This story contains material of a sexual nature and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. The sexual material in this story involves one adult and one minor with gay thoughts and actions.

If this type of material offends you in any way, shape, or form, please do not continue.

Author's Note:
Sometimes, song lyrics say in a musical way what I am thinking and want to say outloud, but never can. Being shy and gay, sure makes life difficult at times.

This fictional story is set in the high mountains of Colorado and in the year 1985. None of the characters in this story are real nor did any of the events you are about to read about ever happen.

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Story Note:
These lyrics of a song by the Backstreet Boys, is the basis for this story about a young man who finds a very unlikely lover:

There you are wild and free
Reaching out like you needed me
A helping hand to make it right
I am holding you all through the night

I'll be the light
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one
To hold you and make sure that you'll be all right
I'll be the one.

["The One" - track 8 on "millennium" by the backstreet boys]


Two Weeks of Heaven
Chapter 2

by wetstuff

At the end of Chapter 1, Peter was talking to me:

He kind of bowed his head and tilted it towards me with a serious, or maybe it was seductive, look, and said, "I like you already and hope we will soon be the best of friends."

The story continues..

Peter kind of blushed and mumbled something I didn't quite hear. At that moment, another kid came running up and asked when we'd all get the grand tour of the cabin. I laughed and said in a moment. I turned around and laid my left hand on Peter's left shoulder and softly said into his right ear, "We can talk later, if you want. I do sleep real close to you, like, right under you."

I noticed he was still looking away from me and blushing, but didn't move away from me. He just nodded as I briefly rubbed his back with my hand. The other kids were starting to get into a group and I had to go do my host duties.

"Gentlemen, I am Jon. I am your cabin mate. As you can see, I am on the Forestry Team, which is also the folks who fight fires. I am responsible for your safety while you are in this cabin, for the next two weeks, and I require you to follow any order I give you right away, no questions asked," I spoke in my phony English accent. Every boy I could see, nodded, but kept quiet. I continued on, "We will all have fun but please remember that each of us have feelings and do not like to be hurt. And if you see someone who needs help, and I don't just mean from your own mates, help them. Being a Mustang means that we are 'Wild and Free but also compassionate.' Now, if you are ready to have some fun, I need you to follow me, quietly."

I turned and walked out of the room, opening the door into the shower and bath room. I said over my shoulder, "This is the penny tour." I heard giggling behind me. "This, as you can see, is the room where everyone will conduct their daily activities, including showering with soap and water. I will not allow anyone who smells like a horse into their bed at night, so take a hint and save yourself from the likelyhood of having me watch you shower properly," I said. Some of the boys giggled while others blushed. I looked around and noticed that Peter was not present.

I led the boys to another door and motioned to them to be quiet then explained where it went, "This goes to the left cabin, where we all will, no doubt, terrify the inhabitants with our sudden presence. Are you boys ready to whoop and holler?" Everyone nodded and I flung the door open. My poor cabin-mate must have had a heart attack at that point because the invasion of ten loud boys made him turn white and crash up against a bunk. I strolled in a little bit after the noise had gone down a notch or two.

Being the smartass I had already proven to be, I remarked, "Wow Josh, you have so many kids. Why didn't I get any?" Before Josh could reply to me, I felt a hand rub me on my lower back and knew who it was.

Peter walked around me, surveyed the room with the bouncing kangaroos and then turned to look at me, with a large smile on his face. "Can I play too?" he asked in his very low and sexy voice. I just smiled and waved him away.

"Jon. I. Will. Get. You. For. This." Josh hissed at me as he walked up. "Do you have any idea what my underwear color is now? No, don't bother answering that. Just remember, when you least suspect it, I and my kids will be there to terrorize you!"

I just laughed and said, "Sure Josh... Anytime!" I watched my kids having a massive pillow fight and Peter in there wildly swinging away with a huge pillow. One swing and three kids would go down in a heap... It was a blast to watch.

