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Love of and on the Canal

Part 4

Well sorry its been so long in coming but here is part 4. Please remember this is a work of fiction, mostly. May be some bits are real, amy be some bit I would like to have happened.
'Well could you go to' he stopped for a moment and looked away the went on. 'could you go to my room and get my things for me' he pulled me close 'please can you look under the carpet ... theres a loose board ..... pull it up please ... there some personal stuff, please keep it safe for me, don't tell anyone please' this last please he said as tears ran down his cheeks. I promised him that I would, I don't know why but I bent and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled and clutched my hand for a few seconds.

I was just in the hall outside the ward when I heard my name called, it was Jim. He asked what I was doing there concerned I was injured, I told him and he said he was there for the same reason. It seems that James would not give his full name, the doctors reckoned he was about 16 so Jim had be called in to try and help. I knew Jim and thought it best to tell him all I knew including about the guy and the toilets, he thanked me and said he would call.

I headed back to Zachire, locked my bike up and found the dogs eagerly waiting at the door. I had a quick look round the boat, no mess, no damage, I was relieved.

Once at the house I loaded all his stuff into a holdall the rolled up the carpet and found the loose floorboard. I had promised myself no matter what if it was drugs I would tell the police. It was a rucksack, I opened it and quickly looked inside, a A4 refill pad, pens and a photo album and half a dozen computer discs, some money and a mobile phone.
I was relieved. I never looked at the album, it was his and I am sure it was personal, he had something to hide but I am sure it was nothing illegal on his part.

Once back at Zachire I got out one of the canvas chairs and sat on the bank watching to world go past, the dogs wondered but never to far, they seemed to enjoy each others company.

'Hi Chas' I looked up to see Jim, we shook hands and I offered him tea. We went inside.
'So what did you think of James'   he asked.
I explained that I did not know that much about him,
'Thats his dog and he is friendly enough'   I offered.
'Well he's got some problems, for some reason he won't even tell me or the police his full name yet and he's scared but I also think he's lonely'
I poured the tea and got the biscuits tin out, the dogs sat wagging there tails and were rewarded with a one each. Jim went on,
'It seems he was beat up by a couple of homophobes, he is weak from loss of blood and lack of proper food. I talked with him a lot and he seems intelligent now the question is'   He looked at me,
'Yes as in you will look after him for a bit'   Jim said, I had guessed right.
'I have to get some paper work done, I have to let the police know where he is going to be and then I will go and tell him'   Jim finished.
'I was going to visit , can I tell him'   I offered and Jim agreed, saying that there would be no problem with the paper work side of the job and he knew the police officer involved and he would have no objection with him staying here. He then asked me if I could try and find out what had happened and try to find something out about his family.

An hour later I was by his bed and I had told him that I had got his stuff, the clothes were in the washing machine and his bag was on his bed, with that he looked at me questionably.

'Well you meet Jim, he used to be my care officer, I live on a Narrow boat and he asked if I would look after you for a while'   I said.
'What you live with your parents on a narrow boat'   he asked.
'No I live with me on Zachire, my narrow boat'  I replied. I then explained that I had be orphaned and had been in care untill a few months ago.

Well he was excited and kept thanking me and telling me he won't be any trouble and he could get a job ......

'Shut up'   I said and smiled at him, 'look get better and get some sleep, I will look in tomorrow and we'll see when you are going to get out'
'yeah ok.... look sorry but ....'
'Sleep and I'll be back in the morning' I held his hand, he nodded. I knew he was some medication and as I stood looking at him he just drifted off to sleep.

On the way back to Zachire my phone went, it was only Jim asking if I had told him and telling me everyone was happy for me to take him in for a while.


The doctor checked him over and gave him a prescription for some pain killers, Jim was there and he took us down in his car, James was quite but I could see excitement in his eyes.

'I will not come down to the boat, I'll let you settle'   Jim said to both of us.

I opened up Zachire and was nearly knocked down by Scruffy fighting to get to James, James bent and hugged the dog tears freely flowing down his face. I left them on the bank.

'Sorry about that, can I come in'   James asked a few minutes later. I looked up as he wiped the tears away.
'Yes come on, I'll show you round, want some tea or coffee'   I asked. I was on top of the world showing off my home. I showed him round, and all he kept saying was things like neat and wow. I showed him his bed and that morning I had put he few, but now clean clothes in the draws underneath. He kept thanking me.

We sat at the table drinking tea and I had also put some sausage rolls out and we scoffed the lot. He had picked up his bag and brought it with him.

