Learning to love

Part 5

Tommy and Family

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

American History dragged along at a snails pace.  Tommy and I had gotten seats together, with him in front.  We received our textbook.  I simply could not concentrate on anything except the clock.  I noticed Tommy's head turning as often as mine to above the door.  Mr. Cole assigned us homework to read the first chapter of our textbook and then take the chapter review test, which we were to turn in tomorrow, at the beginning of class.  Peter, the guy from my Algebra and English classes, was also in History with Tommy and I.  He was in the row to the left of ours, in the seat across from Tommy.  We had acknowledge each others presence at the beginning of class with a shared smile.

My next glance at the clock showed that we only had 5 minutes left before the bell would ring.  I closed my textbook and put it in my book bag, then tapped Tommy on the shoulder.  He turned around and gave me the look I was beginning to find so cute about him, a smile and his left eyebrow raised in query.

"I left my gym clothes in the locker room.  Before we leave school, we need to go there so I can get them.  I have extra sets at home, but I want to get those so Connie can wash them.  I have my Spanish book in my bag already, with the vocabulary list and the only other class with homework tonight is this one.  I don't need to go to my locker, do you?"

"No, I don't need anything out of my locker, but I need to grab my gym clothes too.  We can throw them in the washer when we get to my house if you want."  The bell rang and his eyes opened wide and he gave me a huge smile.  He jumped up from his seat. "Lets go!"  He didn't have to tell me twice and I jumped up and we hurried out the door.  When we got to the gym, the coach was waiting there and it looked like he was preparing for basketball practice.  Tommy and I said hello to him and told him what we had come for.  He just nodded his head.  Tommy and I entered the locker room, but before we made it to our row, we heard some guy talking.

"No kidding!  He is so fucking hot and did you see his cock?!" Whoever was talking didn't seem to care if he was overheard.  It didn't sound as if he were trying to whisper.  Tommy and I both froze where we were and looked at each other.  We heard another voice.

"Yeah I saw it.  I'd like to see it up close as it grows to full mast!  I could suck on that for hours."  Tommy's eyes widened after hearing this confession from the second guy.  A third voice joined the other two.

"Well, I boned up right in front of him and I could have sworn I saw him start to bone too.  Fuck, feeling his breath in my crotch, I thought I was going to blast my load!"  This time my eyes widened.  There was no way I could forget who that voice belonged to.  It was Matt Ritter.  Tommy grabbed my arm and pulled me a little further back and down the first row of lockers.

"Brent," he whispered, "that second voice we heard, I swear it's Bobby Schafer.  I recognized it because he and I talked during gym. He was my partner."

I whispered back, "The last guy was Matt Ritter.  I know because he was my partner during gym."   Then I started thinking.  Two guys we know and both footballers, and one of them the QUARTERBACK, talking about some guy they want to have sex with!  This was blowing my mind and for them to be talking so openly about it when they couldn't know if someone would overhear them.

"You know who they're talking about right?" Tommy said.  I looked in his eyes and he appeared a little tense.

"No.  Who do you think it is?"  I asked excitedly.  I'm normally not a drama queen, but this was some good shit. I tried to picture all the guys I had seen during gym class.  I wonder if the other guy in there is Matt's brother Shane, wouldn't that be some juicy gossip to hold.  We heard a noise and I turned and saw a couple of guys walk past the end of the row, they were coming into the locker room, not leaving.  I looked back at Tommy.  "So you going to tell me who it is?  Wait, I think I remember seeing all three of them talking to that Andy guy during gym.  You think it's him?" I whispered.

Tommy pulled me closer to him and whispered. "No it's not Andy and I don't think I know, I know for sure.  It's you!"

"WHAT?!" I shouted out.

"Shhh!!! Of course it's you.  You heard Matt and he was your partner in gym.  Who else did you see who had the opportunity to get that close to him?  And I also remember looking over a few times watching you guys, and just seeing you rocking back and forth, imagining I was Matt, was enough to start making ME hard!"

Ok, I may be naive and I have not even developed the beginnings of a gaydar, but putting together all that had happened today, and all on just my first day at school.  Beulah was turning into Gaylah right before my eyes.  I looked at Tommy and could still see a sad look in his eyes.  He didn't hold my look for very long, and looked down towards his feet.

"Why do you look sad all of a sudden Tommy?" I reached out and lifted his chin up with my hand so he was looking at me.  There were unshed tears in his eyes.  "Wha...What's wrong?  Tell me."  He tried to lower his head again, but I still had my hand under his chin.

"I can't compete with those guys Brent." A tear trickled out of his right eye and he blinked and another fell from his left.  "You're this really hot guy and now there are at least three other guys who obviously find you hot enough to want to have sex with you.  What am I supposed to do now?"  A few more tears followed the others along his cheek.  I looked around and took hold of his left arm and moved him to the back end of the first row.  There was a wall cage over to the left with a narrow aisle that led further towards the back corner, and I led him down this to the very back.

I moved Tommy so his back was against the wall and I was in front of him.  "Tommy, I don't know what's going to happen between you and I.  I don't know you well enough to even guess what you want long term.  I know what I'd like to happen, but we haven't even had the chance to really sit down and just talk about what we like.  Do you like pizza?  Do you like a shower more than a bath?  Do you hate brussel sprouts as much as I do or are they your favorite vegetable? You see?  I know what I would like to happen, but I really don't know what will."  I leaned a little closer to him and he looked at me. "But I do know what's going to happen with those other guys right now.  Nothing Tommy.  Nothing is going to happen with those other guys."  Tommy's eyes were looking from one to the other of mine. 

"There's something you can learn about me right now.  The first thing, and have no doubt that what I say is the honest truth.  I don't fuck around Tommy.  I may get a hardon from seeing another guy that's really cute and sexy and well, hot, but I'm not going to fuck around with him and then go look for the next one.  Someone tried that with me once.  I didn't know it was like that at first, but that's the way it turned out.  Nothing happened between us, except a few kisses and maybe a grope here and there, but nothing else.  I learned what I want from that experience, and it isn't just sex.  I want it all Tommy."  I looked him directly in the eyes while saying this so he would make no mistake about my honesty.

Tommy smiled and his whole demeanor seemed to transform back into that excited guy who had walked out of History with me a few minutes ago.  I looked behind me and didn't see anyone.  "That's much better.  Now, we better go.  I still need to get the clothes from the locker and Hank is probably wondering if he's going to have to come find me because I got lost...I didn't even ask, how are we getting to your house?"

"Oh, I ride the bus home.  We don't live in town.  My dad has a small farm and we live about 15 miles or so west of town."

"Does Hank know where you live?" I asked.

