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Love of and on the Canal

Part 14

The Start


J took Carl shopping to get some extra presents, one for me from Carl and ones for our visitors over the Christmas period. I had various letters to right and some calls to return. Our company was beginning to take off and it did involve a lot of work including a lot of research into what schools would expect, how to tie the trips into the school system etc. Both J and my self were taking collage home study courses, I envied J a bit as he was a straight A's student and thrived on learning. I wasn't to bad but certainly not up to his standard. It looked as if the company would make a profit within about 3 years and in fact we all ready had some bookings for April, May and July.

Saturday Christmas Eve.

I was up early and Carl was not far behind me, I was so glad that he was an early morning person. Once more I made us mugs of tea and after he had taken one up for J once more I found him sat in front of the Christmas tree. It seems that he could not remember ever having one at home, especially one that had presents under it. I know that he had put the one he got for me under there and I had promised him that we would go and get one for J later in the day. His excitement was contagious .... or was it ..... well this was going to be my first proper Christmas as well so I was excited any way.

We went out with the dogs across the fields and as it was a cold crisp morning they ran for miles sniffing the breeze chasing every new scent they came across. Scruffy was a great one for chasing rabbits but as yet had come no where near to catching one.

Carl and myself then went shopping and he got something for J, I watched to see what he was looking at to see if I could get some idea of what he wanted. All 3 of us spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing for this evening and cooking the turkey ready for tomorrow. J and myself had one or two beers and we even let Carl have a bottle but I don't think he really enjoyed it. He took the dogs out in the afternoon on his own and by the smile on his face when he returned he had enjoyed him self. I had popped out and got some last minute gifts.

Jim turned up at 6 with some good news, it looked as if I was going to be able to adopt Carl. He was making enquires about how we stood over teaching him at home, he did not think that it would be to much of a problem as long as we could show results. I had done a chicken and ham pie for the evening meal and we sat round the table with a couple beers just chatting.

Sunday Christmas Day

None of us were up late, Carl was once more sat in front of the Christmas tree drinking his tea. J had just come down and the dogs were eating there early meal. I went and sat on the floor using the couch as a back rest J came and sat next to me. Carl turned and snuggled his way in between us.

'Happy Christmas' he said and then hugged us both.
'Sorry I can't wait any longer' I said to know one in particular and then I made a dash under the tree and handed out a present to both J and Carl and picked one out with my name on it. J and myself watched as Carl opened his, it was a mobile phone and it was funny, but in a nice way, to see him open it. You would of thought it was glass, even the wrapping paper he was so careful. His face lit up when he saw the picture on the box and we both got hugs again. It was my turn next and it was Monopoly board game and the label said it was from Carl. This is going to sound really silly but I had played the game twice a few years ago and had loved it but had never got round to getting it myself. I hugged Carl. I had got J an engraved gold chain for around his neck.

Carl got up and went to the table and started to set his phone up. I headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast. When I came back in J was sat with him and going through the instructions. They added some numbers, did some other things and then it was time to test it. I had made sure he would be able to use it from day one. First he dialed J's mobile and we could hear it ringing. Then he did the same to mine then he dialed the house phone and I answered it so he could actual talk to some one.

It was about 10 when I saw a car coming in the drive and I shouted to J and Carl that Terry, Simon and his mum had arrived. I went and opened the front door and was hit by the two boys and by the time they had both given me a hug J was stood there and he got the same treatment. Terry's mum came in next and we went into the Kitchen. Carl was sat at the breakfast bar looking a little frightened.

'This is Carl and he is going to be with J and myself for quite some time' I said and watched as his face lit up. 'Carl this is Terry and Simon and their mum' I finished.

Their mum had gone and we had exchanged presents and I was pleased when they gave one to Carl. It was a Swiss army knife, the one with all the blades, screwdriver, tweezers and even scissors. Carl then went upstairs with them to help them unpack.

After some lunch I suggested that the three of them take the dogs out for a good walk .... a couple of hours would be good. I had explained to Simon earlier that J and myself would like some time alone.

Once they were gone we headed up to our room. This was going to be our special time, as yet we had not had anal sex and today was going to be the day. We slowly striped each other naked and our excitement plainly showed. I gently pushed J onto the bed when he was naked and started kissing his lips then working down slowly. His nipple's were erect and I kissed them letting my tongue run over the hard tip. I continued down and slowly licked the precum off of his cock. Next it was his turn and I loved it, he really turned me on when he kissed and his tongue was so efficient. Next he lifted my legs and started to play with my bum hole with a well lubbed finger ......

We lay there exhausted and happy, it had been the best Christmas present ever. J had his head resting on my arm and he was nibbling my ear while his other hand was slowly rubbing my erect cock. It would not stay down today.

We were out of the shower and dressed just as the front door opened ......

We sat in the lounge, all of us very full after Christmas dinner watching American Pie 2. I was sat on the couch with J and once more Carl had wiggled in between us. Simon and Terry were laying on their stomaches on the floor, every now and then Simon would move a bit.

'Look everyone Simons humping the carpet' Carl said and burst out laughing. Simon got half way up before Terry caught hold of the bulge in his trousers.
'and he seemed to be enjoying himslef' he said giving it a squeeze. Simon by this time was bright red and we all laughed.

It was midnight before we headed up to bed. After everyone was washed and changed Carl came in and said good night but instead of going to his room I heard him head down to where Simon and Terry were sleeping. It was about 2oc when I was woken up by Carl getting into our bed, he gently climbed over me and settled down between us, kissed us both, I am not even sure if he new that I was awake and I am sure he was a sleep before I was. I smiled to myself and felt a tear of happiness escape. What an end to a perfect few months, I turned on my side and snuggled up to Carl and reached across placing my hand onto J chest. Minutes later the 2 dogs climbed onto the foot of the bed.

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