True Tales of a Farmboy - 2

© Copyright 2006 Tristan Jaimes

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I rolled over and pressed my morning wood into the bed, enjoying the surge of pleasure that swept through my thighs and abs. Lying there with muscles tensed up I waited for the alarm to stop beeping at me and wished it wasn't set to 6am when I had no need to get up so early, what with Andi visiting and it being a long holiday weekend.

Reluctantly I opened one bleary eye and peered out. As the room came into focus I let my mind wander, thinking about what to do today. I was planning to take Andi round the farm for a long walk, drive into the city for lunch, and later we would head out for a movie.

My morning wood reminded me of the goings on of the night before, and I suppressed a chuckle at how much fun it had been. With a feeling of anticipation in my tummy I decided to forego jacking-off and instead go and get some breakfast sorted.

Hearing a tractor approaching, I quickly threw back the duvet and went to the window. I waited until the tractor was almost on the drive outside the house before pushing back the curtains and making a display of having a good ol' stretch.

As I had expected, it was Mark (the hunky farm-boy I was lusting after) driving, and as usual he was blatantly staring up into my bedroom window.

My eyes were all but closed; I could just make out he was looking by the way his red baseball cap was angled. I knew he would think I had my eyes closed, and wondered if he was as turned on as me by this voyeurism.

He had deliberately slowed down as he went past the house, and seeing his cap swivel like a radar dish locked onto its target I knew he must be!

Grinning to myself I finished the stretch and pulled open the underwear drawer, picking out random pairs in search of something appropriate to wear when I went to wake Andi up. I settled on a figure-hugging pair of shiny white boxer/trunks, the ones with no seam down the front - just a perfect pouch - and a natural crease down the ass-crack to accentuate the curves. I loved how my tanned skin showed through except in the pouch where they were double-lined.

Grabbing a towel I headed into the shower and had a quick but vigorous wash. Stepping out I felt totally refreshed and impatient to get outside in the sun. I pulled on my undies and walked back into the bedroom as I finished towelling droplets of water from my shoulders and arms.

I pulled on a tee-shirt and then headed to the kitchen to boil up some water and have a cuppa. My activities stirred the dogs so I opened the door and let them outside, and followed them to stand on the back yard and feel the sun's warmth already making itself known. I thought about spending some time at the river later in the day; maybe have a go at extending the dam with Andi here to help. I really wanted to skinny-dip as I usually do when I'm on my own but I wasn't sure how Andi would feel, but I didn't see too much of an issue with it.

A few minutes later I was sat on the bench with a mug of tea in my hand staring across the fields and feeling once again how privileged I was to be able to do this and not see another property or person for miles. With Andi being a townie, I was looking forward to his reaction to all this space.

Finishing up my tea I decided it was time to wake him. I made another couple of mugs (I'm always thirsty first-thing) and carefully carried them upstairs to the den.

Knocking with my elbow as a courtesy (I wasn't sure if he was awake or not) I pushed the door open with my back and turned into the room. Andi was sprawled across the futon at a weird angle with the duvet half-covering him; his back facing me and his arms wrapped around the pillow that was cradled under his chest and face. The waistband of his undies was just visible. He looked so sweet I just stood there for several minutes enjoying the scene.

Putting the drinks on the side table I quietly called his name, not wanting to wake him up suddenly -- I remembered what he had said about being a grouch.

He murmured, moved a bit, then relaxed and let out a few relaxed snores. I knelt down next to the futon and poked his arm softly with my finger. No reaction. Hmmm, okay, lets have some fun. I lent down with my lips close to his exposed ear and gently blew into it. He moved his head side to side and then his arm came up to brush off the imaginary fly. I waited, then blew again.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh" went Andi.

"Buuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", I replied.

"Errrrrrrrrhuh?" he mumbled, rolling over onto his back and opening one eye reluctantly.

"God, you look a sight", I laughed.

He blinked, taking in the strange surroundings and recalling where he was. "What time is it?" he asked, as if he wasn't even sure what time-zone he was in.

I looked up at the clock, "Coming on 7 o'clock, I've brought you a mug of tea".

"Urggghhhh" he retorted and closed his eyes.

"Don't you dare go back to sleep" I said, and reached for the mug of tea. He looked like he was going to so I rested it on his right nipple.

Andi's eyes opened wide in shock, "Ow, that's hot!" he exclaimed.

I smiled: "Not the only thing".

