Learning to love

Part 9

Tommy loves Brent

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

If you are under the age of 18 years or it is illegal for you to read material containing descriptive sexual acts,
please do not continue to read this part of Learning to love.
It contains explicit sex, between two teen males.

I awoke when the alarm sounded. I was enveloped in warmth and teen arms and legs. During the night, Tommy and I had shifted our positions. He was now spooning me, and had me wrapped up. I reached to turn off the alarm, but Tommy wasn't making it easy. When I'd reach and my body would pull away from him, he'd use his arms and legs to pull me back into the nest of his body. After the third attempt, I finally laughed.

"Tommy! You have to at least let me reach the alarm!"

He snickered and said, "Only if you promise not to get out of bed. Your body is so warm and I want to hold onto you some more."

"Ok, I promise, but I warn you, I have to usually piss really bad first thing when I wake up, so you'll have to let me go when I need to go."

He removed his arm from around me and let me stretch to the alarm and turn it off. Before I could move back, his arm wrapped around my chest and pulled me into him. "Mmm, I love the feel of your body against mine." He said and I felt him move his head to place it just at the back of mine. I also felt another part of his body, hard and rigid against my butt, well, more like lying right in between the cheeks. Every time he would hug me using his upper body and arm, he would press his hips forward, causing his cock to slide up along the valley.

"You do know what your doing is driving me insane, don't you?" I asked and his reply was another hug and thrust. This time, however, his thrust caused his cock to spread my ass checks, and I felt the shaft actually rub against my hole. I moaned at the feel of it and Tommy must have taken this as consent. He hugged me tight and began to rock his hips back and forth. Every forward thrust resulted in his shaft rubbing my hole and he began to pick up his pace. I pressed back into him, so I could feel it as it slides up and back down. I had a raging hardon and I could feel my precum as it leaked along my cock head. "Ooh, Cutey. That feels so good." I moaned. This was unexplored territory, having someone stimulate this part of my body. My own hand had only made contact when wiping with paper, or when I cleaned up during a shower.

Tommy's breathing close to my neck was becoming more rapid and then he moved the arm he had wrapped around my chest. He reached down in front of me and took my cock in his hand. He used his thumb directly on the head, and worked my precum as he massaged the top, and the rest of his hand pumped the first three inches back and forth. His cock was gliding much easier between my ass checks, so it was evident that his own precum had flowed and was providing lubrication. Suddenly I felt his cock head hit me center on my ass hole. It actually entered a few centimeters, and he stopped his motion, as I moaned very loud and thrust back into him hard. "Oh my god Tommy." I swear I purred out. He didn't let up on his hand action.

He kissed my neck behind my head and in a husky voice he said, "Do you want me to try and enter you?" The pleasure he was causing me with his hand and the stimulation of my ass had me so over the top with lust, I was ready for him to do anything he wanted as long as he would just continue.

"Yes." I hissed, "but...but if I say stop, you have to stop and Cutey, if you don't stop what you're doing with your hand for a moment, I'm going to cover it, my chest and the bed in cum." He stopped the pumping motion but held his hand wrapped around it.

"I'll go slow and stop when you say, that way you can get used to the feel of me. I'm so wet with my own precum and you're pretty wet from it too." He kissed my neck again, and I moaned. Every nerve in my body was alive and stimulated and I could still feel the head of his cock positioned to enter me. "I'm going to start Babe. Tell me when to stop." I knew what he said about him being wet from his precum was true. I could feel some of it slowly traveling down my right ass cheek. Tommy slowly moved his hips forward and I felt his cock penetrate me more. There was a slight pain when I felt just the top of his cock head press into me and the ridge of the crown pass. He was going very slow. As his shaft started to pass into me, the pain went up exponentially. I also had the feeling that I need to take a crap, and I involuntarily contracted my ass muscle, which pushed him out and then he tried again. My anticipation of the pain began to work against his painstakingly slow entry.

"Tommy, I don't think I'm ready for this." I told him after the last time I pushed him out with the contraction of my ass. "I...I'm sorry." I said with a slight catch in my voice. Not being able to give him something that he wanted was making me feel bad.

