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Part 7

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I made a mistake earlier when describing Zachire the layout in fact goes from the rear doors down 3 steps to 2 single beds one each side of the gangway, freezer and washing machine under one bed, cupboards under the other. Next the gangway moves to the left side and on the right is the shower, wash basin and toilet. Next comes the double bed room with various cupboards, draws and shelves. There are sliding doors that separate these 3 rooms if needed. Next is the kinchin then the dining area and last of all is the living room. Couch, TV, cupboards shelves etc and then double doors that open out onto the front area.

I am also going to list the characters just so as you know who is who.

Charles, Chas 18. Tom 18 and his parents John and Wendy. Jim my social worker. James 16 his brother Dan 14, Peter and Brian Peters Dad. Simon 15, Tony his social worker Terry mate from school, John Baker, Terry dad and a teacher at there school.

Love of and on the Canal

Part 8


I was up early and making a pot of tea when Simon wandered down still just in boxer shorts.

'Is it all right to have another shower' he asked. 'Yes ...I'll top the tank up while you are doing it .... you need to get rid of the mess' I pointed to what was some dried cum on his stomach 'did you have fun' he went bright red and fled back to his room. I was laughing, wondering if they had both been playing. I headed outside and connected up the hose and as I came back I headed towards the back to let him know the water was filling. I was about to knock on the bathroom door when I heard giggling ..... I left them to it.

J came back a few minutes later he had been walking the dogs.

'Love you' he said and kissed me on the back on my neck as he put his hands round my middle and gave me a cuddle. I was cooking breakfast and turned and kissed his cheek. It was nice to have him with me.

I had been in contact with Jim and J was with me untill he was 18 then he could make up his own mind, Simons social worker was a little bit concerned about him. He had become a bit wild and unpredictable and was only with me on a short term basis as long as he behaved or we could sort out behavioral problems ..... what a load of rubbish. All Simon needed was some security and some tlc!

After eating we packed two rucksacks with food, a couple of towels, a frisbee and other odds and sods and headed to the station, it was still only 8oc ... Simon was so excited it was also very contagious. Zac and Scruffy got annoyed when we put leads on them but we thought it better. Once on the train I sent a text message .... J looked at me and I just shrugged. A couple of stops down the line we got to Watford Junction and to J's surprise and delight we were joined ... although to the other passengers it would have seem more of attacked by Dan and Peter ..... I reasoned 6 to look after two dogs would be better than four.

We arrived in London and headed by bus to the River Thames and Big Ben, we then joined an open top site seeing bus. Lunch was spent in Hyde Park and as it was sunny we spent a good couple of hours just resting and messing around. The dogs did not like it when we went up to Leicester Square then Soho ... too many people. I did not realise how many gay establishments there were in Soho and I must admits it worried me a bit .... we were getting quite a few admiring glances. Mind you I expect we deserved then as we slowly walked along all 3 couples holding hands .... I am sure that Simon, Terry, Dan and Peter were doing it more for devilment than anything else.

They got wolf whistled at as we went past The Admiral Duncan ...... It was a quieter and very tired group that caught the train home .... we said goodbye to Dan and Peter at Watford. I had to wake Simon and Terry up at Hemel.

Sunday was a lazy day and in the afternoon we cycled home with Peter his dad had invited us to a BBQ. Simon stayed at Terry's that night as he had school the next day. J and myself cycled back and enjoyed a not so quite night alone in that wonderful double bed of mine.

It was 10oc on Thursday and I had just started the washing machine when my phone went .... it was John. He told me not to panic .... that meant I did especially when he said James had not made it to school .... I thought the worse, he had been mugged again! John went on quickly explaining that Terry had not turned up either .... they were playing truant. They had done it before but not since Simon had been with me.

'Do you know where they will be' I asked
'Yes' he went on to say that 4 other boys were missing and I would find them all in the playing fields about half a mile from the school on the opposite side of the canal. They would be with 2 or 3 older ex pupils.
'What do you want me to do with Terry'
'He has a house key ... send him home ...I'll talk to him this evening' John paused then went on 'be carefully the older lads are 18, 19 year old's .... what are you going to do about Simon'
'Talk to him .... find out why' I replied I hope it did not show in my voice but I felt hurt.
'He's a good kid and he loves you and trusts you ...... he never stopped talking about you and J after you went on Sunday evening .... help him' John said and hung up.

