Learning to love

Part 7

Bonding and a proposition

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

When I looked at my watch, it was already 10 pm.  I finished my homework and then signed onto yahoo messenger to send word to my friends in California that I had something important to tell them.  I logged back out, turned off my computer, then left my study.  The muscles in my legs were burning a little from my earlier sprint in the barnyard at Tommy's.  As I walked through the entertainment room, I heard a knock on the door and said come in.  Connie stuck her head in and when she saw me, she gave me a smile and came in, closing the door behind.

"So it looks like my timing was right.  Did you finish your homework?"  She walked over and sat on the sofa. I joined her there.

"I just finished and now I'm just exhausted."  I looked at her and thought how much this small woman means to me.  My mother never comes to me to help me wind down my days and Connie has never failed to do so.

"So tell me demon child, how was your first day of school and more importantly," she gave me a wink, "how's our Tommy's chances looking for making a play for this?"  She leaned and pointed her finger at my chest, right over my heart.  I looked down at her finger and then back at her with a large smile on my face.

"He won it Connie.  I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes." I reached and grabbed her hand.

"What?! Brent! Are you sure sweetheart?  You barely know him and already you have invited him into your life so strongly?"  The surprised look, mixed with genuine concern, touched me.

"I feel him right here Connie."  I pointed to the same place she had, over my heart.  "It's faint right now, but it's still there.  It was stronger when I was with him and could touch and hold him, but it didn't leave me when I left his house tonight.  So am I sure?"  I nodded my head to her.  "I'm sure."  She sat and looked at me.  Her eyes searched my face and I sat and simply returned her appraisal.  After a few moments she nodded and reached and took me in her arms.

"You don't know how happy I am for you." She said, then let me go and sat back to look at me once again.  "I want to tell you something Brent."  She seemed to be getting her words arranged in her mind then said, "When your parents brought you home and finally placed you in my arms, I pulled the light blue blanket you were wrapped in away and looked at what I had been given.  I looked at your tiny little hands, your feet, the perfect little face with his eyes closed and at peace with all that surrounded him.  I could not find a single flaw in what I saw and I took this hand of mine," She held up her right hand, " and I ran this finger across your cheek." She showed me her index finger.  She had such a loving, far away look in her eyes as she related her memories to me.  "As my finger traced your smooth, perfect cheek, you opened your eyes, reached for my finger and took a hold of it.  You then brought it to your perfectly formed lips.  You opened your mouth and took the knuckle of that finger and put it in your mouth and began to suckle on it."  Tears were now standing in her eyes, as she continued and her eyes locked back to the present onto my own.  "With that single act of yours, you captured my heart and soul."  She looked away from me and reached into the pocket of her night robe and pulled out a tissue to dab her eyes.  She looked back at me and reached out with that same hand she hand long ago used, and ran it along my cheek as I sat there and listened to her talking.  "Brent.  I felt a cord form between you and I at that moment.  Like the one you just told me about, it was thin and not well formed, but as the days, weeks and months passed it grew.  As the years passed, it seemed to disappear, but then I realized it had not disappeared.  It had grown so big that it surrounded you and I to the point it could not be stretched or broken or diminished in any way, no matter where you or I might be, it was just to big."  She dabbed her eyes again.  "Give it time Brent, and if Tommy and you grow in your relationship, this bond will grow with you.  You and he are very young and this may not last, not that I hope it doesn't for you both, but only time and both of you can determine that.  Just remember that no matter what happens, you will always have my support and love."  She paused and collected herself.  "I love you sweetheart and I'm so happy for you."  She gave me the smile that I had grown so used to seeing from her, then went on to ask me about my first day of school.

Later, after I had showered and climbed into bed, I lay and thought about what Connie had told me.  I tried to remember if I had felt that cord connecting her and I, but then I realized that by the time I was really aware of myself as a human being, it had already grown to the point where it was too much a part of me to be defined.  Maybe what I was feeling inside with Tommy was new and barely formed, but I knew that what Connie had said about her and I, would never regress or fade.  If only I could form that kind of bond with Tommy, but that was something he and I would needed time to mold.  I wanted it.  I just hope he can and will recognize it and help me build it.

The alarm clock beside my bed sounded and I looked over and read the time before I slapped the off switch.  Ugh! 7:00 am.  I stretched under the covers and looked at the light glow shining through the bay window in my room.  The sudden need to empty my bladder hit me full force and I scrambled from my bed and into the bathroom.  After relieving myself, I hurried and brushed my teeth, wet my bed hair down and ran my fingers through it.  I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to see if I looked different.  I had a boyfriend!  I smiled at my craziness and walked into the bedroom to choose my clothes for the day.  After dressing, I walked to the study and grabbed my book bag.  I made sure all the books I had brought home were in it, then noticed that my gym clothes weren't,  I had left them at Tommy's.  I carried the bag with me to my room and stuffed the extra set I had into it, and then went and grabbed a pair of shoes, that I knew would be more comfortable to run in, if we ran again in gym.  I stuffed them in the bag and then left my rooms and headed downstairs.

Connie was already in the kitchen, of course, but I was surprised to see my father, drinking a cup of coffee, and reading the paper, at the kitchenette.  I got my morning hug from Connie, who handed me a glass of orange juice and told me that my breakfast would be ready in a few minutes.  She nudged me to go over and sit with my father.  I walked over, pulled out a chair, and sat down across from him.  He looked and saw me, folded up his paper, and said good morning son.

"Good morning dad.  You're up early?" He had a smile on his face and I could actually tell he was happy to see me.

"Early for where?" He said and chuckled.  "I think I remember getting up at 5 am every day for the past 16 years to go to work.  I actually feel like I oversleep since we moved here." He gave me a wink and picked up his coffee to sip at it.  I nodded and took a drink of my orange juice.  "So I take it that everything went well at school yesterday?  You seem to even look a little happy, if that smile I can see is real?"

"It was actually a really great day.  I met some really cool guys and Tommy..." Suddenly I felt tongue tied and a bit leery about telling my father anything about Tommy.  I wondered if I could keep my true feeling out of my voice when I mentioned his name.

My father raised his eyes brows and had an expectant look on his face, "And Tommy?  Did you two get along well together.  He seems like a really nice boy and it would kind of bring the past full circle, if you and he grew to be very good friends.  His dad and I were inseparable when I was here."  Again, I seemed to notice a wistful look pass his face, like a mirror image of the one that had passed Mikes yesterday, when he would talk about their past.

"Well, Tommy and I are very...well...we get along great.  We have three classes together and...well...I met his whole family yesterday when I visited with him and everyone was just great.  He has SIX brothers and sisters!  It's like an army!"  Safe, talk about the family, I thought.

