Learning to love

Part 8

Party and virginity lost

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

If you are under the age of 18 years or it is illegal for you to read material containing descriptive sexual acts,
please do not continue to read this part of Learning to love.
It contains explicit sex, between two teen males.


During the drive home, I kept thinking about the fact that I wasn't going to be with Tommy for four long evenings. Mike knew that Tommy and I had just started a relationship and had to know how this separation would be doubly hard on us. Even straight guys must know how that would make us feel or was he just too old to remember!

Hank had turned the radio on, I guess my lack of communication was deafening. Subconsciously I heard a song, but I was not really paying attention to it. Then something in the lyrics of the song made its way through my self induced oh-pity-me brain fog. I focused on the words:

  Every breath of who you are
Tells a story that I love
I have finally found the truth
In what I see in you
And what I feel with every touch
The simple beauty of your heart
In every breath of who you are

Tell me all your dreams
And what you think love means
We'll lock the world outside
Embrace the gift of time
Promising forever
Knowing that this moment
Might be all we ever find

I blinked and felt tears course down my cheeks.  I looked at Hank and saw that he was already watching me.  I just looked at him and started crying freely.  I tried to stop, but it was far beyond my control.  The words of that stupid song had touched me so profoundly and seemed to reach in and grasp the feelings of my soul and squeeze until I could no longer contain the emotion and it flowed out through my eyes.  I leaned forward in my seat until my head was touching the dash, and just cried.  I felt hands reach around me and undo my seat belt.  Next I was being pulled from the SUV and held in a pair of strong arms.  I looked up to see who held me, it was Hank.  I looked left and right.  He had stopped in the middle of the road, gotten out of the car, opened my door and had taken me into his arms as I cried over a silly Country song.  I gave him one firm hug of thanks and stepped back. I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Hank, we're in the middle of the road." I said, trying to clear the dampness from my face with my hands.

"I don't give a fuck if we were in the middle of downtown Fargo! Brent...son...what's wrong?!" He had a kind of crazed look in his eyes, like one might see in caged tigers eyes.

"I...it's nothing Hank, I'm so sorry. It was that stupid Country song on the radio. It...I'm a wuss!" I chuckled and tried to play the whole thing off.

"Don't try and laugh this off Brent. I'm a father and the look in your eyes when I turned to see you sitting there and the way you looked at me..." He ran his hand down his face, looked up into the sky for a few moments, then back down at me, "...If I ever saw that kind of look in my sons eyes, I'd tear this town apart and half the state to find what caused it!"

"No Hank...please...it was just the words to that song. They...well...they just seemed to read my feelings and say aloud what I couldn't say. See how stupid all this is? I'm just screwed up if you haven't figured that out yet!" I finished by yelling at him and ducked my head in embarrassment. In a few moments, I felt his hand reach under my chin and life my head.

"Look at me Brent. I'm not trying to pry and I'm not going to pressure you. But son...if you ever feel that screwed up again and alone, you find a phone. Call me and I'll be with you in a flash." His gaze was locked on mine and I felt a tremble through the hand holding my chin up. "You understand Brent? You call me." I nodded my head and he looked in my eyes for at least a minute more before he removed his hand from my chin and looked around us. "I'll take that as a promise. Now I guess we better get out of the center of the road and you home. Connie may be wondering what's happened to us."

Hank started up the SUV and we headed for home. "Hank, what was the name of that song, and who was the singer?"

"Hmm, let me think. I'm pretty sure the name of it is 'All We Ever Find', and the singer was Tim McGraw. I have the CD box there in that carrying case. The cover has a circus tent set up out in a field." He told me.

"Oh, I thought that song was on the radio. You have the CD." I picked up the case containing his CD collection and opened it. I searched through the plastic jewel boxes until I located the one he described. Tim McGraw, Set This Circus Down was the name of the album. "Would you mind playing that song again, from the beginning?"

"The CD is still in the player. Look what track number it is and just scan to it and press play." He looked over at me. "Are you sure you want to listen to it again? Last time didn't go so well."

I smiled at him and said, "I'm sure. Besides, your still here to stop in the middle of the road again." I gave him a big cheesy smile and looked up the track number for All We Ever Find, selected it on the player and pressed play. I listened to it over and over until we finally pulled up in front of my house. I ejected the CD and replaced it in the case. "Hank, can I borrow this. I want to copy that song onto my iPod?"

"Ah...you are turning into a Country and Western listener in the blink of an eye, hmm? Sure you can borrow it." He said and smiled at me. I got out of the SUV and told Hank I'm would see him in the morning. Before he drove off towards the other side of the farm, I saw him raise his hand up to his ear and look at me, like he was telling me to call. I waved at him and nodded, and he left. Connie was there to greet me at the door and we exchanged hugs. I told her I had a lot of homework and needed to get it started. She said she'd call me down for dinner. I went to my room and then into my study. I took my book bag off my shoulder and sat down behind my desk. Once my computer powered up, I popped the CD into drive and started up iTune. I copied just the song on the CD I wanted, not the whole CD, into my library. Despite what Hank said, I was not turning into a C&W fan. I plugged my iPod into the computer and updated it, then just pressed play to listen to the whole CD.

Connie called up and told me dinner was ready. I washed up and then headed down to the dining room. Dinner at my house is always a very subdued occasion. Nothing compared to the Weber house. We don't talk at dinner in my house. We sit, eat, then as each finishes, simply leave and return to whatever occupied us before the meal. My father asked me to see him in his office before I went back upstairs, then got up from the table, kissing my mother on the cheek, and left. I finished, then sat and waited until my mother was through. It was ok to leave me alone at the table, but I was not allowed to leave my mother alone. It was rude in her estimation. We finally departed the dining room, her off to whatever diversions occupied her time and me to my father's office.

I walked into my father's office and he got up and came to me. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head. This was becoming his ritual greeting of me, but I wasn't complaining. "Hello son. I love you. How was school today?" He took a seat in one of the chairs and indicated for me to sit in the other.

"School was ok. I have a lot of homework tonight." I said and took a seat. I looked over at him. "It was weird though seeing mom come walking through the cafeteria to get me at lunch time." I raised my eyebrows at him.

"No doubt," he said and chuckled. "I was going to come for you since I was the one who forgot to tell you and made the appointment, but she insisted." He finished with a shrug of his shoulder and a smile for me. "I called Mike this morning and everything is set for Saturday. He actually got excited over the phone about our families getting together. Seems you made quite an impression last night. Something about a rooster and you trying to jump out of a window?" My dad laughed and shook his head at me. "He explained about the rooster, which with his telling of it, I laughed for 15 minutes. I didn't understand the jumping through the window incident, but Mike found it very entertaining, it seems."

"He's a clown and crazy to boot!" I said and shared a laugh with my father. "Well, if you don't know already, mom invited a few more people to the party. Like everyone in the school!

My father blinked and stared at me incredulously. "She did WHAT?!"

"It's ok, don't worry! A friend of mine, Frank, put a halt to it before it got out of control. We still can expect at least 30 more people on Saturday though." I could tell my father was agitated, even at the prospect of 30 more people. "It could be less. The nine other guys sitting at my table are probably coming for sure, and those with girlfriends will probably bring them."

"Well...I don't want to exclude your friends from your birthday celebration, it was...just...well, I was thinking of it being more of a reunion with Mike and family, as well as your birthday." An annoyed look crept onto his face.

"It wasn't me dad, I promise you. Mom was the one." I told him. "I'll spread the word through Frank tomorrow to make sure only those guys and their dates come. I don't want a big crowd either, but it would be cool to have a few of the guys there. Will that be ok?" My father's face relaxed when I made the offer.

