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Over at Marks

Part 4

Previously In Over at Marks:

"He's gonna do it right out here isn't he?" I said

"Looks like it" Mark said back

"You ready for this?" I asked

Mark nodded. "You?" He asked

"As I'll ever be" I laughed.

We giggled at the sick humor I had found in this sick situation. I was glad that we were working together on this, it made it easier to bear. His dad approached and slowed and then stopped right in front of us. He jumped down with a pick-nick hamper in his hand. "This is going to be interesting!" I chuckled to myself. He is actually dumb enough to think we won't see right through the pick-nick routine.

And now:

"You boys read for lunch? Thought I'd bring you out some sandwiches and snacks" He said joyfully.

"What a nerve!" I thought to myself, he just brutally raped me the other day and he is acting all normal now like nothing happened!

"Yeah, I am famished!" I said back acting cool.

"Good then, lets eat" He replied.

We sat and ate, and made small insignificant chit chat while we munched on the sandwiches he had brought out. I was just waiting for him to make a move. To my sheer surprise, he didn't do a thing. We ate, he was pleasant and after we were done he left. "Wow what a brain fuck!" I thought.

After he left we were both wandering what the fuck just happened.

"What was that all about?" I asked Mark

"No clue!"

"Well, false alarm I guess....Wanna fool around?"

"Nahh, I'm not in the mood"

"Me neither really, let's call it a day. I am pooped!"

We headed in, and I headed back to the house. On the way I was trying to figure out what just happened. I couldn't reason why he would send Mark to get me, and do nothing. I spent the next several hours in my room trying to find some logic in this, but I couldn't find any.

After supper that evening I excused myself to my room, and turned out the light and crawled into bed. It was that time of the day, remember I was 13, time to whack off. As I started I was thinking of Mark (As usual). Somewhere in the heat of the moment I started thinking about his dad, and had a blistering orgasm! "Wow....What was that?" I said to myself. After coming down from my orgasmic high, I started to question what was going through my head. I was fantasizing about the man that raped me. I shook it off as hormones going nuts, that s what my dad would say when he caught me whacking off in my room. But alas, the next morning during my morning session with my boy cock it happened again! Shit, I was obsessing about it. Subconsciously I was craving more.

After breakfast I went across the road and hooked up with Mark, and told him what was going on. He was concerned, and told me not to even think bout it. Well, it is all I could think about. I was starting to need it, and it scared me. Lunch tome came around, and I headed back home telling Mark I would see him later after lunch.

I was walking back over to Marks, past the milk parlor when I heard my name being called. I stopped and saw his dad standing in the doorway to the parlor, leaning against the door frame. I should have said hello and turned and left, but something inside took over. I walked over and actually started flirting with him, and he DID notice. He took me by the hand and said something about showing me how the milking machine worked. I was no sooner through the doorway when he pushed me against the milk parlor wall and started feeling my tight chest through my tight T-Shirt. I was stunned, but excited. He soon left the shirt for my jean shorts button and fly. In a second my shorts were on the floor, shortly followed by my white cotton briefs (FTL). He swooped down and took my hard 13 year old cocklet into his mouth and started sucking away for all he was worth. I was so excited, it took less than a minute to reach climax in his awaiting mouth. Damn he was good, he was so good I don't even remember what it was he did that got me off so quick. Maybe it was the danger of the whole thing that did it for me. But, that wasn't the end, only the beginning. He sucked me dry and told me how sweet I tasted, and then even before the compliment was over he was spinning me around.

"My turn now honey!" He said "Give it up for daddy"

I heard his zipper drop, and I stuck my ass out to make it easier for him and placed my hands against the parlor wall.

"You're ready for this aren't you?" He almost accused.

I just shamefully shook my head yes, and waited for his cock to penetrate me. But he didn't, instead he dropped to his knees and started to lick my sore rose bud.

"Wow, you are way cleaner than Mark" He stated and went back to the sweet rim job he was giving me.

