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Restraining his flailing arms they held him tight as Lucius tugged and tore off his trousers, baring him completely... exposing his most intimate parts for all to ogle at!

And it was now their turn to gawk... gaping in admiration, and untainted lust, as they saw the naked teen in all his unspoiled glory... the longish golden locks framing a pretty face... the amazing blue eyes, large and innocent... the aquiline nose, long and straight, the nostrils slightly flared, giving him a fragile, vulnerable look... and those full, bee-stung lips, now trembling...

And lower their eyes went... roving across the smooth chest... over the tiny, pink nipples, smacking their lips at the thought of soon nibbling those mouth-watering nubs... and lower still... over the flat teen belly, as pink and as smooth as a baby's bottom... suddenly broken by the faint golden line... down to his exiguous pubic growth, almost bare, except for a few delicate strands of light colored hair... and from that faint triangle rose the most amazing teen cock... tall and slender... topped by the well formed head, taut and glistening as it throbbed hotly... pulsing with his heart beat!

"'Oly blazes, what a fuckin' cute li'l shaver," said one of the men in an hushed tone.

"Tarnation, the lad's 'orny!" exclaimed Garret with an ugly chuckle as they stood, watching the flexing phallus.

"Yea... hot as a w'ore'ouse on nickel night," added a third man.

"Yea' purty t'an the kwar boy," said the first man, moving in closer, "an' we'll 'ave us a 'og-killin' time..."

Blinded with shame, and ears gone deaf, Reuben could neither see nor hear anymore... His head was buzzing and his knees felt weak... and as he made a desperate, but futile, bid at covering up his exposed genitals, the men were all over him...

Grabbing and groping with coarse hands... as they pinched and tweaked... Reaching out and touching areas that no one had ever set eyes upon... Running their rough hands all over his tingling body, they groped and fondled every inch... Inquisitive fingers digging into his navel, while others fluttered over the, nearly bare, pubes, rustling the delicate hair... running along his groin... handling his cock and balls in a most vulgar way... as other fingers kneaded the firm globes of his rounded buttocks... exploring the crack. And though it scared him, it also set off an odd flutter deep in his belly, making his body tremble with a lustful arousal... making his cock contract and jerk with a greater force.

"Is this a 'ard-on... " asked Lucius suddenly, reaching between his legs and grabbing the swollen appendage roughly, tugging at the drooling teen shaft, reaching lower with his other hand and hefting the large balls, "or are ye piss-proud?" he added looking into Reuben's eyes, "eh, pussy boy?"

"D'j'ever 'ave one in yer mouth, boy?" asked one.

"Or taken one up yer back door?" asked another

"Yea', show us yer purty rear entrance, boy..." added a third man, hands kneading the firm and tight buttocks.

"Le'm... le'mme go..." pleaded Reuben in a choked voice, his flesh already reddened where the coarse hands had touched him.

"W'ere to boy," grinned Lucius.

"Yea, w'ere to? We'll be pirooting the 'ole day..." he heard someone else add.

The ugly insinuations burned his ears with shame... and he pleaded in a low voice, sobbing to be left alone... "Please..." he stammered, tears of humiliation rolling down his pretty face, "le'mme go..." he spluttered.

"W'er' to boy, we are all 'ere..." they laughed, touching him all over, pinching and tweaking... hurting him in their desperation to get a bit more of him.

And as he cringed under the crass attention, two more men joined the group... "Look what I jest found fer ye'..." leered one of them, fishing into the front of his trousers and extracting a big-veined, engorged phallus. "I'll bet sump'm ye' ain't never seen nothin' like in ye' w'ole life," he added dangling the reddened meat in front of Reuben's wild eyes.

But the happy romp came to a sudden stop as the men heard the shrill scream and the loud clatter of the flung pan... "BITCH!" they heard Josiah scream, as he came around carrying a fresh pan of water and saw what was happening.

His voice was choked with animosity, as he breathed fire, "Ye' s'ould set yo's'lf up at 'at dive in Little Creek, ye'll make a swell strumpet, cockchafer," the swamper boy pushed his way through the crowd and addressed Reuben, "sluttin' around!"

The men laughed as Reuben cowered under the sudden verbal assault, eyes wide with terror and shock.