"Sure he does.  Hank is my Uncle." Tommy said.

"What? I didn't' know that! Your Uncle works for my dad?  That's, well, kind of weird.  Do you know Peter in our History class?  He said his father was the dairy manager and then Frank told me that Bobby's father worked in some way with the horses on our farm." I guess farming is in the blood around here.

"Yeah, Hank's my Uncle, but he doesn't let us call him Uncle Hank.  He's my mom's younger brother and he says Uncle makes him sound old.  Peter, he and I went through elementary and junior high together, and now high school.  We were never like friends or anything.  He's kind of bookish.  Bobby's father is the ranch manager for yall.  He manages all the live stock on your property and as far as Frank telling you about Bobby's father, did he tell you HIS father was Ag manager for your farm?"  He looked at the shocked expression on my face. "That's right Brent, his father is in charge of all the farms produce and crops."

"I think that's enough and I don't want to know anymore.  Wait!  Missy's father doesn't work on our farm does he?!"  God would that suck!

Tommy laughed and said, "No, don't worry.  Her father is actually a Preacher!"

"You're joking! Oh my God! Enough.  We have to go before Hank sends out scouts!"  I turned around to head for the lockers, but before I could take a step, Tommy grabbed me by the arm, turning me around to face him.

"Before we go I have to tell you something."  He gave me the 'look'. "You know I think you're hot and you have to be the sexiest guy I have ever seen and will probably ever see.  But...when you look at me and then I look into your eyes.  Your eyes Brent are just...I've never seen anyone with emerald eyes before.  When you look at me with them, they make me weak in the knees!  I could just melt.  When you were looking at me and telling me about how you don't fuck around, well I believed every word of it.  There's no way you could look at me with those eyes like that and tell a lie.  I just...well I just wanted you to know."

I felt the heat in my face when he finished and saw the big smile on his. "Um...thanks." I hate blushing.

He chuckled and said, "You're welcome.  Now lets go."

Bobby, Matt and whoever else that had been talking when Tommy and I entered the locker room, were no longer there when we made it to our lockers.  I opened mine and took out the shorts, shirt and the shower shoes.  "Do you want these back?  I can give you the new ones that I forgot at home this morning if you prefer."  Tommy turned to look what I was holding out to him.

"No keep those.  I just had two pairs because they were two for one when my mom bought them at the Family Dollar Store.  You don't need to give me the ones you bought either.  Consider these my first gift to you." He gave me a cheesy smile and wink.

"They're the most appropriate gift I've ever received, so thanks cutey." I put the shower shoes back in the locker and searched around for the jock I had worn.  I took everything back out of the book bag and even checked inside the shorts and turned the shirt inside out.  It was gone.  I stuffed everything back into my book bag.  Someone had taken my jockstrap out of the locker.  I turned around and Tommy who was closing up his book bag.

"You're not going to believe this, but someone has taken the jockstrap I wore during gym out of my locker."  He looked up at me and asked me if I was sure.  "Yes.  It's not in the locker and I took everything out of my book bag.  I even checked inside the clothes.  It's not here."

"You think you should tell the Coach?" He then asked.

I thought for a minute and decided that it would only cause a lot of unnecessary drama.  "No.  It's kind of embarrassing and then he'd ask who would steal another guys used jock.  How would I answer that question?  I have a good idea which three guys are prime suspects though.  I'll just make sure to bring a lock for here and also one for my hall locker tomorrow.  You ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm all set. Lets go."  He closed his locker and I closed mine.  The only thing in there now were my shower shoes.  We left the gym and started walking down the hall back towards the commons and cafeteria.

"How about I ask Hank to give us a lift to your house?  When he gets back to the farm, he can tell Connie where I am so she wont worry.  We'll also be able to spend more time together and not have to wait on all the stops the bus makes before yours." I asked Tommy as we walked towards the exits.

"That sounds great to me, but you can do the asking, he can't refuse you!" He laughed and shoved against my shoulder with his.

We walked out and hurried to where we saw the SUV parked.  I opened the side door and climbed in.  Tommy followed, took his seat and closed the door.  "Hank, I'm going to Tommy's house.  Could you tell Connie when you get back to the farm and tell her I should be home..."  I looked over at Tommy.

"Um...is 9 o'clock too late?" He asked.

"Tell her I should be home by 9 o'clock and I'll call if Mr. Weber can't bring me home." I looked up front to Hank, who was looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"Ok, but did Tommy call home and let them know you're coming over and would be staying for dinner?" Hank transferred his look in the mirror to Tommy.

"Yes Sir.  I called at lunch time and dad said it was fine as long as I got my chores done." He kind of bit his lip then said, "I forgot to ask about dinner though."

Hank chuckled and said, "Well, all that matters is about the coming over part.  With that crew that eats at your house every night, I doubt one more mouth to feed is going to make a difference."  He started the SUV and began driving away from the school.

I looked over at Tommy, "What does he mean?  Do you have more than your sister Angie?" 

Tommy nodded, "Actually I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.  I'm the oldest and Angie is the youngest, she's 2 years old."

"Your parents have seven kids?!" What in the world, I thought.  Me being an only child, I couldn't even begin to guess what having six brothers and sisters would be like. 

Hank spoke up from the front.  "Believe me, it's a mad house around there!" He chuckled and waved to someone walking on the sidewalk as we turned left on 7th Street.

"It's not THAT bad Hank.  We have a routine around the house and it helps to keep everything running smooth."  Tommy said to his Uncles.

"Yeah you have a routine alright, until Brandon and you get into a pissing contest and the whole house explodes! Alright, alright, I'll be quiet up here.  We don't want to scare Brent before he even gets there, but if you want to come home sooner than you figured, I'll be at the farm until 7 pm and I'll come and get you...either there or at the hospital emergency room!"  He started laughing and slapping his right hand on the steering wheel.

I looked over at Tommy and he wasn't finding his Uncles attempt a humor very amusing, so I decided to say, "I think it's cool that you have brothers and sisters to talk too."  He looked at me and smiled.  Hank just continued to snicker from the front.  About 20 minutes later we arrived at Tommy's, and Hank dropped us off right near the front porch.

"Remember to call me if you need to escape early Brent, but it better be before 7 pm or you'll have to make a run for it!" Hank said laughing, as we got out of the SUV, then drove off when I closed the door and waved goodbye.

Tommy led me to the porch then over to the front door and we walked into his house.  He yelled out to let his dad know he was home and his dad called to us.  Tommy dropped his book bag at the foot of a set of stairs and told me I could put mine with his.  I followed him and soon we were in a family room where his father was sitting in a recliner watching a news channel.  When we walked in, he muted the TV and stood up.  Tommy walked over to him, and his dad got up to give him a hug.  When he released Tommy, he turned to me, inviting me to receive one in kind.  I hesitantly walked towards him and he grabbed me up and gave me a solid hug then sat back down in the recliner.