A smile lifted the corners of his mouth and he blinked a few times. "God, I hate you", he said.

"The feeling's mutual", I replied, "but take this off me before I spill it on you".

We were quiet for a few minutes, me half-sitting half-kneeling on one side of the futon, and Andi lying on his side facing me as he took sips of tea. The sunlight spilling in through the picture window was making me feel hot and I could feel sweat breaking out in my pits.

"So, what do you want to do today?" I asked, "I thought we'd take a walk around the farm this morning then go into town for lunch and maybe do some shopping".

"Mmmm, sounds good to me, but I'm not getting out of bed until 10 o'clock".

"But the morning will be almost over by then!", I said, "you'll miss the best part and its hot outside already -- you can get a tan".

"I've not got any tanning lotion", Andi said.

"That's okay I've got loads, you can use some of mine. What factor do you use?"

"Usually about 15", he replied.

"OK, I'll go dig it out", I said, and stood up to go fetch it.

Andi was looking up at me and I noticed he had taken a good look at my package. Unable to stop myself I glanced at the cover over his groin and wondered what was going on under there.

I turned away and walked toward the bedroom. After a few steps I heard Andi wolf-whistle me and then laugh as he watched my ass retreating. I laughed and flicked a finger at him behind my back.

Returning with the lotion I found him stretched out on the futon, face down, and covers thrown back. His ass looked enticing -- two firm half-globes beneath his boxers with that muscled contour that you know means they're rock-hard buns!

He looked up as I knelt down again. "Can you rub it on my back?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure", I replied. I slid across the futon and knelt beside him, feeling the warmth of his body radiating against my thigh.

I squeezed a large glob of cold lotion into the middle of his back, and laughed when he screamed. I rubbed the lotion around in ever increasing circles using firm but not uncomfortable pressure through my fingers.

"Mmmmm", he moaned, "you can give me a massage at this rate; that feels fantastic."

I said nothing, but kept on working the lotion until he had white smears from the nape of his neck to the top of his white boxers. Switching strokes, I began kneading the muscles in his neck and shoulders, feeling for the knots with my fingers and digging them in at all the right places.

Andi adjusted himself on the futon, getting more comfortable as I increased the pressure through my arms.

To do his spine I needed a better position so I moved, kneeling astride his ass and letting my weight settle on him. Starting from the base of his spine I slid my hands firmly up to his neck and back down, slowly increasing the pressure on each stroke.

As I leaned forward in each up-stroke I was very aware of my groin pressing into his ass-crack and the heat of his body on my abs.

It was one of those perfect moments -- totally innocent and yet amazingly erotic, the kind that you want to last for ever.

The lotion had by now been totally absorbed but I continued the massage for a few more minutes until I thought it would be suspicious to go on.

"That's all done", I said, as I sat back and stretched my back.

"Mmmm thanks, that felt amazing. I'm so relaxed I don't want to move, can you do the rest of me?"

I looked at the back of his head, wondering what exactly he meant. "Sure, which bits do you want doing?" I asked him.

"Legs, arms, chest", he said, as he enjoyed a slow stretch under me.

"OK". I reached for the lotion once again, and then stopped. "You're gonna have to take your boxers off if you want your legs doing properly", I said.

"Go ahead" Andi replied.

I stared at his ass for a moment, feeling the sap rising in my loins at the prospect of undressing him and exposing that firm butt not just to my view, but to my touch, too.

I shuffled backwards and, slipping my fingers inside the waistband on each hip, pulled slowly. Andi lifted his body slightly and his boxers slid slowly and alluring down over his ass cheeks. I stopped, slightly dazed by the sight and wanting to savour it.

Large dimples appeared on each side as he tensed his muscles and lifted his ass higher in the air. I pulled on the boxers some more but they were caught up underneath him. I slid my fingers round to the front of his hips and pressed down, trying to ignore the thought that was charging around inside my head screaming "They're caught on his hard-on!"

Andi wriggled and his undies came free. I slid them down and rolled back on my heels so I could slip them over his feet. As I was doing this he rearranged himself on the futon and I caught a breath-taking view between his legs -- balls hanging low and the hint of his shaft as he squirmed for a more comfortable position.

I looked down and saw I wasn't just hard, I was leaking pre-cum. There was a large wet spot very obvious on my boxers. I was glad he was lying face down and couldn't see it.

