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What Grows in Winter

Chapter Five: How Relationships Start


Over the course of the next week Eddie and Patrick, having initiated a relationship and developed some trust, moved from chatting to Skype and spent almost an hour every night talking via internet. What started as "Let me see your tattoos" eventually became "So what else do you want to show me?" They had seen a lot of each other... and each liked what he saw.

They made plans to get together that weekend, and Eddie was curious to see if TJ would come through on his promise to let him borrow his truck. At first he agreed, but by Wednesday 8 inches of snow had fallen and on Friday central Kansas had close to two feet. TJ changed his mind, but having already cleared it with Jacob made another suggestion: pick Patrick up and bring him to the farm.

"You don't have to say yes. I know it might be kind of weird for you to be at your cousin's house with me" Eddie said when he proposed the idea on Thursday.

"No, I think it would be awesome. I'm sure Jacob's got an extra bedroom I can use."

"Smooooothhhh" Eddie smiled. Patrick laughed. They would pick him up at his apartment on Saturday after the noon football game and bring him back Sunday after dinner.

Jacob asked Marie to make a big dinner for Saturday for the four of them, and driving back to the Farm with Patrick riding shotgun and Eddie in the back, TJ told them the plan to have dinner together. Then he and Jacob had to run an errand to pick some things up at TJ's place, but they would be back by midnight. Eddie knew they were leaving to give him and Patrick some privacy, and he thought it was over-the-top kind of them.

"So don't burn the house down while we are gone" TJ ordered in his cop voice. He looked at Eddie in the rearview mirror and saw the excitement in his eyes, both of which looked the same for the first time since he knew him. No swelling, no bruising, no discoloration. Eddie really was very cute and he had that chiseled, angular face with warm skin tone so common among the natives. His hair was pulled back tight into a pony tail which he tucked under his ball cap. "Why do kids always wear baseball hats?" TJ wondered. He did, too. But then he just stopped... like 25 is some magic age where you start tucking in your shirt and stop wearing hats all the time.

Before dinner Eddie took Patrick around the farm on a snowmobile giving him the tour of the place. Patrick hadn't been there since he was a kid and his and Jacob's grandparents were still alive. He remembered playing in the hay barn and running around the cow pastures and the way Grandpa Fred used sheep to "mow" the grass in the orchards. It was a nostalgic visit, and wrapping his arms around Eddie's waist as they zipped around the place he was flooded with memories of his early childhood. They drove back to the Car Barn and Eddie showed Patrick where he was "caught" almost a month ago by a fierce barking but overly friendly Beagle and a hot gay cop.

"You should have seen me. I was all beat up and freezing and I'm climbing onto this wall because I thought the dog was going to bite me" Eddie recalled.

"Oh yeah Beagles are known to be ferocious" Patrick laughed.

"I remember wondering `how the hell did the cops get here so quickly? I just fucking walked into the place!' and then I find out the next morning that the cop is always here. It was crazy."

"Some first impression. You have no bruises at all anymore. No scars" Patrick said lightly touching Eddie's cheek. Eddie stood still and could feel his cock instantly swell. Patrick looked directly into his eyes and moved his hand to the back of Eddie's head, cupping it firmly, and pulling it close to his own face. Before closing his eyes Eddie slightly opened his lips.

His first kiss. Well, his first real kiss.

It was better than sex. It was better than cumming in the fields with Joe. It was better than that time junior year when he, Manny and Scott all jerked off together after practice. It was better than getting a blowjob from some trucker at a Super 8 off route 34. It was only a kiss... and it was the most passion he'd ever know.

He reached around and put his hand on the small of Patrick's back and another on his shoulder running his fingers up the back of his neck feeling the tight blond curls of his short haircut. Patrick's tongue traced his lips slowly, painfully slowly, feeling every tiny bump of the sensitive skin, swallowing Eddie's breath, bringing his life force into his own body. It was soft, sweet, innocent, amateur kissing, timid but eager. They each grabbed the other's hand and held it together at their side, fingers interlocked, thumbs gently caressing.

"Dinner's ready guys" TJ said interrupting their magic. They spun to stare at him, both looking guilty that they had done something wrong. "Like 5 minutes?" he smiled. They nodded not realizing they were still holding hands.

Back in the kitchen TJ joked with Jacob while they put food on the table. "You should have seen them, like they were afraid I would punish them for kissing. So friggin cute."

"Shhh!" Jacob laughed in a hushed voice hearing their approaching footsteps. "Don't embarrass them. Hey guys grab a seat and we can start" he said in a chipper, nonchalant tone.

