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What Grows in Winter

Chapter Four: What Binds Us Is Greater Than What Separates Us


"Please don't be broken! Please don't be broken!" Eddie begged the computer gods to protect his new I-Pad. It was only a week old and he couldn't possibly tell Jacob he broke it... or how he broke it.

He carefully gathered the puddle of white, thick fluid with tissue and tried to absorb it without smearing. It came off the screen OK but was stuck in the edges where it had begun to seep under the plastic casing. How the hell did it land there? Eddie was nervous and perplexed. He had never cum so much and he had never shot so far. But jerking off to a Jake Genesis scene was like jerking off for the first time. What a man... his body with a perpetual sheen of sweat covering the rippled muscles and fine dark hairs. Those eyes... piercing blue and full of passion and fire... those tattoo, so sexy and seductive... and he bottoms! He bottoms, he tops, he sucks, he swallows... Eddie was in love. He never knew a guy who could look so hot and so manly could do things so intense and sexy... and when Jake licked up his own load off the torso of his partner, Eddie went nuts. He was woke Jacob with his gasp. Buckley definitely heard. Sometimes when he was cumming it took all his effort to not scream. Jerking off quietly was tough.

When Eddie finished cleaning his teenage mess off the device he turned it back on. It worked. A minor victory... whew!

Happy that his waterfall didn't destroy his new tablet he prepared to go to bed. It was after midnight. But at the last second KNK got online and sent him a quick note: "Hey man hope ur still up". Eddie instantly smiled. "Still up man" he typed back. "aww... u waited for". They would chat for more than 30 minutes.

KNK was "Ken in Kansas" and he had posted an ad on Craigslist three days ago that caught Eddie's eye:

Masculine for same - 21 (Wichita)

Looking for guy close to my age, cool, masculine. Me: 6ft, 185, 30/40, blond/blue. Have pics to trade. Hit me up if interested. Other guys at Wichita State U+. Gchat or facetime.
Location: Wichita, KS

Posted: 2012-10-02, 4:54PM CDT

How could it not catch his eye? Nice stats, he said he was masculine, close to his age... so he sent an email:

masc guy here


Hey man liked ur ad. Same kind of guy- 19, masculine, fun, 6 foot about 165 (yeah I'm too skinny), black hair/eyes, few discrete tats. Got gmail if you want to chat. Live between Pratt and Dodge City.

Sent from my I-Pad

He read and reread the email several times before hitting the send button, and finally content that his brief note didn't sound too stupid, he launched it into cyberspace full of hope. Then he waited.



It had only been a minute.

About 30 minutes later an email popped into his inbox from KNK. Eddie could feel his heart skip a beat. It was an invitation to chat. He accepted, gmail did its thing, and five seconds later they were connected.

KNK: hey

EL: hey man

KNK: what u doin?

EL: Nothin quiet night heading to bed soon

KNK: but checking out CL first

EL: Ha yeah

KNK: Cool im from outside dodge city family still there

EL: nice area- quiet

KNK: yeah its home

EL: Any other decent emails?

KNK: no man bunch of queens and freaks

EL: ha

KNK: serious if u want a quick BJ this place is great if u want meet someone start relationship it suks

EL: yeah

KNK: wow- so where u meet guys

EL: not much luck in that area kind of new

KNK: u out?

EL: yup u

KNK: yup tough to find cool guys here want to move to Chicago

EL: u in school?

KNK: yeah u

EL: no

KNK: u work?

EL: yup mechanic

KNK: hot! U wear coveralls with nothing underneath

EL: of course so I can fuck customers during oil changes

KNK: ha like every porn fantasy

EL: not gonna happen- at least not at work ha

KNK: u want to cam

EL: not right now don't look too good...

KNK: ?

EL: had a fight and my black eye isn't first impression I want to give

KNK: ouch

EL: don't want to scare you off but want to be honest

KNK: no its cool

EL: sorry little nervous

KNK: relax its cool I like that ur my age

EL: u 21?