"Yes son, I think that sounds reasonable. It is a birthday celebration too, and it wouldn't be right not to have friends of yours at it." He stood up from his chair and walked around to the back of his desk. He opened one of the drawers and took something out, then came back around and held it out to me. I took the box from him and opened it. Inside were two iPhones. I looked up at him.

"Thanks dad, but...why are there two of them?" My own cell phone! Sweet!

"The black one I got for you and the silver...well..." I looked up at his hesitation. "I got that one for Tommy." He knows! He knows about Tommy and me. But wait...if he knew, he wouldn't be buying him a cell phone. What does this mean? I looked at him and tried to discern something from his face that would tell me. "I thought this would be a good way for you two to keep in touch when you're not together." He walked back around to his desk and sat in his chair. "From our conversation this morning, I can tell that you two are getting close and you value his opinion. They're both on the same plan with unlimited minutes and texting. Tommy will have to get his parents permission, of course, to have a cell and they will give him their rules governing its use, but I'm sure you two will be responsible and not abuse the privilege."

"Um...thanks dad. Tommy is going to flip out when I tell him we have phones. Uh...he and I are becoming good friends. He's really a cool guy. We...we have a lot in common and stuff." This is going to make me crazy wondering what he knows! He smiled and nodded his head.

"Maybe you and he will become as close as Mike and I were when we were your age. It's always a good thing to have one friend who you can tell all your secrets to and just have them to talk too when you need to vent and things. That's what best friends are for." He smiled again and that damn wistful look also passed across his face. "Well, I just wanted to give you those and let you know about the party. Let me see...I think I'll plan for Mike's family, that's nine. Ours, that's four, and perhaps 15 of your other friends, that's 28, but we'll just say 30 for a nice, round even number. It should be a good time Brent." He nodded his head in my direction.

"Uh...yeah, it should be a lot of fun. Well, I have homework to finish, so I better get to it. Thanks again for the phones and for planning the party. I...I love you dad." I got up from my seat. My father told me goodnight and after telling him goodnight, as well, I left his office and returned to my room. I sat in the chair in my study, and looked at the phones I had placed on the desk top. He knows something, but I don't know exactly what. Maybe it is like he said; he just wanted to get me and my best friend something so we could always get in touch. But...I thought I saw something more in his face. I shook my head and started back at my homework.

After I finished my homework and Connie came to tell me goodnight, I got ready for bed. One night down, and three to go. I climbed into bed and set my alarm. It wasn't long before I fell asleep, my thoughts on Tommy and how much I missed him.

The next three days passed without much note. Tommy and I spent as much time together in school as we could. Changing workout partners for gym helped a lot to give us each more time with the other. Covert touches and just the general closeness of it, kept us sane, barely. The change went without comment on by the others, mostly. The Coach's announcement of the switch of Matt for Tommy surprised Bobby and Shane. Evidently Matt hadn't let the two know about it beforehand, and more discussion was going on than stretching between Matt and Bobby. Finally school ended for the weekend. Tommy and I tried very hard to contain our excitement in History before the final bell. I told him I had a surprise for him when he came over Saturday. I saved telling about the iPhone and I could barely wait to see his reaction tomorrow. Over the past three days, I also made sure Frank got the word out that this was not a free for all at Brent's on Saturday. He helped make it clear that unless someone was invited by me, Tommy or himself, they had better not show up. A guest was allowed, but only one and I asked that no one bring me gifts. Just themselves, an appetite and prepared to have fun.

Tommy and I said good bye as he got on his bus for home. Once it pulled out of the parking lot, I ran to the SUV, and told Hank to lets go home. I was so excited that I was going to spend the day with Tommy tomorrow. There's no way Hank couldn't guess what my excitement was about. I'd been depressed for most of the week, his being Tommy's uncle; he had to be clued into what was happening.

At the farm, everything was being prepared for tomorrow. My father had a few of the farm hands clear an area and stretch volleyball net between two metal poles. It wasn't a beach, but it would do. They also cleared an area to play horseshoe toss. I'd never played, but watched my father and Hank play a round, and all I could think was what a pair of hicks. Ok, I know it has to be hard to come up with a lot of outdoor activities for a group of teenagers from 13 to 17, excluding Tommy's younger sibs, to really be interested in. My father, Hank, Connie, Patrick's father, and even Bobby Schafer's dad got involved in a contest of who could out do who. Mr. Schafer had it easy. He was bringing over 10 riding horses, for those who felt like that. My dad and Hank were acting like teens themselves and hung a basketball hoop and net against the barn wall, and proceeded to play 21. Elbows were flying and shots being taken that were ridiculously aimed at the basket. Their laughing and antics brought out a side of my father I had not seen in 14 years of knowing him. The facade he drew over his life when he left Beulah as a teen was slipping away as I watched.

I went to bed at 10 pm, and was up at 8 am the next morning. I ran to the bathroom and showered. Tommy was coming today! It was August in N.D. and the weather was still perfect for shorts. I selected a pair of beige A&F cargo shorts and a red A&F muscle fit tee that had a Dough Joe's Pizza Place logo across the chest, and under the logo it read "Our pie's kick ass". I pulled my hair back and put it in a ponytail using a red rubber band. I grabbed a pair of red and white Puma's and ankle socks. I dressed and rushed down the stairs. When I entered the kitchen, there sat Frank with a glass of milk, orange juice, and a plate with eggs, bacon, sausage links, toast and jam on it. He turned to me as I walked up to him.

"You've got to help me Brent! This drill sergeant here," he pointed at Connie standing there with her eyes glued on him, "says that I can't get up until I eat all this food! And look! She even has that wooden spoon and she threatened me with it!" He had such a pleading tone and his eyes were as wide open as they could go, I couldn't control myself and started laughing hard. "What are you laughing at? I asked her about you and she said she put yours in that warmer over there!" He pointed to a box on the end of the counter.

"Oh no you don't Connie! If I eat a breakfast like that, I'll bust when it's time to eat the barbecue and stuff!" I held up a cross to ward her off, that I made using my two index fingers. She smiled sweetly at me.

"Ok, but you better eat a lot at lunch. You're a growing boy and need to eat!" She stated and nodded her head.

"Whoa! Hold up! I said almost the same thing and you wouldn't hear of it you told me! Why does he get off easy?!" Frank sputtered out and glared at Connie.

"Because young man," she calmly said to him, "Today is Brent's BIRTHDAY!" She smiled a huge smile and turned to me. "Get your butt over here and give me a kiss and a hug demon child. Happy Birthday!" I laughed and hurried over to her outstretched arms and hugged her tightly to kiss her cheek. "I love you Brent." She said when she pushed me back after my kiss. She then peered close at my face and said, "Are those whiskers I see growing on your chin?" Her eyes popped wide open and she clapped her hands together. Frank busted out laughing and almost fell off of the stool he was using.

"Oh no! Our little boy is growing up! Soon he'll be shaving once every two months!" Frank's laugh could probably be heard for miles after saying that. Connie laughed along with him, but also said EAT! and pointed at the plate in front him.

"So what are you doing here so early?" I took a seat next to him at the kitchen counter. Connie did insist I drink a glass of orange juice and sat it on the counter in front of me.

"Well...um...my dad made me come in with him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm one of those guys at school whose dad works on your farm. Anyway, he's going through some kind of second childhood it seems and was so excited when he got up, there was no telling him to let me sleep in! So here I am!" He got a wicked look on his face and grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss, ON THE LIPS! "Happy birthday, birthday BOY!"

