A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

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This chapter and the first part of the next one were probably, I would have to say, the hardest for me to write. These chapters contain the abuse scenes which I mentioned in the above note. I will have more to say about them in the end notes of this chapter, and the next one, but let me reiterate that the scenes described are not meant to excite anyone and if they do I feel truly sorry for you, get help.

I have tried to make the pain, confusion and ambiguity in some of it as realistic as possible but with that said I have spent a lot of time really worrying about these two chapters and how they will be viewed. Anyway here they are...DS

From Chapter 9

I reached out and pushed the button with the picture and the door to the vehicle started to close. At the same time the panel going back into the room from which we came sealed itself and left us in compete darkness except for the interior lights that came on in the vehicle. This was supposed to take us about 20 miles away into another building that would be abandoned and stocked with supplies for those escaping but I was still worried. As the door sealed itself on the vehicle straps came out and wrapped around us causing us to cry out in shock before Keith said

"its ok, its just seatbelts." I got what he meant from his mind but my heart was racing a mile a minute and it took me a minute or two to calm down enough to reach my hand out towards the red button and press it.

Chapter 10

As I pressed the red button, there was a noise that I didn't understand and a deep vibration started up beneath us.

Keith grabbed my hand and squeezed it so hard that I thought he was going to squeeze it off. The only problem was that I was scared too.

I told him. "I think it's just the thing getting going"

No sooner had I finished than we were pressed back into our seats as lights in the front of the vehicle came on and the thing took off at an unbelievably fast speed.

I held onto Keith's hand and tried not to wet myself as this was scary. I could feel that Keith was scared too, and I tried to reassure him but it was kind of difficult to do that when I couldn't reassure myself.

We just held on for dear life, and hoped that it would stop like it was supposed to sometime soon.

Finally, after what seemed like years, I could feel the thing slowing down and I said to Keith,

"It's slowing down!" and he said, "yea, I hope."

It kept slowing and then pulled to a stop in complete darkness.

I started to say something, but the door at that point started to open and lights in the surrounding area came on at the same time.

We had come to rest in a small room.

Along the wall, opposite us, were shelves, with stuff sitting on them, and two cabinets that I had no idea as to what they contained.

The seatbelts retracted as the door came fully open, and I looked at Keith and then started to get out of the vehicle. Keith was right behind me as we slowly walked across the room; taking everything in, and looking at what was on the shelves.

I walked over to the first set of cabinets and found weapons inside when I looked. We didn't need them really so I left them alone. At the bottom were backpacks which were large enough that I could put several of the cases inside and still have room enough for the food on the shelves, so I grabbed one and then proceeded over to the shelves, where we started looking through the food which was there.

As we went through the food, we grabbed a bunch and put it in the backpack. Keith asked for one, so I went over and got one for him, and put some foodstuffs in it for him to carry. I knew it was important for him to feel an important part of helping us out, and this way he could. When we had packed all we could, along with some containers of water for each of us, I headed over to the door to the outside, and pressed the button there which would activate it.

As the door opened, it made a grating sound, and I was glad this place was deserted, as I went through, with Keith right behind me.

I guess getting away from that place had made me let my guard down, because the first thing that struck me was that I could hit myself for not scanning the area before opening the door, the second was the smell that hit me as I came through the door, and the third thing was the voice which said

"I have a gun and if you move I will shoot you."

I froze and knew Keith was right behind me. I extended my shields a bit and then started to think. The voice sounded like a kid and it sounded scared.

"ok we won't move, please don't shoot us. We just want to get out of here, we don't want no trouble." I said to the voice which I could sense was located behind us and to the left in the back corner. There were no lights on in here which made it difficult if it weren't for my other abilities and there were two people in the darkness.

Keith was wondering what I was doing, as he knew that we couldn't be hurt and I sent to him to just go with it for now. We were in the light from the other room which was leaking in through the open door and under normal circumstances would be easy and clear targets. I heard another voice say

"They're just kids and one's little..." before the first voice cut it off. "shhhh be quiet."

Then it said "what are you doing here and how did you get in there?"

I thought for a moment and then said,

""Look, we came in a vehicle that brought us here. We are trying to get away from some bad people, and we have to go. They will be coming here soon, so you better go too, unless you want to be caught in here, they won't like that."

I heard an indrawn breath and then

""What bad people?" the voice said

""Look, I'd like to tell you all about it, but we really have to go. Go in that room and there is a lot of food and weapons too, along with backpacks to put the stuff in. If you need some, take it and get out of here." I said to the voice.

"You ain't going nowhere." The voice said.

I didn't want this to get nasty, but we didn't have time for this and so I turned towards the voice only to hear his voice raise in fear.

""No don't turn around"

""I won't hurt you and neither will my brother!" I said and then I sent light out into the room.

