A Different Place

By Dark Star

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Next everyone chimed in with questions to which I didn't have any answers. We would just have to wait. Allan got up and went into the other room returning with some snacks and we ate and talked some more while we waited for the hour to be up.

Chapter 13

As the time approached to make the call,  everyone seemed to settle, in nervous anticipation, until finally, it was time, and Allan initiated the call once again.

"Hello" The voice said, and this time it was Rebecca herself, who answered the phone.

"It's Danny" I told her.

"Danny, right on time. I have people in place, in Hamilton that can move, in seconds, on my command, and transportation has been lined up for you, to Los Angeles. Do you want me to proceed? And before you answer that, you need to know that if you say yes, then it will happen very rapidly, so be prepared to go right away."

I looked around and saw trepidation on everyone's faces and finally looked to Allan, who was looking right back at me.

Finally to my surprise he spoke up

"Mrs. Childs I would like to know exactly who you are and why Danny should trust you."

There was silence for a moment, and then, "I could ask the same question of you sir."

Allan sat there, not saying anything, and finally Rebecca spoke again,

"You must understand, that until I actually meet you, I can't know if this is a trap either. I would be a valuable target to acquire, by certain people lets say. While this is a risk for you, it is much more of one for me. If you are who you claim to be, you have a much better chance of escaping a trap than I do, if you are not. So I'm sorry, but I won't tell you anything about me, or anything else, beyond what I have, until we actually meet in person, and I see for myself, that its not a trap."

Silence reigned for a moment and none of us kids knew what to say.

Finally, it was Allan again who said,

"Alright, what do you propose?" he asked.

"You will need to find a location that is suitable for the children to be picked up at, whether that is your current location, or another. Things will happen very quickly from the moment you give your go ahead, as I stated before. The assault team will grab your brother, and bring him to transportation, which has been arranged. The children will be brought to that same transportation, simultaneously, and all of you will be removed from this area immediately, and taken to Los Angeles, as expeditiously as possible. It is up to you at this point."

Allan looked deep in thought, and finally said, "please hold on for a few minutes, while we discuss this."

He then instructed the computer to mute the communication and looked to us.

"well?" he asked.

I looked at my family and silently they all nodded their heads. I looked back at Allan, and told him

"Let's do this."

"You're sure?" he asked and I nodded again.

"Ok, computer resume conversation." And waved his hand at me.

"I...We want to do this." I told her.

"Very well." She said. "I need the co-ordinates of where I can pick you up." She said next.

Allan then said a string of numbers, to her and she asked him to repeat it which he did.

He added, "it will be a large open meadow with a house on one end near the lake."

"Very well. An unmarked shuttle will be landing in approximately 23 minutes. It will be black and silenced. When it lands, it will flash its lights once, and only once. You will have 1 minute to make your presence known, and get on board the shuttle, or it will lift off. If anyone other than the child is seen then it will lift off immediately."

"Wait" I interrupted. "There are four of us." I quickly told her.

"Four?" she said.

"Yes, me, Keith, Amanda and Matthew." I told her.

"Are any of them adults." She asked.

"No, none of the four are a..."

"I'll stay in the house" Allan interrupted.

"Very well then. The four of you will immediately go to the shuttle and board it and you will ask no questions, nor speak to the crew at all. Any deviation and the entire operation will be terminated immediately. Do you understand?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Good. The shuttle will take you to another location, where your brother will be, and from there you will be transported south. Do you have any questions at this time?"

"No, but please don't hurt anyone at the house where Ben is."

The voice softened and said "We won't, I promise. Goodbye for now."

"Thank you" I told it just before the line went dead.

The next few minutes were harried as we said our goodbyes to Allan who would not be accompanying us on this trip.

All I could do is hope that this would turn out ok.

I felt, for some reason, that I could trust this woman, but I didn't know why that was so.

As the time approached, it was decided that we should go out, and be ready, when the shuttle arrived, so we each gave Allan a hug, and kissed him gently, and told him thank you, until it was my turn as I walked over to him and looked at him for a moment.

"Thank you for everything" I told him

"Tis nothing lad. Your mother saved us, and now I have had the chance to repay that debt, in some small way. Take care of your family, and go and save your brother, and lad, remember, something is odd about all this. I don't know what it is, but something isn't right. They would never leave one of their children, never." He said as he pointed upwards to emphasize his words.

I nodded, and gave him a hug before saying "I will, and thank you anyway"

He nodded and I walked past him, and joined my brothers, and sister, as we walked out of the house and down the steps.

We all stopped, and turned back to look one last time, at Allan standing in the doorway, and we all waved to him.

He just stood there watching, and we finally turned away, to begin our walk across the meadow. I wished we had more time with him.

We finally stopped, and waited.

