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Love of and on the Canal

Part 3

I am sorry if I put to much detail into this but I do love the canals, I have traveled over most of this route in real life I also have a very vivid imagination and I like detail even in the sexy bits and some of them may only be 2 or 4 lines long some will be most of some chapters and there will be times that I go back to things that happened when Chas was younger.When I mention boat this could also mean narrow Boat.
The weekend flew by, I helped when and where I could, Zac never left my side except when he went and played with Jinny and Jack but if I ever went out of sight it would not be long before he came a looked for me, his tail wagging like crazy when he found me. Tim and myself found the odd moment for a kiss and cuddle. Sunday night he spent at home...

Monday morning and I was up at 6, I had never been one to sleep in, days are to good to waste. It was just gone 8 and Tim was undoing the ropes, the engine was running and I had said my good byes to his parents. I opened the throttle a bit and we moved off, we were on our way ....... I took pictures as we moved out, Tim had jumped on and was steering as I took some departing shots, I felt like crying I am not sure if it was because I was leaving or if it was because my journey had started.....

We had talked about the journey, Tim said it was about 103 miles and 116 locks, we were going to break for the weekend and he would get the train back to help at the boat yard. Well it was going to be quite a trip, top speed 3 miles an hour and about twenty minutes to navigate a lock. It had started of chilly with loads of cloud but was now brightening up. Tim was like his dad and was giving me plenty of advice, Zac was stretched out on the roof half sleeping half keeping his eye on me.

There were 5 double locks at Knowel and Tim made me work the first ones then navigate Zachire through the last two. Its surprising how much you learn by doing the hard work, luckily there were not to many people around so I got the hang of the boat and the locks with out getting to embarrassed. The sun was now out and we were both in t-shirts and shorts. Midday and we were just passing Kingswood. The scenary was great and at 3mph an hour it was so relaxing.

'Lunch at the pub or do you want to keep moving I asked.
'Lets keep moving I would like to get passed Hatton before we moor up for the night'
I went down and made some sandwiches and got a couple of bottles of beer opened up. Zac sat and stared at me untill I feed him some of my sandwich. We caught up with another boat, it was one of Tims hire fleet I remember them because there had been 3 kids the oldest about 16 and he seemed very quite and two younger ones a girl about 11 and another boy a year or so younger. the oldest one had a made hell of a fuss of Zac. His dad had seemed a bit overly strict with him but not with the younger two.

It was 1oc when we saw the first of the 21 double locks that make up Hatton Flight. Now I know I said 20 minutes per lock but a lot of these were lock to lock so you entered one then went straight into another. It was still going to be hard work. With double locks you can get to narrow boats side by side, with shorter boats some times you can get 4 in. It was only going to be us and the one from the yard, he was 60' and were were 70'.

They pulled into the lock first, Tim was on the tiller so he nosed us in along side and I jumped off Zac followed. I shut the gate our side and glanced across to see it was the oldest son closing the other gate, I nodded at him, he smiled back and gave a wave. We walked down the other end and worked the paddles to let the water out and we opened the gates straight into the next lock. The other boat pulled out first when they looked back Tim waved them on, I pointed to the opposite bank, once the gates were shut I ran across the top followed by Zac, he never ceased to amaze over his abilities do things, he was so agile.

'Jump on' I shouted to the kid as the stern(rear) of the boat came level with the path at the bottom of the lock, he did and Zac and I followed.
'Hi I am Chas and this is Tim and Zac' I said to the lad.
'Hi I am Peter' We all slapped hands.

It was not far to the next lock, Tim put the front up to the gates, Peter and myself walked through the boat and got off the front, the lock was full, Peter crossed to the other side and we opened the gates. Tim was first in followed by Peters family, I nodded as his dad went by, the two younger kids were sat on the roof at the front with life jackets on. At the next lock the younger kids got off and made a fuss of Zac, he loved it, Peter introduced us, Wendy and James. James said quite innocently that Peter was only a step brother as his dad(James) had married his mum. We worked hard, Peter traveled more often than not with us. His parents or should I say his mum and step dad had talked to us. The two youngsters were helping out or they were with our help, they did not really have the strength to do much on there own.

By 5oc we had come across a place to moor and Peter was pleased that his family were stoping as well. He helped his step dad to tie up there boat then went inside, I saw him glance back at us.

Once we had moored, we had left a couple of boat length between us we headed in side, I opened up two more beers and we both drank them down all most in one go.

'Fuck do I need a shower' I said, Tim sniffed at his arms.
'Your not the only one'
I went into the master bedroom area and drew the curtains and stripped off and headed into the shower, I heard Tim moving around, a few minutes later the shower curtain opened and he came in.
'Free back scrub and you know we should save water' he said as he came in.

