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It had been frenzied... It had been gut wrenching... Intense and magnificent! And they remained on the rock, snuggling close, catching their breath... still naked, unconcerned, letting the sun and breeze dry them as Jasper lay sprawled out, legs thrown wide.

Reuben lay by his side, draped over him, a soft smile playing on his pretty face... He was feeling extremely happy... totally quenched... and it also felt so outrageously naughty, to be lying that way, naked in each other's arms, out in the open... his belly full of Jasper's virile cum.

This was so different from yesterday, from what Morris and those other men had done to him... This was so much more delicious, so much more satisfying... And in his crazed state of arousal, his lust intoxicated mind, he had foolishly thought that what had happened at the outlaw lair was what sex was all about - fucking and being fucked... But now, as he lay by Jasper's side, enjoying the languorous caress of that masculine hand as it stroked his face, shoulder and ass... he knew that he had been a fool... and nearly laughed when he remembered how he had even entertained the thought of staying on with the gang, remain as Morris' catamite... become their personal boy slut!

He closed his eyes and let out a satisfied sigh... his inquisitive hand reaching down to shamelessly grope and fondle the large, sated cock as it lay between Jasper's spread thighs... curious and inquiring... totally stupefied by the immensity of the size, and the intensity of pleasure it had afforded him!

Reuben played with the appendage... petting it gently... and as he felt it twitch and thicken, the large veins bulging out in response to his caress, he reached lower, fondling the heavy sac, feeling the balls, cradling them in his palm and hefting them up, rolling each individual testes between his fingers... as if trying to gauge the volume of seed it might still contain... satisfying himself of an assured repeat performance... Or, maybe just curious... exploring the male anatomy of another man.

And as he raised his head off Jasper's chest to look down, admire that lovely cock one more time, watching it slowly fill out and lift off... he felt Jasper's hand stroke his head. "Ye wan' ano'er fuck, boy?" he heard Jasper ask... and shyly nodded his desire, gripping the cock tighter and jerking it, feeling his fingers get pushed apart by the quickly thickening shaft.

Jasper grinned, and grabbing the slim waist, lifted Reuben, swinging the boy over... and sitting him down on his pubes, "Now, ye 'old t'at cock an' work it into yer belly..." he said, staring up into the boy's limpid blue eyes.

With a soft moan, Reuben raised his ass off the pubes and reaching under grabbed the rigid phallus, hoisting it up... and then guiding it to his gaping orifice, fitted the tip to the entrance, before slowly, sitting down... feeling the swollen head push the tender lips apart, stretch them wide, and slowly bore in... the rigid heat sliding higher, going deeper...

Gasping for air, Reuben threw his head back and snarled as his hand released the entrenched cock and reaching out grabbed Jasper's hands, interlacing the fingers as he slammed down with all his might, taking in the cowboy cock completely... impaling himself!

He felt breathless... he felt bloated... gasping hard as the air got pushed out of his lungs... but he wasn't bothered much, for the capacious appendage was rubbing against that secret, magic spot, nudging at it... setting his soul afire, and making him to slowly pull up and sit back again, beginning the obscene dance on Jasper's lap.

The huge, creamy load that Jasper had deposited in his belly earlier, which had been lazily leaking out all this while, now got churned, frothing and foaming around the clinging rim as Jasper's cock fucked the sloppy hole... filling the morning air with the lewd swishy sound.

The air also resonated with the loud grunts and the slapping of flesh on flesh... and though exhilarating, Reuben was suddenly feeling weak... feeling worn... His thighs ached and his back hurt... and though he wanted to, he could barely keep himself up, and go on bouncing... He wanted it, wanted the fuck, but his body was suddenly uncooperative... And as the knot in his tummy tightened, and the tingle swelled in preparation of launching his balls to oblivion, Reuben slumped forwards, over Jasper... his ass grinding down on the cowboy's raging pubes... totally drained, devoid of strength...

But Jasper, starved of sex as he was, wasn't done yet, and once Reuben ceased his raunchy saltation, he grabbed the slender waist and lunged up, holding the boy as he pummeled the willing hole, his hips like a jackhammer, ramming his frantic cock deep into the warm boi pussy... thrilling as he sensed Reuben's cock flex and splash his torso with the boy cum... and felt his own balls prepare for the impregnation of the teen belly.


Reuben lay slumped over Jasper, insensate... his ass still retaining the flaccid, but lengthy cock, held in place by the constricted ass ring, when they both heard the growl... a low, persistent rumble... bubbling around deep in Reuben's belly.

"Ye hungry?" Jasper asked, looking at Reuben, his hands gently stroking the boy.

Reuben nodded, " 'Aven't eaten since yesterday afternoon," he said in a small voice, feeling his tummy growl once more.

