True Tales of a Farmboy - 3

© Copyright 2006 Tristan Jaimes

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It was a hot sultry night and we were driving to Leicester, a city about 35 miles away. Andi was being all mysterious about what movie it was we were going to see. He'd checked the times and booked seats earlier without telling me, and he insisted on driving which was fine by me -- it meant I could drink for once!

I was intrigued by all the subterfuge but willing to play along. It felt kinda cool too, everything being arranged for me.

The Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester turned out to be an art-house cinema with a small bar and intimate lobby-lounge. It seemed like it was a lad's hang-out; there were only one or two women around.

We'd only just got our drinks when the movie was called by an old fashioned usher. There was only one screen so they didn't even call the name of the movie and as we threw back our drinks I asked Andi what it was we were going to see.

"You'll have to wait and see" he said cryptically.

"Oh come on, tell me!" I pleased.

"Nope!" he replied.

I pouted. He was starting to annoy me now.

We headed into the theatre and Andi found us seats about 1/3 of the way back in the centre. It was quite bright and as I looked around I couldn't help noticing there were lots of guys sitting in twos and threes, giggling and staring around.

Andi nudged me and held out a bag of sweets. I dipped my hand in just as the lights dimmed and the trailers started. With several minutes supply in my hand I shuffled down in my seat and let myself be engrossed by the trailers.

The movie started with a soundtrack from Mama Cass and The Mamas and Papas, which sounded great. It opened with some school boys being taken for a football (soccer) lesson and one bunking off. There was a joke about his name being "Hugh Janus" which made me giggle.

As it progressed I realised with fascination and not a little puzzlement that this was a developing love affair between two schoolboys living in a run-down area of South London. I began wondering why Andi had brought me to see it.

When the topping-and-tailing scene ended with it being obvious the two lads had done something sexual together I lost track of the movie completely. After the events of the last 24 hours I couldn't help but suspect that Andi was trying to tell me something!

The movie was, of course, Jonathan Harvey's sublime "Beautiful Thing".

My imagination was in overdrive as the story reached its climax with the two lovers dancing together oblivious to the crowd of neighbours standing around watching them, to the sound of "Dream a Little Dream of Me".

And then it was over and the lights came up.

Andi looked at me, "Come on, lets get out before the rush".

He jumped over seats with me following close behind and we managed to get out the door first. He led the way outside into the night.

"I'm gasping for a fag" he said as he pulled cigarettes and lighter from his pocket, "let's wait here a while."

I looked around the plaza where we were stood. There were raised brick-walled flower beds with wooden seats inset and dim lighting tastefully embedded.

I sat down on one of the benches and spread my arms along the back-rest. Andi was pacing up and down in front of me taking long deep drags on a cigarette. People were beginning to wander out of the cinema.

"Oh for god's sake stop pacing and sit down", I told him.

Andi sat down on the bench besides me and exhaled. "Ahhh, that's better" he said.

And then, totally unexpectedly, he slid around and lay full-length on the bench and rested his head in my lap.

It was an electrifying moment; my heart jumped, the butterflies in my tummy tried to fly away, and I was rooted to the spot not knowing how to react.

I looked down at Andi, lying there eyes-closed looking absolutely content. Without thinking I began stroking his hair with my left hand, and rested my right hand on his chest. He opened his eyes briefly and smiled up at me, and I smiled back.

I felt totally at peace with the world; it was almost as if time had stopped. I was roused from my dream by the sound of people clapping.

Andi opened his eyes and turned to look. Stood in a semi-circle around our seat about 4 meters away were about 20 men.

They were all smiling and clapping and cooing at us and with a sudden shock I realised they were gay men and they assumed Andi and I were lovers!

After about 20 seconds our audience dispersed and I was left feeling awkward, wondering if Andi had realised too. I looked at him again, and he looked back and said "That was our Beautiful Thing moment".

It dawned on me that those people thought we were recreating the final scene of the movie. I was speechless; I mean what can you say in that situation? So much was going through my mind about Andi and me, stuff I supposed only I had thought about was obviously in his mind too.

And now I thought I understood why we'd seen that movie. I wondered if this had been Andi's intention all along.

He took a last drag on his cigarette and stubbed it into the flowerbed. "Come on, lets go get a drink" he said.

We found a pub just off the plaza and ordered drinks; a beer for me, Coke for Andi. After we'd taken a few sips he looked at me and asked "So what did you think to the movie then?"

I looked at him speculatively. What kind of answer was he expecting?

"It wasn't what I was expecting" I said, "but I loved it, it was so sweet".

Andi broke into a big smile, "Really?"

I smiled back, "Yeah, really. I can see why you were so mysterious now."

Andi grinned, "Sorry about that but I was afraid if I told you before you wouldn't have wanted to see it".

I quoted one of my favourite lines: "That'll be the phone".

"Well, it wouldn't be the bloody Hoover bag, would it!?" Andi replied instantly, and we laughed.

We had several more drinks whilst we chatted back and forth about the movie, music, cars and what we were going to do for the rest of the week. After four pints I was feeling pleasantly merry, and we decided it was time to head home.

Sitting in the passenger seat as we drove home, I was lost in thoughts as the soundtrack to Beautiful Thing was playing on the stereo, when I felt Andi's hand slip onto my leg.

