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I layed back on the rough wool blanket we had put in front of our fort. We had a fair amount of privacy back here in fenced off rear of the barn. We would spend a lot of our time here naked in the sun filtering through the trees. It was my twelfth birthday earlier in the week and my dad was taking us out to dinner tonight.

Bryan crept up beside me, and I looked at him through my nearly closed eyes. His skin was bronze and looked perfect in the sun. I smiled and thought- not for the first time, that I wanted to kiss him. I still hadn’t gotten up the nerve to act on it. He did lay down beside me though, and I felt his warmth against me, and his hand slip down my chest to my groin.

“I thought I could give you something for your birthday.” Bryan said. I huffed in response and smiled. He unbuttoned my shorts and I started to chub up just from hearing the zipper slide down. I inhaled as I felt the warm wetness of his mouth go around my cock. With a sigh I involuntarily thrust upward, sliding my cock down to the hilt to the back of his throat.

I had built up to last a lot longer than my first time over the summer months, but the excitement of being in Brian’s mouth was already having me on edge. He flicked his tongue under my hoodie and I squirmed with pleasure. My foreskin would pull back easily but the exposed head was always too sensitive to touch. But brian’s tongue was gentle enough to run over my head with the skin pulled back. It drove me wild and felt even more intense than his first touch.

Brian didn’t even tense up as I started to shoot, and he began swallowing like a pro. Naive as I was, it didn’t even seem strange to me that he was such a natural, or rude of me to shoot without warning. I got lost in the sensations and the moment, what was proper or normal was the last thing on my mind.

He kept sucking until I was almost in pain from the sensitivity. I pulled his head off my dick while gasping for breath. He grinned mischievously at me and stood on his knees, jerking off over me as I laid down. When he finally shot it sprayed up my leg and across my belly. With some small amount of envy I noticed again how his was thick and white, so different from mine.

“It’s okay man,” He said, apparently sensing my thoughts looking at his spunk, “I was 13 when I started shooting white, I’m sure you will really soon.”

Brian passed me the crusty sock we used to clean up and I wiped his load off me.

“We should go inside, dad’s probably already looking for us. He wanted to leave for town early so we don’t get home too late.”

When we got in the house I couldn’t find my dad so we hung out in the living room. He came in a few minutes behind us.

“There you guys are, I was looking for you. We should head out soon.” I looked at my dad as he came in the doorway and I noticed a wet spot on his trousers, like he’d missed a bit while pissing. It lined up with the end of his bulge. I looked away quickly, guilty for looking at my dad’s crotch.

I should have been quickly distracted from any odd thoughts. Me and Brian rode in the truck bed as we went into town and were having fun, but my mind kept wandering back to my dad’s bulge. Me and my dad had always been physically close. Growing up without a mom around there was no one to tell us not to rough house. But recently wrestling had taken on a different tone. For whatever reason, when in a chokehold I thought of grabbing his crotch instead of tapping out. There had also more than a couple accidental crotch grabs had occurred on both ends. Between the charge roughhousing was getting I was beginning to feel strange in relation to my dad. Now I was reading way into every touch, thinking of ulterior motives behind him laying his hand on my thigh or putting his arm around me while watching TV. I was left feeling horny and completely ashamed over who was getting me riled up.

We split a couple pizza’s and me and Brian played ski ball while my dad got a little too drunk. After a bit of time I more or less stopped thinking about my dad and started having fun. We drove back later than planned. Me and Brian were in the front bench of the truck with my dad. Brian was in the passenger seat, and me with my legs flanking the gear shift. Brian nodded off and as I sat there with my dad’s forearm inches away from my dick.

At that age I got hard at a drop of a hat. I tried to fight it, but it seemed to make it worse. I was steel hard moments after the thought that I might spring a boner occurred. We drove on in silence for a long while, until, without looking away from the road my dad took his hand off the gear shift and grabbed my crotch.

“You hard boy?” He asked. The touch sent me spiraling, my cock surged with blood and gave a solid twitch before his hand went back to the gear shift. I didn’t answer my dad, too embarrassed, too overwhelmed to respond. My lips were numb and my mind was blank.

“Hehe, you’re gonna have to take care of that when you get home.” He laughed and drove on. My heart was still pounding and I couldn’t understand how casual he was acting. I tried to tell myself it was normal, just a dad checking on how his kid was.

I glanced at his face by looking in the rearview mirror. I distinctly remember his expression, his half smile and the way i saw his tongue very lightly wet his lips beneath his beard. But it’s his eyes that got snagged in my memory. They were almost unfocused. Totally emotionless, and uncomfortably not matching his smile.