KNK: yup ur 19 right?

EL: yeah 20 in a few months

KNK: we can celebrate

EL: u can buy me booze

KNK: sure or we can drink at my place... hint

EL: lol

KNK: u white?

EL: sort of

KNK: ?

EL: plains indian

KNK: yeah? hot

EL: u think?

KNK: fuck yeah

EL: we ever meet we'll be total opposite u white and blond me darker and black hair

KNK: they'll tell us apart easy enough ha u like to bottom or top or vers

Posted 11:15PM


(When nothing happens for over a minute Google stamps the time. Eddie was thinking, not chatting)


KNK: ?

EL: sorry um never done it

KNK: yeah?

EL: yup no BS

KNK: so ur indian and virgin... ok want to meet in 5 mins ha

EL: lol

KNK: dude u got even hotter

EL: at least in ur head...

KNK: good scene going on in my head

EL: tell me

KNK: the virgin mechanic in zipper front green coveralls some grease stains on face...mmmm

EL: got long hair too

KNK: fuck ur killing me

EL: how bout u? blondy

KNK: now I need a pic don't care about black eye

EL: makes me look tough lol

KNK: just tell people someone hit on ur boyfriend and u defended his honor ha

EL: my blond boyfriend I have to protect him

KNK: blonde and pasty

EL: cute

KNK: u should see in summer when im pink not so cute ha

EL: no I bet ur still hot- this summer I'll rub lotion on u

KNK: wish u could do that right now man

EL: yeah im frisky tonite

KNK: every night- jerk off so much I could drown

EL: ha

KNK: serious man my room looks like neworleans after Katrina

EL: ha that's terrible but funny u do dry or lube?

KNK: both depends on mood u

EL: dry- like to edge too

KNK: that's hot so lemme ask

EL: shoot

KNK: still a virgin u done other stuff?

EL: oral yeah u top/bottom

KNK: top only done it with 2 guys safe only
EL: def would u bottom?

KNK: why u want to top ha

EL: yeah- want to do both when its right

KNK: for right guy I would yeah- not a ton of experience here had to wait to college to start

EL: like me- small town tough parents?

KNK: yup- ha funny u know the drill

EL: too well mess arounded in private all safe and tame had to be careful

KNK: yeah me too only topped in college nothing when I was with the rents

EL: same- I'm on my own now so ready to let loose

KNK: well if ur lookin for someone to pop ur cherry... Just saying... lol

EL: ha maybe lets meet first

KNK: JK I wouldn't rush in or pressure u

EL: but u would like to fuck a virgin

KNK: still a dude here! Ha

EL: ur funny

KNK: shit- I gotta study some for a test can we chat tomorrow too want to keep going

EL: yeah man def- enjoyed this

KNK: me too Geronimo

EL: dick- don't make me scalp you. JK

KNK: dude I'm going to jerk off thinking about you and your long black hair and indian face- fair warning

EL: and ill jack to the albino monk in davinci code

KNK: not that white...


KNK: cool man lets chat again tomorrow maybe we can meet sometime send a pic

EL: pic 4 pic... deal?

KNK: deal. Nite dude

EL: l8r


Eddie was amazed that an online chat could turn him on so much. Once he turned off his I-pad and pulled out his cock he was so hard and aroused that he came within a minute. That disappointed him... how would he be any good in bed if he couldn't last longer?

Eddie and Ken had chatted for the last few nights, and Eddie looked forward to it more and more. It felt like he had, albeit in a virtual way, a relationship with someone his age. In Eddie's mind Ken was cute and funny and perfect... even though they had yet to meet and he had not seen a picture of him and Jacob had warned him to be careful not lending full faith and credit to online profiles. "Guys can lie really comfortably" he said, and he told stories of meeting other gay men who were 6'1'' and 195 online and 5'9' and 205 and 15 years older in person. "Just be careful" he warned. "It's easy for people to be dishonest online. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying be careful. And PLEASE don't give out my address!" Eddie was careful, but Ken seemed like a cool guy and chatting with him was a fun way to end a night.

