A Different Place

By Dark Star

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Suddenly I felt this overwhelming feeling of love, pride, sadness and even more love permeate my entire being along with thoughts and feelings for myself as well as the rest of my family.

It was beautiful and at the same time terrifying as I realized what my mother was doing.

She was saying goodbye.

I couldn't think or speak as the power behind her sending was so massive, I just basked in her love for me and the others, the sadness as she knew she was leaving us and how much she didn't want to do so.

Her immense pride in all of us and most of all how much she loved each and every one of us and the incredible sadness in knowing that she wouldn't be around for us.

I felt so many things imparted to me that I couldn't begin to sort them out right now.

I managed to whimper "Mom, no" at some point and then I felt the tide ebbing and thought returning as Mom pulled herself back from us but it was to be shortlived.

I couldn't lose her and felt tears running down my face as I screamed

"Mom no, you can't die, computer save our mother" and with an agony I had never experienced something slammed into my mind ripping into it without mercy and my last thought and words mixed with my screams of pain were







Chapter 15


"SAVE OUR MOM!" I awoke screaming.

I was sitting up, breathing rapidly and sweat was pouring off of me.

The ship, where was the ship?

Where's mom and Tani and where am I?

All of these thoughts were running through my head, as I looked around frantically.

I was in a room, lying on a bed, but before I could think any more, four children came running into the room, looking at me, all of them obviously scared, but as I could feel, not of me but for me.

Before I could respond, I felt the love and caring, flowing from them into me, surrounding me with their presence, and suddenly everything came rushing back to me.

The hospital, the little boy who could speak with me, when no one else could, the healing, the waking up in the compound, the escape, Matt and Amanda, Allan, Ben, and finally the aircraft and Rebecca leading to the fight with Robert.

It all came back to me, I was now complete.

I knew what I was, and more importantly I knew who I was.

Then the last memories hit me, the light and the beach, and Mom, and I felt tears start flowing down my face, with the realization that mom was gone, that was how I had met her on the beach, after I had died.

All of them had come closer to me, standing around the bedside, and they all looked uncertain what to do, except for one.

Keith had taken my hand and was grasping it firmly, but it was Ben who looked at me, and then launched himself into my lap, and wrapped his little arms around me saying,

"Don't cry Danny, its ok now."

I looked at him, and gave him a smile, through my tears, then pulled him to me, and kissed the top of his head, before telling him,

"You're right little one, its going to be alright now. I got you and our brothers, and sisters, so everything is going to be ok now."

Then everyone was crowding around crying, laughing and giving me hugs, and generally celebrating my being back with them.

I just enjoyed their company as the familiar link between us reestablished itself, and tied us once again together fully.

I don't know how long we just sat, holding onto each other, basking in the emotions, swirling around, before Keith looked at me and said,

"I'm glad you came back," rather shyly, with his trademark smile on his face.

"So am I, and its all because of all of you, you reminded me that I made a promise, remember?'

They nodded and I said,

"I want to thank you all for healing me. That took a lot, to do that, especially with no training."

"We couldn't let you die." Matt said, and "Keith is the one who did it."

Keith started to protest but I interrupted,

"Keith went first, but he couldn't have done it on his own, it took all of you, with your love for me to accomplish it, if you and you," I said, pointing to Matt and then Mandy, "hadn't joined in with all of your heart and soul, then I would not have been able to come back."

"Really?" Mandy asked.

"Really." I said "It took the three of you doing something really special, to make it work, and that's what brought me back." I said.

At about that time Rebecca came in, and I realized that she had been there all along, but I hadn't been able to recognize her in my illness.

"Well, you're awake this time, I see. You going to stay that way? She asked me, with a mischievous smile on her face.

I grinned up at her and said "Yes."

"Good. How are you feeling?" she asked me next.

"Very good, they did a good job." I told her. "What happened? The last thing I remember, is something hitting me in the stomach, and blood everywhere, then Robert just laughing." I asked her.

Her smile disappeared, as she answered me.

"Robert discounted one very important detail in his plans. Me."

"I was pretty much out of it, until just before you were shot. After he shot you, and then slammed you into the wall, I got a good shot at him, and took it. He never knew what hit him, until I informed him of it." 

I just looked at her, and finally asked,

"Is he...?" but never finished as she said

"Yes he's dead."

"What about the rest of you?" I asked my family, but it was Rebecca who answered.