"Welcome to our house Brent.  I'm really glad you could come over for a visit.  I'm afraid what might have happened here this afternoon if Tommy had to be separated from you too soon.  It's nice to put off suicide watch for a few hours!" He started laughing and I looked over at Tommy and smiled.

Blushing, Tommy said, "Dad! Stop that!  We're going up to my room to put away our school bags, then I'll show Brent around while I do my chores.  Come on Brent," he turned to me, "lets go up to my room."  I said bye to Mr. Weber and thanked himfor allowing me to come over.  Tommy and I walked back out to where we had left our bags and both of us picked up our own, then I followed him up the stairs.  I could see 4 doors when we made it to the top and Tommy walked towards the first one on the right with me in tow.  He turned and smiled at me, "This is my room, I hope it's not a mess."  He opened the door and we walked in.  It was a nice sized room, with two twin sized beds and a very cute, light brown haired, piercing blue eyed boy of about 11 or 12 years old.  He was standing by one of the beds, arms crossed, staring daggers at me with those eyes.

"What are YOU doing home already?!"  Tommy asked him.  "I thought you had basketball practice!"

The boy looked at Tommy.  "Coach cancelled it and a good thing too!"  He turned back with those eyes once again trained on me, "This is my side of the room," he pointed, "this is my bed, those are my things right there!  You are not allowed to touch ANY of it!" 

Tommy went over to the open door and yelled towards the stairs,"DAD! Will you tell Brandon to leave Brent and I alone and come down there with you!  He's being a brat!"

Mr. Weber yelled up from downstairs, "Brandon! You come down here now and leave your brother and his guest alone!"

Brandon marched over to where Tommy was standing and then he yelled downstair, "I don't want nobody on my side of the room and especially this green eyed boy that Tommy brought home!  He might sit on my BED!"

"Get your skinny butt down here right now before I pinch that thing you call a head off of your shoulders!" His father yelled up from downstairs. 

Brandon turned around and looked at me.  In a menacing voice or as menacing as an 11 or 12 year old could make it, "You just remember what I told you.  My side, my things, my bed." He raised his right hand in a fist and shook it towards me, "Stay OFF!"

"DAD!" Tommy yelled down once again.

"BRANDON, NOW!" Came Mr. Weber's loud demand.  Brandon stuck his tongue out at me and Tommy, then left.  We heard him as he stomped down the stairs.

"Wow, I don't think your brother likes me very much.  Is he always like that when you bring someone over?" I asked.

"He's a spoiled brat!" Tommy said.  He put his book bag down on his bed and opened the flap on it. "You can put you bag here on my bed or on that chair there if you'd like.  Take out your gym stuff and we'll drop it off in the machine downstairs before I take you out with me to do my chores."

I decided his bed was the safest zone in the room, so I took my bag off my shoulder and opened the flap.  I reached in and started taking out my gym clothes when all of a sudden a blood curdling scream came from somewhere in the hall outside of Tommy's room.  It startled me so bad, I jumped back pulling bag and all off the bed and onto the floor.  Through the door I saw a little girl of about 6 years old pass by.

"DADDY! Tina took my dolly and she wont give it back. She said she's going to throw it out the window!" She screamed down to her father.

"TINA! You give Robin back her dolly before I have to come up there!" Mr. Weber yelled from downstair.  I saw the little girl walk back past the door, now all serene, but not 10 seconds later we were gifted with another scream that could raise the rafters and once again the little girl walked past Tommy's door.

"SHE STILL WONT GIVE IT BACK!" I heard her yell-scream down the stairs this time.

A few seconds passed and this time when Mr. Weber called, you could tell he was at the bottom of the stairs.  "TINA! Come here right this minute!"  A few seconds passed and I saw another little girl, this one looked about 7 or 8 years old, pass the open door heading towards the stairs, with a doll in her hand.  I looked over at Tommy and he was still busy messing around with his book bag and he had picked mine up off the floor.  He had my gym clothes in a pile with his on the bed.

"You listen here little lady.  When I tell you to do something, you do it the first time.  Give your sister her dolly NOW!"  I heard Mr. Weber saying.  "And you little Miss, stop that screaming.  Tommy has a friend over and I'm sure they're in his room trying to play slap and tickle and every time you yell out like that, one of them might injure the other!" A distinct chuckle could be heard emanating from down below.  Tommy jerked up straight from where he was leaning over his bed and looked at me.  He was as red in the face as I had ever seen him.  He walked over and sat in a chair by a small desk with a computer on it.  He brought his hands up and covered his face and leaned his elbows down on his knees, shaking his head.

All this excitement and then on top of that, hearing what his father said, was just a little to much for me and I started laughing.  I got weak in the knees and fell on Tommy's bed.  I heard him start laughing too and he got up and dropped on his bed next to me.  I looked up towards the door and saw two pair of eyes, in the faces of two very cute little girls, staring into Tommy's room at the both of us.  They saw me looking at them and raised there hands and waved to me, then turned and headed down the hall in the direction away from the stairs.  Evidently Mr. Weber hadn't returned to the family room, because the next thing he yelled up the stairs was, "Tommy, you and Brent better not be doing what I think you're doing and you better keep that door open, you hear me!"

Well this was the last straw for Tommy.  "I'll be right back Brent.  I need to go have a talk with my dad because he can't be saying stuff like that!"

"Oh leave it alone Tommy.  He's absolutely hilarious!  I couldn't imagine my father being like yours if he knew about me the way yours does about you.  It would be so tense around my house, everyone would be afraid to breath." I said.

"Well, I think he's said enough and if I don't say something he'll never give us any peace.  Besides he shouldn't be saying things like that, he doesn't know you're gay.  Just stay here, I'll be right back, ok?"  I finally agreed and Tommy walked out of his bedroom and I heard him going down the stairs. 

I got up from the bed and took my American History book out of my book bag.  I sat in the chair Tommy had used earlier and started to read the first chapter.  No more than 2 minutes after Tommy left, I heard a noise from the direction of the door and when I looked over to see what caused it, there stood the cutest little boy, with his back plastered against the open door and facing me.  He looked to be about 9 or 10 years old, gel spiked dark brown hair and blue eyes, the color of Tommy's.  He had chubby little cheeks that were rosy red and his little mouth was encased in a pair of lips that brought to my mind Russell's, the first guy I had ever kissed.