"Pull in your horns, swamper boy..." Garret said with a laugh, "or ye'll get Jesse, lickfinger."

"I ain't ast ye'," snapped the teen before turning around and screaming at the men, "and you golderned whoremongers, w'at fancies ye in t'at Nancy?!

"I ain't got no idy...go ast ye' mammy," replied Lucius with a smirk, and the other joined in, hooting aloud.

"'E ain't no whore like ye', wit a yawning twat lik' yers, that even a 'orse wud find loose..." chuckled Garret.

"Yea," concurred the others, shaking their heads wisely.

Stung, Josiah flared, flailing his arms as he screamed at the men, "Go, boil yer s'irt," and suddenly, wild with jealous rage, lunged at Reuben, hands outstretched, fingers clawing at the frightened teen.

"Ow, cool it boy, don't wild up so," Lucius said with a laugh, grabbing Josiah and holding him, as Garret passed a protective arm around Reuben and pulled him away.

"Yea, shut yer cock holster," added one of the men.

"W'at'ell goin' on?" They hear the voice and turned around to see Morris walk around the building.

"Oh, we were taking 'ere our bath and this lad 'ere was playin' a lone hand, watchin' us..." said Lucius with a smile, still holding Josiah in a tight grip.

"So, we t'ought we'd hav' us some fun..." added Garret, pushing Reuben forward for the leader to see.

"The lad's sh're fine as cream gravy," added Buford, patting Reuben's buttocks.

"And t'is 'ere Mary gits all horns and rattles and goes for the p'or lad," Lucius added, jerking Josiah roughly.

"It ain't none-a yo' beeswax whut I do!" snapped Josiah as he struggled to get out of Lucius' grip, his eyes flashing fire as he stared at Reuben. "I wont let some Yankee bitch..." but he couldn't finish the sentence as Morris moved a step closer.

"That does it!" he hissed as his open palm swung up and the yard resonated with the loud slap. Josiah's head snapped back and a thin line of blood trickled down his chin from where his lips had busted. "Now you march ye'se'f outta 'ere and cut me a switch!" added Morris shoving the fuming swamper boy away.

"He's a precious boy, and I want no complain' comin'," Morris added through clenched teeth, "or else, when I'm done with you, there won't be enough left of you to snore, and I'll chop 'em balls off you and make prairie oysters outta 'em!"

The men guffawed as they watched Josiah squirm, and then skedaddle towards the chuck wagon, shooting fire at Reuben through the corner of his eyes...

"And now ye guys, leave the boy alone," he told the still smiling men and passing his hand around the slim waist, pulled Reuben close, into him... and as his naked buttocks came in contact with the covered groin, Reuben felt the unmistakable heat there... He also sensed the immensity of that rigid hardness, making him gasp involuntarily...

And as Morris led him, back into the barn, away from the disappointed and drooling men, Reuben felt the calloused hand grope his naked buttocks... the open palm pressed against the full cheek, the strong fingers kneading...

Going to the ladder leading up to the loft, he pulled Reuben close, into him, against his pubes, "Now git up and stay 'ere," he commanded, as he held him that way... rotating the pelvis.

And as Reuben climbed up on trembling legs, he felt Morris reach up and fondle his genitals, the flexing shaft held tightly in his fist, the touch coarse... and Reuben stopped... maybe to let Morris caress him, afraid to offend the leader by pulling away from his touch... or maybe desiring the uncouth, rough touch... and then the hand moved lower, between his legs, grabbing the low hanging testicles, hefting them, and then the fingers crawled into the deep crack of his butt cheeks... sliding along the cleft... making Reuben shiver with some unknown thrill... feeling his knees buckle and his heart slam.

"We'll be visitin' yer ol' man this evening," he said finally pulling his hand away, "let's see what he has to say. Maybe you'll be back, home, later tonight," he paused for a moment before adding in a low voice, patting the naked buttocks, "or maybe..."

And as Reuben scurried up the ladder and crawled into a corner of the loft, he realized that he was still stark naked... and his recent encounter with the men behind the shack had done nothing to lessen the rigidity of his teen cock... It was still stiff and sticking out like some crazed totem pole, hard and unbending as it pulsed in time with his heart beat...

End of Part Four

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