"What the hell?!" I yelled, pulled away from him and punched him in the shoulder. He was laughing again and we got into a shoving contest, trying to push each other off the stools. "Don't you be kissing me; you'll give me your cooties!"

He laughed, "Well you only get a kiss on your birthday, but next time, don't try to poke your tongue in my mouth!" he said, and then roared with laughter! My face was on fire after he said that and I could even hear Connie laughing.

"I...I did not!" This just made him laugh more.

Frank eventually finished eating, and he and I headed outside. Mr. Schafer was just coming into the drive, followed by three other trucks, pulling horse trailers behind them. He got out and showed the others where to pull up outside the barn. We walked around the left side of the house, and there was Hank with Scotty, and a small, very petite woman, who I assumed must be his wife. My father was also there and when he saw me, he smiled and came up to me and gave me a hug and wished me a happy birthday. Hank came up with his family and they all wished me well too. His wife's' name was Emily and she thanked me for inviting them. Scott's eye locked on me, and as I said hello to everyone, his eyes followed my every move. I guess Hank noticed, and sort of shook his shoulder and looked at him questioningly. He blushed slightly, shrugged at his dad, and then walked over to watch them unload the horses into the barn.

The side of the house had been transformed. There were now 15 picnic tables that could seat up to 8 people. Each had a red and white checkered tablecloth, bench seats on two sides, with long cushions for comfort on those. A huge barbecue wagon was set about 20 feet beyond the tables, and the smell of roasting meat was in the air. Two men were busy around the cooker. Frank and I walked over to see what was on the flame. They were roasting two 20 pound briskets, several pounds of smoked sausages, and there was a black kettle on the rack with ranchero beans cooking in it. "Looks like they got up early this morning, to have all this cooking started. Smells good doesn't it!" Frank said to me and rubbed his stomach.

"Weren't you the one in the kitchen just fussing about Connie and all that food she made you eat? How can you be standing here rubbing your stomach, like your hungry again?" I gave him a shove and laughed.

"Hmm...That was like 20 minutes ago wasn't it?" He smiled. I just shook my head and walked a little ways from the cooker to a long, very long table. Ah, this must be where the serving line will start, I thought. One end of the table was stacked with chinet paper plates and eating utensils. I heard a horn honk from the front of the house and I looked at Frank and said, "Come on!" 

When I rounded the corner of the house, Mike Weber was just getting out of the driver's side of his pickup truck. I could see Carolyn in the cab, along with Tina, Robin, and Angie in a car seat. Tommy, Brandon, David and Jamesson were in the bed of the truck. Suddenly a scream, that did justice to Robin's previous ones, issued forth from Jamesson when he saw me.

"BRENT!" He jumped from the bed of the truck, falling right on his face. Not fazed in the least, he jumped up and ran to me. He jumped into my arms, straddled my hips with his legs, and threw his arms around my neck. I twirled around and he laughed out loud. "Brent, you said you was coming back, but you never did!" Everyone in the yard was staring at us, and Connie even came from inside the house. His scream probably caused the hens to pop out a dozen eggs each.

"Hey little man! I guess you missed me, huh?" I laughed and gave him a hug, then tried to extract myself from his vice grip hold around my neck.

"I did." Was his simple reply. I finally coaxed him off of me, onto his own two feet. Carolyn had managed the rest of the kids in the cab, and now everyone was walking over towards Jamesson and me. I looked to see what had happened to Frank. He was standing a little behind me, looking down at Jamesson. His face was red, and I looked to see what was making him blush. Jamesson was looking up at me with such naked adoration on his face, it consumed any other expression. I reached and ruffled Jamesson's hair; he smiled but then returned to his vigil. Tommy was the next to make it to me. He hesitated for only a second before giving me a hug and telling me Happy Birthday. I looked around to see where my father had gotten too. He was standing to my right and when he saw me look to him after Tommy's hug, he smiled and nodded his head as if in confirmation of a question. I didn't have time to think about that, before the rest of the Weber's descended on me. They all wished me happy birthday and, Carolyn and Mike, each gave me a hug. Tina and Robin seemed a bit shy. They stuck to their mother's side like glue.

Mike went and gave my father a hug and slaps on the back. He then introduced Carolyn and the girls to him, and then called the boys over to meet my father. My father led them over to one of the picnic tables and Mike, Carolyn and the girls sat down with him and they started visiting. It was only a little before 11 am and the rest of the guys weren't expected until noon, when the party officially started. Scott came running from the barn and took a hold of David's arm and drug him back to go look at all the horses Mr. Schafer had brought. I asked Tommy, Frank, Brandon, and of course Jamesson, if they wanted to go up to my room for awhile, before everyone showed up. They said yes and we went into the house. Connie was waiting on the porch and I introduced her to Brandon and Jamesson. Somehow she managed to coax Jamesson into the kitchen with her and I gave her a covert smile of thanks. He was a very cute kid, and his attentions swelled my head, but it was a bit obsessive.

I led the rest up the flight of stairs and into my rooms. I looked through the door into my bedroom and saw that my bed had been made up. Connie had already made a pass through here. "So, you guys want to play a game on Wii or Xbox." I walked around the sofa and over to two standing game racks. I had about 40 Xbox games and 30 Wii. When I turned to look back at the guys, because no one had answered, they were all three standing in the door entry with their mouths hanging open. "Helloooo? Do you all want to play a game? I have some four man games, or two of you can play with those PSP's over there. The games for those are right behind them, inside those desk doors." What the hell, are they caught in a force field? "Tommy?" He looked over at me call his name, but he still seemed dazed. "Ok you three. What the hell's going on? Did Connie spill glue on the floor there when she came in here and made my bed?" All three looked at me.

"Damn Brent! It looks like Best Buy threw up in here!" Frank said and must have finally thrown off the force field. He came over to me and began looking at what games I had. That broke it for the other two and they joined us.

"Tommy, I have a surprise for you. It's in my study; let's go in there for a minute." I took his arm and led him towards the door. I walked in with him behind me, and then I looked back out at the other two. "If either of you guys needs to use the toilet, it's in there through my bedroom, and the second door on the right. The first door is to my closet. Tommy and I'll be right back in just a minute." I pointed out where my bedroom entrance was to them, and then closed the door to the study. I turned and looked at a dazed Tommy and grabbed him and kissed his lips. He didn't react at first but then his arms went around me and returned the kiss. "Tommy, I've missed you so much. I didn't think your grounding would ever end." I told him when we both came up for air.

"I know Brent. I was so stupid to get in trouble." He said and hugged me again. I hugged back and then let go of him.

"I have something for you. Your surprise!" I walked around my desk and opened the drawer. "Close your eyes for a minute and no peeking until I tell you to open them." He laughed and closed his eyes. I took both iPhones out and set them on the desk, then came back around and stood next to him. I maneuvered him closer to the desk until he was standing close enough where he could reach the top. "Ok, look on the desk top!" He opened his eyes and looked at the desk. His eyes widened a little bit and looked over at me.

"What...what are those Babe?" He asked.

"They're iPhones! My dad got them for both of us so we can always keep in touch! Isn't that great?!" I picked up the silver one and handed it to him then picked up mine. "I put a song on both of them; I want you to listen to it." I held my phone up and showed him how to turn it on and how to find the songs menu.

"Wait a minute Brent. Your dad got these for us? Does he...did you tell him you were gay?" He searched my eyes waiting for my reply.

