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Over at Marks

Part 5

Previously In Over at Marks:

"Where have you been, you had us worried sick!" He asked. "Your mother was ready to call the police" He dramatically added.

"We fell asleep in the hay stack, I am sorry dad! Can we go home now?"

With that we headed home, doing which I struggled not to show that my ass was again raw. Once home I was informed that my dinner "was in the dog" by my mother. (She stole that from an old Goldie Hawn movie)

And now:

I really wasn't hungry anyway, so it didn't bother me that I went without dinner. Instead I sat with my dad watching TV curled up in a blanket snuggled up like we used to. There I felt safe, and no one could hurt me there. My dad noticed this, and asked me what was the matter.

"Nothing dad, I just had a bad day. Really....Lets just watch TV...ok"

He new something was up, but in his infinite wisdom knew to leave it alone. But he didn't forget, the next morning I got up as usual and had breakfast with him. We always did that as long as I can remember, I was quite the daddy's boy back then. All my brothers and sisters would sleep in during the summer break, but I would get up and see my dad off to work. Anyway, back to the story.... Before he left, he called me into his den.

"Dave, I don't want you over at Marks anymore." He informed me in an official, but kind tone. "I don't know what went on over there yesterday, and I know you won't tell me.... But what ever it was I can tell that it was serious enough for you to need me like you used to during thunder storms! So, if Mark wants to play with you, he'll have to come over here from now on...Am I understood?"

"Yes sir" I said respectfully.

With that he patted me on the shoulder and gave me a loving look as he left the den and headed to work.

I ran to the door to wave goodbye with my mom, he rolled the window down as he pulled out of the driveway and yelled.

"By the way, you're grounded for a week for not coming home yesterday!"

I moaned, but was kind of grateful for the excuse to not be over there. So, now what was I going to do for the rest of the week. My brother and sisters were all way older than me, and I didn't really get along with them so I was going to be really bored.

My answer came in the form of a miracle really, my mother worked part time at a library on the same military base my dad worked at. She decided that I would be happier at the library than with my siblings, and really I think she was right. But that's not the miracle, the next part of the story will gradually show the answer to my indefinite problem...Marks dad!

She worked three full days, and closed on the Monday and Friday nights at the library. My life changed in many ways due to my time spent at work with my mother. I started reading....a lot, and made new friends that were both attractive and smart. Every day I would take care of little Dave in the bathroom at least once, usually three times actually. I liked it so much I continued going with her even after my grounding was finished.

About a month after I started going to work with my mother, I was in the bathroom taking my morning "Dump" and taking care of the urges a 13 year old boy gets, totally in my own "I'm about to cum" world when I was suddenly snapped out of in by a shadow suddenly appearing above me. There was a boy....No a young man obviously standing on the toilet seat of the stall next to me watching me jerk off. "Shit, I thought I was alone!" I thought to myself. I was close to cumming, and I didn't even think twice I just gave it a few more strokes and shot hard all over my belly (I had previously lifted my T-Shirt in anticipation). Only then did I get embarrassed about my audience. I looked up at him blushing, and took in his features. He was dark tanned, blue eyed and short military cut hair. And he had a warm trusting smile that would make you want to smother his lusciously red pouty lips with kisses.

"Can I come in and lick that up kid?"

"I guess" I said still blushing, I really didn't know what else to say

I really didn't want to let him in, but I was a little stunned by the whole getting caught thing. I leaned in and unlocked the door. He was in and on his knees in seconds. First he spread my legs wide and lifted my T-Shirt high up and lowered his head to my thick load that was dribbling down to my sparse pubic bush. His tongue action on my lower abs and in my little love bush was turning me on, and I began to get hard again. But I was starting to get scared. Here was another man, even though he was barely a man, using me sexually again. My raising boner caught his attention, and without warning he engulfed my cocklet into his mouth and began milking out the residue from my orgasm. I was torn, it felt really good, but he had crossed my safety line>

"Get the fuck off me!" I yelled

I began to panic and kick and scream at him, in quiet a frenzy I was out of control. He rose up off my boy cock and leaned into me grabbing me around the waist tight.

"Wow there lil' dude!" He said "I'm not gonna hurt you, I thought you'd like it. Sorry. I guess we should stop and get to know each other. Wadda ya' say?"

I calmed down, as I saw the compassion in his eyes. I decided to give him a chance.

"I'm Jim" He said and held out his hand. I shook it.

"I'm Dave" I replied.

"Pleased to meet you Dave...How old are you?"

"13, how old are you?"


"Cool....Are you gay?"

"No I suck dick for sport....No....I mean yes....Sorry!" He chuckled "But don't tell anyone please, I'll get kicked out of the Air Force if you do!"

