A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

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< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah




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The first part of this chapter as well as the last one were probably, I would have to say, the hardest, for me to write. These chapters contain the abuse scenes which I mentioned in the above note. I will have more to say about them, in the end notes, but let me reiterate that the scenes described within, are NOT meant to excite anyone, and if they do, I feel truly sorry for you, get help.

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Also contains sexual material later in chapter. 




From Chapter 10


The boy feeling himself flying through the air suddenly and then pain, pure pain as he struck the wall. He felt himself sliding down the wall and things started to go black as he begged no, no.

He had to save his sister.

He could blearily see the man standing there smiling and chills ran down his back when he heard the man's threat.

He knew he would do it too.

The girl's relief when she realized her brother was there and then fear for him as he jumped on the man's back.

The fear turning from terror for herself to terror for him as she watched the man fling him across the room.

The chill that ran through her as she heard the thud of her brother hitting the wall and going ice cold at the man's next words.

The horror from both of them as the man turned back and asked

"now where was I?" as he started back towards the girl while the boy tried desperately to remain conscious.



Chapter 11


The man was coming back, now, and the girl desperately tried to get away; scrambling backwards from him as he approached, while the boy was trying equally desperately to get himself to his feet, to save his sister.

The man was angry at being interrupted, and he tried to grab onto the girl's foot, but she got it out of his reach, just in time; slipping over the other side of the bed.

The girl knew she couldn't get past the man, but she tried to keep away from him anyway, although she knew that he would get her eventually.

The boy could barely stay aware of what was happening as things went in and out of focus for him, as he watched his sister evade the man, again and again.

He knew that she wouldn't be able to keep it up for long.

He watched as the man screamed threats at her, and kept trying to get up.

Finally, fate happened, as the man caught her and threw her roughly to the floor, and followed her down, forcing her legs open, once again, trying to get into her small body.

The boy had managed to get up somehow, but could barely stand.

Everything hurt, his vision was blurry, and things just wouldn't stay still.

Things got a little clearer when he heard the cry from his sister, and even more so, when he heard the scream, as he got it back inside her to some degree.

The girl could feel him trying to get it in, but like the last time, he was having trouble.

What she didn't realize, was the blood coming from there was helping him this time, and rather quickly, she felt him forcing it in her and as she screamed he said,

"Oh yea! You like that, don't you, you little slut?" as he shoved harder tearing into her some more.

What neither knew, was that with his sister's scream, the boy had rage once again, to focus upon, and as he saw what was happening, he grabbed the nearest thing he could get his hands on which was his soccer trophy. He staggered over to his step-father, and struck him with it, as hard as he could, in the head.

He watched as the man froze, making a strangled noise in his throat, and started to turn his head to look at him, and then swung the object once again, this time, connecting with the side of his head and watched, with satisfaction, as his stepfather crumpled onto his sister, not moving.

The girl, experiencing agony as her most private parts were torn apart, gasped in relief, as the pressure against them suddenly stopped, then she didn't know what to think, as with a strangled sound followed by a thud, the man fell on top of her.

Shock, at everything, left her motionless, and speechless.

The girl went from terror and horror to disbelief, as the agony seemed to come to an end.

If only it proved to be true.

She waited and waited to see if it was going to start again and when it didn't, she finally screwed up the courage to try to get out from under the man.

The boy found that once he had accomplished his task, and he was sure the danger was over, that all energy left him, as if he were a balloon being popped. He felt his legs giving out, and everything swimming, before he felt himself falling, and blackness overwhelmed him.

Images moved rapidly, showing her finally getting free, of going to her brother in fear that he was dead, and then relief, at seeing him breathing, which was short lived, when she couldn't wake him. Of her wrapping her arms around him, and crying onto his chest, and finally, after the ordeal she had been through, falling asleep, in complete exhaustion, once again.

Of the boy waking up, hurting all over, and his head pounding. Still dizzy and things still swimming around, refusing to stay still as he tried to remember what happened.

Then realizing that his sister was lying on him asleep and what had happened he sat up quickly, dislodging her in the process, as fear coursed through his body. The dizziness and nausea gripping him, as he tried to keep from throwing up, and finally pulling himself over to the edge of the bed, where he lost the battle heaving onto the man, still lying there, not moving.

The sister being rudely awakened by the startled boy, and sitting up in confusion for a moment, before the memories overtook her and the fear jolted her fully awake.