We got home and went to our separate rooms, my dick softened as we walked in, but I was still riled up. After everyone seemed settled in I snuck out to Brian’s room.

“You still up?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Will you blow me again?”

“Sure birthday boy,” he laughed, “But you’ll have to get me back one of these days.”

It was another quick one, I was shooting in under a minute.

I went to sleep with a knot of guilt in my stomach. I hadn’t been thinking of Brian during that blow job.

Another school week went by. Me and Brian were hanging out at his house. Considering my place was bigger and my dad was usually out we rarely spent time at Brian’s. But his mom was out and Brian told me he wanted to show me something.

My mind flew through a crazy flux of possibilities when he called Mac into the room. The big golden retriever rushed in, tail waggin. Brian scratched him behind the ears.

“Wait here.” Brian said.

He ran out of the room for a minute and came back, cheeks flushed red.

“Whip out your cock man.” Brian said.

“Are you kidding me?” I busted up laughing.

“What have I showed you so far you haven’t liked?” Brian said, with a half smile.

My heart raced. I unbuckled my belt and fumbled with the button for a moment. I stopped with my hand on the zip.

“You’re really serious?”

“Tom I’ve done it a hundred times. Just let him lick you.”

After a long pause I unzipped my jeans and fished my cock out from my boxers. Mac padded up and I felt his cold nose touch my dick. He lashed out his tongue and I jumped a bit. Before I could second guess playing this way with a dog he buried his snout deeper, and licked my balls.

I dropped my jeans to let him in further. Brian had his hand down his own jeans and I could see he was stroking himself.

Once I was hard Brian walked over to me.

“You got Mac’s red rocket out.” He said, and dropped to his knees in front of me and the dog. “I’ve been messing around with Mac before I started shooting. He’s a good dog.”

“A very good dog.” I said, breathless, as he licked my taint.

Brian leaned over and put his head in Mac’s groin. The golden stopped licking me and meweled. I got down to get a closer look. Brian was sucking on Mac’s swollen red cock.

“This is crazy dude.” I said.

He popped off Mac’s rocket and grabbed my piece with his left hand.

“This doesn’t look like it thinks it’s crazy.”

I laughed and tackled Brian. We wrestled for a moment before Mac joined in, barking and jumping at us.

Brian stood up and shucked off his pants and boxers, climbing on his bed. Mac followed right behind him. The big golden retriever lapped happily at Brian’s ass hole, then jumped up and mounted him. Brian winced as Mac thrust a couple times, missing his hole. I saw him visibly relax as the dog finally found his mark.

I jerked off watching him take the dog’s cock.

“Fuck dude.” I said, “Just fuck. Does it hurt?”

“No,” He said with a gentle moan, “It’s good. It’s so good man.”

I looked at his cock and could see he meant it. It was leaking like I didn’t know a dick could, his clear precum streaming from his cock into a puddle on his bed. I leaned forward and reached out to grab his piece.

“Don’t dude,” he said breathlessly, “I’ll shoot. I swear I’m so close.”

He grabbed me by my cock and pulled me to his mouth. Instead of sucking on me he huffed my groin. I’d never seen Brian act like this and was somewhere between incredibly turned on and worried. He was acting like my dad when he was drunk.

“Are you okay Brian?”

“Fuck yeah Tom. I feel so good like this.” He was talking between quiet moans and panting while jerking me off, “I love it dude. The way Mac is using me to get off. All I’m good for is getting used by a dog...”

I stepped back, his hand slipped off my cock but he hardly seemed to realize. His head lolled and he let out a stronger moan.

It clicked suddenly what he had left the room to do earlier, and I leaned in our cheeks brushing. I smelled alcohol.

“Dude, are you drunk? I don’t-” I was cut off by Brian moaning louder that I ever had heard him before.

“Fuck yeah Mac!” he said, “I’m you’re cumdump pup, cum in me!”

I’d never heard anyone talk like that and had noticed I’d backed up all the way over to the door. Mac hopped off brian and went ass to ass with him, Brian arched his back and lifted his head up and looked at me, he had a blissed out smile on his face. I had a sour feeling in my stomach.

I shook my head and left the room.

Outside I was mildly surprised to see the sun still out. It was late afternoon but I felt like I’d been in Brian’s house for a long time.

I felt real sick inside. I was worried about Brian. The fact that he had just had sex with a dog bothered me less than it should have. It was hot to see that honestly. The wrongness of it was fun, but the things he was saying made it sound like he felt worthless. I didn’t like that, or finding out he was drinking. And I didn’t like the implication he only liked messing with me because he wanted to be a ‘cumdump’ for anything with a pulse.