He withdrew what little he had managed at this point and I felt his cock return to lay in the crevice of my cheeks. "Brent, don't be sorry." He said and kissed my neck. "We have plenty of time to try another day. I want to have you in me too." His hand squeezed my slightly deflated cock, the pain and my feeling of inadequacy had caused me to lose a little of my stiffness. "Let's just continue what we were doing before. It felt fantastic." He replaced his absent thumb on my cock head and began to glide his shaft up and down between my ass cheeks. My cock returned to its full length. Tommy and I had renewed moaning in ecstasy in just a few moments. His breathing was now very fast and he started to say my name as both the rhythms of his shaft and his hand on my cock quickened. He thrust forward and held his shaft against my ass and I felt it jerk as he came. He was kissing me on my back and shoulders. He thrust into me six more times, and on the final thrust I felt him actually bite down on my left shoulder. The pain from the bite and his steady work on my cock caused me to explode with my own orgasm. Cum shot for my cock as he pumped it and hit me under the chin. I grunted with each blast and covered the entire front of my body and the sheets with at least 7 more ropes until the last pulse dribbled down onto Tommy's hand. I thought that my orgasm from last night had been spectacular, but this morning had set a bar that I doubted could be surpassed.

I was a sticky mess. I was covered in semen, front and back. I turned on my back and Tommy slide over to make room for me. How considerate of him I thought, and chuckled, to make room so I didn't have to lie in the wet spot, more like the river on my side of the bed. He leaned over me and smiled. "You are one hot fucker." He said and looked into my eyes. He brought his hand up to move my hair away from my face, and leaned down and kissed me.

He stopped kissing and leaned his head, to rest in the palm of his right hand. He reached and turned my head so he could look at me and rub his hand along my cheek. I smiled at him, relishing in the after effects of the most amazing orgasm of my life. "I love you Brent. Shhh, don't say anything." He said when he saw my eyes widen at this confession. "Do you know when I knew for a fact I loved you?" He asked. He kept a steady gaze on me and his hand continued to caress my face. I shook my head in reply to his question. "I knew the day you looked over at me in gym after Matt had placed his mouth in your crotch. I was watching and saw you pull away from him and look at me. I saw how mad you were in your eyes at what he had done. I didn't see fear when you looked at me; like you were afraid I had caught you doing something you weren't supposed to, I saw the anger that he had touched something that belonged to me." Having already received a shock from him saying he loved me, I received another when he said he'd seen what Matt had done, yet never said a word to me. "I love you Brent. I love you." He leaned back down and kissed me again.

When we finished our kiss I looked at him. Tears started forming in my eyes and he watched me. "I wish I could say I love you Tommy. I feel so much for you that I can barely think of anything else except you. Just being with you, talking with you, just seeing you makes me feel so good. I...I just need to explore my feelings and define them in my own head for just a short time more." Tears slipped from my eyes and ran along my cheek. "You wont...you wont give up on me, will you?"

Tommy wiped the tears from my face with his hand. He sat up in the bed next to me and reached to pull me up with him. He grabbed me and hugged me tight against him. "Stop it Brent. Stop saying things like that. I love you but I hate it when you say things that hurt yourself and are so improbable. You can take all the time you want to choose when to tell me or never. You asked me to help you learn what love is and Babe, even if you don't think you know right this moment, I know what I feel and I can feel what you give me. It's enough for me if you never say it. I won't stop saying it to you. Not because I'm hoping for you to say the same. It's the way I chose to express myself to you." He kissed me and finished saying, "You express it to me when I look in your eyes. With you Brent, your eyes say it without words. Now enough. Don't ever question my love or commitment to you, ever! I'll pull your dick off if you ever say something like that again!" Tommy pushed me down and jumped on top of me.

"Ok, ok. I'm sorry!" He began tickling me, which is one of my major vernabilities. Soon I was gasping for breath and laughing trying to fight him off of me. "You're getting cum all over yourself!" I tried that tactic to get him to stop. "It's 10 o'clock! We need to shower and dress!" This made him stop and stare at the clock.

"Oh shit, my dad will be here in only and hour!" He looked at me, laying under him still. "What are you doing just laying in bed? We have to hurry!" He vaulted off the bed on the bathroom side and started pulling on me to get up.

"I'm getting up, I'm getting up. It's not my fault; you were on top of me!" I climbed out of bed and just my luck, I slide across the now very cold cum soaked sheet. "Eww." I said as I got to my feet. The smell in my room was an overpowering scent. "It smells like a swimming pool in here and something else."