Crawling back up towards his ass I reached for the lotion bottle. I turned it upside-down and squeezed. It spluttered a bit, firing small gobs of white cream all over his thighs and ass cheeks.

He squealed and I laughed, "Oh don't be a wuss", I said, and without thinking gave him a ringing slap on one cheek.

"You bastard", he swore at me, as I put my hands on his ass and began spreading the cold cream all over.

The sensation of having another guy's ass cheeks in my hands was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. On one level it was just mates helping each other out, but on another level it was incredibly erotic. What made it more thrilling was he didn't seem to mind, in fact, he was obviously enjoying it from the feedback of moans and murmurs he was giving me.

I worked my fingers deep into the muscles of his inner thighs, running my fingers up as close to his balls as I dared without touching them. Once or twice I brushed the ends of his pubes and saw his ass cheeks clench in response.

They say the buttocks are the largest muscle in the human body, and that day I was sure glad of it because it gave me an excuse to knead and press and stroke them for what seemed like forever.

The intensity of my reaction was making me ever more horny, too. I knew what a good massage like this felt like and I was imagining how Andi was feeling. I knew it was a cross between incredible relaxation and horniness, and it was incredible to think he had asked me to do it.

Not wanting to take too much of a good thing I began to focus my attention more towards the back of his knees, although I kept up the occasional long stroke that went right into his back, and down again.

The hairs on his legs made it more abrasive and I couldn't spend as much time on them. There wasn't as much muscle to work with, either. The other consideration, that was looming large in my mind, was that I was going to have to ask him to roll over shortly and I wasn't sure how he would deal with it if, as I suspected (hoped!?) he had a hard-on.

I finished off by massaging his feet for a couple of minutes, wishing I had some Peppermint foot lotion left.

"OK, that's done, you want to turn over now?" I asked.

"Errr, yeah okay, can you pass me that towel?" Andi replied.

I reached over to where his bag lay on the floor and pulled a white hand-towel out of the top and passed it to him.

He lifted onto one side and drew the towel over his hips, holding it in place as he rolled onto his back. As his body rocked to a standstill the towel poked up in the air, displaying the contours of a very obvious erection.

I stared -- I couldn't help it!

"Yeah, sorry about that", he said, looking at me and having the decency to blush vividly, "morning wood and a fantastic massage aren't easy to ignore!"

I chuckled knowingly, "Well, you're not the only one, so we're even. Besides, it's not like I don't know what it looks like", I said.

"What!?" he exclaimed, obviously thinking I'd seen his cock before.

I laughed. "I mean, I know what a cock looks like -- I've had one just like that since I was fourteen!"

"Oh, yeah, I see what you mean", Andi said, and stared at my crotch. "You're leaking!" He looked surprised and then somehow pleased.

"Sorry -- I didn't have a wank this morning", I answered, wanting to make it sound as natural a thing to be talking about as the weather.

Andi grinned. "Me neither, I guess I'll just have to suffer, won't I?"

"I will if you will", I replied. "Now if you're ready I'll do your front, OK?"

Andi lay back and closed his eyes. "Sure, this is the best massage I've had in ages, I could get used to this".

"Well don't, because my charges are expensive", I replied as I poured lotion into my hands and began rubbing it onto his shins.

"Oh aye?" Andi prompted.

"Yeah, if I give you one, you have to give me one", I said.

Realising the implications of what I'd just said, we both burst out laughing. As our giggles subsided we settled into our respective thoughts as I worked up his legs. His erection had eased off now although there was still an obvious bulge lying on his abs.

Working the front of his thighs, my hands were repeatedly pushed up against the towel, moving it further and further up until his balls were peeking out from beneath it. I could feel myself shaking with excitement as my hands stroked his legs, within an inch of them.

I knew I needed to regain control because at this rate I was likely to spontaneously ejaculate -- and that would take some explaining!

I crawled further up and rested on his thighs, ready to start on his sides and chest. He opened his eyes and watched as I gently pulled the towel down as far as I dared without exposing his cock.

The towel must have rubbed that sensitive spot just under the head because it twitched several times and very obviously stiffened.

Making out like I hadn't really noticed I warmed some lotion in my hands and then began spreading it on his sides, moving my hands in an arc up and over his nipples and chest and then down his abs.

I kept repeating this same general motion; sometimes I reversed it and started from the top of the towel. Each time I did that I nudged the towel slightly lower on each side so that eventually it formed a triangle with its top just covering the head of his cock and the base across the top of his thighs.

