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What Grows in Winter

Chapter One: Out of the Cold


The sheer force of the blustering and fiercely cold winds shook the old wood-framed house so strongly it startled Jacob causing him to put down his I-Pad and go look out the window. No snow yet, but with his face pressed against the glass peering into the darkness he reaffirmed the smart decision to replace all the windows last summer. Even with them, the new radiant floor heating and a roaring fire the thermostat still read 68 in the family room. Not exactly toasty, but the old farmhouse had stood for 5 generations now and none of the Tuckers could ever imagine tearing it down despite it being inefficient and drafty. The house had more than memory and charm: it had the spirits, the life vibe and the presence of hundreds of ancestors who lived and loved and died within its walls, and no new construction could ever recapture that aura.

Jacob walked from the family room through the dining room and into the library where he poured himself a glass of whiskey from the wet bar. He left lights on in every room hoping the brightness would distill a bit of the cold and the sense of emptiness. It was on night like this, those first frigid nights of late fall / early winter when the house felt particularly big. Jacob's parents had become snow birds in the last few years and when the cold set in they fled to the family's citrus farm in Florida leaving the 26 year-old to run the place solo for a few long winter months. Jacob was happy for their escape. He knew how a life of hard work can take its toll on the body. The cold didn't do mom and dad any favors, and it was better for everyone that they went south.

Still, it made for a lonely winter in a huge, empty house. At least for now he could go into the city, but once the snows come trips in would be too much a hassle just to grab a beer and flirt with some guys. Jacob knew he had only a few weeks at most to enjoy some nightlife before he would be stranded on the 15,000 acres alone with the staff. And even then, he wasn't supposed to socialize too much with them. Dad had told him and experience confirmed it wasn't always good for the farm to mix business and pleasure. Once the snows came he'd only have his buddies within a snowmobile ride to hang out with. And the occasional visit from the Sheriff's Deputy...

The Tuckers were a successful and wealthy farm family in central Kansas. Jacob's parents and grandparents were real farmers: out on the field, getting hands dirty, long hours of manual labor. But in the 70's and 80's success brought with it wealth, and wealth meant hiring staff. During the 90's Jacob's father built more than 10 homes on the estate for entire families to live while working on the family farm, or the legal name, Tucker Farms, LLC. Jacob went to Kansas State as an Ag major and returned home planning to take over the family business which currently employed over 50 people full-time and hundreds at various crucial times like planting and during harvest. He didn't consider himself a farmer like his dad. Sure, he knew a lot about farming, and could ride a horse better than most men, but Jacob spent more time on healthcare forms, IRS paperwork, and government compliance than he did in the fields. His hands were better adjusted to Apple products than apple trees, and with the constantly fluctuating prices of corn and beef, he was more a commodities broker than a cattle rustler.

Jacob came out to his parents in High School, and feared for the worse, especially from his soft spoken, God fearing, farmer father. Instead he received total acceptance, love and almost... indifference. "So?" his father said, Jacob in tears expecting a yelling or a lecture on God's wrath. "So? You're gay. What difference does that make to me, son?" The one real concern his parents had was legacy. Jacob was the only child, and it didn't matter if it was adoption or a surrogate, but his parents wanted to eventually be grandparents and to see a 6th generation run Tucker Farm. At 26 he knew he still had time to meet, fall in love, and then figure out children. Going to the only 2 gay bars in Dodge City (about 35 miles away) had not proven fruitful. There were some good looking guys there, and all types, too: ranchers, some business professionals, blue collar guys, etc. But it seemed more a hook-up crowd than a dating crowd. OK, Jacob would admit it, even he had the occasional hook-up. Who can resist a cowboy? The hat, the boots, the scruff, the little bit of dirt and dust that remind you he's a man's man? But Jacob was looking for something more at this point, and the Army guys were only on 3-day leave, the cowboys "passing through" and the mechanics and bikers just looking to get their rocks off. The scene got old. Would ABC ever do a gay version of the bachelor? He should write and ask... and nominate himself as the lead role.

