Life on the Farm
Chapter 5

Written By: Justin Case
Edited By: Ed

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Jim stood in the shower, letting the warm water run over his tired body. He kept his eyes tightly shut, while he thought about Steve. He pictured Steve's smooth, muscular, seventeen-year-old body, and his fleeting smile. He visualized Steve's dark brown hair, that often fell into his deep-set brown eyes. He thought about Steve's nicely shaped 6 inch, cut cock, that he had just sucked off. Jim gradually rubbed his right hand over his chest as the water continued to pour down on his head.

He had heard stories about Steve, he knew that his newfound friend's past wasn't anything to be proud of. The things he had heard intrigued Jim. Steve had been arrested for burglary, and had gone to juvenile hall. Jim had heard stories about boys that went to juvy, they always seemed to hint of boy-to-boy sex. He had thought of Steve since he first met him only a few weeks earlier, and wondered if Steve was like him. He figured, if Steve had been in juvy with other boys, he might have had sex with some of them. It was all he could do when he saw Steve, think about having sex with him. His hopes had finally come to pass, and he stood in the shower remembering every detail of their sexual encounter, from less than an hour before.

Jim took the bar of soap from the soap dish mounted on the tile wall of the bathtub and began to lather his face and torso. His right hand danced across his skin with the bar of soap held tightly in it, while his left hand rubbed the suds around his body. He ran the soap down his right thigh, then his left. Then he slowly moved the soap to his large hanging sac with the two marble sized balls, and gently massaged them. His six and three quarter inch cock was fully hard; he stroked it lightly with his left hand while he soaped his balls.

He kept his eyes shut, and his thoughts on Steve, while his hand jerked his rock hard cock slowly up and down. Jim's hips began to pump involuntarily as he jerked himself off. The head of his prick became bright red, as the slit on its tip began to widen with excitement. The piss hole opened as the cock swelled in its full rage. His nuts tightened up in their hairy sac, he pulled on them with his left hand as he furiously jerked his aching cock with his right hand still holding the bar of soap in it. The thick hot semen began to pump up the length of his steel like shaft. Jim felt every burst of cum as it shot out the tip of his dick. His legs and hands went weak, he let go of the soap as he shot the last of his cum. His whole body trembled under the spray of warm water, while he let intense pleasures of his orgasm pass.

Randy couldn't sleep; his mind was full of anxiety over Jim's sudden interest in Steve. Jim had been his best friend forever it seemed; the two were practically inseparable since Jim had moved to Massena. He feared Steve's selfishness and his constant troublemaking ways would hurt Jim. He also worried about saying anything for fear of losing Jim's friendship. He knew Steve to be a bad person with a violent past, he had heard the story of how Steve beat up the old man that caught him during his last burglary.

The story went: During the late night hours, Steve had broken into a house on Water Street. The homeowner woke up and found Steve rifling through his bedroom and tried to stop him. Steve supposedly beat the man senseless, and left him for dead. Most people had heard the story, and most knew Steve had been to jail. He thought about how Steve seemed to gloss over his past and blame it on other things.

Randy knew Steve was nothing but trouble, with a capital `T', yet Jim seemed so enamored by him, he felt powerless to do anything. The thing that bothered Randy the most, were the feelings he had been having for Jim lately, and his fear of the truth. He lay awake many nights the last several months thinking about Jim, and how much he loved him, and how much he wished he could admit his real feelings.

Steve lay in Jim's bed with a smug smile across his face. He thought about how much Jim seemed to like him, and how he could use it to his advantage. He thought about Jill, his ex-girlfriend, but still the object of his affections. He hoped that now with his new `friend,' with a hot car, that would enhance his chances to be back with her. He pictured the lust he saw in Jim's face the afternoon before as he undressed in front of him. He knew Jim was gay, he had seen that look in many a boy's eyes in juvy. `Fucking fags,' he thought to himself, `easy fucks, who just want to please.'

Steve's hand traveled into his white briefs and grabbed his tool. His thoughts on the blowjob that Jim had given him and the extreme gratification he felt from it. `He's one hell-uv-a cock sucker,' he told himself. He dismissed his own desires for sucking on Jim's dick and stuffed them deep into his subconscious. He lightly rubbed his prick in his underwear, and made sure the head rubbed against the cotton fabric to give himself the most gratification.

Randy threw the sleeping bag off his body, and quietly got up off the floor. He didn't want to disturb Steve. He fumbled around the room a little bit, finding his way to the door. He quickly looked back at the clock as he reached for the doorknob, he could see it was nearing 3:30 and knew he had to get a move on. As he left the bedroom, he heard Steve stirring in Jim's bed; his heart sank in his chest.

