A Different Place

By Dark Star

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With a final breath, I nodded and stepped towards the doorway with the others falling into step behind me.

As we reached the door and opened it to step down Rebecca said

"Good Luck."

We all smiled and said

"Thank you,"

While I added "for everything." as we made our way out the door and down the stairs turning to our right as we had been directed.

We had all said our goodbyes to Ben, and told him we would see him soon, with a new brother for him.

Now all we had to do was go and get him.

Chapter 17

I looked around at all the new sights, and people everywhere.

I hadn't really seen anything of this planet, since I had apparently come back, and couldn't stop looking at a live world, where before, I had seen nothing but death.

Keith ended up taking my hand, and pulling me along, to get me going, as I had stopped to look around me in wonder.

It may sound strange, after seeing dozens of planets before, but this was a new one, and not only that one that was dead, in my own time.

It was all new, and fascinating to me, as we headed down the street towards the corner, where we were to turn left.

We went around the corner, and continued on to where the entrance to the hospital was located, and went on inside.

Rebecca had told us that the best thing to do throughout, was to act as if we belonged there, which would mean staying calm, and relaxed.

Act like kids to a point, but also remember where we were going to be, which would subdue us a bit.

And that is exactly what we tried to do, as we made our way over to the elevators, and got on.

I saw uniformed personal, who looked at us briefly, but didn't give us a second look, which was exactly what we wanted.

I was getting nervous as the lights flashed, showing the levels we were passing, as we ascended in the elevator.

We would be there very soon, and Tani was waiting, my brother.

As I watched the lights, signifying the levels, I couldn't help but think about how restrictive this language was, while in mine, I often called him brother, it didn't mean the same thing, as in this language, but there was no better word.

What a strange thing to be thinking about, at this particular time.

Then the chime sounded, signaling that we had arrived.

The doors opened, and I tried to send reassurance to everyone briefly, as we looked out before taking the step which would reunite me with Tani.

We walked up to what was obviously the nurse's station, where we asked for the woman Rebecca had told us about.

When she arrived, we explained who we were, and she led us down one the hallways, extending from the desk.

It was immediately apparent what room that Tani was located in, as we approached we could see two police officers, standing at either side of the door, quickly look in our direction, as we came upon them.

We also noticed the soldiers down the hall a short distance, come to attention, and watch us intently.

"They are from a Christian youth group, come to visit and pray, for the child inside."

The nurse informed the officers, who looked at us and then each other before replying,

"There aren't any visitors allowed, you know that," one of them replied.

The nurse replied, "I know the rules, but these are just children who wish to pray for someone. There can't be any harm in that, can there?" she asked.

They looked at each other for a moment before replying, "I suppose not, but don't be too long," the second one told us.

We all assured him we would be quick, and started towards the door, when one of the soldiers started running towards us yelling

"hey what do you think you're doing?" to the officers.

"Mind your own business," the officer stated, as the other soldier headed in our direction.

"It is our business..." the soldier replied, as I continued to push the door open, and enter the room, with the others following on my heels.

"Hey! Get out of there!" the soldier yelled, as we entered the room, but we ignored him, and let the door close behind us, as I stumbled to a stop before the bed in the room.

I heard scuffling behind us, but my attention was all for the form lying unmoving, on the bed before me.

Everything else seemed to disappear from my conscious mind, as I slowly, step by step, moved closer to the bed.

The small form lying there was unrecognizable, swathed in white gauze bandages, covering most of his head and face.

Covers were pulled up to his chin and, tubes and wires came from beneath, snaking along to various places surrounding his still form.

A tube came out of his mouth and went to a machine nearby, and I could tell from watching for a moment, that it was breathing for him.

I came to a stop, next to his bed, and uttered one word "Tani," and was vaguely aware that the others had formed around the bed, in a circle, staring at what was my brother, and now theirs as well.

We had found him.

I gently placed my hands on his chest, and went inside assessing the damage present, and whether or not I could heal it.

Then to my surprise, I sensed everyone else placing their hands upon him, and linking with me.

I now had all the help I needed, to heal him, and all of us would be responsible for bringing him back.

His injuries were massive, and that included head trauma.

I started healing him removing the tubes and such as I went along.

It wouldn't do to have the one breathing for him in place, when he started breathing on his own.

I was part way into healing him, when I realized something that sent shock waves through me, and the link.

This wasn't Tanara.

I also couldn't stop now, but it wouldn't take long, with all of us linked, and the abundance of energy present.

