Life on the Farm


Chapter 4

Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


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Jim slept soundly in his bed, as Randy and Steve were on the floor. He dreamt of lazy summer days swimming with Randy in the Grasse River.

The humming of the refrigerator motor buzzed softly in Steve's ears and roused him from his slumber. He stirred around under the sleeping bag Jim had lent him. Steve often woke during the night, his mind wracked with guilt of the misdeeds he had done in his life. He worried that some day all the bad things he'd done would come back to him. He thought about all the houses he had broken into, and the ones he burgled. One home always came to his mind.

It was during the past summer. Bernie had brought him to the house; the two sat in Bernie's car as Bernie told Steve the plan. Bernie was an older man, in his forties, to Steve that was old. Bernie liked young boys; he liked to have them in his bed too. He always left money for the young boys under their pillow, after he had has his way with them. Steve with his chiseled chest and muscular body was one of Bernie's favorites, and had been since Steve was thirteen.

Lately, Bernie had begun to have his eye on a new boy, another young kid named Tommy. Steve introduced Tommy to Bernie. Tommy was Jill's brother. He was fourteen, slim with dirty blonde hair and wide green eyes. Tommy had that rugged look to his face, the kind that made him appear to be older.

Steve lay awake now, the refrigerator seemed to be roaring in his head. He could hear the wind up alarm clock ticking loudly too. His eyes shot towards the luminescent hands on the darkened face of the clock, it was just before 2:00AM. He wondered what his girlfriend, Jill, was doing. He envisioned her partying with her mother and Tommy. That was the normal every night occurrence at the Roberson's house. Jill's mother would buy some beer, and whoever was there would party. He had known Jill since he was ten; she was the only girl that liked him. Actually, Steve had very few friends, only people he used, or who used him. He called everyone his friend though; he really didn't know the difference between friends and acquaintances. Except for Jill, she made him feel special; he knew that.

Steve reached his right hand into his underwear and began to feel his cock. The young teenage boy wanted to sleep. A good workout on his dick would help him. Some nights it was the only way he could get back to sleep. He slowly worked his right hand up and down his six-inch hard cock. Instead of Jill, he thought about Jim. The visions of Jim sucking wildly on his circumcised cock flooded his brain. He knew Jim wanted it, he saw it in his eyes. He wished Randy wasn't next to him on the floor, he wanted to fuck around with Jim.

He thought back to the night he had broken into that house, the one he and Bernie had sat in front of. Steve remembered going into the bedroom while the people slept. He crept around, while listening to the breathing of the home's occupants, and rummaged through their drawers. He pictured the pearl handle pistol flashing in the moonlit bedroom; its silver barrel seemed to glisten in the darkness. He remembered his heart pounding as he slipped the gun into his pants. His cock ached for release now; his heart was pounding again; just like that summer night.

Steve rolled towards Jim's bed, carefully not to wake Randy. He reached his right hand towards Jim, and slowly slid it under the blankets. He could feel the heat of Jim's body on his fingertips. He lightly ran his hand towards Jim's waist. Steve found what he was looking for, Jim was hard, and his cock pressed against his briefs. Steve got up so his torso rested against the side of Jim's bed, and laid his head on the mattress while he gently groped at Jim's boner through the fabric of the cotton underwear. His heart pounded in his chest as his excitement grew. He slid his left hand into his own underwear and slowly jerked on his raging cock. He moved his right hand into Jim's underwear, and felt Jim's body tense at his touch.

Jim woke with a start; he felt someone's hand on his hard dick, but didn't know who was touching him. He opened his eyes and looked at Stevie. Was he dreaming, he wondered? He looked at his clock; it was just after two. His head was in a fog, all that pot and beer he had partied with earlier had taken its toll. He wasn't dreaming; his dream had come true. He rolled to his side and pulled his new friend's head closer to him. He bent over so he could press his lips to Steve's. He kissed him as deep and passionately as he could, it was the first time he had ever kissed another person, with desire. He felt Steve's hand grasp his cock while the two kissed.

"Shh," Jim held one finger to his lips, and pulled on Steve's arm in an effort to invite him into the small bed, as he sounded the quieting signal.

Steve crawled up into the bed next to Jim; he felt the smooth skin of his buddy against his own. He pulled Jim's head towards his for another kiss. He liked the feel of Jim's lips against his own. The two nibbled on each other's mouths as their hands rubbed each other's dicks still buried in their underwear.

"Get naked," Steve whispered.

The two boys slid their underwear off and rolled back into each other, rubbing their dicks against one another, and continued to make out. Their tongues danced, lightly in and out of their mouths, with each other. Jim ran his hands down Steve's smooth back, he felt the tight muscles, and then ran them back up to his neck.

Steve felt goose-bumps as Jim delicately ran his soft hands up and down his back. He also felt the slick pre-cum oozing from his rock hard cock, as he pumped it against Jim's. He ran his own right hand down between them to feel Jim's cock. He wrapped his fingers around both their cocks; he gyrated his hips, causing his cock to slide in the juices against Jim's. The feelings were immense; he had never been so excited. The feel of another boy's dick sliding alongside his own was something he loved.

Steve broke the kissing and pushed Jim's head towards his cock. He wanted to feel that wet mouth sucking on his dick. He could almost feel Jim's mouth, hot and moist from the tongue tag, on his dick as he forced Jim down to it.