"Um...hello little man.  What's your name?" I asked and smiled in his direction.  His eyes were shifting from left to right as he scanned the bedroom and then back to me.  He still hadn't answered me, so I said, "My names Brent.  I'm a friend of Tommy's."  His eyes took another quick scan of the room and then he whispered while holding a finger in front of his lips.

"Shhh...I'm not sposed to say anything to you." Then he took another look around.

"Oh...ok then," I whispered back to him and smiled.  Gosh what a cutey he is!  I picked my book back up and kept a watch on him over the top of it as I pretended to go back to reading.  He didn't move from his spot, but every so often he'd fidget a little and take a look around and then turn his eyes back on me.  I heard someone climbing the stairs and Tommy came walking back into the room, but stopped with he saw who was standing against the door.

"Now what are you doing here Jamesson?!"  The little boy looked up at Tommy and made a cross your heart sign over his heart.  This little boy was going to be a lady killer when he grows up or he'll have every guy within 50 miles clambering for him, I smiled to myself.  "I don't give a flying flip who you promised you wouldn't tell, what are you doing standing there again my door?!"  Tommy asked and bent down, looking Jamesson in the eyes.  "I asked you WHAT?!" Tommy yelled and not only did Jamesson jump, but it startled me too.

"Ok, ok, don't flip out or sumptin!" Jamesson said and looked over at me and sighed.  "Brandon gaved me a whole dollar to come up here and make sure HE," Jamesson pointed his finger at me, "wasn't sitting on his bed or on his side the room." His face lite up and then he said to Tommy, "I got two whole dollars now and I'm gonna buy that racer car we saw at the Dollar Store last Saturday!"  Tommy wasn't as excited about it as Jamesson was.

Tommy turned and yelled through the door, "Dad!  Now Brandon paid Jamesson a dollar to come up here and spy on Brent to keep him off his bed!"

I heard Mr. Weber yell, "A WHOLE DOLLAR!  I'd of done it for fifty cents!  Brandon! Get in here right now and Jamesson you bring your skinny butt down here too!  Matter of fact ALL of you get down here! NOW!"  Jamesson's face fell and he dug in his pocket and brought out a dollar.  He gave it a wistful look, then turned and walked out of Tommy's room.  Tommy turned and looked at me.

"Sorry Brent, this is just unbelievable!  I guess Hank was right and you'll never want to come over here again and I don't blame you."

I walked over to him by the door.  "Are you serious?" I asked him.  "This is the most excitement I've had in months and that little brother of yours, Jamesson, is about the cutest little kid I've ever seen.  If you're worried about competition, you better worry about him in about 4 more years." I then glanced behind Tommy and saw Tina and Robin walking by holding hands, heading for the stairs.

Tommy chuckled and said, "Yeah he is a cute kid when Brandon isn't trying to use him for one scam or another.  Let me grab our clothes and I'll stick them in the washing machine.  I need to go get my chores done before dad starts on me about that."  He went and picked the clothes up off the bed and I followed him out of the bedroom.  Tommy stopped, "Could you pull the door closed behind you Brent?" he asked, "Brandon flips out if the door is left open and he or I aren't in there.  He's afraid someone's going to touch his crap."  He gave me a long suffering look and I laughed and pulled the door closed behind me.

We walked back towards the family room and then Tommy turned to the left and started to walk towards another short hall.  As we passed the family room, I saw Brandon, Jamesson, Tina and Robin standing in a row by Mr. Weber in his recliner.  Mr. Weber looked over and saw Tommy and I.

"Where are you two going, I said everybody in here." He said to us.  Tommy changed directions and walked over towards his father and I followed, I wonder what now.  "Ok, now that we're all here, listen up.  You Brandon, stop worrying about your stuff or your bed or I'll pitch it all out on the lawn and you can sleep out there with all your stuff."  Brandon turned and looked at me like it was my fault his dad was chastising him.  "And you Jamesson, stop doing everything Brandon tells you to do or you're going get in more trouble than he is, you understand?"  Jamesson nodded his head and he also looked over at me, but this time I got a smile from him.  I did notice him slyly put the dollar back in his poket.  "Now, what mess have you two girls gotten into since the last time I saw you?  You've been really quiet for the last 15 minutes."  Tina and Robin looked at each other and then Tina spoke up, "We been playing with our dolly's.  We didn't make no mess, did we?" She turned and looked at Robin, who shook her head in the negative.  "Ok, fine then." said Mr. Weber. 

Mr. Weber then turned to me.  "Brent would you please come out from behind Tommy and stand right here."  He pointed to the right side of his recliner.  I moved from behind Tommy and walked over to where he had pointed.  When I got there, he stood up and put his arm around my shoulder.  "This is Brent Stewart," he address his kids as they all looked at me, "His father and I were best friends from the time we were in diapers, all through school and as far as I'm concerned, I've still never had a friend as close as his father.  While Brent is here he will be treated like family and any time he comes over.  Now Tommy, don't you have chores?" he asked, as he looked over toward Tommy.  Before Tommy replied, we heard a door open and we all turned towards the sound and a few seconds later, two boys came walking into the family room.

The taller of the two boys looked like he could be twins with Tommy.  He had the same color hair, exact same eyes, nose, mouth, he even stood the same way Tommy did.  The only difference I could tell was the fact that he was shorter and a little chubbier.  "What's going on in here and who is that you have your arm around pop?" The boy asked and looked at everyone in turn.

"Where have you been David and what is that BRAT doing with you?"  Mr. Weber asked his son and pointed at the other boy with his free hand.

"Uncle Mike!" The other boy exclaimed.

"Well, where's your dad?" Mr. Weber asked him.

The boy shrugged his shoulders and said, "At work I suppose."

"Does he know you're here or did you ride all the way home with David without calling him to let him know where you would be?"  Mr. Weber took his arm from around my shoulder and walked over towards David and the other boy.

"Um...no I didn't call him, but you know he don't care if I come home with David.  If he checks and I'm not home, he knows I'm over here."  The boy took a step back as Mr. Weber got closer to them and stopped.

"Scott, you go call him right now and tell him where you are!  Next time you better call him before you come over or I'll blister you rear." Mr. Weber pointed towards a phone setting on a stand next to the TV.

"But I don't know where he is right now Uncle Mike."

Mr. Weber turned to me and asked, "Did Hank say where he was going when he dropped you and Tommy off?"

"Ah, yeah, he said he would be on the farm until at least 7 pm."  I told him.  He turned back to Scott. 

"He's probably in the Ag office then.  Now go call him."  Scott gave me a look and then walked over to the phone and picked it up and punched in the number.  I looked back to David and he was staring at me, then he looked at his father.

"Who's that guy over there that you had your arm around when we walked in?" David pointed at me.