In the far corner of the room, a young boy and an even younger girl stood huddled against the wall. The boy was pointing a hand weapon at us, and the fear was evident on both their faces.

Keith stepped around me and said,

""It's ok, we won't hurt you. My name's Keith and this is my brother Danny, what's yours?"

The boy and girl looked at each other and finally the little girl took a step forward towards Keith, and the boy said

""Manda, get back here!"

She turned back to her brother and told him,

"I think its ok Matty," then she looked back at us; tilting her head at us as if trying to figure something out.

"How'd you make the light?" she asked us.

Keith smiled and said,

"My brother can do stuff, so what's your names?"

Manda looked back at her brother who was still looking fearful and then looked back to us before saying,

"I'm Amanda, and that's my brother Matthew."

I was watching them and Matthew looked just a little younger than me and Amanda was a couple years older than Keith. I didn't move but said,

"Look, you have to get out of here, these people will kill you just for being here, you can't stay here. You have to go home, now."

Matthew looked like he was about to argue but his sister spoke up before he could and said,

"We can't, we ran away."

"MANDA!" Matthew yelled at his sister, who turned around and told him,

"Matthew Alan Shepard, don't you yell at me, you know its true and besides I think they are running away too." Then she turned back around to us, and said, "ain't you?"

I wasn't sure how to answer that but Keith jumped in and said,

"We ain't running from our parents but we are running away from the bad men."

I interrupted and said,

"Look, you two, we have to go, all of us, we can talk some more later but we have to leave here now. Go look at the stuff and get anything you can use but don't take more than you can carry comfortably ok?"

With that I told them to come on and turned back to the door and went back into the other room.

I could hear Keith telling them to come on and a few moments later he entered the room followed by Matthew and Amanda. I pointed out where the food and the weapons were along with the backpacks.  Matthew cast one more doubtful looks at me before heading over and grabbing two backpacks, and starting to fill them up with food, water, a couple of handguns, and the ammunition for them. He also grabbed a rifle, and a box of ammo for it, put the ammo in the back pack, and slung it and the rifle over his shoulder before turning and saying,

"Ok, I guess we got all we can carry."

I looked at them and said, "let's go then" and we headed out of the room, and towards the front door of the building. Matthew said

""Wait a minute!" and he ran over to another corner of the room.

I watched as he picked up some stuff and put it in his backpack then he picked up another pack and headed back towards us saying,

"Ok, we can go now."

Keith spoke up "where we going?" as we headed to the door.

I opened the door as I said

"I don't know" and asked Matthew "where should we go"

He came out behind us and pointed off to the right and said "that way."

We were in a wooded area without any signs of others around from what we could see, but I knew they would be coming if they survived. We quickly headed out in the direction that Matthew had told us, and after a long while he asked,

"So, who are these bad men that are chasing you?"

I stopped and said,

 "Let's take a break and I'll tell you."

 "Ok," he replied.

We sat down, breathing hard, and after a few minutes I started in

"They are from the government, and they want to keep me and Keith locked up."

 "Why?" he interrupted.

"Because of the things I can do" I told him.

He looked at me funny and then asked, "what things?"

I took a deep breath and said,

"I can do stuff like the light, and other stuff too. I was hurt real bad in an accident, and I don't remember a lot of stuff, including all that I can do, but I do remember at least some of things I can do, and they want to know about it."

You didn't answer my question, what stuff can you do?" Matthew said.

I thought about how to answer that and then waved my hand at him lifting him up off the ground.

"HEY" he cried before I sat him back down on the ground.

"I can heal people of injuries and create a shield to protect us with too."

"He can blow up things too" added Keith.

"yea I can blow up things too." I said as I shot a dirty look at Keith.

He gave me an innocent look while saying "well you can."

"I was in an accident and taken to the hospital. When I woke up there I met Keith, who was sick. He almost died, and that was when I discovered I could make sick people better, but when I tried, the doctors and nurses tried to stop me. I was so scared for Keith, cause he had stopped breathing, that I threw them back away from me, so I could get to Keith. Healing him tired me out real bad, and when I woke up, I was at this place, run by the government. They were going to keep us there, and threatened Keith, so we left, and that's how we came to where you were. We got away from them, but I know they won't stop looking for us, they want us real bad, me, for what I can do, and Keith because I did it to him."

No one said anything for a few minutes, but then Matthew asked

"I thought you said Keith was your brother?"

"He is." I said. "He has no family, and I was all alone too. I told him I would be his family, from now on, and I will."

"oh." he said then "So how come you got all these powers? Are you a mutant or something?"

"What? I asked. "No I'm not a mutant, whatever that is." I told him.

Keith piped up and said "he's a alien."

"KEITH" I said angrily.

