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Love of and on the Canal

Part 13



I was up cooking breakfast and I heard some one coming down stairs, I looked up to see Carl followed by the dogs. When I had looked in his room earlier they had both been asleep on his bed, he had been cuddled up to Zac.

'Morning ..... you OK' I asked. He nodded.
'Look dry' he said and pulled up his vest to show that his shorts were dry. I smiled and he ran across the kitchen and cuddled me. I could get used to him being happy, he deserved it.

I made him a mug of tea and he wondered into the lounge. After a few minutes I had the cooking on the go and I went to look for him. I went through the arch into the lounge and there he was sat crossed legged on the floor in front of the Christmas tree just looking at it.


It had been a long day yesterday, but fun. Carl had been a bit shy at first in front of Peter's parents but had soon got used to them. J and myself had talked about adopting Carl full time and I had a chat with Brian and Jenny about it and what problems we might have with a kid that age. All they kept saying was that it was a great idea and we would make great parents, mind you we had not talked to Carl about it yet.

I kissed J lightly and he moved still not quite awake so I just snuggled up to his back my morning erection resting up against his butt. All though I loved to be up and about in the morning I also loved it right where I was. There was a gentle knock on the bedroom door and it turned out to be Carl with two cups of tea and a huge smile on his face. J and my self sat up and he climbed in between us and a few minutes later the two dogs bounded into the room. It was right then that I knew we would be family. I smiled across at J and he nodded.

'So you like it here' I asked Carl.
'Yeah ...can I stay 'till after Christmas'
'Well ...' I scratched my chin and then saw the look of horror on his face, dam, I wish he wouldn't get so scared. I put my arm round him 'how would you like to stay longer'
'For real .. you mean 'till I go back to school in the new year' he looked at me then at J.
'How about until you want to go' J said
'Or you are 18 and old enough to move out' I said. He looked at J then at me and then back at J.
'For real, youmeanit, just liveherewith you' he words were coming fast and running together then he just gave up. He hugged J then me dragging J closer as he climbed onto my lap, he put his head on my right shoulder, put his left arm round J's neck pulling us close and then he cried. We could hear him saying things like, I love you, for real, yes and other bits and pieces. I moved and we ended up in a 3 way hug.

I spent the rest of the morning explaining about the Canal Explorer company that we had set up and about the boat and butty that was being re-built by Tim and his family. About the fact that after Christmas we would be taking Zachire up to Solihull. About the fact that we could be spending a lot of time away from home from April to the end of September. I told him that he would would have lessons taught by me and J and that he would have a strict timetable and set lessons and certain goals that he would have to achieve and if he did not work hard enough .... Well I expect that they would take him away from us.

He then told me that he had missed nearly a year of school because of the way his parents had treated him and the times he had had to stay home locked in a cupboard .... I was very surprised when he said he had never used a computer, never been on the internet. We did a lot of talking during the morning and J and myself really learnt so much about Carl. I am sure he told us more than anyone else had ever known, more than ant one else would ever know on two occasions we had three way hugs and even shed some tears.

The afternoon was spent shopping for clothes for him, boy did he get embarrassed when we made him try trousers on. He had never had to use the changing rooms in shops before. Then we got some school stuff, books pencils, pens and text books plus a large brief case to keep it all in. That evening J introduced him to the world of computers and the internet and I spent some time on the phone with Jim sorting out what had to be done to adopt Carl officially.


J took Carl shopping to get some extra presents, one for me from Carl and ones for our visitors over the Christmas period. I had various letters to right and some calls to return. Our company was begging to take off and it did involve a lot of work including a lot of research into what schools would expect, how to tie the trips into the school system etc. Both J and my self were taking collage home study courses, I envied J a bit as he was a straight A's student and thrived on learning. I wasn't to bad but certainly not up to his standard. It looked as if the company would make a profit within about 3 years and in fact we all ready had some bookings for April, May and July.

Another chapter and still more to come... Sorry its so short, I just needed to do some setting up. I am now away for a few days but soon we will be back on Zachire and having some fun on the canals in winter with snow ice and wind it will get interesting. Carl I think is going to surprise people but how long is he going to stay or may be tragedy will strike ......

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