'Did you look in it'  he asked.
'Yes but just to make sure there were no drugs'   I replied and hung my head.
'Thanks, may be I should explain some things'  he pulled out the photo album and opened it. 'This is my family'   he showed me a picture it could not have been that old. It showed his mum and dad and what must be a younger brother. On the facing page were some more family shots, Scruffy was in most of them. he turned the page and there were some of his brother. He ran his fingers across them and I looked up to see that he was crying.
'I let him down'  he said, 'I ain't talked to him since I left home he will be so worried, I haven't talked to anyone' I moved round the table and sat next to him and held him as he cried, I could feel tears in my eyes, I hated to see people hurt like this.
'So why did you leave'   I asked when he had settled a bit.
'I told my parents that I was gay, dad got mad and threw me out'  and with that the tears started again, I just held onto him for what seemed like ages. I made some more tea and we talked some more. It seems that he lived in Watford and was in fact 16 years old, his brother was 14 and called Daniel, Dan for short. He wanted to turn his mobile on but was frightened too, he felt so guilty about letting his brother down.
'Look why don't I phone him and at least tell him that your are alive'   I offered. He agreed, I had know idea what I was going to say as the phone rang.
'Hello' a young voice answered.
'Hi are you Dan' I asked looking across the table at James.
'Yes, you'
'I am Chas and I just to want to let you know your brother is ok'   I had to hold the phone away from my ear, Dan shouted with joy.
It took some time but I explained that he had been hurt but was ok, all he kept asking was where was he, he kept saying he loved him and wanted to see him, I am sure he was crying.
'Look how about we meet tomorrow afternoon about 4'   I suggested
'Where, yes ... yes ...... I know he's there tell him I have a surprise for him, tell him I love him, come on tell me where are we meeting'   he was talking so fast it was a job to catch it all.
'Cassiobury Park down by the lock gates on the canal'
'Come on make it now or the morning ....... please'
'No, your brother has to go and get checked at the hospital, we will be there at 4'
I looked at James indicating for him to take the phone, he shook his head, he had tears in his eyes again. I talked a bit more reassuring Dan that his brother was ok and that we would be there and the I hung up.

I cooked dinner, James helped and we just seemed to get on so well it was a warm evening and once we had tidied up we took the dogs for a walk, the opposite way to his old house. He talked a lot, it seemed that he was doing well at school all though he had missed the last to weeks. He told me about how he got money for food, he was really ashamed about it but he said it had never gone any further than blow jobs. One guy had even given him some extra money to help him out. He talked about his mum and dad and got very sad, he wondered if he would ever be allowed back home. We got back to Zachire at about 9 and he was very tired, he was still on pain killers.

'You want a shower and an early night' I asked, 'we have some work to do tomorrow'
'Are we taking the boat with us'
'Of course, it about 5 hours and I need to some shopping on the way'
'Cool and will I be able to help'  I laughed at his eagerness and he seemed so excited.
'You will have to help, it hard work but fun'   I looked at him, dam, he was so nice, I was falling for him he had such a wonderful smile and he seemed so innocent sometimes. I showed him how the shower worked and got him some towels, he striped off with out closing the connecting doors and jumped in the shower after removing the bandages from around his waste. He saw me staring and smiled. I turned the TV on and sat watching the news, I saw him come out and head down to his bed, Scruffy got up and wandered down. A few minutes later he came back, he had put on a t-shirt and some boxers, I smiled at him as he came and sat next to me on the couch.
'I get up about 6.30, 7 will you want some breakfast'   I asked.
'Please, do you all ways get up early'
'Yes .... all ways have done'
'Great so have I'   he looked at me and went on 'thanks for all you are doing, I'll be OK soon and I can get some where to live, may be a foster home'
'Look don't worry, get better first, things have ways of working out and Jim is a good guy he will help all he can'

I woke to the smell of bacon and it took me a couple of minutes to remember that I had a guest. I got out of bed and headed to the loo then back to the kitchen.

'Morning'   James said handing me cup of tea 'hope you don't mind .... you want eggs, fried and toast'   He was dressed or should I say undressed about the same as me, sleeping shorts and t-shirt, I went and sat at the table.
'Two eggs and toast sound good to me'   I sat and drank my tea and watched him cook.
'So you looking forward to seeing your brother'   I asked.
'Yes .... but I have been such a bastard ..... I never even let him know that I was all right.... we were close with each other but not mum and dad'   he sat with his eyes closed for a minute 'Do you think he will forgive me'.
'What for'
'for being gay, for dad throwing me out, for not contacting him'
'Well ..... I think he just wants you back, he'll forgive you'

We washed up the dishes and got dressed, it was not very warm yet as I opened up the back of the boat. Zac must of sensed that we were moving off because he got up onto the roof and laid down, Scruffy joined him. I showed James how to check the oil and other daily jobs that had to be done before the Zachire was started. I unplugged the mains lead to the shore supply, James undid the ropes and pushed the front out a little as I picked up the engine reve's, he ran down the tow path and jumped onto the stern with me. We pulled away from the side. I loved this bit, the start of a journey, I turned and looked at James as his smile was as big as mine. We must have looked like two kids on Christmas day.