EL: u should have seen me 15 mins ago

KNK: what happened

EL: I shot a huge load all over my ipad

KNK: ha! bad aim

EL: fucking mess...

KNK: what were u watching

EL: xvideos- hot scene

KNK: send me the link!

EL: will do how did day go

KNK: alright test was fine u

EL: no prob- same old stuff

KNK: hey want to ask

EL: shoot

KNK: any chance u want to meet up Friday would be cool

EL: yeah man where?

KNK: don't have a car- any chance u can make it to Wichita? Can meet u downtown. Not too far

EL: only like an hour drive yeah I'll look for a cool place and get back to you tomorrow. Evening is better like 9 or so that work?

KNK: yeah man lets do it


Eddie knew he would need to borrow a car or get Jacob to drive him into the city. He'd be honest with Jacob and tell him what was happening. He had good advice about things like this.


After a full night sleep Eddie brought up the idea with Jacob his friend, his quasi guardian and also his boss. Jacob would not be surprised to find out he met someone online, he thought. He did encourage him to go poke around, and he had been careful not sharing personal information or address. He smiled when Eddie made the confession.

"Tell me about him!" Jacob asked enthusiastically. Eddie blushed.

"His name is Ken. He's a senior at Wichita State."

"Is he cute?"

"We didn't exchange photos yet."

"OK- I'd do that first. Just so you know who to look for. Why don't you tell him to meet at Rally's downtown. It's a sports bar I know on Central Avenue. TJ and I will go with you and we'll sit nearby just to keep an eye on you."

"Serious? You'd go with me?"

"I'm not going to let you go alone." Eddie smiled. It was nice to have a big brother in his life. Jacob really seemed to look out for him, and having someone preoccupy himself with concern for him... that was new, refreshing, welcomed and beautiful.

"OK- I'll tell him to meet me there. Cool!"


"Little bit. Excited, too. We've had some good conversations online so I'm hoping he's as cool in person."

"Just don't get your hopes up. He could also be a 65 year old woman. Remember that."

"Who's an old woman?" TJ said entering the kitchen wearing navy Adidas running pants and a white tee shirt that clung to his chest. He had started to leave clothes at the farm house since he was now spending almost every night there. He gently smacked Eddie in the back of the head and gave Jacob a good morning kiss. He liked to treat Eddie like a kid. Eddie liked it, too.

"We're going to a bar in Wichita on Friday night. Eddie here met someone."

TJ looked up from the mug of coffee he held in both hands and gave a serious expression. "I don't remember giving you permission to date, young man" he said seriously. Eddie smiled.

"It's not a date. It's a just a chance to meet in person."

"Hmmm... what's his name? I want to do a background check."

"Please don't go investigate him" Eddie said with a smile but seriously concerned. Last thing he wanted in a first impression was for his boss's cop boyfriend to read him the third degree. He saw the twinkle in TJ's eyes that he was just joking.

"We're going to go and hang out nearby just to keep an eye on him. Make sure there are no problems."

"And if he invites our young brave back to his place, then what?" TJ wondered. Eddie hadn't thought of that. What if they wanted some alone time... some private time. Would he go back to Ken's college apartment? Would Jacob allow him to invite him back to the house? This was getting complicated...

"No hooking up on the first date" Jacob mandated.

"You can't make that rule for him, babe" TJ said with smile.

"Yes I can. It's a good rule. We didn't hook up on our first date" Jacob replied.

TJ looked at him incredulously. "We've known each other since junior high. We never had a first date."

"Wait you guys have known each other that long?" Eddie asked.

"Since before he had hair on his balls" TJ said sipping his coffee. Eddie laughed.

"Did you guys mess around as kids?"