I turned to look at him and realised he was crying. "What's wrong?"

"Sorry, it's just me being silly, but this track just got to me".

As "My Kind of Music" continued I took Andi's hand in mine and squeezed it. We held hands the rest of the way home, reluctant to let go of the moment.

Standing besides the car after arriving home, Andi wrapped his arms around me and we hugged and shed a few more tears. It felt right, although it seemed like I was on the outside looking at a different `me'.

Holding hands, we crept quietly into the house trying not to disturb the dogs, and settled ourselves in the Den. Andi was free to drink now and opened a bottle of Bicaradi and mixed it with Coca-Cola.

We listened to music and talked for what seemed like several hours, but was probably less than an hour. We quickly drank our way through the bottle, and with my head start I was soon too drunk to stand up without a wall to support me.

"Come on, its time we got to bed" said Andi.

"I can't feel my legs" I replied in a slurred voice, and fell back onto the futon.

I don't remember much else but Andi obviously undressed me because the next thing I recall is being in bed with Andi lying behind me spooning. Through the warm fuzziness of the alcohol I could tell I still had my boxers on, but that didn't stop me feeling his cock rested in the crack of my ass cheeks.

I must have drifted off because the next thing I remember is a low moaning and something rubbing up and down my back. As I regained some consciousness I realised Andi was rubbing himself against my ass and back. I could feel his hard-on pressing into my ass and moving up and down until a warm damp patch developed on my back.

I slipped back into unconsciousness again. The next time I woke I was on my back, and the covers were thrown back. Extending my senses I discovered a fantastic hot wet sensation around my cock. Then a moist tight ring began moving up and down it and a wave of pleasure rushed through my body -- Andi was giving me a blow job!

It was like nothing I'd experienced before. It seemed like his mouth was made for my cock; his tongue knew every curve and dimple. I was so hard it ached and I was sure it would split before much longer.

Just when I thought I was going to explode Andi slid his lips from around my cock and began probing and kneading my balls with his tongue. I thought it couldn't get any better until he sucked first one then both my balls into his mouth!

I began moaning and writhing as he squeezed and sucked them, rolling them and pulling gently on my sack.

A moist finger began rubbing up and down my sweaty ass-hole, and before long was slipping easily in and out. I felt as if I was floating in mid-air, and my entire body was tingling.

As he continued to finger-fuck me his mouth moved back onto my cock and I sighed happily to feel those lips envelope me in their warm embrace once again.

My body was moving to the rhythm of his finger as his lips moved up and down my cock. The tension was building rapidly within me but there was nothing I could do to hold it back.

My balls tightened and I let out a gasp as the orgasm hit me. I was like a pump action shotgun as I fired load upon load of hot cum into the back of Andi's throat. I was overwhelmed with feelings of love as I felt him gulping it down.

When it was over he slid his finger slowly out of me, and as my erection subsided he let my cock fall from his mouth. I felt him moving up my body, kissing as he came. He reached my lips and kissed me tenderly, and I heard him whisper "I love you", but I was so lost in the aftershock I couldn't speak or even open an eye.

The next thing I remember is Andi's tongue probing my ass-hole. I was on my front with my face in the pillow, and his hot breath was playing on my cheeks as he rimmed my ass. His tongue would press firmly until my ring surrendered to him, and then he would flick it in and out, sending the most incredible sensations through my body. I relaxed as he continued working on me, eventually drifting off into unconsciousness once again.

Andi was definitely having a good time because when I woke next my ass felt like it was on fire. My ass was in the air and he was pounding it, his cock thrusting in and out of me with long deep strokes, his balls slapping my cheeks each time.

He had one hand round my still-stiff cock, jacking it in time to his thrusts. I could hear him grunting and moaning as he felt his own pleasure and I squeezed my ass tighter around his cock.

I pressed back against him as the pace quickened, wanting to feel him ever deeper inside me. He was rubbing my g-spot now, giving me the most intense sensations and making me want even more.

I sensed Andi losing control of his rhythm as he got close to orgasm. His rubbing my prostate was too much and I convulsed as another load of my cum exploded into his hand and across the bed.

My convulsions took Andi over the edge too; I felt his hot juices surging inside me as he shot his load in a string of ejaculations. Finally spent, he rested his body on mine.

I was soaked with sweat, my ass was glowing, and my cock was numb, but I felt like the happiest man alive!

After a few minutes Andi's hard-on softened and he slipped out of my ass. I could still feel his juices inside me and at that moment I wanted to keep them for ever. He kissed me in the middle of my back and then flopped down exhausted beside me. I lowered my ass as I stretched my legs to the bottom of the bed, enjoying the feeling as I lay in my own warm sticky mess.

I woke to the sound of the door latch clicking. I was lying on my side behind Andi, my arms wrapped around him, facing the door.

I peeped out of one eye as the door opened about ½ way and my father appeared. He stopped suddenly when he saw us. I closed my eye, close to panic and not knowing what to do. I strained my ears to work out what he was doing.

I heard the door closing softly, but it seemed to waver. Then it opened once again and as I peeped out through narrow slits I saw my father's head come around the edge of the door and look once more.

He was doing a double-take -- he couldn't believe what he'd just seen!

The door finally closed and I heard him retreating into the house. My heart was racing but there was nothing I could think to do and eventually I fell back to sleep.

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