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Love of and on the Canal

Part 2

I cycled back to the station and nearly missed my stop as I fell a sleep on the train. I stopped off at the local car hire garage and after having to take some extra insurance due to my age I hired a car for two days starting tomorrow. Once back at the B and B I told them that I would be leaving, they did not mind as I had paid up to the Friday night. I set up the lap top and signed onto the net. I checked my e-mails and to my surprise there was a msn messenger request for me to add some one to my list, it was Tim. As soon as I added him a chat box opened.
hi its tim from the boat yard
hi long time no see     lol
lol     what time you here tomorrow got the day off from ten if you want a hand
should be there at ten and would love a hand got a hire car lots of shopping to do
ok dinners ready so must go     love the profile    byeeeeeee

He likes my profile I was frightened had he read it all. I clicked on his and read it and one line caught my attention the most
Gay single and not looking to hard.
Well on my profile it had said     Gay single and prepared to wait for Mr. Right
Well at least we had more in common that just narrow boats, it had also said he liked cycling and swimming two more of my hobbies. My others had been Karate in which I hold a Black Belt and photography.

I packed everything up, all my clothes and a few personal belongings, photos, including two of my parents and some of me on holidays that the homes I had been in had run, certificates one of them framed, it was my Karate Black Belt one all this went into into two holdall's the lap top, printer and bits and pieces went into their boxes. The camera would stay in my rucksack. I sat and looked at my belongings, I could feel tears forming and then escaping to run down my cheeks. 18 years and everything that I owned was in front of me. How little it was....

After a few minutes I smiled. On Wednesday morning, in fact in less that 12 hours I would be moving into my new home. I was going to make a fresh start and hopefully some new friends

I striped off and headed for the shower, my cock was soon demanding some attention so I dried off and lay naked on the bed. It was just over 6 inches and uncut. I explored every inch of it, my left hand slowly massaging my balls. In stead of exploring I started to wank slowly, getting faster. I wondered what Tim was doing and soon, far to soon my cock erupted shooting spunk all over my chest.

The drive to the boat yard, apart from getting lost once, was uneventful and I arrived just after 1030. I drove down to some bays next to the marina and spotted Tim heading out of the work shop towards me. We must think alike as he was in t-shirt and baggy shorts and thank goodness not the sort that hang half way down your bum, I hated that fashion so much.

We opened up Zachire and I carried stuff from the car and dumped it on to the table. It smelt damp and was chilly inside so with Tims help I started up the gas heating, this would also allow hot water for the shower and washing. I was excited as I moved things from the car and I kept glancing at Tim and he seemed filled with the same sort of excitement.

Next we took the car and went shopping, quilts and sheets for the beds, pillows, towels, kitchen stuff including plates, pans and ever day bits and pieces. We dumped all that lot back at the boat and went out again. Next we went and got a two seater sofa and an matching arm chair and they only just fitted into the estate car that I had hired, next it was to Sainsburys for some food and half a dozen bottles of beer.

We had lunch at Mac Ds. As we left he slipped his hand in mine and smiled as we walked to the car.

'Thanks for letting me help' he said
'Thanks for helping' was all I could say I could feel a tear of happiness escape and it ran down my cheek, I had not felt like this in years.

I opened the front double doors and we managed to get the sofa in, just, it was something that I had not thought about. Toms dad then came across and explained one of the hire boats had broken down and he was sorry but he needed Tom to go out to it.

I spent the next couple of hours sorting out my new home, in some ways I was glad to be on my own as it was sort of a personal thing. I sniffed, it was the first time I had some where to call home.

I had a list for things that I had forgotten, I made the master bedroom up and stored my clothes. There was a car type cd/radio player with speakers all through the boat and I had a cd on as I worked. Soon all the mess was sorted and everything had a place, it was just after 4pm. I picked up my mobile and phoned Tim.

'Hi how are you doing' I asked when he answered.
'Just done on my way back now'
'Good, just a quick question, will you have dinner on Zachire with me, a sort of new home dinner'
'You can cook'
'Yes, how about chicken casserole and new potatoes' I did not want to boast but I was not bad at cooking and I enjoyed it.
'OK, I am a bit messy so I'll go home and shower, be there about 6'
'Great do you like beer or larger'
'Beer but don't worry I'll bring something'
I finished the call, locked the boat up and headed to the shops again. Pint glasses, table cloth, tea towels and lots off odds and sods + I had had chance to look at the size of the bridge and freezer so I brought some food for the next 2 or 3 days. On the way to the tills I saw a bunch of flowers so I got them as well. By the time I had finished it was getting on for 5.

