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Over at Marks

Part 9

Previously In Over at Marks:

After lying for some time, I remembered I had not told my mother I was going anywhere and had an immediate panic attack. I jumped up scrambling for my cloths.

"Shit... Fuck....Fuck...Shit....Get dressed...Shit...She's gonna kill me!"

He knew immediately too what I had meant and scrambled for his cloths too. We both ran out of the woods half dressed for the car. I think we were still partially undressed as we cleared the military policemen at the gate as we rushed to get me back.

"What time is it?" I asked


"Shit, I've been gone for almost two hours!" I panicked

"Just slip in and find a book and go into one of the study rooms and say you've been there for an hour" He suggested

"Good one!"

And now:

I slipped into the library undetected and slipped into one of the study rooms in the back with a book I grabbed along the way. I sat there for about half an hour before I decided it was safe to head up front and do something so my mother could see me. She said nothing, which I guessed was a good sign that she hadn't missed me.

It was a few more days before I saw Jim again, much to my disappointment. I was walking to the barber shop mid-morning for a hair cut when he pulled along side me in his car. He was not alone this time, he had a boy with him whom I new from school. His name was Justin, he had been the boy that showed me around the school while my parents enrolled me for the next year of school when we first got there.

"Hey Dave, where ya' goin'?" He asked

"For a hair cut" I replied

"You want me to do it, you can keep the money!"

"Sure" I said eagerly at the thought of making a few extra bucks for nothing

"Hop in then... Let's go!"

I jumped in the back of the car, and off we went. We pulled up to the side of the base where the enlisted personnel's barracks were. To the best of my knowledge Jim didn't like bringing boys here, but he's in charge. We got out of the car and walked inside. Now I have to tell you that I was insanely jealous about having to ride in the back seat of the car, and I had not yet been formally introduced as to the relationship of Justin and Jim. We arrived at his room, and he opened up and stepped back ushering both me and Justin inside quickly. He closed the door and pulled out a wooden seat for me to sit on.

"I cut most of the guy's hair in for my unit, I am really good. Relax a minute while I get my clippers. Justin, make yourself at home bud, you know where everything is!"

With that Justin jumped on the bed and reached into the corner and pulled out a few magazines. Now I was really curious as to his relationship with this other boy! Who was he to Jim, and why did he know his way around Jims room and I didn't? Then things changed a little, and I began to understand a little more. Common sense started to kick in a little as I watched the kid get comfortable. He lay back against the wall, and opened up the magazine. It was a gay porn magazine, and it wasn't long before Justin had a hard-on. Justin was really attractive, and as Jim approached with the clippers buzzing I started to study him. Justin was about the same size as me, but he was dark haired with blue eyes. His face was rounder than mine, and he had that angelic look of a boy who you would think was an angel. His smile was enough to make you melt, and his lips enough to make you cum if you thought about putting your cock there for too long. He was absolutely beautiful!

Jim was talking to me while he was cutting my hair, but I obviously wasn't listening. All of a sudden I heard him laughing his ass off, and Justin started laughing too. I had seen Justin look up, and look at me and smile, but I didn't know why. Jim stopped laughing and leaned over my shoulder and looked me in the face.

"You think he's hot don't you?" Jim said with some amusement

"No!" I said shyly

"It's OK Dave, he knows about us... I tell him everything! He wanted to meet you again...Didn't you Justin?" He said softly

"U..huh" Justin said with a smile on his face

"Show him it's cool Justin... Take off your pants and show us your boner... We both know you have one in there!" He said to Justin, and then turned to me "He always has a hard cock!"

Justin lifted his hips, and then dropped his shorts to the floor. He was wearing no underwear, and his hard boy cock sprang to life right before me. His cock was perfection just like the rest of his body, and standing at full mast. He was cut, the head a little larger than the shank, and not a vein in sight. He was about the same length as me... But his was way prettier than mine.

Once he was out of his pants Jim told me my hair cut was done. He handed me a mirror, and started putting his clippers away. He told me to stand, and take off my shirt and shake myself off. He got out a mini vacuum and started to clean up. I sat on the bed next to Justin, and didn't know whether or not to look at the gay porn or the beautiful specimen in front of me. Both were tempting, but I really wanted to fool around with Justin. That dilemma was solved for me when Justin reached out and started fondling my hard cock through my pants. The noise of the vacuum was drowning out any talking, so I went with it. I leaned back and let him go for it. All of a sudden it was quiet and Jim was standing there with a 35mm camera, snapping away pictures.

"Just make like I am not here guys, have fin with each other"

Justin wasn't fazed, but I was until he hit the snaps of my button fly jeans, and then released my hard boy cocklet from the restraints of my boxers. I had not time to react, even though I wouldn't have stopped him, and he grabbed my boy toy and started working it slowly. Still leaning back I reached for his, and decided if he could do it to me I was going to sure as hell touch his perfection. He paused from playing with my cock and pulled off my jeans and underwear. Now we were both just about naked except his tank and my under shirt. He returned to my cock, and I to his. Jim was still snapping away, and changing film like crazy. I was starting to forget he was there as Justin worked his magic on my tool. I closed my eyes for a second, and before I opened them he was down on my cock and sucking it like a pro. I was amazed at this boy, he was beautiful, and good at making me feel good. I could no longer reach his boy toy in the position that we ended up in, so I tried to shift so I could at least reach him. He sensed what I was trying to do, and repositioned himself so I could suck him too in a 69 position. I wasted no time in engulfing his perfection into my mouth and tasting his pre-cum for the first time. He was just as tasty as my own cum I noted, and worked him for more. It wasn't aggressive sucking, but loving slow seductive sucking. I was loving it, and by the slow bucking of his hips I think he was loving it too. I relaxed in the environment even more and let my hands start to wander over his body as I did. He was smooth to the touch, and his abs were tight. He was the god of boy love if ever there was one! I lost myself in him, and before I knew it I was moaning with a mouthful of cock, and bucking away in his face closing in on an imminent orgasm! He too was bucking now viciously into my face, and the pace picked up.

"Guys, I want you to pullout before you cum! I want shots of you cumming ok!"

That did it, I was now out of the bubble of love and back in front of the camera. I was too close to my orgasm to stop, but now very aware of the camera. It took all of me to pull out of Justin's mouth and cum on myself instead of where I wanted to (In his mouth). I did though, and shot hard in spite of the camera. Fountains of cum spurted out of me and on to my belly. Justin spun around and leaned on the wall next to me and did the same just seconds later. I was milking myself dry, and he reached over and took over the milking. I did the same to him, slowly getting the last drops out of him. Then he blew my mind again by leaning down and engulfing my cock in his mouth and sucking me dry slowly, and then moving up and lapping up the boy jizz from my abs and chest. I was having a small melt down while he did this. It was a dream come true except for the camera. I was too drained to go any further, and just sat there enjoying the moment.

"Do it to him Dave, lap up his cum!" Jim encouraged

But I wasn't really into it, I was too drained and just shook my head no. Justin wasn't going to give up that easily and started sucking my nipples while he scooped up his own cum from his chest. He stopped sucking and lifted his cum filled finger to my mouth, and fed me his cum. I opened up, and accepted his finger. He fed me finger after finger of his cum, which I have to admit was really nice and romantic. The problem was I was having that after sex guilt that you some times get when you know you did something a little wrong. Jim put up the camera and threw us both cum rags. He then stashed his camera and the several rolls of film in a leather carry box and told us to get cleaned up so we could go.

We left the barrack, and he dropped me off at the library, I had been gone a little over an hour. No cover story requires I quietly left the car and waved goodbye to Justin as they drove away.

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