A Different Place

By Dark Star


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Author's Note

I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

This is my first story and you should know that while it is likely to have sex in it at some point, a lot of the story won't. It isn't about sex. I have tried to make it about writing a good story. I hope you enjoy it and like I said keep in mind it's my first. I hope it's not too bad. Thanks go to Jeff, AC, MS and DK amongst others who couldn't write chapters fast enough and caused me to give it a try after reading Comicality and his comments about how he got started. Also thanks to all the kids in the CSU, every one of them is awesome. Feel free to e-mail me at Darkstar7177@gmail.com or Darkstar7177@aim.com Both have IM capability if you would like.

Author's note 2:

*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Chapter 1

   "Mooommm, do we haaavvvee to do this?" 

The young boy plaintively asked his mother for the hundredth time.

"Yes, Dani, you haavve to do this as well as your brother, and you know it. It is part of the curriculum." She replied.

 Dani shot her a dirty look and mumbled

"I absolutely hate xenogeology, its so boring."

 Marrika looked at her eldest son and just smiled as she sweetly said

 "but honey its such an interesting field, full of wonder and surprises."

Dani just rolled his eyes in utter disbelief and said

"you've got to be kidding, this is the most boring subject in the universe."

Marrika couldn't hold it in anymore and broke into laughter causing her child to scowl fiercely at her in annoyance.

"you were teasing me, weren't you." He said accusingly.

She let her shields lower and mentally embraced her son as she sent to him

 *yes honey, I was teasing you.<love, laughter>*

"And you fell for it Dani, hah, hah" came from behind Dani.

Dani turned around and pounced upon his little brother saying

"you think so eh..."

And started tickling him mercilessly.

"heh, hee, stop, please, moMMY, hee, help. plEAse,"

Dani finally stopped as his mom stood watching and laughing.

"now who got who?"

Tanara looked at his brother and smiled and sent

*ok you got me* and Dani got up letting him go then sending

*this time* and running.

 Dani started chasing but before he could get more than a few feet his mother called them both to task and told them they needed to get ready. The boys reluctantly headed back to finish getting dressed. Tanara silently on narrow band sent

 *you're right you know, this is the most boring subject we have, why do we have to take it anyway, its not like we'll ever use it for anything. I'm never going to an old dead planet like this anyway.*

Dani replied *I know, but we have to so we better get going*

 Marrika smiled and sent to both of them

*come on if we get this finished we can go on to the 3rd planet and work on your xeno-anthropology, I know you both like that.*

Both boys jumped into action as Marrika started getting herself ready. She detested this particular subject herself but the kids had to learn it so learn it they would.

They were actually pretty good at it once they got over whining about it. They really loved the xeno-anthropology and the next stop should make them quite happy. I suppose all children liked exploring ancient cultures and worlds and hers were no different to a grand adventure.

The third planet of this system had once been inhabited but the natives seemed to have destroyed themselves approximately 200 standard years ago. In addition to what they might find down on the planet there had been enough cultural observers over the millennia that there was some record of the inhabitants in The Library on Chanaka 4.

That had led to the children having visual and audio reference material to supplement the anthropological course with xeno-socialogy, biology, and psychology along with a smattering of other subjects.

They would be there for about a week before heading back to meet the rest of the family. She really missed them. She had left Caral on Denista prime with the other children so she could take Dani and Tanara on this excursion, while Caral took care of some things and also let the kids learn a bit in their studies as well.

   While she enjoyed this time with her eldest two, she also couldn't wait to get back to the others. They had found out just before she left that Caral was with child. They hadn't even told the children yet although they would soon be sensing the immature life form within their father on their own. They had decided to wait until after Marrika returned to tell them the news and she looked forward to the reunion eagerly. She shook herself as she realized her two that were with her were looking at her waiting on her to finish. They looked at her and sent

*we miss them too mom<love, longing, sadness>*

 "I know you do, we'll see them soon. Ok then lets get going, computer run systems check."

The AI voice responded "all systems check ready" and she told it to transport them to surface.

   The three of them materialized on the surface and proceeded with their lesson, collecting samples and running analysis on the planet beneath them. Some hours later they were finished and she dragged two tired children back to their rendezvous point. She initiated transport and shortly they were all back safely onboard the ship.

The children and her stripped down and headed for the refreshment units in their cabins, but they of course had to stop by the replicator first to grab something to drink and a sweetened snack. Marrika also grabbed a bit of food and a drink and headed off to her cabin.