"They're fine now. They practiced what they learned on you, on themselves, and healed themselves." She said smiling.

I looked down as I was responsible for them being able to heal themselves.

Amanda asked "Danny what's wrong?"

I looked back up and said,

"When you healed me you really healed me, all of me."

They all looked at me, not understanding, as I continued,

"I have my memories back, all of them." I told them softly,

They looked at me and Keith finally said,

"so why are you sad?"

I took a deep breath before saying,

"Because I did something to you that I shouldn't have done, when I healed you, and just by being around you as well."

Now they all looked confused, but before they could say anything I went on,

"You're not a telepathic race, from what I have seen so far, and I have altered your minds, and bonded you to me, without your consent or knowledge."

They all looked between themselves and then back to me, confusion plainly written on their faces, as Matt finally said,

"We don't understand. What are you talking about?"

I bowed my head again before raising it, and looking at each of them as I continued ashamed of my actions,

"I didn't know what I was doing, you have to believe that." I paused and then said,

"It started with Keith, many young children in non-telepathic races, have rudimentary abilities that they eventually grow out of, and that was the case with Keith. I started bonding with Keith, immediately, without knowing it, because of that. That was why you were able to speak, and understand me, when no one else did, as well. We weren't speaking English, or GalStan, but with our minds instead. Then when you got sick, I didn't realize what I was doing, other than wanting to save you, but I took our link, our bond to a very deep level." I paused, looking at them, and seeing no comprehension, tried a different way of saying it.

"When I, or someone like me, heals someone, it is supposed to be like with Allan.

I go into their body, and very lightly, in other words, barely into their mind.

Mostly just go into their body, to find out what is wrong, and then extend healing energy, into that area, affecting repairs. Do you understand so far?"

They all nodded tentatively, and I continued "What I did though, was extend myself, into Keith.

I put all of myself, into Keith.

I didn't need to do that though.

All I had to do was go into where the problem was, and heal it.

Instead, I extended my being, my essence, into him, and joined it with his being.

Yes, I healed him, but I also formed a deep bond, in here." I said pointing to my head. "The bond only increased, since then, since I made no effort to lessen it."

I stopped and looked at them, and then went on.

"I did the same to each of you, as well. We are bonded and linked together.

Doing that has altered the structure of your minds, as well, which is why you have the abilities, which you do. I'm sorry."

They were all looking at me, and then they looked at each other, before Keith looked back up at me and said simply,


My mouth dropped open in shock, didn't they get it?

"Don't you understand?" I asked them.

"Understand what, that you saved us?" said Matt

"That you healed us inside and out?" asked Mandy

"That you saved my life when I was dying?" said Keith

"And that you loved us with everything in your heart?" said Matt

"And that what you did allowed us to share our love for you and each other?" said Keith

"Is that what you think you did wrong? Is that what we don't understand?" asked Amanda with disbelief in her voice.

"I...I..." I tried to say.

"You didn't know what you were doing, and just did the best you could for us, none of us are sorry that we are your family now, Danny," said Matt quietly to me.

I looked at them and Keith added,

"None of us is sorry that we can share how we feel to each other either."

I looked at each one of them and finally realized that they didn't see it as something wrong, being done to them, but something special to have to share between all of us.

I simply said "I love you." and surprisingly felt tears running down my face, as I realized that while I may have lost my mother, I had gained three brothers, and one sister, that were as close to me as my other siblings.

They all came up, got smiles on their faces, and gave me big hugs which I loved, as they made sure I could feel how much they loved me as well.

Rebecca spoke up, at that point.

"you remember everything now?"

I looked up at her and told her "yes."

She nodded her head and then said "why don't you come on out into the living room, and we can talk."

I nodded, and the others backed up, to allow me to swing my legs over the bed.

I pushed the covers back and got up from the bed, and Rebecca said,

"I think we should get you a little something to wear, don't you?" with a smile on her face.

Amanda snickered, and I looked down then back up at her, perplexed before saying,

"Why?" which caused the boys to start laughing, and Amanda to snicker again, before Matt said,

"you're naked"

I looked at him and said "yea, so?"

Which got them laughing again, and finally Amanda saying between giggles,

"you can't be naked."

I started to ask why not, when Rebecca said

"I take it that there is no problem with nudity in your culture." with clear merriment in her eyes, and voice.

"ah no." I told her.

