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I’m standing in front of the mirror, straightening my tie, trying to think of what I’m going to say to him when I see him. My heart races for a wild moment before I calm myself down again. It’ll come to me when I get there. A small part of me worries about how I’ll look so I check myself another time. I’ll be thirteen years older than when he last saw me and I notice I’m balding a bit while I run my hands through my blonde hair. I’m fit still although my body is certainly hairier at the age of twenty eight.

Somethings don’t change though. When I lock eyes with myself in the mirror it reminds me, I’m staring into gray-blue eyes just like his.


Brian was a lot like me, only a couple inches taller, same stocky but fit build. He was a year older and went to the same school and lived on the same property around my family’s orchard. He was half spanish and had darker skin than me and his hair curly red-brown as opposed to my blonde. Like most the kids in our county we had spring and fall off to work on the farms. We weren’t tied up planting though. The peach trees were only planted two springs before, and it would be a few years till we rotated the crops. So, we were left with two months vacation with nothing in particular to do.

There was a fair sized pond we’d more or less grown up in. It had been built up with a makeshift damn we made when we were seven or so with the help of my father. It would get washed away every couple years, but snowpack kept it from ever going completely dry. Mild thundershowers and a two year run of steady rain left it full of water and full of life.

As long as we’d been swimming in the pond we’d been skinny dipping it. That day stuck out because I had noticed I was getting hair in my armpits, groin, and around my niples. My nudity in front of Brian seemed intimidating for the first time in my life.

“Hey dude, look what I got” Brian pulled a cigarette and a matchbox out of his canvas bag. Grateful for the delay in swimming I sat next to him and he tried to light it without putting it in his mouth.

“I think you gotta inhale while you do that.” I said laughing.

He shook his head at his oversight and passed it my way. I lit it but found myself in a coughing fit.

“Where did you get this anyways?” I asked after I recovered, handing the now lit ciggy back to him.

“My mom. Stole it when she left them out last night.” He took a drag without coughing and passed it back, I noticed him fighting back a triumphant smile.

“How’d you do that?” I asked.

“Guess I’m just tougher than you.” He said, and I pushed him. Brian grabbed me in a headlock and I turned towards him pushing him on his back. His grip on me loosened and I slipped out of his arms.

“Damn it, you made me drop it.” He said, the cigarette smoldering on the ground by the pond. He ground it out and started to strip down.

“Lets swim.” Brian said as he shed his shirt and started to undo his buckle.

I undressed slowly. He was getting in the water as I slipped out of my clothes, hoping me wouldn’t notice my recent developments.

“You kook, you didn’t tell me you were getting hair!” Brain said with a smile as I was getting in the water. I quickly submerged myself out of his view. “Aw it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, look.”

Brian stood up in the shallows of the pond, showing off his fuzz above his groin. It was a lighter red than his hair and only went an inch or so around his dick.

“Come on, let me see you” He said, nudging me till I reluctantly stood up.

Like his mine only just surrounded my groin, but it was thinner than his and blonde.

The fact that we were expressly focusing on one anothers privates, added a charge to him looking at me. An already familiar feeling of swelling hit me. His own dick twitched the tiniest bit and I felt the same reaction in me. Neither of us moved or said anything as we chubbed up. Our uncut two-inch members gaining a bit of girth and an inch or so of length as starred at one another.

I got an odd feeling someone was watching. It broke the spell, I looked around to find out that it was just paranoia and slipped back into deeper waters.

“Don’t flip man, it’s just some hair.” I said.

“It’s not just some hair, you’re becoming a man now.” He voice was bright as he said this. But his attitude made a quick change after. Like he thought of something sad just after something good. His dick’s excitement followed suit and he joined me in the pond.

My own firmness hadn’t abated though and even the cool water wouldn’t make it go down. Fighting to stop the growing erection only seemed to make it worse. It was jutting out at it’s full length, which I would soon find out was at about four inches at that age.

“It’ll be good when you get to eighth grade like me. The guys who don’t have it yet get teased.”

We swam for a while until my erection finally abated, and I soon forgot my initial awkwardness. We continued talking about school and what we would do for the fall break. With some time we found ourselves in the comfortable silence of friends who had nothing to say. I closed my eyes and floated on my back, which was and still is one of my favorite things to do- and felt the sun on my body. My mind wandered back to Brian’s dick swelling. I realized consciously for the first time that his must get as hard as mine did in the mornings.

Taking the thought further I realized a lot of the boys at school did too and so did most men’s. I’d seen my dad’s before as a tent in his robe at night or his boxers in the morning so I knew I wasn’t the only person. It was sinking in that everybody’s did this at some point or another.

It snuck up on me this time between my distracted thoughts and the numbing of the water but I realized I was hard again. Before I could open my eyes and check to see if Brian noticed I felt a sudden touch on my hard cock.