"Well, I guess Mike has been busy since the last time I was here." He chuckled and smiled.  Connie brought over a plate and utensils and sat them down in front of me.  She then set a glass of milk next to my juice.  I began eating and felt relief that I could put off talking any more about Tommy.  My father had a knack for reading people and he could tell more from what they didn't say in a conversation, than what was actually said.  I glanced at my father a few times as I ate, and he seemed to be involved in some deep thoughts of his own.  I sat and ate, looking out of the kitchen window, thinking about seeing Tommy again.  I felt a hand touch my left arm and I looked over and saw my dad staring at me.

"I'm sorry," I said, "Did you ask me something?" Wow, I must really have zoned out or something.

"I asked if you had thought about maybe playing basketball or swimming for the school this year?  You hadn't mentioned anything about it, so I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it."  I really hadn't given it much thought, but now that he brought it up...

"Well, I'm not sure.  I think I saw the Coach preparing for basketball practice after school yesterday, but I didn't pay any attention to it at the time.  Let me think about it and see what Tommy says and I'll let you know."  My father frowned at me.

"What does Tommy saying about it have to do with anything?" He asked and laughed.  "Does he need to agree it's a good idea, before you decide?" Again my father laughed as he asked me that.  OH SHIT! I knew I'd stick my foot in it if I just gave myself a little rope. DAMN!

"Um...no...it's just that...well he knows about the teams around here better than I and...well...I think he can answer some of my questions about them." I finished lamely.  I looked at him as he watched me reply and saw his eyebrows go up and I shuttered out my answer.  I then saw him look behind me for a few moments and I turned to look where he was, and Connie was standing there looking towards me like she was trying to bore a hole in my head.  She noticed that both my father and I were looking at her and she kind of flinched and went back to cleaning up around the stove area.  I turned at looked at my father again and he had a knowing look on his face that almost made the blood drain from my own.  He looked me in the eyes.

"So, that's what it's all about."  He paused and seemed to be trying to read something more in my eyes.  He nodded his head slightly to himself and then said, "Well, you're probably right.  He would know how the teams rank around here and could help you decided if both, or just one of the sports would be of interest to you.  It's only your freshman year, so you have a lot of time still to make up your mind, with Tommy's help of course."  He looked back behind me again and then returned his gaze to the table.  "I think this weekend will be a good time to invite Mike and his family over for a visit.  We have a lot to catch up on.  Your birthday is Saturday, so maybe they would like to help us celebrate it with you.  What do you think of that idea?"  I almost, ALMOST, said I'd ask Tommy!  I swear my brain is mush.

"That sounds fine to me.  I know Mike said he would really like to get together with you and he made me promise to tell you hello for him before I left his house last night." I told my father without too much excitement and without mentioning Tommy's name once.  He got that knowing look on his face again.

"That's what I'll do then.  I call him this morning.  You said he and his wife have 7 children, including Tommy, right?" I nodded.  "Fine then.  I work out the details with Mike and Connie," he said and looked over at her, "we'll make sure that we have enough of everything and make a barbecue out of it.  I'll let you know after I talk to Mike, and we'll plan it out for this weekend."  Connie gave her assent.  I heard  a horn from outside and got up to look out the window.  Hank was getting out of the SUV and walking towards the front of the house.

"Hanks here." I said and went back to the table and picked up my milk and drank it down.  I looked at the kitchen clock and it was 7:50.  When I heard Hank knock on the front door, I went and opened it for him.  He followed me back into the kitchen and Connie offered him a cup of coffee, which he accepted.  He took the coffee and sat down at the table with my father.  I stood at the kitchen counter and shared a glance with Connie.  She shook her head slightly and then I looked over where Hank and my father sat.  My fathers eyes were locked on me and his scrutiny made me blush.  He then looked at Hank and I heard him ask where a good place was to cater for a barbecue.  They sat discussing that for several minutes before I interrupted them to tell Hank that it was already 8:10 and I had promised to meet Tommy in front of the school at 8:30.  My father stood up from the table at the same time Hank got up.

"You have a good day at school son and we'll talk again when you get home this afternoon.  The more I think of this Saturday, the more I like the idea of a celebration for your birthday.  I've missed too many of them and I don't want to miss any more."  He came to me and gave me a hug and kiss on the top of my head.  "I love you, and you two better get going before Tommy thinks you're not going to show." He said and kind of ruffled my hair.  I felt heat in my cheeks and looked away from his gaze.

"I love you too dad.  See you this afternoon." I looked at Hank and asked him if he was ready.  He said he was and I gave Connie a hug as we passed her on the way out of the house and into the SUV.  As he drove me to school, Hank asked what type of barbecue I liked and other food I thought everyone would like to eat at the cookout Saturday.  I can't recall what exactly I said in reply to his questions, my mind was preoccupied with wondering how much my father had guessed about Tommy and what his reaction was going to be when he found out the facts.

We drove up in front of the school and I couldn't see Tommy anywhere.  I looked at my watch and it was only 8:20 so I guessed he just hadn't made it there yet.  I got out of the SUV and told Hank good bye.  He said he' be here at 3:50 and when I closed the door, he drove away.  I adjusted the book bag on my shoulder and started walking towards the walkway wall.  It was low enough that you could sit on it, and I decided this was a good place to wait for Tommy.  I was lost in though when a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind, and I heard some giggling.  I pulled the hands from my face, and turned around to find Missy standing there with a big smile, and around her were Erika, Susan, Adam and Michelle.

"Brent! Good morning!  I thought I'd come over and surprise you when I saw you sitting here." She said and sat down next to me on the wall.  "So how was your first day of school?" She had this cheery smile plastered on her face and had sat way too close within my personal space for my comfort.

"Ah...good morning Missy," I said and scooted a little away from her so I could turn and face her.  I said hello to the group surrounding us too.  "My first day was good.  I met a few new people and some others that I already feel comfortable and close too."

"That's great!  You should come with us at lunch today.  We're going to the Pizza Ranch." She looked at me expectantly.

"Um...well, I already made plans with Frank yesterday.  So, I'll have to take a rain check.  Oh, listen, I have to go, I see Tommy coming and there are some things I need to talk to him about."  I jumped up and grabbed my book bag.  Without pausing, I ran to where Tommy was just coming around the corner into the front area of the school.  "Tommy!" I wave and called out to him.  He looked up and saw me running towards him and a big smile replaced the absence there only a moment ago.  I ran up to him and just barely caught myself.  I wanted to grab him in a hug and plant a kiss on those lips I had been missing ever since last night.

"Brent!  Sorry I'm a little late.  The damn bus seemed to just crawl along the road this morning and every kid seemed to just be getting to the stop, so he had to wait for them."  Damn he looked so fine.  His hair was gelled and spiked again.  His shirt was a red polo and oh my god, the jeans he was wearing were tight enough to show his package bulging.  I leaned in so I could be nearer him.