Each time I brought my hands down his abs I pulled my arms into the centre, unable to stop myself lightly caressing the small piece of towel that was the only thing between me and his twitching cock.

I was mesmerised by it, so lost in the moment I'd almost forgotten he was there at all. The spell was broken when Andi said: "Um, you'd better stop now", in a dry-throated whisper.

I looked up. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes had a far-away look in them which I thought I recognised. I gave him a gentle smile and stopped massaging, but remained resting on his thighs.

We looked at each other for a minute, not saying a word, but volumes of understanding passed between us.

"That was awesome", he said, finally.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was fun!" I replied.

Grinning, he said "We have to do that again".

My eyes opened wide in surprise. "Sure, but its my turn next, and I've got some proper massage oil."

"Mmmmm." Andi reached down and rearranged the towel to cover himself properly. "You didn't mind me getting so horny, did you?" he asked, looking into my eyes to gauge my reaction.

"Actually, I thought it was kinda fun, its kind of like secret feedback on how good it feels" I replied, trying to maintain a light-hearted atmosphere so things didn't get awkward. "And besides", I went on, "it's made me just as horny and you don't seem bothered either".

He looked at my crotch. "It looks like you've wet yourself", he chuckled.

"I almost did!" I giggled, and bounced up and down on his thighs. "Now you're done, are we going to go get some sun -- its gone 8 o'clock already."

"Yeah, OK. I've got some shorts in my bag, can you get them for me?"

I got up and rummaged around in Andi's bag and found a pair of black Adidas football (soccer) shorts -- the type without a liner - and offered them to him.

He took them from me, pulled his knees up to his chest revealing a great view of his ass, and slipped them over his feet and up to his thighs. Kneeling up he managed to keep the towel in place as he pulled them up and tied the string.

His hard-on was softening now but he still had a semi and it jutted out prominently behind the thin fabric, but he didn't seem to mind me seeing.

Slightly disappointed that he hadn't let the towel drop, I got up and headed for my bedroom to find my own shorts. If he wasn't going to wear undies then neither was I, but I had to decide which shorts to wear. I settled on a pair of loose, fluted, thin nylon jogging shorts -- the ones where when you lift your leg up they reveal the skin right up to the hip.

Andi wandered into the room behind me as I was slipping out of my undies. My back was to him and I pretended not to have noticed as I adjusted my balls before slipping on the shorts. I turned round.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Ready", I said.


We were walking along the track with the dogs running on ahead, sniffing out the rabbit-trails in the hedgerow. The sun was beating down on us, beads of sweat prickling on my chest. A tractor-trailer was coming towards us and I shielded my eyes despite the Ray-Bans to see who was driving.

As I hoped, it was Mark. He was one of the lads assigned to carting potatoes from field to yard. Andi and I moved over into the field as he came closer. He had to slow down though -- the dogs were in no hurry to get out of the way.

I made sure to be on the outside of Andi so I could see how both he and Mark reacted to the `meeting'.

Mark was blatantly staring at Andi, then looking at me, and I was sure he was wondering who Andi was and what he was doing here. I chuckled to myself imagining his thoughts when he saw Andi around for several days.

I think the sight of the two of us in skimpy shorts and not a lot else had aroused more than just his curiosity.

I didn't miss the fact that Andi seemed to be paying rather more attention to the tractor-driver than the tractor itself, either. That caused a thrill as my imagination wandered off into a fantasy about the three of us meeting up properly.

"Who's that?" Andi asked me, after the tractor had disappeared into a dust-cloud.

"That's Mark, one of the farm-lads we have for harvest."

"How long is he here for?"

"Probably until the end of the potato harvest, October-time" I told him.

"How do you get a job then?" Andi asked.

"Know how to drive a tractor!" I laughed.

"Is it hard?"

I resisted a strong urge to glance down and say "It looks like it might be soon" but decided it might be a little too forward! "Yeah, takes years to get good at it" I said instead.

Andi looked somewhat disappointed, and I was sure I knew where his thoughts were as we headed for the banks of the river. We'd been walking a good three hours by now; it was almost midday and hot -- 30 Celsius (about 86 Fahrenheit).

The dogs realised where we were headed and were down the banks and into the water long before we got there. Andi wanted to take some photographs of them, so we stopped for a few minutes whilst I called them to look up at us.