Watching as her brother pulled himself to the edge of the bed and started throwing up.

Looking over the edge and seeing the man.

She felt tears running down her face, as everything the man had done to her came back to her, along with the pain from her injuries.

Feeling the worry about her brother, and the fear of what would happen if the man woke up.

Watching as the boy recovered somewhat, and talked with his sister. Seeing them look at the man, and finally deciding they had to leave, no matter what happened to them.

Watching with agony, as they realized there was no way to take Ben with them.

Looking on as they both went to the bathroom, and stripped, getting into the shower together, and washing themselves clean, of more than just the filth, which coated their bodies.

Seeing the damage and the blood still oozing from her violated inner parts and feeling the rage which went through the boy at seeing that.

Seeing them get out of the shower, and gather some clothes for each of them, and then the girl putting a wash cloth inside her underwear, because she couldn't figure out how to put a band-aid on what was hurt.

Watching as they put some crackers, and other food in their backpack, before going and getting little Ben.

Watching as they changed him and filled a diaper bag all the while with tears running down their faces that didn't abate as they set him in his car seat and took him outside.

Watching as they ran down the road to the next house, staying in the shadows and bushes the whole while, so as to not be seen.

Finally, watching as they stopped in some bushes outside the nearest neighbor's house, exhausted with carrying a 2 year old in a car seat for some distance.

Watching as they prayed that Ben would stay silent, telling him over and over again to not make noise.

Knowing that he probably wouldn't, he had learned that lesson well even at two.

Watching as they said their goodbyes, and gave the baby kisses, and then as they carried him to the front porch of the house. They sat him down gently, and he must have sensed something as he was fussing already and as soon as they set him down he started screaming. A quick pounding on the door although with Ben screaming, they had probably already been notified of someone's presence, and running back into the trees to escape notice.

The boy and girl staying hidden but unwilling to leave, until they were sure their little brother was safe. The two of them watching as a boy came to the door and then yelling for his dad. Watching as a man came to the door and turned on the porch light, then taking a good look. His exclamation as he opened the door, and yelled for his wife to come here, and then as they picked him up and took him back into the house, concern and worry evident on their faces, along with bewilderment as to who this child was and where he came from.

Watching and feeling as a piece of the hearts of two small children broke even further, with the perceived abandonment of their brother.

Watching as the boy and girl ran, once it was safe and kept running until they couldn't go on any more.

Watching as it turned into walking until they crawled into some bushes in exhaustion and fell asleep.

Watching as the boy and girl woke up, and kept running until they couldn't any more, and just walked until once again in exhaustion and pain they collapsed yet again, in sleep.

Watching as the cycle repeated itself, running, walking, exhausted slumber and running again until finally they came to the building where we escaped to taking some time to rest and recuperate from their ordeal.

Watching and feeling their fear at the strange noises they suddenly heard.

Watching and feeling their fear turn into terror as the door opened and two figures entered their refuge.

***************End Remembrance********************

And then the strands which had weaved to tie us together slowly started separating until we were each back in our own minds except for one single strong cord which I could sense tied us together still and somehow I knew would continue to do so for always.  

We were separate but one, we could each feel the other, and as we came back to ourselves I looked up to see the tears running down all of our faces at what our newest siblings had had to endure.

I was still holding Matthew, now even closer than before, and Keith was curled up with Amanda, holding onto her.

I didn't understand how what had happened had actually happened, but it had, and Matthew looked around at me and said with a sense of wonder in his voice,

"you were there too, I could feel you" then, as he looked around at the others "I could feel all of you, I still can."

I told him "I know, I don't know how, but we were all together through that. It brought us together here" I said pointing to my heart and then his.

He nodded his head as Amanda watched.

I could feel her shame now at knowing what we had witnessed and I quickly reached out to her and told her

"Don't! Amanda, it wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong." But she just hung her head.

"Amanda" I said to her.

"Listen to me, I don't know a lot of stuff, but I do know that adults aren't supposed to hurt a child like that. What he..."

She looked up at me and screamed "but I wanted it.." and broke down in sobs as she continued "I...I liked it."

I pulled her to me and wrapped her in my arms and felt Matthew and Keith joining in the hug as I told her,

"Did you like everything he was doing to you the whole time?"

I felt her head shake no as the sobbing wracked her body and responded.