"Tommy," I kept my voice down, "how could you wear those jeans to school today?  You're driving me crazy standing there in them!  I'm going to have a hardon for the entire day just remembering the way you look right now!"  He looked down then back at me and his face was in flames.

"I wore them just for you." He coyly tilted his head, "So you like me in them?"

I took a deep breath.  "I'd like you better out of them and me out of mine!  Maybe you can come over after school, or I can come over again to your house.  We can try and find one of those places your dad told us about!"  I waggled my eyebrows at him.  But then his face fell and the smile vanished from his face.  "What's wrong?" I asked and looked around us.  He looked up at me and I thought he was going to cry.

"My dad grounded me this morning.  I have to come straight home after school and I'm not allowed any visitors until Saturday morning."  He said and lowered his head.

"WHAT?! He can't do that!  How are we going to spend time together if we can't see each other after school?!" I yelled out and felt my blood start to heat up.  This is so unfair!

"Shhh...Brent, you have everybody staring at us." Tommy said.

"FUCK THEM!" I yelled.  I'll call Mike and talk to him.  He can't do this to us.  I felt Tommy grab my arm and he started pulling me back in the direction I had first saw him coming from, when Missy was talking to me.  My blood was in high boil by this point and I just allowed him to drag me along.  Maybe I can get my dad to invite them over sooner than Saturday.  Mike can't leave Tommy home if my dad invites everyone.  Tommy drug me around the corner of the building and grabbed me by the shoulders.

"Brent, you have to calm down.  Listen!"  I looked at him and the thought of not being able to see him after school for FOUR days, I reached and grabbed him in a hug.  I felt him hug me back and tears started to cloud my vision.  "Are you listening to me?"  I nodded my head into his shoulder, then I realized this wasn't the right place for an extended hug, and stepped away from him but kept my eyes on his.  "My dad talked with Brandon and I last night and told us that we had to stop our constant fights.  He said we needed to starting acting like brothers instead of enemies.  Brandon and I agreed with him and we even shook hands and hugged and said we were sorry.  Everything was ok, until this morning."

"What happened this morning?" I asked him and he looked away then back at me.

"Brandon woke up this morning and his left eye was swollen shut and it was all black and blue.  I must have hit him really hard.  Well, when I saw it I ran and got my dad and brought him back to our room to look at Brandon's eye.  I was really scared because it looks so bad!  When my dad saw his eye, he looked at me and, well, he grounded me because I had hit my brother so hard and that was beyond what usually happens when Brandon and I had fought in the past."  I could tell that it must had been pretty back looking because of the expression Tommy wore on his face.

"But, oh my God Tommy, four days."  I looked at him standing there looking back at me and I felt the cord I had felt ever since last night rebound and hit me right in the heart.  With him standing right here, it strengthened and reenforced itself.  His eyes widened.

"You feel it too don't you?" He asked me in wonder.  "I thought it was only me, but I can see it in your eyes Brent."  His own eyes lite up.  He brought his hand up and placed it over his heart.  "Right here!"  I nodded and smiled at him.  Oh Tommy, you do it for me, I thought to myself.

"I feel it Tommy.  I've felt it since last night.  We're connecting and only you and I can make it stronger.  But we need time!" I begged him.

"We'll have time Brent.  I'm never going to do anything like I did yesterday, ever.  I'll kiss the brat goodnight and give him a good morning kiss each day if I have to!" Visualizing that made me laugh.  "Come on, we better get inside.  The bell is going to ring any minute."  Before he could leave, I looked all around us, twice, then grabbed him and gave him a kiss.

"Lets go!" I grabbed him and pulled him along and chuckled at the shock evident on his face.  It eventually turned into a big grin as we made our way into the school.  Tommy went with me to my locker, and just as I was exchanging books from my bag, the bell rang.  Tommy and I said good bye.  He said he'd meet me at my locker before he went to lunch and then again before mine.  It was great that we had three classes together, but it sucked that they were all at the end of the day.

I made it to my Social Studies class for first period.  This was the first time because of orientation yesterday morning.  We got our text book and the teacher explained that this was also considered our homeroom.  After Social Studies, I had Algebra.  Peter and I spoke for awhile before the bell rang and class started.  In English, Mr. Richter read from a newspaper article and we all dictated what he read into our journals, then passed them forward for him to collect and grade for tomorrow.  We read a little from our texts and then the bell rang.  I hurried downstairs to my locker, to meet with Tommy. 

Tommy was there and he was talking with Frank.  "Hey guys!" I said,  as I worked my way through the crowd to them.  Frank turned and he saw me, he licked his lips and gave me a come hither look, or an attempt at one.  It looked more like he had gotten a hold of some bad dope or something.  I couldn't help but laugh, and playfully punched him in the shoulder.  "Remember you're on probation, stop that!"  He laughed.

"So how goes it today. man?  You ready to get us thrown out of IT?" He said and casually waved to a few people as they passed us in the hall.  Damn, this guy just exudes sex appeal out of every pore, I thought to myself as I watched him lean against the row of lockers.

"If we repeat what we did yesterday, we'll be separated for sure and have to find new lab partners." I told him then turned to Tommy.  "It really sucks that we have separate lunches.  What are you doing for lunch today?" I asked him.  He looks so cute, I want to kiss him every time I see him.

"Yeah, it would be really cool if we had lunch together.  I'm just eating in the cafeteria like always.  So you guys better get going." He turned and looked at Frank, then back to me. "I'll come back by your locker before I head to 4th."  Frank and I told Tommy bye, and then walked down the hall together to IT.

We didn't have quite as exciting day in IT as we had yesterday.  Frank only had to be warned three times and me once.  He brings out the worse in me, but he is just to funny to ignore.  At one point in class while I was concentrating on typing on the keyboard, he actually leaned over and licked me on the cheek.  It startled me so much, that I shoved him and he fell out of his chair and sat laughing on the floor.  Mike was howling with laughter also, Franks must have signaled him to watch.  That was the cause of the one warning I received and Frank's last.  The bell rang and Frank headed for his locker and told me to wait for him at mine.  Tommy was there, leaning against my locker drinking a Dr. Pepper.

"Hey, so how was IT?" He asked when I gave him a small shove. He had been looking back towards the cafeteria and didn't see me approach.

"Well Frank and I are still lab partners, but the ass hole licked me on the cheek and Mr. Smith gave me a warning." I laughed and told him.

"What?!  He actually licked you on the cheek...with his tongue?!" Suddenly Tommy got this far away look.  I stepped up close to him.

"Don't." Is all I said to him and he focused back on me and blushed a little.  I smiled and shook my head.