"Just keep your hand where I can see them and don't jerk each other off under the table" TJ added. Jacob rolled his eyes and the two youngsters laughed nervously.

Dinner was friendly and Patrick and Jacob shared a lot of family stories. They weren't particularly close as five years difference at this stage of their lives was the main reason. Still, now that Patrick was getting ready to graduate and be out in the world, Jacob could envision them becoming closer. And if he and Eddie started a relationship, then they would see a lot of each other.

"You know you've got like half the gay population of Kansas at the table" Patrick joked over dessert. "Seriously. There are like 3 other guys I know. And that's it."

"No, there's more than that" TJ said.

"Yeah, TJ has arrested most of them for giving blowjobs in alleys", Jacob chuckled. "No I'm sure there are others but they're just afraid to come out of hiding."

"I know I was", TJ said.

"I know I am", Patrick affirmed. They turned to look at Eddie who was shaking his head.

"Don't look at me. I tried to come out and it got me beaten up and arrested" he said quietly with a grin.

"Up on that wall with Buckley barking at you", TJ said. "What a mess."

"I think it's great you opened your house to Eddie, Jacob. Not a lot of guys would do that, you know."

"It one of the things I love about him", TJ replied. Jacob was taken aback. He looked at TJ who hadn't realized the significance of what he said; he was pouring himself a drink and had no clue. Love? They hadn't used that word yet. Jacob looked away trying not to raise suspicions. He had heard it, right? He did say love. Right?

Eddie continued "I was nervous that first night. I kept thinking TJ was coming back to arrest me. And then Jacob started putting bandages on my legs and... I just never met someone like him before."

Jacob turned pink.

"You should have seen what he did when I came out" TJ added. "I was miserable, lonely, I started to drink and I just hated who I was. Jacob and I hadn't really spoken or hung out since High School and I remember seeing him at Wal-Mart and I stalked him."

"You never told me this" Jacob said laughing. TJ nodded grinning wide and Eddie and Patrick leaned in to listen to the story.

"I saw him and I was like `hey that's that gay kid from High School' and it hit me that here I was still seeing him as that gay kid when I didn't know what I was. At that point I'd been regularly thinking about guys and jerking off to guys and watching gay porn and I'm such a fucking hypocrite because I think `oh he's that gay kid' and hit me like a ton of bricks. Now I know he didn't see me so, I followed him. He bought ammo, bug spray, a can of WD-40 and I'm thinking `wow for a guy dude he buys normal stuff' and he just seemed so normal walking around the store in jeans and flannel and work boots. Because every gay guy I know is on TV and they are all like Jack on "Will and Grace" and so I would look at them and think `that's gay- that's not me- so I'm not gay'. But Jacob was gay, and he wasn't like that. So here's me checking out Jacob and he's cute and I'm confused and he's looking at a 12-gauge shotgun so I worked up the nerve to bang into him. Like I happened to be looking for a shotgun and look over and I'm all `hey I remember you, Jacob Tucker right?' So we talked for like 5 minutes, you know stuff like `so you're back on the farm?' and `heard you became a cop' and he was about to leave, I could tell he had no interest in talking and he said `alright well good to see you' and so I just had to do it, I asked him if he wanted to get together for a beer. It's funny now, but at the time I was so nervous and was trying to play it cool and I could tell you had this look in your eyes like `no man I don't want to get a beer' but you said yes so I said `great Friday meet you at Whistlers at 9pm. See ya then' and I walked away really fast before he could cancel. Am I right?"

Jacob was blushing slightly and he nodded his head. "What's gotten into you? I didn't know you could string together so many sentences." TJ chuckled.

"So then what?" Eddie asked.

"We met, had a beer, had another and after a few I asked Jacob to go outside with me so I could have a smoke. We went to the back patio, and we were the only ones there, and I just told him."

"You said `I'm gay?'" Patrick inquired.

"Not like that, but I said, you know, I asked you here for a reason and can I talk to you about something and we sat at a table in the back and I told him. Cried, too. First person I ever admitted it to. It felt real good."


"So when did you guys first kiss?" Patrick asked with a sly smile.

"Like a month later. We met at the county fair again. Jacob was there with his family selling... something, right?" TJ asked.

"We were auctioning off some animals."

"And I was working it with a few other state troopers. My shift had just ended and I saw Jacob."

"And we'd hung out a bunch by then. We were pretty comfortable together. Friends, really" Jacob added.

"So I offered to drive him home since his parents were leaving and I invited him to my place for a drink. And that's where we first kissed. In that month he went from helping me to me liking him and now here we are 6 months later."

