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Love of and on the Canal

Part 12


Dinner had been great and Brian and Jenny had left. Dan and Peter were laid out on the floor and Carl had come and sat snuggled up to me on the settee and J had gone up for a shower. Soon we all headed up to bed, I gave Carl chance to wash and get him self sorted out and then went across to his room. The door was half open so I tapped and walked in he was all ready in bed.

'You all right' I asked as I sat on the edge of his bed 'it's been a bit busy'
'Yeah' he replied in a quite voice then went on 'you don't mind me staying here do you' a tear ran down his cheek. I brushed it away.
'Of course not, I'm just sorry its been a bit busy for you'
'No its ok ..... really .... is it all right, er do you leave the light on on the landing, can I leave the door open a bit' It's funny but we all ways left the landing light on, J wasn't frightened of the dark as such, but he all ways liked a light on.
'It stays on all night and we are across the hall if you have any problems' I told him and bent down and kissed his forehead.

I not sure how long I had been asleep but Zac woke me by tugging gentle on my arm.

'What's up boy' I asked .... hehe not expecting an answer but he knew what I meant. He looked at the door and started towards it and thats when I could here what sounded like someone crying. I got up and followed him and the noise, it was coming from Carl's room. I looked in and he was standing at the side of his bed and it was him crying. I turned the light on as I walked in his room, his head snapped round and he looked terrified. He ran round to the furthest side of the bed away from me then went to the corner of the wall and squatted down.
'SorrysorryI'll sleepon the floorsorry' he words all ran together he was sobbing hard it was frightening me. Then he put his hands over his head and tried to make himself even smaller as I started across the room. As I got to the bed I could see what the problem was, he had wet, he had had an accident. I sat on the bed. I was nearly crying myself, I had never seen anyone looking so scared, never heard anyone who sounded so scared. I had read his file earlier and I could may be understand why. It had said that his parent had used him as 'a punch bag and ash tray' they had also kept him locked inside and had only fed him enough just to keep him alive. He had been punished for the slightest thing and it seems the foster home he had just been in had even be cruel to him had not given him any time to settle in before introducing harsh rules.

I looked up when I heard movement at the door, I saw J, Dan and Peter there I signaled them to go away, they did.

'Carl its all right' I said quietly. I am not sure if he heard me or not, Zac was laying at his feet looking at him.
'Carl come on guy it's all right, come on accidents happen' His crying subsided a bit but still he remained curled up.
'I'll sleep' sniff 'on the floor' sniff 'its ok '
'Its not ok' I saw a frightened look cross his face, dam that was the wrong thing to say ' .... you didn't do it on purpose ... we can get it cleaned up .... theirs no need to sleep on the floor' I saw him glance at me and I held my hand out. 'come on we need to get you cleaned up, you got any more shorts to sleep in' He shook his head 'how about some pants then' he nodded '

He slowly got up and went to one of his draws and pulled out a vest and some pants. I help my hand out again and he took it and I lead him into my room then into the into the bath room.

'OK get you vest and shorts off' I told him, slowly he took his vest off and for the first time I realised just how skinny he was and I could still see the yellow left by the dying bruises. He pushed his shorts down then steeped out of them. There were scars on his legs and buttocks. I filled the sink with water then took a flannel and washed his face removing the tears. Next I soaped the flannel well and washed round his genitals carefully, I could some marks on his stomach that must have been made by the cigarettes that had been stubbed out on him. No wonder he was scared. I dried him off and by now he had stooped crying completely. He put his pants then a vest on and he followed me back into mine and J's room. I went across to the bed and lifted the covers.
'Come on, we'll sort your bed out in the morning ..... in you get' He looked at me then J who was awake. J patted the bed. Carl got in and the I got in next to him and as soon as I settled down he came in close and cuddled me. I could feel that he was crying again. I put my arm round him and just held him tight. Carl seemed so insecure, he past life must have been so hard and here he was now, he had cried himeself to sleep cuddled up tight to me, someone he had only meet a few hours before. I am not sure how much sleep I actually got.

I woke at 6.30 and made my way downstairs after striping Carl's bed. I let the dogs out then started up the washing machine. J wondered into the kitchen a few minutes later and we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, the perfect start to my day.

'Is he still asleep' I asked
'Sound asleep ... he looks so frail, you think he'll be OK'
'Yes, eventually, it will take a load of tlc' The back door opened and the dogs came in and went to their food dishes and when they finished they headed up stairs. We sat and drank tea before J started to get breakfast and I headed up to wake the others up.

Dan and Peter grumbled at me when I dragged the covers off their bed and threatened to put them in a cold shower if they weren't down stairs in 20 minutes. Next I went in to our room and looked at Carl who was now cuddled up to Zac who as soon as I walked in started to wash his face. He woke looking a little frightened the realised it was Zac and he started to make a fuss of him.