As we continued walking along the bank Andi said, "I would love to have a swim now."

"We can in a minute," I replied, "as soon as we get to my dam. If you like you can help me rebuild it a bit, and we can walk upstream."

"How far can you go?" he asked.

"About a mile before you leave our land. I love it, being so private, no one ever comes here. I often go skinny dipping in the deeper bits and then lie out on the meadow sun bathing."

Andi looked at me and grinned, "Ooo, can we do that?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Sure, if you want to. Its great when the weather's like this but at other times you're in danger of getting a chilly-willy!"

He laughed at the thought "Yeah that's a good point, if anyone's going to see me I don't want to look like I've got a worm."

"After a while you forget it" I said, "but the feeling of freedom and the breeze on you on a hot day can cause `things' to happen."

"I imagine it would!" he replied. The conversation was causing things to stir in my tummy as well as lower down. I knew I had to keep control because my shorts were no help. I glanced down at his and thought I could see a more pronounced bulge than earlier. Mmmmm, I thought.

We arrived at the dam and I carefully led the way down the steps I'd cut into the steep bank. The river is about 6 meters wide, and about 4 meters below the top of the bank so it gives a lot of additional privacy as well as shielding it from the wind. In winter the river can sometimes reach the top of the banks and flood the fields.

For now, it was slow-moving and, below the dam, about 25 centimetres deep. Above the dam I'd managed to achieve a level of over a metre; in some places the water came up to my nipples and in others it was about mid-thigh.

I wanted to try and raise the level some more but that involves dragging the river downstream with metal buckets and a shovel, and carting literally tonnes of shale up onto the dam. It's a major engineering project that has kept me busy for years as I build it up and the floods wash it away!

It's a great way to stay in shape, get a tan, skinny-dip and generally have fun all at the same time.

I turned to watch Andi. He looked such a sissy as he carefully made his way down. I couldn't resist laughing at the sight and he flicked me the finger as he glanced briefly at me.

We stood on top of the dam either side of the spillway looking down into the deep pool. Thousands of small fish in two shoals were swimming in opposite directions along the face of the dam, looking for food in the mud.

When they met the leaders would veer suddenly, and shoot off in a new direction with all their followers rushing after them, causing the mud on the bottom to rise in vortexes before settling back.

Andi was trying to get some photographs so I stepped into the water downstream and got the dogs to follow me so they didn't disturb the fish. We waded downstream, me throwing water at the dogs as they leapt in the air trying to catch it in their mouths.

A few minutes later Andi joined us. "I've left my camera on the bank with yours, it is safe there isn't it?" he asked.

"Yeah, totally safe. I sometimes leave my shorts there when I skinny-dip and no ones stolen them -- yet!"

Andi giggled, "Oh that would be tragic, I can just imagine you having to walk home naked across the fields, with those tractors about."

I laughed. "To be honest I don't think it would bother me. I've been doing this since I was four so I'm used to it by now."

"Wow!" he replied, obviously fascinated, "Do you have friends over when you do it?"

"No, never have -- unless you want to -- most of them think I'm daft. They'd prefer to be sat indoors on their asses playing video games."

"I want to do it!" Andi exclaimed.

I giggled, "You show me yours, I'll show you mine, huh?"

Andi shot me the cheekiest glance, turned his back half towards me, and pulled the waistband of his shorts down so his ass was pointing at me.

Laughing at the cheeky way his tongue was poking out between his lips, I replied, "Been there, seen it!"

"Okay I'm really going to do it" he retorted.

"Go on then" I said, wondering if he was playing or just teasing.

Looking up and down the river to convince himself the coast was clear, he pushed his shorts down to his knees, lifting one foot and then the other before triumphantly waving his shorts around above his head.

I clapped my applause, and the dogs barked and jumped up, thinking he was about to throw them a stick. I shouted at them and threw a skipping stone for them to chase, which got rid of them for a few minutes.

"Okay, come on, it's your turn now" Andi said, standing there giving me a full-frontal view. I deliberately stared for a few moments, wanting to see how he'd react. He looked good, a reasonable bush of pubes with a treasure-trail leading up to his navel. His balls were hanging low and his cock, lying to one side, looked like it was enjoying the sun -- it was flaccid but larger than if he'd been stood about on a cold day.

I wiggled my eyebrows at him as I slipped my thumbs inside the waistband of my own shorts and pushed them down. My cock popped out as the waistband moved lower and I enjoyed the sensation of freedom and the feeling of the sun's rays as they warmed it.