I knew this meant that this was a trap but I didn't have any choice at this point.

If I didn't finish what I had started, then this boy would die, and I couldn't do that.

I felt the agreement of the others, to which I was very grateful, as we quickly finished up with this child.

As we finished, the glow faded from his body, leaving a 7 or 8 year old boy lying there naked on the bed, opening his eyes, and looking up at us, with confusion on his face.

Before any of us could say anything we heard a familiar voice.

"I knew you'd come back for him"

I turned quickly, my shields expanding around me and could feel the others throw up theirs as well.

All of us linked together and forming an impenetrable barrier, around this side of the room, as I stared coldly at the Commander Roberts, from the military facility in Montana, who was standing across the room smiling coldly at us.

"Where's my brother?" I asked.

"Oh he's safe, don't worry about that, very safe." He said laughing.

I just stared at him and said again "Where's my brother?" as I slowly stepped forward towards him.

"Nah, nah, nah, you don't want to do that." He said as suddenly a number of soldiers entered the room from a door we hadn't seen before.

"If anything happens to me at all or you take any hostile action, he will be killed immediately." He told us still smiling.

I froze where I was, not moving, as I looked at him.

I very gently reached out with my mind, and entered his thoughts.

I had gotten no further than the surface thoughts that confirmed what he was saying, when I was violently thrown out of his head.

I winced with the force of it, as he said

"don't try that again!" in a deadly cold tone of voice.

I just looked at him and asked "What do you want?" trying to buy some time, as I had gathered from what I could read from him, that this room and he were being monitored from elsewhere.

The others were looking to me asking silently what they should do, and I didn't know.

There was someone here with abilities protecting him, and that presented a problem too.

I was scared.

"Oh, I already have what I want, you." He told us.

I let this shape fade, and took on my normal appearance, and the others followed suit, causing gasps of surprise from both him and the soldiers with him, as I said,

"Fine, for now, but I want to see my brother now." I told him and he shook his head smiling yet.

"I don't think so." He told me laughing.

"You don't understand, you claim to have him, but I don't even know if he is alive. If you don't want to die, then I want to see him for myself, and make sure he is alive, and unharmed." I told him bluntly.

"Don't threaten me, brat." you'll do what you're told, when you're told, and you won't make demands to me, or he will die."

I stared at him coldly, before saying,

"I don't believe you," and took a step forward.

I was playing a very dangerous game, but it was the only one left to me, and I just hoped that I would win it, I thought as I continued.

"You claim to have him, yet you won't show me. I think he died and you are trying use him to make us do what you want." I told him.

He didn't say anything for a moment, but finally said, "Fine I will allow you to see him, but you will have to go with us to where he is being kept."

I didn't trust him, and yet I also didn't have a lot of choice right now.

I turned back around, and walked to the others, fingering the comm. unit discretely as I rejoined them turning back to the commander and saying,

"Fine. For now we will go with you, as it seems that we don't have any choice in the matter, but if I think we are being betrayed, you will die." I told him.

"I told you don't threaten me." he said.

"Understand that we will do what we want. The only reason you are still standing is that there is the possibility that my brother actually is alive, and that is the only reason."

He just stared at me with a look of pure hatred, before saying "come with me."

We started towards the door when a small voice asked, "What about me?" causing all of us to stop and turn back to the figure on the bed, who was now sitting up looking scared, and watching us.

"Come with us, little one" I told him, to which the commander said, "You can stay here, someone will be along to get you."

I looked at the commander and then back to the boy, saying "Come with us." while sending reassurance to him.

He looked between us and got up from the bed.

"I said to stay put." The commander said, and started towards the boy.

"He's coming with us." I said.

The commander looked at me shrugged saying, "fine lets go."

That was too easy.

I waved my hand at the boy who had come up by my side, and in moments he was fully clothed, as we started to follow the commander out of the room.

We went to a different elevator with soldiers surrounding us the entire way.

I noticed the two police officers were not there, and made the comment so Rebecca would know.

"So the two police aren't really police officers after all. This was all a lie."

"Do you really think we would allow a bunch of locals to dictate what we do or don't do?" The commander said as he broke into laughter echoed by some of the soldiers.

We entered the elevator, and it obviously wasn't for people visiting the hospital.

The commander pressed a button and we started descending.

When we came to a stop, finally the doors opened, to reveal an area that was clearly below the main hospital as pipes and conduits were running along the ceiling.

They led us through several corridors, before coming out in some type of vehicle storage area.