I walked inside and saw my dad at the dining room table. The lights were off but enough light was coming in through the windows, lighting the eddies of dust up while my dad chopped something on a cutting board.

“Hey buddy, glad you’re home. I wanted to talk to you.” He set down the knife and walked around the table, pulling out a couple of the chairs. “I was doing your laundry and I noticed something that made me think it was time we had ‘The Talk’”

Talking to my dad about sex was the last thing I wanted to do after what had just happened at Brian’s.

“Aw dad I already know all that stuff. We don’t need to do this.”

“Nobody wants to do this but everybody’s got to. Your buddy Brian had to hear it from me when Rosita asked me to do it for her. So sit down.”

I looked longingly at the stairs for a moment and looked back to my dad in resignation, taking a seat.

“So first off, does your foreskin pull back yet?” He asked.


“The skin at the end of your dick,” he laughed. “When you get hard or you pull back on it does your head get exposed.”

“No I know what that is… just, why?”

“When you’re younger it doesn’t pull back. But when you get older it’ll start doing that. Once that happens you gotta start rolling it back in the shower to clean yourself. Just let the water run over it, brush it off with your hand. You don’t need to use soap, your skin there is really sensitive. I had a friend who got a yeast infection ‘cause he cleaned it too much actually. You can rinse your head off in the sink too if you don’t have time for a shower. You should always do that after you cum. Also, it’s good to pull the hood back when you piss to so you’ll stop peeing all over the damn toilet seat.”

He said the last part with a wink. I stared back at him awkwardly.

“Well does it pull back?” He asked again.

“Yeah.” I mumbled.

“Don’t be embarrassed buddy. I’ve got the same junk. It all works the same way. We can talk about it.”

“Okay.” I had never been uncomfortable talking to my dad about this stuff but the formality of sitting me down to talk about it made me feel weird, that and my rising boner had me acting awkward.

“You’re already going through puberty. That means hair in your armpits, around your junk. Someday you’ll have it all over your body, just like your old man. You’re going to get boners more and more, and your dick will get longer.”

“How much longer?”

“Well how long is it now?”

I shrugged.

My dad got up and rummaged around in one of the kitchen drawers, pulling out a measuring tape. He came back and handed it to me, turning away.

“Why don’t you measure it real quick?”

I looked at him quickly to confirm he was totally faced away, and fished out my hard on from my jeans. I measured it and retracted the tape with a snap.

“3 and a half.” I said. My dad turned around while my boner was still out. I saw his eyes lock on it for a moment before I quickly stuffed it back in my pants.

“Dad’s got six,” he said, grabbing his cock through his jeans. It seemed to be half hard. “You can count on growing at least a couple more inches.”

“Do you jerk off yet?” He asked, as he took back the measuring tape.


He made a jerking motion with his fist over his crotch. His face cracked into a smile.

“Don’t play coy boy, I’ve seen the stains on your boxers I know you do it. Or do you just not know what it’s called?”

“I don’t do that dad.” I looked away from him to the stairs again.

“Don’t lie to me Tom.” He said, mildly annoyed. “You don’t need to be embarrassed about any of this. I’m feeling like I let you down if you’re getting so uncomfortable talking about this stuff. I jack off every day, sometimes twice a day. When I was your age I did it sixteen times in one day once.”

“Sixteen!” I said.

“Oh he’s surprised! So you do know what it is. Listen buddy like I said I know you do it, I shoot in my boxers too, I know exactly what those white marks are.”

I clammed up again, feeling my cheeks turn red. I should have cleaned up with toilet paper or something. I felt like an idiot.

“Tom tell me you jerk off. I don’t want you lying to me and I don’t want you to think it’s something to be ashamed of.”

I looked back to him, sure he had to be joking. But he looked more serious than he did about most things. And he had that sort of dead hazy look in his eyes he’d get when he’d wrestle with me. The same look he had back in the truck on my birthday.

“I jerk off dad.”

“Good buddy. Every guy does. I do, the garbage man does, Brian does. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Uncircumcised guys like us don’t need lube really. But it can be nice to use. I’ll put mine in the restroom so you can snag some if you want. You can try pulling your hood back while you masturbate. I do that sometimes and it feels a lot closer to sex.”

I had been visualizing my dad doing these things and found my cock straining in my pants.