"No he doesn't know, well, I didn't tell him anything. I think he is guessing something more is going on with you and me, but until he comes out and asks, he can guess all he wants. He said he got us these because he knows we are best friends and thinks it important that we can contact each other when we need to." I smiled at him. "I'm tempted to tell him anyway... He's like a totally different person since we moved. I'm not even sure he would react the way I always thought he would." I shrugged my shoulders. Now do you want to hear the song I put on the phones?" I asked him. He looked around my study and then at the closed door.

"Yeah I am, but Brent. Can I ask you something?"

"Cutey, you know you can ask me anything. I thought you would be a little happier that we got phones though. What's wrong?" I moved close to him so I could look closely at his face.

He looked at me and then the phone in his hand. "I am happy Brent. This is just amazing. I just, well, Brent? Are you rich or something? I mean look at everything you have in that other room. Look at THIS room. You even have another room that's your bedroom with its own bathroom! It's all kind of intimidating." He took another look around and then back to me.

"Tommy. All this stuff you've seen is things my father bought me to appease his conscience. I've told you how he was in LA. He was never around, so the way he dealt with me was with things. I was really pissed when I was told that we were moving and I guess to make it easier, he had these three rooms converted into my living space and furnished it with all this stuff. But Tommy, all this isn't as important to me as you are." I reached and took the phone from him and placed both on the desk. I took him in my arms and said, "Don't let this intimidate you. I may have more things than you do, but you have something I wish I had. I wish I had your family. I'd burn this entirely if it meant I could have the kind of family life that you have. Ok?"

He smiled and hugged me. "Ok, but still. This is all just so amazing. You may envy me my family, but if we could take them and all your stuff and combine it. Whew, we'd both have it made." He chuckled and picked up his phone. "So let's hear this song." Ok, so he asked me a direct question and now I had to remember that I promised to answer him completely. I didn't want to, because it almost felt like bragging, but he asked, so I had to answer.

"Wait Tommy. There's a little more to say to finish answering your question. I...I get an allowance of $2000 a month until I'm 18. Then I get $5000 a month until I turn 25. At 25, my trust fund is available to me and, well, my trust fund is currently worth $65 million." His eyes grew wider and wider as I rattled off the rest. "Uh...the trust is an investment fund, so it continues to grow with interest. But it's not just funded by my dad. My mother's parent also contributed to it." There that's all of it! I looked at Tommy and he was truly looking shocked now. "Tommy, that's all just stuff too!" He blinked a couple times and then a smile came over his face.

"Acres and acres and she's all mine!" He said and grabbed a hold of me in a hug and kissed me hard. After the kiss he said, "Brent, your right. It is all stuff and I may still be intimidated by it all, but you really are what mean more to me. You." He kissed me again. "Now let's listen to the song you put on the phones. Even with all that you told me, the look in your eyes when you mention the song is making me anxious to hear it." I smiled and picked up my phone. Accessed the menu and pressed play.

"Now listen closely to the words." He nodded and moved closer to me. The song started and as he listened, he looked at me. When it finished, we were both staring into each others eyes. "So what does it make you think of?" I asked.

"Us. It makes me think of us Brent. How...where did you find that song? I know its Tim McGraw singing, but I never heard it before. It's like he sang it just for you and me."

"It was on a CD that Hank had. Friday, on the way home from school, he was playing the CD in the SUV. I wasn't really paying attention to it, but then the lyrics kind of worked their way into my thoughts." I blushed and looked at him. "I started crying and Hank stopped the SUV in the middle of the road and asked what was wrong and I told him that the song just made me wuss out. I didn't tell him it made me think of you and me. Now that I've heard it, I had to have it...so it's on my computer, my iPod and now my phone. The name of it is All We Ever Find."

"It's perfect. I love it." He and I kissed and then we heard a banging on the door.

"Put y'alls clothes back on in there. We want to play a game!" Frank yelled through the door and we heard him laughing. Good thing I wasn't close enough to the window, or I would have done a repeat of Tommy's kitchen window.

"Shit, we better get out there! Thanks for the phone Brent. This is just all so amazing." We kissed a final time before walking out into the game room.

"It's about time, you two. So what was this surprise?" Brandon asked. He was sitting on the sofa with an Xbox controller in his hands, staring at the blank plasma.

"If you guys want to play a game, why aren't the plasma on and the game loaded for me to whoop all of you?" I looked at Frank and asked.

"Because, neither Brandon nor I could figure out how all this stuff works. You need some kind of certification or something to be able to turn that monster TV hanging on the wall on!" He pointed to the plasma. I laughed and walked over to the coffee table in front of the sofa, picked up the remote and pressed one button. The TV came on. "Which game console?" Xbox Brandon said. I pressed another button on the remote and it came on. "Which game are we playing?"

"If you push a button and the game we want to play comes on, I'm leaving!" Frank said and smirked.

"Idiot." I said and laughed at him. "No. We actually need to put the game in the Xbox." So we decided on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I had 4 wireless controllers and we all sat around in front of the TV and played as a team. The guys had a blast. Our laughing and taunting, as we played, reminded me of my friends back in LA. Connie interrupted our game and announced that some more of my guests had arrived. I shut the game down and we all left for outside.

Barry and John were talking with my father when we rounded the corner. I noticed that both did not have a girl hanging on their arm, and a lurking suspicion I had about the two flared up in my mind again. They seemed to be just like Tommy and I. Always together and every now and then, you would see a fond look or unnecessary physical contact shared between them. Tommy, Frank and I walked over to them and we all shook hands and shared friendly hugs. They both told me happy birthday; before the day was over, I was going to be very tired of hearing those two words. More cars drove up and out poured more of the guys from our small lunch group. A few did in fact have girlfriends with them, and after the introductions, we took seats at a couple of the picnic tables that were close together, talking bullshit and just enjoying be together outside of school.

The long table I had noticed earlier was now full of food as well. Potato salad, green salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, condiments, and even an assortment of wrapped Subway submarine sandwiches. I looked around from my seat next to Tommy, and spotted my mother talking with Carolyn and Hank's wife, Emily. The three were seated at a round table with a sunshade umbrella in the middle of it. I turned back to the conversation going on at my table and listened to Frank telling Barry about the Best Buy store I had upstairs in my rooms. I laughed at his exaggerations. Frank was really growing on me and becoming a really good friend. I looked at Tommy next to me, and we both smiled at each other. My boyfriend was looking so hot today and just wanted to reach out and kiss his lips and stay there for ever. A few more people arrived and came over to where I was. We exchanged greetings and they joined our growing group of tables.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see who was tapping me and it was Matt. "Happy birthday Brent. Um...you have a minute? I wanted to talk to you," he looked around and then said, "Can we go over there. It will only take a couple minutes." He pointed to a tree. I looked at Tommy and he had that proprietary look glazing his eyes, but then when he noticed me looking, he blushed and slightly nodded his head.

"Ah...Ok Matt." I got off the bench and he and I started walking to where he had pointed at the tree. I looked at him walking next me. "I don't want to this to sound bad, but, what the fuck are you doing here Matt? To say I'm surprised to see you is an understatement." He looked back behind us at the table I had just left, and then back at me.

"Um...Well...I won't stay. I just wanted to come to say happy birthday and well..." We kept walking and made it under the tree he had selected. "Look Brent, I really am sorry about the other day in gym class. I realize how stupid I was and how much I offended you. I...I've never done anything like that before." I raised an eyebrow at this statement. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing and saying when he had propositioned me in class. "Really, it's the truth. I don't make a habit of coming on to straight guys. It's a good way to get your ass kicked. Anyway, I feel bad that there is this strain between us because of it. Would you please try and forget about what happened, or if not forget, just chalk it up to my being a really big asshole that day and move on?" He looked back over at the group of people sitting at the picnic tables, and then focused back on me.