He'd have to work out a little bit to do the shirtless scenes the viewers loved.

Jacob was about 6'0'', maybe 6'1'' in boots, but more like 5'11''. He had the pale, white skin of plains people with Scandinavian ancestry: soft blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that got whiter in the summer sun, dusting of freckles across the nose and shoulders. He knew he needed to lose 10 lbs. "Winter weight" he would call it, and every March would resume a diet and workout routine. But he wasn't fat by any stretch. He just didn't have that 6-pack The Bachelor seemed to have without ever being filmed doing crunches at 4:30AM. Jacob did have that body once in college when he went to the gym to meet guys. The body was a nice consequence, but not his goal.

Jacob lay back down on the leather couch and returned to his I-Pad where he was reading Game of Thrones. The damn book was so addictive he almost couldn't work during the day. All he wanted to do was read it. Sad, he thought, that he looked forward to nights so he could read when most 26 year olds looked forward to bars and sex. Sometimes Jacob feared he was becoming a nerd... but the book was really good. And he had a glass of Jamison, there was a fire going, and Buckley, his beloved 5 year old beagle was curled up on the floor below him. Jacob rested the tablet on his chest and with his right hand he alternated between scratching Buckley's head and bringing the crystal tumbler of Irish gold to his lips.

He was lord of the manor: a young man in a 6 bedroom "farm house" mansion on one of Kansas's most successful independent, family owned farms. Ok, he was alone, but things could be a lot worse.

The "beep beep" of his phone indicated a text message. TJ never wasted time beating around the bush when he had sex on his mind, and his text was blunt: "In the area u free?" Jacob chuckled a little. TJ was horny, and he loved these months when Jacob's parents were gone and he had the house to himself. The Sheriff's Deputy did evening patrols several nights a week and would often be certain to patrol "in the area" when his hard on was throbbing too much. Jacob weighed his options. He was enjoying his book and the quiet. And what were he and TJ doing, anyway? The casual sex, the regular hook-ups... were they dating? Every time Jacob tried to address it TJ would run from the topic. Maybe he should keep TJ a little at arm's length... but touching his crotch Jacob felt a twitch and a building erection, and knew that his little head was excited about the prospect. He hadn't cum in a few days, and it had been over a week since they hooked up. Plus, he would be in uniform...

"I'm game- when?" he texted back. It wasn't 15 seconds he had a reply

"10 min"

"Cool". Jacob ran to the bathroom. He had showered only a few hours ago so he knew he smelled good. Quick brush of the teeth... bleah! The Colgate was terrible after the whiskey. His jeans fit nicely. His hair was a bit messed in a cute way covering the scar on his temple. TJ would be happy with how he looked. Heading down the stairs he heard Buckley howl as a large Suburban pulled in front of the house. TJ took the porch stairs two at a time and threw open the door.

"Come here you" he said grabbing Jacob and pulling him in for a kiss. The brim of his hat hit Jacob's forehead and fell to the ground. Jacob was on his tippy toes trying to reach the 6'5'' hulk of a man who had inserted his tongue deep into his throat. Buckley lay back on the floor and closed his eyes indicating there was nothing new in this scene to excite him; he'd seen it before.

"How much time you got?" Jacob asked grabbing the officer's ass while TJ kissed down his neck and jaw.

"Enough time to get you inside me", TJ mumbled pulling Jacob's shirt out of his jeans. Why is it that the bigger they are the more they like to bottom?

"So all of five minutes?" Jacob whispered.


They both laughed as they continued groping one another. "You want to go upstairs?"

"No, man. Right here in front of the fire. That cool?"

Jacob loved to watch TJ undo all his uniform pieces. Take off the belt, lay down the gun and stick, undo the big black boots. His uniform clung to him leaving little to the imagination, and TJ wanted it like that. He wanted everyone who crossed the law to come face to face with a beast of a man who could scare Satan into hiding. He was finally down to his jock which he wore to keep a nice 8 inch hefty cock in place. He knew how much Jacob loved to take the jock off. With his teeth.

"Fuck you look so hot."