I slipped the shorts completely off and tossed them to Andi. "It was your idea, so you can carry them" I said.

We stood a few moments more, getting used to seeing each other butt-naked, and then turned and headed back to the dam.

I suggested we wade upstream a ways, but we should leave our shorts at the dam. Andi looked a bit worried but gamely agreed.

The dogs decided to run along the bank rather than have to swim the deep sections, so Andi and I were on our own as we got into the water upstream of the dam.

We both stood on tip-toe trying to delay the moment when the water reached our balls. I decided to take the plunge and dipped myself under, then stood up quickly "Brrrrrr... its c.c.c.cold" I said, as my body felt the shock of the sudden change in temperature.

Andi opted for the slow cautious method as we waded slowly upstream. Occasionally he became unbalanced as he stood on a stone or a mud-hole, and I held out my hand to him for support.

He gripped my bicep gratefully, and didn't let go once we got to an easier section. Mostly the water came to the top of our thighs, but there were spots where it reached our tummies. The worst part of going in the river is when I immerse my abs -- for some reason it is a big shock and hard to do.

We came to a stretch where Andi would have to do it, too. As the water deepened his cock floated so it was laying on the surface, then he was deeper and the water was around his waist. He was making strangled gasping noises and walking on tip-toe, gripping my arm hard.

He was so absorbed in it he had forgotten I was watching, and I smiled at the faces he was pulling as he forced himself to go deeper.

He looked up at me with relief when he eventually bottomed-out. I laughed, "Yeah I know, its bloody cold to begin with isn't it?"

"Fuck yeah!" Andi replied.

We moved slowly onward trying not to create a bow-wave as we watched big fish break away and shoot past either side of us.

Soon we had found shallows again and it was a relief to feel the sun on our bits. We thawed out and dried off pretty quick and before long we began fooling around, flicking water at each other, or throwing stones that caused splashes to hit us with a shock of cold rain.

The horse-play escalated after Andi managed to drop a stone right in front of me that shot a blast of freezing water up my front and made me scream.

"Right!" I said, "you're really for it now", and with that I half-ran, half-waded towards him. Andi yelled and turned to run but I was too quick for him. I grabbed him around the waist, slipped my leg behind his, and pulled.

Andi overbalanced and fell backwards, hitting the water with a big splash that drowned him and drenched me. He came up gasping and swearing to get even. I ran splashing through the shallows and stood panting about ten meters away, hands resting on my thighs watching for his next move.

He was approaching me with a determined look, and I knew there was no point in running. As he got closer I started flicking water at him but it was unlikely to have any effect.

When he reached me we fell into a wrestling lock, arms outstretched gripping each other's shoulders, leaning towards each other, trying to push the other backwards.

I let him push real hard then suddenly stopped resisting. As he fell forward I grabbed him and pulled him in close, wrapping my arms around his waist and lifting him out of the water.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed, which had the effect of lifting him higher, and he wrapped his legs around my waist. I tried to tickle his ribs and he screamed and leaned forwards, using his hands to push my arms down.

Through all this I was very aware of the heat of his body pressed against mine. I could feel his cock and balls against my chest, and it was arousing me.

I spun us around as fast as I could without falling over, as he wriggled and I tried to get to his ticklish spots. He was still managing to block my moves so I feinted one way then landed two ringing slaps on his ass cheeks, which were totally unprotected.

"Owwwwww!" he yelled, gripping me tight between his thighs as he thrust his body up.

"Score one!" I shouted, and then reached behind my back, found the soles of his feet, and tickled.

This time he squealed, let go his grip and fell off me into the water. "Score two!" I said.

I backed off a bit and we both stood panting hard and staring at each other. I grinned inanely at the sight of Andi with a semi sticking out in front of him, and then glancing down at myself, realised I was in the same state. He grinned as he looked at me but said nothing.

"I think we should go lie in the sun" I said.

"Yeah, that's a good idea" Andi said.

We made our way up to the small copse of trees besides the river where I had created a small grassy area to sun bathe. It is bordered on one side by a meadow with horses, on another by the trees, and faces the river.

We collapsed into the long grass and made ourselves comfy little beds. It was great to lie there with only the sound of the birds; the sun beating down quickly had us dry and sweating in no time. The dogs were laid down in the shade of the trees, exhausted and ready for a snooze.