Now I am not sure if I have ever told you what Tim looks like, well hi is just under 6' tall with slim body and you can see the muscles. He has dirty blood shoulder length hair. He has blond pubic hair, not a lot but a trail then goes up to his stomach. His cock is uncut and at this moment in time it is hard, 6inches and pointing straight up and I would say a bit thinner than mine. if you want to know what he can see ...... well I am also just under 6' black short hair, slim and muscular it shows a bit more on me but that is probably because of my Karate exercise, I have more pubic hair and a thicker trail up to my belly button. I am also uncut, just 6inches erect, which it is now and it sticks out a little and is a bit thicker that Tims.

Now I am a little bit embarrassed to say this ... but apart from having showered with guys at school and got changed with them, I have never seen a guy naked in this sort of situation. You might as well know that apart from having wanked(jo) with friends I have never had much body contact. To say that I was excited is an understatment.

He started to soap me down, it felt like I was going to die and go to heaven. His touch was so gentle, so exotic. He started with my back then my bum and legs, I turned so he could soap my front my cock was leaking precum for the first time in its live. He slowly washed my cock and balls and if he had taken any longer he would have made me cum. I think he realised this and stopped, he turned the water back on and rinsed me off.

Now it was my turn, I was shaking as I touched his back, it felt as if I had be electrocuted as I touched him. As he turned to face me I could see that he had leaked a lot more cum than I had. His nipples, like mine were erect and I enjoyed playing with them, soaping them and gentle fingering them. His stomach was firm and I could feel the muscles tighten as I washed him. Next came his cock, it was so hard but so soft and he moaned as I touched it. I am sure if I had done any more he would have cum so I rinsed him off.

It did not take us long to dry off our cocks staying hard all the time.

'Come and lay on the bed' Tim said and I did. He laid down next to me propped up on one elbow his free hand started to trace patterns around and over my nipples, it felt so exciting, I could feel my cock twitch every now and then. He moved down and just with two fingers on one side and his thumb on the other he slowly started to wank me, god it was fantastic.
'Does your skin come back' he asked. I nodded. Slowly he pulled it right back exposing my helmet, he let the skin roll forward.
'Does it hurt' he asked.
'No it very loose' I replied
'It so nice, mine is so tight' he said wistfully as he started once more to wank me now he pulled the skin back with each stroke. He watched my face every now and then, I expect he was seeing if I was in any pain. I can remember when my skin had been tight and how much it had hurt. I could feel myself building up and he must have as well. He rubbed me faster and soon all to soon I shot more than I had ever had before.

He fetched a flannel and a towel and cleaned me up, it was now my turn. He was so beautiful just lying there. His nipples were small but so firm, I bent and kissed them both and he moaned as I gentle let my teeth nibble them. I was to impatient and I moved my hand to his cock. I let my fingers explore it and then using the same hold that he had I started to wank him, I did not pull his skin back and kept my thumb just where the base of his helmet was. The look on his face was extraordinary, his eyes were shut and he was braethinh hard. After no time at all he arched his back and shot his load some reached his chin. He feel back exhausted, I lay next to him after the clean up.

We must have dozed off, we were woke by Zac barking, I quickly put on some shorts and a t-shirt. He was at the front door so I let him out and he jumped off the boat and headed into the bushes. I went and sat on the bed and ran my hand over Tims stomach.

'Come on sleepy wake up' He opened his eyes. 'Mmmmm I am awake...... just' His cock started to stiffen up and I could feel mine doing the same.
'Come on we need to go and explore' I said and when he looked at me as if to say go on then I am ready I finished 'the country side' He grinned.
'Dam, well I guess I'll have to wait till later'

Once we were both dressed I picked up my camera and with Zac out in front we headed out. As we passed Peters boat they were sat outside on chairs or the roof. Peter got up and came and stroked Zac. We greeted them all and chatted for a bit.

'Peter we are going for a look round, do you want to come' I asked, he looked at his mum, the two youngsters all so asked if they could come.
'You go if you want Peter but you two are a bit young and its nearly dinner time' his mum said 'I will do you some when you get back' she said once more turning to Peter. I watched his step dad and he shook his nodded his head in agreement.

Well we walked and chatted and came to bridge 52 which was called Ugly Bridge, I took some pictures of it getting Tim, Peter and Zac in at least one of them. Peter was polite but shy, 5'6" black hair that came half way down his back and he looked skinny. We went out onto the road and walked back towards Hatton as the road was busy much to his annoyance I put Zac on a lead. We found a pub on the other side of the village and we had a couple of pints, Peter had coke.

