our books and she handed out a list of vocabulary words for us to study and said there would be a quiz at the end of the week, but assured us we'd be going over the words throughout the week, so by Friday we should have no problem passing the quiz.  We began reading the first chapter in the textbook and when the bell rang, I was glad to escape this class after making a thorough ass of myself.  Tommy and I both had gym the next period so I went with him to his locker to stow his book bag then we went to mine. 

We walked together to the gym and sat with the rest of the students in the bleachers.  Frank came in and saw me in the bleachers and came and sat on the other side of me.  He said hello to Tommy, they already knew each other, small town.  The coach came in after the tardy bell rang.

"Ok listen up everyone.  Those of you who forgot what this class was and didn't bring your gym clothes to class have 5 minutes to get them out of your locker.  Anyone not back here in 5 minutes will get a tardy!  Move it!"  Well, I was one of them and so was Tommy.  We tore out of the gym, along with about 8 other guys, for our lockers to get the clothes.  Tommy had beat me back and when I climbed up in the bleachers to where he and Frank were, Frank was shaking his head and smiling and said, "Dumb ass" when I was close enough to hear.  All those that had left their gym clothes in lockers made it back in time.  Coach must have asked the rest if anyone didn't bring them to school while we were gone because there were 5 guys doing pushups at the end of the bleachers.  "Anyone not coming prepared for gym after today will receive a zero grade for every day they aren't prepared.  When I call your name, I'll also call out a locker number.  Over there is the entrance to the changing room, so grab your stuff and head in there and get suited up and back out here in the bleachers.  Before I start, everyone WILL shower each day before leaving this class or you will get a zero as well.  We don't want you stinking up our halls and your classmates in your next period will appreciate you nice clean aroma."

He began calling out names and Frank, Tommy and I just bullshitted until our names were called.  Frank left us first, and was back before my name was called.  My turn came and I walked into the changing room, found my locker, and began taking off my school clothes.  There was a long bench in front of two rows of lockers that faced the bench.  The changing room had about 7 rows.  My locker was in the 3rd row, almost in the middle of the row.  There were 3 guys changing at the same time I was.  I took my shirt off first and hung it on one of the hooks inside my locker.  I sat down on the bench and reached down and started taking my Nikes off so I could get my pants off.  I looked to my left when I bent down, and saw the guy closest to where I was, standing there in only a pair of fruit of the loom, tighty whities. His arms were lightly tanned to where a t-shirt didn't cover and his legs also had a light tan, but only so far as mid thigh.  He was very well built from what I could see.  I took my shoes off and put them in the bottom of my locker, then I unbuckled my belt and popped the buttons of my fly and worked my pants off.  I folded them up and put them on the bench and looked through my gym clothes until I found the jock strap I had packed in my book bag this morning.  I pulled my boxers off and folded them and set them on top of my pants, then got the jock strap and work it over my feet and pulled it on over my crotch, adjusted my package until it was comfortable inside the pouch and then adjusted the straps in the back so they didn't ride where the bottom of my ass cheeks ended.  I always hated it when the straps would chaf that area.  I reached for my gym shorts and when I picked them up to put on, I happened to look to my right again, and there were three guys just standing there watching me.  I looked to the left and two more guys were there just watching me as well.

"Uh, sorry man," the guy who had been standing there before in his tighty whities said when I looked back to my right.  "You have a really good tan!"  The two guys standing behind him nodded their heads in agreement.  "What do you do?  Lay out in the nude or something?"  He blushed a little bit.

I pulled my shorts on really quick, I mean my package was covered by the pouch in front, but my ass was hanging out all over the place.  I turned to face my questioner, and chuckled, "No, not hardly.  I just spent a lot of time swimming and surfing at the beach most summers, and most of the time I was in a swimming Speedo, so you can't help but get a pretty much full body tan."

"Oh cool man.  Damn, I wish there was a beach around here where I could learn to surf.  All we have close to here is Wally Dresskel Lake or Lake Sakakawea, further north of here."  I pulled my shirt on while he was talking.  "Well, anyway, didn't mean to spook ya by us staring at you or anything.  Catch ya later."