'You OK' I asked and he jumped a bit. I had not realised had he had not seen me.
'Yeah Ok .... sorry about last night ........please .. I didn't mean it ... I can clean it up'
'Don't worry it's all taken care of .... you want to use our shower and come down and eat' He looked at me while still stroking Zac, it looked as if he was trying to decide something.
'You mean that don't you' He asked.
'I mean everything I say. You had an accident, it happens and, I want you to remember something else' I paused and looked at him. 'If you do anything wrong don't worry, you may get told off, you may get grounded BUT you will never be smacked or hit or physically hurt'
'You really do mean it' he said in a rather fragile voice still looking me in the eye. I nodded.

He must have made up his mind about what ever he was thinking. He threw back the bed covers and jumped up on the bed then launched him self from there at me. His arms circled round my neck his legs round my body. He weighed nothing but he was wiry and as he hugged me I could feel that he had some muscle. He buried his face into my neck and he cried, happy tears and then after a while he kissed me on the cheek.

'I love you' he said as he let me go and ran for the bathroom and from the noise I expect that he had only just made it before having another accident. He came back out with a grin on his face just as J shouted that breakfast was ready.

No one had showered or dressed as we sat at the breakfast bar eating bacon, sausages and potato waffles. Once we had fed, showered, dressed and tided up a bit we all got out shoes on and with the dogs headed to Berko (berkhampstead) to do some shopping. Carl walked with Dan and Peter out in front and it pleaded me to see that they had accepted him.

'Hey you guys' I shouted and the stopped and we caught up with them. 'You want to wonder on your own' I asked and all 3 of then nodded. 'Look after Carl and well see you in the Rising Sun for lunch at 12' I had all ready sorted out some money for Carl and gave it to him, it was only a 6 in coins but you would of thought it was 100 the way he looked at it.

J and myself wondered round and I got some sleeping shorts and vests for Carl as well as a coat. I had seen him shiver as he walked down, the coat he was wearing had seen better days and was quite thin. We also did some food shopping.

We used the Rising Sun quite a bit I am sure one of the bar men, Peter, fancied J as he all ways came across to serve us if he was free. After getting our beers we picked a table by a window that over looked the canal. Just before 12 the boys turned up, Carl looked scared as he came and sat next to me, Dan and Peter just plonked them selves down on spare seats round the table.

'You OK' J asked Carl
'Mmm yes, er is it all right for me to be in here'
'Yes its our local, just don't make to much noise or dance on the table' J replied.
'Dance, you not going to make me dance, I can't dance' he said with a worried look on his face and we all laughed and Peter explained that it was a joke.

After we had eaten I presented Carl with his new coat and he was thrilled and I put his old one in the bag as he wore the new one home. He hung it on the peg in the hall and I know it a silly thing but I saw him cuddle it, I felt so good just seeing him so happy.

The 3 boys went upstairs to the room Dan and Peter were using, I am not sure what they got up to but I think Carl furthered his gay sexual education because when he came down and hour later and I asked him what they had been doing he went very red indeed.

'Just some boy stuff' he answered 'but I think they want to be alone for a bit' he finished.
'So you want to watch a film, TV or help me with this evenings dinner' I asked
'Help you'

We had just finished dinner and clearing up and we were deciding what film to watch when Dan's mobile phone went. It all ways amused me to listen into one side of a conversation.

'yes mum, I'm all ways good 'pause' 'I'll ask them ... mum says Hi to you J and Carl and are you coming for dinner tomorrow night' I nodded.
'Yes they are, 'pause' yes and the dogs, 'pause' anything' he laughed 'you know they eat anything ... Carl .. yes Shepherds Pie sounds good' he glanced at Carl who nodded 'he says yes ... 'pause' er i think Chas will drive us down' I nodded 'yes he will,'pause' yes I love you, 'pause' yes OK yes bye' With that he hung up. His face was bright red and he shrugged. I looked at him questionaly.
'Why the red face'
'Mum asked how we were getting on with Carl and told us not to corrupt him' All three of them went red.
'I guess thats to late' J and myself laughed at there discomfort and soon they joined in.


I was up cooking breakfast and I heard some one coming down stairs, I looked up to see Carl followed by the dogs. When I had looked in his room earlier they had both been asleep on his bed, he had been cuddled up to Zac.

'Morning ..... you OK' I asked. He nodded.
'Look dry' he said and pulled up his vest to show that his shorts were dry. I smiled and he ran across the kitchen and cuddled me. I could get used to him being happy, he deserved it.

I made him a mug of tea and he wondered into the lounge. After a few minutes I had the cooking on the go and I went to look for him. I went through the arch into the lounge and there he was sat crossed legged on the floor in front of the Christmas tree just looking at it.

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