"A strong ocean breeze?" Tommy asked and we both started laughing, remembering his fathers reference to the smell of cum. "Ok, you first or me for the shower?" He asked when he recovered.

"Both. We need to make this quick." I said. We hurried into the bathroom and both got into the shower. There was more than enough room for two. With the first cycle of the shower, I began to feel a lot better, having the sticky residue of our morning activity rinse away. I helped Tommy wash his back and he returned the favor. We both scrubbed each others heads with shampoo as well. Rinsing in the second cycle and then getting out, we hurried and dried off, brushed our teeth and went into the bedroom. Tommy retrieved his unused boxers from the other side of the bed and pulled them on; while I did the same to the pair I had removed before getting into bed last night. Tommy went and opened the closet and brought out his clothes. I followed him and selected what I would wear. We both moved around the room as we dressed. Finally we were done and we took a look at each other.

"You are just took damn gorgeous Brent. You'd look hot in overalls!" Tommy stood appraising me in my Stefano Ricci dirty grey wool double breasted suit.

I looked at Tommy in his dress clothes then had an idea. "Tommy you look great too. But...remember what you said last night? About borrowing clothes?" I asked him. Oh this is going to be so cool I thought.

"Yeah...what are you hatching?

"Well, I have another suit exactly the same as this one in the closet." I pointed to what I was wearing. "You want to go as a couple?" I asked and raised my eyebrows.

Tommy thought for a moment and looked at what I was wearing again. A gleam entered his eyes. "Brent we are going to look so hot walking in church together! Let's do it!" I went in the closet and got out the twin suit. Tommy hurried and stripped down to his boxers and tee. I came out and handed it to him, then went back in and selected a white shirt like I was wearing. I tried to find another tie that was the same pattern, color and style, but could only find a match for everything except color. My tie was red, so I selected the blue in the same style. I walked out and Tommy was already in the pants. "Here's the shirt and tie. I didn't have a double of the tie, but this will look great with your blue eyes." I watched him as he put the shirt on and buttoned it up, and then tuck in the shirt ends. "Those pants fit you perfect. You must be shorter in the waste than I, since I'm like an inch taller when we stand next to each other." I said.

"Yeah, you're longer waisted. The pants feel awesome. I usually itch in wool, but these almost feel like silk." He rubbed his hand down the front pants leg.

"I think its lamb's wool so it's not as scratchy." I told him. He was already in black socks, so that was fine. Shoes. I went into the closet and took a look at my selection. I brought out two pairs of Pierre Corthay black wingtip derbies. "I wear size 9 shoe, what do you wear?" I asked him and then stared. He was now fully dressed and damn did he look good! "Damn Tommy, you look absolutely amazing in that!"

He preened a little bit and gave me a turning show; a blush set the whole thing off just perfectly. "This suit is amazing! I feel...good." He said and smiled at me.

"You look good! So, what size shoe?"

"I wear size 8 1/2 or 9." He said and walked over to look at the shoes I had in my hand.

"That's perfect, these are size 9." I handed him his pair and then went over to my bed and was going to sit down to put the shoes on, but jumped up before my ass touched the sheets. "Damn, I almost sat down on these cum covered sheets. They might frown at me in church with a big wet cum spot covering my ass!" Tommy and I laughed. "We better finish in the game room." I unlocked and opened the bedroom door. We both sat on the sofa and I had to help Tommy remove the shoe trees, he looked at them strangely. We put on our shoes and stood up facing each other. I straightened his tie and we were ready. "Did you want to gel your hair?" I asked.

"Naw, I'll do without. I don't want to get anything on the suit." He said.

I looked at the clock on the DVD player and it was now 10:55. "We cut it awfully close. They'll be here in 5 minutes. I'll tell Connie to pack up the clothes you wore and pack me a bag so I can change at your house. I'll ask your dad to swing by here after church so we can pick up the bags. Let's go downstairs." I went and unlocked the outer door and Tommy and I headed down. Connie was in the kitchen when we walked in and she just stared at us. I gave her a smile and Tommy had the same smile on his face for her reaction.

"You two boys look amazing. Whose idea was this?" She said and shared a look between us again, shaking her head.

"It was mine. I thought we'd surprise everyone. We do look good don't we?" I looked over at Tommy, drinking in how hot he was.