"I don't know Matt. It's kind of hard to forget what you did and said to me. It makes me...uncomfortable to be around you because I know you want to have sex with me and I feel like I would be leading you on if I just ignored it all. Look, I'm not mad at you. I'm still just a bit unnerved that you chose me. Why didn't you choose someone else?" I looked over at the picnic tables and took a look at all the guys sitting there. Besides Tommy, the next obviously hot guy I saw sitting there was Frank. I looked back at Matt. "Why not go after Frank for instance? If I...If I were gay, he'd be the kind of guy I would think would draw me like a bee to honey."

Matt looked over to where Frank was sitting and laughing. "Are you joking? Frank is the type of guy that you had better know what you're asking and know what kind of reply to expect. One misstep with him and he'd drive you in the ground like a pole. You wait until you see him playing hockey and you'll know what I mean." He looked back at me. "Brent, I'm going to be honest here. Yeah, I wanted to have sex with you, but it was more than that. Your cute, shit your gorgeous! You have a great personality and the way you walk and just move around draws everyone's eyes to watch. But your relationship material, Brent. I can see it. You're the kind of guy that lasts. Not a quick fuck and a thank you, but much more. I wish you were gay and I could have that with you." To my amazement, Matt's eyes looked like they were watering up and it was having an effect on me. Matt's handsome, no doubt. He'd probably even make a good boyfriend after chipping away the rough bark, but I have Tommy.

"Matt. I can't have that kind of relationship with you dude." I looked over towards Tommy and his eyes were locked on Matt and me. I gave him a slight smile, I didn't want Matt thinking I thought our conversation was something to smile about, but I also wanted to let Tommy know everything was fine. Matt noticed the smile and looked where I was, and saw Tommy smile at me and nod his head.

"I wish I were Tommy." He said and I looked back at him shocked.

"What...What?" Did I just give myself away!

"I said I wished I were Tommy Weber. I know he's your best friend. I even wish I were Frank, because he's a close friend to you also. I fucked up Brent. I know that. I wish we could just begin again." He held up his hand and I noticed a CD jewel case in it. "I...I made this CD for you. I...I heard the guys talking about your party, and I know you didn't want anyone buying you gifts. Well, I didn't buy this, I made it...I made it last night for you. It's got a few songs on it that I like, and I just wanted to give you something from me." He handed me the CD and I took it from him. "I just want to say I'm sorry once again. I'll...I leave you alone now. You better get back to your party. See you around Brent."Matt looked at me, and then turned away and instead of heading back towards the tables, walked towards where all the cars had been parked.

Damn it! I can't believe this shit! I'm too fucking emotional. "Matt!" I called out to him. He stopped and turned back to look at me walking over to him. "Look. Just don't come on to me like you did before, and well...we'll work on our friendship. That's all though. Just a friendship. Come back over to the tables. There's a bunch of guys from football there that you know. You don't have to leave."

"Are you sure Brent? Man, I don't want you to be uncomfortable at your own party by having me stay. I'll just leave."

"No, stay Matt. Have some fun with all the guys. We'll...We'll just start over, you and I." I told him and held out my hand for a handshake. His looked at my outstretched hand and then looked at me. A look of relief and a bit of the look I remembered seeing in Jamesson's eyes, passed quickly across his face. He smiled and took my hand and we shook. I hope I haven't made a big fucking mistake, I said to myself.

"Thanks Brent. It means a lot to me. I won't let you down again. I promise." He said and released my hand. We walked back over to the picnic tables and I took my seat next to Tommy. Matt said hello to all the guys and they welcomed him into the group. I looked at the CD in my hand and then looked to find Connie. She was over at the long table.

"Tommy, I'll be right back. I need to give this to Connie." I leaned over to where my lips were very close to his ear. "You're so cute." I whispered. He blushed and pushed me back and we laughed. I went to where Connie was and handed her the CD and asked her if she would take care of it for me. She looked at what I handed her, then nodded and put it in a pocket in her smock she wore over her summer dress. I returned to Tommy and the gang and we all talked and joked around until lunch was announced.

The party was a huge success. After everyone ate and digested for a bit, we formed teams and played basketball, volleyball, tossed horseshoes. Some of the guys and their girlfriends took advantage of the horses, and went for a ride around our property. At around 4 pm while we were all sitting around and resting, Connie led two people out of the house carrying a huge cake between them. It was the biggest damn cake I had ever seen. A place had been cleared on the long table and they sat it down where she pointed. She then got everyone's attention and motioned me over to the table. The cake had Happy 14th Birthday Brent written on it in frosting. Everyone gathered around the table. My father came and put his arm around my shoulders and started singing happy birthday. There were at least 40 people who had shown up for the party, and they all joined him in singing. I blew out the one candle, that was the number 14 and everyone clapped and I blushed to my toe ends. I cut the cake and everyone sat at the picnic tables again, eating their piece of cake and talking. I looked around and saw that Mike and my father were sitting at a table by themselves, talking and laughing. They were in their own world of reminiscing about the past and looked to be having a good time.

Just as it began to get dark, the party started breaking up. Some of the guys had dates with their girlfriends to go to a movie or whatever, so we began our goodnights and I thanked everyone for coming. Before Matt left, he came to where Tommy, Frank and I were standing to tell us goodnight. We all shook his hand and he said he'd see us in school Monday. 

He had played right along the rest of us, and you would never been able to tell that anything had happened between him and me. Soon, the only guests that were left were Tommy and his family and, Frank. Hank had given me a hug before leaving, and mimed the phone call to his ear, before smiling and taking his family with him.

"I need to take off too." Frank said. "This was a great party Brent. I had loads of fun. We need to do it again next Saturday."

"Oh? And whose birthday would we be celebrating then?" I asked and laughed.

"Who the hell needs a birthday? We'll just call all Saturday's from now on Farm Day at Brent's, and party on Dude!" He tried to affect a west coast accent and failed miserably. We all laughed and he gave me a hug and said he'd see us on Monday. There were a group of farm hands still out in the yard, cleaning up and packing away the tables.

"Come on Tommy; let's go up to my room." I said and Tommy smiled and followed me into the house and to my room. We sat down on the sofa and I took him in my arms and gave him a kiss. "I want to kiss you over and over again." I said when we broke the kiss."

"Me too. I had lots of fun today, but being alone with you is what I've wanted since we got here this morning." He leaned back in and we locked our lips in another kiss. There was a knock on the door and we broke apart.

"What the hell now? Grrr...I want some ALONE time with you." I told Tommy. There was another knock and after Tommy and I adjusted ourselves on the sofa, I said come in. Mike opened the door and looked around.

"Wow, nice room. Can I play?" He asked, laughing and walked in. "I know you're mad at me Brent, but you'll get over it." He then looked at Tommy. "We're getting ready to leave. The rest of the crew is all tired and we better get home before your mother and I have to carry them all into the house." I looked at Tommy and almost felt like crying. The Mike asked Tommy, "Did you get your bag out of the truck?"

Tommy looked at me and smiled, and then back to his dad. "No, I'll go down with you and grab it out of the truck, and tell mom goodnight. Would you give Brent and me just a minute, then I'll be right down?"

"Sure, but I know how you two time a minute. Hurry up because we're ready to leave." He smiled at us both and closed the door behind him when he left the room.

"Your bag?" Were the first words out of my mouth when Tommy looked at me.