I could feel the fear start to build, as the time approached for the shuttle to arrive, in all of us, and I sent calm waves of reassurance to everyone, even though I couldn't say I particularly was feeling any of it myself.

A short few minutes later, a breath of wind seemed to cross over us and then nothing for a moment or two. Then out of nowhere bright lights flashed for a second and then nothing.

We all started running towards where they had originated from.

We must have been close, as suddenly a light appeared directly in front of us, and we could tell it was a doorway leading into the vessel.

We kept running, and I made sure everyone got on before I ran up the steps. I had barely made it into the craft, when I heard the door sealing behind me, and a voice say

"Take your seats immediately, and strap in."

Nothing else was said, and I hurried to comply.

Everyone was already settling into seats and as soon as I sat down, I could feel the craft start to move.

All of us were busy putting the straps on, and finally we started to look around at our current surroundings.

It looked nice. Soft seats and floors. It was small and could probably seat around 10 people with a couple of tables thrown in. Other than that, there was nothing inside to tell you anything.

We rode in silence, communicating when we did silently.

No one had much to say, and basically we just waited to see what was going to happen next.

It wasn't very long until the craft landed, and the door opened.

We all looked at each other, not sure what we should do now.

We waited but nothing was said by the crew, and no one from outside called to us either.

Finally, I stood up and extended shielding around all of us and we slowly exited the shuttle, to stand in complete darkness, at the foot of the steps.

Within moments of our leaving the shuttle, it took off once again, leaving us with no idea where we were, or what was going to happen.

I extended my senses and could detect people out there in the blackness, but that was all I could tell.

I was about to see if I could reach into their minds, but before I could try it a bright light came on, blinding us in it's intensity.

I started to raise my hand when Rebecca's voice rang out,

"Walk towards the light" she instructed.

I lowered my hand, and with Keith grasping one hand and Amanda the other, we started slowly walking forward.

We had come about halfway to the light, when the voice said,


We stopped.

We waited.

The voice finally went on

"Your name?"

"Danny, I spoke to you earlier Rebecca."

We were all looking down to avoid the light but it still caught us off guard when it suddenly switched off, leaving us in darkness again.

This was quickly replaced by another doorway, on what was soon obviously a larger vehicle.

The voice then said, "go up the stairs and enter the craft."

I could feel the fear from everyone, me included, and I reassured them that we were protected, and we started walking forward, towards the ramp.

We started up the ramp when I sensed others approaching and quickly called out

"Rebecca, there are others coming."

"RUN" she called and we did, fast.

We were just reaching the top of the stairs when a loud voice called out

"STOP! You are ordered to stop immediately. Failure to comply will result in force being used."

The other kids ran on into the vehicle, but I turned towards where the sound came from as Rebecca yelled,

"Get in here now."

I wasn't going with them and told her "wait."

I concentrated lighting up the area where I could feel them at. and saw at least a hundred soldiers being led by the commander from the facility where we were held earlier.

They looked startled by the light, and before they could recover I raised my hand extending it outward and directed a wall of force directly at them.

I could hear the screams as the soldiers, vehicles and anything else, went flying backwards, through the air, except for one.

He I brought forward quickly, and held at arms length from me.


then I waved my hand, sending him flying back to his men.

His landing wasn't as soft as his arrival had been.

I let the light fade as I turned back to the doorway and quickly ran inside.

The door sealed immediately and I could already feel the thing moving as Rebecca said,

"quickly, take your seat and strap in,"

I ran to a chair and did as she instructed, as I felt the craft rapidly climb into the sky.

I started looking around and saw Rebecca sitting there, looking at me, in a mixture of fear and awe, before swinging her glance to a phone near her and picking up the handset.

She was an older woman, and was dressed very nicely. There was a man next to her, that I thought might be Robert, and he was frowning at us, and me in particular.

I didn't like him.

I don't know why, but the moment I saw him, I didn't like him, but my attention was drawn from him back to Rebecca, as I heard a gasp and looked over to find her face draining of color.

She hung up the phone and said

"I want all of you to hold on tightly" and even before the last word left her mouth, the craft we were in started maneuvering wildly as Rebecca continued,

"they have sent up attack craft after us. We are trying to evade them and our own protection is nearby if we can hang on for a few minutes."

She pressed something and a screen on the wall came to life, showing what was obviously us and three following vehicles, which were rapidly gaining on us.

It also showed two other things, which I thought to be those who were going to protect us.

The three closer ones would get to us long before the other two.

I had to try to do something.

I reached out with my mind and quickly found the three aircraft.

Now the question was what to do about it.

I thought for a moment, and then tried to reach their minds, telling all three of them to go back where they came from.

I didn't think it had worked, for a minute, but then suddenly I could feel them turning away from us, and going in a different direction.

I came back to the craft I was in, and looked at the screen, to see the same results, and Rebecca staring from it to me, and back again, disbelief plainly on her face.