"Uh...I think the correct phrase is that you two are going to knock people's socks off when they see you together." She looked at her hands and after nodding to herself, she came and gave me a hug and then hugged Tommy. "You two are perfect for each other on the outside; just make sure you keep it that way on the inside too." She said in a low voice, where only Tommy and I could hear. Tommy and I looked at each other, and then nodded to Connie.

"We will." We both assured her. "Connie, Tommy left his clothes upstairs. Could you pack them into his bag and then pack me a change of clothes as well? We don't have time to do it; the Weber's should be here any second." I asked and then I remembered the state of my sheets and looked at her and blushed so hotly that I was sure my face was going to burn off.

"Brent! What in the world is wrong?" She put her hand to my forehead and then to my cheeks. Not feeling any heat, she looked at me strangely. I couldn't figure out how to say anything. She lowered her head a little bit and looked at me through the shadow of her brows, "Ok, I see that it's not a fever so it must be something that you think is embarrassing." She said. I continued to blush, expecting any second to burst into flames. Connie just stood there waiting for me to explain. I looked over at Tommy and he was also looking at me like I was an alien. I swallowed hard and then prepared myself to just say it.

"Connie this is the most embarrassing thing I have ever had to tell you. I might just die in the process. My sheets..." Tommy gasped and I saw him turn as red as me. "Please don't ask me any questions about my sheets, now or ever. I can't say it."

Connie raised her eyebrows and looked at Tommy and then me. "Ah. I think I understand." She smiled. I was dying, shoot me now! "I take it they need to be changed badly? Do I need to wear gloves, or should I just strip the bed and burn the linen?" Again, she looked at Tommy and me. She chuckled a little, and then she doubled over, laughing her ass off. Well, I thought to myself, at least Tommy and I are dressed for the caskets already. When we both drop dead of embarrassment here in the kitchen, all they need do is roll us in the boxes and carry us away. Of course my father chose this precise moment to walk into the kitchen. Connie was still doubled over laughing. Tommy and I were flaming red in the face, dressed in matching suits, and then we all heard a horn sound from outside. Impeccable timing all around.

My father sidestepped Connie so he could come to me and give me a hug. He turned to Tommy and offered him a hug as well. "You guys look handsome this morning." He looked at the matching suits. "Nice choice of suits." He looked down and saw our matching shoes and then back at me, raising his eyebrows. "$2000 suits and $1300 shoes, each. You're just going to Sunday mass, not to your weddings guys." It was not possible to blush more, but I felt the roots of my hair tingle and wondered if my hair was even blushing. I turned and looked at Tommy and instead of his blush, I saw he was standing as stiff as a board and his face looked beyond shocked, he looked scared. He turned his head and looked at my father, and then at me.

"This cost..." He gulped and looked down at his shoes and back up. "Mr. Stewart, you're joking right? About the clothes...please." He begged towards my father. My father laughed and put his hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"No son, I'm not joking, but you need to lighten up. It's only clothes and you look great in that suit. You're sure to make an impression." He shook Tommy's shoulder a little bit and smiled fondly at him. Connie recovered and was wiping the tears out of her eyes. My father looked around at her and I couldn't see his face, but Connie started all over again and had to hold onto the counter top for support. My father looked at me and shook his head and smiled. There was a knock on the door. "I'll answer it." He said and left the kitchen for the foyer.

I looked at Tommy and said, "Things, Tommy. Just things." He swallowed hard and nodded his head at me. I looked at Connie. "Connie, don't you think you've embarrassed us enough. You can stop laughing now." She stood up and began pulling herself together.

"Sweetheart, I wiped your butt for almost 4 years. I've cleaned up vomit, runny noses, and all manner of other messes you have made over the years. I think I can handle what you have upstairs. It's just; this is the first time in all those years you have ever felt embarrassed about any of it." She used a dishtowel to wipe her face and looked back at me. "Who do you think has made sure you had a box of Kleenex next to your bed since you were 12? Hmm? They're not just for wiping your snotty little nose. Brent I may be old, but I'm not THAT old." She looked behind me and said, "Good Morning Mr. Weber. Would you care for a cup of coffee?"

Tommy and I turned around. Mike was standing with my father in the doorway. He stared at the two of us with his eyebrows almost climbing into his hairline. He then smiled and walked up to Tommy. He stretched out his right hand.

