A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I could feel the blackness coming and while I didn't really care anymore I wished that I could have saved them.

I tried to send out my love for them but I didn't know if they could feel anything as the blackness increased.

I thought I might have heard Rebecca and thankfully he finally stopped laughing was my last thought as the blackness finally descended and claimed everything.

At least the pain had stopped.

Chapter 14


Pain and more pain.

That was what I knew, when I next came back to this world.

I heard someone say "He's awake." and then Rebecca was leaning over me.

"Danny, Danny! You have to listen to me. Danny, Danny! Can you hear me? Danny!"

The voice was annoying and I hurt so much.

I just wanted the blackness back.

Then I heard a small voice saying

"No Danny, don't go, please."

And I knew it was Keith, and he was sobbing.

I opened my eyes again, and Rebecca, and that voice was still there.

"Danny, listen to me, listen to me, now. You have to stay with us. You are hurt very badly, but you are going to be fine. You hear me? You are going to be fine. You have to stay with us, Danny."

I tried to speak but couldn't get any words out.

Were the others ok?

Someone said something but the blackness was coming back.

Then Rebecca was there saying

"They are all alive Danny, you hear me, they are alive. You have to stay with us" and then I heard Keith crying,

"no don't, you promised," and the blackness claimed everything again.

Time had no meaning as I drifted somewhere or nowhere.

There were images now and again.

People I didn't know yet seemed familiar somehow.

There were times when I seemed to awaken at least somewhat, as I could feel pain and hear people speaking, and then it was back to that place once again, that was somewhere or nowhere, or maybe everywhere, all to be repeated again.

I don't know how long I was in that place that wasn't a place, before I realized that someone else was in there with me.

That someone was trying to talk to me, but I couldn't tell you whether it was minutes or days, before I realized it.

The person seemed familiar for some reason, but I didn't know who he was.

I wondered why he was bothering me here, I was so comfortable.

I went elsewhere and was alone once again.

I just wanted to be left in peace.

When next I saw him, I was happily playing on the beach with a bunch of other kids, and having a wonderful time.

He didn't say anything this time, didn't even approach me but just stood there and watched.

And watched.

And watched with the saddest looking eyes, right at me.

I ran and once again I went elsewhere where he wasn't, and I was at peace.

I was somewhere sitting in the grass in a meadow with flowers all around me, and warm arms holding me safely, when I saw the boy, and two others this time walking towards me.

All looked sad and worried, but I didn't want to see them.

I knew that my peace would be over if I did.

I started to go someplace else when a voice said,

"No my little one, it is time to go back."

The three of them walked up to me and stopped.

I could see they all had tears running down their faces.

"I don't want to" I said to that voice behind me.

I didn't want to leave.

"I know, but it is time." The voice said sadly,

The littlest of the three softly said,

"you promised me" and it slammed into me as if the little boy had struck me.

"Keith!" I said, and then I was gone and pain was once again with me.

I gasped and said "Momma," as I realized that was who was holding me in her arms.

"Thank the lord." I heard a voice say, and a woman was leaning over me, that I didn't know.

"Danny, Danny can you hear me?" she asked.

"Danny, stay with me this time, stay with me," the woman said.

Then I saw the three children standing behind her, looking on again with tears flowing from their eyes.

The little girl came up and said,


I tried to smile but felt the blackness descending once again.

As it claimed me I heard Keith cry,

"no, he has to stay this time" and another voice say. "its ok, he's just falling asleep."

When I next woke, the pain was as usual with me, but less this time.

Suddenly, I felt people rush over to me, and I slowly opened my eyes, to see the same three children standing around me, with fearful looks on their faces.

I looked at all of them, from one to the other, and it seemed like I should know them, but everything was still fuzzy.

The only one who I recognized was Keith, and I didn't know how.

"Keith?" I said to him and he smiled nodding his head.

About that time the woman came back in, and shooed them back and said "you're awake again."

I didn't say anything, and she continued.

"I want you to listen to me Danny, very carefully. You were hurt very badly, and we have you stabilized right now. As soon as we can safely do so, we are going to take you somewhere, where I think there is someone who can help you a great deal. But for right now, you have to stay with us, you're going to be alright, do you understand me?"

I looked at her and thought, hurt?

I was hurt?

That would explain the pain.

"Danny?" the woman said again, and I focused again on her. "Danny," but things were going out of focus again and I felt myself slip away.

When next I woke, I could once again feel the three children nearby, and sense them jump up and come over to the bed.

I also could still feel the pain which seemed even worse.

I opened my eyes, to find them surrounding me.