She seemed to get control of herself, and took her belt off standing up and walking towards me.

I did the same and stood and as I did so I noticed the others had joined me as well.

I looked to them and smiled, sending them my thanks for this display, silently as Rebecca approached, and stopped a foot or so away.

"I'm Rebecca, It's a pleasure to meet you." she said, and I replied "I'm Danny, and this is Matthew, Keith, and Amanda, my brothers and sister," pointing to each in turn. "Its nice to meet you as well, and thank you for helping us." I told her.

"Please, I have someone here who would like to see you." she said, with a gentle smile, and beckoned with her hand, as she started walking towards the back of the craft.

She opened a door and before she could say anything else, a small blur streaked past, and launched itself towards Matthew.

My hand came up but Rebecca grabbed onto my arm shaking her head, as I heard a screech of

"Matty, Anda" and at the same time a silent as well as verbal shout from two throats yelling

"no don't"

I looked on in astonishment as the blur resolved itself into a small boy, with light brown hair, gripping Matthew, in a death grip, and speaking incomprehensively in baby talk.

I was a bit shaken by what I had almost done, as I looked on.

They were all trying to talk, and Rebecca herded us back up front, where finally, they got him settled down, and Matt turned to me, as we all took our seats and said,

"Danny this is my brother Ben, Ben this is Danny, he's our brother too now."

Then, I was being appraised by two very blue gray eyes, studying me intently.

I smiled and extended myself to him letting him feel the love I had for him while saying


He continued to look at me for a moment, before smiling, and wriggling off of Matt's lap and heading straight to me.

He crawled up in my lap, and wrapped his arms around me, as I let my thoughts wrap around him.

Then he said in the most adorable little voice,

"Hi Danny."

"Its nice to finally meet you Ben." I said as I returned his hug.

I then pointed to Keith and told Ben,

"that's your new brother, Keith." I saw Keith smile, and surprisingly, I felt Keith extend his feelings outward to Ben, who smiled in return, and repeated the process of wriggling off of my lap, to go to Keith, and give, as well as receive, a hug before finally climbing down and going to settle with Amanda, who started hugging him and talking quietly with him.

Rebecca turned to me, and said

"can you tell me more about yourself now?"

I looked at her and Robert's sudden interest as well.

She noticed me looking at Robert and quickly said

"I'm sorry, I forgot Robert in all of this. Danny, this is my good friend and assistant, Robert."

I nodded to him but he simply continued to look at me rather coldly.

I didn't like him.

"I would be happy to, but there isn't much to tell. I seem to be from another planet, besides this one..." Robert snorted at that but Rebecca shot him a dirty look and he didn't say anything.

"Well, I woke up in a hospital, with no memory of who I am, or how I got here. I also couldn't speak or understand anyone until I met Keith. I still don't know how we could speak, but we could. Keith was sick and I healed him and lost consciousness. When I woke up next, I was at a government facility in Montana, which I escaped from, and made my way to where you picked me up. I met Amanda and Matthew, on my way, and we have been together since." I finished.

"And you just expect us to believe your tale?" Robert said.

"I really don't care what you do or don't believe." I told Robert.

"Why you little..."

"THAT'S Enough!" Rebecca said sharply.

Robert glared at her but didn't say anything. "You didn't see what he did back at the strip and if I'm not mistaken what he did to the aircraft chasing us, I did."

"I still don't believe it, it might have been a trick." Robert replied.

I looked at him and said

"Is this a trick?" as I extended my hand raising him up into the air. "Can anyone on your planet do that?" I asked as he yelped in surprise before ordering me

"Put me down this instant."

I started to release my hold on him when Rebecca quickly added "gently, please." And I complied lowering him back to his seat and releasing him from my hold.

I looked at him and now mixed into the dislike I had sensed earlier, I also detected fear.

Keith piped up "I don't like you" directly to Robert, who only sneered at him and then said,

"I assure you the feeling is quite mutual."

Rebecca was looking at him oddly and finally said

"Robert, I don't care for your attitude at all, I suggest you remove yourself to the office for the duration of this trip."

"You can't be serious, Rebecca. You would..."

"Now! Robert!" Rebecca interrupted.

Robert glared at her and then at us, before finally starting to get up.

"Very well then," he growled, and headed towards the rear of the plane.

It was as he was passing me that his arm brushed my shoulder and I got a flash that sent chills down my spine.

I gasped in shock and the others all sat up in surprise reading what I had felt from him directly from me.

All of us turned to look at Robert who had paused and was glaring at us.

Suddenly fear and then rage crossed his face and he said

"you know" and started to reach behind him.

At the same time I heard Keith yell no and Robert flew backwards just as Robert's hand was coming from behind his back with an obvious weapon in it's grip.