"No, because big tough guy here took about 10 more years to admit he was gay than I did" Jacob stated.

"Be nice. We aren't all as brave as you" TJ smiled. Turning to Eddie he continued "No when I was ready to come out I actually came to Jacob for advice because he was the only gay guy I knew. So we became friends before we started any deeper relationship."

"And that's why I say no hooking up on the first date. Because if you want to have a relationship you should premise it on friendship not physicality."

"Maybe he just wants sex, Jake." Eddie blushed. "You want to get laid or you want to get a boyfriend?" That was a tough question... he wanted to get laid. His "experience" was negligible and he wanted to do some of those things he'd been seeing in videos every night. But he wanted what Jacob and TJ had, too.

"Both... kind of" he finally replied.

"Tell you what Eddie, I'd say Jacob is right. Not on the first date. But if you like him and you want to mess around some then I'll give you my truck to drive to your second date so you can have your fun. Sound like a plan?"

Eddie nodded and grinned broadly. "Yeah" he said emphatically.

"You talk to him about safe sex yet?" TJ asked his boyfriend. Jacob nodded. "Cause if I find out you've done anything risky and stupid you will be sorry. I got no patience for that. Understood?" Eddie's eyes widened like saucers. He hadn't been spoken to so harshly and threatened since his dad... and that tone scared him. Jacob saw the change and realized that TJ didn't know how much fear he put into the kid. He jumped in.

"TJ and I just want you to be safe. That's all. He got a clean bill of health, TJ. We went the other day to get tested. Eddie knows to be smart. Right Eddie?" Eddie nodded.

"Alright then" said TJ leaving the room with his coffee mug and a biscuit. Jacob walked over to Eddie who still stood a little frightened and quiet.

"Remember he's a cop, Eddie. He takes rules very black and white. Just the way he's trained. He'd never hurt you. He'd never hurt you" he said rubbing Eddie's back.

Eddie smiled faintly. "I'm just glad he's on my side."

Jacob smiled. "After dinner let's make a run to the mall and get you something to wear for Friday. You should show off a little bit."

Eddie smiled. "Yeah?"

Jacob patted his shoulder as he left the kitchen his words trailing behind him "You have terrible clothes and no idea how good looking you are. You're like a blank canvas waiting for my good taste."

Friday evening rolled around and the three men left the farm around 8pm headed into the city. TJ found a spot half a block from the bar that said "no parking anytime" but he conveniently put his police placard on the windshield. "This is official duty?" Jacob hinted quietly. TJ just smiled; he loved being a cop. The bar was not that crowded. Jacob left Eddie at a high top table near some TVs and sat with TJ three tables over. TJ made Jacob sit with his back to them saying he would be too obvious if he had a direct view of the two young men anxious to meet for the first time. "I'll give you the play-by-play" TJ insisted.

A few minutes after 9pm TJ saw a cute blonde kid approach Eddie's table. They shook hands and smiles beamed as they sized each other up and authenticated the other as legitimate. They had a certain playfulness and joking in their conversation, and TJ noted that Eddie seemed really happy. Ken sat with his back to them and Jacob kept looking over his shoulder to get a glimpse.

"Stop staring" TJ said.

"I want to see if he's cute."

"He's a good looking kid, yeah. Looks like a mini you."

"Ha. You think all us pale white guys look alike."

"You do. Pale and blonde and covered in freckles." Jacob shook his head with a laugh. "I like your freckles" TJ added with a wink.

After about an hour of watching west coast baseball on ESPN and previews for tomorrow's college football match-ups, TJ pointed out to Jacob that Ken had gone to the bar and returned with 2 bud lights, one for him and one for 19 year old Eddie. "Ah let him drink a beer" Jacob said sipping his own. "He's not driving anywhere."

"You know I'm going to have to fuck with them now."