"Hi" the girl said.

I felt her reach out and take my hand, while each of the other's touched a part of me.

I felt an overwhelming sense of love, and caring fill me from each of them.

Suddenly, I knew who they were.

Matt, Keith, and Amanda.

I smiled, and now I could feel their joy at my recognition.

I tried to speak but couldn't get any words out. Keith said

"Its ok, don't try to talk."

*I love you* I told them silently.

"I love you too" they all said. "Don't leave us again" Matt said. "Please."

*I won't*

I had no intention of leaving them again.

I still didn't remember what happened, but I knew they were my family.

Then the woman came in again and walked over smiling.

"Well hello there, I see that you're awake again."

I made a noise signifying that I was and this seemed to satisfy her as she went on,

"Well that's good to see, you had us a bit worried there. You were hurt..." she went on but the pain which had been there quietly suddenly shot through me, and everything except that faded into the background as it became the only thing in my world, for a moment.

It started to fade again, and I could hear her asking

"Danny, are you alright? What's wrong?"

I tried to smile but suddenly the pain was back and this time it made a minute ago seem like fun.

I could hear Matt screaming

"Something's wrong!" and then I couldn't seem to catch my breath.

Panic set in, as I couldn't breathe, and the pain was overwhelming.

"Do something! Something's bad wrong" I heard one of them say and then things started going dim.

I heard someone, the woman I think, yell,

"He's arresting! I need help in here!"

And my family crying "no, no." before dim became black.

What happened next, I don't have words to explain, but suddenly I was awake again and standing off to the side in the room, as my family was screaming and crying.

I didn't feel any pain, or discomfort at all, which considering a moment ago, was quite astounding, not to mention welcome.

I tried telling them I was ok, but they acted as if they couldn't hear me.

I watched for a moment, wondering why they were screaming and all until I noticed the figure on the bed.

It was me.

The woman, and several others were doing things to my body, and now fear entered me, as I tried to figure out what was going on.

"Clear!" Rebecca said

The man standing next to her put some type of devices on the boy's chest and a moment later there was a noise, followed by the boy's body arcing upwards.

The man removed the paddles and Rebecca called out,

"still V-Fib, resuming CPR" as she placed her hands on the boy's chest, and the man placed the ambu bag over the boy's mouth. "get me some epi now and charge to 150!" she said.

"No, please, you can't" cried Keith.

As all held each other while tears streamed down their faces.

I watched this in fascination, not understanding what was going on but slowly becoming aware of a bright light forming nearby.

I turned to look and saw a brilliant white light, forming a doorway to my side.

The warmth and love extending from it was indescribable, as I felt myself being drawn towards it.

I looked back one last time, and wished there was someway to tell them how much I loved them, then walked over to them and wrapped my arms around them, saying

"I love you, and I always will" before turning towards the light, and walking to it.

"Danny" came from behind me just before I reached the light but I didn't turn around as the light had become everything to me, it and the warmth emanating from it.

"Danny, no, don't go, come back you promised" was the last thing I heard as I entered the light.

I didn't know they were running towards the light trying to get to me in time, but it wasn't meant for them yet.

It was so beautiful.

The love, the warmth, the sense of home and belonging.

There are no words to describe it, as I walked into it.

Suddenly, I found myself walking on a beach.

Dunes bordered one side and three moons shone down bathing everything in a soft iridescent light.

I found myself walking along, looking at the sparkling water, and thinking about nothing at all.

Eventually, I saw someone walking towards me, from the other direction.

I didn't mind, somehow I knew that no harm would befall me here.

I kept walking, and the other figure got closer and closer, until I could see who it was.

"Momma," I cried and started running.

She stopped and held out her arms to me, and I ran into them.

I had never felt so safe and comforted, as I did at that moment.

"Mom oh mom!" I cried and she just held me, whispering "shh now, shhh its ok."

We had both dropped to the sand, and I couldn't say how long we just sat there, me being held, as if I were a small child, once again, as she comforted me and tried to calm my crying shaking little body.

Eventually though I did calm and looked up at her.

She smiled down at me and I said,

"I thought you were dead"

She didn't answer for a moment and then said

"You have to go back."

"No, please I want to stay here with you." I told her plaintively.

The gentle loving smile never left her face, as she said, "I know but its not your time to be here yet, little one. You have a life to live and people who love and care about you, a great deal."

As she said that, she waved her hand and a picture formed of the room I had just been in.

Keith, Amanda and Matthew were running towards the light and Amanda was calling out to what I could tell was me, entering the light.