"So do you man" TJ responded.

"No I got fat."

TJ put his hands on Jacob's bare chest, gently pinched his nipples, and let his fingers trace down his pecs to his waist. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and ran his hands down into his underwear, lowering them to the ground. "I think you are perfect".

TJ turned around and faced the fire. The flames flickered across his olive skin and chest full of thick, dark brown hair. Jacob knelt behind him and kissed his lower back, his buttocks, his thighs, and slowly worked his way inside between the legs. His tongue grabbed a hold of a jock strap which he pulled into his mouth and gripped with his teeth, and he began to tug and tug until the jock lowered. He did this slowly, methodically, like there was a special technique, the whole time rubbing his hands up and down TJ's tree truck legs. When he finally got the jock to fall down to the floor, he pushed TJ on the back, and the Deputy Sheriff bent over, resting his arms and head on an armchair. Jacob dove in face first directly towards the hole.

He knew TJ was hoping tonight would happen and had prepped. So much thick hair, so much plump ass cheek to fight through, but Jacob's face felt great inside TJ's ass, his tongue fighting hard to penetrate the clenched muscle and gain entry. He heard TJ let out his first groan. That always turned Jacob on. Getting this muscle man law enforcement stud to moan like that was a rush of confidence from his ego straight to his cock.

"Fuck that feels so good. Yeah!" TJ screamed and reached his arm around grabbing the back of Jacob's head and holding it in place. "Fuck yeah man. I want your dick in there soon. I want you inside me man."

TJ was no poet in sex talk.

Buckley jumped up so quickly it made Jacob's heart race. "AAWWOOOOOOO" he howled running to the door.

"Fuck! Someone's outside!" Jacob proclaimed. TJ fell to the ground below the window line, and Jacob laughed as the naughty cop scrambled to put his clothes on, watching his stiff cock flap back and forth as he wiggled his pants on.

"Get dressed!" TJ whispered a little nervous and a little bit laughing. Buckley continued to howl as Jacob ran in jeans and a tee shirt to the door. He had hid his underwear behind a throw pillow.

"I don't see a car. Buckley, you have to go outside?"

Buckley kept howling, and Jacob opened the door expecting him to run to the nearby bush and pee. Instead he darted directly to the car barn 50 feet from the house. It was one of the oldest structures on the farm and the Tuckers kept it for sentimental reasons. Once stabling horses, it was used as a garage for some vehicles, but really served no purpose other than decorative. Buckley jumped on the door trying to push it open. When Jacob saw his determination to get in, he became worried.

Someone was inside.

"Fuck", he muttered to himself. "Hey Teej (Jacob's pet name for TJ which he only called him in private) I got a problem." TJ was fully dressed and stood at the door watching the dog. "It could be Mac or Tommy, or someone else from the staff. They keep tools inside."

"At this hour?"

"Yeah, probably not."

"Buckley knows them. He wouldn't jet into the cold for them." TJ took his pistol out of his holster and radioed in. "8-40 report suspicious activity at Tucker Farm. Possible intruder. Investigating."

"You need me to send a car TJ?" a woman responded.

"Negative." He turned to Jacob. "That building have lights?"


"OK- put your sweater on and show me."

Jacob also grabbed his cell phone and the shot gun he kept above the door. Kansas is a safe state. But when you are 15 minutes from the next house and alone you keep shotguns above the doors. It's not fear. Just prudence.

It was miserably cold outside and stepping down off the wrap-around porch he contemplated going back for a coat. But Buckley was still howling and TJ kept pressing forward. He opened the door and let Buckley in first, slid his hand inside the doorway feeling for the light switch, and when the whole place was bright, TJ peaked into the doorframe. Buckley was howling and barking in the back room.

TJ sounded fierce. "Carson County Sheriff! "


"Stay here." TJ ran to the next room and saw the back of a person perched high on an old horse paddock wall, out of the reach of the jumping and yelping dog. Jacob heard him yell "Freeze! Don't you fucking move. Jacob come get this dog out of here!"

