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Over at Marks

Part 12

Previously In Over at Marks:

I was beginning to fall in love with Justin, I could tell. He was everything a boy could want, and more. All I thought about since that day in the barracks with Jim was Justin...Justin...Justin! He was on every waking thought in my head. Now I knew where he lived though, as soon as my mother gets to work I can be over there at his house to play, or what ever!

And now:

I went home that day a very confused boy. On the one hand there were the pictures, but on the other hand there was a new love in my life. I had so much on my plate to think about, and at that age it was a lot to chew.

When I got home, things got even more complicated. Mark came over after supper, and wanted to talk. We hadn't seen much of each other since that day his dad came over, and he wanted to know of I hated him. That was another very difficult moment for me, because the times I had spent away had changed who I was. I was not really IN love with Mark, I loved a like a brother. I didn't hate him, but I had changed over the summer. I told him I did not hate him, but I had met some cool people on the base that were like us, and I had been fooling around with them. To my surprise he was not mad like I thought he would be. He wanted to meet them, but I did not want that to happen, so I avoided the rest of that conversation and made an excuse to get rid of him.

Once I had got him out I went to my room, and jumped in my bed and immediately started rubbing my cock through my pants thinking about Justin. In my head I slowly molested Justin, starting at the head, and smothering his face and neck with kisses, slowly and seductively unbuttoning his shirt exposing his bare chest. I now had my cock in my hand, and I was pumping away like crazy. I moved my face down his chest, ensuring I tasted every part of his torso, while undoing his pants. Once I reached the belly button, I paused there and French kissed it for a while.... This though was driving me crazy and my speed on my jerk off increased. I pulled down his pants and underwear and kissed down his legs to his feet. Once ay his feet I quickly moved back up his inner thigh to his balls and cock. I licked up from the sac to the shank of his perfect cock, and crowned over the head and wasted no time engulfing his cock. The thought of the taste (Still fresh in my mind) of his pre-cum sent me over the edge, and I sent ropes of boy jizz all over my barely prepared chest. I had just barely managed to pull my shirt out of the way!

The next day I couldn't wait to get to the library with my mother, and once there I was trying desperately to find an excuse to get out of there and find Justin. Eventually I figured the truth would work the best, so I told her I had a new friend on base and wanted to go and play with him. Oh boy did I ever! She told me to be back for lunch, and I was on my way. I don't remember at what point I started running, but I found myself at his door in no time sweating from running hard. His mom answered the door, and sent me up to his room after calling out for him. He was actually surprised to see me, and gave me a huge hug. We went in his room and he closed the door and locked it.

"Wow, I figured you would be a little freaked out after the kiss I gave you yesterday... Sorry... But I like you, and I couldn't help myself!" He said sincerely "Ever since I met you at school I have wanted to be with you, but I figured you were straight, and out of my league!"

"What ever gave you the impression that I was out of your league?" I asked, almost offended

"Well, you're into sports... and good at it.... Kinda like a jock... and you hang out with that crowd, I don't fit in with that type!" He replied

"I only hung out with them because the accepted me..." I said "And coz they are hot!" I added laughing

I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips, and wrapped my arms around him

"I wish you had taken the chance, and tried to be friends sooner. We were both new this year, so that would have been a good way to make us friends"

"You think too much... You know that!" He said laughing and pushing me away

"At least I thought of a way to get what YOU want... seems like you didn't even try!" I said, pushing him back

Before I knew what was hitting me, he had me down on the ground and on my back pinned to the floor with his whole body.

"Obviously you are not as big a jock as you thought, I was State Champion last year!"

"State Champion of what?" I squeaked out, finding his hold restrictive on my breathing