*mom was sad before wasn't she* Tanara quietly pathed to Dani.

*yea, she misses everyone but especially dad I think.* He replied.

*Did you catch what mom was thinking about with father?*

Dani stopped and looked over at Tanara with a big grin on his face before replying

 *yes, that is so great, we are going to have another celaya and father almost never goes that way.*

Tanara thought about it for a minute and then sent

*you're right, he doesn't, but mom just had Kiaran and its only a year old so maybe that's why. Besides its about time dad did it again, he hasn't birthed since Chenara and its almost 4 now.*

Dani started walking again and Tanara hurried to keep up as Dani pathed

*True, and he has only birthed the two times and this will make a third and mom has done it, what 6 already so he is due for it. Maybe its an every 4 years thing with him, I mean the twins are 8 and Chenara is almost 4 and now this one.<amusement and affection>*

 Tanara thought about it a bit and then asked

*I wonder which way Che Che is going to go, I think male* he pathed challengely to his older brother.

*I don't know, I think that sometimes but other times I think female.*

They got into the fresher as they continued the conversation silently

*I guess it doesn't really matter does it?*

 Dani thought for a moment and then replied

 *no it really doesn't.*

They were quiet through the rest of their shower but Dani was thinking about it seriously all the while.

    Our race was analogous to a hermaphrodite in that we were born with sexual organs in place for both male and female. These organs were functional and what could be called semi-matured. Both the male penis and the female vagina were present and capable of functioning but were not fully matured at birth.

They grew with the child and while both could and certainly did experience sexual pleasure it was not until the child was around 3 or 4 years of age that a predominance of one over the other sex usually occurred as the child developed mentally.

 From that point forward in their lives one sex usually predominated over the other. The child would always be capable of functioning as either but after that time they usually identified themselves as either a boy or a girl.

 Also that age allowed for the beginning of the teaching of bodily control to the child. Dani at 11 had full control over his sex and could switch from fully male to fully female at will. Even Tanara had that control at 9.

 While Dani had always enjoyed pleasure in either of his sexes he tended to exhibit himself as male since he was little. Tanara had been the same way. When he thought about Chenara the child was always playing with himself but it could be his penis one day and his vagina on another and lots of times both so Dani wasn't real sure which way he was going to go.

Dad had told me that when I was Che's age that I mostly played with my penis and he knew I would be boy but with Che going back and forth I wasn't real sure about it. Now the twins were another story, they seemed to be nakale because they switched back and forth constantly between the two and seemed to be happy either way.

I knew that I loved being female sometimes and certainly playing with that part of me but I was more male than not. That got me thinking that I should be entering sedatha soon. It was a time of change, as a child matures his body does as well and around my age one enters sedatha or "the third phase" which would result in my producing my seed for the first time and maturing of my sexual organs. Although my seed would not be fertile until the time of mestana or "final phase" I would be expelling at culmination a lot more than normal.

For my people went through 4 sexual phases during our childhoods with the last occurring at around 15 or 16 years of age with the first being at 3 or 4 as I have described above.

The first or Serbitha occurs when the child takes one sex or the other. The second or teshana applies to the male aspect of our sexuality and we begin producing a seminal fluid in small quantities at culmination along with the lubricating fluid which they have always had.

The third or sedatha that was approaching for me meant that my seed would now come forth at culmination of pleasure along with a growth in my sexual organs.

The final phase or mestana would mark my entry into adulthood with my seed becoming fertile or with a female the ability to become with child.

 While all phases were celebrated by the family of the person it was the first and the last which caused the greatest celebration to be had.

   I had let my mind wander and it wasn't until I felt a hand wrapping around my penis that I realized it and the fact that I was erect. I came back to feel a gentle path

*you're hard, would you like to share pleasure<desire, affection, arousal>*

and noticed Tanara standing in front of me holding my penis in his hand, gently squeezing, and with an equal erection on his small body. I sent back to him while dropping my shields

*yes and I'm not the only one hard <amusement, arousal, desire, affection, love>*

As his shields dropped I took him in my hand and we moved over to the bed and lay upon it, grasping each other, stroking and giving each other pleasure. With our shields lowered our minds joined as we gave each other that which we were seeking. Afterward we fell into a contented nap and only woke several hours later when our mother came in to tell us we had a call from father.

   "Boys <love, affection, pride>, come on boys get up."

 "awww mom"

 "get up, your dad is on the comm for you."