"Yeah, my bag. I want to spend the night, if you want me to." He gave me an inquiring look, eyebrow and smile thrown in.

"Want you too?! Are you fucking crazy? Let's hurry and get your bag!" I jumped up off the sofa and pulled him up into a hug. "Oh my God Tommy! You get to stay?!" This was like a dream come true. I broke the hug and started pulling him towards the door. He was laughing.

"I guess you want me to stay, but your about to pull my arm out of the socket. Stop pulling on me." He said and took his arm out of my grip.

"Then hurry the hell up! What are you dragging your feet for?" I asked and could just explode with how happy I was feeling.

"Alright, alright, let's go." He said and we hurried downstairs. Mike and the rest of Tommy's family were all in the living room with my father and mother. Mike was the first to notice us walk in.

"Tommy, we'll be back at 11 in the morning to pick you up for church. You make sure your ready to go when we get here. Billy said Brent can go with us to church if he wants to, and then come home with us afterwards." Mike looked at me and I gave him an enthusiastic nod. Mike then turned and told the rest of the kids to start for the truck. He and my father hugged and told each other goodnight. My mother got up and shook his hand and gave Carolyn a 'social' hug before bidding everyone a goodnight. She excused herself and left for her and my father's suite, I presumed. My father and I walked with the Weber's out to their truck. Tommy grabbed a bag out of the bed, then gave his mother and father a hug. I had totally forgotten about Jamesson, and when I looked down to see who was tugging on my shirt, there he was. His bottom lip was sticking out as he was looking up at me with sad little eyes.

"You didn't even play with me all day." He said. I reached down and picked him up. He wrapped his arms around my neck.

"I'm sorry little man. I didn't mean to ignore you. There were just so many people around; I just couldn't find time to be with everyone. I'm coming over to your house tomorrow, so we can spend some time together then, ok?" He nodded his head against my shoulder and then leaned back and looked me in the face.

"You promise?" He asked. I said I promise and he gave me a tight hug before getting down out of my arms. He walked to where Tommy was standing, holding his bag, and looked up at his brother. "He said he promises." Tommy smiled down at him and said he heard me. Tommy gave him a hug and then told everyone else goodnight and bye. The Weber family all piled into the truck and soon Mike drove away with his family for home. Tommy, my father and I stood and watched as the taillights from the truck disappeared down the road. When we could no longer see them, my father cleared his throat. Tommy and I turned and looked at him.

"Well boys, it's late and I'm exhausted. You two are probably pretty beat yourselves." He looked at Tommy and then at me, "Do we need to move a cot into your bedroom Brent, or is your bed going to be ok for both of you to share?" Tommy and I looked at each other and then back at my father.

"We can share." Tommy and I said in stereo. My face got hot and I saw Tommy's turn red too. My father chuckled.

"That's all set then." My father said and came and gave me a hug. "Happy birthday again son. I love you." He tightened his hug then let go and turned to Tommy. "Welcome to the family Tommy. I expect we'll be seeing a lot of you over here, so make yourself at home." My father held his arms apart for Tommy and my mouth dropped open as he gave Tommy a hug, and then told us good night. He turned and started walking to the house. Tommy turned and smiled at me.

"He's not so bad. You ready to go inside?" he asked.

"That's not my dad. Someone has taken over his body or something." I said as we headed to the house. To much of a change in behavior coming from my father was a hard mouthful to swallow. But who cares right now! Tommy was staying! I hurried Tommy up and we stopped by the kitchen so I could tell Connie goodnight. When we got there and said our goodnight, she gave Tommy and me a meaningful look.

"You too have a goodnight." She shared a look between us. "Don't do anything your both not ready for, understand me?" We both blushed and nodded. We got a hug and then left the kitchen and went to my rooms. 

I started to feel a little bit nervous once we were alone. No one ever bothered me in my rooms after I said my usual goodnight to Connie. I locked the outer door anyway and looked at Tommy. He looked a little nervous too, but smiled at me.

"Let's go in my bedroom and I'll show you where you can put your bag. If you want to hang anything up, you can use my closet." I led him into my room and over to my closet. I opened the door and turned on the light inside. "Here, you can hang anything you need right here. There are a few empty hangers." I made a spot for him. I was trying hard not to show my nervousness. There was no doubt in my mind what Tommy and I would do tonight.

"Wow Brent, look at all these clothes. No wonder you always look like you stepped out of Teen Beat!" Tommy laughed and sat his bag down. "I do want to hang up my church clothes. Thanks." He said and opened his bag. He had a little problem getting the zipper on the bag open and looked up at me and blushed. He must be as nervous as me, I thought. He managed to open it and took out a dress shirt and a pair of slacks. He hung them on two wooden hangers and then reached in the bag and took out a pair of dress shoes. He looked over to where all my shoes were lined up on shoe racks, and smiled up at me as he placed them next to a pair of mine. "You know a good thing about being gay, and being the same size, you get to borrow each others clothes." He chuckled and stood up.

"You can borrow anything you want, but right now, all I want is you out of yours." He looked at me shocked, and I even shocked myself by saying what I had. We must have had the same look plastered on our faces and we both started laughing at each other. "Ok, ok!" I laughed, "I guess you can tell I'm anxious. I want you so bad Tommy. It's driving me insane." He came up and wrapped his arms around me.

"I want you too Brent." We kissed and held onto each other, and then he said, "I need a shower though from all the sweating I did playing basketball and volleyball." I nodded and let him go.

"Come with me and I'll show you were the bathroom is. You can shower first and then I will." He followed me into the bathroom and I showed him how to use the shower controls and where the shampoo and body wash were. He had taken his toothbrush out of his bag and carried it with him. He put it into the holder on the sink counter. I pointed out where he could get a washcloth and where a clean towel was for him to use. I gave him a kiss and told him to make it fast. We laughed and I turned and left the bathroom, closing the door behind me. While he showered, I took off my clothes and deposited them in the hamper. I left my boxers on, and went to get a clean pair to change into after my shower. I went and sat in the bay window and looked out into the night. I thought about just how I wanted to be with Tommy and how much this night would mean, for both of us. We were both sexual virgins. We each probably had some idea of what we wanted to do; it was just a matter of making it into reality.

I came back to myself when I heard the door to the bathroom open and Tommy walked out wearing his towel around his waist. I smiled at him when he blushed and said he forgot to carry his clean boxers into the bathroom. I told him I would be right out, and picked my clean boxers up off the corner of my bed and walked into the bathroom, but not before giving him a kiss. I stripped my boxers off and got into the shower. I let the water soak me and then lathered my hair and washed my body clean. After the next cycle rinsed all the soap off and shut off, I stepped out, dried my hair and body and then brushed my teeth. I pulled my clean boxers on and took a last look at myself in the mirror. I was now as ready as I would ever be, I thought. I opened the door, turned off the bathroom light and walked into my bedroom.

Tommy was lying on the bed in his boxers and watching me as I walked out of the bathroom. I smiled at him and walked out to the game room. I turned the lights out in there and then closed the door to my bedroom and locked it. With the outer door locked and my bedroom door, no one was going to surprise us by walking in on us. I flipped the switch to the overhead lights, leaving only the lights over the two nightstands on. Tommy had kept his eyes on me as I took care of these last few things and he watched as I walked over to the right side of the bed. I stood there for a moment with him looking at me. My thoughts were centered on him and how he looked laying there in only his boxers. He had a beautiful body. Slightly tanned on his upper body where a tee hadn't covered. His short hair was almost completely dry and showed highlights from the glow of the hanging lamps. I reached for the elastic band that help my boxers tight around my waist and bent and pulled them down and stepped out of them. I stood back up and watched Tommy as his eyes took in the sight of me standing beside the bed, on display. He looked into my face and then his eyes traveled down across my chest and finally stopped on my quickly rising penis. As he watched my cock fill with blood, he reached the band on his own boxers and raised his hips and removed them. He took the boxers and dropped them on the other side of the bed, then turned back to face me.