"Danny, no, don't go! come back you promised," reaching the light just as it and me disappeared into it.

All of them crying out no, and Keith collapsing onto the floor, howling as the others tried to comfort him.

"Danny no you can't you promised, Danny"

Matthew just saying over and over again no, no, no, and Amanda repeating,

"you have to come back, please Danny, you have to, you have to, please you have to."

All of them with a dazed and shocked looks on their faces.

"you see, little one, they are devastated, they love you so much." My mother said to me.

"I love them too, mom" I told her

"I know you do. That is why they are so sad, and it is that love which will save you," she told me as she said once again, "its not time for you to be here, yet. You have to go back, for them and for your brother as well."

"But what about you? I asked.

She didn't answer but looked at me with a sad look on her face.

"No, please come with me." I begged her, as a tear ran down her cheek.

"I can't, little one. Tani, needs you and they need you." she said pointing towards the picture.

I looked where she pointed, and saw the woman stop pushing on my chest, and tears silently running down her face, as she said softly,

"Its no use, he's gone."

The others around me stopped and just stood there looking.

Amanda looked up, and said in a tiny voice,

"no please no," as Keith's head came up and he looked at the woman.

A look of fury came across his face and he screamed,

"NO! HE CAN'T DIE. DON'T LET HIM DIE!!!!!!!" as he got up and ran towards my body lying on the bed.

The woman grabbed ahold of him, and knelt down holding onto him saying,

"I'm so sorry, we tried everything, but he was just hurt too badly, I'm so sorry."

Matt was just staring at me saying over and over again "no, no, no, he can't be, no."

Keith was having none of it.

He pushed against the woman and she fell backwards with a grunt as Keith ran to the side of the bed screaming,


"YOU PROMISED YOU HAVE TO BE OK!!" he cried then in a voice filled with determination and fury he screamed, "I WON'T LET YOU DIE!!!"

And then he placed his hands on me and a soft glow seemed to come from them.

"Its time little one." my mother said, as she stood up pulling me up with her.

I stood up, and looked at her as she waved her hand, and the picture became a doorway once again.

She held me close to her as we stepped into the room, where Matt had run over and placed his hands alongside Keith's.

Amanda was walking towards them as well, when suddenly she looked and said


The others looked over, and saw me there, and grins appeared on their faces, as Amanda joined them and then a glow appeared over all of them and my body as well.

The woman was standing there looking on, in awe at the scene before her, as the three children discovered how to heal out of the love they had for me.

It took all three of them with the strength of their love, to save my life that day.

I could feel them, healing the injuries I had suffered, and knew that I would soon be alright.

Finally the glow faded, and with exhaustion plainly on their faces, they stepped back.

The woman walked over and started checking me over, while the children backed away a bit, to give her some room.

Amanda glanced our way and a look of dismay came across her face as she said

"Oh no," causing the others to look over as well.

"Its alright my children," My mother said quickly, as they all walked over to where we were standing.

"He will return to his body in a few moments." she said.

Keith asked, "who are you?"

"This is my, our mother" I said, proudly while looking at her.

I didn't know if she would approve or not, but she just smiled at me and them.

"It looks like I have a few more children now. Welcome to the family."

And I could feel her reach out and envelope all three of them in her love.

You could see the effect, that feeling her love had, as they basked in the emotion and looked up at her in adoration.

"Thank you for loving and caring so much for my son." She told them before continuing,

"I have one more thing to do, before I go, but I wanted to meet all of you, and tell you to take care of one another, and keep loving one another. Its all that counts. So you are not alarmed, Dani will sleep for some time, when he reenters his body, so do not be afraid, but when he does waken he will be completely healed."

They all nodded and smiled at her before Keith told me,

"I knew you'd come back."

"You brought me back, you all did." I told him with love in my voice.

"It's time little one." mom said to me.

"I love you mom," I told her, as she led me over to the bed, and replied "I love you too, all of you, and I always will. Remember that."

"I will." I told her

"Good, then simply lay down when you are ready."

I nodded my head, and she slowly faded from our sight, and we could all feel a final touch from her, as if she had rubbed her hand on each of our cheeks before she left, leaving us with one last touch of her love.

I looked at each of them, and let my love flow out from me, to each of them in turn.

Finally I said,

"I guess I'll see you when I wake up."

They nodded and I said, "I love you." and started to get up when suddenly the door flew open and a small streak came bursting into the room screaming


Everyone turned around and stared, shocked as the small boy came to a stop long enough to launch himself into Matthew's arms.

Amanda was the first to recover enough to say,

"Ben, but how?" and looked at me in bewilderment.