 The boys bounced up and headed to the nearest comm unit where they found their father waiting. They spoke with each other for a while and then talked with their siblings until finally saying goodbye and terminating the transmission. They turned to find their mother had come back into the room.

*how is everyone*

*fine* we replied.

*ok then lets get to work on your assignments.* which was met with groans from the boys.

 "come on lets get it over with and that will be it for xeno-geology for the time being."

Mmmm oooook came from two mouths as the boys all headed over to a science lab to begin their studies.

   I left the boys to their work and headed back to the bridge, uneasy for some reason. When I got to the bridge I queried the ship's computer as to systems status and was informed that all was well but I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong or going to go wrong.

I wondered if Caral had felt something as well as he didn't usually call that much when we were separated. I knew that he was with child but still for him to call outside of our normal schedule was troubling.

 Our race had advanced mental powers and precognition, while not a major part of them, did exist. It had always run in my family in a limited way and I wondered if this was an example of it in action. I decided to do what I could to check out things locally.

"Computer, run a level 1 diagnostic on all ships systems and run a level one sensor scan of this quadrant.  Also I want you to set the ship to condition 2 until further notice."

The computer replied that it would and queried the reason for all this.

"I don't know. I feel as if something is amiss or will be."

I laid back in the command chair and centered my consciousness before expanding it outward seeking the cause of my discontent. After some time I could sense nothing at all so brought myself out of it, still with the sense that something was not right.

The computer elected to inform me that all diagnostics had come back negative and there were no anomalous reading anywhere in this sector. I told it to maintain Condition Two anyway until further notice. That would keep the shields at full strength and the weapons charged and at standby. I also instructed it to run the diagnostics every hour until further notice as well sensor scans at the same interval. I told it to run active sensors also instead of the normal passive ones. Something was going to happen, I knew it, I just knew it.

   Several hours had passed since I left the boys and they contacted me to tell me that their work was completed and they wanted me to come down and look it over. I made sure my shielding was fully in place and headed down to the lab.

When I arrived both boys were standing waiting for me so I went over to their terminal and started checking their work. They may complain about the work but both were diligent with doing it and doing it correctly. After checking it, I logged it as completed and cleared this segment from their curriculum roster.

I turned and told them "you guys both did a fantastic job, matter of fact it was so good, I think that we should go back down and gather some more so you can process some additional material. The results you have are very good and merit further study, I think."

 I somehow managed to keep a straight face but I sure hoped the recorders in here were working because the looks on their faces were priceless.

"Is something wrong guys?"

Then it was just a matter of them being able speak coherently which actually took a while before the objections started. Unfortunately I lost it before they could really get started and just managed to say

 "GOT YA" which made two small children very mad as I collapsed in a fit of laughter.

 "I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist."

 I said in between laughing when I could catch my breath.

 "It wasn't funny" two voices chimed in.

 "well I thought so, if you could have seen your faces"

and broke down into laughter again. This just elicited scowls from my sons and Dani rolling his eyes and pathing to Tanara

*adults, geezzzz*

which caused me to laugh harder.

I finally got it under control and told them that they did a wonderful job and that I was very proud of them for the effort they put into it especially considering that they didn't like the subject. I let my emotions show through so they would see that I truly meant what I said and then told them to lets go and eat.

Tanara took off running but Dani held back causing me to turn around and look at him questioningly.

*yes honey?* I asked.

*<worry, concern>is something wrong mom?*

I looked at him quizzically for a moment wondering how he knew before asking him

"what makes you think that baby?"

 He replied "I don't know but since you woke us up I have this feeling that something is wrong or that you are worried about something, I am not sure which. Is it father?"

I looked at him for a moment and then told him

"honey, I don't know what is wrong or if anything is. I just have this feeling that something is not right, or is going to happen. I don't think its your father or siblings. I think it has to do with us, but I don't know what it is."

He looked at me without saying anything for a moment or two and then he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug before saying

 "we'll be alright, momma." I hugged him back and we headed up to eat.

   It was rather quiet during dinner with Tanara looking back and forth between us but not saying much. Finally I decided to get them out of this mood and thinking about their studies again.

 "Have you both been studying up on the 3rd planet so you will know something about what you will find down there?"

My speaking seemed to startle the both of them as they jumped slightly when I started speaking but Dani answered

"yea mom, we've been studying really good. The inhabitants called the planet Earth and it was not very socially developed."

