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Part 6

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I made a mistake earlier when describing Zachire the layout in fact goes from the rear doors down 3 steps to 2 single beds one each side of the gangway, freezer and washing machine under one bed, cupboards under the other. Next the gangway moves to the left side and on the right is the shower, wash basin and toilet. Next comes the double bed room with various cupboards, draws and shelves. There are sliding doors that separate these 3 rooms if needed. Next is the kinchin then the dining area and last of all is the living room. Couch, TV, cupboards shelves etc and then double doors that open out onto the front area.

I am also going to list the characters just so as you know who is who.

Charles, Chas 18. Tom 18 and his parents John and Wendy. Jim my social worker. James 16 his brother Dan 14, Peter and Brian Peters Dad. Simon 15, Tony his social worker Terry mate from school, John Baker, Terry dad and a teacher at there school.

Love of and on the Canal

Part 6

I made the dinner while Simon topped up the water tank and cleaned up around the boat then he headed across to the field with Zac and played ball for a while. That dog had just run back from Berkhampstead and he was still ready for a game, he had so much energy.

As we sat eating I asked how school had been and then I asked if he wanted to invite Simon down for Friday, Saturday nights.

'Here to stay with us'
'Yes, you have a spare bed up your end'
'WOW yes, fucking ace .... can I phone him now please'
'Does he know that you are on a narrow boat'
'Yeah' Simon said than he was quite for a minute before he went on 'we ain't been talking much, we fell out but today I apologised .... well were mates again ... its brill he's great' I am sure I could see a tear forming but I wasn't sure.

J phoned as we were washing up and by the time I got off the phone Simon had finished off and put everything away, I thanked him and he went red and just mumbled something like it was ok. I let him phone Terry. We agreed that they would both come straight from school on Friday and we would firm up the arrangements.

Well I learnt it was not all going to be plain sailing with Simon, he lost his temper big time half way through his homework, he hated History, he hated dates etc, etc. I just left him too it for a while then sheepishly he asked for some help. He was surprised when I set up the lap top and then signed on. Then working with him we found the dates he needed.

To my surprise he went for a shower at 8 and a little later wandered back down in one of the bath robes I had hanging in the bath room. He came and sat next to me on the couch, I had put a DVD in, The Bourne Supremacy. We watched together. He moved across towards me and laid his head on my arm, I moved a little and raised my arm and put it behind him, soon he was asleep. I woke him at 10 and sent him off to bed.


I was just going to Karate when my phone went, it was Brian asking why Simon was not in school. I looked at my watch, he had had plenty of time, I was worried. I told Brian that I would go and have a look for him, I called Zac who had just settled down as I had told him where I was going. I told Zac to find Simon and he barked then headed up th tow path. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head, had he got a puncture, had an accident or was he playing truant. I heard Zac barking ahead of me and as I rounded the corner I nearly ran into 3 guys. I was just about to apologise but then I saw what Zac was barking at .... on of them was pushing Simons bike.

I hurt so bad, what the hell was I going to tell Chas, they had stolen my bike. Cold I was so cold. Help me someone help me ....... Warm I could fell something warm, Oh god! it was Zac he was laying next to me.....

'Where did you get that bike' I asked a little annoyed.
'Fuck off and mind your own business' one guy said.
'Yeah or we will show you how we got it and take yours' the second one laughed.
'Yeah you want a swimming lesson as well' that came from the third guy. I was now worried for Simon, Zac had trotted back and was sat looking at us.
'Zac .. go find Simon' I said and he turned and ran in the direction we had been going.

The 3 guys now realised that I new the owner of the bike and one moved back a bit as the other two came towards me. I got off my bike and pushed it into the bushes. Well they did not hang around. The two in front attacked, just what I wanted, I needed to get after Zac and find Simon. I want go into to much detail, it was not a fight, they were crap. The first guy who had all ready got a bloody nose, I hope Simon had given it to him, got a kick in the balls and a knee in the face as he went down. The second got a broken wrist by the sound of it and the third who had pulled a knife got a kick to the arm, followed by one to the chest .... it was all over in a couple of minutes and I was back on my bike.

