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Part 7

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I made a mistake earlier when describing Zachire the layout in fact goes from the rear doors down 3 steps to 2 single beds one each side of the gangway, freezer and washing machine under one bed, cupboards under the other. Next the gangway moves to the left side and on the right is the shower, wash basin and toilet. Next comes the double bed room with various cupboards, draws and shelves. There are sliding doors that separate these 3 rooms if needed. Next is the kinchin then the dining area and last of all is the living room. Couch, TV, cupboards shelves etc and then double doors that open out onto the front area.

I am also going to list the characters just so as you know who is who.

Charles, Chas 18. Tom 18 and his parents John and Wendy. Jim my social worker. James 16 his brother Dan 14, Peter and Brian Peters Dad. Simon 15, Tony his social worker Terry mate from school, John Baker, Terry dad and a teacher at there school.

Love of and on the Canal

Part 9


It had been a long week and Simon had been so excited, well we all were. He finished school at 12 and as soon as he got back to Zachire we would be off for 6 weeks cruising the canals. Terry was going to Devon with his parents, he did not know it yet but his dad had been offered a job at a school down there .... the chances were he would not becoming back. I had spent some time with his mum and dad they wanted to adopt Simon but untill everything was sorted we weren't going to tell either of them.

I had been talking to James about my future and he wanted to be part of it, I still had to tell him about how much I was worth. The idea I had was that we would get a barge and butty and have them done up as holiday boats for groups, we would crew them. I was going to put this idea to Tom and his family when we saw then in a couple of weeks time .... I was looking forward to seeing him, his family and his boyfriend.

J and myself spent the morning shopping and getting everything ready for our departure. School was due to brake up at 12 and we wondered down to the gates. It was a hectic 20 or so minutes when the kids came out .... goodbyes were said, hugs given and received and even some tears were shed.

I got landed with driving as we entered lock 52, Northchurch Lock, J was sat on the roof and Simon was working the locks and of course the dogs were off exploring. It was 4 miles and about 10 locks to Marsworth and Simon was now driving I was sat on the roof and J was doing the locks. It was now just gone 6 as we moored up just north of Leighton Buzzard near the Globe Inn by bridge 111. Simon had gone off with the dogs to explore, J was writing up the log/diary and I was getting dinner ready.

'Chas ... CHAS quickly help' I heard Simon scream as he jumped on board out of breath. I went to the door and he took my arm dragging me. 'I think he's dead .... come on ... come on' he finished and started to run. What the heck, I was a little scared, dead, not one of the dogs ..... please not one of the dogs. J was right behind me as I saw Simon jump on a derelict looking barge and push the door open and go inside.

Well who ever it was wasn't dead as he was trying to fend off two dogs that were licking his face.

'Down boys, off' I said and they jumped down and sat. I looked at the kid on the bench he was 14 may be 15 years old, pale, very pale. He was in a sleeping bag and it looked as if he was still dressed. The mess in here suggested that he had been sick, very sick and just then he lent sideways and reached two or three times but nothing came up. He laid back with tears in his eyes his hands had gone to his stomach.
'Simon go with J and bring back a bottle of water, J can you bring Zachire a bit closer' Scruffy went with them back Zac just sat and watched me. I went across and felt the kids head, he was burning up.
'Just something I eat' he croaked.
'When' I asked.
'Yesterday ... Tuesday morning'
'Its Thursday now' I said gentle and watched as a tear ran down one of his cheeks. I took one of his hands and held it tightly.
'Is there someone we can call'
'NO' he shouted hoarsely then he looked at me 'sorry no ... I'll be all right soon' He held my hand all the tighter. Simon was back with a bottle of water and he took the top off and handed it to me. The kid looked at Simon then me.
'Simon go and help J, moor up just in front can you' He didn't look pleased at having to go but he did. As he went out the door I looked at the kid.
'You want to try and sit up' he nodded and with a bit of help he swung his legs outside ways and was soon sitting, I gave him the water bottle.
'Small sips' I advised. 'You a bit messy in there' I went on noticing that he held the bag tight round his stomach. He nodded and took a couple more sips of water. Zac and came closer and the kid reached out to stroke him. Zac was the best medicine anyone could need, he licked the kids hand.
'Wait a minute and I'll get something so you can clean up a bit then you and come and have dinner with us' I felt the boat rock as someone jumped on board and Simon came through the door.
'Wont your parents mind' the kid asked.
'He is our parents' Simon said. I went and got a sponge some towels and a bucket of hot water and when I came back I found that Simon was now sat next to him holding his hand. I told Simon to go and help J with the dinner and to set an extra place.
'You want a hand to clean up' The kid started to stand but did not make it, he looked at me and nodded. I was right he was still dressed and it took sometime to get stripped and then a bit cleaner he had messed badly. I helped him dry a bit then just wrapped the biggest towel round him. I looked out the door and know one was in sight, I half carried him to Zachire and then helped him shower. He had drunk two bottles of water and was looking slightly better as I helped him to dry off. Simon had gone and gotten the bag of clothes from the derelict barge and he had also put all the dirty clothes and the sleeping bag into a bin liner. At least he now had a name it was Damion. He was sat at the table just watching us. I checked that everything was coking properly and then went and sat opposite him.
'So lets get introduced' I said and then pointed at James. 'This is James or J and he's my boyfriend, thats Simon and the dogs are Zac and Scruffy' He nodded. 'You want to tell us whats happening' I prompted.

I sometimes wonder if God or what ever force controlled my/our lives gave me that lottery win and then placed me in the right place to help. Damion explained that he had been caught by his parents in bed with another boy, he had been thrown out of the house, he was 16 and that did surprise me he had only looked to be about 14, That had been two weeks ago. His uncle and aunt lived in a village near by but were on holiday for the next two weeks, he had spoken to them. It seems that they new his was gay and had for sometime and they had offered him some where to live if he ever needed it. They new he had been thrown out of his home but bel eaved that his was staying with friends untill they got home.

All the time he had been talking he had been holding Simons hand and he kept glancing at him. He had run out of money and food on Sunday and had been living on hand outs or what he could find in bins and at that point he stopped talking and started to cry. Not just cry but sobs of pain and hurt, Simon grabbed and and hugged him.

We sat down to eat and all though he said that he did not feel very hungry Damion managed to eat something. I was pleased and by the time we had finished and had washed and dried up he was fast asleep on the couch cuddled up to Simon.

Another chapter and still more to come...

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