'So you want to come to Zachire for dinner' I asked Peter. He looked down at his feet he was so shy.
'Yeah come on, Chas is a good cook' Tim added.
'I would love to if its not to much trouble' he final said. I laughed and told him that I would not have asked if I thought it was going to be trouble. Well he phoned his mum and she must have said yes because his smile just got bigger. We went back down the road all of us on quite a high all telling jokes or stories, we cut back onto the canal above the boat, I opened it up.

Tim got three canvas chairs and put them out side as I started to put the food in the oven. It was a cheats meal, Haddock in breadcrums, crochet potatoes and baked beans, all of it prepared and just needed warming up. Once it was all going I went and sat outside, once more we had beers and Peter still only wanted coke. I had put on a CD and it was a summer compilation and we were singing along.

We eat outside and cleared away, Peter said good night and headed back to his boat, we locked up and changed for bed Zac curled up on the floor by the side of the double bed, Tim, well he was spooned into my back and he was tiggling my ear with his tongue, his hand down the front of my shorts.......

Tim had gone back to the yard, Peter had my e-mail address and we corresponded regularly. I had a nice mooring, it was mine for the next few weeks. I even had a mains point so Zachire was plugged in. The trip had taken us a week and two days, I missed Tim but .... well we knew from the start that neither of us wanted anything serious or long term.

I had written to Jim who had been my support officer while I had been in care, he was a great guy. I had put an idea to him, I wanted to give something back to the system. Basically I was offering to have two guys, preferably gay or guys that could accept that I am gay and take them on holiday on Zachire. If he had more than two, well the first ones could come home and the next two can join me.

I posted the letter Monday, Tuesday my phone went and Jim wanted to talk to me about it that evening. I invited him to dinner aboard Zachire, he accepted. The out come was a lively evening, I had to submit to police cheeks and he wanted a couple of references. He new that might be difficult but I was sure my Karate instructor and Tims dad would give me something. He thought the idea was great, he new about me wining the lottery so he new I could afford it but he also pointed out that if it all came together there would be some financial support anyway. It was decided that we would meet again at the end of the week.

Zac was with me as I walked along the tow path towards Sainsburys super store when I spotted this kid coming out of the back of a disused and almost derelict house. He looked at me, he was shorter than me and he looked quite dirty he had a dog with him. As soon as he was able he turned off the tow path and headed towards the town.
I finished shopping and was at the tills when I saw this kid again he was heading into the toilets closely followed by an older mad who quickly looked round before going in. I was intrigued and when I had paid as they had not come out I went in. There were 3 cubiclies but only one was engaged, shit was he a rent boy.

I made out to go to the loo, washed my hands and left. I went outside and tied next to Zac was the kids dog, I made a fuss of Zac than this other dog, he was all skin and bone. I headed back to the tow path, Sainsburys actually had a gate and trolly park next to the canal. I turned back just in time to see the kid come out, the first thing he did was make a fuss of his dog then he fed it some dog treats, I could tell by the packet I had just brought Zac some. Next he started to open a sandwich, he looked at me and saw me watching, he quickly lowered his eyes. I hurt so much, even from this distance I could see the shame and the sorrow in his eyes, it had been a split second but i had seen it. I wanted to go to him but I was to ashamed, to frightened, I hated myself as I made my way back to Zachire.

That afternoon I went to Karate, it had been a while and my Sensei was delighted, I had talked to him yesterday and he had promised to do a reference for me, he now confirmed that it was all ready in the post. It was a beginners class that he had to so after I had done my warm up he let me help. He used me for demonstrations and I did spend some time on the mat but I also got to help and I liked doing that .... but as he said later .... I did need to spend more time or I was going to loose my skills.
I arranged to join a senior class tomorrow afternoon, he was delighted and so was I, he always had treated me more like a son away from the mats.

Later that evening I walked along the tow path passed the derelict house, no sounds, no movement and darkness. Zac and myself popped into the pub for a pint before we headed back.

I had spent some time downloading photos and making them into a slide show, I e-mailed them to Tim and Peter, then we had a 3 way chat on msn, it was just gone 11 when I turned in.
Zac was now sleeping either on the floor next to my bed or on my bed, he was not as exciting as Tim but he was great company, I woke at six and opened the door for him before going for my shower. I was just making some tea when I remembered the one thing that I had forgot was some milk.

'Zac come on shopping well he was up and at the door before I had my boots on, we walked down the tow path, there was a garage at Sainsburys that was open 24 hours.

As I started past the derelict house Zac stopped and would not come when I called. I moved back to him and looked at the back of the house. Then I heard what Zac had, it was a dog and it was howling, it was in distress. I headed up the back garden path Zac in front of me, the back door was not locked and I called as I went in, nothing. I found him in the back room he was curled up, his dog was sat looking at him and then at us. The kid had obviously been badly hurt, his face was covered in blood, his shirt was torn and also soaked in blood. I bent and felt for a pulse, yes there it was weak but there.