It was about 2 miles later that I found him and Zac, once more my bike ended up in the bushes. He was soaked and covered in blood, Zac was laying in real close, that dog was a marvel he was trying to keep him warm. Slowly I felt for a pulse, YES OH GOD THANKS YES a pulse. As I ran my hands over the rest of his body he was sick, Canal water by the looks of it. I got on my phone and called for an ambulance giving my location as best I could. I took my jacket off and laid it over Simon and then held his hand and just talked, I felt him squeeze my hand.

I phoned John and J and left voice mails for both of them. I heard sirens in the distance and suddenly wondered how they were going to get close, we were in the middle of know where. I heard the motor bike and looked up, an ambulance motor bike came into view. Well the poor guy had his work cut out, he got Simon patched up and covered over with a foil blanket to keep him warm, he quietened me down and called in an air ambulance that landed in the field. He also asked if I had seen anyone else injured as there had been another call go out .... I told him the story and he immediately asked for police attendance at the other call giving brief details.

I could not take Zac in the air ambulance so I cycled back home and then headed off to the hospital, John was on his way with Terry and J was heading to Zachire and would come up as soon as he had deposited Scruffy. J hadn't even meet Simon yet.

He was sitting up on an examination table as I walked in and he reached out to me, I hugged him and I could feel him crying, it took a while but soon he settled. The doctor told me that although he was cold and bruised no bones were broken, he would be sore and stiff for a few days but he could go home after the police had talked to him. I had brought some clean clothes up for him and he dressed, he had to lean on me a couple of time. They moved us into an office so we had more privacy when the police arrived. I was sitting next to Simon when I saw his head go up and he clutched my arm tightly .... going past the window escorted my a couple of policemen were the guy I had beat up. Next I felt him try to stand but he was still a little weak. I saw Brian and Terry talking to a nurse and she pointed to us, Terry ran across and was in the door before his dad had fully turned round, he had tears ruining down his cheeks as he came in and hugged Simon. I left them and went outside to talk to Brian, he was going to have to go back to school, I nodded towards his son.

'If you want and don't mind I think it will help Simon if he stays' I said
'Good, shit you should have seen him coming here he was scared stiff ..... love does that' he replied and winked at me. I looked back at the window and they were both watching us Brian waved at Terry and left and I went back in.

We sat and talked for bit then the police arrived and took a statement from Simon. I had to make one but I asked if I could go to the station tomorrow. They agreed.

I put Simon and Terry in a taxi and then cycled back home, they arrived a few minutes later, I didn't need to worry about one way systems on my bike. J arrived at the same time so I made introductions all round and got what I really needed a kiss from J. Simon watched and the got up and came across and kissed me on the cheek and then just hugged me.

'Your the best big brother that anyone could want' he said. I could feel tears forming as I held him and looked across at J who nodded his head and soon we had a group hug going.

Terry phoned his dad and updated him, thanking him at the same time for letting him stay and arranged to be picked up at 9. J and I made diner, Simon had gone an laid down and when I went to check on him he was cuddled up with Terry on his bed. Terry blushed when he saw me, I left them pulling the door closed as I went back to the kinchin.

Dinner was lively and I could see Terry had an appetite to equal Simons all thought this evening he did not eat much, his stomach still hurt. Terry helped J to wash up, Simon came and sat next to me on the couch and was soon asleep, Brian arrived and we decided that the weekend was still on much to Simon and Terry delight although I did not think Simon would be back at school untill next week.

Once Terry had gone Simon went off to bed, I let him get settled in the I went up. He just lay there and smiled a me I brushed the hair off of his forehead and bent and kissed him.

'I love you big brother' he said.
'I love you too' I replied and held his hand for a few seconds.

It was time to talk to J .......

Another chapter and still more to come... What do I need to tell J ..... ?

Sorry its a short chapter!