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Part 10

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I made a mistake earlier when describing Zachire the layout in fact goes from the rear doors down 3 steps to 2 single beds one each side of the gangway, freezer and washing machine under one bed, cupboards under the other. Next the gangway moves to the left side and on the right is the shower, wash basin and toilet. Next comes the double bed room with various cupboards, draws and shelves. There are sliding doors that separate these 3 rooms if needed. Next is the kinchin then the dining area and last of all is the living room. Couch, TV, cupboards shelves etc and then double doors that open out onto the front area.

I am also going to list the characters just so as you know who is who but a few that are only in one chapter may get missed out.

Charles, Chas 18. Tim 18 and his parents John and Wendy. Jim my social worker. James 16 his brother Dan 14, Peter and Brian Peters Dad. Simon 15, Tony his social worker Terry mate from school, John Baker, Terry dad and a teacher at there school. Damion 16

Love of and on the Canal

Part 10

'So lets get introduced' I said and then pointed at James. 'This is James or J and he's my boyfriend, thats Simon and the dogs are Zac and Scruffy' He nodded. 'You want to tell us whats happening' I prompted.

I sometimes wonder if God or what ever force controlled my/our lives gave me that lottery win and then placed me in the right place to help. Damion explained that he had been caught by his parents in bed with another boy, he had been thrown out of the house, he was 16 and that did surprise me he had only looked to be about 14, That had been two weeks ago. His uncle and aunt lived in a village near by but were on holiday for the next two weeks, he had spoken to them. It seems that they new his was gay and had for sometime and they had offered him some where to live if he ever needed it. They new he had been thrown out of his home but believed that his was staying with friends untill they got home.

All the time he had been talking he had been holding Simons hand and he kept glancing at him. He had run out of money and food on Sunday and had been living on hand outs or what he could find in bins and at that point he stopped talking and started to cry. Not just cry but sobs of pain and hurt, Simon grabbed and and hugged him.

We sat down to eat and all though he said that he did not feel very hungry Damion managed to eat something. I was pleased and by the time we had finished and had washed and dried up he was fast asleep on the couch cuddled up to Simon.

J and myself signed onto the internet and checked out our Yahoo group. It was called Young Lonely Gay UK Teens and now had about 200 members and the message board was all ways busy. We moved into the chat room and were soon talking to various friends and new members next we checked out the pictures. WOW there were some good ones and none needed editing. We also tried to keep our eyes open for people who did not belong .... you know the ones, older guys making out the were younger guys. We sent e-mails to some of the guys to let them know how we were doing, some were going to meet us for evening BBQ's.


I was making breakfast, J was out with the dogs as Damion came down just in boxers, he looked a little better and nodded when I offered him some tea. We had washed his clothes last night and he went and sorted out some.

'Is Simon awake yet' I asked, he shook his head 'Go wake him up breakfast will be ready soon ... you want some' this time he nodded.

We worked hard all day but also had some fun .... we had found a new game. I had started it. I was standing on the roof at the back as we approached a low road bridge and instead of ducking I ran along the roof, jumped and caught hold of the parapet then up and over the road and down onto the roof of the barge the other side.

Simon was showing Damion how to drive and J and myself were working the locks when we caught up with a a hire barge just after Cheddington, I expect they had just come out of the yard there. As Simon nosed Zachire into the back J myself and the dogs jumped off. They had just moored up near the lock. It looked like dad was driving and mum and a twin teen girls and boy had got off to work the gates. We were now going up in the locks and as this one was full it would have to be drained first.

'Hi you OK' I asked
'First set of gates for us' the lady said. She was on one side of the canal and the kids were on the other and they looked a bit lost as they looked at the gates. J went across to the kids and I showed the lady what to do. As we let the water out I introduced us and she did the same. She was Janet, her husband was John and the kids were Mary, Debbie and Joseph he was the oldest.

When the chamber was empty we pushed open both gates, John brought their boat in first then Simon brought ours in. I was so pleased he did it perfectly the two boats never touched and I could see the smile on his face. Once the lock was full we went out first after arranging for them to shut the gates and we promised to get the next lock set up.