Jacob ran to the back. "Buckley! Stop!" The dog was quiet. "Come here!" Jacob's command worked, and the dog returned to his side. He wanted it quiet for the intruder to hear the next sound.

Chuk-chuk!! Jacob cocked the shotgun and he could see the tension in the intruder's body language. Nothing will make a man shit his pants more than a loaded shotgun pointed at him.

TJ looked at him and shook his head and rolled his eyes in disbelief, an expression that said "do you think I need your back-up?" He wasn't angry, more like embarrassed. Jacob had seen too many episodes of Law and Order. Jacob looked at him guiltily and shrugged his shoulder. Luckily the intruder had his back turned and couldn't see their exchange or he'd know this was slightly unserious police work. This team was better at sex than as a crime fighting duo. "Climb down off the wall. NOW!" TJ ordered. The person obeyed and when he landed put his hands up above his head.

"You got any weapons? You got a gun on you?"

"No" a meek voice whispered just loud enough to be heard.

"Nice and slow now turn out your pockets. Slow!"

The person reached into his pockets and dropped a wallet and some coins and papers onto the floor, leaving the insides hangout out. "Please, sir, I didn't mean..."

"You shut the fuck up! Turn around real slow so I can see you."

The person pivoted nervously, slowly and turned to face his doom. When Jacob saw him his anger was diluted by compassion, concern and worry. The person was just a kid. He looked to be only 16 and he was pretty messed up. A swollen and protruding lip and deep purple-blue black eye were clear signs he lost a fight. His clothes were dirty and torn in places, and his green military jacket was not nearly heavy enough for the below-freezing weather. A dirty John Deere hat was low on his brow. Still, despite looking tragic and in need, he was intruding on Jacob's property. The kid looked about to cry and his hands above his head were trembling from fear and cold. Jacob turned his shotgun away.

"What's your name kid?" TJ asked.

"Eddie, sir."

"You got ID on you?"

"Yeah...yes, sir. In my wallet." Eddie pointed to the ground.

"Pick it up real slow and toss it to me. One bad move, kid..."

"I know, I know. Please don't shoot." Eddie bent down to pick up his wallet and tossed it underhand to Jacob. It fell well short.

"Buckley go get it" Jacob ordered. The dog scurried over and obediently retrieved it. Putting the shotgun under his arm, but still pointed in Eddie's general direction, Jacob took out the license and gave it to TJ. Lightfoot, Edward D. From Crofton, Kansas. Crofton was nearly 60 miles away.

"You from Crofton?"

"Yes, sir."

"And what are you stealing from this man's barn?"

"I'm not stealing, sir. Honest. I was just looking for a place to stay warm. I wouldn't never steal, sir. Never. I was just looking to get out of the cold."

As Eddie appeared more afraid and weaker, Jacob felt his own level of compassion rising. "You looking to get back to Crofton?" he asked.

"No, sir. I left Crofton."

"How'd you get here?"

"Walked mostly. Hitched some."

"And those marks on your face? Who did that?" TJ inquired.

"My... my father, sir."

That made Jacob's heart sink. He broke the shotgun and put it on the hood of an old Ford F-150 that didn't run.

"I'm still going to have to bring you in for trespassing. You're a minor and at the station they'll call your father or legal guardian."

"NO! Please, sir. I'm not... I'm not a minor. I'm 19. Look! It's on my license."

TJ took up the driver's license again. Eddie was telling the truth. "Alright then you will be charged as an adult. Turn around, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs." TJ walked over quickly frisked the trembling young man, holstered his gun and then cuffed him. Jacob could hear Eddie begin to sniffle away some tears, and his trembling had become severe. TJ held his arms and began to lead him out, and making eye contact with Jacob, Eddie pleaded.

"I'm sorry, honest I didn't mean to scare you and I wasn't fixing to steal from you. I was just trying to get out of the cold."

TJ started the ritual "You have the right to remain silent..."

"I'm so sorry, honest. I...I just got so cold..."

"You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one... "

"I promise I meant no harm..."

