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Over at Marks

Part 3

Previously In Over at Marks:

Somewhere I lost track of time, and was concentrating on my standing. It was very uncomfortable, and my hands had long since gone to sleep. I would hang on the ropes, and then stand for a while. My wrists hurt if I hung for more than a few second, but my feet were going numb too. That's when the door opened for a second, and I thought I saw two male figures briskly walk in. I wasn't sure if it was one or two people, as my eyes had become accustomed to the dark. The door was quickly closed and I was looking around to see where they had gone.

There, in front of me, no more than a foot. I was sure I saw someone kneeling before me. I also felt a light breeze as someone moved in behind me.

And now:

The running shorts I was wearing were pulled down easily as they were way too big for me. "Oh my god" I thought to myself, they are going to belt me or something. I was petrified, who was there, it must be Marks older brother with his dad. Then I felt the T-Shirt I was wearing being lifted over my head and being wrapped around my wrists. A large pair of hands started rubbing my abs and chest. Who ever was in from of me started rubbing my thighs between my legs, and I could feel my dick start to react. "Shit, I'm getting hard....But why are they doing this...No...Who is doing this?" I was thinking. After a few minutes of rubbing my thighs who ever was in front of started sucking on my balls, and I knew it was Mark in front of me. I moaned from the warmth of his mouth and the stimulation he was giving my boy sac. I was quickly brought back to reality when who ever was behind me moved his hand to my ass. I was now guessing that his dad was with him, and that is who was behind me. I felt his hand move down the crack of my ass, and spread my cheeks. Nothing sensuous about the way HE was doing this, straight o business. Once my cheeks were spread he took a finger and rammed it home through my tight hole. I screamed in agony as it pushed deeper and deeper into my bowels.

"Shut your fuckin' mouth faggot" He whisper in my ear

Yep, it was his dad alright. I closed my mouth but kept screaming in agony as he fucked my ass with his giant finger. He didn't even use spit to lube it up. My ass was on fire, Mark was happily sucking away on my balls. My legs were trembling as my ass was being ravaged, and I was scared that not only was I going to rip apart in the rear, but Mark was going to accidentally bite my balls off. Now, I went into a kind of self preservation trance, and put all my efforts into staying as still as possible until they were done. I somewhat relaxed, and soon his dad removed his finger.

"There's a good little boy" He said.

I heard a belt being undone, and thought he was going to whip me with is belt. I was temporarily relieved thinking I was just being taught a lesson. But then I heard his pants hit the floor. "Shit, he's getting undressed" No sooner did I think that than I felt his spreading my cheeks again.

Meanwhile, Mark had given up on my balls and moved to stimulating my now fear driven soft cock. He was having a hell of a time getting me hard. I wasn't into it, but he was slurping away on my soft inch and a half. I felt the warmth of his dads cock moving into position behind me. His dad stepped in closer, now breathing in my ear as he made the last minute adjustments to the head of his cock, aligning his head with my sore hole. He pushed his hard member into place.

"Let me in queer boy!" He whispered savagely in my ear.

I didn't know how, but I nodded anyway. He pushed again and reached around the front and grasped me in a one handed bear hug and pushed again harder. I thought he was going to push my asshole through my entire abdomen when I felt a ripping feeling and he burst through my sphincter. Man that really hurt! Again I screamed and again I was told to shut up. He started fucking me, and I started sobbing.

"Please don't fuck me...Please don't fuck me....PLEASE...PLEASE" I begged over and over again.

My begging fell on deaf ears as he started slowly moving in and out of my dry ass. Again my legs were trembling and I was loosing my footing trying to get away. But, his dad still had the death grip on my waist and I wasn't going anywhere. He started licking my ear and whispering acid tainted sweet nothings in my ear.

"Oh, you have a nice tight ass..... I love fucking your tight little boy hole!"

He was speeding up, and his dirt talk kind of turned me on somehow, enough to get my flaccid cock hard anyway. Mark reacted in true form and proceeded to give me the blow job I knew he was capable of. His dad was working away at top speed behind me, and the pain was slowly subsiding. I was hoping it wouldn't be long before his dad was done. His breathing was getting faster and the dirt talk was getting richer and richer.

"Oh I love your tight hole, it feels so good, I love you boy.....your the best. I want you so bad.....I want your ass.....It feels soooo good! Oh...its sooo tight ......Yeah...oh yeah..."

He was close, and that believe it or not got me close too. My legs had stopped trembling as the pain had started to subside, but now they started again. This time it was due to my pending orgasm. Mark could tell that I was close, and started rubbing the back of my sac to bring me over the edge. I felt his dad stiffen behind me, and slow as his cock pulsated in my ass. He was dumping his load in me, and I in turn blew a hard load in Marks mouth. His dad remained in me for a minute or two slowly fucking me, milking the last of his load into my raw tunnel. Mark milked my deflating cock, and my breathing slowly returned to normal. His dad slipped out, and pulled up his pants and left the room.

It was over, I had lived through this ordeal. But, Mark was still in the room. Still at my feet. Not doing anything, just kneeling there looking up at me. I started to cry again, I don't even really know why. He stood and left the room, leaving me hanging. A few minutes later he returned and untied me and left again, turning on the light on the way out. My dry closes were on the foot of his bed. I looked at my wrists and they were sore and red, no grazing though...so it would go away fast.