It was not far. J and myself walked with the dogs and we had the paddles open and the water draining out by the time Simon was nosing the boat into the gates. He held it there on the engine. Mary, Debbie and Joseph came running up and helped us to open the gates and soon with the boats both in we were filling the second lock up.

We all stopped at Leighton Buzzard to do some shopping and when we stared off again I made some sandwiches and opened some cans of coke. The 4 of use all stood on the back enjoying the sun the dogs were asleep on the roof. As we pulled up level at the next lock John was still driving and he nodded at us, I hoped across onto his boat.

'This is harder than I thought' he said as I stood next to him.
'It all right once you get used to it .... J and myself actually live on Zachire, Simon had been with us for a while and Damion joined us yesterday' I said just to introduce us all a bit more.
'Are you all gay' he said much to my surprise. 'Joseph spotted you ... he's gay ... told us about 2 months ago, he's been talking non-stop about all of you' John finished.
I smiled .. gaydar ... Simon had asked during lunch if I thought Joseph was gay.
I stayed with John and we talked about all kinds of things and I helped him to get the hang of driving. A couple of locks later I saw that Simon was letting Joseph drive Zachire and Damion was sat on the roof watching. Janet was now driving and I was helping her, John was off with his daughters and J working the locks.

We moored up near bridge 106 on the out skirts of Stoke Hammond. I had suggested that we could all have a BBQ as the weather was nice. Janet and John had agreed and we all got busy setting everything up. The twins loved the dogs and of course they loved the attention. It was a lively evening and by ten everyone was ready to turn in.

Simon once more tried to phone Terry and I tried John, it was a bit worrying as we had not heard from either of then since they moved down south.


The next day started early Simon and Damion were out with the dogs and I noticed that they had called for Joseph before they headed of towards the village to explore. I started breakfast and then went and showered with J!

Joseph joined us for breakfast and it was very lively he had such a fun sense of humor he kept us all laughing. J and myself did all the checks, we would need to top up with water and have the toilet tanks emptied but everything else was all right and soon we were on the move.

We were on the approach to Bletchley and Milton Keynes. I was sat on the back J was driving. I think the correct term could be navigating as not only did you control the speed of the boat but you kept it in the best position on the canal, this was usually the middle. If you don't know you or you have forgotten the barge/boat is 70' long and the driving is done from the back. So if you need to turn you need to move the tiller early.

I could see a group of kids on one of the over bridges, there must have been half a dozen ranging from 12/13 to 18 and I had a felling they weren't there to wave at us. As I went down and inside I asked J to put the front of the barge into bank just as it got under the bridge and warned him that if anything stated to get below. I warned everyone else and headed to the front doors and as soon as the front went under the bridge I was out the door and as the front came close enough I was off. I glanced behind me to see Damion and Simon were with me. Next I heard a clatter and there on the roof was a shopping trolly and I could see J heading inside.

I ran up the path and onto the bridge just as they began to run off, I did not wait, it was Zachire that they had attacked and all though I was sure no one was hurt I was pissed off. The biggest guy there was in front and he took the full force of my attack, had he not been laughing he may have got off a bit more lightly. As he ran I lowered my shoulder and charged taking him in the mid drift knocking him backwards and over onto his back. He got up and swung at me, I deflected the blow and caught his wrist and twisted it up and round and spun him into the wall of the bridge and as he bounced off I caught him with a perfect right, right on his nose. I looked to see Damion take on two guys and unless I guessed wrong he was into martial arts and was very proficient at it. Simon was not so good but was throwing his fists with some luck. I helped him out.

It took less that 3 minutes to extract our revenge. I glanced over the bridge and saw that J was mooring up with the help of Joseph and the rest of his family were just pulling in front.

I could hear police sirens in the distance and wondered if they were heading this way .... if they were they had responded quickly. J came up with the camera and took some pictures of the our attackers as they sorted themselves out and made there escape. Next he took some of the debris on the roof of the barge. A few minutes later after clearing the top of the barge we heard a commotion on the road and saw some of out attackers coming back. They were accompanied by a couple of police officers, one of them with his dog.

It took an hour to sort out, it seems that this area was under surveillance thats why the police were so quick. We made statements and even printed off pictures of the barge and the mess, the police officers had tea and bacon sandwiches while their dog had fun running around with Zac and Scruffy playing catch with who ever would throw the ball.