"It's ok dude, I just thought, well I don't know what I thought." I grinned in reply to him and all three of them got a little redder in their cheeks and turned and left.  I looked to my left, and the two guys that had been staring at me from there, were already gone.  So much for locker room etiquette I laughed.  I sat on the bench and put my Nikes back on.  I need to remember to bring a cheaper pair of running shoes tomorrow.  I hung my jeans and boxers on two more hooks in the locker.  Then closed it and left the locker room.  Tommy was still sitting there in his school clothes when I got back in the bleachers and about 2 minutes later his name was called.

"Hurry up and change when you get in there people!" The coach bellowed.  "It's taking all day!"  I know it took me longer than necessary to change, considering the conversation I had to have with tighty whities boy and friends.  I looked around and spotted him with the other two guys sitting two rows below an to the left of Frank and I.  I nudged Frank and asked him who the guy down there with the blonde hair was.

"That's Bobby Schafer.  He's the varsity football quarterback and the two guys with him are Matt and Shane Ritter.  They play varsity football too.  Bobby and Shane are seniors and Matt is a junior.  You know I think Bobby's dad works on your dads farm with the horses or something." He said.

"Gees, then he's the second guy I met today that who's father works on our farm." I shook my head at how crazy it sounded that someone worked on a farm.

"I don't doubt it.  There's a lot more you haven't met then." I looked at him to see if he was joking and he simply said, "No joke."  Tommy came back to the bleachers grumbling a little.

"Weber. I'm always the last for almost everything."  Frank and I both chuckled at him.

"Ok, now that Tommy has finally finished, everyone get down here on the floor and give me 4 rows of 4." Coach yelled for us to move it.  We all climbed out of the bleachers and got down on the gym floor.  We scrambled around until we had 3 rows and then the coach had us make two arms length separation to out sides, then turn to our right and make two arms length to sides again.  We then faced forward again.  "Come on guys, straighten up those rows, some of you are longer than others."  This caused a few chuckles out of some of the guys, but we straighten up the rows. 

"Ok, first row turn around facing the second row and third row do the same to the forth.  The guy in front of you now will be your warm up partner from now on.  Congratulations!" said the Coach.  Of course Frank, Tommy and I had all lined up in the second row so we could be together, Tommy on my right and Frank on my left, and one other guy to his left.  Facing me was Matt Ritter.  Facing Tommy was Bobby Schafer and facing Frank was Shane Ritter.  When I looked at Matt, he ducked his head and a huge blush worked it's way up from his neck to his face.  Frank turned his head and looked at me, then at Matt and started chuckling.  Bobby turned to see what Frank was chuckling at and saw Matt blushing, then looked at me and HE started blushing.  Well not to be left out, Tommy looked at me, Matt and then Bobby.  I guess the blush was contagious because for some reason Tommy started blushing.  This was too much for Frank to take and he started laughing out loud. "Mr. Manouli I suggest you get serious or would you like to run 10 laps your first day?" Coach yelled towards Frank.  Frank clamped his mouth shut and cut of his laugh as if it never started.  "I didn't think so.  Now everyone find a space and you and your partner start helping each other stretch and loosening up.  You've got 15 minutes. Get to it!"

Matt, I guess, decided he was not going to take the lead with me, so he followed to where I decided we could do our stretching and when I sat down, he looked at me and sat down facing me.  Everyone who has ever had gym, whether in high school or junior high, knew what was expected when they are told to stretch out and loosen up.  I spread my legs apart and then he followed suit.  "I'll go first Matt, you put your feet inside on my ankles, then I'll do yours."  He looked at me surprised, when I called him by name, but I wasn't going to delay this any longer than necessary.  When he had his feet in place, I held out my arms in front of me and he grasp them, then I pulled him forward and then he pulled me forward and we rocked back and forth for about 5 minutes.  I'm pretty limber, so towards the end of my stretch, we were much closer than when we started out and my legs were almost extended to either side of me.  Which of course meant when I pulled him forward now, his face was right above my crotch, which would make for a very interesting sexual position in my mind.  We changed our footing and began his stretch.  He wasn't quite as limber as me, but I did get to hover over his crotch and being the randy horny teen male that I am, I didn't miss the chance to check out his covered package and inhale deeply each time. My closeness to his package and perhaps his remembering my ass hanging out of my jockstrap in the locker room, began to take it's tole and with each pass of my face over his crotch, I began to notice a marked different in the size of his bulge.  His cock was definitely starting to become aroused and with each successive passover, I began to see more and more of the outline of it as it increased in length and girth.