Randy tip-toed across the kitchen floor and headed for the shower. He heard the dull noises of someone else moving around, coming from the bathroom as he approached its door, he knew it was Jim. He was careful to be quiet, he knew Carol didn't like to be woken earlier than she had to be. He was constantly thoughtful of other people's wishes, especially those he liked.

Randy's mind rushed with thoughts of Jim, naked in the bathroom. He tried to picture his best friend's hard cock in his mind, and immediately began to feel his own cock stir in his cotton briefs. He quickly dismissed his passionate thoughts as mere wishes, wishes that would never come true. Randy couldn't shake the fact that when he woke up, Steve was in Jim's bed and he wondered why. He knew there had to be some logical explanation, there was no way Jim and Steve could be like him. `No way indeed,' Randy thought to himself as he knocked on the bathroom door.

"Randy, is that you?" came Jim's cheerful voice.

"Yeah, you decent?" Randy asked, while he hoped Jim was still naked.

"Shit, Buddy, you can come in. It don't matter, I got the same things you got," Jim called to his friend.

Jim was just stepping out of the tub; still soaking wet and naked, as Randy walked into the room. Randy couldn't get over his best friend's beauty, and blushed slightly as he stared at Jim's smooth, wet frame. Randy's charcoal eyes riveted onto Jim's flaccid cock, and deeply implanted its picture into his mind. He knew he would be visiting the sight he had just filed into his memory, soon.

"You OK, Buddy?" Jim asked, noticing Randy's seeming uneasiness.

"Yeah. Why?" Randy asked, as he watched Jim dry his smooth body off with a towel.

"I don't know, you just seem so...I don't know, far away, lately," Jim tried to explain his observations, as best he could.

"I'm fine." Randy quickly discharged Jim's worries.

"Randy, are you sure? You don't seem like yourself lately, are you in love or something?'' Jim persisted with the conversation and concerns.

"Geesh, Jim, come on," Randy halfheartedly protested.

"It's Monica, isn't it? Come on, Randy, I've seen the way she looks at you," Jim pushed on.

Randy thought about it, and knew he didn't like Monica or her advances, of late. He wondered silently to himself, `If you see how she feels; how come you don't notice how I feel?' His face began to flush with the thoughts, "Cut it out. Monica?"

"It is, you have a crush on Monica. Don't you?" Jim continued to tease his best friend.

"I have more of a crush on `little' Joey," Randy confessed, and hoped Jim would begin to understand.

Jim thought about Joey, he liked him, even though he was an underclassman. His mind flashed to thoughts of how Tom constantly picked on the poor kid. He never quite understood why, but there was something about Joey that seemed to attract Jim to him.

Joey was only fifteen years old, and a year behind Jim and Randy in school. Randy had brought him to the farm the first month Jim had moved there, three years earlier. Joey was real scrawny back then, and had only grown a few inches, and had probably gained about twenty pounds. He was the kind of guy that always seemed to get the short end of the stick. For some unknown reason, Tom was constantly picking on `little' Joey. Jim didn't like Tom for that, but he tolerated him, because Tom was eighteen and the only one that could buy booze legally that Jim knew well.

Jim pictured the smaller kid, his light, sandy-blond hair, with the long bangs. He thought about the younger kid's warm and inviting blue eyes with the long black lashes, and the cute turned up little nose set on his boyish face, above the devilish smile he often flashed. Jim remembered thinking about the `little one' often while he jerked off, but certainly didn't say so out loud.

"Where has he been lately?" Jim asked, while he continued to dry his body.

"I heard he had appendicitis and was rushed to the hospital last week," Randy quickly volunteered, hoping to change the subject.

"We should probably call his house later, and see how he's doing," Jim offered, not giving any thought to Randy's revelation.

"Yeah," Randy answered, feeling hurt that Jim never seemed to care as much for him.

Randy began taking his underwear off while watching Jim dry himself off out of the corner of his eye. His thoughts were on Jim's fixation with Steve, and he wondered to himself, why the two had been sleeping in the same bed? He decided to let it go, and wait until they were alone in the pasture, calling the cows in. He still didn't quite know how he would approach the subject.

"Well, I'll meet you in the barn, sleepy-head," Jim called to Randy as he left the bathroom clad only with a towel around his waist.

"I'll give you sleepy-head. You're the one always sleeping in," Randy protested.

Jim closed the door behind him, smiling to himself as he walked back towards his bedroom. He suddenly realized he'd be alone with Steve for at least another twenty minutes, and hoped he'd have a chance to talk to him alone.

Randy stood alone in the bathroom; his eyes began to fill with tears as he thought about how much he loved Jim. He struggled to get his white cotton jockeys off his feet and damn near fell over. He finally managed to free his body of the underwear, and stared at himself at in the mirror mounted over the sink on the wall next to the toilet. Tears streamed down his round cheeks, as his mind thought about how much he loved Jim and knowing it was a forbidden love.