"Ok," he said sheepishly, "so I'll meet you back here so we can walk to Spanish together.  I wished we'd done our Spanish homework together.  I could of used your help with the workbook assignment. Oh!  I have your gym clothes in my book bag, you left without them last night.  I'll bring them to gym with me."

"Damn, damn, damn!  I forgot to do the workbook assignment for Spanish!  Guess I'll be spending lunch doing it."  I reached into my locker and took out my Spanish book, and workbook.  I took everything out of my book bag, except the gym clothes I had brought, and stuffed in my History and Spanish stuff.  "I brought the extra set of gym clothes from home, so I'll just keep the extra set you have in the locker there...I forgot all about locks too!  See what you do to me?  All I could think about was you yesterday and now look what kind of trouble I'm in."  I looked up from my locker at Tommy and laughed, then saw that right over his shoulder was Frank staring at me.  I escaped back into my locker and finished getting my stuff together.  Smooth Brent, I thought.  You need to learn to watch your mouth or you're going to out yourself AND Tommy!  I collected myself, stood up from my locker and closed the door.

"So what's with the book bag?" Frank asked me when he saw I was still carrying it.

"Homework!" I said and sighed.  "I forgot to do my Spanish workbook assignment, so I have to do it at lunch."  The bell rang and I looked at Tommy.  "Meet ya back here after lunch.  Have fun!" I told him and smiled.

"Oh yeah, Algebra after lunch always gives me a satisfied feeling!  Meet ya here." He turned and told Frank bye, then headed off to class.

"Come on Brent, lets go.  I'll help you with your homework.  My Spanglish is EXCELLENTEMUNDO!" He offered and grabbed my arm, tugging me toward the cafeteria.  I rolled my eyes at him and said, "I bet it is! But I want to PASS this class not fail!"  He laughed and continued to pull me along behind him.  We went through the food line, then he led us to the same table as yesterday, with the same group of guys.  Mike was already there and when the guys saw me, they pointed and laughed, rubbing their cheeks.  When I passed Mike I popped him on the head and he started laughing and ducking away from me.

"You got a big mouth!" I said and laughed, as I took the seat next to him and Frank sat down next to me.  Barry was sitting across the table from me, again with John on his right.

"I think I need to see about transferring into IT with you guys." Barry said and gave me a wink.  "Sounds like to much fun for me to be missing out on!  I also hear from Shane Ritter that your gym class shouldn't be missed!"

I looked at Frank real quick and he threw up his hands, "What? I didn't say anything, honest."  I looked back at Barry, he had a large smile on his face and all the other guys were looking at me with a question written across their faces.  I blushed and told everyone in general to forget about it.  A few shrugged and went back to eating, but a few also looked over at Barry, who made a 'my lips are sealed' gesture and just chuckled.  I pushed my tray far enough in front of me so I could take out my Spanish workbook and lay it on the table.  I grabbed a pen from my bag and opened to the first assignment in the book.  I took a corn dog off of my plate, dipped it into some mustard and then ketchup, and when I took a bite of it, Frank josseled my arm.  I looked over at him and he had a hold of his crotch and mouthed 'OUCH', then busted out laughing.  I jabbed him in the side and called him an ass hole, then took an even bigger bite of the corn dog and smiled at him.  I returned to reading the assignment, found that it was pretty simple, so I set to work on it.

I tuned out all the noise going on around me, which I wasn't totally successful at.  With a group of ten guys at a table, all trying to talk at once, laughing and shoving each other, anyones concentration would be shot.  I was working on the last problem, when I heard one of the guys say something like MILF, and I looked up at him to find all of the guys looking in the same direction.  I turned to look what they were so intent upon, and there I saw my mother walking through the cafeteria, with Mr. Shultz, my house principal at her side, heading towards the table I was sitting at.

"Daaaaamn!" One of the guys at the table said, I didn't remember his name.  "That is one HOT piece of ass coming this way!"  His comment robbed the voice from me, until I heard a few of the other guys, making lewd comments as well.  But, before I could open my mouth to tell them to shut up, my mother arrived at the table.

"What are you doing here?" I spoke up before she could say anything.  A slight from crossed her face, but she was too schooled in social etiquette to even think about chastising me for my rudeness in public, and simply smiled at me.

"Mr. Shultz was kind enough to escort me here to the cafeteria to find you." She turned and indicated his presence still there by her side and then addressed him, "Thank you for your kindness Mr. Shultz, and I apologize for disrupting you in your work."  My mother was dressed in a sheath style, strapless rose colored dress.  She had a white cashmere cardigan wrap around her shoulders, white handbag and white, semi-flat shoes. Her hair was the same color as mine, but a little longer and cut in a feathery style that hugged her face on the sides and styled to perfection, to accentuate her cheekbones.  She was 45 years old, but like my father, not a wrinkle marred her face and she could pass for 28 any day of the week.  She had a more than ample bosom, modestly covered, and weighed about 110-114 lbs.  The thing that always embarrassed me, was that even with her shoes off, she still was taller than I by at least 2 inches, me at 5'8", she had to be 5'10".  Her voice was well schooled, with just a hint of her Texas upbringing in the vowels.  The sound of it was like a mix of Michelle Pfeiffer and Angela Bennett.  Simply put, she looked like she was still the beauty queen she had been in her younger days. 

"It was my pleasure ma'am.  Now that we've located Brent, I'll leave you with him and return to my office.  If I may be of assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to call on me.  Have a good afternoon."  After exchanging pleasant smiles and a good bye, he turned and left. 

She turned back and focused on me, then at the rest of the guys at the table, who's jaws had all dropped open and almost hang to the table top.  "Good afternoon gentlemen.  I'm Mrs. Stewart, Brent's mother.  It's a pleasure to meet you and I apologize for interrupting your meal, but I needs speak with Brent, if I may?"  Her courtesy was impeccable and all the guys tripped over their tongues to assure her that it was no bother.  Now that she had introduced herself and asked forgiveness for the interruption, she was now ready to FINALLY tell me why she was here.  She looked at me and smiled, "Why sweety, don't you look handsome today.  Your father neglected to tell you that he had made a dentist appoint for you.  I had a few things to do in town this morning, so I offered to come and get you, and go with you to the appointment."  She looked at the slim Rolex watch on her right wrist, then back at me.  "The appointment if for 1:15 in Hazen, so if your friends will please excuse you, we really need to be leaving.  Our driver said he would me you and I where he drops you off in the morning.  Please gather your things so we may go." She smiled at me and knew that nothing else needed saying.  It was a pleasant request, but it was my mother and anything she said was politely asked of me, but there was no room for refusal in it.  Like a tennis match with spectators, the guys at the table had been focused on my mother as she spoke, and they in mass, swiveled their heads to now hear my reply.