"Well, here for most, there is, so appearing dressed, when amongst others, would be a good idea." she told me, smiling in amusement.

"Oh, ok" I said and thought for a moment, and with a soft glow created clothing, similar to what the others were wearing.

"Better?" I asked smiling, which got me nods all around.

I followed everyone out of the room, which apparently was in somebody's home, as we went into a hallway, and down to a beautiful large room, with chairs of various kinds scattered around.

As we took our seats, Rebecca spoke first.

"Well, I guess I had better bring you up to date, on what has been going on. First of all you suffered severe injuries, in addition to the wound from Robert's gun. The other's suffered injuries to various degrees as well, with Ben's being the worst, next to yours. We diverted to a place near here, where I had set up a secure backup base of operations, and came to this location. We are not in Los Angeles, and are actually a bit farther away than when we started, but didn't have any choice. Robert didn't know of this facility, as it has been hidden for years."

I frowned and said,

"Robert didn't shield all of his thoughts from me, and it wasn't Robert who was on that plane." which elicited a gasp from Rebecca, as I continued

"Sometime recently, the one who we knew as Robert, replaced the real one.

Your Robert died during their attempt to capture him.

They didn't get the chance to strip his mind of anything more than a few recent memories, if that.

From what I could gather, his heart gave out during his attempt at eluding them, he almost succeeded, and they didn't find him til later."

"But how, no plastic surgery is that good." Rebecca said

I looked at her and then put Ben down as I stood up and simply waved my hand over myself.

In moments I stood there, and Danny was no more, in my place stood Robert, which elicited gasps from those seated around me.

"this is one way, and another even simpler way, would be to just place an illusion of this shape over the real body." I said in Robert's voice.

I let my true form return, and sat back down to which Ben promptly jumped back into my lap.

"Well that's good to know, although I have already taken the necessary steps to protect my organization." Rebecca told us.

"You should also know that I have heard from Mike, and he is ok. The command staff had no particular love of the idea of dying, and put a stop to the self-destruct mechanism."

I was very glad to hear that, and could tell Keith was as well, as I said

"That's great news."

She went on "Since that time, the military, as well as civilian police agencies have been mobilized over a massive area, in an attempt to locate you, and the others. The story which has been distributed, is that you were molesting Keith, and his mother found out, at which time you killed her, during a struggle, when she caught you in the act. Ironically, Matt, is accused of basically the same thing, only in his case, he was caught molesting his sister, and killed his father, in the ensuing struggle. They are saying that you met up somehow and are now traveling together, after kidnapping your brother who was in protective custody." She told us, shocking all of us, although Keith and I had heard at least some of the part about us before this.

"I have to get to Los Angeles," I said. "My brother is injured and needs my help." I told her.

She looked at me and said,

"The hospital there, has forestalled anyone from gaining access to the boy, up until now, but my sources tell me that it is unlikely that the government will wait much longer, until they take him."

"Then we have to get to him before they do" I told her.

She held up her hand and said

"I have transportation arranged, when we are ready to leave and associates down there, who will be able to help you, but with the publicity surrounding this, you would be recognized, wherever you go."

"That is not a problem," I told her and pointed at Keith, who suddenly appeared to be a 9 year old boy who looked nothing like Keith.

I pointed to each of the others and Amanda became an 4 year old girl and Matt became a 12 year old boy with blond hair. I held the illusion for a moment, till everyone's shock wore off, and I finally released the images, allowing their true features to return.

"I need to get to Los Angeles." I repeated.

"Very well," Rebecca said, and picked up a phone, pressing several numbers, and speaking softly into it, before hanging it up and returning it to its cradle.

"It's all arranged, and we can leave in about an hour." She told us before asking, "Can you tell us what happened?"

I took a deep breath, and Keith scooted over to join Ben, with me, while the other two gathered close on either side.

Their support meant so much to me, as I began

"My mother, brother and I were visiting a planet whose civilization had destroyed itself. It was part of our studies, of other cultures, and races, and when we finished there, we were going to head back to the rest of our family, who were waiting for us on Denista Prime. We had been on the surface, because of an ion storm, and had just taken off, and left the atmosphere, when some type of distortions appeared and we were thrown into one. All of us were injured and mom..." I had to stop and take a deep breath, "Mom was hurt real bad, and there was a lot of damage to the ship. Everything was offline, or severely damaged, we had no engines, and the shields were almost non-existent. Mom saved Tanara, but it drained her real bad, and like I said, she was hurt, we all were. I don't know how, but when we hit the distortion, it sent us somewhere else. Mom was dying, and the last thing she did was to transport Tani and me down here, because the ship was going to crash. She gave us a lot of knowledge, and things are still a bit confused, but this was part of an emergency plan, if something like what happened ever did."