He smiled at me and asked, oh so innocently, "wasn't I supposed to tell."

"a...an...an alien" Matthew said and Amanda chimed in "like ET?"

I looked at all of them and the fear was back on Matthew's face while Amanda looked excited.

"Look I don't know what E.T. is but from what I have been able to learn, I am from another planet, but I don't remember anything about that, what planet or where it is or nothing. I just know I'm here now, and have to keep away from those men." I told them.

"So you really don't remember anything?" Matthew asked.

"Not much, and mostly what I do remember is my powers and its like I just know how to use them now. I didn't even know I had them until Keith almost died." I replied.

"Listen, this is what I do know, because my parents left me a recording. Something happened to the ship I was on, something really bad and they had to send me here to save my life. They...They're probably dead, but they sent us here to save us and that's all I know. I continued.

"You said us, what do you mean by us?" Matthew asked.

I took a deep breath and then told him

"They found me and another boy, unconscious in the woods, and took us to a hospital. They had to send the other boy to a special hospital in someplace called Los Angeles, but I stayed in the area where I was found. The recording said they sent the children to safety, not just me, and the doctor said the boy was like me, so he must be my brother."

"oh" was all Matthew said. Then he asked "what do you mean he was like you?"

"well he was dressed like me" I was going to stop there but I saw Keith was about to add to the conversation and decided to beat him to it

"and, well I guess I am a little different from other people on this planet, and so was this boy, at least I think I am."

Matthew looked at me oddly, before saying "different?"

"well I don't know for sure, but I have a penis and a vagina and so far people seem to think that's weird." I told him.

"a what? He asked.

"A boy's pee pee and a girl's pee pee" piped in Keith with a grin on his face.

Matthew spoke up "no one has both, you either have a weiner if you're a boy or you gots a thing if you're a girl."

Keith argued back "he's got both."

Matthew didn't look like he believed me and then Amanda spoke up "can we see them?"

Before I could answer Matthew sharply said "NO! you can't"

Why not? Amanda asked

"because" Matthew replied "you're too little."

"am not, and I seen yours, and I got a thing too, so there!"

I could tell he wasn't happy, but was also curious, but before I could say anything Keith once again chimed in with

"come on Danny show em!"

I looked at them, and Amanda said, "please," so I looked at Matthew, who nodded his head, although reluctantly it seemed. I waved my hand over myself leaving me standing there naked and then I lay down on the ground, opening my legs, so they could see clearly. Amanda and Matthew crowded around looking and Amanda reached down and touched my vagina; sliding her finger in and then back out, before reaching up and feeling my penis. Matthew reached down and touched my vagina, once she was gone and felt it for a bit, then he put his finger in and out a couple of times and said,

"its just like yours Mandy," before returning to what he was doing.

As Amanda released my now hard penis Matthew moved his hand up to it and grabbed it pulling the skin back and forth a few times while giving it a squeeze or two and then reluctantly, it seemed, released it.

They both stepped back, and I sat up, asking them "you done looking?" to which they both nodded their heads.

I stood up and once again clothed myself, and told them we should get going. Keith stood and took his penis out and let loose as we all watched. When he was finished and put away we once again headed out, this time talking quietly, back and forth.

"so you going to Los Angeles to find your brother?" Matthew asked after a few minutes.

"yea, I have to. They want him, and they are going to take him as soon as they can, so I have to get there first. He's hurt real bad, and I can help him." I told him.

He nodded his head and then we were quiet for a while. Amanda and Keith were talking quietly amongst themselves, but other than that, we settled into silence for the next little while. After walking for a good while, we decided to stop for a bit, and settled once again onto the ground. After we got our breath, and had relaxed for a minute, we dug into our packs, and got some water and food out to eat. It wasn't real good but it filled us up, as we ate it, after several made faces, at the taste. We all knew that this was it for food at least for now. After a while Matthew spoke up

"I guess its our turn now," and he looked around at us before taking a deep breath, and slowly continuing

"My mom married this guy, a few years ago. He was real mean, but mom said it would be ok.

It never was.

He hit me all the time, and stuff. I could deal with that cause I had to protect Amanda. He would hit her sometimes, but I could always stop him."

Amanda interrupted then saying, "he would get him to hit him instead."

Matthew blushed, but went on.

Well, yea, but I had to get him off you, and that was the only way to do it. He was real mean and he drank all the time, which just made him meaner."

I interrupted "but doesn't everyone have to drink?" which made Amanda laugh, and Matthew say


"Well you said that he drank which made him even meaner than he normally was, but doesn't everyone have to consume fluids?"

Matthew laughed, and said,

"those men are right, you are weird."

Now I was totally confused, because what he said didn't make sense, but he continued

"you know booze?" while I stared at him blankly.