`Why, why me?' Randy's guilt filled mind thought, as he continued to cry. He knew that he loved Jim, truly loved him, but he also knew that others felt it was wrong to feel the way he did. He was so afraid of what others would think if they knew, more importantly if Jim knew. He wiped away the last of his tears with one of his balled up fists, and climbed into the shower. He reached his other hand to the faucets, turning them all the way open, and let the water blast onto his torso full force.

The scalding hot water pelted him, like the thoughts in his mind about Jim. He thought about Jim's naked body and his cock began to swell with excitement. He imagined kissing Jim lightly on the mouth, the way he wanted to so badly. In his mind he saw Jim responding to his passionate kisses. He pictured his hands running through Jim's curly brown locks as he fixated on the imaginary kiss.

Randy's right hand traveled down his stomach to his five and half inch hard cock. His fingers circled around his boyhood, and jerked slowly up and down on the throbbing member. He let his hand slip past the ridge of the circumcised head, before he quickly pushed his clenched hand back down his velvety prick towards the black tuft of pubic hair that sprouted over the top of the cock. Randy's eyes shot downwards, and they watched intently, as he beat his cock in the shower.

The muscles in Randy's hairless thighs tensed as he continued to jerk himself off. He reached his left hand around his smooth rounded butt cheeks, and parted them so he could probe his little puckered ass-hole with the middle finger. His legs bent at the knees, allowing him better access to his tight anus. He thought about Jim's cock, the one he had just seen a few minutes earlier in all its glory. Randy lowered himself to his knees in the tub, finger deep in his ass, his other hand rapidly stroking his raw dick. He opened his mouth as he imagined Jim's hard dick fucking it, and he thought about how good it would feel to be mouth fucked.

"Um, um," he grunted as his abdomen muscles tightened and exposed his smooth washboard stomach six-pack design. His nipples hardened under the constant spray of the shower water, and stuck out like little pencil erasers that had been mounted on his chest.

His ass muscles sucked on his finger as he pushed it as deeply into himself as he could. He pushed his little bubble butt onto the probing digit, as he frantically stroked his raging cock. He was delirious with thoughts of sucking Jim's cock. Finally his dick exploded, and jet after jet of hot white cum shot out of the mushroom shaped head upwards. He leaned his head down, opened his mouth wide, and tried to catch the streams of jizz in it as each eruption occurred. The last shot was a direct hit, and he circled his tongue around the hot juice and swallowed it. He stayed on his knees, letting the water wash over his body while he relaxed from the intense climax.

Jim walked into the bedroom quietly, he hoped Steve would be awake, but decided he'd wake him if he weren't. He flicked the light switch as he entered the bedroom, figuring if Steve was asleep, it would certainly wake him up. He felt he just had to talk to Steve, he wanted to know if Steve felt the same way that he did.

"Hey. What's with the light?" Steve asked, his voice sounded full of sleep.

"I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"

"It's OK, as long as it's you," Steve said.

"Yeah, it's me. Randy is in the shower."

"Cool, so we have a few moments alone," Steve uttered with a sly grin on his face, while he reached his hand under the blankets obviously to his cock. "I got something for you," he continued with, as he threw the covers off his body, exposing his hard dick protruding from the top of the stretched out waist of his underwear.

Jim stared at the nicely shaped dick. He had never seen another boy's hard on in the light before. He had dreamt about this moment, seeing Steve's cock while it was erect. For the last few weeks it was about all he could think about, and now, here it was wide open for full inspection.

"Come on, you know you want it. You liked it last night. I knew you would. Come on, suck me off again." Steve pushed his prick downward so Jim could see into his underwear and see the whole thing.

Jim slowly walked over to the bed, and dropped to his knees in front of it. He slowly reached his right hand to Steve's perfectly shaped dick and pointed it towards his waiting lips. He pulled his lips over his teeth, as he drew the hard cock into his mouth and began sucking on it. He felt the hot skin of Steve's cock as it slid against his tongue. He reached his left hand to the towel around his waist and pulled it away. His own hard dick sprang forward, drops of pre-cum glistened in the bedroom light on its red tip.

Steve pulled Jim's naked body into the bed with him. Jim never let go of the cock with his mouth. Steve looked at Jim while his head went up and down on his dick, he watched as the slickened tool slid in and out of the sucking lips. He reached his right hand outwards to Jim's wet hair and pulled his head onto him, while he grabbed for Jim's dick with his left hand.

"Yeah, suck my cock. You love it. Deeper, slower, take it all the way," Steve whispered, as he pushed and pulled Jim's head up and down his raging dick.