As they passed Jacob saw a small pin on the collar of the Eddie's military jacket. He recognized the symbol and decided to take a gamble.

"Did your father beat you because you are gay?" TJ stopped walking and made eye contact with Jacob. Eddie's face and body language provided the obvious answer. His trembling lower lips and the fear in his eyes spoke to them both. "Thought so."

Once TJ had Eddie in his truck, he walked up to the porch with Jacob out of earshot from Eddie, who with his trembling and sobs wouldn't have been able to hear anything but his own fears. "It's your call, man. I haven't radioed it in yet."

"He's not a criminal, the poor kid."

"He did break into your barn."

"To sleep, TJ! Come on, you and I of all people know if our parents beat us for that we would have run, too."

"Nah, I'm bigger than my dad" TJ said with a cocky smile.

"You know what I mean. Let him go, I'll let him stay the night in the barn and tomorrow see if I can't talk to him some. Plus those bruises on his face are pretty severe and I want to make sure he's ok."

"Alright, I'll let him go." TJ picked up his radio. "8-40 show all clear at Tucker Farm."

"Copy that TJ."

Opening up the car door, TJ told Eddie to get out. He uncuffed him. "This guy here, Eddie, this guy is the greatest man in the county. And because you're a lucky sunnofabitch he is not pressing any charges. In fact he's going to let you stay in his barn to keep out of the cold."

Eddie was too afraid to smile. He just nodded his head and whispered in a strained voice "Thank you, sir."

"Now I'm giving Mr. Tucker your driver's license for insurance. And tomorrow he'll give it back to you so long as there is no funny business. And if there is I'm coming after you. Understood?"

Eddie nodded.

"Thanks Officer McHale, I'll take it from here. Come on Eddie." Jacob returned to the car barn with Eddie and got him some clean horse blankets. He watched as Eddie made a little bed on the clean hay and bid him a good night. When he got to the doorway Eddie called out.

"Thanks, Mister." Eddied turned back and saw the scared young man staring him deep in the eyes. He nodded and left with his dog and closed the door behind them. He saw the lights from TJ's suburban about a half mile down the road.

Back in the house he poured himself another drink and added wood to the fire. It was only 10pm and already that cold. Poor Eddie would be chilly. But at least he would be better in the car barn than out in the open. For a second he contemplated locking the doors, but then realized Buckley was all the alarm he needed. Eddie was not a threat. His cell phone beeped with a text from TJ.

"Blue balls"


"Ur a good person"

That one took Jacob by surprise. TJ was many things, but soft was not one. It was sweet... and it reminded Jacob of why he put up with TJ's gruff exterior and boorish behavior. He really was a catch.

Later that night as the sleep started to creep in, when he was about to get into bed, Jacob's conscience couldn't let him. His I-Phone registered the outside temperature at 12 degrees. His mom did not raise him to be so unchristian. He pulled a pair of boots on over his flannel pajamas, and putting on his coat, headed into the cold. Buckley either sensed no fear or was too lazy to accompany him into the cold night and he remained in the foyer. "Please God let me not find him stealing. I left the gun inside" Jacob thought when he opened the car barn door. He put on the lights and looked for the teen hobo. "Eddie!" he called out. No answer. But there in the corner, under several blanket curled up on the hay, he saw a shivering bump. "Eddie" he said gently, shaking what he assumed was a hip or a shoulder. Suddenly Eddie jumped.

"Please don't hit me! Please don't hit me!" he cried out scurrying into a ball covering his head with his arms.

"Shh! No! Eddie! Eddie! Wake up kiddo! It's me". He shook the sobbing teen hard to rouse him from his dream. Eddie woke and for a few second his eyes darted around the room trying to figure out where he was and eager to confirm his dad was not nearby. When he settled down Jacob continued "you ok?"

"Yea...yes sir. You need me to go?"

"No. I want you to come inside. It's too cold out here. You can stay in the house with me."

"I...I can't do that, sir."

"Yes, you can. And you will. Come on. It's uncivil out here."