Keith was laughing and in between giggles said

"Its stuff that tastes nasty and makes you feel really funny."

To which Matthew replied

"In his case it made him act meaner than he usually was."

"oh ok." I said

Matthew continued then, although we could all tell that this was difficult for him.

"Anyway he would drink and get even worse, I couldn't go to school sometimes, because of the bruises that he didn't want the school to see.

Ben was born 2 years ago, and mom was pregnant with another baby, about a year ago, when something went wrong and..." he stopped as he choked up with emotion.

It took him a minute and I reached over and put my arm around him, pulling him close to me. I could see Keith was hugging Amanda too, and that like her brother, she had tears running down her face. He took a ragged breath and then continued.

"Thanks" he told me but he didn't pull away so I kept him pulled tightly to me as he continued. I had been getting images from him and/or Amanda throughout this, but now they seemed to become even stronger in my mind. I could tell that Keith was seeing them too.

"Something went wrong, and she died, the baby that was in her too, they said it was too little to survive.

He didn't do much to Ben, up til then, cause mom was around him all the time, but he didn't like him crying all the time. After mom...well after mom died, we tried to keep Ben quiet so he wouldn't get mad, but it didn't help much.

He always yelled at us and said he hated us and wished we wasn't around. He said he didn't ever want us or Ben either but now he was stuck with us.

I think the only reason he stayed was because of the money he got for us from the state.

Then something changed, I don't know what happened, but one day he came in and headed for the bathroom and found Amanda in there taking a bath. He said he couldn't wait and told her not to look while he went pee, but she did. I was just outside the door in case he was going to hit her or something, and saw what happened next.

He was peeing and caught her looking at him and..."

And we were there.

***********************Remembrance*********ABUSIVE SCENES*************

The door opening and a heavyset man walking into the house grabbing himself.

"I gotta take a fucking piss like you won't believe" he said as he headed towards the back of the house, and the bathroom, smelling of booze. A small voice timidly saying

"Mandy's in there."

And his reply "well she can get the fuck out, I gotta go" and that small voice again "she's in the bathtub."

"Fuck that, then I can't wait no more, she can just not look" from the man.

Watching as he continued on his way to the bathroom. The baby sitting in a swing by the couch and the small boy following quietly in his wake trying not to be noticed.

The man was reaching down and fiddling with his pants, trying to free his penis from its confinement, before he wet himself.

Seeing the girl sitting in the bathtub as he came into the room and the boy taking station just outside the door where he could watch everything that went on, in case he started hitting the girl.

The man yelling at the girl.

"I gotta take a leak and I can't wait, so you don't look, ya hear."

And walking up to the toilet, with his penis in his hand letting loose a strong stream, along with a moan of relief.

The girl sitting there and trying not to look but being intensely curious, and not being able to resist, finally turning her head and watching as he peed.

Knowing he would get mad if he caught her, but unable to stop looking.

She thought it was so big and different from her brothers' whose penises were small and tiny in comparison.

The girl sitting there staring, when the inevitable happened and he looked over and caught her looking.

The pee flowing out of her in fear when he screamed

"what the fuck you looking at, I told ya not to look. You're nothing but a little wh..." and then man's voice tapering off as he looked at the girl and then back down to his now fully erect penis as the possibilities started going through his mind clearly evident on his face.

Seeing the grin come across his face as he asked her "you like what you see huh?" and when she didn't answer "I'm talking to you girl, you like it?" giving it a little shake.

The boy in hiding watching this, not understanding what was going on.

Knowing he was mad one moment, and the boy being sure he was going to hit his sister, and then being confused over his being nice now, not liking what was happening, but not knowing why.

The girl timidly saying "its so big"  in confusion over the sudden change in the man as the man finished peeing and shook it off.

The boy watching as the man instead of putting it away turned and walked over to his sister in the bathtub.

The girl staring at the man's penis in fascination not knowing what to do or say. She had been sure he was going to get mad and hit her but he stopped being angry, and was talking to her nice.

The man saying "you like that don't you? You want to touch it don't you?" and the girl mesmerized by the penis in front of her incapable of doing anything except nodding her head up and down once.

The confusion in the little girl's mind over what was happening, fear warring other emotions she couldn't identify.

The boy watching in disbelief as this went on but not knowing what to do, since he wasn't hurting her, and she seemed to want to do it.

The man telling her "go ahead and touch it then" his voice soft for the first time either of them could remember. "go on" he said again. "Grab it and touch it, play with it" he told her and she hesitantly reached out and touched it, then took it in her little hand squeezing it.

The boy watching, as sister touched it, and then brought her other hand up to play with it with both hands.

The girl fascinated by an adult's penis, starting to rub it like she did with her brother when they played.