"I can't believe he forgot to tell me something like that!  I have...I have things I have to DO in school today.  How long is this appointment going to take?!" What the fuck!  I'm not going to be able to be with Tommy after school and now I have some damn appointment and I'm not going to even spend time with him in school!  All the heads swiveled to my mother now, but not before I noticed a few aghast looks on several faces, I guess at the way I had spoken to my mother.  The smile had not left her face through my less than civil reaction.

"It shouldn't take more than an hour.  You should be back to school by 2:00." A little steel now entered her voice, but the smile never faltered, "Now collect your things s we may go."

"I need to go to my locker, put my lunch tray away and then I'll meet you out front."  I pointed over to the exit doors that led to the parking lot, "If you go out those doors, there, you'll see Hank parked out front in the SUV.  I'll be there in like 5 minutes."  No less than three of the guys sitting at the table jumped up and offered to show her where I had said I'd meet her.  She thanked them for their offer and all three left, escorting my mother out of the exit.  "Frank...FRANK!"

"Hmm...WHAT?!"  His eyes had been glued watching my mother and the three jocks walking out of the cafeteria,along with everyone else at our table, and half the other tables in the cafeteria.

"I was supposed to meet up with Tommy at my locker after lunch.  Would you wait for him there and let him know that I had to leave for a dentist appointment.  Tell him I should be back in Spanish class by 2:00."  I asked him.

"Yeah, of course I will.  Here I'll take your tray up for you too.  You shouldn't keep your mother waiting."  He reached for my tray and I looked at him.

"You too?" I asked and he looked up at me and a small blush entered his face.

"Damn Brent.  I've never seen a woman like your mother in my whole life.  It was like a dream or some shit.  I know she's you're mother and all, but damn!"

"NO SHIT!" Barry said and I looked over at him.  I shook my head and turned back to Frank.

"You're crazy, she's just my mom.  Don't forget to meet Tommy and let him know what's going on.  I'll see you in gym."  He nodded his head and said he would and I got up, packed up my Spanish stuff, and then walked towards the exit.  Now heads swiveled to watch me as I made my exit from the building.  I saw my mother standing at the side of the SUV, with her three escorts hanging on her every word, as she spoke to them.  When I got to within hearing distance, they were all thanking her and saying that they would definitely be there and would make sure that the rest of the guys knew about it and extend her invitation.  She thanked them and then they saw me, smiled and after telling my mother good bye, turned and walked past me, then sped up a bit before entering the building.  My mother looked at me and I opened the side door and helped her into a seat.  I closed the door, then opened the front passenger door and climbed in.  "Hi Hank." I remembered I needed locks and asked him if he could buy me two locks, preferably the kind with wheel dials on the bottom, and both with the same combo.  He said he would get them while I was at my appointment, then I turned around to my mother as he drove out of the parking lot.

"What was that that you were talking to those guys about?" I asked her.

"Oh, I invited them to your party on Saturday.  Your father told me about it this morning and I thought it would be a good idea to invite some of your other friends." She removed the cardigan from her shoulders and smiled at me.

"Oh my God mom!  Do you know what you've done?" She blinked at me and raised her eyebrows.  I sighed and said, "Those three guys were jocks.  I bet they went inside there and told the whole table about your invitation and there being a party at Brent's house Saturday!  By the time I get back from this blasted appointment,the whole student body will have been invited by those three and the other seven at that table!"  I started shaking my head and then looked at her.  She didn't appear to be phased at all.  "That's over 300 teens!"

She looked up and appeared to think for a moment then looked at me and said, "Well I'm sure not all of them will be able to attend, so it will be a little less than 300."  I looked over at Hank to see what he was thinking about this fiasco and I could tell that he was barely suppressing a major laugh fest.  I turned around and faced the front and a growl of frustration escaped my lips.  I heard a stifled laugh escape Hank, but I refused to look over at him and just sat there and brooded about what a mess my mother had made of simple birthday celebration with our family and Tommy's.  Women!

The dental appointment was a complete waste of time.  We arrived and I was greeted by the dentist himself.  His name was Dr. Wilson and it turned out that he had been classmates with my father in high school.  He was one of the crowd that my father ran around with, along with Mike.  He examined my teeth and gums, pronounced everything looked great, and asked me to schedule a cleaning appointment with his assistant.  He seemed to want to talk about my father when he was a teen more than he discussed my oral hygiene.  To say I was still pissed about the whole thing, would be an understatement.  I left his examining room and when I saw my mother sitting, reading a magazine, I walked up to her and lets go.  She closed the magazine, smiled sweetly at the receptionist, and we walked out.

"We need to get me back to school, NOW!" I said to her as we exited the building.  The only thing I got out of this visit was a sore jaw from having to open my mouth, as wide as I could, and hold it open forever!

"Brent, you need to learn a little patience and stop being so snappy with me.  I am your mother, you realize?" She said and spotted Hank coming down the street, towards us.  "See, here comes the driver now."

"His name is Hank mother and he's more than just 'the driver'." I told her and helped her in the back.  I jumped in the front and turned to Hank and said, "Lets go!"  My father may want to reestablish our relationship, but it was way to late for my mother to try.  Mothers are supposed to be nurturing to their offspring, but mine was too wrapped up in herself and besides, Connie was 100 times more my mother.

"Here's the locks you asked for and they both have the same combination number," Hank said, as he handed me a brown paper bag.  "The numbers are 32056."

"Thank you Hank.  These will do great!"  He pulled from the curb and we headed back towards Beulah and school.  I fiddled with the two locks as we made our way and turned to look at my mother a couple times to see what she was doing.  When she'd see me look, she'd just smile.  Once, I asked her what she was doing in Beulah, and she said she had visited the Chamber of Commerce and went to the bank.  I bet she wished she could find a Country Club, I laughed to myself.  We finally arrived in the front of the school and I grabbed my book bag and jumped out of the SUV, almost before Hank brought it to a complete stop.

"Have a nice day sweetie and I'll see you at dinner."  My mother said from the back before I closed the door.  I nodded to her and told Hank I'd see him again at 3:50.  I ran to the school and jerked the door open into the commons area.  I walked down the hall as fast as I could without running and when I made it to my Spanish class, opened the door and walked in.  The teacher looked up and smiled at me, then asked me for my tardy slip.  Well of course I didn't have one, so I left again and went to the office with the note the dentist had given me for the school.  I got a slip from the attendance clerk and returned to Spanish.  I handed the teacher the slip and then walked over and took my seat.  Tommy gave me a big smile as I passed him.  I poked him in the back and he turned around and gave me another smile.  I smiled back and mouthed 'sorry'.  He mouthed back 'no problem' and turned back around.  The teacher asked me if I had done the workbook assignment, I told her yes, and that was it.  We went over a few words of the vocabulary list she had given us, then the bell rang.