"Hello young man. I'm Mike Weber. If you will kindly call my son, I'd like to give him a hug."

"Aw dad...stop." Smiling, Tommy ignored his father's outstretched hand and hugged him, and then stepped back. "So how do Brent and I look?"

"You know exactly how you both look." He laughed. "Just remember that the father of the bride has to pay for everything, and your mom and I have scheduled the reception at McDonalds to limit the expenses." He looked over at my father and they both started laughing, loudly. The intended effect was perhaps to embarrass us both, but in front of my father? His words sent a chill up my spine and no little amount of fear. Even seeing my father laughing at the sally didn't alleviate my sudden apprehension. Over the past few days, my father had been receiving too many signals, intentional or otherwise. I looked at him when he finished laughing at Mike's joke. Our eyes met and he sobered up and came walking towards me.

He hugged me and whispered into my ear, "We'll talk when you get home. I love you son." He pushed me away, keeping his hands on my shoulders and looked at me. He had a smile on his face and for the very first time in my whole life, I saw in his eyes something that I had never, ever seen. Something that I had not even hoped for, because it was so impossible to me. My father's eyes were full to overflowing with what could only be his love for me. An overwhelming emotion swelled up in me. It was overpowering. My knees felt like they couldn't hold me up. Before I could fall to the floor, my father hugged me to him and held me up. Tears burst from my eyes and I cried like a baby in my fathers arms. After several minutes of him just holding onto me, I felt other arms trying to pull me out of his, and felt my father let go of me, only to have his arms replaced by...by Tommy's. I looked into Tommy's eyes and shining through his own tears, was the same look filled with love I had seen in my fathers, but his was deeper and more profound. I gave up and held Tommy close to me. He was rubbing my back with his hand, comforting and enveloping me with his love.

Tommy held me tight and moved his lips right up to my ear and whispered, "I love you." We heard a horn sound from outside and I pulled myself together. I'm sure I looked like a wreak. My eyes felt swollen and my nose was stuffy. I pulled away from Tommy and smiled at him. He smiled back and let go of me. I looked around the kitchen. Connie had her arms wrapped around herself looking at me with a tear streaked face. She was slowly twisting her upper body as she held herself. I smiled at her. She looked like she would look, had she been holding me in her arms and comforting me. She released herself and wiped the tears from her face. She returned my smile and mouthed "I love you." She picked up a dishtowel and handed it across the counter to me. I took it and wiped my face and then looked for my father.

I saw him standing beside Mike. Mike's arm was wrapped around my father's shoulder. The two men were looking at each other. The bond of their friendship of so many years was tangible to anyone who cared to see it. It was huge. The horn sounded again from outside. Mike looked one last time at my father and after giving his shoulder a light squeeze with his hand, he removed his arm. He looked at me. "That's the ole ball and chain wondering what we're up to. We better get going." He walked forward and grabbed me in a hug. "You ready son?" He asked and released me. I smiled and nodded. "Ok, well, let's move it!"

I walked to my father and gave him a hug. "I'll see you this afternoon dad. I..." I paused to clear my throat.

"I know Brent. We'll talk when you get home." He hugged me. "We have a lot to clear up and a lot that has waited to long to be said. Have fun at church and Tommy's house." He released me and straightened my coat and tie. "Now, you all had better go before your late making Tommy's and your grand entrance into society." I smiled and said I'm ready when everyone else is. Mike, Tommy and I said bye to my father and Connie and left the house. Everyone in the Weber's truck was startled by the appearance of Tommy in his suit. Tommy and I rode in the back cab of the truck and Carolyn couldn't stop marveling at her son as we drove to church.

Our arrival and entry at church caused a small but satisfying sensation. Tommy and I were by far the center of attraction when we walked in with his family and found seats in the pews. Carolyn was beaming at the attention we all received and smiled with pride at her son and me. Everyone who met our eyes said hello and told her how handsome Tommy looked. Tommy and I sat down and looked at each other. We were preening like two peacocks, displaying the full plum of our tail feathers. Finally, everyone settled down and I finally took time to look around the church. It appeared different than our church in LA and I looked at Tommy and asked, "What is the name of this church?"

"Prince of Peace Lutheran Church." He answered, and then asked "Why do you ask?"