"Wow. You're like a Mother Teresa for Kansas gays" Patrick said. They all chuckled, but he didn't. "I'm serious. I mean TJ, Eddie, me to a certain extent. You make it easier for us to... I don't know... be us."

"Like I said" TJ started reaching out for Jacob's hand, "That's one of the things I love about him". He leaned forward and gave him a kiss. Jacob smiled. This time he knew he heard it.

"OK, let's go, we gotta get to your place and back before too late" Jacob said interrupting the nostalgia. "You two clean up and dishes, deal?"

"No problem" Patrick said. Jacob left the kitchen leaving the three alone.

"Thanks for the story, TJ" Eddie smiled. TJ smacked him in the back of his head, his trademark sign of affection.

"You got it, kid. Remember our deal."

"I will."

"What deal?" Patrick asked.

"It's nothing" Eddie responded.

"He's not having unprotected sex with you and is going to make sure you get tested."

Eddie shook his head and quietly muttered "Jesus Christ". Did TJ HAVE to say it out loud? Sometimes he can be a real jerk.

Patrick looked surprised. He didn't know how to respond, but challenging TJ was not something he wanted to do so he just smiled and said "Fair enough."

"OK, got our coats. Ready?" Jacob said returning. TJ nodded eyeing the two young men carefully. He was in character, and it made them nervous. "We'll be back in a few hours".

They watched the car drive off into the dark and Buckley howled a few times at the departure but then decided to lie on the floor near the fireplace. Alone together for the first time neither knew how to proceed so they decided to clean the kitchen first.

"What do you think they are doing?" Jacob asked as the car turned onto the main road.

"No doubt in my mind they are already naked probably doing it on the kitchen table."

Jacob reached over and took TJ's hand. "You said some really nice things about me at dinner. It was sweet."

"I just point out the truth, babe" he said lifting the hands to his lips and kissing Jacob's.

"It's still nice to hear. You know, I was thinking. I kind of want to start a charity of sorts. You know my dad plans on building three more houses on the west side of the farm. I was wondering if I couldn't dedicate one of those houses to young gay kids who are looking for some help."

"A farm house full of gay teenagers? You'll need plastic covered furniture."

Jacob smiled. "I'm serious. What do you think? I'm sure there are others like Eddie out there, kids who don't think they have any place to go. We can give them a home, a job and help them figure out who they are and what they want in life."

"Kind of like a halfway house."

"Exactly. Except they also work. It's not a shelter. I want them to earn something and work for something otherwise they may feel like victims. I want to empower them. I think that's important."

"It will feel like less of a charity and more of an..."

"Opportunity. Helping hand. What do you think?" Jacob asked.

"I like it. It think it would be the best thing we could do."

"We?" Jacob chuckled.

"Cop turned social worker, remember?"

"So you'd do this with me?"

TJ leaned over and quickly kissed Jacob with one eye still on the road. "Definitely."

Meanwhile the young men had finished their kitchen chores. Once the dishwasher was loaded and the counters cleaned, Patrick came behind Eddie at the sink and kissed him on the back of his neck pressing his pelvis firmly into his buttocks and squeezing him against the counter. "Kitchen's clean" his whispered letting his tongue run behind Eddie's ear. Eddie let his hands slide up and down Patrick's hips as he slowly rolled his head letting the warmth of Patrick's tongue tickle him.

"Want to see my room?" Eddie asked innocently. He was too inexperienced and simple to know that innuendo was not necessary. Buckley followed them up the stairs and moaned a little when Eddie closed the door leaving him in the hall. "He'll be a good watchdog and will bark when they are back." Patrick had his hands on Eddie's crotch and started to loosen his belt. It was sexy, but a little too fast. "Can we just make out for a while? I really like to kiss you."

Patrick smiled. "Can we make out in our boxers?" Eddie nodded and Patrick continued his work. He ran his hands up under Eddie's shirt feeling his bare and warm chest and pulled his shirt off him leaving the youngster standing in boxers and white socks with an awkwardly projecting erection. Patrick liked what he saw. "You are so ripped" he whispered feeling the little bumps and muscles in his chest.

"Just skinny."

"You are hot." He stripped off his own clothes and pulled Eddie to the bed so they could lie down together. Patrick's black boxer briefs accentuated his pale skin and Eddie loved feeling the milky white smooth flesh noting how it turned shades of pink at his touch. He lay on top of Patrick, their legs intertwined, their groins pressed together, and Patrick stoking his back in soft, long strokes up and down his spine making it tingle. Finally he moved to feel Eddie's ass, and grabbed it fully in his hands. "Such a tight ass. Fuck you are hot."