Joseph and his family left us as we were not going much further as tonight we had arranged to meet half a dozen guys from our Yahoo group for a BBQ. One of the police officers turned out to be a community officer and we invited him along and to our surprise and delight he asked if he could bring his boyfriend. The other officer, the dog handler when invited asked if he could could come with his son and if his son was ok he would leave him and pick him up later. We agreed. At least two of the guys coming tonight were bring either brothers or sisters with girlfriends/boyfriends.

We were charging a nominal 4 for the food and everyone was to bring their own drinks, no alcohol for under 18 and no drugs were the 2 big rules.

We did a couple more miles and some more shopping then found the meeting place and moored up. It was mid-afternoon, the sun was hot and there was not a cloud in the sky. We signed onto the internet and sent out some e-mails letting everyone know that it was all on for tonight and in fact we were all ready there and we expected to see them from 5 onwards. We also updated the group notice board letting anyone else know that we were there and that they did not need an invite, but to just turn up. Food was going to be ready at 6.30 to 7. We did not mention our extra guests as we did not thinks it would be a problem as we had got on so well with them.

I found out that Damion was one of those guys that likes to be in contact, by that I mean that when any one sat down he would sit with them and snuggle up close or as I had just done I sat with my back against a tree and he came and laid down with his head resting on my legs. J lay on the grass and Simon sat in one of the canvas chairs and the dogs were next to me in the shade. My extended family, my home in front of me, I was so happy as I sat there. A tear squeezed its way out and I felt it role down my cheek.

Movement caught my eye, I am sure I had seen someone watching us but as soon as I looked up they stepped back behind some bushes. I looked again and sure enough there was a kid looking at us then Zachire, once more when he saw me looking he ducked out of sight.

'Damion' I said and when he opened his eyes 'I think you need to take the dogs for a walk, take Simon, just by those bushes is a kid watching us ..... I think he wants to join us but is a bit shy'
'Bit early for the party' he replied as he stood stretching and looking around. 'Oh yeah I see him' With that he called the dogs who were all ways eager to head off and Simon who had heard what I had said went off with him throwing a frisbee for the dogs to chase.


I had been so lucky last Thursday, I am not sure what would have happened if they had not found me. Chas and J had accepted me and helped me. Simon was so much fun, not that we done a lot he was really in love with Terry and was worried about him. It was nice not to be lonely.

It had been fun walking the dogs this morning with him and Joseph. We had all had a circle jerk and done a little exploring ..... well Joseph was the youngest but he was well equipped and when he had explored my cock he had been so eager. It was his first time doing anything like this and he had been so excited.

'You seen him' I asked Simon
'Yeah he looks a bit younger than us and nervous' he replied. Zac had now spotted the kid and was slowly approaching him his tail wagging like mad. Who could resist Zac he looked so gentle you just had to make a fuss of him. Scruffy all ways held back untill Zac had made the initial contact then he just bounded in and started to demand attention. by the time we got there the kid was getting his face licked as he knelt making a fuss of both dogs.
'Hi I'm Damion and this is Simon we are off Zachire' I said as way of a greeting. The kid looked up and smiled. 'Hi ... I'm Dave and .... sorry .... well' he got up and started to walk away. Zac got in front of him and demanded some more attention.
'Whats up' Simon asked in a gentle tone. 'I can't afford to come ... mum hasn't got any spare money, I don't even get pocket money' he looked at us.
'OK then here's the deal .... you help us set up, you help cook and you get a free ticket' I said and when he smiled I new that I had made a friend for life. We talked on out way back to Zachire. It seems he had 2 older and 3 younger sisters and that there was not a lot of spare money. There was too much going on at home and he just liked to be out of the house on nice days, he did a paper round and thats how he got money for things like the internet cafe and thats how he had found our group .... once we got him talking he just carried on, it was like he had been around us all his life.
'So what time you due home' I asked
'As long as I phone they don't worry, I stay out all night when its nice, shit I forgot, I'll catch you up' he replied then ran back to bushes he had been hiding behind.