I unpacked and stored everything getting used to where I had put things and my way around the boat. Next I put the casserole in the oven and striped off for my first shower on board after that I dressed smart casual opened a beer and sat in my new chair looking out the front at the world going by.

Tim arrived and handed me a bottle of wine and much to my surprise gave me a light kiss on the cheek which made me blush, he laughed.

'Well it looks great' he said after he had looked around and sat down on the sofa.
'Yep and thanks for all your help' you ready to eat' He nodded.

We finished the wine with the food, washed and tidied up grabbed a couple of beers and sat and talked. It seemed they had a pleasure boat and tomorrow a coach party was booked for a 4 hours cruise and he asked if I wanted to help him crew, get some experience he said. I agreed, then the talk turned to my trip to Hemel.

'Look I know I should have asked first' He started to say, I gestured for him to carry on. 'Well dad says, that is if you want me too, well he says as long as I am back next weekend, well I can have the week off and help you, thats only if you want' He sat there looking at me and then down at his feet.
'WOW yes, yes please' was all I could manage in way of a reply.

We then chanted some more and then he said he had better be going.

'Look this is going to sound silly but its my first night and, well,     dam,     well er,       would you like to stay' There I final got it out. His face lit up and he phoned home and told them, that was enough of a reply.

I went round and locked the boat up, it had got chilly and the heating had kicked in. He washed the dirty glasses up as I striped down washed and changed into my sleeping shorts. I sorted a spare pair out for him and watched as he got changed. Not much was said but I was sure he could see my erection, I had caught him glancing at me a couple of times as I glanced at him. Where was he going to sleep, I had made both spare beds up, they looked neater that way.

We stood just looking at each other, I moved towards him and took him in my arms and out lips meet, it was like an electric shock as we touched, I could feel my erection rubbing up against his, his hands we running over my back. We broke apart and I pulled him to my bed and he got in first and I followed.

My first night on board, my first night sharing a double bed and guess what, we both fell a sleep. I woke in the morning at 6 and he was spooned into my back his arms draped over me it felt so good so natural. I just wanted to stay like this all day but unfortunately after all that beer I needed to go.

As I stepped out of the shower I realised that he was awake and watching me, I smiled and finished drying off and put on some boxer shorts before walking to the bed. As I did I pulled the quilt off, he went bright red, he had a nice bulge in the front of his shorts.

'You want breakfast' I asked and then bent to kiss him giving his erection a quick squeeze.
'You bet I am starved' He said as he moved his hand to the bulge in my boxers.

While he showered I cooked breakfast ...........

I sat on the roof of the boat, it was a nice June morning the sun in a cloudless sky was just warming things up when I saw Tims dad and I assumed he mum and two Labrador dogs coming towards us. I got down, Tim came out and introduced everyone, John his dad, Wendy his mum and the dogs Jinny and Jack.

'Well I hope you were gentle with him last night his mum said holding Tom round the waste and looking at me.
'He was a virgin you know' his dad went on, I could not beleave this my blush must have started at my feet.
'Shut up, shut up both of you' a very red Tim said but not in an out right angry tone. His parents laughed.
'Well to tell the truth' I started and when they both looked at me I went on 'what with the food, wine and all the work .... we both fell a sleep' once more I paused 'and we both woke up, and like magic we were both still virgins' With that I turned still very red in the face and bent and started to make a fuss of the dogs. Tim jumped on my back and I rolled over on the grass reversing out positions pinning him to the ground and I started to tickle him, the dogs jumped around barking and soon everyone was laughing.

It was all soon business as the cruise boat had to be prepared, I went with John and learnt more about engines, bilge pumps and the mechanical end of the boat, Tim was toping up tanks while his mum was stocking up a bar. We had a coffee break and at 1000 the coach arrived. Tim called them wombals as we watched them get off the coach and make their way across, I had a boat yard t-shirt on and shorts the same as Tim and some of the old ladies made comments as we helped them on board, one even pinched Tims bum making me laugh.

I was on the back with John who was driving, stood there with him I realised how long the boat was and when I asked he told me it was the same length as Zachire. At the first set of locks I was sent to help Tim and he showed me the right way to do everything, from winding the paddles to opening and closing the gates, to using the ropes. Nearly two hours later we stopped at a pub where lunch had been laid on for the group. I found out we also got free lunches and the landlady came across and chatted to us. Just before they were due to leave John told Tim to get the boat turned and he told me to help. It was just the two of us and Tim let me take the tiller(the steering handle), shit was I nervous. Well with his instructions we got the boat turned in what they call a winding hole and we moored up at the pub.

