Life On The Farm
Chapter 11
Written By: Justin Case
Edited By: Krystofyr
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Joey sat in his wheel chair, staring at Randy's angelic face, wondering if he'd ever have a chance to share the love he felt for his friend. Hoping some miracle would happen and eliminate the cancer from his body. All his life he had been picked on because of his size, the pain of the taunts from days gone by, combined with his fear of dying, added to his frustration of loving Randy, and not being able to express his love. Joey knew that Jim and Randy were his only true friends; he'd known it since the day Jim came to his rescue in the schoolyard.

Joey was a thinker, not one for many words. Lately he'd been struggling with why people acted so cruel to one another. `Don't they realize how short life can be?' He would ask himself. He had begun to be thankful for what he had, not in material things, but in the gifts of life itself. Funny how facing death or some other tragic event can force a person to rationalize, Joey realized. Often he felt guilty that he hadn't realized these things sooner.

He had been so filled with conflict the past few years, mostly about his attraction to other boys, and what was deemed `acceptable'. Joey constantly looked for answers to his questions, the questions of what made him the way he was. Now he questioned why he was even alive, if his life was to be cut short. Lately he had begun to doubt what he had been taught all those years in church. Until one day he realized to himself that there was a God, or a great architect of the universe. It came to him as he watched the magnificent beauty of a summer sunset while he sat in a meadow until nightfall and witnessed the vast greatness of the stars above. In an instant, Joey felt the presence of what he came to believe was the divine creator filling his soul, as a shooting star flashed across the darkened sky. It was that night, a few months earlier, which he clung to as he sat in the hospital room with Randy, and Randy's mom.

"Joey, maybe you should get some rest," Mary's soft voice came, and robbed Joey of his momentary solitude.

"I'm ok. I'll stay a little while longer. Really, I'm not tired."

"Son, you look exhausted. How are you going to get well if you don't get your own rest?" Mary said. Her voice filled with that motherly reasoning.

"Well, it's just that if Randy wakes up, I want to be here." Joey seemed to protest her concern.

"I understand Joey, I know how much you care for Randy. I do, mothers know these things. But honey, if you don't get your own rest you won't get better. Go ahead, you go back to your room, and the minute Randy wakes, I'll come get you, I promise."

Joey looked at Mary, and couldn't help but feel that she knew; she knew he was going to be all right, and she knew he loved her son. It was as if Mary had some special power, he didn't fully understand it, but he knew she was right. He gave her a brief smile, nodded his head, and wheeled his chair back to his room.

Steve sat in the passenger seat of the black Dodge Charger, as Jim drove it towards the farm, he was still feeling bad about some of the things that he had done in his life. He watched Jim as he drove the car. He looked at Jim's wavy brown hair, and studied Jim's facial features. For a brief moment Jim seemed so real, so familiar, and Steve knew he could love him. He couldn't understand all that he was sensing, but he liked it. It was one of the first times in Steve's life that he had felt so connected to someone else, almost as if he'd known Jim from a previous life.

Jim stopped the car on the dirt road that led into the cabin, he looked over at Steve, his cock was already bulging in his pants, and he was filled with desire. He didn't say a word as he pulled Steve's body to his and passionately kissed him. Jim pushed his tongue into Steve's wanton mouth, and Steve sucked at it while he pushed one of his hands onto Jim's aching cock buried under the fabric of his blue jeans. Jim could feel his pre-cum oozing from the sensitive head of his dick, and the dampness it created on his briefs. Breathing heavy, and feeling like he was going to bust a nut at any second, Jim broke free from the sensual kiss. He couldn't stop; he just couldn't get enough of the pleasures he felt while holding Steve in his arms and nibbling on his lips. Finally he pushed Steve away.

"Oh god Steve, I want you so bad."

"My cocks as hard as yours, feel it Jim. Rub my dick a little."

"No, not here, lets go to the cabin and get naked. I want to feel your skin against mine. I want you to fuck me Steve."

They both got out of the car and ran through the field towards the tree line, both equally anxious for release. Jim reached for Steve's hand as the two teens ran desperately towards the cabin. Steve clenched onto Jim's hand as Jim led the way. Jim quickly turned the door handle and pushed open the door as they reached the cabin. Once inside he took Steve into his arms.

The two young men embraced, kissing deeply, rubbing their hard cocks against each other through the fabric of their clothing. Steve ran his hands under Jim's shirt and squeezed the skin of Jim's back in his fingers. Jim slid his right hand between them and struggled to undo Steve's belt and trousers. Their breathing frenzied, as the two bodies gyrated against one another. Finally Jim was able to get Steve's pants undone and the fell to his knees; Jim quickly shoved his hand into Steve's briefs and grabbed for the hard prick.

Steve started backing towards the cot, and pulled Jim with him as they held their embrace and continued kissing and stroking each other's bodies. He reached his right hand between them and began fumbling with Jim's pants, anxiously trying to get them off.

"Oh god, Steve. Take your clothes off; I want to see you get undressed. I want to watch you. Do it slowly, and keep your briefs on, I want to see you with just your briefs on."

Steve practically ripped his shirt off, as he pulled it over his head; he tossed it to the floor. He used his feet and slipped his sneakers off, then sat on the cot and pulled his socks off. He stood up, his pants now around his ankles as he stepped out of them, standing in just his white jockey shorts. His dick was swollen and poking against the cotton of his briefs; his large sac seemed to bulge against the restraining cloth below.

