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Over at Marks

Part 8

Previously In Over at Marks:

I finally finished my sandwich and left the counter as casually as I could to find Jim. I walked the isles one by one looking for him, and got to the final isle and didn't see him anywhere. Had he slipped out the door without me seeing, I turned around to do another sweep of the building when he walked around the corner right in front of me and smiled.

And now:

I was so happy to see him, at first I forgot where we were and I jumped on him and hugged him as hard as I could. He tensed up and pushed me off, not in a mean way, and looked me in the eyes and told to remember where we were. People were looking at the commotion but I didn't care. Jim did though and told me to meet him outside the library in ten minutes because I had drawn attention to him.

At that young age I really didn't understand the true dangers of a boy and a man being in love, and I had absolutely fallen for Jim. He was my knight in shining armor. He had rescued me from my personal hell, and for that and his beautiful body I loved him. He made me feel special.... Usually that is, but after he shrugged me off lightly in the library, I was beginning to see that he was ashamed of me. At least that was the way I saw it. I really was a sensitive person when it came to love.

I waited less than ten minutes and couldn't wait any longer. Out the doors I went, to find no Jim anywhere. I looked around for about three minutes and then saw his car come around the corner.

"Cool, there he is"

He looked at me on the way by and nodded that I should follow him. he passed the library and went around the corner and stopped. I walked up to the window, which he rolled down.

"Thought you weren't coming" I said.

"I saw my first sergeant on the way out, had to B.S. with him for a few minutes...Sorry .... Get in"

"Where we goin?" I asked"

"Oh, just for a drive so we can talk n' stuff"

"O.K." I said and hopped in the car.

He left the base and headed out into the country. As soon as the car started rolling I told him I knew everything, and that he was soooo cool. He just laughed and told me that he was glad to help.

"If he ever just so much as looks at you wrong you tell me...o.k.!" He said looking me right in the eyes.

"O.K. Jim, I swear. That guy gives me the creeps anyway!" I said

I then told him all about how he had come over and tried to tell me he was sorry, and what I had said back in return. He laughed his head off, and told me that he didn't know I had it in me to be like that.

"I had better watch what I do to you then huh lil one?" He said ruffling my hair.

"I'd never yell at you Jim, I love you...." I said.

"Easy with that word son, I love you too, but it's a love that will hurt you if you're not careful you know!" He said rubbing my knee.

We had now pulled over into what the British call a lay by. (A road side stop like a rest area, or pick nick stop but less detailed) We were on a secluded road I knew quite well, actually about ten minutes by bike from my house.

Jim, still rubbing my leg looked at me and asked me for my full attention.

"Dave, you think you love me...But you don't. You love what I am and what I have done for you. I am much older than you. There is no way anything other than great sex can come of us being together. You do understand that right?"

"No.....Why?" I sniveled barely audible.

"You have to understand I have a career in the military, and I cannot be caught having sex with little boys. I would go to jail... And besides you are way younger than me, and soon you will be looking at other boys and I will too. See, I only like little boys.. You understand?"

The fact of the matter was I DID understand now, it was all sinking in very slowly. The surprising thing was that I really wasn't angry at him for that. I was silent for a second, and he took it that I was about to cry or something.

"Look Dave, I am only telling you this because I don't want to hurt you... and I will always love you, please understand that!" Jim almost begged

I respected him for being honest, and why should this relationship be any different than any other I had been in already. They were truly all about the sex.

"No Jim, I get it...Stop... I understand" I said sincerely to him.

"You do?" He replied.

"Yeah, I will always love you too Jim, You saved me from asshole remember. And now I think it's time to pay you back" I said with a cheeky grin on my face.

I spread my legs and he knew what to do. He reached for the buttons on my tight jeans and unbuttoned them slowly. My cock went from soft to rigid in about two seconds flat. I had needed this since the moment I had seen him in the library. As he undid the buttons of my jeans I could feel my cock moving closer and closer to freedom. I could feel him fingers struggle with each of the button fly buttons. It was sexy to feel his fingers dancing around like that. Finally he had the fly open and the jeans under. I wanted him to dive right in and finish me off, but he was in the mood for something a little different.