His aroused state being right there in front of my face every two seconds was now making MY cock react and begin to inflate inside of my jock.  It's so nice how well a jockstrap will hold your penis nice and snug against your body and with the loose gym shorts to boot, my cock wasn't showing nearly as much as Matt's.  He finally decided to end his torment, and said, "Ok Brent, that's enough.  I think we're both stretched enough."  He let go of my hands and drew his legs together and pulled his knees up under his chin, with his arms grasping his shins to keep them in place. 

I tried to keep the disappointment off my face as I said, "Ok Matt, if your sure, but I don't mind stretching you for a little longer."  He blushed a little at my comment.

"No, I think you worked me up well enough."  He still kept a hold on his shins and I thought to myself how much I just love double entendres!  I looked around the floor and saw that most of the other teams were also through, just waiting on a few others.  I caught Tommy looking over at me, then at Matt and he didn't look too pleased.  I gave him a "what?" look and he just slightly shook his head. 

The Coach blew his whistle and said, "Ok guys you have 30 minutes to run 5 laps around the court, shower, and dress before the bell.  Move out!"  I jumped up and jogged over to where Tommy was now standing and soon Frank joined us.

"Is he on drugs!" I said to them both,  "30 minutes to get all that done before the bell?"

"Last one in the shower has to drop the soap!" Frank said and turned around and started making a lap around the basketball court.  Tommy and I looked at each other and took off after him. 

By the time we made the 4th lap, I decided these Nikes sucked for running.  We three were running in a group and we made quick work of the laps.  When we finished the 5th lap only about 7 minutes had passed.  We had even passed up almost everyone else on the floor.  We headed into the locker room and as we got to the first row of lockers, one of the guys who hadn't dressed out, was standing there with an arm full of clean folded towels and handed us each one. When we came to the 3rd row, all three of us turned down it then stopped and looked at each other.

Frank turned and went to a locker on the left side almost at the end and then I went over to my locker, and Tommy stopped at a locker right across from mine.  We all turned from our lockers and looked at each other and Frank said, "No shit! Now isn't this a funny coincidence?"  Now I'm not normally a shy guy when it comes to taking off my clothes in front of other guys, and well, if it had just been Frank sharing the row with me, I'd of had my shorts down and shirt off in a matter of seconds.  But seeing as how Tommy was right there within touching distance and the way I was having these intense feelings about him and already had in my mind about how much I wanted to see him without clothes and in some interesting positions with my tongue tracing every curve, valley and hole on his body.  I had a problem now.  I looked at him and he looked at me and we both blushed like the red balls sparkling on a Christmas tree.  Frank had had no problems whatsoever and came walking back towards us with his towel wrapped around his waist.  He looked at me and then Tommy, both of us shinning red in the face.  He then looked at me and said, "Hurry up you two, I want to see that fucking California tan!"  He laughed and then headed towards the end of the row for the showers.

"Come here Tommy," I said to him. "Here's what were going to do.  I promise not to peek if you promise you wont.  We'll just face our lockers, get undressed, wrap our towels around ourselves and then head for the shower."

"Ok I promise..."

"WAIT!" I stopped him before he could finish.  "I don't mean for you to make a promise like you did this morning, oh my God. I'll just take your word for it."

He laughed a little at me, "Ok, my word on it then.  You know, I'm normally not shy about this kind of stuff, it's just..."

"I know exactly what you mean.  I'm not either, but with it being you and well after this morning and everything." I smiled at him.

"Right, me too.  Ok, lets do it."  He turned around and then I turned around and I heard him open his locker and I opened mine.  I took off my shirt, and I heard a little rustling behind me.  I sat down on the bench and when I did I almost sat down on Tommy.  He made a little yelp and scooted to his left so I could finish sitting down.  I started to get the giggles because of the little yelp he had made and I heard him start giggling too.