Jim stood there staring at Steve, memorizing every detail of his god like body. The smooth firm chest, the dark skin, the muscular legs with faint light wisps of black hair on their thighs, and thicker hairs on the shins. The cute face and the deep-set brown puppy dog eyes, and the slightly puggish nose mesmerized him, as he stood motionless drinking in the sight.

"Now you. I want to see you get undressed." Steve whispered, and sat on the cot readying himself to watch Jim get naked, as if he was in an audience of a theater.

Jim slowly and with much more purpose disrobed. When he was down to his own briefs, he briefly stood still, closed his eyes, and then ran his hands down his body. He paused one on his breast, and gently pinched its nipple, licking his lips at the same time. Jim slid his other hand to the waistband of his tight white briefs and pulled it down slightly, exposing the reddened head of his leaking cock. The pre-cum glistened at the slit, in the dimly lit room, as the sinking sun shone its rays into a window across the room. He imagined Steve to be as turned on as he was.

"Take `em off, I want to see you naked." Steve whispered.

Jim slid the jockey shorts off his legs and stepped closer to Steve. Steve reached his arms up and around Jim's hips pulling his body towards his face. Steve pushed his face into Jim's crotch and smelled deeply, he took in the musky scent through his nostrils. Steve wanted to taste the juices that were running down the throbbing cock, he wanted to feel its heat pulsating in his mouth. He pulled the hot, rock hard, piece of flesh to his mouth with his hand and sucked it into his wet mouth.

Jim stood before Steve and threw his head back, keeping his eyes closed as he pumped his raging dick into Steve's mouth and hand. His hips bucked, as he pummeled the hot juicy lips of his lover. He could feel the beginnings of his climax building deep in his balls, but didn't want the feeling to stop. Jim quickly pulled his saliva-coated prick out of Steve's mouth, and stepped back.

"Take your briefs off." Jim said.

As soon as Steve was naked, Jim climbed into the cot, and lay on top of Steve. He placed his cock between Steve's legs and began pumping it up and down. He felt Steve's hot dick against his pelvis, as Steve pumped his cock against Jim's body. He reached one of his hands between their bodies, and grabbed Steve's cock; he placed it against his and jerked on them both with his tightly closed fist. He could feel the sensations of his impending orgasm building again. His asshole felt empty, and he wanted it filled with Steve's hot manhood before he came. He wanted to feel Steve's thick cream fill his ass.

"Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me now!"

Jim got off of Steve's body and positioned himself so Steve was behind him as he knelt in front. Steve began to play with Jim's boy pussy, and shoved a finger deep into it. Jim's body writhed in pleasure as he pushed against the probing digit.

"Yeah, deeper, deeper. That's it shove your finger deeper."

Steve popped in another finger, and then a third, into the moistened hole. He pushed them in as deep as he could. He twisted his hand around while the fingers remained positioned inside Jim's asshole. He furiously shoved his three fingers in and out of Jim's hot wet hole. He lowered his face near the asshole and began licking the brown bud as he drove his fingers in and out.

"Yeah, shove your tongue up my ass. Oh god, yes."

Steve couldn't wait any longer; he had to shove his aching cock deep into Jim's waiting ass. He wanted to fuck him good. He wanted to feel his cock buried in Jim's ass. He got on his knees, grabbed his dick in his right hand and guided it to Jim's stretched out and wet hole. He pushed the head of his cock into the tight ring of the deep orifice; he felt it as it grabbed at his cock head. With one sudden thrust he pushed his six inch cock all the way in.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard. That's it babe, fuck me good." Jim cried out.

Steve reached his right hand around Jim's body and grabbed for Jim's cock as he fucked him in his hot ass. He could feel Jim's cock pulsating and throbbing in his hand, as he continued to shove his cock in and out of Jim's ass.

"You like it. Don't you, my hard dick fucking you. Feel me sliding in and out. Tell me you like it."

"Yessssssssssssss! I like it. FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!! DEEPER, SHOVE IT IN ME, DEEEEEEEP!!!"

Steve couldn't hold back, he felt his cum as it began rising from the depths of his loins. He could feel the hot thick juice as it traveled up the length of his aching shaft. Steve rammed his cock as deep as he could; he felt his balls slap against Jim's inner thighs. He grabbed harder onto Jim's cock and jerked it frantically as his cum filled Jim's hole. He felt Jim's cock throb with each burst of cum it shot out.

Spent, they both collapsed onto the bed. Holding each other in their arms, the two young lovers cuddled and began to doze off. Both totally satisfied, and seemingly in love.

Nurse Holmsley was making her rounds; she had just walked into Randy's room when he woke. Mary had dozed and was still sitting in the chair next to the bed. The nurse looked at Randy, his eyes weren't fully opened, but he was awake. He motioned for the paper and pen. She quickly handed them to him.

`Jim?' he wrote on the pad.

"He's not here right now. I'm sure he'll be back."

`Love,' he scribbled.

"Love? What honey, what do you love?"

`Jim,' his hand shook as he wrote it.

"Yes, he's a nice boy. I'm sure he's your best friend."

`No... Love... I love him. Tell him, in case I die.' His hand shook as he tried to write.

"Oh honey, you're not going to die. Please, you're not going to die."

Randy's eyes closed, the loud alarm of the heart monitor began squealing, indicating his heart had stopped. Nurse Holmsley quickly pushed the button over the bed, the emergency page for a code blue. Mary woke to the sounds of the machine's alarm, her face filled with fright.

"Code blue, I C U, Code blue..." The voice crackled over the public address system.


To Be Continued:

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