Tanara jumped in "they were really barbaric mom and they killed themselves."

 I held up my hand and said

 "listen guys, number one this planet had not evolved fully before they destroyed themselves, number two you have to keep that in mind for every planet is much the same in that it takes time for a society to evolve sufficiently to rid themselves of what you would call barbarism. Number three they didn't get the time to do that before their race ended. Number 4 and most importantly, if you did your studies, there were a great many good people there as well. They exhibited compassion and caring for others much like we do. Not all were bad. Not having the time to develop properly they were still in their childhood as a race and they never got to grow up."

Both boys looked at me with thoughtful looks on their faces and I knew they were thinking about what I had said. I decided to add to it some more.

"remember our own history, boys, once we were what you would call barbaric as well. We outgrew it, they didn't get the chance."

 Tanara spoke first,

 "what happened that caused them to destroy themselves?"

I took a deep breath and began

"From what cultural historians have found it seems that the biogenic weapons were first used by a religious element against more prosperous nations who were of a different belief system. Those nations retaliated with radiological devices which in turn caused those same devices to be used in return on them. What the radiation didn't kill the biogenic weapons and their subsequent mutations did."

Tanara looked at me and replied,

"we know all that, its in the lectures on their civilization, but I don't understand why."

 This was going to be difficult.

 "Well you have to understand in their immaturity their race didn't deal with things openly that should have been. They were afraid they would be considered uncaring if they did so. The religious group that started the final conflict was truly barbaric. Its major precepts were genocide and/or enslavement of any not sharing their belief system. The other nations of the planet feared they would be branded intolerant or racially prejudiced if they outright condemned this religion. They feared the backlash it would bring. Rather than simply neutralizing the threat in the beginning they tried to separate the religion into branches, one being acceptable and the other being fanatical."

I paused for a moment and then continued  

"They told the world that they liked the one and didn't like the other. The problem with this was that they were one and the same and by not condemning it wholesale they couldn't bring themselves to take the steps necessary to eliminate the threat. In addition to that this religion had been entered into their nations insidiously for many years targeting their worst citizens in many cases."

 "They converted, for instance in the leading nation, a subspecies of the predominant race who were dissatisfied with their life. In other nations immigration had allowed mass quantities of people following this religion to enter their lands. In the end all of these nations had sleeping Shokur nests within their homes." (Shokur- vicious 6 limbed carnivores native to Tarmakli 7. Renown for building hidden nests and swarming unsuspecting beings.)

"At the end the nests erupted and were responsible for much of what happened. While the nations were looking outward for the threat they thought might be coming, the trap was already in place and when it was sprung chaos ensued. Not only were they fighting the biogenic weapons but they were fighting what they thought of as their own people."

"When they retaliated against those countries responsible it was very much too late. Some of them had managed to secure radiological devices of their own while unknown to these nations others were already in place to be used by the sleeping Shokur who were ready to awake."

"In the end no one survived. There were many factors in what lead to this but some of them were the mistaken beliefs in pacifism, pacification, social equality, and others of a like set. Many of the problems which lead to their downfall occurred many, many years before the start of the final problems they had. It would be nice to put it all in a neat little basket and say it started at this particular point but it was many little as well as big things which had been taking place in their society for a great many years that caused their eventual destruction." I finished

The boys looked extremely thoughtful and finally Dani asked

"could none of them see it coming, mother?"

I replied

 "some did but they were branded as hatemongers, or religious zealots. They were all condemned and none were heeded."

Dani looked perplexed

 "but why mother? Couldn't anyone see they were telling the truth?"

 I shook my head and told him

"Dani they were not to the point in their society where they could speak openly of the problems which truly existed. The appellation of "racist" was a powerful one and none of the political leaders wanted to ever hear it remotely applied to them. Anytime someone would try to say something about any of the problems they were facing that term or others of a similar vein would be attached to the person and they became discredited rapidly. When you worry all the time about offending the Shokur if you call it a vicious creature you have little time to stop it from eating you and that is what they were doing."

Tanara looked up and said "that's dumb."

And I quickly shot back

"yes, for us it is because we would simply destroy the nest and be done with it but they hadn't reached that point yet where they could do that. They still had a long ways to go and they didn't get the opportunity to do it."

I could see that the boys had a lot to think about now and there were a few more questions to which I provided some answers before they started yawning and I told them to head to bed. After getting kisses and hugs and tucking them in I headed back to the bridge.