I was wiggling and moaning like mad, wanting him to replace his mouth with his cock. Finally he stopped and stood.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Uhuh!" I said eagerly.

He thrust forward and slid nicely into my eager ass. As he fucked my he reached around and played with my cock and balls, telling me that mine was smaller than Marks, but much sexier looking and that my cum tasted sweeter than his sons. He was nothing but nice and romantic while his oversized cock slid in and out of my ass. At first it stung and I felt the friction of his shaft along my poop chute, but after a minute or two I felt nothing but sheer pleasure. That was until he started getting close to orgasm. As he approached the final stretch so to speak his thrust got harder and deeper and his grip on me got tighter. Again he was hurting me, and tried to push him back a bit to stop him from pounding so hard. But he just held me tighter and started talking dirty again. I got scared and wandered how I had got in this mess....again. No sooner had the struggle started than he was cumming in my ass. Once done he dropped me to the floor and stuck his dirty cock in my face.

"Lick me clean boy!" He commanded.

That was just about the lowest point in my life, as I cleaned my own shit mixed with his slimy salty cum off his nasty old oversized cock. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I did it, and he stood there laughing at me. I could feel my ass tingle and the cum start dribbling out of my ass.

"Kid, you're good and you're tight. But best of all, you're mine for the takin'.... See you tomorrow" He left the room laughing as he did up his pants.

I just sat there crying. Why had I gone there, and why had I been so eager to let him do it? Why did I almost invite him to do that to me? Mark came running in, and saw me laying there balling my eyes out, still half naked with my shorts and undies around my ankles. He rushed over and fell to his knees and hugged me. He started to cry and apologize for getting me into this mess. He leaned back and tried to help me to my feet. He took my shorts completely off and helped me over to the parlor sink. He grabbed a towel and tried his best to clean my sore ass. But at every wet cold swipe I winced and my sobbing got worse. In the end he gave up and looked at me puzzled.

"What now?" He asked.

I just continued to cry, and shook my head. He dropped my shorts at my feet and I stepped into them, and he dressed me much like you would an infant. I was beyond being embarrassed at this, and was heading for a teenage emotional breakdown. I was questioning everything, and I mean everything in my head. I was a mess. Mark took me by the hand, and I followed him. I trusted him, and knew he would do nothing to hurt me on purpose. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I followed. We ended up back in the barn at our hiding spot in the hay stack. It was hard work climbing the bales with a raw ass, but I made it. We lay in the spot that we usually would end up making out, but this time we just lay there in each others arms and cried together.

I think looking back if I didn't have Mark by my side after that crushing experience with his father I would have killed myself. Now I know that sounds silly, but at the time I was feeling about as worthless as you could feel. I had taken on more than I could handle trying to help a friend, and my hormones had taken over and somehow I had wanted it to happen again. But when it did I was lulled into a false sense of want and love, only to be crushed back down at the end. Those were trying times, and had it not been for brave Mark I am sure I wouldn't be here.

It was dark when my father came over looking for me, and together Marks dad and mine searched for us around the farm. Mark and I had fallen asleep in the hay stack, and both woke with a start. We climbed down and I found my dad standing in the court yard calling my name. He saw me and started to walk towards me with an angry look on his face, but I was glad to see him none the less. As I walked toward him, I saw Marks dad come out of the equipment barn to my right. I was now scared to death of him, and in a freak panic I ran to the safety of my fathers arms. This stunned my dad, as he was wearing that "Boy your in trouble now!" look on his face. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him hard, never wanting to let go.

"Where have you been, you had us worried sick!" He asked. "Your mother was ready to call the police" He dramatically added.

"We fell asleep in the hay stack, I am sorry dad! Can we go home now?"

With that we headed home, doing which I struggled not to show that my ass was again raw. Once home I was informed that my dinner "was in the dog" by my mother. (She stole that from an old Goldie Hawn movie)

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