The first set of gates were just a few minutes away, James had been on a canal holiday with his parents so he knew a bit about it all. As I nosed the front of Zachire into the gates he jumped off with a windlass, the lock was empty so we would have to fill it before going in. The dogs were with him sniffing everything in site. I let Zachire drift and popped down to put the kettle on, it was time for a cuppa.

I cam out to see James holding his side, dam I had forgotten about his ribs he saw me looking and shook his head. I ran to the front and caught a rope as I jumped off quickly tying the boat up.

'You OK'   I asked.
'Yeah it just a bit to much at the moment'
'Sorry I forgot all about your ribs, you drive I'll work the gates'   he nodded in agreement and walked back to Zachire, undid the rope and headed for the stern.

There was one more lock before we moored up at Sainsburys, we left the dogs inside and went shopping, mince for a shepherds pie this evening, veg, beer and some more odds and ends. There was a Matalan clothing store so once we had packed the food back on Zachire I talked James in to letting me get him a few things. I said that we could get an allowance of of Jim for stuff like that, as yet I had not told him about my lottery win.

I made him try on the trousers in the shop much to his embarrassment and my amusement, I didn't know that he was so shy. We got some jeans and a couple of pairs of shorts, some boxer shorts, socks and t-shirts and a waterproof jacket and trousers.

We moved Zachire across the other side of the Canal and I got the hose out and started to fill the water tank and then went down to help James put things away. Once all that was done and the tank was toped up we started off again. The sun was out and it was getting nice and hot, we both changed into shorts. We sat at the back, I was steering and we were listing to the radio, the dogs were flat out asleep on the roof.

'You don't mind that I am gay' he asked all of a sudden.
'Why should it, I am sorry but .... well its been sort of busy and the time never seemed right but I am also gay' I replied. he just stared at me for a minute
'You know that I rented my self out but you never asked me to do anything' 'Why should I ... you did that for money to live on, I want to get to know you, not what you had to do'
'Anything ..... just ask I'll tell you anything' he said and I am sure he meant it.
'Later, but for now we have locks to operate and your brother to meet'

I made a couple of sandwiches for lunch and by 2oc we rounded the corner on the approach to Cassiobury Park lock. I think Scruffy gave it away, we were coming into the bank when I heard a shriek from the bridge ahead of us. Scruffy was straight off the roof and onto the tow path, James was not to far behind and I could see this kid, it had to be Dan running off the bridge towards us. Scruffy was nearly crushed as the two meet, I saw James lift his brother, who was not much smaller than himself, in to a hug then his ribs must have hurt because he nearly fell. I had just finished with the mooring rope when I saw James stagger his brother looked horrified. I was by his side and helping him to stand again, I could see the pain on James face.

'Dan meet Chas, Chas meet Dan' he said through gritted teeth. I put my arm round him and headed back to Zachire.
'Hi Dan you want to join us' I asked and he glanced over his shoulder and up at another boy on the bridge, 'you want to invite him as well' I finished off. Dan waved at the boy. I got James below and seated, Scruffy was at his feet and I got some cokes out of the fridge. Well James had said his apologies and the two brother had shed a couple of tears.
'I love you, why didn't you tell me' Dan asked James. 'Why after you left didn't you phone'
'I am so, so sorry .... but I just didn't know' James shook his head and took a deep breath, 'I didn't know how you would feel about having a gay brother' He hugged Dan for a minute or two.
Dan looked at the door where his mate sat on the step just holding his can of coke. Dan then gestured for the boy to come closer, he got up and knelt in front of Dan and took the offered hand. The poor boy looked sad and lonely all most lost.
'Peter this is my brother James, James this is my boyfriend Peter' With that he gentle kissed the hand he was holding.

I made dinner at about six and we chanted for sometime about anything and everything, Dan wanted to stay and run away with his brother, I put my adult head on and said no and also explained that James was not running away but he was in my care which brought a serious note to the proceedings. Dan agreed in the end and then Peter said that he had to go as he was under orders to be home by 8, it seems he had been playing truant from school and his parents had put him on a curfew. Dan said that he had better go, he promised James that he would not say anything to he his mum or dad although I pointed out, dam this serious head of mine, that we would have to sort something out soon. I then had an idea about how we might get something moving.

'Look how about you two coming down tomorrow and staying over night, we could take Zachire up to Hemel and back' I asked. They agreed then I let them have the bomb shell ... 'I'll have to talk to your parents to make sure they know where you will be' I turned to James and then looked at Dan, 'and you'll have to tell them that you are with your brother, its up to you, you decide, phone me or get them too' I felt bad about trapping them but may be it would work.

Well thats it for now, sorry but thats the way I write, let me know what you think. The next chapter may be about a week but it should be a good one.