"Shhh." I said to him through my giggles.  "Someone might come in and think we're fiddling with each others penises."  This was too much for Tommy and he just burst out with a huge laugh.  It set a spark in me and I started laughing too.  Some guy walked pass the end of our row and peered over at us and asked if we were alright.  This sprang the flood gates for me and I started laughing and gasping for breath and Tommy wasn't doing to much better himself.  The guy must have gave up on us, because when I looked back to where he had been, he was gone.  "We have to hurry!"  I told Tommy.

"Ok, ok, but no more talking or I'm going to lose it again." and I felt him stand up.

I took my shoes and socks off and threw them in the bottom of my locker, then I stood up and pulled my shorts off and next came the jockstrap.  I pulled the towel off the door of my locker and wrapped it around my waist and secured it, then looked down at my feet. "Damn!  I forgot to bring shower shoes."

"You got your towel on already?" I heard Tommy ask from behind me.

"Yeah, you can turn around." I told him

I felt him tap me on the back, so I turned to face him. "Here, you can wear these.  I brought two pairs." I took the shoes from him, but I just stood there staring at him and he was staring at me too.  His chest was smooth without a single blemish.  His two nipples were small brownish red circles and the nipples themselves were standing erect, barely protruding from the center.  He had a well defined chest and his abs were definitely a six pack if I ever saw one.  His naval cavity was almost flush with his body.  "Um, man if your eyes move any lower looking at me, I'm going to get a hardon.  I had to stop looking at your chest 3 seconds after I started or it would already be hard." Tommy whispered to me.  I looked up into his face and saw a rosy blush in his cheeks.

"Shit Tommy, this is going to be so HARD getting in that shower in there with you.  I can barley control my dick from getting hard with you standing there in that towel." I saw him nod his understanding and I knew he was having the same problem.

"We'll have to take opposite ends of the showers and make sure we don't look at each other.  Get in and get out fast.  You ready?" He asked.

"I guess as ready as I'm likely to get."  I slipped the shower shoes on and he and I started walking towards the showers.  When we got there, Tommy headed towards the left and I headed towards the right, which just so happened to be the direction where Frank was standing under a spray of water coming from a shower head in the communal shower bay.  I took my towel off and hung it on a peg away from the shower heads and  went over and turned one of the showers on about two to the right of Frank.  I stepped under the spray and then turned around to get my back sprayed.  I tuned facing the direction where Frank was to get my right side rinsed.

"Jesus Christ Brent!  Your hung like a freaking horse man!" I suddenly heard Frank blurt out.

I spluttered water out of my mouth, "Wha...what?"  Did he just say what I thought he said?  I looked over at him at he was staring right at my dick.

"What do you mean what?  Look at that thing, it must be at least 4 maybe 5 inches and you aren't even hard!  It has to be at least 7 or 8 inches when you bone up!  Damn can I borrow that?  There's not a chick in this school who would turn me down equipped with that!"  I hurried and turned around away from him and looked back over my shoulder.

"Jesus Frank!  What the hell you doing checking out my cock for?  That's some embarrassing shit, dude!"  I was lobster red and it wasn't the heat from the shower either.

"Man Brent, you ain't got SHIT to be embarrassed about, I'm the one who should be embarrassed.  I'm freaking 16 years old and your what, 14?  And sorry, but I was just looking at your tan until you turned around and faced me, and that baseball bat between your legs just kind of reached out and took all my attention.  I think I'm going home today and cutting my throat after seeing that!" He just wouldn't shut up!

"Shut up already Frank!  I'm not this shade of red because the waters too hot.  Your embarrassing the fuck out of me!"  I said to him.

"Ok. ok Brent.  I'm sorry man.  Don't get mad please.  I don't mean anything bad by it."  He stood there just staring at me looking at him now.  "Are you really pissed at me, man?"  Now the look he was giving me was kind of a mix of hurt and shame, hopefully because of all the shit he was just saying for everyone in the whole shower to hear.  "I have a big mouth, you know that!  I really didn't mean to embarrass you."