I yelped and sank beneath the water, Brian was a few feet away, cracking up at his joke. He’d squirted water out of his mouth and hit his target dead on. I was beet red, embarrassed and a little angry.

“Son?” My dad called out. My heart thudded. I hoped he hadn’t seen anything. But as he came up through the tallgrass he seemed like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“You ankle-bitters come on in now, dinner's ready.” My dad came into view, he was a solid built man and incredibly hairy. His light blonde fur kept it from standing out too much. As we walked to grab our clothes I felt his eyes on me. I blushed and felt the same thickening in my cock I got when Bryan watched me. He gave me a half smile as our eyes locked while I put on my clothes as quick as I could.

We walked back to the house together. I sat at one of the barstools at the kitchen counter while my dad cooked dinner, and Brian went upstairs to shower.

“Dad, can Bryan stay over tonight?” I asked.

“I don’t know buddy. The guest room has some guns I’m trying to sell in it.” He said as he came around the counter and stood in front of me.

“He could stay in my room.” I said.

My dad stepped forward, his crotch accidently pressing against my knee. I tensed up.

“Will you guys go to bed on time? I don’t want you staying up all night.”

I nodded. Not really sure how to speak. His groin was so warm. I was trying not to chub up.

“What’s wrong?”

I could only shrug and shake my head in response.

He finally stepped back and I felt like I breathed for the first time since he’d bumped into me.

Me and Bryan had shared a room before when I would stay at his house. Tonight was different. The remaining tension from the pond gave us a strange charge while we stripped down to our boxers. I noticed immediately his tented out as mine were, both of us semi erect before taking off our clothes.

Saying nothing we crawled into bed and under the covers, I turned off the light and stared at the ceiling. I could hear Bryan’s breathing and wondered if mine sounded so loud. I wanted to touch him more than anything but found myself paralyzed. I knew he felt the same but was struck mute, my mind was dizzy. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted but I needed more of him.

When he finally moved his hand over I gasped before he even touched me. Palm on my belly he slid his hands beneath my waistband.

I stuttered his name and he giggled. A wild feeling overcame me in my cockhead and I roughly grabbed his wrist and he froze. My other hand touched the front of his boxer shorts, feeling his bulge, his hard cock through the fabric. He exhaled explosively and I let go of his arm, allowing him to slip his hand further down.  

The feeling of his hand wrapping around my cock sent the same jolt through me as when he first touched me. He stroked me once and I mewled.

“Brian, wait! Wait! I feel like I’m going to piss myself.”

He rustled in bed beside me and propped himself up on his elbows.

“Hold on a sec, haven’t you jerked off before?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, and Brian cracked up.

“I’ll show you” He said and turned on the lamp. He pulled back the covers and exposed his hard uncut cock. He capped out at about four inches, and stroked himself in a fist, the hand gliding over his hard little dick.

I watched the motion for for a long moment and moved my hand over my own peice. The same feeling came back after just a stroke or two and I let go of my cock again.

Brian laughed and leaned over, tugging on my cock. I grabbed at him to push him away but he kept stroking.

“Stop it man, that feels-” I cut myself off as my body writhed. I continued to try to push Brian off unsuccessfully as he gave me two more strokes. “Stop dude, stop it, stop it-”

I blacked out, the feeling was incredible and overwhelming. I came back to pretty fast, ringing in my ears, my face against Bryan’s warm skin. Looking down I saw runny clear liquid had shot out of my dick across Bryan’s hand.

“I’m sorry man, I don’t know-” I started to say.

“It’s okay man,” Bryan laughed, “It’s supposed to do that.” He took his lubed up hand and ran it over his own piece. My heart was still pounding, head still spinning. I watched as he jerked off for another thirty seconds or so and shot a load four times the size of mine and white. His body shook and he whimpered while he came.

“Why isn’t that stuff the same?” I asked.

“It’s cum. I’m surprised you can even shoot yet. Same thing happened to me though. Once I started cuming it was clear, didn’t get white until later.”

We rolled out of the tangled mess we had become and I stared at the ceiling. The blanket resting on my softening dick ached and I lifted my knees which sent a jolt through my body.

“It hurts, I think something is wrong with me.”

Bryan busted up laughing and leaned over, grabbing my dick again. I yelped and pushed him off of me. We fell into wrestling until that degraded into cuddling. We fell asleep naked, under the covers.

The summer passed lazily. Me and Bryan built a fort out behind the old unused barn, went camping with his dog Mac, fished and swam in our watering hole. In many ways it was like the summers before it. Now we would find ourselves jerking off together as often as we cast our lines when fishing. Took breaks from building our fort to jerk off, and shared a sleeping bag when camping.

It’s easy to idealize the past, but that summer might have been the best of my life. By the end of it my father said we were too old to share a room when Bryan stayed over. Because of this and the fact that we were back in school, we didn’t have as many opportunities to sleep together. We still had plenty of fun in the fort we’d built behind the barn.