As I trailed off, I felt everyone's support and love flowing into me. I could feel the tears, but this time with all of them there, it was a bit easier.

"I have to get to Tani," I said.

"I'm truly sorry," Rebecca said, "I will see to it that you always have a place, should you need it" she told me.

"Thank you" I said to her with heartfelt gratitude.

I was stranded here on an unfamiliar planet, and didn't know how I would ever get off it.

Allan had said that there were others that could be contacted, but urged me not to contact them.

Then there was the picture of my mother.

How had he gotten it?

What was she doing here and why wasn't she here now?

It made no sense.

The computer had said that she was home and father was on Lanara and that they had never mated or had me.

It just didn't make any sense.

"It'll be alright," Keith told me which brought me back from my morbid thoughts, to smile at him and hug him tighter.

"With all of you here, I think it will be." I told him and the rest.

"I need to talk to them privately for a while, before we leave," I told Rebecca, and she said ok, and got up and left.

They all looked at me curiously, and I asked where the packs were, and Matt jumped up and ran out of the room to get them.

I knew I needed to see just how much I had changed them and to take appropriate actions, to safeguard them.

When Keith got back, I went through the packs looking at various items, and then put two packs aside for later.

Then I began, "I need to look in each of you, and see just what has been done to you."

They simply nodded their heads, and I began with my first little brother, Keith.

I went in and searched his neural pathways and was shocked to discover that he was almost fully functional.

I had apparently opened his mind almost completely.

I then pulled out, and repeated the process with the others, to find similar results.

Ben was, surprisingly, fairly well opened, as well, and I didn't know how that was possible, since I hadn't had any contact with him.

I knew what I had to do, but it had to be with their permission.

"I want all of you to listen to me carefully. All of you are near fully functional, and I need to go in and make it complete. I also need to give you knowledge, and control of your abilities. I can't undo what has been done to you, I can only give you full use of what I have caused to happen."

They all looked at each other and then back to me, before nodding their heads.

I started with Ben, going in and making sure that all was completely open, and then I placed blocks, on certain things, limiting his powers, for the time being, before giving him certain knowledge, in how to control his gifts, like shielding and such, before pulling back out.

He smiled up at me as I reached into one of the packs and pulled out an emerald crystal and sent my mind into it and back into his.

I placed the Chakreeth crystal on his arm, and linked it to his mind, activating it so that it glowed brightly, for a moment, causing him to smile as he felt the living crystal link and merge with his system.

The link was very limited, because of his age, but would increase with time.

I withdrew from him and he proudly showed it to everyone else.

"What is it?" Keith asked me.

"That is a Chakreeth crystal, like this one." I said holding up my arm for all of them to see mine.

"It amplifies your powers enormously beyond what you would normally be capable of, by linking with your mind. It gives you great power, but it also comes with great responsibility, to not misuse it." I said.

They were all looking at it, and then they looked back to me.

I took Keith next, and gently linked into him repeating the process which I had done with Ben, moments before.

I of course left far fewer restrictions on his powers, but still he was too young, for some things.

I knew that this was the final thing my mother had done to Tani and me, as her final act.

She had freed our minds completely, of any blocks she had placed on them, but I would not do that with these, my family, there was no need, and with the amount of power they would have available to them, it wasn't a good idea right now.

Finally, I placed the Chakreeth crystal around his arm, and activated it, watching as he gasped in wonder, at it linking into his system and the new feelings and senses coursing through his mind.

I went on and repeated the process for Amanda and Matthew, with each exhibiting similar results, before finally looking back at all of them, and intoning,

*"Matthew, Amanda and Keith, I give this to thee as a mark of thy growth, know that with this, comes great power, with more to come, as time sets its hand upon thee. Know that with this, also comes great responsibility, and the burden to use it wisely. Do thee accept this to thee to never abuse what lies within thee, or with the power the Chakreeth bestows?"*

I had spoken both aloud and telepathically, and read their reply as they lifted their eyes to mine and spoke their answer together in the same manner, for this was a ritual passed down from time immemorial.