The boy whose own penis was hard as a rock, as he watched his sister do with their step dad what she sometimes did with him.

The confusion in both their minds about what was happening but feeling overwhelmingly that anything had to be better than being hit and this certainly was.

The man moaning in pleasure as the small hands stimulated his organ saying "oh yea that feels so good, don't stop."

And the girl actually happy that she could do something that was making her stepfather happy for once.

The boy standing there in confusion, as he watched, his own hand down, massaging his penis, through his pants, without even realizing it, not understanding why his stepfather was actually being nice after all this time.

The girl enjoying this, wishing that her own thing was being touched like when her brother did it with her.

She really wanted it touched. Then pulling one hand away from his penis and putting it down into the water to rub down there on her young body, to ease the ache that was now present.

The man standing there not believing how good this felt, and then watching the young girl, putting a hand down into the water and starting to rub her tiny vagina.

"you're hot down there ain't ya?" he asked to which the little girl replied "yes" timidly.

The boy frantically rubbing his penis as he watched and it finally becoming too much for the man as he said "oh god yes, I got a little present for you" and the little girl watching in wonder as the man put his hand over hers making sure she didn't stop rubbing on his penis, moaning, and then feeling the rock hard penis get even harder and bigger, and feeling something coming up through the bottom as the man cried out. The both of them watching in wonder as gobs of thick white stuff came shooting out onto the little girl both frozen in shock at this turn of events not understanding it.

The man experiencing one of the most intense orgasms of his life, as he stood there breathing heavily, and trying to remain upright from the intense feelings.

Finally, watching the man stop the rubbing motion, and stagger away from the girl, putting his penis back away and heading towards the door.

The girl still sitting there frozen and the boy as well.

The man stopping and turning at the door telling her "thanks, maybe we could do it some more later," and the girl just nodding her head in disbelief.

The sudden fright as he started through the door and boy realized he was still there.

The fright turning into terror and then disbelief when the man stopped and looked at him and smiled saying

"guess you liked that huh? Go take a bath with your sister you both look like you need to have some fun too." And then the man walking down the hall into his bedroom, and shutting the door.

The boy coming into the bathroom, and seeing his sister still there.

Getting undressed and climbing into the bathtub with her.

The both of them examining the white stuff still running down her body.

Her reaching out to touch him, the way she had touched her stepfather, and he reaching out to touch that which she very much needed touched.

The intense pleasure they gave one another and then getting out finally afterwards and hugging each other. It had been one of the few things in their life that they had together, that was special that made them feel good, at least for a while, now he was in it.

Later that night, going in and getting undressed for bed, and crawling into bed only to experience fear, as the door opened a short time later to admit their stepfather.

The fear turning to uncertainty as he didn't scream or anything.

Then surprise when he came over and sat on the edge of their bed and turned on the small light next to their bed and with that light it showed his nakedness and something else it showed his hardness.

The girl's excitement at seeing it again and even the boy's instant erection as the man asked "you want to play some more?" in a soft voice.

The mixture of trepidation and excitement over what was happening in both their young bodies, as fingers and hands touched places on each of their bodies, that created the most wonderful of sensations.

The pleasure that coursed through the both of them that night was something they would never forget, along with the wonderment of discovering what their bodies were capable of feeling.

The uncertainty that existed as both the boy and girl tried to understand this new version of their stepfather, who seemed so gentle and caring, vs the one they had always known.

The constant fear that they would say or do something that would cause him to snap, as he always did, also kept them from fully enjoying this wonderful experience. The boy and girl finally experiencing blessed relief from not only the extraordinary tension, which had built in their bodies, demanding release, but from the tension carried within them throughout, when the man's white stuff once again blasted from his engorged organ, and he left them for the night, satiated and relieved that he was gone for all they had enjoyed his attentions.

The boy not trusting this change, and the girl's uncertainty over it. Both scared.

The girl being more willing to forgive in order to get the love any child needs so desperately, while the boy needing it no less was less trusting, because he was older and remembered better.

The disbelief and mistrust gradually easing over the next days and weeks as the new version of the stepfather seemed to take the place of the old one.

The wonder of the girl as the man touched her with his tongue for the first time and the exquisite pleasure that the boy found as the man took his small penis into his mouth for the first time were but one of many things they both marveled at in that time.

The fear that would grip them when the man would raise his voice and the wonder and disbelief when blows didn't follow as they always did.

As time went on they began to believe that things might actually be different.

The man who couldn't believe he was doing these things while at the same time being unable to resist them. He felt alive for the first time in many years and was determined to be nice to these children who were giving him such pleasure.

As the days and weeks went by, the man introduced all manner of things to the children, which they had never experienced before, never knew they could experience.

At first it was hands and then he showed them what a mouth and tongue could do.