Now here we are in the shower and instead of making a scene about my dick, we're making one with him trying to get me to forget it. Argh!  "Ok Frank forget it, ok?  Just...just don't go on about shit like that!  Especially here in the damn showers!"  The thought about all this made a chuckle escape me and I saw Frank heave a huge sigh and give me a crooked smile.

"I wont ever do any shit like that to you again, I promise!  We still friends, man?"  He started walking towards me and then he stuck out his hand like he wanted us to shake on it.

"Stop!  Get your ass back over there under your own shower, I don't need you here sharing mine!"  I heard a few other guys that must have come in during the whole scene laugh when I said this and Frank jumped back to his shower like I had poked him with a cattle prod.

"Well are we?"  He asked me again.

I decided to cut him some slack, it's not like I had a whole lot of friends here yet.  "Your on probation." I told him. "And no more comments about my dick, ass or any other part of me you aren't supposed to be focusing on!"

"DEAL!"  I saw him turn around and face the rest of the room, "Everyone heard him right?  After we get out of the shower, I'm on probation and I can't talk about his cock, his cute bubble butt and any other part, like his perky nipples, ripped abs or any of that other shit!"

"FRANK!  It starts now, not after the shower ass hole!" What the fuck!?

"Oh oh right, ok.  It starts now guys! Shhh!!!" I saw him put his finger to his lips as he ended it.

"GRRRRRRRR!!!" I let out an exasperated growl and heard the rest of the guy just bust out in a good group laugh.

I turned off my shower and went and grabbed my towel.  I felt like every set of eyes were on me as I hurried and dried off facing the wall.  I wrapped the towel around me and as I was heading out of the shower area, I saw Matt standing there in his towel, his eyes following me as I passed him.  I made it back to the row of lockers and there was Tommy standing there already with his shirt and boxers on.  I had forgotten all about him being in the shower at the same time I was and no doubt he at least heard everything that went on.  I hurried up to my locker and opened it up.  I looked over my shoulder to see if he was still looking at me, and he had turned around to face his locker.  I reached in and grabbed my boxers and pull them on, then I let the towel drop.  I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on over my head.  I reached in for my pants and worked myself in them, then I felt a hand on my right shoulder and turned and looked to see who it was.  It was Tommy.

"Brent.  That's the way Frank is.  He never thinks about what he's saying and always says what's on his mind.  Don't let it get to you.  You ok?"  I felt him squeeze my shoulder.

I relaxed and said, "Yeah I'm ok.  I just never expected anyone to say some shit like that.  We don't talk about stuff like that where I'm from and especially not right to some guys face.  It threw me for a loop."

"Yeah, I could tell from hearing your reaction.  I was going to come over and shut him up, but we did promise to stay at separate showers." He chuckled a little and gave my shoulder another squeeze.

"Yeah we did, but now I jealous!" I laughed. "You got a ring side seat description from that ass hole and I still don't know anything about what was below that towel of yours!" I gave him a big grin.

"Believe me, it isn't a quarter as descriptive as yours seems to be, but I promise to show you mine one of these days if you show me yours." He giggled and blushed.

"Deal!" I said and we both laughed.  "We better hurry up and finish dressing before the bell sounds."  I sat down on the bench and finished getting my socks and shoes on.  Frank finally shows up.

"Can we shake now Brent?  I really am sorry for embarrassing you."  I looked up at him and he appeared to be very sincere this time.  I looked behind me to Tommy, who was shaking his head yes.  I turned back to Frank.

"Your still on probation though."  I reached out my hand and he took it in his and we shook hands.

"Agreed.  I'm still on probation, but only with what was agreed to in the shower, everything else is far game or I might kill myself tripping over my tongue around you."  He gave me a crooked grin and raised his right eyebrow.

SIGH..."Ok, only as stipulated in the shower, with further ratification if I deem it necessary due to gross negligence!" I added.

"What the hell man, is your dad a lawyer or something?!" He raised both eyebrows at me this time.

"Yeah, he sure is and was one of the best on the west coast!" I said and laughed.

"I'm DOOMED!" Frank grabbed his heart and headed down the row to his locker to start getting dressed.  Ten minutes later the bell rang and Tommy and I headed out to the next class we shared, History, and then finally we were going to his house, where I hoped we could get to know each other much better.


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