Well they had made contact and were heading back this way when I saw the kid run off, what the? Then I saw him get something from the bushes, a rucksack and run to catch Damion and Simon up. Damion introduced us and then took him on a tour of Zachire and when they came out the 3 of them had cokes and they sat on the roof.

Another narrow boat was coming towards us and I noticed it was a hire boat from Tim's yard, what a coincidence and it was heading in to moor. I was heading across to warn them about the BBQ tonight, I thought it best in case they had kids on-board. The guy on the back waved as I approached but I could not see anyone else. As the boat nosed into the bank the front and back doors burst open and two guys came running out, shit I tensed, what was happening. Well it was a fun thing, they had the biggest water pistols that I had seen for a while and they let fly .... at me. Then out the front door came ...... Tim ..... oh WOW ..... what a surprise. I stood there soaked just looking, not believing. He jumped onto the bank and threw himself at me and we hugged.

Well he introduced me to his boyfriend and the rest of his crew and I introduced him to mine and my crew. We broke out some bottles of beer and caught up on all the news while getting ready for the BBQ. By 4 more people started to turn up and I was getting a little nervous. I had reckoned on a dozen at most but that many had turned up early and most said that friends were comings later. They weren't all from Milton Keynes either, there were 4 from Brighton who had come up for the day out and a laugh and two from Manchester who were on holiday in London.

I phoned Karl the community officer and explained that I was a bit concerned about the number of guys turning up, he promised to let his bosses and a couple of the officers that were on duty know. Two of the local guys that had turned up had brought and electric organ and a guitar with them and they were sat playing having plugged in to Zachire.

By 5.30 there must have been 20 people there, they had all come to see the famous Zachire and crew. J and myself had a blog attached to out Yahoo group and we kept the group updated with goings on and it seemed as if we had become famous. Everyone wanted to meet everyone, Damion who was the newest member was even being greeted ..... what the hell had I started.
J came up to me and squeezed my hand

'You know this is all about you' he whispered.
'No its about us and what we are doing' I replied and kissed him. A number of people must have been watching as a few started to clap and cheer.

Karl and his boyfriend turned up and he had brought his police radio with him, just in case, he left it in Zachire. The other officer turned up with his son and left with out him half an hour later, Karl was going to take him home. It was kind of frightening .... but in a good way, by 7 we had sent one of the local guys to get more food. There were more than 30 people around and the majority were 14 to 25 and there was an awful lot of fun being had.

There were two kids of about 10 who had turned up with older brothers and they had been told to stay around Zachire and not to wonder off. 3 guys in there early teens had turned up and I had to phone there dad to let them know that they had arrived and promise to phone when they were leaving.

Simon and Damion had taken over cooking and J and myself were wandering round. It was amazing, there were groups all round, talking, kissing, singing or just messing. There were two teams playing volleyball over a net someone had brought.
J had taken loads of pictures and in fact was still doing so he had down loaded one lot all ready to make room for more. Once back at Zachire after our walk round I got the lap top out and signed on to the internet, next onto our group. I set up the web cam on the roof of the barge then logged it in and posted a message on the group letting everyone know. I was surprised half an hour later when I saw 30 people were viewing and there was a whole load of chat going on. I joined in and when others noticed they came across and soon we had quite a chat going on. Simon had his lap top set up and signed on as well ..... we had guys at home joining in our party by web cam.

At 10 I noticed the two 10 year olds had fallen asleep so I gentle picked them up and took them below and laid them on mine and J's bed. Zac and Scruffy joined them I expect they were tired as they had been on the go all day. At 11 I went below to check that everything was all right and to my surprise I found Dave asleep in his sleeping bag, a pile of clothes next to him. A note was next to him, I picked it up.

Sorry nackered phoned home please let me stay
Love Dave
I picked him up and took him down and put him in Damions bed, how could I throw him out after that note. As I was about to leave him I am sure I heard a muttered 'thank you'.

It was two in the morning by the time I snuggled up to J, the two younger guys had gone home with there brothers, Simon and Damion were in Simons bed and Dave was in Damion's. Everything had been cleared away and some of the guys who had stayed to the end had even been round a picked up all the litter, not that there had been much, from around the area.

I had a feeling that there were more than four sleeping on Tims barge .....


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