The girl was shocked the first time, when after rubbing her for some time and then licking her down there the man had grabbed her and placed her over his penis. Gently sitting her down and pulling her into him she had at first been afraid but as her privates came into contact with his organ she had marveled at the feeling coursing through her as he moved her up and down on his penis. It was incredible, and the boy watching this, couldn't wait to try it with his sister sometime.

Equally incredible, for the boy, was when the man had put some slippery stuff on his finger, and gently started rubbing where the boy went poop from. It felt weird at first, but soon felt good. Then when the man pushed his finger up there, the boy almost died. Again it was a new feeling, and one he found that he loved.

As the time went by, the boy and the girl both practiced some of what the man had taught them, on him as well.

neither of them wanted to put his penis is their mouths but he was insistent, and they would lick and even suck a little bit. Eventually they both found that they liked to have their mouths on the end of it when the white stuff came out.

It should have been their first hint that maybe the new stepfather wasn't all that different from the old stepfather, but they didn't see it, didn't want to see it, and were praying that they didn't see it. They wanted love and attention so much, and finally thought they had found it.

They didn't think about the fact that he would get angry at them if they didn't suck it just the way he wanted them to.

Another hint which they didn't see, was the man trying to stick it up both of them and getting angry when they said no because it hurt.

He didn't hit them and he didn't get like before, so they dismissed it, rather than see it for an indication of what was to come.

The man liking what was going on but never, as the two children hoped, loving them.

It was all about him. Finally he had found something that they were good for and he was making the most of it. The only problem was he wanted more. It didn't matter if they were too young for what he wanted or didn't like it, he wanted it and he would get what he wanted, sooner or later. He didn't have to be nice after all.

The boy and girl having sex repeatedly with the man over those weeks, believing that finally, they were being loved by him which was something they had never had before, until finally the downward spiral of events which led to them being here now began to take place.

Watching as the man became more insistent with the children about performing certain acts, which the children couldn't or didn't want to perform.

The man couldn't be happy with a tongue licking him. He insisted that they put their mouths on it, and this would often cause them to choke, and once or twice, throw up.

The man becoming meaner and more and more like the man they had always known, when they wouldn't comply with his demands.

The boy trying to take on the onerous tasks for his sister. She couldn't even fit more than the end, in her mouth, and so the boy would often volunteer to do it when she cried.

Finally, the man repeatedly trying to force his penis in the girl's vagina, or the boy's back hole, without success. The man being cruel, and leaving, saying mean things, when they wouldn't perform to his expectations, not doing anything with them for a day or two, and then coming back more insistent than before.

The boy and girl going from anticipation of what was to come, to dread each day, as they made their way home from school much the same as before, only worse now.

Eventually, mean things being said, wasn't enough, and blows would rain down on either the boy or girl, as the case may be in a particular circumstance, sometimes on both, at first not much but increasingly more. The old stepfather was coming back with a vengeance, only this time, much worse, because they were afraid of what he would do to their private places.

And finally, the boy coming home from school one day last week, to hear crying and pleas, coming from his sister.

The boy running into the house and to the bedroom where the piteous sounds were emanating from, to find the man forcing his penis in his sister's mouth, seeing the blood trickling down her mouth from a split lip smelling the booze and hearing the man saying in a cruel voice

"You're gonna take it all, you little bitch whore."

The boy running into the room screaming

"STOP IT, LEAVE HER ALONE!" and the man turning and striking the boy in the face.

The boy falling backwards and landing hard and the girl accidentally biting down causing the man to start screaming at her and then backhanding her across the face as he grabbed his injured and now soft member.

The man's moans of pain mixed in with those of the boy and girl as he stumbled from the room and his final comment which struck fear into both of the children's hearts.

"you just wait you fucking little bitch, you too" to the boy as he passed them and slammed the door.

He had been drinking and fortunately for the both of them, he soon drank himself to oblivion, and didn't bother them for quite some time.

The boy and girl talking quietly about what to do, and not being able to think of anything at all.

Just being scared of when or if he would come back.

Knowing that he would.

Of sitting in their room all afternoon, and evening, into the night only coming out to use the bathroom, if they couldn't hold it anymore, and once, to sneak into the den, to get Benny and themselves some food.

Too scared to do anything other than pray that he wouldn't wake up.

Finally, after a long night, they fell asleep but not by choice as they intended to remain awake in case he returned, only to be woken sometime in the night to him staggering down the hall and hitting the walls as he made his way.

Listening in terror as he approached their room and then sighing in relief as he stumbled past.

Listening as what he was heading for became obvious with the stream hitting the water.

Listening and wondering if it would ever end as it seemed he was going to pee forever and then terror once again as it did end.

Listening as he staggered out of the bathroom and terror once again as he approached their door.

Silent prayers that as before he would keep going and not stop.