Mr. Weber looked at me then his son, "That's Brent Stewart, he's a friend of Tommy's"

"WOW! Brent?! Isn't that's Tommy's new boyfriend?!  He's a stone cold FOX!" David exclaimed.

This caught me totally off guard and I looked over at Tommy.  Tommy had his head thrown back, pointing his face to the ceiling with his eyes closed, shaking his head.  I looked and Brandon was now staring at me with a surprised look on his face. 

Tina wasn't having any of this because she screamed out "He's not Tommy's boyfriend!  He's my dolly's husband!" and then she stuck her tongue out at David.  Not to be outdone by Tina, Robin let out one of her screams from hell and yelled, "You said he could be MY dolly's husband!" and grabbed a hold of Tina.  Jamesson walked over to me and took my hand and yelled, "QUIET! He not Tommy's boyfriend or your stupid dolly's husband! He's MY boyfriend!" and then wrapped his arms around my waist.  Everyone shut up with his outburst and Scott broke the silence by saying, "Brent, my dad said he wants to talk to you for a minute."  I smiled down at Jamesson and took his arms from around my waist and went to accept the phone from Scott.



Hey Brent, I heard all the noise in the background and I thought I better ask you if you're ready for me to come and pick you up now? *laughing*

Very funny.  I'm having a good time Hank!

Oh I just bet you are, what was that scream all about?

Tina and Robin were having a disagreement.

*laughing* Oh ok, it sounded more like murder.  Well remember I leave at 7 pm, but I'll be by to pick Scott up by 8 pm, so that's going to be your last opportunity for escape.  May I please speak to Mike now.

Very funny.  Ok, hold on for a second and I'll get Mr. Weber for you.  Bye Hank.

Bye Brent. *chuckling*


"Mr. Weber, Hank would like to speak with you Sir."  I said to him and he came over to me and took the phone from me.

"Brent I told you you don't have to call me Sir and you definitely don't have to call me Mr. Weber.  Please, call me Mike, ok?" He asked.

"I'm sorry, it's just habit from the way Connie taught me to address adults, but I'll remember and call you Mike if you'd like me too." I told him.

"I would like you too." He gave me a smile then put the phone to his ear and said hello.

I walked back over to where Tommy was and he had such a dejected look on his face I felt so sorry for him.  "Come on, we better get the wash on and your chores finished or we're never going to have time to sit down and talk alone!"  I said to him.

"I think I'm agreeing more with Hank, this is a mad house.  Come on follow me."  As we started to leave the family room, Jamesson started to follow us and Tommy caught him and shooed him away.  "I think you captured another heart, but I don't know how you did it so fast."  He paused for a second, then said, "Well maybe I do, you captured my attention 5 seconds after I laid eyes on you on Friday!"

We walked towards the back of the house and into a room to the left of the back door.  The room had a washer, dryer and a wash basin.  Tommy took our shirts and shorts and placed them in the washing machine.  He added a quarter cup of detergent and turned a dial to a short cycle and closed the lid.  The machine started up and we walked back out of the laundry room and then out the back door.  The weather was nice outside, it was probably around 80F.  We walked towards a small building that was set on about 6 inch stilts with a small wooden ramp leading up into an equally small opening.

"This is the chicken coup." He told me.  "I need to fill that water runner over there, so if you don't mind, see that metal barrel there next to the coup with the piece of plywood and brink covering it?"  He point to a rusty looking oil drum.

"Yeah I see it.  How can I help?" I asked.

"If you take the brick and plywood off, inside you'll find a large plastic milk jug with the bottom cut off it.  Inside the barrel is chicken feed, and if you don't mind, just get a big scoop to fill up the jug and then bring it over to me where I'm filling the water run.  Be sure you put the top back on the barrel, or the chickens will jump up there and get into the barrel and foul it."  He gave me that cute smile and the raised left eyebrow.

"Sure, I can do that and I don't mind helping with your chores Tommy.  Especially when you give me that cute smile."  He blushed a little then turned to go over where I could see a garden hose attached to an outside spicket.  There were a few chickens milling about in front of the coup.  I walked over to the barrel and took the brick off and set it on the ground.  Next I slide the piece of plywood off the top of the barrel and leaned it up against the coup.  I looked inside and saw the milk carton Tommy said would be there, grabbed it and filled it with the feed.  The feed looked like popcorn kernels that had been cracked into smaller pieces and it even smelled like it.  I moved the carton with the feed into my left hand and picked up the plywood and replaced it on top of the barrel, then reached and grabbed the brick and placed it on top to hold the wood in place.

I turned and started walking along the side of the coup to the front.  When I rounded the coup, I saw Tommy holding the garden hose and filing this long metal thing, that looked to me like a rain gutter for a house, but with each end sealed off and little metal legs about every 8 inches to keep it standing upright. "I have the feed, just let me know what you want me to do with." I said to him.  He turned and looked at me.

"Just hold it there for a minute.  As soon as I finish filling the water run with clean water, I'll show you how I feed these gluttons." He turned back and continued to fill the run with water.

More chickens started coming out of the little coup, walking down the little ramp to the ground.  They sort of looked in my direction and I guess they knew what the white carton I was holding meant, because they started scratching on the packed dirt that surrounded the front of the coup, pecking the ground and slowly working their way towards me.  A couple of the chickens were surrounded by baby chicks that were scrambling around their mothers and pecking the ground like the adults.  From the other side of the coup, I saw a rather large looking chicken come around the corner and into the front area.  This chicken had brightly colored feathers whereas all the others were mostly pure white, and it looked much large than the others too.  It had a large red crown on the top of it's head.  This must be a rooster I thought.

I watched the rooster as it pecked its way along the front of the coup.  It looked up in my direction a few times, but slowly pecked it's way along the ground.  It finally got to within five feet of me and stopped and cocked it's head and one beady eye locked on me.  It ruffled its feathers which caused it to look like it put on a couple more pounds and started bobbing it's head keeping an eye on me the whole time.  I looked over at Tommy and he had just reached down and cut the water off and started rolling up the hose.  I looked back at the rooster and it was now about 3 feet from me and it was making a clucking noise and scratching the ground with it's feet.  I saw Tommy look over at it and chuckle.

"I don't think that rooster likes you Brent.  There's at least something that looks like you're not going to sweep it off it's feet in 5 seconds." He said.