*"I accept that which thee hath bestowed upon me, never to misuse its power and to always keep to heart the weight which it brings with its power."* they intoned together as the crystals on their arms flared with power and the final seal was in place as they said in unison

"it is done."

They were all lost at looking inward learning from what I had just imparted into their minds, and I let them be, for the time being.

I think I must have drifted off for the next thing I knew, Mandy was shaking my shoulder and saying something,

"huh?" I mumbled and she giggled softly.

"You gotta get up, Becca says its time to go."

"Umm, ok, ahhh." I wasn't real good when I first woke up, now that I  remembered, as I sat up and found them all sitting there smiling at me.

"What?" I grumbled at them, which got a couple more giggles from Matt and Keith, joining the ones from Mandy.

I got up and we gathered our packs and I asked where the bathroom was, and Keith promptly dragged me off to it.

This of course, caused everyone to have to go, and finally, when everyone had finished, we gathered back in the living room where Rebecca awaited us.

"Everything is set, and we are ready to leave as soon as you are."

I nodded and said "Ok, then let's go."

We headed out and got in another of her shuttles, which quickly lifted off, and we settled back for the flight to the aircraft, which would be taking us on the rest of our trip.

It wasn't a long journey, and soon we were once again touching down, next to the aircraft we would be taking.

As we exited the smaller shuttle and began walking towards the aircraft, a man came out of the darkness and approached us.

I tensed but Rebecca smiled and greeted him before introducing him as our pilot.

After Robert, I felt no hesitation in reaching out and entering his mind, to make sure he was no threat to us.

Thankfully, he proved not be one, and I quickly withdrew as he escorted us up the steps and onto the plane.

I let my senses stretch out and scanned for anyone else present and found two other people who I quickly scanned and determined not to be threats, as well. We settled into our seats and the plane quickly took off into the air.

Rebecca then told me, "It will be about 3 hours until we get to our destination, and an old friend will be meeting us there. He will take you onward from there." She told us.

"Ok, but you have never told us about yourself, and why you are helping us." I said to her.

She looked pensive for a moment and then she began.

"I won't tell you everything, but I will tell you some things." She said as I nodded, she continued.

"I am not sure where to begin, there is so much." She started and I said,

"Why not with the phrase `a key has opened"

She laughed, and said "that's the easy one, I have always loved science fiction stories," and then paused when she saw the look of incomprehension on my face.

"Science fiction is a genre of stories, dealing with what might be, the possibilities, the what if and I always loved them. The stories covered everything from aliens to future history, right here on this planet. There were what was called conventions, which were gatherings of fans of the genre whether written or video and we would get together, and just, I don't know, be. We would talk about things and discuss our favorite stories, and those who had written them, and so much more. We could be ourselves within this community, it was one of the most accepting of all, and we relished those times. Much came out of the conventions, and the contacts that had been made there, but one thing that we all felt, was that there was life out there somewhere, and it might come here one day, if it hadn't already and you have to understand, that many of us believed that aliens have been here before. Anyway we all felt it was a possibility one day that it might happen, and then stories started circulating that it had happened. Oh there was always this and that person claiming to have been taken by aliens and such hogwash, but this story was different than most. It was that an alien woman, had found a great number of children who were being abused, and rescued them, taking them to a better place. Some said off planet while others said they were relocated here, but the story persisted and seemed to have a grain of truth to it, that others didn't. Then someone who I know told me that he knew a police officer in England who had been a part of it. I got the chance to meet him, and I was convinced, although  he said that it was a small boy who saved the children. We thought about what would happen if someone came from another planet, and needed help, and this police officer had told us about a young child, with the most amazing gifts. Anyway we remembered a story I had read when I was a child, and the phrase is a play on the title of the story. It was about a boy from somewhere else, finding himself stranded in our world."

"Kind of like me," I said with a grin on my face.

"Yes, kind of. The author had written other stories as well, about children from elsewhere, who find themselves lost and alone in this world, so that phrase kind of signified that you were here, and we set it up should such an event ever come to pass. It wouldn't cover every eventuality, but it gave the essence of the problem, should anyone ever encounter a visitor in trouble. I suppose it was just idealistic wishful thinking, on our part, to tell the truth, none of us ever expected that we would be the ones using it, but nevertheless, we kept it." She said smiling fondly in reminiscence.