So far, though, feathers were not involved, but it was only a matter of time until that happened. So I called a halt to the activities and rounded up my sweaty and laughing kids and herded them out of the room. As I left, I gave a little wave and bow towards Josh, who sighed and looked around at the mess we had left behind.

The boys were on cloud nine when we got back to our half of the cabin. One boy, who told me he was from Brazil and his name was JR, wanted to know what would stop the others from doing the same thing to us. I said, "Ahhhh, that is a secret, but since you asked, please look at our doors carefully - Each has an inside drop-bar lock on them. I figured it would come in handy sometime or another. Why don't you drop the bar on all of our doors and that way they can't mount an offensive against us."

Other boys laughed as they saw JR moving to all of the doors, locking them. I followed JR over to the main door, which he had just locked, and turned off three of the four light switches. This left a little bit of light on, enough to see walls, lockers, and bunk beds. I turned around and said to the quiet room, "I need you boys to change into clothes you want to wear to lunch. I do not want to hear any giggling because of what your bunk mate is wearing under his clothes. We all have to live here, together, for fourteen days, and you will see each other nude at least twice a day, so get used to it. If anyone has any questions, I'll be in my corner, also changing my clothes." There was no sound as I walked across the room and over to my corner, which was actually more like a large hole in the wall that someone had put a bed and lockers into.

I couldn't see anyone unless I got out of bed, walked out to my left and into the main room. There was one advantage to this particular bunkbed that I could see, but once again, I am getting ahead of myself.

As I looked into my locker, Peter asked me from above my bunk, "Why do you need to change clothes?"

"During the week Peter, I come in from working in the forest, mostly covered in wood chips, and have to change clothes before going to lunch and dinner. Otherwise, I'd leave a trail of debris and the cookhouse staff would swear an animal was inside chewing up things," I replied. I heard laughter coming from above me and glanced up to see his tanned bare legs bouncing up and down on the side of his bed.

The sight was capitivating, so I stood up and walked over to him, pushing his legs against my shirt covered chest. I looked up his legs to see that his shirt covered where his pants used to be. My eyes roamed his body until I finally reached his face and saw that he wasn't blushing this time, but was staring at me with such intensity that I felt myself start to blush. I mumbled sorry and was about to turn around when he slipped his legs out from under my chest and wrapped them around me and pulled me up against his bunk.

Peter continued to stare at me as he used his hands to pull his shirt up and off his body. He lowered his hands and leaned forward, placing his hands on my head and tilting it up towards him. I stared into his eyes as his lips brushed against mine, then were pushed hard against me and I felt his tongue licking my lips. I opened my mouth and was invaded by his tongue, which explored my mouth. Before I could make my tongue respond, he had broken the kiss with an almost silent moan. He released his hold on me with his hands and legs, sort of like he had regretted what he had just done.

I moved my hands up his legs to his waist and said, "Thank you, I liked that very much, Peter." I smiled into his eyes and watched his face come alive with joy. I pulled him to the edge of his bed, lifted him off and down to the floor. He smiled up at me and turned around to look in his locker for some clothes to wear. He picked out a pair of royal blue shorts and a ribbed white short sleeved shirt. I sat down on my bed and watched him get dressed in front of me.

Peter turned to me when he was done, and said, "Don't change clothes, I like what you are wearing now. Plus, its almost time to go and I really want to see you change clothes when we have more time."

I nodded in agreement and went to stand up when he put his arms around my neck, gazed into my eyes and kissed me again on the lips, only this time did not give me his tongue. I hugged him tightly to me and kissed him back, this time with my tongue, which he opened his mouth to let in. We would have kissed for another twenty years if someone had not decided to come get the adult - we heard the footsteps coming and broke apart well before anyone came around the corner.

It was JR and he proclaimed loudly, "They tried but couldn't get in. We Are Invincible!" With that, he high fived me, spun around and departed. I looked at Peter and he looked at me and we both burst into laughter at the same time. I waved Peter to go ahead of me and we walked back into the main room, still laughing.

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