There was a large vehicle waiting there, with soldiers surrounding it, and it was to that vehicle where we were led.

We all were told to sit on the floor, and one of the soldiers came over to us.

"I have to put these on you." He told us.

I just looked at him, and what he carried which appeared to be some type of restraints.

"No" I told him.

"You don't have a choice." He said "I'm sorry."

"No" I told him again.

"What's the holdup?"  the commander asked.

"Sir, they won't allow us to put the restraints on." the soldier standing before us said.

The commander turned to us and looked at us for a moment as if we were denoxin or something before stating,

"you will allow him to place them on you."

I started to say something but then thought oh well why bother, we can get out of them any time we choose and held out my hands to the soldier.

He placed one end of the restraints on my wrist and attached the other end to metallic ring in the bottom of the vehicle.

He then went around and repeated the process on the rest of us.

We sat there as the vehicle started up, and pulled out, heading through the storage area and eventually outside.

The others were scared, and I silently told them that everything would be alright, and only hoped that it was the truth.

If I could get to Tani, I could get us all out of there safely, but until then, there wasn't much I could do other than hope that Tani was really alive somewhere.

We drove for some time, and along the way, I saw a huge sign that said Puente Hills Mall and cemented that to memory, quickly telling the others to memorize this location.

This would be our out, when we transported.

I didn't think that Rebecca would be staying where we left her, and this would allow us a clear landmark to transport to, when the time came, that she should be able to find easily.

I couldn't tell you how long we drove, but it was getting dark by the time the vehicle left the main highway.

We went along for a while longer, and then it was obvious that we had left a normal road, as the vehicle started bouncing and rocking like wild.

Eventually we entered another underground area, and finally came to a stop.

"Remain seated, while your restraints are removed." the commander instructed, with a smile.

I quickly told the others my plan, and then said with a huge grin on my face,

"Save yourselves the trouble," and a glow appeared around each of our wrists, as the restraints disappeared, and we stood up.

I don't think the commander was amused, as he scowled at us and sharply told us,

"Come with me, and no funny business."

We followed him out of the vehicle, and he led us in what was reminiscent of the hospital, through a series of tunnels, and finally to an elevator, where we entered and this time went upward.

When we reached the correct level, the elevator stopped, and he led us out of it.

Once we were out, he stopped and turned to us saying,

"you." pointing at me, "will come with me, and the others will go with this soldier here."

"No, we all stay together." I said immediately.

"Fine," he said.

This was going all too easily.

Something was up, and I told the others to keep their guard up.

I didn't like this at all.

He led us down a hallway that was carpeted and fairly nice.

It didn't look like the drab military facility that he had commanded in Montana at all.

We came to a stop in front of a room with no markings on the door, which was one of many, and he turned to us saying

"You may go in, and your brother is inside. Do not touch him, get closer than three feet or in any way try anything, or he will be killed instantly."

I nodded and he opened the door, allowing us to enter.

We entered the room slowly to see a small figure, lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

This time it was definitely Tani.

I walked as close as I dared, enough for the commander to call out to me to stop, and extended my senses to my brother.

He was hurt and badly but he would live.

He was unconscious, and I could sense it was from a head injury.

I prepared myself to transport us out of here, when I noticed everything seemed to be going blurry and I couldn't focus.

I swung around, looking at the commander and saw him smiling.

"You didn't think you were going to tell me what to do now do you." he said as everything went black, and I felt myself falling.

I could see the others were also affected and that is the last thing I remembered for some time.

I woke next with a severe headache, and things were still blurry.

It was very hard to focus on anything.

I couldn't concentrate, and I knew that whatever he had done to me was still being done.

It must be some type of airborne drug to affect me like this.

With the shields we had in place it would have been impossible to introduce any other type of agent into our systems.

I hadn't thought of this, and now he had us under his control.

How could I have been so stupid.

I tried reaching out to the others, but other than to know they were alive, I couldn't reach them.

My thinking was too muddled.

I knew my personal shields were still in place, but that was about all.

I couldn't extend them to filter out anything.

I was effectively powerless.

He couldn't hurt me, but then again I couldn't do anything either right now.

I had to figure out how to lesson the effects of this.

I had to find out if the others were alright.

A blurry indistinct figure came towards me, that resolved itself into the commander, and once again he was smiling, that cold smile as he looked down on me

"Works great doesn't it?" he said.

"MMrrrmm" I mumbled.