Eddie's shivering was concerning, so Jacob brought him directly to a guest bathroom and he turned on the hot water fully to fill the tub. Eddie was shaking so hard he could barely catch his breath, and Jacob knew the only way to get him warm was submerged in hot water. Sitting on the toilet, rubbing his hands together, Eddie seemed in a daze. His fingers were so numb he couldn't straighten them.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable here, Eddie. So I'll just do this quickly and quietly."

Jacob knelt before him and unlaced his boots and removed them and his socks. When he took off Eddie's beat up trucker hat, he was surprised to see a mess of long, jet black, perfectly straight hair. In the bright bathroom light he took another look into Eddie's face, and despite the recent bruising and signs of abuse, he could recognize distinctive features. Then he recalled Eddie's last name "Lightfoot". This kid was native, at least in part. And some tribes, they don't take too well to gays.

Jacob unbuttoned his flannel red shirt and peeled it off his back. He had no undershirt, no tee shirt, and the flannel was three sizes too big for him. This kid had no idea how to dress for the cold. "Stand up" Jacob ordered. Eddie obeyed, still shivering. Now, face to face, Jacob could see what a handsome, pretty really, young man Eddie was, even with the bulging lip and the swelling dark eye. He was about the same height, maybe an inch taller, with a lean and tight body, hairless chest, like the natives have, and a few tattoos running along his lats under his arms: an eagle, a feather, and the word "honor". Jacob was curious but now was not the time to ask.

"You play sports in school, Eddie?"

"I... did... yeah" he replied.

"Good so then you're used to changing front of guys. Let's just pretend this is a locker room. Turn around." Jacob reached around the young man's waist and undid his belt and fly. Then in one motion pulled them both down so Eddie could step out of them. He heard Eddie wince a little, and looking up at the naked buttocks and thighs before him, Jacob gasped at what he saw: large, open wounds and gashes running up and down his legs, many of them infected and dirty. Jacob helped Eddie get in the water. "I'm going to leave you here for a bit. Get as deep in the water as you can, under your shoulders." He went down to fix Eddie a drink of bourbon with lots of honey and lemon hoping it would warm him inside. He knew he shouldn't give booze to a kid, but was pretty sure the law would understand the circumstances... and TJ would agree.

"Drink this" he said handing Eddie the glass. He put his hand in the water, and noticed it had become too cold, like Eddie's body was a giant ice cube. He unplugged the drain and turned the tap back on gradually increasing the water temperature, determined to do this until Eddie was sweating. Also the water had turned a rather unpleasant color. Eddie was dirty, and he didn't need to sit those open wounds in dirty water.

Eddie's shaking gradually subsided and Jacob kept refilling the tub with hot water and added some shampoo. The fifth time he replaced the water Eddie whispered "it's too hot" and Jacob thought that a good sign. He got a bar of soap and washcloth and gave them to him.

"You've got some cuts on the backs of your legs, and you should wash them out really good. Same with the lip and the eye. I'll let you do that in private. When you're done put this robe on. I'll come back in about 10 minutes. OK?"

Eddie only nodded, but when Jacob came back later he saw Eddie had cleaned the tub and dried the sink, gathered all his clothes in a neat pile and straightened the rug and the towels. He definitely had learned manners.

"How do you feel?"

"I'm better, sir. Thank you."

"Just call me Jacob. Now come here with me." Jacob led him to a connecting guest room where he had laid out gauze and antiseptic lotions on the end table. The queen sized antique brass bed had been turned down with all the covers gathered at the foot. "Lay down on the bed on your stomach." Eddie looked at him slightly afraid, but complied. Jacob pulled up the robe just to bottom of Eddie's buttocks, protecting the young man's modesty, and surveyed the half-dozen large gashes and several dozen smaller ones that ran up and down the hairless, earth colored legs. Eddie heard him exhale in shock, and he felt the shame and embarrassment force his eyes to well. Here he was practically 20 years old and still getting beaten by his father like he was a child. "OK, I'm going to try to not hurt you. Honest. But some of these are pretty bad, Eddie. Just a fair warning, OK?"