"Brent." He said my name in a hushed tone of voice. "Babe you have such a beautiful body." His eyes focused on my now fully erect penis. "You're so...you're so big too. Frank wasn't lying when he said it was amazing, but he didn't see how amazing it really is." He looked down at his own fully erect penis. I had seen it soft when he had changed in his room on Monday and it looked to be about two inches. Now standing away from his body, fully aroused, it looked to be about 5 1/2 maybe 6 inches and nicely thick. The circumcised head of his cock was shaped like a hood, with the bottom ridge around the gland slightly extending as you followed down the shaft to its base. "I'm not even close to as big as you, I...I hope you're not disappointed."

I climbed into the bed and he watched me as I lay on my side, facing him. "Tommy, nothing about you disappoints me. You have an awesome body and your cock looks perfect to me. It looks more than perfect." He moved towards me and our naked bodies touched for the first time. I leaned slightly over his body and our lips came together in a kiss. He wrapped his arms undermine and his hands came down on each of my naked shoulders and he pulled me into a tight embrace. Our chests were pressed together and our tongues were working alternately in each others mouths as we kissed deep. I felt him shift his body and then try and move me into a position for me to be on top of him.

I broke the kiss. "Wait Cutey. I have an idea of how I want to start. If you'll let me?" He looked up at be above him and nodded his head. I smiled at him. I moved off of him and lay by his right side. "Lay down on your back with your head on the pillow." He straightened his body in the bed and lay back with his head on his pillow looking towards the ceiling.

"Can I look at you?" He asked and I laughed softly and told him that of course he could look at me.

I moved my body close to his. I could feel the heat radiating from his and I took my right hand and traced the back of it along the left side of his smooth cheek while he lay watching my eyes. I rested it on his chest and moved my face closer to his. His first reaction was to move his head so we could kiss. I stopped him and told him to let me do everything, to just enjoy what I had in mind. He smiled and returned to just watching me move closer to him. I moved my head to where my lips were barely hovering over his and I opened my lips and traced his with just the tip of my tongue. He parted his lips when I did this, expecting a kiss, but I had more to do. When I didn't kiss him, his eyes opened a little wider and I simply said, wait. I moved to where my lips were over his chin and I told him to lift his chin a little. I then lightly brushed the tip of my tongue along the underside of his chin and continued down until I reached the small protrusion of his Adams apple. He moaned in his throat and I settled in the small cleft at the base of his throat. I kissed him there and moved my right hand to find the small nub of his left nipple. As I continued kissing the base of his neck, I used the thumb on my hand to make a tight circular motion and ever so often to pass across the hardened nipple. He moaned deeply and shifted his body a little under my manipulation of his chest. I moved from his neck, and slide my head down to where my lips were over his right nipple and I stuck out my tongue. I flick lightly across the hard nub on the right and kept my thumb working around his left. Tommy gasped at the sensation I was causing to run through his body and began to steadily moan. I stopped and looked up towards his face and his head was thrown back into the pillow and he was licking his lips with his tongue. He looked down at me when he felt me stop and I smiled at him.

"Babe you are setting my whole body on fire. That felt...it felt like nothing I've ever felt before." He said to me in a horse kind of whisper.

"Good." I smiled and said, "But I'm not done." His eyes shot wide open and I chuckled a little. "You ready for me to continue?" I asked. He nodded his head and I saw him take his bottom lip into his mouth and bite down softly as he looked at me. I turned and looked down towards his cock. The head was pointing right at me and slightly bouncing with the steady beat of his heart. I pressed my lips on his chest, right above his heart and parted them to let my tongue continue its work. I kissed and used my tongue along his chest and then his abs until I was just inches from the head of his cock. I looked at it standing there point erect at me and saw a drop of precum flow from the slit as it pulsed. I kissed his abs and ran my tongue out to moisten my lips. I looked back to his cock and more precum had leaked out and was forming a pool on the tip that wouldn't take much more before it dropped from the head to his pubic area. Tommy had moaned, held his breath, and released it, several times as I worked my way closely to this point. Now was the time I had been waiting for. There in front of me, mere inches away was his throbbing, blood engorged cock, with its offer of the true taste of him deposited on its head. I moved my head forward and ran my tongue across the top of his cock, collecting his gift to me. Tommy sat bolt up right in the bed.

"Oh my GOD!" He said and took a deep breath and exhaled. His eyes were wild and his body was shaking a little bit. He was breathing heavy and we were now both looking at each other. "Babe...all I can think to say...is...Oh my God!" He said through taking deep breaths and staring at me.

I smiled and smacked my lips a little. "Mmm...That tasted...Mmm!" He smiled and shook his head at me.

"It might have taste Mmm, but it felt more like MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM to me! Whew!" I looked at him and chuckled.

"Lay back down Cutey. I'm not done and I want more." I told him.

"Oh my God, I don't know if I can take much more." He gave a little shake of his body, but he did lie back down. I gave him a wink and then turned back to look at the object I wanted more of. His cock head was shimmering with copious amounts of precum now and a small reservoir of it had pooled, just above his pubic bush. I leaned in and cleaned the liquid from above his pubic hairs and then I wrapped the first two fingers and thumb of my left hand around the base of his cock. I pointed his cock up away from his body, looked back at him and saw his eyes locked on what I was doing. I turned back and lowered my head and opened my mouth. I covered my teeth with my lips as I felt the silky precum slicked gland atop his shaft pass into me. He moaned the deepest moan yet and pressed his pelvis up, and I let more of him enter my mouth. I pulled back and circle my tongue around the crown and savored the taste of him. Tommy was moaning loud now and I felt his hand in my hair as he began to gently massage my head and run his hands through my hair. I applied a small amount of suction as I began to work my mouth from the crown, down the shaft, and to the base of his beautiful cock, and then back to crown to use my tongue on the sensitive tip, then to plunge back down engulfing him. I used the fingers and thumb I had wrapped around the base, to pump up on his shaft following my upward motion and then again to glide back to the base. Tommy started moaning my name as his hands worked my head and hair, and his hips worked to meet and match the rhythm of my action on his cock. His breathing started getting louder and I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth.

"Brent, wait, if you don't stop I'm going to cum. I can't take much more or I'm going to shoot." He pulled my head off of him and panted to me. He had a euphoric look on his face and his eyes seemed to be drinking me in as he looked at me looking at him.

"Why did you stop me?" I asked him. I was feeling the distinct absence of him in my mouth and I wanted more of him. "I want you to cum. I want to feel you and taste you cumming in me." Even I could hear the pleading note in my voice.

"Because, I've waited long enough. I want you too, you know. I want you to feel what I'm feeling right now. For fucks sake, you can't imagine it until you feel it." He looked at the position of my body on the bed and then his own. "Slide your body around until your feet are up here by my head." He directed me. I moved to the position he wanted. "Now I'm going to move further down in the bed." He slide down away from the headboard and I saw what position he was working towards. I reached out and helped him slide down until his head was level with my cock pointing out from my body and his was now pointing out towards my head. Seeing his cock this close to my mouth I reached out to take hold of it. "NO! Don't you dare touch me." He laughed and moved his hips back, taking his cock out of my reach. "You wait! It's my turn for a little while. Your mouth on my cock for just 3 seconds more will make me explode. You just enjoy the feel of my mouth a little while." I looked at him and saw his dimpled smile and raised left eyebrow, and I chuckled.

