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Reuben woke from his fitful slumber and groaned... he was aching all over and there was a fire raging in his ass... He reeked of sex and semen, and his face and hair, his belly, chest, and thighs were caked with the dried crusts of the multiple ejaculations that covered him... pulling his tender, teen skin taut... And the deep furrow of his plump buttocks felt slimy, as cum continued to overflow, leaking out of the exfluncticated anus...

"Git up..." he heard the low hiss and opening his eyes realized that someone was trying to wake him.

For a moment he panicked... dreading that it was the men again, come to fuck him once more...

"Quick, git up..." he saw Josiah as his eyes focused, hunched over him, his finger on his lips, "don' make no noise."

He was surprised... but didn't know if he should feel happy about it... He sure was thankful that it wasn't the men, waking him up for another session of animal sex... but then, what did the swamper boy want? Did he also want to fuck Reuben? Reuben didn't understand the reasons, but he sure understood that the boy hated him... So, what was it that Josiah wanted?

"Git up..." the boy hissed through clenched teeth close to Reuben's ear, tugging his shoulder.

Reuben slowly sat up, and shuddered as a sudden bout of nausea hit him, a sharp pain shooting up from deep within his raw ass... his stomach turning. But even before he was fully aware, or in control, Josiah grabbed his elbow and was dragging him across the room... continuously shushing him in a low whisper.

The two teens silently crept out of the tenebrous shack, and Josiah led Reuben into the outer darkness... silent and still.

Still disoriented, and without a clue, Reuben followed Jasper as he led the way along the cliff wall, his heart slamming at the unknown, yet unable to think or react. And suddenly he saw an opening in the solid cliff wall and realized that it was the same entrance that they had taken while coming to the outlaw lair.

His heart beat faster, and his mouth felt dry... was Josiah helping him to escape... or... would the boy carry out his earlier threat... and kill him... rid himself of the new competition, the threat of loosing his own position in the gang as the sole slut?

"Can ye ride a 'orse wit'out gittin' dusted?" Josiah asked in a low, contemptuous voice as they ran across the outer canyon.

Reuben nodded in the darkness... a sudden, inexplicable sorrow rending his heart. He didn't know if he should be happy to finally escape and go home... or be sad at loosing out on another chance at sampling Morris' masculine virility...

And with a shudder he realized that he'd also miss the bacchanalian orgy that followed Morris' act of de-virginating him... and, as impossible as it seemed... the sudden prospect of never having those other men ravage him, seemed heartbreaking!

They hurried along and soon reached the cleft in the outer wall and emerged out into the open, barren landscape. A pony stood to one side, saddled and ready.

"Now, rattle your hocks and be off!" Josiah hissed, his dark eyes sparkling in the moonless night.

"But... but, I 'ave no clothes..." said Reuben timidly.

Josiah gave a mirthless laugh, "A blue-belly slut like ya don' need no clot'es." And then reaching over the saddle got the pants, "'Ere, wear 'em."

Reuben saw the rag and groaned... It was a trouser no doubt, but totally ripped and in tatters. The legs had been cut off just below the knees... the front was in shreds, and save the top one, the fly had no buttons... The piece of garment, if it could be called that, would do nothing to hide his shame, for there was hardly anything to cover himself with, especially the areas that needed covering. He looked up at Josiah and saw the scowl and quickly, without further complaining, stepped into the rags.

And as he buttoned up and looked down, he gasped, seeing that the crotch was completely torn, sliced and cut, leaving his genitals exposed... the cock hanging out of one large tear, while the balls peeked out of another... and the cool breeze caressing his ruined buns told him that even his ass had been left exposed... With shaking hands he reached back, feeling his naked buttocks, and heard Josiah snort, "It don' make no difference, nancy."

"Now, git up," he hissed, grabbing the reins and pulling the pony closer, "an' keep yer ear to the ground," he added.

Reuben looked at his old adversary and mumbled, "Thank you, Josiah," as he slowly, painfully climbed onto the saddle.

"Huh," Josiah waved a dismissive hand, "I 'ave non'e love fer ye, now jus' git a wiggle on, before those w'oremongers wake up an' come c'asin' ye, git to ye'r bloody 'ome."

"But... but I don' know where I am, I don't know the way home..." Reuben stammered, wondering which way his home lay, or which way to go.

"Jus' git outta `ere and fin' out fer y'rself..." Josiah spat, giving the rump of the pony a smart whack.

The horse reared and galloped off... carrying Reuben into the black night...


He must have ridden across the desolate landscape for over an hour now... totally lost... and without the slightest clue as to his whereabouts, or where he was headed ... just going on, desperate to put as much distance between him and the outlaws, as possible. This was a new area, an area he had never been to before, and Reuben had absolutely no idea about which way to turn to get to his home... reach the safety of his father's comforting arms...

It was still dark and he had encountered neither a tent nor a wagon in the past hour... just that stark, barren, rock strewn landscape... harsh and hopeless, silent, except for the clatter of the pony's hooves. And now, as he cleared a large rock outcrop he spotted a clump of tree in the distant, a darker silhouette against the black night...

He reined in the animal and peered into the darkness... trying to see better... make out if he could spot anything or anyone. His heart beat a little faster, as he wondered if he should be relieved or scared... Would there be people out there... maybe a settlement or, a wagon train, camping? But then again, if there were people... what kind of people would they be... and how would he ever face them in his present condition... more naked than covered... His face, body and hair coated with dried cum, reeking of sex... 'Oh, Lord...' he sent up a silent prayer and rode on... wishing desperately for a source of water so that he could wash himself up a bit before meeting anyone... and hoping that it wouldn't be another band of outlaws... or bushwhackers... frantically praying that the people would turn out to be respectable men, for he possibly couldn't take any more cocks up his ass... nor swallow another drop of cum.

Besides, he was also famished... terribly hungry. The only food going down his gullet had been the miserable breakfast, and the little stew and bread that the men had provided for lunch. And then, the only stuff that went down his throat had been the vast quantity of thick, viscous semen of those men... not food! If now, there were good men out there, then he could hope for a proper meal, some decent, warm food...

And as he got closer to the clump of tree, the eastern sky slowly turned lighter... the dark skyline beginning to blush with a pink hue as the stars got dimmer. And in that faint light, Reuben saw the vast expanse of dull green, beyond the trees... a sea of grass, stretching to the far horizon... waving and dancing in the light, morning breeze...

Cautiously getting off the horse, he inched forward... crouching low, as he tried to make sure if there was any soul around there... wondering if it would be safe... and deciding that if there was indeed a camp, or a wagon nearby, he'd check it out first, and only then show himself.

And as he lowered himself behind a small boulder, peering around it... his heart stopped... and he froze...

End of Part Seven

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