"K" Eddie gulped.

One by one Jacob tended each wound looking for infection adding ointment and carefully placing gauze and bandages over the large ones. The smaller ones he dabbed with Neosporin. He worked in quiet for several minutes. "Hopefully you can sleep on your stomach tonight, because I think you should keep any pressure off them. Are you tired?"

"I'm really tired."

"Good, then let me just pull the covers up like this" he lifted the sheets and bedspread and the quilt over the young man's legs and bottom "and take the robe off" He removed the bathrobe from his upper body noticing the smooth, dark skin without blemish , then raised all the blankets to cover him completely and he tucked Eddie in all around "and you just go to sleep. Don't get up tomorrow for any reason. I'll come get you. Sleep as long as you want. OK?"


"Good. Sleep well."

"I don't know if I can ever repay you."

"You don't have to."

Eddie could feel his eyes well again. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

Jacob thought about telling him he was gay, and that he couldn't imagine someone doing that to another human being, let alone a father to a son, but decided against opening that Pandora's box until another time. "It's just how I was raised. G'night." Walking to his room he said a small prayer for his house guest stranger. Maybe he was here for a reason? He hoped they could talk tomorrow.

Eddie had never been so comfortable in a bed. The quality of the mattress, the softness of the sheets, the weight and warmth of the blankets and quilts, comfort overwhelmed even the exhaustion, fear and pain of the day, and he fell to sleep instantly. He woke up only once to some thumping and laughter, and he assumed his host Jacob was having sex with his wife. If he wasn't so tired he would have listened more carefully. Even in his terrible state he noticed that Jacob was very good looking, and the cop... the cob was ridiculous. If this were a normal day he would start fantasizing and masturbate. But he was too tired and too overcome with sleep to even be himself. He passed out again effortlessly.


"I'm going to be so tired tomorrow" Jacob said nuzzling his head closer to TJ's who was spooning him from behind.

"It's worth it" he whispered back.

"You're worth it." TJ kissed him on the head and neck, flattered by Jacob's sweet words. He wrapped his strong arms around Jacob's waist and pulled him closer into his embrace.

"You are really nice for bringing that kid into your house."

"I feel bad for him. I don't know. I feel like since I'm lucky because of my family, so I should do something to help him. Still, I'm glad you came over."

"Once you texted to tell me he was inside I had to. I just feel better staying here tonight."

"And you wanted to get laid."

"Just a bonus, baby" TJ whispered, gently nibbling Jacob's ear, flicking his tongue off the opening. It got Jacob horny. Again. He let TJ tease him like this for a few moments before going further.

"You know I can still taste you" Jacob said suggestively.

"Yeah? What do you taste?" TJ responded running his hand up and down Jacob's chest and stomach feeling his cock begin to twitch again.

"Your ass. Your cock. Your cum."

"You like those tastes?"

Jacob began to run his hand down TJ's thighs feeling the rough hairy skin which covered massive muscles. "Yeah."

"You want to taste something more?"

"Yeah" Jacob said breathless as his lover's cock began poking him in the back. TJ reached down and pumped his cock for the final drops of cum that oozed out running his finger over the slit coating it with the warm, sticky fluid. He carefully pulled it from under the sheets trying not to rub it on the fibers and reaching over offered the finger to Jacob's mouth. He inserted the finger seductively into Jacob's mouth, then reposition himself on top of the smaller man so they were face to face. After letting Jacob lap up the juice he removed his finger and put his lips on him inserting his tongue deep in his mouth. Jacob's hand were on TJ's ass, squeezing the cheeks hard. Their kissing had aroused them both. TJ began grinding his hips deeper into Jacob. "Can I make love to you?" he whispered softly. He felt Jacob's hands stop moving and his body go numb.

"Not yet baby. I'm sorry."

"No- don't. It's fine. When you are ready" TJ whispered.

"You will Teej."