"You see its odorless and tasteless, and we have been immunized against its effects. From the time we stopped outside the door, it was being introduced into the room. You never had a chance. It also disrupts the ability to concentrate so that should effectively block your using your powers to do anything, and don't forget I have your brother still." he told me

I tried to concentrate enough to understand him, but that was about all I could do, before I once again drifted off.

It seems to also have a sedative effect.

When I next awoke, it was to see a figure hurry from the room followed by the return of the commander.

"Ah I see you are with us once again."

I mumbled something unintelligible to him, and he turned to someone else demanding

"Why can't he speak coherently?"

I heard a voice saying something softly and the commander say

"well it doesn't do us any good if he can't answer questions now does it." before he stormed back out of the room, slamming the door as he went.

The figure came over to me and looked down at me before walking away again.

I don't know how long I was awake before I once again drifted off, but it wasn't long.

The next time I awoke, things were a little clearer, but not by much.

I still couldn't concentrate effectively, although I was trying.

All I needed to do was build up a shield to filter out any airborne foreign substances, but it was more easily thought of than done.

If I could do that, then the effects of the drug would be able to dissipate sufficiently for me to be able to get us out of here, if I could find the others, as I noticed they didn't seem to be with me.

Shortly the commander returned and with that same smile on his face said,

"I see that you are awake again."

I didn't answer him which seemed to make him mad for he went on,

"I do hope you are ready to answer some questions, now."

I tried to say something, and it took me a few tries before I got out a bit garbled,

"Not really," which didn't make him happy.

"I want to know what you are and where you came from, and you're going to tell me." he said.

I just shook my head, as speaking was too difficult.

"We'll see," he remarked and pivoted on his heel storming off.

Again I didn't know how long I remained awake before once again drifting off, but he hadn't returned when it happened.

I drifted in and out occasionally awake for snatches of conversation, including one time when the commander was yelling that he needed me awake, and able to speak.

At some point, I did wake up, and remain awake once again and very shortly the commander was back.

He stood there at the end of the bed, looking at me, while I was trying to assess my current state, which was better than before but still not good.

I was interrupted in my thoughts by the commander once again demanding,

"What are you and where do you come from?"

I just looked at him and didn't answer.

I was concentrating on whether or not I could do anything.

They must have lessened the amount of the drug, because my thoughts were definitely clearer, although still muddled.

"I asked you a question?" he snarled at me, and I could see he was very angry.

Once again I just looked at him, but didn't say anything.

"You will answer my questions or you will suffer." He told me.

I just smiled, I knew he couldn't hurt me, or any of the others not with our shields in place.

"You think you can defy me don't you?" he asked but I again didn't answer. "well you will soon learn that there are many ways you can suffer, without direct pain." he said to me with his ever present smile, on his face.

"Bring him." he called out, and two soldiers came through the door half carrying the boy from the hospital between them.

They held him, as they came to a stop, next to the commander, and he looked from the boy to me before saying,

"You will answer my questions, or he will pay." then his hand shot out striking the boy across the face, brutally, and leaving a trickle of blood running down from his lip.

The boy, who appeared semi-conscious, cried out, and I was surprised to see clarity come across his eyes, as his head snapped up, and he looked at the commander.

This time I did speak. "you are dead." I told him, in a cold fury. but the smile never left his face, as he turned and struck the boy once again.

"You will answer my questions." he told me as he grabbed the boy by the throat, and hauled him off his feet choking him.

"You would be surprised, the amount of pain and suffering the human body can absorb without being fatal." he said, and I was shocked, at his completely cold and conversational tone, as if he were discussing the meal plans for dinner.

"Not only that, but I will be more than happy to provide a complete education in that to you, if you don't start co-operating, fully." He said to me, while the boy's face was turning from bright red to purple.

He threw the boy backwards, and he went flying, landing hard on the ground, as he ordered the soldiers,

"Get him up." which they quickly did, once again holding him up between them.

He walked back over to the boy, and then said looking at me,

"Now, what are you?" SLAP "and where are you from?" SLAP

I just looked at him.

I wasn't in any position to fight him.

I was strapped down and had no powers, but I couldn't tell him anything.

My heart was breaking, to see this poor child harmed, but there was nothing I could do about it, without dooming all of us.

Time, all I needed was time.

He struck the child again and again, in the face, and then started punching him in the stomach.

As the blood ran everywhere, the boy finally committed the ultimate transgression, by passing out from the pain, and my fury grew, at what I was witnessing.