Once Tommy and I got outside of the class and started walking towards the gym, I said to him, "I really am sorry I didn't meet you at the locker.  I just can't believe this shit.  I want to spend every second I can with you and it seems like everything is trying to prevent it!"

He chuckled and said, "Brent, don't sweat it man.  Frank was there and he told me what happened.  Seems I missed the introduction of your mother though.  I gather she made a huge impression." He chuckled at the scowl on my face.

"Oh yeah.  Those jerks will probably be beating their meat for a week over it!  Perverts!"  When we entered the gym this time we went straight to the locker room to suit up.  Frank was already at his locker on the end and between him and us, Shane, Matt and Bobby were in the process of changing too.  Frank waved at Tommy and I when he saw us.  The other three guys looked over at me, nodded their heads, which I returned, and we all changed and went out to the court.  I did clamp on a lock to the locker before I left and Tommy smiled at me when he saw this.

"So how was the dentist?" Frank asked me when we were seated in the bleachers.

"A waste of time.  Now my jaw hurts.  Listen Frank.  My mother invited those three goons that walked out with her to my house on Saturday for my birthday.  Did they say anything when they got back to the table?" I asked him.

"Yeah they did.  The told us that everyone was invited, but I stopped everyone before they all went wild and told them that you'd probably not be happy if the whole school, including teachers arrived on the farm Saturday.  They agreed to limit the invite to themselves, maybe their girlfriends for those with them, and that's it."  He smiled at the look of relief I'm sure he saw on my face."

"What's this?" Tommy asked and looked at me.  "I don't remember you mentioning a party at your house on Saturday." He raised his eyebrow, without the accompanying smile, this time.

"My father just came up with it this morning at breakfast.  Actually, it was only going to be your family and mine, until my mother opened the invitation to the entire student body." I told him and the smile returned to his face.  "You know you would have been the first to be invited, but my dad was calling yours this morning to see if everything was ok with him and that you guys could come."  Coach entered and blew his whistle.

"Warm up!" He yelled to us and we all left the bleachers.  Matt came up to me and we found a spot to sit.

"Hey Brent.  How's it going man?" Matt asked me as we both spread our legs to begin the stretch.  This time, he positioned my feet so he would receive the first stretch of our effort.  I frowned at this, but didn't say anything at the change.

"Good Matt.  How's everything with you dude?" I replied and asked in return.

"Better now." He was looking me straight in the eyes and gave me a smile.  "You ready to start?"  I nodded and we proceeded.

Today was NOT following the pattern of yesterday.  When Matt would rock forward with my pulling on his arms, he resisted pulling back and hovered over my crotch more than was necessary for the exercise.  I could actually hear him taking deep breaths each time he repeated this delay and even felt his exhale of breath waft across my crotch several times.  Matt was a very cute guy.  A short haired version of Zac Efron.  His attention to my crotch was having the expected effect as blood run into my cock to inflate it.  I was not in a jockstrap today, just my boxers and the loose gym shorts.  He no doubt noticed this and stepped up his attention and brought it to a whole new level, when I actually felt his lips brush against my engorged member through the fabric of my shorts.  I gasped when I felt this and dropped his hands from mine and pulled and folded my legs up.

"What are you doing Matt?" I hissed at him.  We were sitting on the floor in such a way that his body blocked anyones view of me in front of him, and of course he was facing away from anyones view of his front.  Now he was openly massaging his own cock through his shorts and it was as aroused as mine.  He leaned forward so he could talk low for only me to hear.

"What do you think I'm doing?  You look so fucking hot!  How can you expect me not to react to it?" He stopped and looked casually behind him then leaned in a little closer to me, "Look, you may not be gay, but that shouldn't stop you from letting me give you a blow job after school.  You don't have to do anything except feed me your cock, I'll do the rest.  You just enjoy it and get off, while I enjoy servicing that beautiful piece of meat you carry around all day.  Come on Brent!  It wont mean you're gay if you just let me swallow you and you take pleasure in it."  His voice had a begging quality to it and all I could do is just stare at him, in shock that he could be so forward in making a request like that, in the fucking GYM no less!  My already heightened libido was now in overdrive  and my cock was hard as a rock and tenting the front of my shorts.  Matt looked down and saw this then looked back at me.  "Fuck Brent, come on! What do you say?  Please, let me?" Now there was no pretense in his voice, he was actually begging me. I leaned a little to my right and spotted Tommy and Bobby doing their stretching.  No way was I going to jeopardize anything that I wanted to build with my boyfriend and I looked back at Matt.

"No way Matt.  Look, I'm sorry, but I can't do that.  I don't just fuck around and have sex with someone I don't even know.  You have a lot of balls to ask me something like that here.  Don't ask me anything like that again."  He stared at me when I finished talking and it seemed a minute passed.

"You're not mad at me are you Brent?  Man, you are just so damn good to look at and...I'm sorry, but you're the hottest guy in this whole fucking school!"  He ducked his head then looked back up at me.  "I don't want you to be pissed...I...I wont do this again, not like this.  I promise, but I don't want you to be mad.  It was only a request and you turned me down, that's the end of it...ok?"

I sighed and thought a moment.  "Ok Matt.  I'm not really mad at you, just more shocked than anything.  I'm not sure it's a good idea for us to be workout partners.  I think I should ask the coach to lets us change partners."

"What are you going to tell him?" A bit of fear crept in his voice.

"Don't worry, nothing about what you asked me...I promise.  Maybe something like you're too tall and we're not getting a good stretch because of it."  I looked over at Tommy and Bobby, and decided it would be perfect.  "Look, you and Bobby are the same height. I'll ask coach if we can switch with them two and Bobby can be your partner and Tommy mine.  You go along with it, ok?"

"Brent, we don't have to switch partners, really.  I swear I wont come onto you like that again." He said.

I looked at him and said, "Yes we do Matt.  I what you say, but I'm feeling really uncomfortable about it and it would be best not to subject ourselves to daily contact like this."  It would be fucking torture is what it would be, I thought to myself.  "You understand?  Now are you going to follow my lead with Coach?"  He now had a kind of dejected look on his face and he nodded.

"As long as you're not mad at me Brent.  I don't want you to be mad."  I assured him I wasn't mad, but this was the best choice, for us both.

"When Coach tells us to hit the showers, you and I will go talk to him, ok?"  He said ok and we just sat there, trying not to look conspicuous, waiting for the Coach to blow his whistle to end the warm up.  Of all the things that could happen to me in gym class, this had to be the furthest from my mind.  Matt offering to blow me!  I was still stunned when we finally heard the Coach's whistle.