"I won't, I am gay too!"

"Well why'd you start screaming if you're gay?" He asked confused.

"Well, I'd rather not talk about it actually!" I said

"O.K. Fair enough" he went to stand

"Wait, finish off will ya!" I said, in a sudden pang of needing sexual attention again.

Without a word he dropped back to his knees, and gave me a cock rocking orgasm in less than a minute. This guy did thinks to my little boy rod that I wish I could duplicate. He had the tongue of a lizard or something because as his head rose and fell into my mini pubic patch his tongue was rotating around the head of my cock like a lawn mower blade. Although I had just shot not two minutes before, my cock spat a good load into his awaiting mouth and then dry twitched the rest for a good 40 seconds after. I probably would have continued to do so had I not shoved him off my cock.

"Wow....wow....You gotta stop....oh man....That was terrific!"

He smiled up at me, and said.

"You wanna get some coffee or a soda or something with me, my treat?" He asked.

"Sure, but I have let my mom know I am leaving"

"O.K. But don't tell her you are going with me, she might get suspicious, I will wait for you outside o.k.!" He said softly, like someone was listening.

He stood, and left in a hurry, and I pulled up my pants and wiped my crust abs with TP and left to tell my mom I was leaving to go roam around base.

I met him outside the library, and we got in his car and headed off base and down into town. We stopped at a local convenience store and he got me a Pepsi and himself a 7up and we headed up to lets just say a local make out point. Very secluded and now I was a little afraid. He could tell I was on edge and told me not to worry, he just wanted to talk and he couldn't take me back to his barracks room because kids weren't allowed in there and people would notice.

I knew from that moment that he was not like Marks dad, and cared about my feelings. We talked for almost an hour when we finally started talking about experience...Sexual experience! That went well until he started to talk about anal. And I started to cry. It's almost like he knew, he asked.

"What's the matter Dave, did someone hurt you?" Pause... "Talk to me, I want to help" He said

"Please don't cry Dave, your killing me....Who hurt you?" He sounded more commanding now, like an adult.

"I don't want to talk about it Jim, please leave me be!" I sobbed.

"I would, but we are miles from base, I can't just leave you here!" He laughed. "Besides, I like you too much to let you suffer like you are. I'll make a deal with you, I'll leave you alone about it right now if you promise to tell me soon who hurt you....o.k.?"

"o.k." I said

I remember thinking how easy it was to get him off my back, but before we made it back to base I was telling him everything. I could see him turning bright red, and his veins in his temple start to bulge. He stopped the car and looked me in the face.

"Where do you live Dave?"

"Back that way about 3 miles" I said pointing over my shoulder.

He span the car around and had me give him directions to where we lived. I figured out real quick by the way he was driving that he was angry and was going to do something stupid.

"Please Jim don't do anything, he's massive Jim....Way bigger than you...He'll kill you and I wouldn't be able to live with myself!"

"I don't care Dave, there's one thing to love a boy, but to forcefully rape and purposefully hurt and enjoy doing it like he did, he's pathetic...a waste of skin and deserves to burn in hell for eternity!" He almost spat at me, and then smiled a fake smile to try and calm me.

We pulled up to the farm driveway, and stopped and got out. He walked the perimeter of the property and asked me a lot of questions about the lay out of the farm. I was surprised at how calm he was as he looked from a distance at the place. "Good, he's not going in there after all!" I remember thinking to myself. We returned to the car and went back to the library. When he dropped me off he told me something that scared the daylights out of me.

"Tomorrow morning, you'll have an apology. This I promise you!" And he left.

At first I didn't know what he meant, but it soon dawned on me that he was going to do something to Marks dad after all. The day was shot for me now. Until that exact moment this was the best day since I had seen since just before I was raped by Mark and his dad. Now, the joy was replaced by fear. I knew how strong Marks dad was, and that Jim was no match for him. I wanted for the first time ever the day to never end, not through happiness, but because I was scared of what was going to happen to Jim. But, the day did come to an end, and I went home with my mother. I stood in my bedroom window all night watching across the street for any sign of my new found friend Jim showing up to do something stupid. At around 3 am I awoke wrapped up in my comforter sleeping at the window I had sworn to watch for signs of Jim. So much for being a look out. Well, I decided to try and remain awake incase I was still not too late. Just as I was about to fall asleep again I thought I saw a shadow, then another and another leave the farm by foot up the road. I struggled in the dark to follow them up the road. About half a mile up the road I saw headlights turn on and a car speed down the road. The car then slowed and stopped briefly as three men got in and it then departed at high speed. That was him, I knew it, and thank god he brought friends. I could sleep now knowing my friend was safe. But I couldn't, I had to know what he had been doing there at almost four in the morning.

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