I dialled 999 on my mobile and asked for an ambulance as I went out the front to find a house number. I explained what I had found and they said that they would inform the police as well. I went back in, it was so strange, the house was filthy except for this room. There was a 10'* 10' carpet, not new but clean. A chair and table, all old but clean and a camp bed ... all though the kid was not on that, he was over in one corner as if, well as if he did not want to get his clean area dirty. Tears were forming in my eyes. I heard the siren and went out side and lead the ambulance crew in. They asked me some questions as they worked but I could not answer any of them. They looked around but could not find any identification, the police turned up. I couldn't tell them much and I did not say about the toilet incident, the ambulance crew carried him out, I asked where they were taking him. Hemel they said. I talked with the police one was a WPC, her colleague searched the room and the rest of the house. She was making a fuss of both the dogs.

'Yours she asked'
'No Zac is mine the other one is his' I replied as Zac came across to me.
'So you did not know the kid' she went on. 'No, I saw him once or twice but it was Zac here that heard Scruffy here howling'
'Scruffy you know him'
'No sorry the name seemed to fit' I said as she pointed to his collar and the name tag, Scruffy.

Well we chatted a bit and they said that they had found nothing to say who he was and more surprising to them they had not found any drugs, its funny but I had known there would not be any. I offered to look after Scruffy, they had said they would have to put him in kennels. They made a note of my name and mobile number and I told them where Zachire was moored, they thanked me and left.

'Zac, Scruff come' I said and to my surprise Scruff got up and followed me and Zac. He looked back as we left the house but then followed all most the heal.

Back at Zachire I put two bowls of food down, Scruffy eat his and half of what Zac left then demolished a whole bowl of water and I never even got my cup of tea ..... no milk. I made some breakfast and had some tea with powdered milk, yuck.

I wanted to go to the hospital but did not know about leaving the dogs together, they had both gone out side, I called Zac in and to my surprise Scruffy was right beside him as he came over the side and through the door. I made a fuss of them both.

'Stay Zac, stay Scruffy' I said, Zac new when I said this I was going out with out him. He did not like it but he had got used to it. He went and laid on my bed, Scruffy went with him. Well I would see what was what when I got back, I put the dog toilet tray down just in case.

I unlocked my bike from the roof and made it to the hospital in about 10 minutes. 3 times I had to explain who and why I was there. Eventually I found someone that could help, they still had no idea who is was and they hoped I might help ... I couldn't but as I was looking after his dog and I had found him that seemed to make me someone who should know. He had 4 cracked ribs and some bad bruising over most of his body and he had been kicked in the testicles but no damage as far as they could tell. He was up in one of the wards the doctor told me and I could go and see him, the police had all ready been.

He looked really bad as I approached the bed, he was awake and talking to a nurse. I walked to the other side of the bed to the nurse. He looked at me and blushed.

'Hi, I am Tim' I said as he looked away. 'Scruffy is with me' I said at that got his attention so I went on and told him how I had found him because Zac heard Scruffy howling. 'Thanks is he all right'
'Yes he's asleep on my narrow boat, in fact he was on my bed when I left ... how are you thought'
'Sore' and after a moments thought 'my names James' I shook his hand gentle. The doctor came up and told him he needed to rest, I assured him I would look after Scruffy and told him I would pop back later and asked if there was anything he wanted.
'Well could you go to' he stopped for a moment and looked away the went on. 'could you go to my room and get my things for me' he pulled me close 'please can you look under the carpet ... theres a loose board ..... pull it up please ... there some personal stuff, please keep it safe for me, don't tell anyone please' this last please he said as tears ran down his cheeks. I promised him that I would, I don't know why but I bent and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled and clutched my hand for a few seconds.

I was just in the hall way outside the ward when I heard my name called, it was Jim. He asked what I was doing there concerned I was injured, I told him and he said he was there for the same reason. It seems that James would not give his full name, the doctors reckoned he was about 16 so Jim had be called in to try and help. I knew Jim and thought it best to tell him all I knew including about the guy and the toilets, he thanked me and said he would call.

I headed back to Zachire, locke my bike up and found the dogs eagerly waiting at the door. I had a quick look round the baot, no mess, no damage, I was relived.

Once at the house I loaded all his stuff into a holdall the rolled up the crapet and found the loose floorboard. I had promised myself no matter what if it was drugs i would tell the police. It was a rucksack, I opened it and quickly looked inside, a A4 refill pad, pens and a photo album and half a dozen computer dics, some money and a moblie phone. I was relived. I never looked at the album, it was his and I am sure it was personal, he had something to hide but I am sure it was nothing illegal on his part.

Well thats it for now, sorry but thats the way I write, let me know what you think. The next chapter may be about a week but it should be a good one. TTFN.