"You need to listen to me. When you wanted to do stuff that was ok, but it stopped being ok, the minute he tried doing something you didn't want. Do you understand me? If someone wants to do stuff, its ok, but when he started forcing you, and you didn't like it anymore, and didn't want to do it anymore, and he wouldn't stop, then that's when it became bad, and him not stopping isn't your fault. It doesn't matter if you liked it at first. He never loved you he just used you to make himself feel good, that wasn't your fault."

Her head came up and tears were still running down her cheeks as she said


"yes, really!" I told her. "As soon as you didn't want to do it, he should have stopped right then and there, no questions asked. Doing something with someone, even if you like it, doesn't mean they get to keep doing it with you, if you want to stop. Look Mandy, if you ask me to rub you right now and I do and you start rubbing me and then two minutes from now you say you don't want to anymore, then I should stop, and say ok. It doesn't mean I'll like stopping, but its not only my decision to make, it yours too. If I don't stop, then I am doing something wrong. ME not you. Understand?"

"I guess so." She said quietly.

Even though her voice didn't sound too sure, her thoughts said differently, and I knew she got it. It would need to be told to her again and again, I somehow knew from what she was thinking and feeling, but at least it was a start.

"Not only that he didn't do any of it out of love for you and Matty, just for himself, and that made it wrong." I added to her.

Now it was Matthew's turn. I turned to him and said

"you did all you could do, and then some. It wasn't your fault either."

"But I..." and I interrupted him

"no BUTS, you did all you could do, and then some. You couldn't stop it even though you tried. No one can possibly think that any little boy could do more than you did, and most wouldn't do as much as you did either." I told him

I was surprised when a small voice spoke up

"you got hurt on purpose to keep him from hurting me, you're the bestest big brother in the world." Amanda said to him.

Tears were once again running down his face, as his own sobs began, and through them, brokenly,

"I..I tried so...so hard...I did...but...but...I couldn't...couldn't stop him." he got out.

I started to say something to him when once again a small voice beat me to it

"I know you did, Matty but it wasn't your fault anymore than it was mine, for the stuff he did." Amanda told him.

"She's right." I said.

"No one will ever hurt you again, you're my big brother and sister now. I promise." Keith surprised me by saying.

I looked at him and saw the seriousness in his face and I realized that after what we had shared together he was right.

"And you both are my brother and sister now, as well, and Keith is right, NO ONE will ever hurt you again." I said this time with all the feeling inside of me put into that statement.

Both of their heads had come up when Keith started speaking, and they had been looking back and forth between us, but now they each looked deeply into Keith's eyes, and then mine, before Matthew said,

"you really mean that don't you?"

We both said "YES!" at the same time and backed it up with our minds, and more importantly our hearts, letting them feel our sincerity. This was followed by hugs from both of them.

As they settled down, Matthew asked "I know you said you have powers and all but can you really, you know, protect us?"

I just looked at him and extended my hand saying

"watch" as both turned to look at where I was pointing.

With a small wave of my hand a large tree some distance from us exploded into nothingness before their eyes.

They turned shocked faces towards me, and didn't say anything for a moment, then Matthew said it all,

"Holy Shit"

"I take it that's a good thing?" I said to them

To which they replied that it was.

Matthew asked "What now?"

"We keep going, we get our littlest brother back and a friend gave us the name of a person to contact. I'm just not sure how to do it." I said.

"What do you mean?" Matthew asked.

"Well he told us to call her but I don't understand how. I don't think just saying her name out loud is going to find her, although maybe he..." and I trailed off as laughter broke out around me.

"What?" I asked

They couldn't stop laughing. "What?" I asked again

Between giggles and attempts to speak finally Matthew got it out

"he (giggle) meant (giggle, giggle) to call her (giggle) on the phone."

And more laughing.

When they finally settled down I asked "what's a phone?" which set them off into more laughter.

It was Keith this time who managed to say

"its this thing that lets you talk to people."

I wasn't sure I got it but then Keith surprised me by adding images and thoughts into my mind as well.

My surprise only increased as I felt Matthew and Amanda chime in with further explanations all in my mind.

The funny thing was that they seemed equally surprised and even shocked that they were doing it and as they finished they both asked

"How'd we do that?"

I shook my head and wasn't sure how to answer them.

Maybe people on this planet had the same powers as I did or something like them at least.

