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Over at Marks

Part 7

Previously In Over at Marks:

It was just Mark and I in the house, god only knows where my brothers and sisters would go during the day. We were in the middle of doing what we did best when we were alone when the door bell rang. I jumped up, and off his cock and grabbed a pair of shorts to slip on going down the stairs. Now understand that all I had on going down the stairs was a pair of soccer shorts. I opened the front door, and guess who it was? Yep, Marks dad.

"You got a minute son?" He said looking at me way too long for my comfort. He was looking so hard I could feel him touching me even though he was several feet away from me.

And now:

I was scared and knew the only other person in the house was Mark, and his presence was really intimidating me.

"Not really, what do you want!" I barked

"Well, I would feel a little more comfortable telling you what I have to say inside behind closed doors" he said quietly

"Sorry, but you can't come in....it's the rules" I said quite rudely.

"Ok, have it your way son.... I guess I deserved that one" He conceded.

"The reason I am here is I had a visit from your friends last night, and you can rest assured that I will never touch you again.... I promise!" He said solemnly.

"What about Mark, you gonna carry on fuckin him too?" I said quite emotionally.

"Listen Dave, after last night I don't think that I will be doing much of anything to anyone for quite a while....and I am really sorry for what I did to you.....Really I am!" He was almost crying now.

I almost felt sorry for him, he looked so intimidating when he arrived at the door, and now he looked scared like a little child. However, he had recently raped me and I wasn't going to let his pitiful appearance let him off the hook so easily.

"Why d'you do it, rape me like that? Huh?" I barked angrily.

"I wasn't thinking, I was drunk with your beauty.... You are beautiful!"

"That's no excuse..... You planned the whole thing....And used and abused your own son in the process you sick fuck!" I yelled and slammed the door in his face.


I opened the door and he stood there staring at me with tears rolling own his cheeks.

"Yes, you are right, and I am sorry...But I need to hear it from you that you accept my apology."

"Tough shit.... And get the fuck off my property before I call my dad at work!" I yelled.

With that he turned and went back home. I stood there and watched him walk all the way down our driveway and up the road to his own courtyard. Only when he was out of site did I close the door and drop to the floor crying. At the time I didn't even know why I was crying. Mark came running from my room to see what all the shouting was and saw me crying on the floor.

"Was that my dad?" He asked

"Yes..." I sobbed

"Did he hurt you?" He asked

"No....." I sobbed again

I was a mess, I was crying because I needed to. I was crying because I finally felt free, and could speak out against that bastard without fear of repercussions from Marks dad. I was crying because the stress load was gone, and I was freed from the wall his dad had built to keep me in. So many reasons and the all mingled into one big crying session. Mark just sat there cradling me and telling me that everything was going to be fine. I knew he was right, and started to become embarrassed for crying. Soon I was myself apart from a few sniffles and we went back to my room.

Just as soon as we got through the door Mark span around and pulled down my shorts, dove on my cock and pulled me to the floor. Now there was a way to help me forget! Mark was good at sucking cock, and god knows I needed the stress relief he was providing. He stroked my sack as he skillfully slid his juicy lips up and down the shaft of my young teen cock. Occasionally he would remove his mouth from my cock and run his lips up and down the sides of my shaft and then quickly engulf my cock into his mouth again. Usually he would do things different, but somehow this time seemed different and special. He was a lot more romantic than usual, and wasn't going at his usual high pace. It was like he was enjoying it instead of just doing it like we both usually did. Being emotionally drained from the current events I became overwhelmed again with my new revelation and dumped a hefty load in his mouth and started crying again. As you can imagine Mark was milking me dry and looking up at me with a very confused look on his face. I wasn't sobbing or anything, I just had a good stream of tears pouring down my cheeks.

"Dave, what is it? What's the matter?"

"I don't know. But you love me don't you? You really love me!"

"I don't know, I think I do. Why?"

"I dunno, coz of the way you were doin' that... It was different, like you loved me!"

"Well, we've been through a lot together.... You're like a brother to me now, not just another guy I fool around with is all."

"Mark I think I love you too, the same way.... I am so fucked up its unreal. I don't know what to think!"

We talked like this for almost an hour, and then Mark said he had to go home. I decided it was finally time to actually get up and get bathed and get dressed, it was early afternoon and I had not even eaten yet.

The next day I followed my new routine and went to the library with my mother, and couldn't wait to see Jim again. I had so much to say to him, and if I was lucky we could go for another drive or something. I found a good book to get started on, and like clockwork I went for my usual jack off session in the bathroom. The whole time I was jacking I was looking up to see if I could see him either come by the stall or be looking over the top to catch me dumping a load. As I went on jacking I finally figured he wasn't going to show and for some reason I wasn't into it anymore, and for the first time in my life actually stopped beating off without finishing! I left the stall again very confused, and headed back into the quiet environment of the library. I couldn't get back into the book, and kept finding myself looking out the window looking for any sign of Jim getting out of his car in the street or parking lot across the street.

Lunch time came around and my mother gave me money to go run and get something for us both to eat. I really wasn't hungry, but I had to get out of there and do something else to take my mind off seeing Jim so I went and got us two deli sandwiches and sodas. I was sitting behind the counter with my mother eating in silence when Jim walked through the door and set a book on the counter to check back in. I froze on the spot as he looked at me as my mother got up to check the book back in, and then he winked at me and said something I missed to my mother about the book. He then disappeared into the library to find another book to read. I had just started my sandwich, and got up to go and follow him when my mother stopped me and told me I was going to finish my food before I left and went anywhere. I knew if I hurried my food my mother would scold me for being a pig, so I sat there quietly eating watching the floor for any sign of Jim. Every now and then I would see him walk from one isle to another and kept getting disappointed because he wasn't looking my way each time he went by.

I finally finished my sandwich and left the counter as casually as I could to find Jim. I walked the isles one by one looking for him, and got to the final isle and didn't see him anywhere. Had he slipped out the door without me seeing, I turned around to do another sweep of the building when he walked around the corner right in front of me and smiled.

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