I leaned up on one elbow after a while and turned to look at Andi. Like me he was perspiring freely and his body glistened. His eyes were closed and beads of sweat ran off his forehead. I could see his abs and chest rising and falling in a regular rhythm. His cock was lying across his hip and his balls were settled between his thighs with his legs apart.

I stayed still enjoying the view as well as the heat of the sun on my side. My cock was hanging down towards the grass with my balls beside it -- the heat was making them hang ultra-low.

It began to stir so I lay back down and tried to think of something else. The more I tried the more a vision of Andi imprinted itself on the inside of my eyelids. I could almost feel the heat radiating off his body as he lay there next to me.

Before long my cock was twitching its way towards bone o'clock just like the second hand of a clock. Resigning myself to it I drifted off into a fantasy that soon had it throbbing on my abs.

The dream was disturbed by a chuckle besides me. I opened one eye slightly, trying not to be blinded, to see Andi sat cross-legged watching me.

"Wow, you must be having a great dream" he said, and glanced pointedly at my groin.

I looked and saw I had a throbbing hard-on that chose just that moment to twitch whilst one ball uncoiled visibly in my sac. I flushed instantly but I was so horny there was nothing I could do about it.

I sat up and looked at Andi properly. He was smiling at me, and didn't seem embarrassed. "Oh well, if you aren't bothered I'll just wait for it to go away" I said.

"Its cool with me" he said, "I was going to fetch some water and throw it over you but you woke up".

I put my hands behind me slightly and leaned back, letting the sun get to my chest more, as I faced him. We sat there for a minute basking, me wondering how to lose the hard-on while he was openly watching me, which was making me even hornier. My cock kept on throbbing and twitching despite my best efforts.

As I watched Andi's cock began to swell and do likewise. Over the course of a couple of minutes it went from hanging down to standing proudly erect.

He had his head back and eyes closed, and was obviously enjoying it as much as me.

I swallowed, feeling my Adams apple bob because my mouth was so dry. My ears were buzzing and I was feeling slightly light-headed.

Andi opened his eyes, looked down, and smiled. He looked up at me "That's better, now I can enjoy it too!" he said.

I laughed, "Very impressive - we're two horny bastards this weekend, that's for sure!"

I lay back in the grass and closed my eyes, fantasising about what I wanted to happen. This probably wasn't the wisest course because my horniness increased. I raised a hand to my chest and began playing with a nipple, softly caressing it with slow circles.

"Oh man, don't, that's just too damn hot!" Andi exclaimed.

I had forgotten Andi was still sat up -- in my fantasy he had been laid down in the grass with his eyes closed and I was playing with his nipple.

I raised my head and squinted at him through one eye. Andi was sat in the same position as before, but now his left hand was in his crotch and he was slowly rubbing his index finger up and down the shaft of his cock.

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed, unable to control my shock.

"Well what do you expect, you're making me so horny playing with your nipple like that!" he retorted, "besides, I can't contain it forever, you know".

I laughed at the way he just came right out and said it, like that. Without saying a word I just winked at him and lay back down.

I ran my fingers along my hip, tracing a line down my thigh and back up until it was running along the underside of my cock. When my finger hit the sensitive spot just below the head my cock strained towards the sky, and then relaxed as my finger continued past. I felt stickiness on my fingers and lifted my head in surprise, inspecting my fingers closely.

"Oh Christ, you ain't got pre-cum as well as have you?" Andi asked. His voice sounded strange, almost like it had the previous night when he'd asked me stop massaging his front.

"Um, yeah, I think I must be hornier than I thought" I replied. "Want some?" I asked, offering him my fingers.

"Ewwwwwwwww gross!" he said, but giggled none-the-less.

"Oh well, waste not, want not" I said, slipping my fingers into my mouth and sucking them noisily.

"You fucking bastard", Andi laughed, "you're just trying to wind me up".

"And is it working?" I asked, cheekily.

Andi looked down to his groin and his cock twitched, twice. "Oh yeah" he chuckled.

As he looked at me he resumed stroking himself, wrapping thumb and finger around the shaft and moving it up and down slowly.

I reached for my own cock and copied his actions. My other hand was playing with my nipples again. My skin was prickling on the inside, and I could feel my heart beating in every part of my body.

As I stroked my shaft I could feel my balls dip into cool shadow and out again, and blades of stray grass were tickling my pubes.