Once more I was on the back, it was good as John never stopped giving me tips. Tim yelled about watching a rubbish bag and I glanced over to the left, the port side, see I am picking up some of the jargon. Shit, why do people have to dump things, what, the bag moved.

'It moved, it moved get closer' I shouted at John who slowed the boat and moved in closer. I knelt and leaned out and just managed to grab the bag. I felt and it was defently an animal, I ripped the plastic bag open, it was a dog and it was still warm, it must be alive I had seen it move. Nothing it just lay there, I could feel tears forming in my eyes, who could throw a puppy in the canal. I stroked it, nothing. Dam it had moved, it was not going to die. I picked it up and laid it on the roof and gave it the kiss of life the best I could, Tim had come along the roof and knelt next to me, his mum had come out, the boat was drifting. I breathed into it again, come on live, please live, I prayed.
'Did some one say a dog' a voice said. I looked up at an elderly gentleman. 'I was a vet move a side let me look' I did wiping my hands across my face to get rid of the tears. He poked and proded the pup then help it up by its back legs and massarged it chest, it moved, it made a noise and water ran out from its mouth. The gentleman laid it down.
'Go on stroke him, he's a live' he told me. I started to cry as I reached out and stroked the dog, it looked at me and weakly licked my hand.

Well I was no use on the trip back, I had moved up to the bow and sat on a bench with the pup in my lap he had gone a to sleep, I kept my hand on his stomach just to feel his heart beat. The vet had another look at him when we got back and advised me to keep him warm and take him to a vet for a through check over in the morning. I thanked him, most the people as they got off stopped for a look. I got off and put Zac, yes I had given him a name all ready on the grass. Jinny and Jack had come across and were sniffing him, Zac let them his tail firmly between his legs at first but then he must have got over his fear and he started to wag it. I stood up and he immediately came across and looked up at me, I leant down and tickled him between the ears. Tim came and stood next to me and put his hand round my waist.

'You going to keep him' he asked
'Who Zac .... of course I am' I replied. I bent once more and scoped him up and headed to Zachire with Tim by my side.

Zac had a good look around Zachire and then laped at the bowl of water I put down as I made mugs of tea for Tim and myself. I found some cold meat and put that in a bowl and Zac made short work of it.

An hour and a half later I had been shopping again, dog food, toilet tray and litter, collar and lead and his own feeding bowls. I had also dropped the car at the local Hertz garage, Tim had picked me up.

Tim had apologised but he and his parents were going out to some family relatives do, it sort of suited me.

I stood preparing some dinner, Zac sat watching me his tail wagging every time we made eye contact. I got everything going and went to sit down, Zac barked and headed for the door. I opened it and he jumped onto the bench seat, up and over the side and onto the grass. he found a fence post and did his business. I smiled, he was house trained. He came back wagging his tail a couple of minutes later.

Tim was busy most of Friday, I took Zac to a local vets and he had a though check over, it seemed his was about a year old, he was deffently a cross, he had some Spaniel and may be some Labrador in him. More importantly he was not tagged or reported missing and had appeared to have had all his jabs. I got the vet to tag him so if he got lost I could claim him. All though I had a lead I had stopped using it he seemed to come when i called and he never went far from my side, he even came to his new name.

I got a couple of bottles of beer out and a canvas chair and sat in the sun next to Zachire my narrow boat, Zac my dog was at my feet and I was happier now that I have ever been.

The weekend flew by, I helped when and where I could, Zac never left my side except when he went and played with Jinny and Jack but if I ever went out of sight it would not be long before he came a looked for me, his tail wagging like crazy when he found me. Tim and myself found the odd moment for a kiss and cuddle. Sunday night he spent at home...

Monday morning and I was up at 6, I had never been one to sleep in, days were to good to waste. It was just gone 8 and Tim was undoing the ropes, the engine was running and I had said my good byes to his parents. I opened the throttle a bit and we moved off, we were on our way .......

I took pictures as we moved out, Tim had jumped on and was steering as I took some departing shots, I felt like crying I am not sure if it was because I was leaving or if it was because my journey had started.....

Well thats it for now, sorry but thats the way I write, let me know what you think. I have so much going on in my head I am so tempted to skip bits .... but no you will have to wait.