Fear as he did.

Terror as he slammed the door open and staggered in saying

"It's hard and you're going make it soft or I'm going kill you, you hear me."

Watching, barely able to breathe as he came into the room.

Noticing that he hadn't put it away from going to the bathroom and seeing it sticking out of his pants hard and angry looking as he walked over to where they were sitting huddled together.

"well you hear me" he said as he came up to them and shook it in their faces.

"suck it off" he yelled as they reached for it with their hands.

Overwhelming fear as they glanced briefly at each other and wondered how they were going to do it as they had never been able to before this.

The enjoyment was gone now for both of them and had been for some time, all that was left was fear, fear of what he would do to them next. The boy and girl realizing this and at the same time that there had never been the love they so desperately were looking for, so desperately had believed was coming to exist from their stepfather, he had just been hurting them in a different way.

The boy hesitantly lowering his head down as the man yelled again

"suck it or you're gonna get it good this time"

Watching as the man grabbed the boy's head and forced it down on his engorged organ, watching as the girl put her head down and began licking everywhere she could trying to cover what her brother couldn't, each desperate to placate the man.

The choking sounds coming from the boy's throat, as the adult penis was being forcibly rammed into his mouth, deeper and deeper.

The shame and humiliation which they both felt at this latest violation, coupled with the ever present fear with which they had started living with once again.

Watching as the man thrust his hips faster and faster keeping a tight grip throughout on the boy's head.

Feeling the boy gagging, choking, praying he could finish before he threw up, feeling his despair when he finally realized that he couldn't hold it back anymore and could feel it coming up.

The disgust as the vomit came out all around the man's penis and all over himself.

And once again the fear as the man bellowed

"fucking faggot" as he pushed the boy's head roughly away and struck him in the head with his fist as he was falling backwards onto the bed.

The pain and dizziness that hit him and feeling himself vomiting once again from the blow to the head as he lay staring up at everything swirling around him.

The girl becoming even more terrified as she watched her brother being hit and falling back but not getting up.

The terror becoming unbearable, and the shame and embarrassment multiplying as she felt her bladder give way in fear, as the man grabbed onto her head and said,

"your turn bitch" as he forced her head down and her mouth onto his penis.

The girl feeling it forcefully slammed into her mouth as he yelled "you better do it right" as she tried not to choke while feeling the warm pee trickling still from her in fear.

The girl reaching up to grab onto his penis in an effort to make him soft as quickly as possible.

The boy regaining his senses, because of his sister's muffled cries, and trying to sit up to help.

The girl doing it as well as she could and the man screaming at her that she had to do it better.

The man ramming it down her throat and thrusting it in and out over and over again.

The girl finally retreating into another world where this wasn't happening.

The boy, too dizzy to do anything to help his sister.

Watching as finally the man started groaning and saying things, nasty things and then with one gigantic thrust it was over.

The man sliding it in and out of her bloody mouth a few more times before pushing her back and turning to stagger from the room.

The girl collapsing onto the bed crying hysterically and the boy putting his hand out to rub her back and try to comfort her.

Both of them eventually due to the emotional turmoil they had endured essentially passing out in their own waste and vomit as the girl wasn't the only one to wet themselves that night.

Waking the next morning, in filth, and sore from being struck and abused both carefully got up, and went looking for their tormentor to find him passed out on the living room couch. 

With that discovery, they headed back and cleaned up everything the best they could, before going into the bathroom to clean themselves.

When they were done, they took care of Ben, and then went off to school, the girl in pain, from her mouth still, and the boy's head still aching.

Both in their own ways, for the thousandth time wondered what they had ever done to deserve this.

Both also wondered how they were going to make it through another day.

The boy began to think it was a bad dream as once again he heard his sister's cries as he came up to the house and the cries turned louder as he entered the front door.

He once again ran for the bedroom to find his stepfather naked and trying to put it in his sister. She was screaming for him to stop and he was yelling at her.

The girl who had snuck into the house as quietly as she could and went to her room to avoid detection, found out quickly that she hadn't, as he came bursting into her room, seconds after she had shut the door asking

"and just where do you think you're going you little bitch?"

The fear, which she had felt mounting the entire way home from school, dissipating upon making it safely to her room unnoticed, but then quickly returning, only magnified a thousand times when he entered.

The fear easing a little as he told her very gently to take off her clothes, while he started removing his.

It stayed muted until he started walking towards her while rubbing his penis, which was already hard and he told her,

"I told you I was going to give it to you good today, you little bitch, so now you're gonna take this up where it belongs, from now on" as he grabbed her, and pushed her back towards the bed, she felt herself peeing and going poo on herself, which caused tears to flow in shame and humiliation, while she was crying.

"No! Please, no!" over and over again, knowing what he was going to do.