Instead of moving in for the kill so to speak, he leaned back in his seat and looked at me. He wanted me to do the same to him, so I reached over and started to undo his pants. He was wearing the old fatigue uniform and also had button down pants instead of a zipper. With every button I could feel his man cock respond to my touch and tense up. I was hot, and so was he. Unlike me he was not wearing any underwear. After two buttons the head was poking out, and was soaked in pre-cum. I couldn't resist it, and leaned in even further to have a taste. Mmmmm, salty. His taste was not like most adults I have come across since then, he was sweet yet sour. Not like a man, yet not like a boy either. That was it, I had tasted it now, and totally forgot about the servicing I was wanting and quickly finished his buttons and went straight to it. I dove on his cock and started going at it like a cum starve animal. He reclined his chair even further and was now moaning away as I deep throated his man cock at an alarming rate. I had never really deep throated anyone this big before and was surprised that I could get him all in my mouth. With every stroke my chin was nudging the side of his balls. I took my right hand and started to rub is lightly furred chest as I slowed the pace a little. It was getting to be uncomfortable giving head in the car with the gear lever and all the twisting. I think he sensed it, because he told me to stop and reached down and grabbed my head.

"Lets go for a little walk shall we" He said and reached over and squeezed my little cocklet.

We go tout of the car and headed off into the bushes at the edge of a small wooded area by the lay by. One far enough from the road he dropped to his knees and pulled me in close. He lifted my shirt over my head and started to make love to my chest. Licking first one nipple, then the next. Then switching back. I could feel his warm breath on my now wet nipples and the combination of the wet, the breath and his tongue doing a swirling number around them I was almost ready to pass out.

"Oh...ummm....urghh!" I was moaning.

"Oh yeah...Suck them, no...Uuuh...wait...oh!" I continued.

He moved up my neck and to my ears, very slowly and sensuously as he went. Once at my ears he again was probing hard with the tongue and breathing heavily which was driving me nuts, I couldn't take much more of this treatment! My knees were shacking and my cock felt like it was about to explode, the whole while my head was spinning with all these feelings I had never felt before all over taking each other inside my body.

My body was now shaking all over as he moved to my lips. He had the softest kiss you could imagine. It was like he sent a secret signal to my lips to open and let him in, because I swear I never felt them until I opened. He warmly kissed me and my tongue ad his danced around each others in a mind numbing whirl. That was it, I fell into his arms, and gave myself to him. What ever he wanted was his. He slowly laid me down onto the ground and broke from our mind blowing kiss. I was numb from head to toe and all I could hear was a light buzzing coming from within my body. He moved down and again undid my jeans. I lifted my butt to allow him to remove them and my underwear. He took off my shoes and removed my pants from around my ankles and placed them all neatly in a pile next to us. He wasn't moving as if in a hurry, just slowly calm and methodically. He then stood and removed all of his clothing, again piling all the cloths in a neat pile and taking his time. Not once did he remove his look from me. He then lay down next to me putting his cock by my head, and his by mine. I knew what he wanted to do, and I was all for that. W e began to slowly 69 each other. I loved the way his mouth slid up and down my boy cock, and I tried like hell to match his rhythm. We were moving at a nice easy pace, and again I was managing a good deep throat on his man cock. I was getting hot, and could feel my orgasm nearing. he sensed it too and increased the pace. I couldn't do it anymore, and spat out his penis and started screaming.

"Fuck yeah...ooh...my...god!!!!"

With that I spat a large stream of boy juice into his still pumping mouth. He milked me squirt after squirt. When I was done and he removed his mouth, he wasn't done. He methodically licked every clue of cum from my shaft and sac and anywhere else some may have leaked. Softly and gently his tongue worked over my genitals. It felt really good, and I could feel my teen cock coming back to life. While he was doing this his free hand was working at his cock, which I had not noticed until he finished cleaning me off. He was close, I could tell. He moved close and put his cock by my mouth. I opened just in time to get a heavy blast brush across my lip and hit my nose, the next few made it in my mouth. He was grunting and saying my name as he shot. He then collapsed next to me and we lay there looking at each other in total exhaustion. He reached out and held my hand.

"I love you" I said

"You too" He replied.

I knew he did in a way, but not the way I loved him.

After lying for some time, I remembered I had not told my mother I was going anywhere and had an immediate panic attack. I jumped up scrambling for my cloths.

"Shit... Fuck....Fuck...Shit....Get dressed...Shit...She's gonna kill me!"

He knew immediately too what I had meant and scrambled for his cloths too. We both ran out of the woods half dressed for the car. I think we were still partially undressed as we cleared the military policemen at the gate as we rushed to get me back.

"What time is it?" I asked


"Shit, I've been gone for almost two hours!" I panicked

"Just slip in and find a book and go into one of the study rooms and say you've been there for an hour" He suggested

"Good one!"

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