"Mommy M say she no forget her oddur widdle won" the toddler said.

We all looked at each other and then we all said at the same time,

"Mom." as we heard silently "Goodbye my children," and felt her love caress us one last time, as her presence faded completely from the here and now.

We just looked at each other and finally, I knew it was time, as I said with a soft smile,

"Ben, I'll see you when I wake up."

He just smiled and said, "Ok."

I climbed up on the bed and took one last look at everyone, before laying back into my body, and falling into a deep healing sleep.

"Ok, lets get this place cleaned up, it looks like a disaster area." Mom said.

"Aww Mom!" I said. "Yea, do we have to?" Tani said.

"Yes you have to, and I'm going to get us going, so we can get back to the rest of the clan, now get moving." Mom said playfully.

She was right, it was a mess in here, not that Tani or I would ever admit that of course.

Mom headed up towards the bridge, and I looked to Tanara with a smile on my face.

He stuck out his tongue at me and said "I hate cleaning up, its no fun"

"Tell me about it, I don't like it either. Oh well."

We stood up, as we felt the ship rise up and start on its way.

"Lets get it done, so it looks nice for father." I said, and he replied "Yea."

We stood up and Tanara looked around and then raised his hand.

"Tanara don't you dare." I told him as he gave me an evil smile

"Oh Dani, come on..." he started but stopped in mid-sentence.

We could both feel the sudden fear go through our mother and then we heard her shout,

"...Full now" and then suddenly the ship lurched and we both fell as we heard mom call out.


We picked ourselves up, and looked worriedly at each other, and I could feel the fear in Tani, just as it was in myself.

The ship was heaving, this way and that, and we were fighting to keep to our feet.

We had to strap in but it was hard enough to keep on our feet, and we both wanted to be up there with our mother, right now.

Suddenly both of us felt our mother send a thought, filled with reassurance and love our way, and we both felt better, although we knew this was highly unusual, and it didn't allay our fears completely.

We finally got to our couches, and started to strap in, as the ship continued to twist and turn in ever increasing gyrations, trying to avoid whatever was going on.

The idea that someone would be attacking us never crossed our minds.

Not only was it highly unlikely, in this area of space, but very few wanted to take on a Peacekeeper, which my mother was.

While it was possible, we were fairly certain that whatever it was that was going on, was something else entirely.

While Tani and I both wanted to find out what was happening, desperately, we also knew that as afraid as my mother was, she did not need the distraction of us, trying to eavesdrop right now.

For her to be this afraid, we knew it had to be bad, very bad.

We were sitting there nervously holding each other's hand, when suddenly we felt it.

A shattering pain shooting through our mother's body.

We both screamed "MOM!!!!!" at the same time, and frantically started unstrapping our restraints, in an effort to get up, and to our mother.

"Dani!" Tanara said with fear lacing his voice.

"I know" I replied, as I finally got the last strap free, and got unsteadily to my feet, as the ship continued to bounce around us.

It took us precious minutes, to scramble towards the bridge, as we were repeatedly knocked from our feet.

Each of us reaching out to help the other when possible, but that was seldom, as we each were doing all we could to keep ourselves upright.

We fell several times, as we made our way to the bridge, but we finally arrived there, in one piece.

Unfortunately, we were not destined to remain in that state for long.

As we arrived on the bridge, we took in the scene before us, and I could feel the fear coursing through us, with what we saw.

The viewer showed odd distortions in the space surrounding us, and we were in the middle of them.

One was just off to the side, and another was directly ahead of us.

We were heading towards both.

I knew in an instant that we were going to strike one, and probably both, and I could feel the realization hit Tanara as well.

Mom was by the command chair, on the floor, reaching upwards to try to get a hold, with which to pull herself up, and all we could think about was her being obviously hurt, when we struck the distortion which had been off to the side.

Everything seemed to take forever in what happened next.

I saw mom thrown into the air as the ship struck, sending it careening wildly about from the impact.

At the same time, both Tanara and I, joined her in flying across the bridge.

I could feel myself screaming with fear, as I flew through the air, and knew that my scream wasn't the only one on the bridge right then, as we sailed across the bridge, unable to do anything to stop ourselves.

The next thing I remember, was looking up confused and hurting at my mother, laying across the bridge from me.

I called out to her, but before she could answer, I felt the ship shudder as it struck something, and heard the computer say,

"Entering subspace distortion, brace for impact."

I think we already had.

The next few minutes were a blur of pain, fear, and a desperate feeling of helplessness, and hopelessness, as we were thrown about the cabin as if we were large leaves, in a strong windstorm.