I could see them from where I sat, Zac and Scruffy at my feet. Simon and Terry were sat apart from the rest of the group talking. The rest were passing a bottle round or drinking from cans every now and then one would say something to them, one even chucked a can across but neither picked it up.

'Zac, Scruffy go to Simon' I said and the dogs took off across the field as I stood and got my bike and slowly started to push it towards them ..... what was I going to do ..... what was I going to say.

I saw Simon stand up as soon as he saw Zac and Scruffy and he looked straight at me and then down towards Terry who had not seen the dogs untill they were there. Simon just stroked Zac and then sat back down cuddling him, I could see he was holding him quite tightly. The rest of the group had now seen me .....

'Who the fuck is this then' the oldest looking guy shouted at Simon but he was looking and walking straight towards me.
'You want to tell him or should I' I said looking at Simon, he was trying not to cry as he hugged Zac. 'Both of you get your bikes it's time to go' I said keeping an eye on the ring leader as he closed the distance between us. He had a base ball bat in his hand.
'Fuck you mate .... I say what people do round here' he said raising the bat and leaning it on his shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Simon get up and rub his sleave across his eyes then walk towards us .. he then stood in front on me looking at the ring leader.
'This is my guardian' he then turned to look at me and continued 'and big brother' he faltered slightly 'I hope' before he could say any more the ring leader caught hold of him and pushed him away violently.
'He still don't tell you what to do in my park' he shouted and swung the bat ...... I could not beleave it Simon was standing up to this guy, he was frightened I was going to disown him, he was apologizing .......

I caught the guys wrist and hand twisted it and turned lowering my head and shoulders, he went over my shoulder and just as he did I straightened up, he went up and the came back down hard on his back on the grass. I caught hold of the bat snatching out of his hand and then rammeded in into the grass between his legs.

'Get your bikes' I said to Simon and Terry and as they did I said to the rest 'why don't you go and leave this looser alone' I saw two more head towards their bikes. 'If I ever see or hear that you have been near Simon or Terry I will come and find you' I said to the guy on the ground. I turned and walked off, he was fast'ish but not quite. He got to his feet and started to run at me again .... this time I let him have a good old fashioned right cross to the head before grabbing his arm and once more throwing him up and over my shoulder ... I was really pissed off and got a lot of hight into the throw. He was badly winded and beaten. He was left laying there by everyone.

I sent Terry home telling him his dad would speak to him later, I told Simon that we would ride back to Zachire and talk there. I let him go and rode back slowly with Zac and Scruffy exploring the hedges .... what was I going to say, what should I do. I had not been perfect, I had played truant.

He was sat at the dining table as I walked through the door, he looked up, he had been crying.

'Why' I asked quietly.
'I'm sorry please please I am so so sorry .... I don't know why' he replied and then ran to me and hugged me 'don't send me back .....' he let me go 'I've fucked up .... fucked up big time' he half said to him self as he turned and ran towards his room. He got onto his bed sitting looking at his feet. I went up and sat next to him and put my arm round his shoulder.
'You know what was worse ... John told me you had not turned up for school .... I thought you had been mugged or hurt' I said, he put his arms round my waste and he cried. I let him get it out of his system as I held him tightly.

I suggested that he washed up and come back to the table, he did and we talked for a while, he promised he would never worry me again and with a little half smile he said that he would phone next time to let me know he was playing truant. We agreed he would be grounded all weekend. No internet, no mobile phone except to and from school.

It was not a hard grounding, he was allowed out with either myself or J and all 3 of us went swimming on Sunday, we also did some work on the summer holiday. J broke up on Wednesday and Simon week on Thursday


Simon had been fidgety ever since J had broken up from school and this morning had been no exception, he wanted to take an extra week off and go now. We had a bit of a surprise in store for him this weekend. As soon as he left for school we got to work. I had found a shop that had made an awning that was going over the front section to give us a bit more covered space if it rained and we had the frame for this all ready made up. Yesterday we had made a frame so the same awning laced together a different way could be put out the side over the towpath as a shelter. Now we went shopping for a BBQ, I wanted one that would burn charcoal, not as quick as gas but who cared. We also got a couple of extra canvas fold up chairs and a fold up table.