Jacob gave his OK for TJ to have his fun, but later on. He was enjoying their time together and wanted to give the young men some space. Plus, it was nice to get off of the farm for a little while and be out. This bar was his speed, too: tame, low key, no pressure kind of place. They noticed Ken get up and go to the bar for another round, and Eddie turned to his friends with a shoulder shrug of "what do I do?" He knew he wasn't supposed to be drinking. TJ waived him off. Ken getting him a little drunk would just make his plan more fun.

Close to midnight Jacob was yawning. Eddie and Ken had been talking and laughing non-stop for several hours and though he was glad they hit it off Jacob was ready to go. "You take me home now I'll let you see me naked" he said to TJ with a laugh. "Meet you outside- I'll pay his bill." He settled both table's tabs at the bar and watched from a short distance as TJ pulled his prank. He wished his could see the look on Ken's face when TJ showed him his badge.

"We've had a number of problems with patrons supplying alcohol to underage kids so I'm going to need to see some ID from both of you gentlemen" TJ said showing them his badge. Ken was so nervous he didn't even see Eddie's smile.

"What? Are you serious?" he stuttered.

"Sir have you been buying this minor beer all night?" TJ asked.

Ken started to turn pink. He didn't know how to respond. Visions of jail popped into his head.

"I'm going to need to ask you to step outside. Let's go grab your coat."

"Officer please I'm just a college student I didn't know..."

"You didn't know he was underage? You know what the age of consent is here in Kansas?"

"Age of consent? We were just talking!"

"Let's go. Outside, predator. You too Sitting Bull."

Jacob watched the three leave the bar, TJ all confident and in character, Eddie shaking his head in embarrassment that the prank had gone on this long, and at the last second Ken turned around before walking out the door and Jacob could see his panic stricken face. And after the split second of shock wore off he started to laugh to himself. "Ken". Also known as Patrick. Jacob's cousin.

When he got outside the three were all laughing and TJ was shaking hands with a very relieved Ken/Patrick. "This is my boyfriend Jacob" TJ was saying. When they made eye contact Ken/Patrick burst into a smile and gave him a hug.

"Aunt Terri know you are doing this?" Jacob said patting him on the back.

"Holy shit I can't believe you were here all night and I didn't see you. How are you man?"

"Wait you guys know each other?" Eddie said.

"Know each other? Were related" Jacob laughed. "Though I didn't know you were out."

"Not to the family. Not yet" Ken/Patrick said with a smirk. "But my friends all know. And now you guys do."

"And his name isn't Ken" Eddie chimed in. "It's Patrick."

Jacob smiled. He knew that already. The four of them chatted in the cold outside the bar talking about the farm, being a cop, being a student and how good of a mechanic Eddie is. Patrick and Eddie were very chatty and laughing a lot and they both had a glass-eyed look that comes with alcohol. Not drunk, but definitely feeling good. They kept patting and touching one another as they spoke, and their mutual attraction was obvious. TJ offered to drive Patrick back to his apartment, and in the back of the truck the college student reached out discreetly and grabbed Eddie's hand. They interlocked fingers, and Eddie felt his heart race and his cock throb. Patrick was what he had hopped for during their online meetings: cute, friendly, normal. The fact he was related to Jacob made him trust him completely. When they arrived at the apartment complex Patrick gave Eddie a quick peck on the cheek before getting out. "Hope to see you again soon."

Eddie was so high he thought the truck may start to float. During the ride home he shared part of their conversation with Jacob and TJ and what he liked about him. It was sweet to hear about a young crush.

Jacob was glad to get into bed that night. After a full work week and a night of drinking he was looking forward to sleep, and TJ had the next day off so he knew they could linger under to covers. He listened to TJ brushing his teeth loving the fact he wasn't going to sleep alone. When he came into the bedroom he stripped off his boxers and got under the covers throwing his arm around him spooning his boyfriend from behind. "You know if your cousin starts coming out here to visit Eddie, and I'm here too..." TJ started to say as they cuddled.