"As to the rest of this, well that grew out of the conventions as well. You see most saw fans, that is what we were called when they were being nice at least, as nuts and not all there, but in actuality the people who were fans, came from all walks of life. The rich, the poor, the educated and the uneducated, but they all had one thing in common, and that was a dream that all shared about a better tomorrow, and a belief in what could lie ahead for us all. Oh don't get me wrong, people followed one thing or another, but whether it was a video program about a starship exploring the galaxy or a book about a planet where survivors of a crashed ship creating a completely new and wonderful society based on psi powers, it was all about the wonder, the possibilities which existed and the belief that we would one day explore them." She paused a moment and got up walking back to the rear of the plane, where she returned a moment later with a drink in her hand.

"Jenny will be out in a minute with snacks and drinks if you would like some," she told us as she resumed her seat.

"Anyway, where was I, oh yes let me see. I met a lot of people at the conventions over the years, and those contacts led into the organization we have today. It started some time back, and was the result originally, of conversations which occurred late at night at some of these conventions, between those contacts and me. We had become distressed over the direction which things were going, in our country and the world. At first the discussions were limited in scope, but as things became worse, they expanded. There were a number of people, myself included, who were quite wealthy, you could say. People who had considerable power as well. We started talking, then thinking, and finally planning. When things started to go downhill with the reforms and such, we started acting and putting into place all the plans we had made. Suffice it to say that there is a vast underground spanning all the continents on this planet and we help wherever we can to circumvent what has been happening. Sometimes it is as simple as finding homes for children who need it, and other times it is getting people to safety, as they have been deemed undesirable. There are many other things which we have our hands into, but you'll forgive me if I don't elaborate on them." She said.

"I understand," I told her.

It sounded as if there were a great number of problems in this society.

"The government has a great deal of power now, and our freedoms have been greatly curtailed. While in some cases, this has resulted in benefits, for the most part, it has been to our country's detriment." She continued.

"Benefits?" I asked.

"Well as strange as it may sound, some things it has helped. For instance, we had a minority group in this country, who would cause mayhem, whenever they felt slighted, which they increasing seemed to, but after the reforms were passed, that activity was no longer allowed. They found that out in the Peachtree Riots of 2010, when the government sent troops in, and quelled the riots within hours of their beginning." She told us, and then went on

"the problem was that those same laws became used for evil, as well, and the evil they did, far outweighed the good." She finished.

About that time Jenny came out, and we all got some snacks and drinks.

All was quiet while we ate, and soon I found myself drifting off.

I kind of woke up, some time later, in that half awake state, between being awake and being asleep, to hear soft voices speaking and Rebecca saying,

"If you look out the window, you can see San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge."

I sat bolt upright in shock, and felt fear run through me, suddenly I couldn't breathe, and started gasping for breath, as the kids ran over scared, and calling my name, but all I could manage to gasp out, as I stared wildly at them was,

"No...it can't be."

All I could think about were the words `San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge' and finally our destination, Los Angeles.

Editor's Note;

Did you figure it out?

I had it pinned down quite a while ago, myself.

I figured, for someone, as smart as Dani is, that once he had his memory back, he would have tumbled to it, before. Especially after he heard the names of the California cities, but it obviously came rushing back when he heard almost word for word the speech about seeing San  Francisco. That must have finally triggered it. Well I guess we will have to wait and see what he will do, or say, now that he has figured it out, if in fact he has figured it out. If I didn't say it before, this story keeps getting better and better in every chapter.

Thanks DS, You are great.


The Radio Rancher

End Note

I know you did. Being steeped in science fiction allows you an unfair advantage. J

He has his memory back but remember he just woke up with it back. The healing they performed was complete and healed much more than just his physical injuries but his mental ones as well. The time frame is only a couple of hours in this chapter from the time he woke up and he has had other things on his mind. The things he has done weigh heavily on him even though he knows somewhere that he didn't know what he was doing. Even so what disturbs him is that he wouldn't have done differently if he had. There are a lot of things that are hitting Dani at once and his feelings of guilt and responsibility will only get worse. Especially after what happens in the next chapters and what he is forced to do. Also remember that Los Angeles was mentioned in passing but it was a radioactive crater. They spent their time about 30 or so miles away in Anaheim and of course the time he spent in S.F. It was only when he woke to the words "Golden Gate Bridge" that something hit him and then the connection to L.A. also hit him. Maybe. J

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