Jim used his right hand to jerk on the fat cock while he expertly sucked it deeply into his mouth. He loved the feeling of Steve's cock pummeling in and out of his face. He could smell Steve's musky scent, as he sucked on the hot tool, it drove him wild. He rolled around in the bed so his cock was near Steve's face.

"Yeah, give me your cock, let me suck it too. You love it, don't you?" Steve's voice was full of excitement, as he took Jim's dick into his mouth and began sucking him off.

The two teenage bodies began pumping and bucking into each other as they sucked each other's cocks off. Both boys grabbed the other's dick in their hands and jerked them simultaneously as they sucked on them.

Jim felt his third orgasm in the last hour building deep inside his balls. He felt his thick cum as it shot out of the tip of his cock into Steve's waiting mouth. Steve jerked Jim's dick with every shot it produced, and drank it down.

Steve's dick began to quiver in Jim's mouth, and shoot his own juices. He felt each stream of cum as it shot into Jim's hot wet mouth. His whole body shook with the orgasm. He slowly let Jim's already softening cock fall from his mouth.

"That was fucking fantastic. Where did you learn how to do that?" Steve wondered out loud.

"I don't know, it's only my second time," Jim admitted.

"You mean I'm the only guy you ever sucked off?"

"Yeah. Why, have you done it before?" Jim questioned Steve, his voice full of astonishment.

"Yeah, a couple of times in juvy, but you're the best I've ever had," Steve complimented Jim.


"Yeah. You won't tell anyone, will you?" Steve timidly inquired.

"No, but how did you know I'd do it?" Jim pushed.

"I could tell by the way you looked at me. I knew you wanted it from the first time I met you," Steve explained.

"Really, does it show that much?" Jim curiously asked.

"Only to people that are looking, and if they're looking, it's because they're interested," Steve reassured him.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" Jim wondered out loud.

"Hell no. This will be our little secret," Steve said, while he looked down at Jim's head between his legs, and tussled the curly wet hair with his fingers.

"I better get dressed before Randy comes back," Jim stated, with some concern in his voice.

Jim got off the bed, grabbed his crumpled barn clothes off the floor, and started to put on his flannel shirt. It wasn't a moment too soon, as he put his arms into the sleeves Randy walked into the room.

"We better hurry, Buddy, we've only got a few minutes," Jim prodded Randy.

"Yeah, wow! Where did the time go?" Randy asked.

"I don't know, but you know the ladies can't wait," Jim mocked his uncle Matty's constant reminder.

The two friends dressed hurriedly and quickly ran out to the pasture to call the cows in. It was a chilly September morning, and frost had settled on the grass during the night. It would only be another few weeks and they'd be shaving the Holsteins for their winter residence in the barn. Jim looked forward to the colder months, because he knew he could sleep longer.

"Come, Boss, Come, Boss," the two boys yelled as they herded up the animals and headed them to the barn.

Randy knew it was now or never, to ask Jim about Steve sleeping in his bed. As the two boys started down the gravel road from the pasture, Randy gathered his courage. He finally cleared his throat and looked at Jim.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Randy managed to squeak out.

"Sure, Randy," Jim answered.

"How come Steve slept in your bed last night?"

Jim's heart began to beat fast in his chest, as his mind filled with guilt. He wondered if Randy knew what had happened. His mind rushed with thoughts as he tried to figure out the right thing to say. He didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.

"You know, he's trouble. I don't want anything to happen to you, Jim," Randy tried to explain.

"Randy, what the hell do you think will happen? Besides, I'm a big boy. Why don't you worry more about Monica, and how you're going to ask her out?" Jim changed the subject.

The words crushed Randy's feelings; tears began to well up in his eyes again. He didn't want Jim to see him crying, so he hung back a little, letting Jim get ahead of him. He bent down and pretended to tie his shoe, while the tears streamed down his face. He hurt badly, and was afraid he'd never be able to tell Jim how he really felt.

Jim, not realizing how upset Randy was, shouted over his shoulder, "You better get a move on, you know these ladies can't wait."

Randy just stayed on his knee, crying to himself. He worried Steve would hurt Jim, just like he had hurt so many other people. Randy worried Jim would end up not being his friend anymore, and become Steve's best friend. It hurt so deeply, and he couldn't talk about it with the one person he really loved. After a few minutes he was able to pull himself together, and he started driving the cows towards the barn, he was a few hundred feet behind Jim.

All of a sudden out of the corner of his eye, he saw a large object bearing down on him. It was still too dark outside to make out what it was, but his mind knew. He saw the large eyes shining in the dark as they glared at him. He heard the thunder, of the almost two thousand pound bull's hooves, rumble along the ground as it charged him. The last thing he saw was the animal's head bend down; just before it lifted him off the ground, and gored his belly with its horn, as he was violently thrown through the air. He tried to yell, but nothing came out of his mouth.


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