He landed in a heap but instantly was bringing his hand up towards us when Matt growled

"I don't think so" and his hand extended and Robert froze, then went backwards, slamming against the wall, with the weapon flying from his hand, and being held immobile as Matt said "my brother is right, I don't like you either."

All of this happened within seconds, although it seemed to take forever, to me, as I watched, still in shock, over what I had seen.

Rebecca also looked shocked and said,

"Robert, what is going on here? Why did you pull a weapon on the children?"

The look he turned towards Rebecca caused her to take a step backwards, as she had gotten up and had started to approach the immobile man, it was filled with loathing and hatred.

He didn't answer her and I finally said to her,

"Rebecca he isn't who he says he is."

"Nonsense, I have known Robert for many years, release him." She said.

She was still unwilling to believe he had betrayed her.

"No, we won't. I'm telling you when he went by me and touched me..."

What happened next surprised all of us.

Suddenly, as I was speaking something seemed to slam into all of us and we went flying through the cabin.

I felt excruciating pain slam through my arm, as I struck a chair, before landing in a pile against the far wall of the aircraft.

With the sound of a snap I heard the other children screaming as they hit various items in their flight.

I could feel their pain slamming through me and the intensity of it almost caused me to loose consciousness before I did something which I had never done before with them.

I pushed them out of my mind as much as possible.

I didn't even think about it but did it.

The pain became less and I was able to focus only to see Robert walking towards us, with the weapon in his hand, and a smile on his face.

It was not a friendly one either.

I tried to see the other children but could only see glimpses of them from where I had landed.

I knew that Amanda was unconscious, Ben, I didn't know, but Keith and Matthew were both hurt, but I didn't have time right now to tell how badly.

Of Rebecca there was no sight.

Robert approached and stopped a few feet away before saying

"Did you really think we would allow you to escape?" and laughed. "We have taken care of two problems with one stroke."

I was looking at him in complete shock.

He just laughed.

"Did you think that the government would not have at least one who had your capabilities on their payroll?" He said. "You really are an ignorant brat, aren't you" he stated.

I knew we were in trouble, and concentrated on focusing my mind to defend myself. I knew that Robert was a lot better than Allan with his powers.

I felt the pain receding and waved my hand towards him focusing my power to slam into him when suddenly, I was picked up and slammed into the wall, causing everything to go dim for a moment, as I heard him say.

"I don't think so" while he laughed once again. "You are no match for me, child."

He released me and I fell once again to the floor, with pain from my arm, slamming into me full force.

I think I actually blacked out for a moment, because the next thing I remember was trying to focus my blurry vision once again.

I could see him standing there still with that smile on his face, and I once again started trying to focus, but I couldn't seem to make the pain go away, this time.

With the pain at the level it was coursing through my body, I couldn't concentrate enough to try to do anything.

I felt sick to my stomach and everything remained blurry.

Suddenly I saw a small shape run out at him and start hitting him wherever he could reach yelling

"you leave my brother alone" in his baby speak.

Robert slammed his hand into the side of Ben's head sending the small form flying and landing with a dull thud.

He didn't move.

The rage that built up inside of me at seeing this, was frightening to me.

Suddenly, my vision cleared, and the pain seemed to go away, as I stood upright and motioned with my hand slamming him with all the rage in my body, as I said,

"Don't ever hurt my brother again."

Robert went flying backwards and landed against the wall.

I started walking towards him and slammed him again as he started to get up.

He fell backwards, and didn't move.

I was still walking towards him when I heard a strange sound and suddenly pain blossomed in my stomach.

I didn't understand at first what had happened, and without willing it my feet came to a stop and I looked down to see red spreading everywhere from a point centered on my stomach.

Everything seemed so unreal. This wasn't happening.

I looked back up and saw Robert climbing to his feet, with that smile on his face, and the weapon in his hand, and that was when I realized he had used it on me.

I tried to raise my hand but nothing seemed like it wanted to work right, and I could feel my knees collapsing, as my legs gave out.

It seemed like slow motion as I felt myself falling and I heard Robert say

"They wanted you alive but I suppose this will have to do," as I saw him bring his hand up and suddenly I felt a wave of energy slam into me sending me tumbling backwards.

The pain shot through me like a white hot coal, as I struck several immovable objects in passing.

I knew that my arm wasn't the only thing broken, by the time I landed with a sickening thud again.

The really strange thing was that I didn't really care much anymore about that, or anything else for that matter.

The only thought, as I heard that laughter was for my family.

I wanted them safe and I knew they weren't.

I could feel the blackness coming and while I didn't really care anymore, I wished that I could have saved them.

I tried to send out my love for them, but I didn't know if they could feel anything, as the blackness increased.

I thought I might have heard Rebecca, and thankfully he finally stopped laughing, was my last thought as the blackness finally descended and claimed everything.

At least the pain had stopped.

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