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Over at Marks

Part 6

Previously In Over at Marks:

I could sleep now knowing my friend was safe. But I couldn't, I had to know what he had been doing there at almost four in the morning.

And now:

I lay awake the rest of the night trying to think of different things ha could have possibly done with two or more other guys. It wasn't long before the sun was trying to surface and bring on another day. That was when I finally began to close my eyes and get some sleep.

It must have been around 10 in the morning when my bedroom door swung open and Mark came flying in and dove on my bed slamming the door behind him.

I leapt out of bed half scared out of my whit's at the interruption from my deep sleep. I looked at him in confusion and then at my clock wandering why my mother didn't wake me to take me to the library.

"You are never going to believe what happened last night Dave, seriously... It is too wild to imagine!" He almost yelled, but then caught himself and hushed as he finished.

"Try me!" I said back.

"Well, I know you had to have something to do with the visit we had last night?!?.....Didn't you?"

"I think I did....But I am not sure.... What happened?"

"Well, I was trying to sleep last night, but I knew he would come before midnight.....He does that a lot since you were told you couldn't come over anymore...."

"I am sorry, I never even thought about that!" I interrupted

"Well, he does....or did.." He slightly giggled, then continued "Until last night. He just entered my room, and woke me up..... I was pretending to sleep, hoped he would leave... Dunno why I even bother with that one coz he never does..." He laughed again "So, he wakes me up and I can tell he's in that domination mood again... He was.... And he ties me up like he did you and before he could even get my undies off.....My bedroom window flew open and three guys all in black fly through the window....I just about shit myself right there!" He was laughing... Again

"Wow, your kidding?!"

"No, really....three of them....right through the window!"

"I would have crapped myself too...." I laughed

I was hooked on what went down there, and sat there riveted to his every word.

"Then one of the guys turned to me....he was a Yank like your dad, and told me that everything was o.k. and that he was a friend. The other two guys grabbed my dad and held him by his arms and stuffed a rag in his mouth."

"Holly shit, that was my friend Jim! I knew it!"

"Yeah, well, your friend freed me from the ties and the other two put my dad into the ropes."

"What did they do that for, did they beat him up?"

"Not really, the first guy took me out of the room into the hall, but I could hear what was happening in the room a little. I think they fucked him!"

"No shit?"

"Really, no shit!" He replied

"Then that guy took me back in and they went off on him and raping little boys in front of me.....It was awesome!"

"Wow..... That is sooo wild! I wish I had seen it happen, were you scared?"

"I was at first...But I soon realized that they weren't gonna hurt me, and they were after dad." He said " I was kinda hoping they were gonna hurt him bad, I hate him for what he's done to us!"

"Me too, but I love you...." I said

"I love you too Dave, you have no idea!"

"So, what happened next?" I asked

"Well, the guy in charge made him say sorry and that it will never happen again, and dad was saying yes sir...no sir to the guy....it was funny!"


"Yeah, and they told him that they would be watching and that they knew people close and the next time he wont be so luck!"

"What did that mean....? You think they meant kill him?"

"Nahh, they wouldn't do that would they?"

"Dunno!" I said

"So, anyway, on the way out the guy in charge whispered something in his ear, and all I heard was your name..... So I figured you knew him and told right?"

"Yeah, I think it was a friend of mine from the base"

"I knew it" He said "Who is he?"

"I really don't want to talk too much about him right now, tell me what happened after the guys left" I said

"O.K.... The last one out the door told me to free him only after they had left the house......and they just walked out the front door like they owned the place" He chuckled "So I waited!" He chuckled even more, and I broke out laughing too.

"So, did your dad flip out after they left?"

"No, he actually said sorry!"

"I don't believe you! Did he run out after those guys?"

"No, he looked really scared and just left my room and went to bed!"

"Huh? Really?" I asked amazed

"Yeah, and this morning h had a real serious talk with me about 'what we have been doing'..... What I think he meant to say was what he had been doing" Mark said sarcastically.

"Yeah, really! What did he say?" I asked, adding "In the talk that is?"

"Well, basically he said he was sorry and that things got out of hand. And that he fooled around when he was a kid...Then he told me a bunch of stuff I didn't want to know about him and my mom not doin' it in years....Yuck! More than I wanted to hear ... That's for sure!" He said angrily, "And I didn't want his fuckin' excuses anyway..... But he promised he would never touch me again and that he hoped that one day I would forgive him"

"Do you think you will?" I asked

"I don't know, I doubt it though! As soon as I can I am out of here, I have a few more years before I am out of school.... And I am joining the service"

The conversation slowly drifted off into usual stuff that teen boys talk about, and secretly I was pleased with myself for getting caught by a guy beating off in a public restroom. Things worked out pretty good for Mark and me over that little incident. Plus I was even happier because Mark and I had been through so much together that we could now tell each other that we loved each other with out it seeming weird. But things were about to get a little weirder for me.

It was just Mark and I in the house, god only knows where my brothers and sisters would go during the day. We were in the middle of doing what we did best when we were alone when the door bell rang. I jumped up, and off his cock and grabbed a pair of shorts to slip on going down the stairs. Now understand that all I had on going down the stairs was a pair of soccer shorts. I opened the front door, and guess who it was? Yep, Marks dad.

"You got a minute son?" He said looking at me way too long for my comfort. He was looking so hard I could feel him touching me even though he was several feet away from me.

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