"Duh! Wrestling" He laughed

His groin was in my face, and quite the tease. I think he knew it too, because he was wiggling his hips back and fourth seductively. I was beginning to get hard fro the body contact, and he was too. He was still wearing sweats, I figured he must not have gotten dressed yet. He slowly released his hold on me, waiting to see if I was going to try and get away. Once I could move my arms, I slowly moved my left hand towards the waist band of his sweats and pulled it down to release his boner. Still as beautiful as I remembered it and leaking a little boy juice for me. As soon as I did that I felt him fumbling with my jeans. He soon released my cock, with a little help from me picking my ass up off the ground, and we began 69ing each other. I was sucking him like a cock starved idiot, going straight for the orgasm, and he was doing his best to get me there too, but with the rapid bobbing of my head on his cock, he really couldn't get it there for me. He was grunting hard on my cock, and eventually spat it out so he didn't bite it. He was doing his best to keep quiet as I pulled his sweats down further and started rubbing his ass hole and perineum while still sliding up and down his boy tool. He fell over onto his back from being on his side, and I did not miss a beat on him following him as he did it. His hips were bucking, and now hew was fucking my face meeting me half way with his thrusts. I pushed up his shirt, and rubbed his tight chest finding his hard tight young nipples. He liked that, so I let go of his balls, and moved my other hand up there and began rubbing his nipples while speeding up a little. I wanted his cum so bad! My own cock was hurting from all the excitement and I mean hurting bad. His trusted became sporadic, and I could tell he was going to cum. I pulled off his cock, and grabbed his spit slicked cock with my right hand and pumped it for all I was worth, licking the shaft and head and down to the balls and back. Within a few seconds he was spurting hard, thick strings of pearly young spunk into the air and down upon his chest and chin. It was so hot, I reached down and started rubbing my own painful cock and at the same time moved my head down to his cock to suck out the rest from his shaft. I had barely touched myself, when I felt that all familiar feeling. I release his cock from my mouth, and quickly wiggled my way to his face with my cock. He knew what I wanted, and opened right up for me. I shot hard, and fast into his mouth, so hard that my balls hurt even more than when I had started. I feel off him, exhausted from my orgasm. He reached under his bed for his cum rag, which I slapped out of his hand and slowly moved over his chest, and gave him a tongue bath.

"Waste not want not, that's what my mother always says!" I said...Giggling like a little girl

He too was laughing as he pointed out the spot I had missed on his chin. We lay there for quite a while just rubbing each other and not really saying anything out loud, but you could feel the love in the warm sticky environment of the room. The silence in there was truly electric, as we touched each other like I had never thought of touching before. We were like two blind lovers painting a picture in our heads of what the other really looks like.

After a while, he got up, and told me he had to shower. I waited and watched as he stripped in front of me and grabbed a towel and headed out to the bathroom. He soon returned, and dropped the towel and began dressing. I looked at him, and studied his body some more. He was about the same height as me, and the same build right down to the firm, yet not muscular looking arms. He had a nice bubble ass, and the starts of a firm 5 pack going on the chest and a beautiful round and medium sized nipples. His skin color was lightly tanned, and he was well groomed, not sporting the longer hair that was in fashion at the time. Obviously a military brat like me. You could get lost in his eyes and face, and I did every time I looked at him.

Once he was dressed he told me I should probably put my cock away and zip up before he molested me. I laughed, but took the challenge and wiggled my hardening boy cock in his direction. He sat next to me, and reached over shaking his head.

"You're a horny fucker aren't you?" He said giggling

"You too, you're the one beating me off!"

It took a while the second time, but he was actually really good at a hand job and soon I was moaning. He could sense that I was about to cum and dropped his head down to catch my load. I didn't produce much, but what there was he got and my cock was soon softening and falling out of his mouth. After a short recovery I zipped up, and we hugged a little and decided we should leave the room and house before his brother or sister walked in and disturbed our new found love.

We went down to the base housing playgrounds, and sat on the swing sets, and started to get to know each other a little better. Eventually the subject of Jim came up, and how that fitted in with our new found love. I told Justin that I liked Jim a lot, and looked up to him an awful lot, but I did not like the pictures part of it. He really had not thought about it like I had, and at first laughed at me. But once I explained that anyone could get there hands on that stuff, and how embarrassing it would be for us if they did, he saw my point of view. We agreed that we would not do it anymore, but would still be friends with him. Jim had been there for me when I needed him, and was a really nice person, but I also did not want to do those things with him anymore. I felt it was like cheating, and actually I thought I would get resistance on that point from Justin, but he actually said he was relieved about that part, because he too felt like it would be cheating on each other if we did.

For the next few days we had almost the same schedule of sex play, then a walk to the park in the base housing. Justin had been to the library with me several times and met my mother. Eventually the day came when Justin and I were found by Jim. I was dreading this moment, because I knew he would be crushed when we told him we weren't going to have sex with him. He was upset and even cried telling us he loved us. We comforted him, and told him we still loved him, just that we had fallen in love with each other and could not bare to share with another. He understood that, and we told him we wanted to hang with him still if he did. It took a few weeks for Jim to actually get over it, and let us visit him. But, he got over it, and even found a new group of boys to fool around with. But, I can say without feeling too vein that we made a hotter couple than his new boys did.

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