As I was thinking that they all started shaking their heads no and Amanda said

"no one can talk to each other like that."

That was strange and I didn't know what to think about it but we decided that we should get going, but before we set out through the woods once again, there was something that I needed to do.

I looked at Matt and Mandy and said,

"I need to look at both of you before we go."

Which got confused looks from both of them.

Finally I said "You were hurt and I can heal you, I need to look at you to see what's wrong."

They kind of looked embarrassed but nodded their heads finally, and I motioned to Mandy first. She came closer and I told her

"I am going to have to take off your clothes, ok?"

She just nodded her head and I waved my hand in front of her leaving her naked.

She moved her hands down to cover herself but I said silently

*Its ok*

she smiled shyly and slowly removed her hands. I placed my hands out to her, and slowly reached into her, sinking myself deeper and deeper, feeling where things were wrong, and then pushing myself into those areas, making it right once again. After a short while, the healing was complete, and I slowly pulled myself back from her being, until we were once again separate. She looked at me with a look of wonder on her face.

"I felt you, in here."  "She said placing her hand over her heart.

I just smiled and nodded my head. I started to wave my hand towards her to return her clothes back to her when she said

"wait, umm, could...I mean would it be alright if I got stuff like you and Keith?"

She looked uncertain as she asked but I just smiled at her and waved my hand adding something special for her as well.

As I waved my hand a soft glow enveloped her body as well as a warmth surrounding her and her face was filled with wonder as the glow began to dissipate and left her standing there in an outfit similar to mine and Keith's, but with added gold trim around it and stars and planets on the outside of the cloak.

The outfit itself had black and gold accents on the off white/tan coloring which really made it look nice.

She looked down at herself in wonder, and the smile on her face was worth it as she twirled around with the cloak billowing around her.

Giggles escaped her as she marveled in the new clothes and I was glad that I was able to lighten her mood with this.

Matt was looking on with a huge smile on his face, and when he saw me looking, I felt the thanks flowing from him for doing this,

I just nodded my head and said

"you ready."

He didn't say anything, but simply walked over to me and I once again waved my hand leaving him naked, but before I could start Mandy said

"Danny these are so nice, thank you, but can you make yours look the same so we all have the same?"

I looked at her and said

"If you're sure and Matt wants it, I would be happy to." And she replied "Yes."

I looked at Matt and he said

I was going to ask you if you could, I would really like it" in a soft shy voice

"I would be happy to.

I concentrated for a moment and Keith was enveloped in the same glow and warmth and when the glow faded was wearing a matching outfit.

I then turned back to Matthew and had him come over to me repeating the process I had just completed on his sister.

Different areas were hurt, and he actually had more damage, especially in his head, than his sister, but soon everything in his body was healed and I slowly withdrew again.

I could feel our bond strengthen even more, as once again we were finally separate. The single strong cord was now a weave of strong cords tying all of us together.

As I was thinking this I felt fear course through Matthew and returned myself to the here and now to see him holding his penis with a look of panic on his face.

"Matt, what's wrong?" I asked quickly and he looked up scared to death saying

"you did something to my dick. What did you do to my dick?"

I looked at him completely puzzled as he said that, I didn't know what he was talking about.

"I didn't do anything, I healed you is all." I said

"It looks different" Amanda said.

Keith had walked over and was looking at Matt's penis intently before finally saying

"It looks like mine and Danny's now."

I looked at Keith and then back at Matthew before asking completely confused

"Doesn't everyone's look the same?"

"Mine never looked like this, what did you do?" he asked yet again still having the edge of panic in his voice.

"I don't know Matt,

I just went in and fixed whatever I found damaged."

"well there wasn't nothing wrong with it before, it worked just fine." He said sharply.

"Look Matt, I don't know what to say. I don't know what's wrong." I said.

Keith spoke up then "I don't think he had the skin on his before is what's wrong. Did you? He asked Matt.

Matt shook his head before saying "it didn't look like this" and looking at us piteously.

Keith then reached down and opened his pants pulling his penis out showing it to Matt and saying

"see it looks just like mine now. Did it look like this before?" and pulled the skin all the way back leaving what appeared to be a different one in its place.

Matthew looked at it and said

"yes it looked like that" before looking back down at his and gently tugging the skin backwards until it was all the way down.

"It looked like this" he said before turning back to me and asking

"why did you put more skin there, it don't belong there."