It made Eddie happy. He didn't know he was hot or had a tight ass. He didn't know someone could want him like that.

Patrick slid his hand under Eddie's elastic waist band and now was on his bare ass feeling the flesh directly. As his fingers worked their way into the crack Eddie whispered "I don't have a lot of experience."

"I know. We can go slow. Or do you want me to keep going until you say stop?"

Eddie kept kissing him. "I'll say stop. Keep going."

"Come on, in the shower" Patrick said. They headed to the bathroom, the same bathroom where a month ago Jacob had stripped Eddie from his clothes to heal him. Now a cousin was stripping him from his clothes to pleasure it. In the shower, under the warm water, Patrick soaped up Eddie's shaft and sack while he kissed him and gradually worked the cloud of suds under his balls to his taint, then his hole. Eddie felt faint when the first knuckled entered into him, and Patrick had pushed him against the wall, was leaning into him, kissing him deeply with one hand under trying to penetrate his virgin ass and another stroking his shaft. It was too much, and Patrick showed his own inexperience at sex by being way too ambitious. A better lover would never do so much so fast to a virgin.

"Ahh!! AAAAHHH!" Eddie moaned as unexpectedly and uncontrollably he exploded in Patrick's hand. FUCK! Why did he cum so quickly! Patrick continued to jerk him and laughed in their kiss, feeling Eddie's moans in his mouth, responding with his own amusement. "AHH!!!" Five massive volleys of cum landed all over Patrick's stomach. He continued to stroke Eddie's shaft while kissing him, but it was too much on his sensitive, red tip. "Sssstopp Stop! Stop!" he laughed as Patrick continued to fondle him. "Fuck! I'm sorry. I'm sorry" he gasped with a smile.

Patrick took a step back and laughed at his young partner leaning against the tile wall still shaking from his intense orgasm, his cook drooling in one long stream. "Don't say sorry. I'm glad you enjoyed it" he said. "You shot a ton."

"Oh my God that was amazing. I didn't want to cum so fast!"

"Shh. It's all good." Patrick took Eddie's palm and rubbed it along his stomach smearing it and coating it in his cum. He curled the fingers to make a letter "o" and lowered it to his crotch. "Stay like that" he whispered leaning into Eddie licking his face. Eddie felt Patrick's erection entering the cum tunnel his curled hand was making and Patrick shivered slightly. "Tighter" he whispered. Eddie closed his fingers making the tunnel narrower, clutching his cock, and Patrick moaned while he began to thrust his hips back and forth. It was like he was fucking him, Eddie thought, like Patrick was fucking him... but only his hand. Eddie kissed him deeply and with his other hand rubbed his shoulders and side. "Fuck" Patrick whispered into his mouth. Eddie felt his fingers getting wetter and he knew Patrick was lubing it with his own precum. "Finger me" he ordered. Eddie had never done that but in the moment it seemed so right. He lowered his hand to reach around Patrick's plump ass, grabbed a cheek, worked his way into and under the crack, probed through some tufts of hair and found a warm, moist center. His finger poked it and in a swirling motion gradually entered little by little. He didn't have but an inch inside when he Patrick turned bright red, he looked on the verge of tears, and Eddie's hand filled with fluid. Patrick didn't make a noise, didn't moan, didn't gasp or curse, just released in passion-filled, silent orgasm. He never stopped kissing Eddie.

When his cock fell out of Eddie's grip he opened his eyes to see his smiling lover looking kindly at him excited he got to share such an intimate moment. "You think I shot a lot?" Eddie said holding up his hand which was dripping in the warm, young semen. Patrick smiled, and slowly Eddie reached the hand closer to his face.

"No, don't" he said with a laugh and a smile. He turned his head to the side and let out an "Ewwww" as Eddie rubbed the cum onto his cheek. They both laughed, and Eddie pulled him into the shower stream and grabbed the soap to wash him. They watched each other up and down stopping to kiss in between. By the time they dried off and were in Eddie's bed groping each other both young men were rock hard again. It had been all of 10 minutes and they were hard. Again.

Proof that youth is wasted on the young.

They would each cum a second time after some oral pleasure, and be showered and changed before Jacob and TJ returned. Buckley alerted them when the car pulled up to the house letting out his well-known howl. The young lover scrambled down the steps in shorts and tee shirts to greet them.