"Well, it just looked a little different than our church back in LA. Um..." I looked around at the people seated close to us and then leaned closer to Tommy, "I'm Roman Catholic. You think it's ok that I'm attending a Protestant service?" Granted, I'm not a very religious person and neither are my parents, but I didn't want to burst into flames for just being inside a non-catholic church, or start speaking in strange tongues. Tommy's mother was sitting to his left and he leaned over and repeated my question to her. She looked around Tommy so she could see me and get my attention.

"It's ok Brent. The split between Lutherans and the Roman Catholic Church arose mainly over the doctrine of grace alone through Christ alone, which contradicted the Roman view of faith formed by love, or faith and works." She explained.

I blinked at her. What she said made no sense to me. It was a bunch of mumbo jumbo to my ears. I leaned over in front of Tommy, and asked her. "So I won't burst into flames or fall on the floor gibbering for being here?"

She gave me a strange look, and then started laughing out loud. People turned and stared at us. She noticed and covered her mouth with her hand. A few of the people who had turned to look at her, smiled and turned back. Others wore an affronted look, but they too finally turned around as her laughter subsided. She took her hand from her mouth and looked at me and gave me a fond smile. "Brent, you are a very special young man. To think someone could make me laugh like that in church is amazing." She shook her head. "Don't worry. You'll not burst into flame nor start rolling around under the pews." She chuckled and caught herself, then reached and pat my leg. "You'll be fine." I looked at Tommy and then up towards the front.

There was a choir standing to the left of the alter and on the right was a huge organ, with an organist seated in front of it. She started playing and the choir began to sing. I looked over at the choir and standing in the front in a purple and white robe, was Missy. I hadn't noticed her on my first glace of the group standing there. Now she was singing and looking right at me. She smiled and nodded her head at me. I smiled in return. Oh isn't this just perfect, I thought. I nudged Tommy and then looked back towards Missy. He looked where I was looking and then turned back to look at me. "I told you her father was a Pastor." He looked towards the front and then lifted his chin to tell me to look also. "See, here's her father. Pastor Rollins." The man Tommy indicated walked forward and the organist and choir finished their hymn. I looked at Tommy and whispered to him. "We need to get out of here quick after services. I don't want to have to talk to Missy, especially when we're not in school!" He smiled at me and nodded his head as we heard Pastor Rollins begin the services.

An hour and a half later I was shoving the back of Tommy as we were trying to leave the pews to get him to hurry up. Jamesson had sat on my right and now he had a hold of the back of my coat, hanging on for dear life like I might try and escape him. I kept looking in the direction of the choir. They were all still standing there and Missy appeared a bit antsy. It looked like they weren't allowed to depart until everyone else had. Jamesson was slowing me down with his constant drag on the back of me, so I finally turned around and picked him up. The boy wasn't light to hold, he was 10 after all, but I would have carried an elephant in one arm and a hippo in the other if it would help me to vacate the premises faster. After slow stepping our way to the exit, about 15 minutes later, we all made it out. I made my escape for the truck, and was there with Jamesson when the rest of the family arrived.

"What's got you in such a hurry Brent?" Mike asked and opened the door to his truck and pressed the unlock button to open the other doors. "Do you need to go to the restroom? There's one inside."

"Ah...no, nothing like that. I'm just ready to get out of this suit and stuff." I looked back towards the entrance to the church, and still no sign of Missy. "Mike, would you mind dropping back by my house before we go to yours? Tommy left his bag there and I need to change too." He looked at Carolyn and she nodded.

"Ok, but you boys need to hurry when we get there. As you notice, we have a whole truck load of bodies who would also like to get out of their zuetsuits. I'll give you 10 minutes when we get there or I'm coming for you both and will drag you out, even if your tally whackers are hanging out!" Brandon and David were listening to him and laughed at the last part of his statement. I wasn't exactly sure what a tally whacker was, but I could imagine.

"We'll be fast." I looked back at the church, and then back to Mike. "Can we leave now, please?" He shook his head and told everyone to get in. As we pulled out of the chuck parking lot, I looked out the window and there stood Missy, watching us driving away. Yes! I turned from the window with a big smile on my face.

Tommy and I ran into the house and changed out of the suits. Connie had cleaned my bedroom while we were at church. I took a leak and Tommy did too. I dressed in shorts and tee. We left the suits on the bed. After changing, we ran back downstairs. I stopped by the kitchen and kissed Connie and thanked her. She smiled. Tommy and I ran out and jumped in the truck. Jamesson was now in the backseat too and when I climbed in, he climbed into my lap. I ruffled his hair and Mike drove off for home.