I laughed at what he said and suddenly the rooster flapped it wings and crowed then launched itself at me.  The sudden action startled me and I dropped the carton of feed on the ground.  The rooster had landed almost on top of my feet and then it started flapping its wings and pecking at my Nikes.  I backed away from it, but it followed and kept pecking at my shoes.  It's beak was sharp and it got in one good peck that I felt on the top of my foot and it hit bone.  A sharp pain went up my leg and I yelled out.  This is when the fucking rooster went ape shit crazy. It started jumping up and hitting my legs with its feet and well, I turned and started running from this crazy animal.  It, however, was not through and took off after me.  I started yelling for Tommy as I ran from the coup towards the house with the rooster in hot pursuit.  I heard Tommy yelling something, but my concentration wasn't on what he was yelling, but on wondering if this was really a chicken, or a fucking roadrunner because I was running full out and the bastard was right on my heels.  I cut to the left and started around the house that way and when I looked to see where the rooster was, the fucker had cut to the left and was STILL running after me.  I finally heard Tommy yelling to run back his way and go in the back door and close it.  By now I was about 25 yards from Tommy.  It was a short distance, but being scared and running full out the way I did, I was running out of energy quick.  I noticed the rooster wasn't quite as effected by this as I was, it looked like it could run to LA and back without breaking its stride.

I did a quick turn around, and dodge of the rooster, and started heading back towards the back of the house.  I got to the corner of the house and ran towards where the back door was, but I wasn't going to get in because Mike was bent over double laughing his ass off, blocking my escape route.  "MOVE! MOVE!" I started yelling at him at the top of my lungs, gasping for breath and feeling like I was going to faint in a few seconds.  My screams caused him to laugh harder and he just fell on his ass in the doorway.  I made it to him and turned to check the position of the rooster and couldn't see it anywhere.  Tommy reached the backdoor at the same time I did.

"BRENT! BRENT! Are you ok?!" Tommy was yelling at me.  I was bent over gasping for breath, but keeping my eye on the corner of the house at the same time.  Tommy was rubbing my back as he kept asking me if I was ok.  Mike was still laughing loud enough for them to hear him a mile away.  It took about 10 minutes for me to get my breathing under control and I was sweating like a pig.  I squatted down with Tommy still rubbing my back.  I looked back at the corner of the house and there came walking that fucking rooster.  I jumped up, knocking Tommy off of me and moved up on the steps to stand beside where Mike was still blocking the doorway.  As we all watched that rooster making it's way back toward the coup, it stopped and ruffled its feathers and then raised its tail a little and took a shit right there in front of us, scratched the ground with it feet and casually walked over to the coup and began pecking around the carton I had dropped.  There were maybe 20 other chickens scrambling around trying to get at the feed in the carton.

"Brent, Brent Brent," Mike began saying as he recovered from his laughing fit.  "That, son, was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed in my life! Whew!  I can promise you, if I ever need to think of something to laugh about, the memory of that rooster running after you and you screaming for Tommy will remain with me until the day they bury me in the ground."

"I'm glad YOU enjoyed it!  I don't think it was so damned funny!"  I glared at him and he looked at me and had another laughing fit.  Tommy came over to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Are you ok now?  How's your foot?  I heard you yell out when it pecked you one time.  Did he get you?" He asked.

"Yeah, his beak hit me one hard time on the top of my foot and it felt like it hit the bone."  I sat down and took off my left shoe.  There was a small bit of blood that had soaked through the sock on top of my foot and I peeled the sock off and looked at it.  Tommy came and took my foot in his hand and bent forward to give it a better examination.  He pronounced it wasn't too bad, that it probably just hit a nerve in my foot and I agreed with him that it really didn't hurt any more.  I put my sock back on and then my shoe.  Mike had finished his second fit by now and just sat watching Tommy mothering over me with a grin on his face.

"SOOO...what chore you going to do next son?" He asked Tommy.  Tommy gave him a suspicious look.

"Why?" He asked his dad and raised his left eyebrow.

"What do you mean why?  I want to know if you're going into the barn to water and feed the horses.  There's a mare in there in heat and if Brent goes in there and comes running out with that mare hot on his heels, I'm capturing it on video!"  He snorted and slapped his knee with his hand and started laughing.

I looked over at Tommy and saw him smiling, but when he caught my look, he hurriedly adjusted the smile to a look of pure innocence.  "Um...I think I'll sit right here while Tommy goes in the barn.  I've had enough barnyard excitement for one day, let me tell you!  Go ahead Tommy.  I'll be waiting for you to come back, but I promise you, if you come out of that barn leading a horse behind you and Mike is blocking the door, I will be making a new backdoor into the house!"

Tommy laughed at me, then said, "Ok, Brent.  Give me about ten or fifteen minutes then I should be done."

Also laughing at what I had said, Mike spoke up, "Aw Brent, come on son!  I'll give you a dollar.  You just go stand by the door to the barn and make sure Tommy comes out ok." I looked up at him like he was mad crazy.

"Get Jamesson to do it.  He wants to buy a race car.  I'll just sit here and keep an eye on that possessed rooster!  Now both of you leave me alone, I'm not moving from this SPOT!"  They both laughed and Tommy told me he'd be back as fast as he can, then headed towards the barn.  Mike reached down and squeezed my shoulder.  Chuckling, he turned and went inside the house.

I moved back and leaned up against the house, so nothing would be able to surprise me from behind and began the recovery from my ordeal.  A few moments had pass, when I heard a noise over my right shoulder and there stood Jamesson looking at me.  I gave him a smile and he smiled back at me.  He walked out and took a seat next to me on the back steps.  "Hello Jamesson.  What are you up too?"

"Nutin.  Bran wont let me in his room and Davy is playing with Scotty."  He shrugged his shoulder and sighed.  He looked up at me, "What you doin?"

I smiled down at him as he scooted a little closer to me.  "I'm just waiting for Tommy to finish his chores in the barn."

"Oh," was his only comment and he scooted closer still, to where now he was snug up against my right side.  He leaned his head over and placed it against my side.  I chuckled at his antics and he looked up at me and smiled.  His attention was so sweet and I began to think what it would have been like to have a little brother that might have looked up to me as he was growing up.  With all the things that had happened so far today, the yelling, screaming and even Brandon's bratty attitude, this had been one of the best days I had in a long time. 

A woman's voice called from inside the house, "I'm home!" and Jamesson jumped up, but before he left he gave me a hug around the neck and then went running inside.  I didn't feel like moving, so I kept my seat and watched the backyard.  A few more moments passed and I heard Mike laugh and the higher pitch of a female laugh.  I heard the sound of someone coming towards the backdoor and then a woman appearing.  She was smiling at me and I stood up, but not as fast as I normally would.  My legs were feeling kind of rubbery from my earlier run around the yard.

"You must be Brent." she said.  "My name is Carolyn and I'm Tommy's mother."

I held out my hand and said, "Yes ma'am, I'm Brent, very nice to meet you."  She looked down at my outstretched hand, then held her arms out.