I grabbed my cloths and put them on as fast as I could and headed down the stairs. Trying to make a fast escape from the house, detected or not I was going for it. I made it to the court yard, and there his dad was standing there waiting for me.

"You say a word of this to anyone Dave and your a dead man, and Mark will get it too! You don't want that do you?" He said just as mean as he could be.

"No sir" I stammered.

"Good, then get the fuck out of here! Just the sight of you makes me sick!"

I ran home, my ass reminding me with every stride that it had been savagely ravaged just minute before. I went inside, and ran upstairs to my room. Again I was crying as I removed my cloths and put my ass to the mirror and looked over my shoulder to see my hole. It was raw looking, but I didn't see anything but cum dribbling out. I then went to the bathroom and forced myself to take a #2. It was the most disgusting #2 I have ever taken, all slimy as that bastards seed left with the poop. I then ran a bath, I had to get that done before my mother and father returned for the evening. As I sat there, I started re-living the ordeal in my head. Trying to make sense of a senseless event. How had it gone from a telling off to basically rape? What purpose did that serve? It didn't make sense, and I was crying again, and I was in agony in the rear end department. The full impact started to hit me. I had been raped by both my best friend and his dad. I had lost my friend, and if I told anyone I was in danger and so was Mark. I was 13, how the hell I handled the next part I will still never understand. I had to protect my friend, what ever it took. I decided I would wait to see how they handle the next step, and I would go along with it. It beat the alternative.

I got out of the bath and dried off, still feeling dirty as you can imagine. Got dressed and went downstairs and waited for my parents to come home.

The next day was hell, my mother couldn't understand why I was in my room playing with my toys instead of being over at Marks like I usually was. It was so hard not telling her why. I hate lying, but I had to this time. I told her he was grounded and could not play today. Thank god she didn't ask why! I had no response for that one. The day passed and Mark never came over or called. I became worried for him again, but remained in my room all day except for meals. I had a lot on my mind, and couldn't deal with all the hustle and bustle of our large family.

The next day came, and around 9am Mark showed up at the door. He wanted to come in, which was weird. He NEVER came in our house....Never! My mother let him in and directed him to my room where I was still hiding from reality. He knocked at the door and came in without waiting for an answer. I was shocked to see him, and he looked scared.

"You didn't tell did you?" He asked wearily.

"No" I said softly, not able to make eye contact.

Shit, I was crying again. He walked over to me on the end of my bed and embraced me. He kissed my forehead.

"I am so sorry, this is my entire fault!" He said.

"I made it happen, my dad found my diary!" He continued.

"It was just a matter of time before he caught us!"

"You keep a diary of what we do!" I yelled.

I stopped crying and looked at him in a different light. He didn't seem like the type to keep a journal or diary. It was kind of amusing. I laughed and he punched me.

"How are you holding out?" He asked.

"Good I guess, I hurt like hell though! You know....back there!"

"He made me do it you know!"

"I know....I figured that out stupid!" I replied.

It went silent for a few minutes and we both looked at each other, knowing that things would be very different from now on.

"So what now?" I asked

"Dunno, he wants you again you know!" He said quietly.

"Shit, really?"

"Yeah, he says you are tighter than me...You know he had me last night too!"

"Fuck, are you for real.....did he hurt you too?"

"Yeah, but I kinda liked it!"

"You're kidding!"

"Nope, but he liked you better, that's why I am here. He wants me to trick you into coming over."

I had a serious decision to make here, and I felt a tremendous wave of fear rush over my body. I could feel my hair growing.

"You don't have to come Dave" He said bravely.

"What happens if I don't?"

"He'll whoop me I think"

"I'll do it Mark, I love you....I'll do anything for you. But we have to figure out how to stop this...I can't take much more of this....shit I don't even know how I will make it though this one!"

Mark started crying now.

"I love you too Dave...I am so sorry....really I am!"



"How long has he been doing this to you?"

"Why?" He asked defensively.

"He didn't just start on you yesterday did he?" I said, knowing I had it right.

"No" He said softly. "How d'you know?"

"The roles hanging from your bedroom ceiling......I just figured it out"

"It's been happening for a few weeks" He said almost crying again.

"We'll find a way out together, I promise Mark...I just don't know how"

We both went silent again, thinking about what we had just committed to each other.

I went with Mark over to the farm, extremely scared out of my skin, but part of me also enjoyed the danger of what I was doing. We played and acted like we were just having a usual summer's day like any other at his farm. I was wandering how his dad planned on getting us alone, as it was at his request that Mark came and got me. It didn't take long before I saw how he was planning it. We were out in the back pasture climbing the trees that lined the border of the field, when along came his father in a tractor. We were out of site from the road, farm and the farm that owned the fields to the rear of his property.

"He's gonna do it right out here isn't he?" I said

"Looks like it" Mark said back

"You ready for this?" I asked

Mark nodded. "You?" He asked

"As I'll ever be" I laughed.

We giggled at the sick humor I had found in this sick situation. I was glad that we were working together on this, it made it easier to bear. His dad approached and slowed and then stopped right in front of us. He jumped down with a pick-nick hamper in his hand. "This is going to be interesting!" I chuckled to myself. He is actually dumb enough to think we won't see right through the pick-nick routine.

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