"Ok, everyone up and gather round.  We're going to play a short game of basketball.  Line up."  We all scrambled and got into a line.  Coach went down the line and picked out the teams.  The teams were divided by shirts and no shirts.  Tommy and Frank were both no shirts and I was a shirt.  Matt thankfully was a no shirt, but his brother Shane and Bobby were both shirts and on my team.  We played two 10 minute halves, which gave everyone a chance to play.  Neither team blew away the other in points, we were not used to playing with each other as a team and there were a lot of penalty calls by the Coach, which seemed to make the game drag a long.  He finally blew the whistle for time and told us to hit the showers.

I told Tommy that I would meet him in the locker room, that I needed to talk to Coach for a minute and he nodded and left for the lockers.  I looked for Matt and he was walking towards the locker room carrying his shirt in his hand.  "Matt!" I called out to him and he looked around and saw me staring at him.  I jerked my head for him to come over to me, and he got a resigned look on his face and walked over to me.  "We need to talk to Coach.  Now you back me up, right?"

"Ok, whatever you say Brent."  Coach was racking the balls when Matt and I approached him.

"Coach, Matt and I need to talk to you for a minute."  He turned around and saw us standing behind him.

"What's the problem guys?" He asked.

"Well Matt and I aren't getting a very good stretch and warm up being partners.  He's taller than I am and I'm just not able to loosen him up during the exercises."

He looked over at Matt. "Brent's right Coach.  I really don't want to pull a muscle or anything from not getting a good stretch.  It'd really screw me up for football, if I wound up with a pulled muscle or something." Matt told him.

Coach gave both of us another look and then said, "So what do you guys suggest we do about it?"

"Well, Matt and I talked about it and we figured that, he and Bobby are the same size and height, and Tommy and I are pretty closely matched.  If we could switch partners with those two, it should work out well."  I looked at Matt and he was nodding his head to Coach, when Coach looked over at him.  Coach looked between the two of us again and then seemed to think for a minute.

"Ok guys, I'll talk with Schafer and Weber.  Now you two hit the showers, you don't have a lot more time before the bell."  He turned and finished securing the basketballs to the rack.  Matt and I both turned and walked to the locker room.  We each grabbed a towel, then turned down the row our lockers were on and before Matt walked to his, I told him thanks and he just nodded his head and went to his locker.  I took off my gym clothes and kept an eye on Matt, I didn't want to get naked and see him leering at me from down the isle.  He never looked back at me, just removed his own clothes and wrapped the towel around his waste.  I delayed for a minute after he walked past me to the showers, then I followed. 

Frank was coming out of the shower when I entered and he just smiled and waggled his eyebrows at me.  Matt had gotten a shower on the right and I looked to the left for an open spot, and there was only one available, next to Tommy.  Fuck it I thought to myself and walked over to the wall to the left, removed my towel, hung it on the hook, then went over and turned on the shower next to Tommy.  He was facing the wall with his back to me, so he didn't see me come and take the shower next to him.  I got under the warm water and let it rinse the sweat off of me.  There were two guys in the shower to the right of me, between Matt and I.  Down on Matt's end, his brother and Bobby were showering next to him.  I turned and let the water soak my back and ran my fingers through my hair to give it a good soaking too.  I was very tempted to look over at Tommy, with him so close right next to me, but I really didn't need to pop a boner in the showers in front of everyone.  I turned back around facing the shower head, then I heard Tommy's shower being turned off.  I looked in that direction and there stood Tommy, just frozen and looking at me.  The only thing that moved were his eyes as they ran from the top of my head to my feet.  When his eyes traveled back up to my head and our eyes met, I smiled and mouthed 'GO, HURRY' and opened my eyes real big.  He smiled and mouthed 'DAMN' back to me and then turned and left to grab his towel.  I finished rinsing off and about 3 minutes after Tommy had left, I turned off my shower, grabbed my towel from the wall, and dried off.  I wrapped it around my waist and walked out of the shower to my locker.  Tommy had his boxers on and was drying his hair with his towel.  Frank was already gone, and for the moment, Tommy and I were the only two on our row.

"Hey cutey, "I whispered to him, "did I surprise you?" I asked him and chuckled at the smile on his face when he turned to look at me. He looked up and down the aisle.

"Surprise me?  I almost fainted when I saw you standing there.  Damn Brent!  Every part of you from the top to the bottom is just perfect!"  His smile widened and he said, "And it's ALL mine!"  I grinned at him.

"Yep cutey, and it's all yours.  You better remember that you're all mine too!" He nodded and chuckled.  Ok, I'm going to get dressed, are you going to turn around or what?" I asked him.

"Why should I?  I just saw everything in the shower and I want a better look!"  He crossed his arms in front of himself.  I blushed and turned around facing my locker.  I opened it and then let the towel drop from my waist.  I heard Tommy gasp and I looked over my shoulder at him.  His eyes were locked on my ass.  "Hey, stop that!" I said.  He looked up at me, his eyes wide.

"Ok, I better turn around and finish dressing.  I'm boning up!" He said and turned around real fast.  I laughed at him and got my boxers out of the locker and pulled them on.  Matt and gang were now walking down the isle towards us and I stepped forward close to my locker to let them pass.  I felt a hand slide across my ass and when I looked in their direction, I saw Bobby flexing his right hand.  Fuckers!  This shit is going to far for him to do something like that.  I hurried and finished dressing.  Tommy turned and handed me the extra set of my gym clothes and I stored them in my locker.  I shoved the used in my book bag, then closed and closed the lock on my locker.  I asked Tommy if he was ready and he was. I looked back towards Bobby and them, and Bobby was looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Ok, lets go Tommy."  He followed me out and into the gym.  Frank was sitting on the bottom of the bleachers and we walked over to him.  I sat next to him and Tommy took a seat next to me.  I turned to Tommy and said, "I talked to Coach after basketball and asked him if I could change workout partners. He agreed and he said that I could be your partner from now on.  Matt's going to team up with Bobby."

"Wow! That's great, but why did you and Matt want to change?"  I turned at looked at Frank, who had his head turned towards us, listening to the conversation.

I turned back to Tommy.  "Matt's taller than I am and we just weren't getting a good warm up because of the size difference.  Matt's worried about pulling a muscle with football and all, so we asked coach to switch us.  Bobby's his height and size."

"Oh, well, that's cool.  Hello partner." He said and gave me a little shove.  I laughed, but then Frank poked me in the side.

"Bullshit!" He said and gave me a penetrating stare.  I was surprised at the vehemence in his voice.  "The fucker tried something didn't he?!"  I blinked and hurried to answer him.

"I don't know what you're talking about Frank.  It's just like I said, we needed a better workout, nothing else happened.  We're still cool with each other." What the hell, did Frank know something about Matt?

"Ok, if that's the story you want to stick too, then I'll let it pass.  But if Bobby, Shane or Matt gives you any shit, you better tell me right away.  You'll piss me off if you don't, you understand?"  All vestige of his normal, happy go lucky self, was gone and he stared me hard in the eyes.