"We hug around here."  I gave her a smile and allowed myself to receive a hug, which I returned in kind.  My family was definitely not this touchy feeley and I wasn't used to spontaneous hugs or any other kind, except maybe from Connie.

"Mike was just telling me about your run in with the rooster.  I'm not sure if he embellished the tale, or if it really happened the way he said, but it sounds like you had a little adventure." She said and smiled.

"Oh, I'm sure he probably told it like it happened.  He seemed to think it was quite funny, but I can survive without those kind of adventures, I assure you."  I laughed and so did she.  I heard Tommy call out my name and I looked in his direction and saw him walking towards us out of the barn.  He had a cute smile on his face and when he saw me look, he started running towards us.  He ran up on the steps and joined his mom and I.

"Did you meet Brent?!" He asked his mom, a little out of breath from his run over.

"Yes son, we were just getting acquainted.  Did you finish your chores?" She asked him and they hugged.

"Yes ma'am.  I'm going to go change and then Brent and I are going to take a walk, if that's ok?  I want to show him around a little."  Tommy asked her permission.

"Sure, that sounds fine.  I should have dinner ready in about an hour, so make sure you two are back in time."  She then turned to me and said, "It's nice to meet you finally.  Tommy couldn't stop talking about you all weekend.  I'm glad you two boys have made a friend.  Now hurry and go change Tommy," she turned to him and said.  "Remember, be back in about an hour."  She gave us both a smile and then turned and went back inside the house.

"Come on Brent.  We need to check the washer, then come with me while I change and we can go for a walk and talk finally."  He grabbed my arm and led me into the house.

The clothes had completed the wash cycle and Tommy washed his hands in the basin, removed the clothes from the washer and placed them in the dryer.  He took a dryer sheet and threw it in after the clothes, closed the dryer door, and then pressed the button to start it.  We left the washroom and as we passed the family room, Mike looked over at us and when he saw me, he started laughing.  I shook my head at him and scowled, which only served to make him laugh harder.  Once we made it to the top of the stairs, Tommy opened his bedroom door and we went in.  Brandon was lying on his bed reading an Ironman comic and looked up at us, then went back to reading.  I took a seat at the computer desk while Tommy went and opened a closet door and walked in it.  I looked over at Brandon and he was now watching Tommy and what he was doing in the closet.  He must be making sure Tommy doesn't touch his clothes, I chuckled to myself.  Tommy came out of the closet carrying a pair of camouflaged patterned pants and a black t-shirt.  Satisfied with Tommy's choice from the closet, Brandon went back to reading his comic.

Tommy laid the clothes from the closet on his bed, sat next to them and pulled off his boots.  He then stood up, pulled his shirt off, which he threw towards a hamper behind the door.  He unbuttoned his pants and zipper, then pulled his pants off and threw them towards the hamper, as well.  He walked across the room to a chest of drawers, that was located on Brandon's side, and opened a drawer, scrounged around for a few seconds, and came up with a pair of clean boxers.  He closed the drawer and walked back over to his bed.  In one swift motion, he pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them, turned and pitched them towards the hamper.  When he turned and made the pitch, he was facing me full on, standing in nothing but a pair of socks.  I couldn't help it, and a gasp escaped my mouth as I got my first view of his body and more importantly his cock.  It was about 2 inches soft, cut like me, with a light dusting of wiry blonde pubic hair crowning the base of it.  His balls hung low, the left one hanging slightly higher than the right and looking about the size of plums.  Seeing him in this state of undress, my own reaction was predictable.  My cock went from soft to uncomfortably rigid in a blink of the eyes.

Tommy heard my gasp and looked at me as the used boxers hit the floor behind the door.  Realization dawned on his face of what he'd done in front of me and he grabbed his clean boxers and pulled them on in a hurry.  He looked at me once his boxers were securely around his waist and the blush on his face was glowing.  He looked over towards Brandon, who was blissfully oblivious to anything out of the ordinary having happened, and still engrossed in his comic.  Tommy's eyes returned to me and he mouthed 'sorry' with a little grimace on his face.  I mouthed 'WOW' back to him and he smiled and turned to finish getting dressed.

"Ok, I'm ready to go.  I just need to grab a Coke from the icebox before we leave.  Did you want something to drink?" He asked me once he was dressed and turned back to face me.

"Sure, sounds good.  I'm ready when you are."  I smiled back.  The show a moment ago was still very vivid in my mind, and I was kind of uncomfortable about the pole I was still sprouting in my jeans.

"Ok, lets go then."  Tommy said.  I stood up from the chair and when I did, I knew he could tell I was sporting a hardon.  I looked down and my cock was stretched out, running down the left side and very well defined in my semi-tight Diesels.  I looked back up at Tommy and his eyes were locked on my crotch and I saw him look up at me with a wide eye stare and then back down to my crotch.  My turn to blush occurred and the feeling of discomfort coming from my aroused state was temporarily relieved, when I adjusted myself using my hand to move my cock to a less glaring presentation in my jeans.  Tommy looked back up, but not before witnessing my rearrangement and gave me a huge smile.  All I could do is shrug and blush more.  He grabbed my arm and led me out of the bedroom and closed the door behind us.  He stopped me from walking on and leaned in close to whispered, "Frank was right wasn't he?"  A smile crossed his lips and up went his left brow.  I gently shoved him away and gave him a smirk and he chuckled and led me down the stairs, through the family room and into the kitchen.  The brief pause and walk down the stairs allowed my member to return to normal, preventing any further embarrassment along the way.

His mother was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner as we entered.  I also got to meet the last member of the Weber family, Angie.  She was busy stirring a wooden spoon in a bowl, as she sat on the floor, across the kitchen, well out of her mothers way.  She looked up at Tommy and I when she heard him open the frig, gave us the once over, and then went back to concentrating on her 'cooking'.

"Remember boys, be back in about an hour.  I think we will have dinner at 6:30."  Tommy's mother reminded us.  We both nodded.  Tommy handed me a can of Coke and we left the kitchen, eventually making it out the front door and walking side by side as we headed towards the road that Hank had driven down to get here.  I opened my Coke, and Tommy did likewise.  Brfoe we had take 20 steps, I had finished the drink and wondered what to do with the empy can.  Tommy looked at me and said to just throw it along the road and we'd pick them up on our way back.  He us down a dirt road that branched off the main drive and we walked about 50 yards further, before he left the road, with me following, and sat down under a large cottonwood tree.

"Finally!" He said and heaved a large sigh.  He smiled at me and just gazed into my eyes as I looked back at him.  "I didn't mean to expose myself on purpose in front of you.  I just kind of forgot you were there, well not exactly forgot.  I just felt comfortable and my mind didn't really take account that I was about to embarrass myself."