"Ok. You win. How do you want me to lie? On my side, like now, or on my back?" I asked.

"Um...your back, I want full access to everything." He waggled his eyebrows at me. I smiled and rolled over onto my back. My cock was steel hard and pointing up, slightly above my body and almost to my navel. I could feel the coolness of the air as it wafted across the precum I had leaked all over my shaft, balls and even on the inside of my thigh where my cock had been trapped for awhile, as I worked on Tommy. Tommy looked at my cock and surrounding area and then asked, "Did you cum already?!" He looked at me with a kind of disappoint expression.

"No." I said, laughing and blushing. "I...I just produce a lot of precum when I'm really excited and you can bet I've never been this excited in my life!"

"Oh...well...that's ok then." Be both laughed now and my cock was bouncing up and down with the motion the laugh caused in body. I felt one of his fingers glide along the inside of my thigh, and my laugh abruptly ended from the simple sensation of the touch. I watched as he coated the finger in my precum and then bring it to his mouth. He used his tongue to clean my juice from it and then look at me and smile. He took my cock in his hand and moved it until it was point up away from my body, then I felt his lips and tongue on my abs, above my pubic bush, and then on my balls and sack, as he cleaned the rest of me. I could have told him, he was wasting his time, because my cock continued to leak precum. I watched him as he now eyed my cock and the juice flowing from the slit to run down and coat the shaft and his fingers that were wrapped around the base. He reached out with his tongue and ran it along the head of my cock and I gasped and sat up straight in the bed. He looked at me and grinned. "See? Now you know just a little of how I felt when you did this to me."

"Fuck!" I said in wonder. "That felt like a bolt of lightening hit the top of my cock and traveled all the way to my toes!" Tommy nodded sagely.

"Now lay back, I haven't even begun!" The next 10 minutes I felt such pleasure and raw sexual stimulation until I didn't think my body would contain it all. The feel of the inside of his hot mouth and the suction he applied to my cock too me to a whole new level of feeling. He couldn't take me all the way into his mouth, but he made up for it by using his lips, mouth and tongue along the outside of my shaft and licking and taking my balls into his mouth one at a time. He used his mouth and tongue on the area beneath my sack and I felt such a feeling from that. I didn't even KNOW the area he worked would cause that much pleasure. After working there he moved back and took my cock in his hot moist mouth and after only a feeling him move up and down, surrounding me in his mouth I felt my balls start to churn and begin to pull up.

"Tommy, Cutey, I'm almost there. You need to stop or I'm going to cum." My voice was horse from the moaning and heavy breathing I had just done during his worshiping of my cock and balls. He pulled off me and looked at me.

"Now do you see? I hope I was able to make you feel as good as you made me, but I don't see how." His face was flush and I sat up and took a hold of his head. We kissed and I broke it to look at his lips. They seemed puffier and were very red.

"Oh, you did very well. Tommy, you're amazing! But...is it my turn again? I didn't finish, remember?" I said and smiled.

"We BOTH didn't finish. I'm going to lie on my back and you move to where your hips are over my head. Your head will be over my hips and then we can both finish what we started!" Ah, I grasped the concept and then smiled at him and he smiled back and said, "69!" I needed no further prompting and we got into position. It actually felt comfortable and as I adjusted myself over Tommy, I felt his breath exhale across the tip of my cock and I looked down between up and his gaze was locked on my cock.

His hands reached up and pulled me closer to his mouth and I leaned down and we both took each other into our mouths. His cock tasted as good as I remembered and at the same time I felt his hot mouth engulf me. He worked up and down on my shaft, and my natural instincts came into play and I began to meet his upward motion by bringing my pelvis down, and gently fucking his mouth as he sucked me. His own pelvis began to thrust forward as I worked on his cock and we were soon fucking into each other. I felt my balls begin to churn again and pull up at the same time I felt the head of Tommy's cock swell in my mouth. It seemed to expand and then I felt him moan deep in his throat and press his cock deep into my mouth. The first blast of his cum shot deep in my throat and I hurried to swallow it. I pulled back a little from the base and the next shot coated my tongue and spread across my taste buds. Before I could really savor this, another blast entered my mouth and I had to swallow to keep from losing any of it. His moaning as he came in me, sent vibrations from deep in his mouth, right along the shaft of my cock. The cum came erupting from cock and into the waiting cavity of his mouth. I felt his throat muscles on the tip of my cock as he swallowed and another blast of my come left my cock. Like me, he pulled back a little and I felt his tongue glide across the top ridge of my cock head. I shoot at least 6 times into his mouth and it felt like the strength of my body flowed out with each shot. At the same time, the taste of his seed replaced any other taste in my mouth. It was a surprising flavor of fruit and tart, and I don't know how to describe it all. I do know it was the best thing I had ever tasted. I swallowed at least 5 times before his cock didn't give up any more. I continued to suck until he finally pulled of my cock and told me to stop, because he was too sensitive now.

I rolled to the right and then turned around in the bed to be face to face with him. We repositioned ourselves back into a normal position for bed, and then Tommy leaned forward and we kissed. Our tongues met and I could taste my own cum as I'm sure he could taste his in my mouth. We kissed deeper and held each other. We finally stopped at looked at each other.

"Tommy. That was better than I imagined it could be. I've never had an orgasm that intense and that hard. And...and the taste of you! I want more!" I reached and cupped his face and his head nodded.

"I know exactly what you mean. I hope you will always feel like this about me Brent. I know without a doubt I will for you. The only problem I can see, is how we're going to find somewhere in school, because I don't think I can go that long during a day without having you." He smiled I kissed his lips.

"Don't worry about me not always wanting you. You've got me for as long as you want me." This act had made the bond I'd begun feeling with Tommy over the past week, go from a feeling of elastic, to forged steel. Looking into his eyes right now and the emotions and contentment I was feeling, I began to open my mouth and say something I didn't think I would ever here myself say to another person not part of my family. I stopped myself. I needed to think about this more and make sure it wasn't just an aftereffect of having had sex. I didn't want to say these three words to Tommy, until I was absolutely positive I knew all the meaning behind them.

Tommy and I snuggled up to each other. Eventually the day and the exhaustion from having such an intense sexual experience caught up to both of us. I set my alarm clock for 9 am, turned out the lights over the nightstands and he and I crawled under the covers of the bed. He kissed me goodnight and then turned on his left side. I got comfortable on my left side, then reach over and pulled his body into mine until my chest was against his back and his body molded to mine. In little more time, we both feel asleep. We were no longer virgins to sex with someone else, and more importantly, we had given ourselves to the other for our first experience. No one else would ever receive that gift from us. Now I only needed to be sure that what I felt was true, and then I could say to Tommy, ' I love you' and he could never question my true commitment to him. These thoughts drew me into sleep until my alarm sounded to a new day.


Well, damn! Finally, huh? Sorry for the extra long involved sex scene, but hey, good sex always takes awhile, or it should! :) I guess I need to wrap this story up soon, before it becomes a novel.  I'll try and condense what I think it needs into maybe 2 or 3 more parts.  I'm sure I could go on and on, but a short story, is short by definition!  Thanks to all the people who have written with encouragement and positive feedback for this story.  I hope you enjoyed this segment of Learning to Love.  If you would like to send me an email, you can send it to jmedinacorona@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more to come!