"By gosh, boy, why didn't ye tell me before," Jasper exclaimed, sitting up, Reuben still on his lap, his cock still buried in the welcome warmth of the snug teen hole, "an' I've been foolish too, I s'uo'dda 'ave guessed!" he said, slowly disengaging and pulling out, before standing up.

Looking up at the hulking form, Reuben felt his heart flutter... oh, Jasper looked so handsome... so cowboyish... and almost immediately he felt his cock begin to harden...

"Gosh, boy, yer a 'orny one," Jasper grinned as he watched the teen cock lift off the pubes, "but no more boffin', not before ye eat sump'm."

He led the boy beyond the pool, into a small, sheltered rocky cove and Reuben saw the cowboy's bedroll and rucksack, and other personal effects scattered around the clearing, a large bay tied nearby.

"You live 'ere?" asked Reuben, his hands holding the man's arm.

"Naw," Jasper replied, quickly setting up the wood and lighting a fire.

Reuben quietly sat down and watched as Jasper busied himself, setting a pan on the fire and pouring in a dark liquid from a can. "We've bin 'avin' a lot of trouble wit' 'em cattle rustlers and corporal decided that it must be this 'ere pass t'at 'em guys be usin' to steal in from. And so I've been 'ere fer the last two nights, singin' to 'em. But no one came and 'en t'is morning I saw ye, skulking around t'at 'ere rock and went lookin' to see."

The liquid was boiling by now and Jasper took it off the fire and poured it into a bowl, "Now, put on the nose bag an'ave yerself some nice, warm sonofabitch stew," he said, smiling at Reuben as he placed the dish before him.

Reuben looked down, seeing the smoking gruel, his nostrils filled with the aroma... and he heard his tummy rumble some more as saliva rushed to fill his mouth.

"Now, 'ave it, Reuben," Jasper said, handing him a few slices of bread that he took out of the bag, "I got us no eatin' irons 'ere," and then set up another pan on the fire, pouring water into it.

And as he sat ravenously gorging himself on the pieces of bread, noisily slurping the stew, the penetrating smell of strong black coffee filled the air... "'Ere, 'av some 'ot rocks," Jasper said, getting up and joining Reuben.

Reuben took the biscuits as Jasper sat down, sipping his coffee, watching the boy, "Now, finish that stew fast," he said, "an' if I don't return to the dive by noon, one of `em fellers gonna come d'rekly lookin' to see, and then, 'e can listen to the prairie tenors while I..." but he couldn't finish as Reuben cut in...

"You won't be goin' to the dive?" he asked, looking up at Jasper.

"WHAT?!" Jasper exclaimed, eyes wide with shock, "an' take ye 'ere? Do ye think 'ose greedy fellers will let ye `lone once 'ey set eyes on ye?" He shook his head and then added, " 'Em guys will jump ye, the 'ole gang!"

Reuben blushed a deep red at Jasper's words, but also felt a frisson of excitement pass down his spine and to his terrible embarrassment, felt his cock stir. He shifted discreetly, and lifting up the legs, quickly closed his thighs, hiding his disgrace from Jasper's sight... He was becoming such a slut, he thought, and that too, after just one night of sampling cocks! He now knew what Josiah must feel like... why he enjoyed being used by those men. Fucked nonstop, all night, by the whole gang!

"I can't allow that, boy..." he heard Jasper say, bringing him back to the present, "ye belong to me now."

He felt his heart skip a beat and nudging the lecherous thoughts of another gang bang out of his head, looked back at Jasper and asked, "Ye'll keep me 'ere, with ya?"

"I'd love to, boy, but I gotta take ye back to ye'r family..." Jasper replied gently.

'Oh...' it tore at Reuben's heart... Would he then lose Jasper too, he wondered. But how could he now live without that awesome feeling of a cock ripping into him... filling him... The incredible experience of being mated... of being inseminated... But he was ashamed to voice his disappointment and kept quiet...

" `O'd'j'a git `ere?"

"By `orse..." Reuben replied.

" `Ere is it?"

"Dunno, I got off an' was lookin' wen ye caw't me..."

"Must'a gone back to the `ideout..." Jasper commented, and Reuben nodded. "Well, `ere `av some more of `ese `ot rocks," he said offering Reuben some more cookies, "an' I'll git ye one of my other pants, you can't remain naked."

"Naw, t'ank ye'," Reuben said, shaking his head, "I don' et so many aw'ady, I can't eat n'air n'other'n ..."

They had remained naked all this while... Reuben's eyes unabashedly fixed between Jasper's thighs, openly staring at his crotch, eyeing the cowboy cock longingly. And as the Jasper stood up and began searching his rucksack for an extra pair of pants, he noticed the boy's eyes, seeing the naked hunger there... He paused, and then straightening up, extended his arms, smiling, "C'm'ere boy, come to me."

And Reuben went... on his knees, smiling bashfully, as he grabbed the phallus and lurched in with his drooling mouth.

End of Part Nine

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