"Believe me, Tommy.  You had nothing to be embarrassed about.  I really, REALLY, liked what I saw!" I said and smiled at the blush that crept into his cheeks.  "I know for a FACT you saw what it did to ME, so don't worry."  I thought about how to proceed with our 'talk' and decided I would tell him about myself and how I came to the realization I was gay.  I sat down in front of him and started my talk.  He sat and watched me talk, as he listened intently to all I had to tell him.  I told him about my friends and all the things I had enjoyed doing in LA.  Then I told him about Russell and everything that happened to me that day and the epiphony I had about being gay.  I explained that Connie was the only one who knew with certainty, besides him now, and my fear of how my parents would react to the news.  He only interrupted my rambling a couple times to ask if I planned to play any sports here and to share his understanding of my fears about my parents' reaction to my being gay.

When I finished telling him all I could think of that might be of interest from my past, he began to relate things from his past in kind.  He told me that he didn't really have any close friends, that with all his brothers and sisters, the farm, and everyday life, he never found time to form that kind of closeness, but he made sure to let me know that it was something he now wanted and hoped he had finally found with me.  He liked sports as well, but the only thing he thought he was really good at was wrestling.  I made an off the cuff comment about that and having his hands all over tight clad teen bodies and we shared a good laugh.  He assured me there was more to it then continued.  He told me about coming out to his parents and how he first knew he was gay.  His acceptance of what and who he was.  He had no attraction to girls, except as simply human beings, but his reaction to males showed a marked difference.  As time past and he aged, he became more and more aware of his feeling for other boys and men, and at 12, he sat down with his parents and told them what he was feeling.  They talked to him about puberty and the changes the body goes through at his age and the mix of emotions and how they could be the cause of his reaction to other boys.  But he told them that wasn't his problem.  He was gay and knew it for a fact and wanted to know if they still loved him.  His parents said of course they did and that if he was truly gay, it would have no effect on their love for him and that they would not allow something that he had no control over, and that made him who he was, to become a negative force in all their lives.  From that day forward, his parents treated him and his homosexuality as just a normal part of their lives and made it 'ordinary'.  They did, however, stress the fact that not everyone would feel the way they did, so he needed to be selective of whom he told because of the way many in our society reacted to people who were gay.

He continued by telling me that he was at a point in his life where he wanted to experience the close bond of friendship, but also wanted the closeness that only being in a relationship with someone else offered.  He had thought about coming out to a friend he was closer to than most, named Tony, who had been on his wrestling team from junior high and that he had known for most of his life.  He thought he would be accepting of it and probably would welcome it, because Tommy was pretty sure that Tony was attracted to guys, if not actually gay, then at least bi.  Then Tommy smiled at me and said, "Of course, that was before I saw the sexiest, cutest guy I had ever laid eyes on standing outside the admin building on Friday.  One look and the sound of his west coast accent, sent shivers down my spine and when I saw his eyes and how they reached inside of me and filled me with warmth and understanding.  Well, Tony can find his own distractions, but I've found what I've been looking for."  He gave me the 'look' and I chuckled at how cute he was.

He finished what he wanted to tell me and we just sat looking at each other.  Finally I looked down at the ground between us and thought about everything he'd said and what I really wanted from all this.  A few minutes passed without either of us saying anything, then I finally decided that I knew what I wanted.

"Tommy." The unexpected sound of my voice startled him a little and he blushed a bit, but looked me in the eyes waiting for what I had to say.  "I know what I want right now and I think we both want the same thing.  Will...will you be my boyfriend?"  When the words left my mouth, Tommy's eyes watered up and a look came upon his face that I can't describe, but sent a tingling down my spine and filled me with warmth and a kind of security.  He looked like he was going to say something a couple times, but was having difficulty getting it past the emotions constricting his vocal cords.  Finally he looked like he forced them to cooperate.

"I want to be your boyfriend more than anything else.  I'll be your boyfriend Brent."  We both just looked at each other and I searched his eyes to try and see what he was really feeling about this.  To try and make sure he understood that what I was asking him was what I told him I had wanted in the locker room after school.  That I wanted it all.  I wanted sex, romance, a companion, friend, and confidant.

"You're doing it to me again Brent.  I can see it in your eyes.  I know the meaning behind your asking me if I will be your boyfriend.  You want it all.  I promise you will have all of me you want, any time you need or want it.  I want it all too and the only one I want it from is you.  So what do we do now?"  He asked me.

"We do this."  I leaned forward and took his face in my hands.  I placed my lips on his and moved my right hand to the back of his hand and reach around to his back with my left to pull him in closer to me.  Without missing a beat, he copied my hand placements with his on my body.  We pulled each other tightly together and moved up onto our knees as we held the kiss.  I parted my lips to invite him in.  He responded by doing the same and our tongues meet in each others mouth.  I savored the taste of him and reached in his mouth further with my tongue, trying to draw more of him into me.  Our tongues fought for position.  I moved the hand I had on his back down lower, to just above his waist, and pull his pelvis into mine.  I felt his hardness against my own and we both moaned together at the contact and pleasure it sent through our bodies by this intimate contact.

"Yeah! I told you he was your boyfriend!"  Tommy and I jumped apart and looked back towards the dirt road we had left earlier.  There on the road, with a birds eye view of us, were David and Scott on bicycles, staring at us. David was pointing his hand at us and laughing. Tommy stood up and started walking towards where the two boys were waiting, but David shoved Scotty and they both turned and started riding away, but not before David yelled at us that he was going to tell dad that Tommy and I were kissing.

Tommy yelled after him, "DAVID!  You better keep your mouth shut or you'll get it when I get a hold of you!"

I came up beside Tommy and took him by the arm and turned him around to face me.  "It's ok.  I think it's time to let your dad know.  I really don't think we have been fooling him.  Why else would he make the comments he's been making all day if he didn't know.  If I weren't gay and he had made those comments, there'd be no way I would not know you were.  How would he expect someone straight to act upon learning that his new friend was gay? Huh?"

"Well..."  Tommy got a thoughtful look on his face, then eventually he nodded his head.  "I think you're right.  He would think someone straight would probably have a negative reaction to it and have asked to be taken home almost immediately.  I wonder how he knew?" He looked at me for some kind of answer.

"You're asking me?"  I laughed and then reached for him again and gave him another kiss.  Before we got tied up in a marathon lip lock, I broke the kiss.  "Um...we better go back to your house.  I think it's been at least an hour and we have some explaining to do to your parents."  I reached for his hand and took it in mine and started walking back towards his home.


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