I was shaking my head when Amanda spoke up and said

"wait, Matt. You remember that boy who you told me about who had skin on his thing and you were telling me how weird it looked and all? Well you remember how you said he told you that most parents cut it off when a boy is a baby and he didn't have his cut off?"

Matthew was nodding his head and started to say

"Yea, Yea, Mandy, you're right and mine was cut off when I was a baby and he healed anything he found wrong so he healed it. Wow this is what it would look like if I hadn't had it cut off then. Right Danny?" he asked

"I guess, I'm really sorry Matthew I didn't realize, I was just trying to..." I was saying when he interrupted

"It's ok, it just kind of freaked me out is all." He told me.

I was really worried that I had hurt him somehow and was still confused about what I had done. I guess he sensed this as he came over and pulled me into a hug and said once again

"Its ok really." And then went back to examining his penis.

I watched as he looked it over real good pulling the skin back and forth repeatedly in wonder.

Amanda was watching intently and I could tell she was waiting her turn to get to examine it as well. After spending several minutes trying out his new skin he laid back and let Amanda take her turn saying,

"It feels real good with the extra skin like this, it makes rubbing it a lot better."

He had been hard for a while and I guess he was feeling pretty good by the time Amanda got to it as he gasped as she took hold of his penis.

I watched as Keith sat there touching himself while he was watching the two siblings, he had never put it away after taking it out to show Matthew.

I was hard myself and throughout it all could feel the arousal that Matt and the rest were feeling.

Amanda examined it quite carefully and in the process stimulated him even more.

I couldn't resist and removed my clothes which got smiles from the others as Amanda stopped briefly to remove her own clothing and then went back to her brother.

I took one hand and started in on my penis while with the other I rubbed my vagina that no one seemed to have on this world.

Matthew meanwhile had started to touch his sister and she was moaning as he pleasured her.

Somehow while we all shared the feelings coursing through our bodies with each other, we also knew that this was something special for just Matthew and Amanda to share and we didn't even think of joining with them.

It was a time for them to reclaim what had been taken from them.

They both needed this, and it was part of the healing process, and we let them begin the journey together as was fitting.

The feelings we experienced were incredible and unbelievable.

It was what Keith and I had experienced earlier only more so.

It was as if Amanda's hand was on my penis while Matthew's was touching my vagina.

It was incredible as we each felt what the other was feeling.

What happened next shocked me, as Amanda bent down and pulling the skin back placed Matthew in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down rapidly.

The feelings were intense for Matthew, but before he could get over the shock of it she just as quickly came off of him and then stunning everyone moved up over Matthew's penis and sat down quickly.

Before he could realize what she was planning she was already on him with his penis buried deeply inside her.

There was a frantic need in her now and Matthew started to protest crying out

"Mandy" but Amanda just said "shhh" as she started moving up and down and he, as well as the rest of us, could feel her intense pleasure at having him inside of her, and he let it go and just loved her.

We all approached that final feeling together and we all exploded in pleasure at the same moment, so intensely that everything went dark for us for a while, and when we woke, it was to the most delicious feelings, running through all of us, as we came down from the mountain we had just scaled.

We all curled up together and enjoyed the feelings drifting off into short nap completely at peace at that moment.

When we woke we were all smiling with the memory of what we had experienced. Once everyone had been assured that Amanda was ok, down there, the conversation turned to discussing the experience and how great it was.

"Mandy," Matt started to say, but Amanda cut him off as we all watched.

"It's mine again, Matty, not his, mine!" she told him with a fierce voice that brooked no argument.

We all understood, not only what was spoken but by what wasn't. The man had taken that which was her most private thing away from her and made it his to use as he pleased.

In the things she had done with her brother such a short time ago she had taken it back and made it hers again.

It was necessary for her, if she was to begin to heal completely from what had happened to her.

That was hers and hers alone to give or not give, and she had made the decision this time, and done it in love and from love completely, without reservation and the wound which had been there began to heal, with the intense pleasure that had enveloped her at the end.

It was the completion of one thing and the beginning of another, healing.

Everyone went to the bathroom and then got dressed and I finally got to give a set of clothes to Matthew and myself and off we went to continue our journey.

The next shock which I received was when Keith had to go to the bathroom.

We all stopped and waited as he went off to the side of the clearing and asked me to remove his clothes which I did.

