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Over at Marks

Part 2

Previously In Over at Marks:

"Mark, you in here you lazy bastard?"

"Shit, quick get you pants back on" He whispered "Yeah dad up here in the hay" He replied.

"I need you down here, tell Dave to go home it's time to milk!" He yelled back.

I quickly pulled up my underwear and jeans and we both hopped down from the hay stack and I after a quick chat I went home looking forward to the next afternoon of the summer holidays with Mark.

And now:

Mark and I played together throughout the summer break, and grew very close. We did EVERYTHING together. I wouldn't say I loved him, more like I loved his body and cock. As a person he was quite simple, but in the hay he was a mastermind. The boy loved to suck my cock, and even in his house around his family he would grab me any chance he got. The "playing" as we called it had developed a regular routine. I would come over after lunch, and we would go out and play wall ball (A British soccer game where two players take it in turns kicking a soccer ball at a wall and the person who lets it past them looses). After we had exhausted ourselves playing that and had gotten totally soaked in sweat we would head to one of the hay stacks in the barn to fool around. That would almost always start with him wrestling me down on my back, pinning my arms down and him stuffing his fabulous cock into my face. I enjoyed it, but to make it more exciting I would always struggle a little. After a few minutes of him ramming his cock down my eager throat he would tire of the dominant role and reach back and while I continued to suck away on his knob he would move my hand away from my dick (I always beat off when giving head) and start jacking me himself looking over his shoulder watching. I really thought that was hot, that he liked watching my cock get jacked while I sucked him off. So many boys are all about themselves while getting off, he was different....a real Romeo. That too would only last a few minute and he would get so horned up that jacking me wasn't enough, and he would quickly dismount and get into a 69 position and take me in his mouth. He wouldn't just give me head though, he made love to my cock. Licking the shaft, the head and then the balls constantly between bobbing sessions up and down my crank. All the while he would roll my balls gently between his fingers for maximum pleasure. He was way better than me, and I constantly tried to mimic his movements, but it was too hard to concentrate with that much pleasure rushing through my veins. He didn't seem to care though, and if he did he never once said anything about it. I would always cum first, and have trouble finishing him off after the body wrenching orgasms he would give me. Mark was really good at finishing you off too, he would speed up when he felt my balls tighten, and then slow down right after the last hard spirt of juice flowed into his mouth milking me carefully to get every last drop. He always swallowed my seed, and then would kiss me. This kind of grossed me out at first, but I soon started to enjoy itHe was by far the best cock sucker I have met to this date!

Mark was the first person I had been with that actually made me feel good about myself when we had sex. All the other people I had been with I was just there for the self satisfaction, and so were they, that's why my previous relationships fizzled out I think. Well, ok I moved away, but they never wrote to me and I never wrote to them. So, it was all self serving until now. Mark was different, he made me feel good about it. I didn't love him, but I cared for him more than any of the others. He made me feel good during and after sex. We had never gone further than oral sex, and as good as we made each to take that next step any time soon.....Or so I thought.

One day in mid summer break, Mark and I were out in the back pasture playing soldiers. Out of nowhere comes a freak thunder storm with torrential rain. We might have noticed it coming, but I was sucking on my "Prisoner" torturing him to make him talk...hehehe. Anyway, we both go absolutely soaked through to the skin running back to the farm house. We got in the house and his mother went nuts about us "catching a death of cold". She was some what of a drama queen at times, it was summer...how could we catch a cold being wet in summer? Anyway, she sent us upstairs and told us to strip and for me to give her my cloths and she would dry them for me. We went upstairs and stripped easily, Mark put on a fresh set of cloths and sat in my briefs on his bed as he took my wet cloths to his mom to dry. It was the first time I had been in his room, and it was tiny, and messy, and there was a lot of weird stuff hanging from the roof and walls I noticed. Chains attached to the walls, and rope and chain hanging from the ceiling. Even stranger, but it is an old farm house. I dismissed the whole thing and Mark returned. He sat next to me, admiring my body. I looked back at his lap and he was starting to tent. I reached over to stroke him through the leg of his soccer shorts he had put on when...

"Mark, You didn't bring Dave's undies sweetie....Come on, get them and bring them down here will you...I don't have all day, I have to get to the store before he closes...get a move on!" His mother yelled up the stairs.

"OK...Ok ma'.....just a sec" He yelled back. "We better get these off" He said grinning at me.