“You’re going to start getting new feelings for people too,” he said. “You might want to try jerking off with a friend or explore her body. If you get the okay from someone you can touch them in their private parts. But you can’t put your dick in her pussy till you’re married or ready to have kids. You can do other stuff while you’re growing up. Oral, that’s when she puts your penis in her mouth or lick her pussy, is a lot safer as far as not having kids goes. You might want to explore one of your buddies bodies too. A lot of guys want to compare and that’s okay. I did that too at your age and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“You did?”

“Yeah me and your uncle Andy would compare and stuff behind the barn. Like I said it’s all normal, nothing to be ashamed of.”

I absentmindedly grabbed my crotch.

“Why don’t you go take care of that in your room.” My dad said.

I ran upstairs, shucked off my clothes and collapsed in bed. I was already close when I started - still charged up from seeing Brian with Mac earlier. I visualized briefly what my dad and uncle would look like messing around in me and Brian’s favorite spot.

I thought of how my dad had actually seen my hard on for a moment and felt a real thrill from that. A wave of pleasure went through me as I whacked it. My dad had seen my hard on. My dad had felt my boner once. My dad knew, right now, I was jerking off and close to cuming. I cried out and buckled, thrusting into my fist.

Moaning I jerked off even harder and shot, four jets of cum going up to my chest. It was a white thick load. I shook the spunk off my hand and laid back with a deep breath. I fell asleep.

Days went by without word from Brian, he didn’t come to my house like he usually did around noon either day. I wasn’t about to go pounding on his door asking for forgiveness. It wasn’t like i did anything wrong.

But I was missing him all the same and was hanging around our usual haunts hoping to run into him.

I checked our fort behind the barn, got riled up at the thought of my dad and uncle Andy back there messing around and ended up dropping my cargo shorts and whacking it right there. I was excited to see another thick white load splatter on the dirt in front of me. Brian would be psyched when he saw that I was shooting real loads like he was now.

I checked out our usual camping spot and the watering hole each day to no avail. It was the fourth day of not having him around when I finally saw him. Skinny dipping, floating on his back in the water of our watering hole.

I had never looked at him like this before. Naked, uninhibited, relaxed. I noticed the bronze of his skin a different way than before. The golden red of his hair. The way his cock was a few shades darker than the rest of his skin. His solid build.

I wanted to call out to him, to tell him I was sorry for walking out on him, but I couldn’t bring myself to break the moment.

After a few minutes though the moment ended. He abruptly dropped his privates beneath the water and looked around.

“Ray?” he asked.

I wondered for a moment at why he assumed I was my dad.

“No it’s Tommy.”


“How’ve you been?” I asked awkwardly.

He only shrugged.

I took off my shirt and began to unbuckle my belt. Suddenly conscious of the fact that he was buck naked and I wasn’t.

“I… Uh...” I was suddenly as a loss for words as I shucked off the last of my clothes and stepped in the water. There was a lot I wanted to say and didn’t know how, a lot I felt but hadn’t been able to put into words even in my own head.

I felt different about Brian. I wanted to hold him and kiss him. I wanted to tell him he didn’t need to feel like all he was good for was being a ‘cumdump’ as he said. But I didn’t want to tell him that and ruin what we already had.

So instead of telling him what I was thinking all I got out was the one thing I was planning on not saying “I’m sorry”.

“It’s okay.”

“Why didn’t you come around?” I asked.

“I dunno. I was embarrassed I guess.”

“I wasn’t- I didn’t care what you were doing with Mac dude that was cool. I just thought it was weird you were drunk.”

“I wasn’t drunk.” he laughed, “I had like one big shot of moms tequila. I was nervous you were gonna not go along with it. Plus it makes it more fun.”


“Why do you care if I drink any ways?”

I shrugged. I had waded out to him by this point.

He leaned in.

And tackled me. I sunk under the water, blowing out through my nose and grappled him, trying to flip him over my head and meeting a little success there.

Gasping and laughter filled the air when we surfaced.

“So it was ‘cool’ what I did with Mac?” he asked with a wicked grin.


“I think you thought it was more than cool.” He said, “I saw how hard you were.”

Brian reached out grabbed my piece which immediately responded, twitching and filling up. I tilted back my head as he continued.

“You should try it man. Feel his rod in you. You know for a moment that you’re there just for something else’s pleasure. It hurts but it feels good too. You know it’s bad but you don’t care. I’ve thought about what it’d be like if you did that. You wanna try sticking it in me sometime?”

That was all I needed. I was desperate for his touch after the days apart, and the thought of being inside my friend sent me over the edge. My cock twitched, and jet after jet of my thick white cum shot out. Spiraling, suspended in the water.

“Whoah… dude…” Brian looked up from my load as the last bit oozed out and our eyes locked. “When did that start?”