He squatted to do his business and was just standing up after finishing when I felt his alarm followed immediately by his scream of


Before I could even move, he shouted "NO" and stuck out his hand towards me.

I turned and saw a wolf in mid-jump heading right at me suddenly go flying backwards through the air.

Both Amanda and Matthew were scrambling to their feet in panic and froze watching this as did I.

I looked back at Keith to see him sinking to the ground and I ran over to him while erecting shields around all of us.

"Keith!" I called as I reached his side. "Keith," I fell to my knees and reached out to him pulling him into my lap.

"Keith, Keith are you ok?" I asked

He looked up at me and said

"I'm ok, how'd I do that?"

I shook my head, I had no idea, and answered

"What happened?"

"I'm sleepy." He said and then drifted off in my arms.

I couldn't feel anything wrong with him as I scanned his body so he didn't seem to be hurt any, but he had scared me to death.

Matt and Mandy had come up and were standing around with worried looks on their faces.

I looked around but the wolf had apparently decided that it might be best to go elsewhere for lunch and they both asked

"what happened? Is he ok?"

I shook my head and told them "I don't know what happened but I think he's fine. Just sleepy he said. It looked like he pushed the wolf away. Now he is sleeping."

They sat down and we talked for a while but finally decided to take a nap with Keith.

We all laid down together with me still holding Keith in my arms.

Sometime later I woke and found Keith sitting there looking at me.

"Are you ok?" I asked with concern and he answered "yea, I'm fine, how'd I do that?"

I shook my head again and told him I didn't know and he said

"I was really scared the wolf was gonna eat you, Danny."

I asked him "can you tell me what happened?"

He scrunched up his face and said,

"Well, I was gittin up, you know, when I was finished and I saw the wolf, and then I yelled at you and it jumped, and it was gonna eat you, and I was really scared it was gonna eat ya, and then, I was thinking I wanted it to go away and not to eat you, and it did and then I got real sleepy and I went to sleep."

Wow, he can talk fast. "well Keith, I don't know how you did it, but it seems like maybe you got some of my powers somehow."

"Cool do you think we'll all get powers and stuff?" I heard and turned to find Matt and Mandy awake and watching us.

"I don't know, I don't understand a lot still, so I can't say what's happening." I told them.

"Its cool Danny, you'll remember someday don't worry." Matthew said, trying to comfort me.

"I hope so, we better get going. I said and then "thanks" I told Matthew which got me a shy smile.

We headed out once again, and the funny thing is that while we had some idea of what we wanted to do, we didn't know where we were or where we were going, except away from where we were.

We knew we wanted to get Ben and we knew we wanted to get to LA and we knew we wanted to get to call this person but that is all we knew.

We walked and talked and slept and even occasionally played for a couple of days and became even closer, if possible.

Our minds were linked together, and oftentimes we went for hours without speaking in any way but in our minds to each other.

We didn't encounter anyone, although one day Keith saw something in the air far, far back the way we had come and we thought it might be looking for us.

That kept us on edge for a while, but we didn't see anything else and soon started to relax once again. It was on the fourth day since we had left the building that things changed.


Well that completes the two chapters. I won't say I hoped you enjoyed them because you weren't supposed to but maybe you understood them which is the point I suppose. They were supposed to make you uncomfortable, shocked and horrified if I succeeded in my efforts. They did me as I wrote them. The bond that the four shared while experiencing these memories is one that now ties them together more thoroughly than anything else could ever hope to achieve. Keith and Dani will not let anything ever hurt them again if they can help it. The love they have for Mandy and Matt is now as strong as what they have for one another. In addition to that the love they had for one another is even stronger now through sharing Matt and Mandy's pain. The other scene that has some people disturbed is the sex scene that occurs so shortly after the end of the abuse memories. I struggled with that and after receiving some comments from a couple of friends decided to leave it in and alone even though I had thought about substantially editing or removing it more than once. That scene wasn't about fun and games, exploration, innocent play or anything like that. Yes the activity was unplanned and led from the examination that was going on to more but it quickly turned into a affirmation and reclamation between the siblings. I felt it important that their bodies were once again their own.  These two have been the darkest of the chapters I can safely say and I can't see anything worse. Know this though that the bond that was formed by what Dani and Keith shared with them proves pivotal later on. Until next time...DS

Editor's note;

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