Tommy and I just walked around his dad's farm and talked, hugged a lot, and stole kisses when we could. When we were in the house, there were still lots of crazy happenings every so often and Mike was always there to settle the disputes. Lunch and then dinner, were major events of preparation and eating. It was also times that brought the whole family together as one, and everyone made me feel a part of it. Regretfully, time doesn't stand still because we want it to and it was getting late. I had homework and so did Tommy that needed doing for tomorrow at school. He and I went to his room, and thankfully Brandon wasn't occupying it at the moment.

"I love you Brent." Tommy told me as we hugged. "This weekend passed fast."

"It passed real fast for me too. But it was also the best one I've had. I'm going to miss you so much tonight." I kissed him and we both enjoyed or last few moments together for the evening. Mike called from downstairs and with a final pass of our tongues in each others mouths, we separated and walked down. Jamesson was standing with his father and mother by the front door. I had made time for him after church. He and I had played out front with a soccer ball for at least an hour. Tommy still had chores on the weekends, and while he took care of those, I fulfilled my obligation to my friend. I smiled at him and gave him a hug and told him goodnight. He hugged me back and then planted a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. He looked at Tommy and Tommy looked at him with eyebrows drawn together. Jamesson just returned a cheeky smile and finally Tommy laughed. Hugs all around and goodnights, Mike and I walked out to his truck and started for my house.

I started thinking about what my father was going to say to me when I got home. I was interrupted in my musings when Mike touched my shoulder my shoulder and said, "You know Brent, everyone settles in and their lives become complacent. We repeat the same things over and over, everything just becomes routine. We all find times to still enjoy life, but nothing really out of the extraordinary happens." He paused for just a moment, and then continued. "Son, you have really brought a lot of change with your arrival. Sure, Tommy has experienced the majority, but we have all benefit as well." His hand squeezed my shoulder. "I just want you to know that Carolyn and I are proud to have met you. I hope you feel the same. I really want you to feel welcome as a part of our family." With a final squeeze of his hand he removed it from my shoulder.

I looked over at him. "I do feel a part of the family. I didn't want to move. I was leaving everything I knew behind and the thought of living without my friends and having to adjust to a small town and a farm. Well, it just overwhelmed me. But now...I can really say that I'm more happy being here than I had ever been in LA. It's different, but it's also far better." I put my hand on his arm and gave it a small squeeze. "Thanks Mike. Tommy's lucky he has you as a dad. You're awesome."

"Thanks Brent, but I think your going to find that your own dad is pretty awesome. I think you're going to find that out in just a few more minutes. Listen to him Brent. I know him very well. Give him a chance to express what he feels and perhaps you'll understand the man, as well as the father. I missed him so much over the years. I'm very happy that my Billy has come home to me. It was too long."

I removed my hand from his arm and watched the light cast on the road by the truck until we stopped at my house. I hugged Mike and told him thanks again. He waited until I made it to my front door and then drove away. I turned the knob on the door and walked in. I was going to give my dad the chance Mike asked me to. I was going to do it for Mike's sake, my father's, but most of all, I was going to do it for my own. I needed a father. I just needed to see if mine really needed a son.


Well, seeing as how I got no less than 10 emails from readers wanting me to continue even if this turns into an epic, I will do my best to fulfill their wishes. There are many plot directions I have built into the story, as well as a cast of characters other than Brent, his dad and Tommy. What's going through Matt's mind for real? Does he still hope for a change in Brent? Barry and John? What secrets lie there to explore? Frank? Is he what he seems or could there be more hidden behind his extroverted personality? Brent is central to everything in my story. He will always be the focus, but there's room for expansion. Besides, my high school boyfriend was named Brent. And well, he's still in my life so it's natural I want to have my main character remain the story's paramount player. :) Before I get a flood of emails asking, No...It is not him. He's very different, but alike in some ways. We can only write about what we know, but we can also write about what we want. Thanks to all the people who have written with encouragement and positive feedback for this story. Keep it coming? Please remember that it is MY story and imagination at work. I plan to develop it as I feel it needs and I hope it will meet with your approval.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Learning to Love. If you would like to send me an email, you can send it to jmedinacorona@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more to come!