I sensed them sharing in their cabin and smiled thinking about when I got back to Caral, the fun we would have. As I sat on the bridge I thought more on our topic of conversation and the planet Earth.

I had studied it quite extensively as it was one of the most recent events where a species had destroyed itself. I had also spent time on the planet many years ago and had come to like the people there a great deal. I was truly sorry that they had went the way in which they had but it was something we were concerned about even in those years.

It just didn't happen when we thought it might but many years later. The years I had spent on planet had been quite challenging and yet were very enjoyable for me. It had fulfilled my training requirements in a number of xeno related fields and I still look back fondly at the memories I made there as well as the people I had met and befriended.

To have the planet destroy itself was a severe shock to me when I heard the news. I hadn't been on planet for a while but still, when the news came, it was a blow to me. I had been back once since their destruction and the visit was a painful one, now I would be returning once again, this time with two of my children. I did not look forward to it.

   As I sat there I still couldn't shake the feeling of foreboding which permeated my entire being. Something was wrong. How or what, even when, I had no idea but something was wrong. I eventually gave up after checking the sensors and diagnostics for the hundredth time and I got a cup of tea before heading to bed for the night walking through the ship, checking its various compartments along the way, looking for anything out of the ordinary either visually or psychically yet finding nothing.

   The next morning I awoke to Tanara gently riding my morning erection with a drawn out MMMMMmmmmmm as the feeling was exquisite. If you have never been awoken in that manner I strongly suggest you experience it as there is not any better way that I have found. He was stroking his organ as he moved upon me and I smiled up at him as I reached down and took over that task.

I was close to culmination which was one of the nice things about that experience as I usually awoke just prior to it. I could tell he was as well as I dropped my shields merging with him and all the feelings coursing through both of our young bodies. That was all it took as we both rushed to the end in jubilation.

As we came down from our high we slowly disentangled ourselves from each other and headed towards the refresher. We stayed lightly linked as we finished and went out to eat our morning repast.

Mom was there drinking her coffee which she said came from a planet she visited many years ago. I couldn't stand the stuff but did like one of the other things she brought back with her from that planet, it was called chocolate. You could drink it either cold or hot and in the morning I preferred it to be hot.

I got my breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate and sat down. Mom told us good morning and that we would be heading towards Earth when we finished. She had told us before that she wanted us to be awake when we approached the planet so that was why we didn't depart for there last night.

   After breakfast we went to the bridge where mom laid in a course for Earth. It would only take a few minutes and we watched eagerly as the planet started to come into view.

 That quickly changed as we saw the planet approaching. We had seen views of the planet as it used to be and if we didn't know we were above the correct one we would have thought there had been some type of error in our navigation system for the planet we were approaching was barren and lifeless.

 It was a dirty brown most places with even the water masses a nasty looking color. I think it was at that moment that it really sunk in for myself as well as Tanara, as we were still lightly linked, that this really was a dead planet, one which had destroyed itself.

The enormity of it started to sink in, billions dead on what was once a thriving world.

There was complete silence as mom guided the ship on approach and then entry into the atmosphere of Earth. She picked one of the continents and slowly approached the northwest end of it heading in a southerly direction paralleling the coast of that continent.

She kept us at about 10,000 feet AGL as we saw ruins at various places on our way. We were midway or so down the coast when mom lowered us towards what appeared to be a once thriving metropolis.

As we got down to around 2000 feet she circled us around the entire area, showing us a once great bridge as well as obvious ruins still standing in fairly decent shape even after 200 years.

She softly explained that a number of the weapons used destroyed organic matter leaving the infrastructure intact. As we headed back towards the apparent center of the city she slowly set the craft down, saying

 "welcome to San Francisco."


Well that's chapter 1 and I hope you liked it. I also hope this change of formatting works out ok. This chapter had quite a bit of explanations included in it so I hope it didn't put you off too much but I felt it was needed. Its not going to be like this in future chapters I hope. I have a bunch of chapters finished and will post them as quickly as the posting guidelines on Nifty allow. Once again this is my first attempt at writing a story and if anyone likes it then it is solely due to some of my favorite authors over in the CSU being too busy lately and not giving me anything to read not to mention Dan and Miguel and a few others. If you didn't like it then sorry its all my fault. This story results from a number of factors including DK and his time travel stories as well as the awesome kids in the CSU as well as MZB of whom I am a fan along with a few others. Anyway give me a shout would love to hear from you.