"This will be the gayest farm in Kansas" Jacob finished with a laugh. Jacob took Eddie's hand and brought it to his mouth so he could kiss it. "Pretty soon no one will do any work and everyone will just be screwing all day." They both chuckled. "You think Eddie's jerked off three or four times by now?"

"Yeah. Four at least. Those two would have banged each other on the sidewalk."

"I think they both expected me to invite Patrick to come back with us."

"Oh you know they did. But then we would have to chaperone and I'd rather do this." TJ effortless pulled Jacob on top of him and wrapped his muscular legs around his waist so Jacob's cock was right against his ass. He licked Jacob's lips.

"You horny, Trooper?"

"Always for you." TJ had started to move his ass back and forth feeling Jacob's erection building and teasing him with its stiffness. "And it seems you are, too."

"Always for you" Jacob whispered kissing him gently. His hand his found its way down to TJ's ass and he began to circle the opening to his hole, poking carefully, teasing and probing. He could feel TJ's heart begin to beat faster. As they kissed Jacob's finger became bolder and TJ's hole became more eager. "Want me to get some lube?"

"Do you even need to ask?" TJ laughed. When Jacob returned to the bed he lay down at TJ's crotch so while he could insert a finger while taking his balls into his mouth. He knew this drove TJ crazy. One finger inside him, the other hand jerking his shaft, his testicles gently sucked and massaged with a warm, wet tongue. TJ's moans were so sexy and he shifted his weight back and forth from one leg to another as he rolled gently on the bed unable to lie still due to Jacob's erotic touching. He reached down and gently caressed his head, scratching behind his ear, cupping the back of his head.

"Fuck Jake that's so good." His cock had started to leak and slam streams of precum dripped over his clenched fingers. Jacob took the shaft in his mouth and rubbed his stomach and chest. He wanted to finish TJ that way. He inserted a second digit and fingered him quickly thrusting in and out while sucking harder. The precum was oozing steadily and TJ's breathing quickened. He knew what his lover was doing, and the tension began building to danger point.

"You taste to good Teej" he whispered. He licked TJ's juices off his lips and kissed TJ on the pelvis and stomach still fingering him aggressively. TJ's cock was deep red and he took it back into his mouth in one deep swallow.

"Shit! Shit Jake I'm going to cum! Shit!" Jacob's thrusting was rapid fire and he could feel his anus start to contract as his testicles were ready to burst. Beautiful how the body is all connected in this moment, and when all properly worked in harmony, Jacob could give him the greatest pleasure. The muscle clamped down on his finger as TJ poured his seed into Jacob's mouth. He closed his lips tightly on the shaft sealing in the juices gathering in his mouth. TJ grunted and moaned as he poured out his seed into his boyfriend, and as the orgasm subsided, Jacob sucked more and more gently milking the final drops until his cock became flaccid. He delicately removed his fingers from TJ's exhausted hole, and he looked up at his boyfriend's smile and admired the tiny droplets of sweat on his brow and across his chest. Staring deep into his eyes, knowing how much he meant to him, Jacob swallowed deeply. TJ was now inside him, now part of him. It made Jacob smile.

"You're incredible" TJ whispered.


Author's Note:

If you've never seen Jake Genesis... prepare yourself. Jake, in case you are reading this... the first paragraph is based on personal experience. And I thank you for getting me out of Federal Court jury duty. No, I didn't blow on the screen, like Eddie did. I blew on the back of my laptop. Have no idea how- it was next to me on the bed. And I had no idea it happened... so after watching you work your magic, your beautiful magic, I went to bed. Next morning I went to jury duty. While waiting to be called I pulled out my laptop and sat there, lid up, for... 4 hours... without knowing I had a HUGE white stain on the back of the lid that EVERYONE else could see. When I closed it to go to lunch I saw the stain and started immediately to laugh. I figured what the fuck... I'll never see these people again.

I didn't get selected for the jury.