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Over at Marks

Part 10

Previously In Over at Marks:

"Do it to him Dave, lap up his cum!" Jim encouraged

But I wasn't really into it, I was too drained and just shook my head no. Justin wasn't going to give up that easily and started sucking my nipples while he scooped up his own cum from his chest. He stopped sucking and lifted his cum filled finger to my mouth, and fed me his cum. I opened up, and accepted his finger. He fed me finger after finger of his cum, which I have to admit was really nice and romantic. The problem was I was having that after sex guilt that you some times get when you know you did something a little wrong. Jim put up the camera and threw us both cum rags. He then stashed his camera and the several rolls of film in a leather carry box and told us to get cleaned up so we could go.

We left the barrack, and he dropped me off at the library, I had been gone a little over an hour. No cover story requires I quietly left the car and waved goodbye to Justin as they drove away.

And now:

I walked back up to the library, and picked up my book. I again chose one of the study rooms, and sat there trying to read. I couldn't though. The days events kept running through my head. I was bothered by so many things that my head didn't know where to start. There was the relationship I didn't know about between Justin and Jim, the fact that Justin had been to his barracks before and I hadn't, the camera was the big issue for me though. Why had I allowed him to do that, it was stupid. Why had I allowed it, and not stopped him? Why was he taking pictures anyway, and who was he going to show them to? This really concerned me, I had been really stupid. I was jealous of Justin, that much I understood out of all the thoughts in my head, but the camera was eating me up. I closed the book, it was pointless to carry on reading with my head in such a state. I got up and found my mother, who loved my hair cut, and told her I was going for a walk.

I left the library, not even knowing where I was going until I found myself back at his barracks room door knocking. It was now early afternoon, and I woke him.

"Dave...!" He said rubbing his eyes "What are you doing here?" Pulling me through the door as he asked.

"I want to know what you're doing with those pictures?"

"Oh, those...I just like to look at you boys...That's all" He said softly

"Well, who develops them?" I asked accusingly

He opened one of his closets, and there was all the equipment stacked in there to make a mini dark room! Right down to the red light bulb and the thick black curtain to hang over his regular dorm room windows. With that I was semi satisfied with what he had told me, but to make sure I was on the same page as him he showed me a stack of pictures of other boys on the base he had photographed. I was amazed, I knew a lot of these faces from the library! It was hot, and I was getting hard looking at all these naked boys. There were at least four different sets of boys he had taken hundreds of pictures of, and I would make it five. I looked at Jim, and then at my hard cock. He got the message.

"OK, but it will have to be fast, I need to be sleeping now. You know I work the grave yard shift!"

"Actually I never knew... You never told me" I said

I jumped on his bed, and he very quickly whipped out my boy tool. He was down on me like a flash, his right hand working my shaft with his lips while his right hand worked under my shirt and fondled my chest and nipples. His head working as fast as it could sliding up and down my boy shaft, and his hand working it's soft magic on my chest was doing the trick. Soon enough I had the familiar feeling washing over me. I didn't bother telling him I was going to cum, he could already tell and was speeding up his pace. He was really good as you can tell by now, and when pushed for time can make you cum fast! I had been on his bed for no more than three minutes and he had me approaching orgasm already! My hips started to do the traditional shudder and out of rhythm thrusts that I am notorious for right before boy blast off, and off she went. He swallowed every drop, not letting a bit loose. My load wasn't so bog since I had already orgasmed just a few hours before, but it wasn't small either. Jim came up and kissed me, allowing me to taste my cum. We kissed for a minute tops and he broke away and told me I should leave before we got caught. I left, and went back to the library with a clearer mind now.

It was another few days before I saw Jim again, but I did bump into Justin. Well actually he bumped into me... on purpose near the officers club. I was out just fooling around, board with reading books all the time, my mother had sent me out for a 'breather' as she called them. I was walking down the sidewalk looking at the ground instead of where I was going, and he walked smack into me... on purpose I might add, and started laughing his head off as I bounce backwards and then fell to the ground in a confused state. It hurt my ass a little, but I laughed too. He was intoxicating to me, he could punch me in the face and I would have liked it.

"Hey, where ya goin?" He asked

"Nowhere, just getting a breather from the library... Where are you headed?"

"Home... Wanna go with?" He said sexily

"Oh yeah... Beats walking around here all damn day!"

We walked slowly towards the base housing part of the base, and slowly got to know each other. He was the same age as me, 13 and he had known Jim since Jim arrived at the base 6 months prior. Jim had told Justin about my problem with marks dad, and how he had done the things he did to make things better. Justin was proud of me for being as strong as I was through the whole thing, and told me he would have killed himself in that kind of a situation. We arrived at his house, and he introduced me to his mom and two brothers and a sister. He had a large family true, but his two brothers were both as hot as him. One older and one younger...11 and 14 and his sister was 17 and really pretty. We headed straight to his room, where we played on his Atari for most of the day. When it was getting close to time for my mother to finish work for the day, Justin walked me back to the library. We had enjoyed each others company all day, without needing to have sex. That was a first for me, and it was fun. I liked him in both ways, sexually he was a dream, and he was fun too... A real great all round person to be with. When we arrived at the library, he took me as far as the stairwell to go up to the library. There he stopped me and told me he was going to head back home, and walked in close to me and said goodbye. I opened my mouth to say bye back to him, and he moved in and kissed me! Right in public! I was totally taken aback by this, but enjoyed it too much to break it. His tongue was whiling around in my mouth like an electric mixer. And then as fast as it had started it stopped as we heard the door at the top of the stairs open. He turned and left the way he came, and right before he turned the corner he paused and looked over his shoulder and waved goodbye and smiled.

I was beginning to fall in love with Justin, I could tell. He was everything a boy could want, and more. All I thought about since that day in the barracks with Jim was Justin...Justin...Justin! He was on every waking thought in my head. Now I knew where he lived though, as soon as my mother gets to work I can be over there at his house to play, or what ever!

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