We found space for everything and packed it away then we stared Zachire up, did our checks, J went and started to empty the first lock as I undid the ropes. The dogs stayed on the bank with him as I eased Zachire from his berth and into the first lock. It was fun to be on the move again. We took it in turn to work the locks it was a nice day and we had time.

Now J and I had our own windlasses and I stopped at a boat yard by Swing bridge to get one for Simon, I saw the ideal one, it had a chrome handle ours were polished steel.

He had not said anything about it, don't ask me why, but it was his 16th birthday this Saturday. I had been looking through some papers about him that I had had to sigh thats how I found out, I was so surprised he hadn't said anything what kid didn't want to be 16. We also got him a watch and his own lap top computer.

It funny now I thought about it .... since he had been with us we had not moved Zachire. I did not even know if he had been on a canal holiday.

It was just after lunch we moored up in Berkhampstead opposite the green just across from the school. We were going to move a bit further up later for over night moorings, it would be to noisy here for the next week. As the kids began to come out of school we walked across the green and sat with the dogs on one of the seats. Zac spotted Simon first and ran across to him, Simon went down on on knee and made a fuss of him then Scruffy while looking round for us. Once he spotted us he walked across, I don't know why but he was all ways so pleased to see us and he would all ways give me a hug no matter who else was around. I felt so proud when he did that.

'Where are your bikes' he asked as he lowered his to the ground, some more of his mates joined us and one dug a ball out and stared to throw it for Zac and Scruffy to fetch.
'On Zachire' I relied and nodded towards the canal .... well I felt a tear or two well up when I saw the smile on his face. 'Don't get excited' I cautioned him 'we aren't going away till school finishes on Thursday' the smile faltered for a second.
'Simon isn't that Zachire' Terry shouted running across and the he spotted J and myself. Simon nodded.
'Is that the one you live on' one of the others asked. About half a dozen wandered across the dogs forgotten.

Simon got out his key and looked over at me, I nodded and his smile got bigger.

'Want to have a look around' he offered as he stept on the back and unlocked the door. I took charge of his bike.

There were 6 of them plus Terry all sat around inside, all the doors and windows were open as if was very hot. J had got cokes or fanta's for everyone, the radio was on and know one wanted to go. I nodded at Simon and walked up the back he followed.

'Why didn't you say it was your birthday tomorrow' I asked
'I don't know .... I didn't want you to do anything ... to think that you had to do something'
'You are special to me' I nodded in the direction of J 'you are special to us so we want to' I paused 'is it all right if we do something' He nodded. 'Look lets have a BBQ invite all this lot but no more .... if any have girl friends or even boy friends ' I gave him a little grin 'they can come as well .... no alcohol and J and myself will be there' He swung his hands round my shoulders and squeezed me then lightly kissed my cheek before running off and telling everyone the news. I gave out my phone number, I wanted to talk to all the parents, I told them the rules. No alcohol and no loud music and no litter especially in the canal. It would start 5ish, food at about 7 and end when they went or were told to go. In the next hour I talked with all the kids and it was then I realised what a great bunch of friends Simon had.
'Chas you got a minute' a guy, I think his name was Steven asked and he headed out the door. I followed. 'Look sorry but... well can you talk to my mum ... I was one that was playing truant ... I'm good now but'
'Get her to phone me ... it will be a good party ... it's Simons 16 birthday you know' I said, glad that I had got the birthday bit in. Simon was just telling everyone it was just a BBQ.
'Thanks I'll get her to phone .... his 16th he didn't say' he shook his head and then walked up to Simon and asked him in a very loud voice when his birthday was. Simon looked at me a smile on his face then shook his head.
'Tomorrow he's 16 shouted Terry' with that everyone cheered.

We moored up at the same park that I had caught the truants in but in a quieter section, it was ideal. My phone kept going and I talked to various parents one or two wished me luck with keeping it alcohol and gate crasher free.