"Um...ok dude, but it wasn't anything like that." Saved by the bell sounding, we three stood up and headed for the door.  Frank stopped Tommy and I before we headed towards our History class, "Remember what I said Brent.  You tell me!  I'll see you two tomorrow morning.  Later Tommy." He turned and walked away down the hall.  I looked at Tommy and saw surprise on his face.  "I'll tell you later.  We better get going."

We didn't have much time to talk in History.  The class reviewed the first chapter and we all discussed the chapter review questions.  I was mentally debating whether to tell Tommy about what really happened with Matt.  Frank's adamant insistence on me telling him if anything happened with those three and Tommy and I having overheard them discussing me the day before, had to of peaked his curiosity and given lie to my earlier explanation about the partner change for gym.  I decided I'd wait and see if he asked me specifically about the change again and the reason behind it.  No need to piss him off at about something I had already taken care of.  The bell rang and brought our school day to an end.  It also brought Tommy's and my time together to a close, at least until tomorrow at school.  We went to his locker first and then to mine.  I did the regular exchange of books from my bag and then closed and put the new lock on my locker.

"Tommy, this sucks so bad.  I don't want to let you go home without me!" I kept my voice low to keep from being overheard.  "How long do we have before your bus leaves?" I asked him.

He looked at his watch, then said, "About 15 minutes is all.  I don't want to leave you either Brent.  School is no place for us to talk about what we want to talk about.  And I haven't even got to kiss you, except that fast one you slide by me this morning."  His face fell and I could tell he was about to get emotional about it.

I grabbed his arm.  "Come on, this hurry upstairs to the restroom up there!  There's probably no one in there right now.  You're not leaving me without giving me a kiss,  I wont have it!  Come on!"  We both hurried up the stairs that lead from the commons to the second floor.  There were only two kids walking towards us and then took the stairs down.  Tommy and I walked over to the restroom and I opened the door, and Tommy followed me in.  It was empty!  I walked towards the last stall, checking the others as we passed them.  I opened the door to the stall and told Tommy to get in.  I took one more look around, then entered the stall and closed the door. 

Tommy was standing there looking at me when I turned to face him.  I didn't waste any more time and grabbed him and brought our lips together.  He opened his mouth to let my tongue in and I drank in his taste.  He gently sucked on my tongue and I moaned low at the feel of it.  He then used his tongue to press mine our of his mouth and to enter mine.  His tongue was darting around inside of my mouth.  I sucked in a little and captured his tongue and pressed my body tighter against his.  I was getting aroused from our closeness and then Tommy surprised me.  I felt his hand come between us and grabbed my cock through my jeans.  His hand moved my cock to where it was now pointing up in my pant and he began running his hand up and down the full length of my shaft.  He was quickly bringing me to orgasm with his touch.  My hand was the only hand that had ever touched my penis and having his gripping me and jacking me through my pants was sending new sensations all through my body.  "Tommy I don't want you to stop, but you have to." I said as I broke our kiss.  "I'm really close to cumming.  Stop cutey." His hand stopped it's up and down motion.

"Babe I want to make you cum.  I'll sit down here on the seat and let me unzip your jeans.  I want to take you in my mouth.  I want to feel and taste your cum in my mouth." He sat down and reached towards my crotch to get at my zipper.

"Tommy wait!  Not like this Cutey! Not in the restroom.  I want you so bad too and I want to do this when we can both give it to each other."  I looked down at him sitting there and he looked up at me.

"You're right," he sighed and stood up.  "I just want you so much Babe!  Damn it, why did I have to screw things up last night!"

"Nothing we can do about it now.  Kiss me again and we better go before you miss the bus and then you'd get even more time taken away from me."  He wrapped his arms around me and we came together in another lip lock.  After a few more passes of our tongues between each others mouths, we broke apart.  "You have my cock standing at attention and I have to walk out of this place!"  He laughed and tried to reach for it in my jeans.  I slapped his arm around.  "Stop that perv!"  I moved him aside a little and reached into my book bag and took out my History text.  I closed the book bag back up, opened the door to the stall and peeked out.  All clear.  Tommy and I left the stall and I positioned the book in front of my crotch.  "Ok, how does this look.  Hide it well?"

Tommy started laughing, "Oh yeah it hides it well, but you know everyone is going to know you're hiding a hardon.  That's what every guy in this school does when he had to hide his!  You're busted before you even walk out of here!"  He started laughing again and that's when I looked down and noticed a dark wet spot on his jeans.  His jeans weren't really faded, but the contrast of the wet spot to the rest of the material was very noticeable.

"Oh is that right.  Well what do the guys do around here when they have a huge precum stain in the front of there jeans like the one you have right there!"  I pointed my finger to the spot I noticed.  He looked down and then gasped and looked around the restroom.

"Oh fuck Brent!  I'm screwed!  I can do like you, and cover with a book, but this is wet!  It's not going to go down like your cock eventually will!"  I laughed at his panic. 

"You can always pull on your gym shorts."  He jerked his head up and then rushed and gave me a hug.  Off came his shoes and then his pants.  He rummaged in his book bag and took out his gym shorts and pulled them on.  He stuffed his jeans in his bag and slipped his shoes back on.  He looked at me with a big smile.

I shook my head at him.  "I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut.  I wanted to see you play it off!" I said and laughed.

"You wish! Now lets go before I miss my bus."  I adjusted the book in front of me, I was still hard as a rock, and we left the restroom.  I walked with Tommy to where his bus was parked and we waved good bye as he got on it.  Two minutes after he entered the bus, the driver closed the door and drove out of the parking lot.

I walked back to the front, and saw the SUV parked in the front with Hank waiting for me.  I opened the door and climbed in.  "What, no Tommy today?" Hank asked me as he started the car.

"Nope.  Mike grounded his until Saturday morning for fighting with Brandon last night.  I sucks." I said.  Hank put the car in drive and started pulling out of the parking lot.

"That's only 3 more days Brent.  I'm sure your friendship will survive." He said and chuckled.

"It may be only three more days, but it's 4 more nights." I said and looked out of the side window as we drove through town.


Thanks to all the people who have written with encouragement and positive feedback for this story.  Those wondering what was going on with Brent's mother, well she was/is a society butterfly.  She normally sleeps until noon, but with the fresh air and hopes of establishing a social network for herself, she has finally decided to take steps to establish herself in Beulah.  She is also VERY conscience of other people and how they may view her 'family' and especially how those view reflect upon herself.  Lets just say for clarification sake, that she was suffering LA withdraw and the lack of her social parties and gatherings.  Also bare in mind, the whole family has only been in Beulah for 6 days up to this point.  I hope you enjoyed this segment of Learning to Love.  If you would like to send me an email, you can send it to jmedinacorona@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more to come!