He grabbed my waist band to my so wet they were almost transparent briefs and slowly started pulling them down. Of course my dick was chubbed up to start with and as soon as he started I boned up immediately. As he pulled them down my dick was temporarily caught in the waist band and slapped up into my belly as it was released (God I still love doing that). He giggled and licked the tip.

"You'll get more when I get back and ma' goes to the store" He told me

"I can't wait!" I said giving his cock a quick squeeze through his shorts before he stood and turned towards the door.

Soon enough he was back up the stairs and his mother was gone. He dropped to his knees and licked at my hairless sac. I started moaning, and he reached up and started slowly masturbating my shaft as he licked my sac and perineum (The area between your sac and anus). He was driving me wild.

"Suck me Mark....I want you on my knob!" I begged.

He ignored me and continued what he was doing, and he was driving me absolutely insane! I needed his warm mouth on my shaft, I had to have it. I started to sit up and look and he pushed me back down, stopped sucking and licking my balls and assumed our usual routine. Fine with me I thought to myself....Suck...be sucked, it's all the same to me.

He sat on my chest and pulled down the front of his soccer shorts and pulled out his gorgeous cock and pushed it into my open and waiting mouth. I loved the taste of his cock. With his foreskin covering the head I could stick my tongue in between his head and the foreskin. It was a mix of cum and piss. It was delightful! He also enjoyed the sensation of me poking around in there. I savored the mixed juices and then proceeded to slide up and down the shaft. he reached down and withdrew temporarily to pull his foreskin back and plunged back in, allowing me to take over the job in hand (Or should I say mouth...hehehe). I reached up and started massaging his sac as I sped up, which pulled several load groans from him. Just then, we heard.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!" It was his dad, standing in the door way turning red, then purple in anger. He continued "WHAT THE FUCK.......GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW MARK, AND YOU>>>YOU STAY RIGHT THERE YOU SICK LITTLE FUCKING...FUCKING...FUCKING...BASTARD!" He bellowed. "

Mark jumped off me and pulled up his soccer shorts and left the room. His dad yanked him through the door way and started yelling at him as he drug him down the stairs. I was absolutely petrified, and my brain started working overtime on how I was going to get out of this. I could hear Mark downstairs begging his dad not to hit him. I had to get out of there. I grabbed some of marks cloths and even though they were way too baggy for me I put then on anyway and tried to sneak out of the house. I made it half way down the stairs when his dad came around the corner to the bottom of the stairs.

"Where the fuck does little suck boy think he is going?" He said sneering at me.

I froze, Couldn't even talk I was so frightened. He came up the stairs and grabbed me by the wrists and yanked me back up the stairs. I was so scared I almost pissed my pants. His dad was a large muscular man about six feet tall and just a larger version of his son in every way. Very strong! I tried to resist being drug back up to Mark's room, but it was futile really. Once in the room he let go of one arm and said.

"You know what happens to disobedient little boys in this house that won't stay in their room when I tell them to?" He said, and didn't even let me answer and went on "Well, we make them stay don't we!" And with that he reached above his head and grabbed on the ropes hanging from the low ceiling of the old farm house bedroom. He lifted the arm that he was still holding and professionally tied my wrist to it. Again I tried to resist, but he was stronger. He then grabbed the other wrist and tied it to a matching rope that hung inches from the first, then using a third rope tried the two together and walked out turning out the light.

"I'm not done with you yet you sick bastard!" He said before closing the door and leaving me in the dark.

I could hear him screaming at Mark, and Mark sobbing lightly. I was now absolutely terrified, what was he going to do to me. Surely he would not beat me, he can't....can he? My dad would have him arrested, or even worse he would kill him. My dad was strong too, and we were really tight. He would be furious, but only if I had the balls to tell him, and he would want to know why Marks dad beat me.

Somewhere I lost track of time, and was concentrating on my standing. It was very uncomfortable, and my hands had long since gone to sleep. I would hang on the ropes, and then stand for a while. My wrists hurt if I hung for more than a few second, but my feet were going numb too. That's when the door opened for a second, and I thought I saw two male figures briskly walk in. I wasn't sure if it was one or two people, as my eyes had become accustomed to the dark. The door was quickly closed and I was looking around to see where they had gone.

There, in front of me, no more than a foot. I was sure I saw someone kneeling before me. I also felt a light breeze as someone moved in behind me.

After reading chapter three, you will understand why the things happened the way they did for me in my other stories.

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