Dinner was lively, Simon was so excited. We sat watching TV J and myself on the couch Simon on the floor, he never seemed to like chairs, he sat in between our legs. His arms resting on my right leg and J's left.


I stood looking out the front, it was going to be nice there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I heard J come up behind me and soon he was kissing my neck and before long we were in the shower the door locked between us and Simon. I loved the taste of his cock it was so nice, so stiff so hard but soft and when he bums .... well it hits the back of my throat ......

We woke Simon at 9 and for once he did not need waking a second time and after breakfast and clearing up we sat him down and gave him his presents. All except for the lap top, we were going to give him that after the party. The watch he wore and the windlass we had to go and test. There was a boat coming through the locks and the elderly couple were pleased to have the assistance. Simon just smiled the whole time.

Do all 14 to 16 year old boys get excited about things, the first one arrived at 4, we had put the chairs and table out and we were just setting up the BBQ. He handed a small package to Simon who smiled and thanked him and then to my surprise he kissed him.

'Sorry we didn't tell you' he said with a mischievous smile on his face as he looked at us 'no girls today all those you meet are gay' I nodded, I had wondered, they had all seemed so close and a little secretive when others had approached, I had even noticed some of the other kids had given them a wide birth. They were all there by 5 so I lit the BBQ early. It was good fun I had got a beer for myself and I had made up some punch with just a little alcohol in it just enough to taste. Even if one of then drank the whole bowl it would make them drunk.

Simon came right out of his shell and in doing so made sure everyone had good time, the music was there but never to loud. We sat and talked some wrestled one or two even held hands but stopped when they saw me looking.

'Simon have you told them that J and myself are boyfriends' I asked him when I got him alone.
'No ... I didn't know if you wanted them to know'
'But you told us about all of them' I queried.
'Yeah well .... but its you thats looking after me'
'You don't want them to know'
'No I didn't think you would want them to'
'We don't mind, you are really good you know ... good and thoughtful I kissed him on the cheek and then went and found J. He was talking to a couple of the guys who had volunteered to keep an eye on the food that was cooking. I walked up and moved close to his side and held his hand he just natural turned and kissed me, I kissed him back and when we parted I looked around at a number of amazed faces.

Now if guys were holding hands they didn't split when I walked passed or looked at them.

They had all gone by 10, apart from two and Terry, they had stayed to help clear up and now the six of us sat inside, it got chilly even on warm night on the canal. I was opening a bottle of bubble to toast Simons birthday when he came up to me and gave me the biggest hug that I think I had ever had.

'Do you know this has been the best day of my life' he said and a tear ran down his cheek. 'Thank you' he turned to J who had come to help with the glasses 'thank you both of you' Well we had a 3 way hug. J took the glasses to the saloon and handed everyone one, I poured out the bubble.
'To Simon my younger brother' I said, the others raised there glasses and drank.
'To Simon the best friend you could want' Steven said after I had refilled the glasses. We all drank to that. Terry looked at his watch.
'Oh sorry' I said to him 'I talked with your dad and told him you could stay the night .... he drooped your stuff of earlier' The smile he gave me was wonderful, I wondered if Simon was going to get something extra for his birthday.
'You two are you an item' I asked looking at Steven and Peter, they went bright red.
'They have been together longer than us' Simon answered for them. 'OK phone your parents .... you can stay but you will have to sleep on the couch' They did and I talked to Stevens mum who agreed as Peter had been going to stay there anyway, she said she would let his parents know.
'Well I thought it would just be 4 of us but now its six' I said as I went to the cupboard and got out the last present. I had wrapped it up. 'This is from me and J ... Happy 16th birthday I handed it to him. He went to the table and started to unwrap in the others joined him. J and I sat on the couch.
'OH my fucking Ohhhh ....' he jumped up and ran at us tears running down his cheeks. The other 3 got up and wondered outside for a while ... Simon kissed me then J then .... well he just hugged us and ... well we all shed a tear .... what an emotional end to the day.

Another chapter and still more to come... The Canal holiday starts next chapter, Terry can't go so who will fill the spare bed especially as Simon is now 16