The fear was long gone, and pure terror had taken its place now.

The girl tried to fight him off, but of course, was no match with the adult, and all she could do was scream, 'no' and 'please' over and over again, through her sobs, as he pushed her on the bed and forced her legs apart.

She was lying in her own waste, as he got on top of her, and started trying to force his organ into her tiny hole.

She remembered weeks ago when it was his finger and how he had rubbed it and licked it for a long time making her feel really good, and then told her how it would hurt at first but then feel real good.

She had instinctively wanted something up there and when he pushed his finger in it had hurt real bad at first, but soon was feeling great. Even so, she remembered the pain of one finger, and knew that his thing would never go in there, without really hurting her bad.

The man couldn't seem to keep it from slipping every time he tried to force it in for a while, which just got him madder.

Finally, he took it out on the little girl, striking her in the face a couple of times, while yelling at her to stop moving away, and went back to trying to force a much larger object into a hole that was way too small for it.

We all watched, as the boy ran into the room, just as the man shoved it once again against the hole, while pulling the girls hips into him. This time he was in luck as it started to go in.

We felt the agony, the searing, the tearing burning pain, as the intruder gained a small bit of access to her.

We saw the boy run into the room and felt his desperation and fear, as the man thrust forward and the girl emitted a piercing scream of pure agony.

Then we felt as the fear and desperation was changed, or maybe added onto, with pure rage.

The boy had paused for a moment when he came into the room but with the scream, all thought except for his sister left him, and he launched himself screaming, onto the man's back beating him with his small fists, in an attempt to save his sister.

It was a futile gesture, when comparing the two, but it had the desired effect, at least for the moment, as the man bellowed in surprise, standing up and throwing the small boy from his back across the room into the wall.

The man turning and snarling "you're gonna get it up the ass next, boy" while standing there looking at him.

The boy feeling himself flying through the air suddenly and then pain, pure pain as he struck the wall. He felt himself sliding down the wall and things started to go black, as he begged no, no.

He had to save his sister.

He could blearily see the man standing there smiling and chills ran down his back when he heard the man's threat.

He knew he would do it too.

The girl's relief when she realized her brother was there and then fear for him, as he jumped on the man's back.

The fear turning from terror, for herself to terror for him, as she watched the man fling him across the room.

The chill that ran through her as she heard the thud of her brother hitting the wall and going ice cold at the man's next words.

The horror from both of them as the man turned back and asked

"now where was I?" as he started back towards the girl while the boy tried desperately to remain conscious.



Ok this is the chapter from hell I have been speaking about it and it, as well as what is to come, have taken a lot out of me to write. What I was aiming for was a combination of being there by having the kids sharing their thoughts, while at the same time looking on, as if an observer to the events which is also what they were. A surreal quality to it as Danny and Keith experience both the thoughts and feelings that Amanda and Matthew experienced but from outside watching, as well. That is why the odd disjointed narrative style was used. Also I attempted to incorporate realism into this from the terror a child would experience, from the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, to the desperate need, such a child has, to be loved and to receive attention. How that child often sees sexual abuse as that love and attention they have been looking for, even though it isn't. Also how a child would be determined to look, in any type of attention for something positive, overlooking a lot, in order to convince themselves they were actually getting it finally, because they want it and need it so much. Yes, at times they did enjoy it, but it was out of that need, rather from actually being loved, in a way, that might have included some type of sexual contact. Mostly I hoped to get across their confusion, and not understanding of what was going on, along with the fear, which they got to ignore, for a while in their search, until it became impossible to ignore any longer, and the inevitable explosion occurred. I hope that I was able to succeed at least a little in my effort. Until next time...DS

Editor's Note;

As the person charged with the task of checking this text for errors and continuity, I found this chapter to be the most difficult editing assignment I have ever had. I will say, however, that this particular chapter brought out some insight into the minds of the children as well as the abusive adult, which is something that, hopefully can teach us a lesson as onlookers, those of us who see a child with downcast looks and what seems to be a dreary sad child. We need to observe a child like that, and keep watching.  Don't ignore the signs and assume that everything will be alright.

Sorry to have to say this, but situations like this happen far too often to let it just pass by you and let your conscience be free. It is the responsibility of any adult who is looking after the welfare of any child to observe, and try to understand the feelings of children. All children deserve to have a happy and at least cared for existence. No one deserves to be abused physically, verbally, or sexually. It is our responsibility as adults to make sure it doesn't happen to any child. There should be no exceptions.

Sorry! I will get down off my soap box now. Thank you D.S. For allowing me to shoot off my big mouth. I just hope some people take it to heart and try to help.

As I said it was a difficult assignment, but I really am glad I had the opportunity to do this. It is important.

Your faithful editor,


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