They kept kissing. "Get on your back." TJ rolled off him and lay on his back. Jacob threw back the covers and TJ's erection stood at attention. Jacob held it tenderly, stroking the shaft with delicate and loving fingers before taking it completely in his mouth. Again that moan... and TJ's moan of pleasure stiffened Jacob's own erection as the knowledge that he could make TJ feel so good was pleasurable in its own right. Not to mention he loved the taste of TJ's cock, the firm shaft, the well-shaped head which swelled in his mouth. Slowly little drops of thick precum leaked into his mouth and Jacob used his tongue to gather and spread them around the manhood lubricating the surface and coating the walls of his own mouth to better swallow it. These were the moments when TJ exhibited his softer, passionate side, when he was being dominated, when he felt powerless in the mouth of another, when he was made weak by Jacob's desire. He reached down his large, calloused hand and softly stroked Jacob's hair, the side of his head, delicately scratching behind his ear and the back of his neck.

He couldn't form coherent sentences, and he didn't try. He just mumbled "yes" and "so good" as Jacob's tongue became more aggressive. Jacob was so turned on by TJ's passiveness that his own erection began throbbing, and he knew what he wanted to do to excite and arouse his lover. Jerking his cock frantically he was at the point of a second orgasm luckily before he had brought TJ to climax. He pulled the cock out of his mouth in time to announce softly "I'm going to cum Teej" and positioning his body he blasted a few volleys of warm cum all over TJ's cock and pelvis. TJ had propped himself on his elbows and looked down the length of his torso at the spectacle, excited to see Jacob orgasm on his genitals, feeling the warm fluid land on him and begin to run down inside his thighs.

Jacob squeezed the last drops from his exhausted penis and then lowered himself back into position surprising TJ (and himself!) by taking the erection now coated with his own cum back into his mouth. He heard TJ gasp in delight and knew such a bold move would arouse him. "Oh fuck that is so hot Jake!" he said breathlessly as he watched Jacob swallow him knowing he was tasting his own cum just to turn him on. And it worked. It wasn't seconds that TJ was ready to blow after witnessing such hard-core actions. "I'm gonna cum Jake! Oh man! I'm gonna cum!" he whispered in a high pitched voice thrusting his pelvis up and down into Jacob's eager mouth. Jacob swallowed fully, placing the enormous head deep into the back of his mouth and relaxed so that each volley poured right down his throat. He could feel the viscous juice ooze down his gullet and he worked his jaw to pump TJ's cock and help the cum slide down inside him. The last volley he let fall on his tongue and he savored in his mouth. TJ was shaking slightly on the bed, his hand firmly grasping Jacob's shoulder. When he relaxed Jacob crawled on top of him and opening his mouth let a slow, steady stream of cum pour onto TJ's chest. TJ watched as Jacob licked it up again, the rubbed some of it on his nipples with his tongue. Finally he brought his mouth to TJ's and with his tongue deep inside, he could taste the final remnants of his orgasm heavily mixed with saliva. They kissed deeply, passionately, tenderly, and when he rested his head on TJ's chest indicating it was time to sleep, Jacob hoped he had somehow conveyed to TJ how much he meant to him. Falling asleep in his arms he wondered if he should just out and say it or if now was not the time.

TJ looked up at the ceiling still rubbing Jacob's back as he listened to the farm boy breathe deeply in his sleep. He was peaceful and serene, and TJ knew how kind hearted he was taking in this run away. Few guys are so compassionate. And the way he was in bed... it wasn't just a hook up like guys he'd met in bars. It was something much deeper and much more meaningful. Maybe it was time to stop dodging his questions about their relationship. "How could a rich kid like Jacob ever really be with me? I didn't even go to college. All I'll ever be is a county cop. What could I offer him? Still... here is. With me. Wanting to be with me. And this is the only place I want to be, too..." he dialogued internally.

Three men fell asleep that night in the farm house, each of them to a greater or lesser extent searching, and unsure, but in the present moment safe, comfortable and contented. Each day brings new challenges and new obstacles, and tomorrow would be no different. But for now, tonight, the fierce winter wind couldn't chill them no matter how hard it blustered and bellowed. And it wasn't the radiant floors or the new windows that kept them warm.