Jim willingly took Steve's dick into his mouth. He had visualized it often, he wished he could see it now, but it was too dark. He wished the lights could be on. Jim could smell the sweat of Steve's body as he devoured the velvety head into his mouth. He felt Steve's legs tense, as he drew the entire dick into his sucking mouth. Jim clenched his lips over his teeth and felt Steve's cock with them as he moved his head up and down. His mouth watered, and spit ran out of it and down the hard pole. He grabbed the base of the slim cock in his right hand and worked the saliva with it. His hand followed the pumping of his mouth, up and down Steve's cock. He moved his left hand under Steve, and felt his smooth ass with it. He could feel the muscles of Steve's ass flex in his hand as he pumped and sucked on his cock.

"Yeah, suck it all, you love it. You love my dick in your mouth," Steve moaned quietly to Jim.

Steve's encouragement excited Jim beyond his wildest imagination. He couldn't believe Steve was so free with his thoughts. Jim sucked harder on the cock as he slid his mouth up and down it; his fingers squeezed it tighter. His left hand had traveled to Steve's ass hole, he probed at the puckering hole, and instinctively he inserted his index finger into it.

"Oh yeah, Jim, deeper, babe. Suck slower. Oh yeah," Steve continued his lustful thoughts.

Jim sucked Steve's cock furiously. He felt the ridge of its head, as his mouth went up and down the shaft, begin to swell. Steve pushed his ass onto Jim's finger, the walls of the tight hole clenched against it. He pushed his finger deep inside, and upward, toward the base of Steve's balls. The palm of his left hand pushed from the outside against Steve's tightened sac, as the finger pressed towards it from the inside. Jim could feel the entire cock throb in his hand and mouth as he continued his pumping and sucking. He wanted to taste Steve's cum.

"God, Jim, oh fuck. You are the best. Yeah, suck me, finger me, it feels so fucking good. OOOO, make me cum."

Steve began furiously fucking his body against the invading finger and wanton mouth and hand. He felt his balls tighten up into their little sockets. His thighs began to cramp, but the pain was overcome by the sensations of sex. Sensations he had never felt before.

"ARGH, I'm gonna cum. Yesssssssss, OOOOOoooooo," Steve whispered to Jim, and drew in a deep breath between his lips.

Jim sucked harder on the throbbing cock in his mouth, while his right hand slid up and down it, and his left pointer buried itself deep into Steve's butt. He massaged the heel of his left hand against the ball-less sac that was full of cum. He wanted to feel the jets of Steve's hot cum in his mouth.

Steve's cock had swollen beyond its normal girth. He could feel his orgasm as it began to build from deep inside his body. He grabbed the back of Jim's head and thrust his cock as deep as he could into Jim's mouth. He felt Jim put another finger up his ass, it was too much. His dick finally erupted, shot after shot of hot sticky cum, pumped up his dick into Jim's waiting mouth. Jim's fingers pushed inside his butt with every blast of cum.

Jim's cock came too, just as he felt the spray of cum hit the back of his throat. His cum had shot with force all over his bent over chest. He could feel the hot cum as it began to cool off on his body. He couldn't remember cumming so much before, and certainly had never cum without touching himself. He pushed on Steve's buried nuts and they returned to their place inside the empty sac. He licked them gently, while Steve stroked Jim's curly brown hair. Both boys spent, they gently caressed each other without changing positions.

Jim's mind was full of questions. He wanted to talk to Steve, but Randy was only a few feet away, he didn't dare make any more noise. He continued to lightly kiss Steve's balls and deflated prick, as he hugged his arms around his newfound friend's butt. He loved the feeling of holding Steve in his arms. It was as if the orphan's desires to be loved, and love, were felt by him as he clung to the body tightly in the bed. Oh, he loved Carol, Matty, and Randy for that matter; this was a deeper kind of love. The kind of love that comes from your soul, the kind of love you read about. Jim felt a true attraction, as he held onto Steve's buttocks and kissed his genitals.

Steve had never been so fulfilled with sexual pleasure before. He slowly drifted into a deep sleep as he held Jim's head in his hands. He slept soundly, the sounds of the refrigerator motor and the incessant ticking of the clock didn't bother him anymore.

Jim began to feel dry cum on his chest, he looked up at the clock, it was nearing three o'clock. He'd have to get up soon, so he figured he'd go ahead and take his shower. After all, Randy had to take one too. He had to get up so Randy wouldn't see him in bed with Steve. He knew he only had about forty minutes before he had to be in the pasture calling the cows. His chest began to itch from the dried cum, so he slowly crawled out from under the blankets and over Steve to get out of bed.

He slowly stepped over Randy's sleeping body as he opened the bedroom door and headed for the bathroom. He was in a daze of sorts, thinking about what Steve and he had done, and didn't notice Randy's charcoal eyes as they followed him out of the room.

Randy had woken when he heard Jim getting out of the bed. He wondered where Steve had gone; it was too dark to see him buried under Jim's blankets in the bed. He felt empty inside. He ached to love Jim, and ached even more for Jim to love him back. Tears began to fill his eyes as he thought about how he could never tell his best friend how he really felt. Each drop stung as they fell onto his cheeks. His whole body trembled as he cried on the floor. Over his sobbing, he heard something, or someone moving in Jim's bed. `It couldn't be, could it? Steve slept in the bed with Jim?' Randy wondered, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. He sat up and squinted his eyes to see in the dark room, he finally made out Steve's body in the bed. He laid back down, his eyes open, and looked towards the ceiling, his mind was a flurry of thoughts. He kept trying to dismiss his suspicions, and justify reasons why the two boys had slept together. He wondered how he'd ask Jim about it, but he decided he was definitely going to say something. He decided he'd wait until Jim and he were alone, he knew that would be soon. The two would be alone in the pasture in less than an hour.


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