I hurt and I hurt bad.

I knew something was wrong with my leg, and my head.

My stomach didn't feel too good either, for that matter, and my chest hurt real bad.

I heard the strangest sound, and it took me a minute to figure out that it was me making weird noises, like when I was sharing but there was no pleasure associated with the sounds, this time.

I tried several times to sit up without success, before I finally managed it.

Something was running down my face, and I moved my hand up to it, and brought it in front of me and I could see red on it.

I was bleeding from my head.

I think mom said something to me, but I couldn't grasp what.

I finally looked up and took in the scene before me.

Mom was across the way from me, and I could tell she was hurt pretty badly.

She was looking at Tani, who was just about buried, beneath a console, and I saw her start to move to him, when she suddenly fell backwards, and the intense pain she experienced was obvious, even without my emphatic abilities.

It was then, that I realized, I couldn't sense my brother anymore, and fear shot through me once again, as I tried to get up to go to him.

I quickly realized that this wasn't a good idea, as the pain in my leg became unbearable for a moment, before subsiding back to agony.

I still had to get to him, and fast.

He couldn't be dead, he just couldn't.

I started dragging myself along the floor towards him, pain racking my body with each movement.

I couldn't stop though.

I should be able to sense him, and I couldn't, he couldn't be dead.

Mom, meanwhilel had somehow transported herself to him, and as she materialized, she fell backward for a moment.

I saw her sit back up, and place her hand on Tani, and I could feel the stab of pure terror and horror, which shot through her, as she scanned him.

I dragged myself alongside of her and she looked at me with horror in her eyes, as I felt her do a quick scan of me.

"Mom, is he..."

"NO!" she said vehemently, to me, and I sighed in relief, as she turned back to Tanara, and placed both her hands on him.

I saw the familiar glow, emerging from her hands, and knew that Tani would be ok.

I started to relax, backwards, but suddenly, I realized that my mother was in very bad shape.

This healing would take a lot out of her, if she wasn't hurt, and she most definitely was right now.

My fear for Tanara, quickly changed to fear for her, as I could sense, even passively, that her energy levels were dangerously low.

As the glow faded from her hands, I watched, as she collapsed backwards, and fear shot through me, as I yelled,

"MOM!" I was in full panic mode for her. "MOM!" I said again.

She looked at me, with this strange look in her eyes, which scared me more than anything, as it seemed to me that the light in her eyes dimmed away, as I watched, and with it, her life.

At that moment, the computer intoned,

"Warning! propulsion offline, weapons offline, sensors offline, life support damaged, shields damaged, entering atmosphere of a Class M planet, time remaining before impact; 12 minutes."

"Computer emergency repair of engines!" Mom said, in this barely audible voice, "and then "implement code alpha 7"

The computer replied,

"Code Alpha 7 acknowledged, emergency repairs initiated, there is a 43% possibility that some propulsion will be available within the allotted time frame before impact."

I didn't know what a `code alpha 7' was, but the finality of it, when my mother said it, didn't sound good.

Suddenly, I felt this overwhelming feeling of love, pride, sadness, and even more love, permeate my entire being, along with thoughts and feelings for myself, as well as the rest of my family.

It was beautiful, and at the same time, terrifying, as I realized what my mother was doing.

She was saying goodbye.

I couldn't think or speak, as the power behind her sending, was so massive, I just basked in her love for me, and the others, the sadness, as she knew she was leaving us, and how much she didn't want to do so.

Her immense pride in all of us, and most of all, how much she loved each and every one of us, and the incredible sadness, in knowing that she wouldn't be around for us.

I felt so many things imparted to me, that I couldn't begin to sort them out right now.

I managed to whimper, "Mom, no," at some point, and then I felt the tide ebbing, and thought returning, as Mom pulled herself back from us, but it was to be shortlived.

I couldn't lose her, like this. I felt tears running down my face, as I screamed,

"Mom!!!! No!!! You can't die!! Computer, save our mother," and with an agony, I had never experienced, something slammed into my mind, ripping into it without mercy, and my last thought and words, mixed with my screams, of pain were


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The Radio Rancher

End Note

Thanks Darryl. This was another hard one to write for the obvious reasons. It was their love and the bond which had formed from chapters 10 and 11 which allowed Matt, Amanda and little Keith to overcome their limitations and do the impossible which was to save their brother's life. Without what was shared between them then and what was formed as a result of it Dani wouldn't have lived. The saying that love can overcome anything is true. It was through their love that they did the impossible. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time...DS