"So, change of clothes, wet hair... I'm guessing you guys were watching a movie" TJ said with a smirk. They just smiled and Jacob pretended he hadn't noticed. He just hoped they were safe. Looking at the young men, seeing the smiles and the expressions in their faces, he knew they were happy.

Eddie was a little disappointed Sunday had gone by so quickly and when they got back to Wichita, TJ waited in the truck while Eddie walked with Patrick a little so he could say goodbye. It was cold outside, and the snow crunched under their shoes as they made plans to skype during the week. Patrick pulled Eddie into a hug and said he would try to come out to the farm, a place where he could be himself and feel so accepted. He said how great Jacob and TJ were, how normal, a cop and a farm exec, and how much fun he had, not just the sex but the friendship, and pulling Eddie into an embrace told him he couldn't wait until next week, and he gave him an affectionate kiss.

Mark was standing on the balcony above them smoking a cigarette. He heard the whole conversation. It gave him a lump in his throat and made his heart race. It was time.


"Jacob? Hey it's Patrick."

"What's up Patrick. You looking for Eddie?"

"No, no I wanted to talk to you, actually. You got a second?"

"Sure what's up?"

"Well it's kind of funny really. Remember last week when I said you were like Mother Teresa?" Patrick said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I don't think I agree, but what about it?"

"Well... how would you like another charity case?"

"Oh boy! Another confused kid?"

"Something like that. His name is Mark. I've known him since freshman year but we're not like close friends. We don't hang out in the same crowd or anything but he's a nice guy. He's on the football team. Anyway he heard me talking to Eddie on Sunday and he asked me about it and said he was looking for someone to talk to. I could tell he was really uncomfortable and like embarrassed so I tried to help him along and I told him about you and how you were dating a cop who was really cool and me and Eddie and how we all hung out and talked and I asked if he wanted to join us."


"Yeah I hope you don't mind."

"No shit, I don't mind. If he wants to come out with you and hang out I'm cool with that. What position is he?"


"On the football team."

"Oh. Running back. He's really good. Might even go pro. So I can see why it's tough for him. He's really worried about people finding out."

"I bet. Doesn't he have a game this Saturday though?"

"No it's his bye weekend. I was going to say `bet you've had a lot of bi weekends' but I didn't think he'd laugh" Patrick said laughing into the phone.

"Yeah he probably wouldn't appreciate that. Yeah, sure bring him along if he wants to come."

"Cool. Thanks, man. I'll tell Eddie tonight. Alright I'll let you go. See you Saturday afternoon."

"Sounds good, Patrick. See you later." Jacob was already on the athletics tab on the Wichita State website. Under the current football roster he scrolled to offense, running back, and there he was: Mark Mason. 20 years old. Junior. Number 22. Communications Major. From Fortville, Kansas. Where the hell is Fortville? Eh, who cares. 5'9'', 175. Damn the kid is solid. Averages 4 yards per carry. Runs the 40 in 4.41. Fast! Deadlifts 260lbs, squats 315lbs! Holy crap this kid is a tank. Jacob moved to Google and found more pictures, a few video clips, and then the coveted weight room shirtless picture. Damn. Damn damn damn! Pale skin, dark hair and eyes, crew cut, a few tattoos on his arms, little bit of fuzz on his chest. What a freaking stud. Right click "copy" and in his email he sent the photo to TJ's phone with a note "Guess who's coming to dinner?"

TJ called about 2 minutes later.

"Who's the hottie?"

"Some friend of Patrick at Wichita State. I guess he wants to come out and doesn't know how and he heard Patrick and Eddie talking about us and coming here this weekend. He asked if he could come."

"What are we running a gay B&B?"

"Seems like it. Marie's going to wonder about the number of sheets we are going through."

He'd put Mark in the front bedroom. It has a nice comfortable bed and was further away from Eddie and Patrick's room. Jacob didn't know if they were having sex, but they were obviously fooling around and sleeping together. Even he heard them throughout the night last weekend. He didn't want Mark to feel any more alone than he may already feel in a house with two other couples. "Hey Buckley you might have to sleep with someone this weekend" Jacob said allowed. The Beagle looked up for second but then kept chewing his toy.

Jacob marveled how much had changed in a month. He was accustomed to quiet nights alone doing paperwork, reading online and hoping TJ would occasionally swing by. Now he had a full house of guys all looking to him for validation, advice, guidance, and feedback. He'd become the go-to person for HIV tests and coming-out advice. None of that was part of his agriculture major.


Author's Note:

Thanks Will! Your great eye catches things mine can't and makes our story better. We love you! Signed Jacob, TJ, Eddie, Patrick and everyone on the farm.