I rested my head back on the ground and closed my eyes, surrendering to the waves of pleasure that were now coursing through my body. Without intending it my jerking-off was getting faster and little moans and sighs were escaping my lips.

"Shit, this is hot!" Andi said from beside me. His voice sounded closer somehow, but my attention was more on my own body than him.

My left hand was busy with my cock, and my right hand with my right nipple, when I felt something tickle my other nipple. It felt like a fly, so I swatted it away. It returned a moment later and I swatted it again.

When it returned the third time I opened my eyes to find Andi right beside me with a long blade of grass in his hand, stroking it in circles around the nipple.

He was watching my face as I looked at him, and smiled hesitantly at me. I smiled back, and let out a sigh. "Mmmm, that's good."

He smiled more and ran the blade of grass slowly down the side of my body to my hip, then back up and across to my other nipple, where he drew circles for a while.

My sighs were turning into moans and I was beginning to squirm and arch my back. Andi continued running the blade of grass over me. Down to my other hip, tracing the profile of my chest, and then one by one, he worked his way down the creases of my abs.

By now I had lost all control. No matter what he did I couldn't have said no.

The grass moved lower; I felt it moving across the hairs on my thighs, tickling in between my legs. Then it began moving up the inside of my thigh, so gentle and yet generating intense waves of pleasure.

I let out a gasp when it started moving through the pubes on my balls. All I could feel were the pubes moving -- it wasn't touching the skin at all. The sensation was overwhelming.

I opened my eyes to watch. Andi was knelt by my hip, one hand working the blade of grass, the other working his cock quite fast now. He was intent on what he was doing and didn't notice me watching.

The tickling sensation stopped momentarily, and then I felt the tip of the blade of grass touch the base of my cock. I stopped jerking and laid my hand on my abs, feeling the ripple of muscle through the skin.

Andi slowly dragged the blade up the centre of my cock. It was straining and throbbing intensely; I'd never felt like this before and I didn't ever want it to stop.

When he reached the head he circled around a few times until I felt numb with ecstasy, and then returned the way he had come. He repeated this stroking several times, sometimes running along the side of my shaft, other times tickling just below the head - that made it strain every time. Occasionally he tickled my slit and I could tell there was a lot of pre-cum because the blade of grass would stick for a while instead of sliding like silk.

I closed my eyes. Between the heartbeats thundering in my ears, I could hear Andi panting and gasping, as well as the sounds of him jerking off -- which were fast and furious now. I stared up at the sky and just then knew where heaven was.

As I listened, Andi's breathing was getting heavier and faster. Suddenly he went quiet and the blade of grass stopped tickling me. I heard a couple of grunts and a groan and then felt droplets of hot sticky fluid landing on my hips, the back of my hand, my abs and my cock.

I grabbed my cock and started jerking as more goblets of Andi's cum landed on my cock and balls. Just as I heard him let out a final sigh my muscles clenched and I felt the cum surging through my cock, exploding out, and splattering me from abs to face with hot droplets.

My orgasm lasted about ten seconds, with my body in spasms as each wave hit. Finally it was over and I sagged down, flushed and exhausted.

I opened my eyes and looked at Andi, who was watching me intently.

"Wow!" we both said, at the same time, and then laughed at ourselves.

"That was amazing", I said.

"Fucking hot" Andi confirmed.

"I guess we ought to have a dip and get ourselves cleaned up" I said.

"Errr, I'm clean" said Andi, "it's you that's the messy bugger" and with that he put his hand on my chest and rubbed the cum all over me.

"Ewwwwwwwww" I cried and tried to roll away, but he kept on and before long it was in my hair and all over my face.

We stopped and I stared into his eyes, then slowly and deliberately put my tongue out, ran it around my lips, and then tasted the cum. It was his turn to cry "Ewwwwwwww" but a moment later he asked me "What does it taste like?"

"Salty, with a hint of sweetness, trace of vodka I think" I replied.

Andi looked at his cum-covered hand and experimentally placed a finger to his lips. He sucked and considered the taste. "Hmmm, you'll do" he said, and broke into a grin.

I laughed, "Well now we do both need to get cleaned up. I don't know about you but I am ready for lunch, too".

As we climbed down into the river the dogs ran past us and dived in, happy to be heading home at last.

We stood in the water washing each other's bodies like it was the most natural thing in the world, and when we finally turned for home Andi said "We'll have to come here again tomorrow."

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