"Get him awake." the commander ordered, and someone came scurrying from the corner of the room, where he had been, unnoticed by me, up till then.

He waved something under the boy's nose, and it caused the boy to start moaning, and thrashing his head around as undesired consciousness returned to him.

"Strip him." he ordered, and the soldiers started taking the boy's clothes off rapidly.

By the Gods, what could this man be thinking of doing now?

As I watched this, I suddenly realized, that my thoughts were clearer, and more importantly, I realized that I had the ability to extend my shielding now.

They had made a fatal mistake, only they didn't know it yet.

I quickly did it, causing the air reaching me, to be pure and without whatever drug was present.

I didn't know how long it would take me to recover, but I had started, and when I was finished, this man would pay, and pay dearly, for what he had done.

The commander walked across the room, and came back with something held in his hands.

He squatted down, and fitted something around the boy's penis and testicles, before standing back up, and looking at me.

This didn't look good at all.

I could feel my thoughts clearing, but ever so slowly, too slowly.

"Do you think you might want to talk now?" he asked me, with his ever present smile, on his face.

The boy was looking at me plainly scared, and begging for this to stop, when the commander said,

"Very well, this is on a light current" and pressed something on the box he held in his hands.

The boy arched his back and let out a scream of pure agony, before sagging back in the hands of the soldiers who were holding him.

"Sir," one of them said and almost faster than the eye could follow, the commander had pulled his weapon from his belt and had it held against the soldier's head, as he asked in a soft voice,

"do you have a problem, soldier?"

"Nnnoo sir." was the response.

"That's good to hear, I didn't think so," replied the commander, in that same soft voice.

He looked to me again, and I just glared at him, before he nodded and said,

"This can go on for a long, long time." and he hit the control on the box again.

This time, every muscle in the boy's body locked up in agony, and he lost control of his bladder and bowels, as the scream seemed to never end, until finally unconsciousness overtook the boy again.

"Get him awake now." The commander ordered, and I watched as that same man scurried from his hiding place.

The soldier who had spoken before, didn't look well, and as I was thinking that, he suddenly let go of the boy, and ran towards a door at the side of the room, and you could hear retching sounds coming from inside.

The man once again waved something under the boy's nose, but this time it wasn't having any effect at all.

The commander yelled "I told you to get him awake now."

"I'm sorry sir, but this isn't working." the man told him obviously scared of his reaction, with good reason, apparently.

In a deadly quiet voice the commander told him, "Then find something that will." then screaming at him "NOW!!"

"Yyyyesss sir." from the terrified man, who stumbled back and over to the corner of the room, where he retrieved something, and then ran back to the boy.

He had some type of device, and I watched as he withdrew some fluid from a small bottle, into the device before holding it to the boy's arm, and pressing it in.

"It will take a minute or two before the effects are apparent." he told the commander, who turned to look at me, and ask,

"So how long do you want the boy to suffer before you tell me what I want to know?"

Again, I remained silent, and he continued.

"When we are done with him, we will start on your brother, maybe then you will care a bit more." He told me.

Oh I cared alright, now, but he will never get that far.

I was still a far cry from recovered, but I had enough control back, especially with the aid of the Chakreeth, to begin to fight back.

I extended my senses, and found the others in the same condition I was in, and quickly extended their shields, sufficiently for them to start getting free of the effects of this drug.

I also found my brother, and in their surety, that none of us could now pose a threat, they hadn't felt the need to do what I had feared the most, which was to move him.

The problem was that with that effort, I found myself exhausted, and knew that it would take time to have the energy to transport my brother out of here, much less myself or the boy.

The others would be ok, for the time being.

I didn't even have the spare energy to try ridding myself of the toxins, right now, and I wasn't sure whether to do that or concentrate on getting us out of here.

I didn't know how long this boy could possibly last, at this rate, and decided one thing I could do, was to stop this, for the moment.

I extended my senses outward, to the device in the commander's hand, and quickly got the gist of how it worked, and just as quickly, disabled it.

The boy was awakening, and as he came back to the reality he was in, he started begging.

"please no, no more, please." as sobs racked his battered body.

"That is not up to me, I'm afraid." the commander told him, before smiling back at me.

"Will you answer the questions?" he asked of me once again, and once again I remained silent.

"Very well," and again pressed something, as the boy started screaming in fear.

Only this time the boy's scream quickly tapered off, as nothing happened.

The commander was furious, and pressed the buttons on the box again and again, without effect, as the boy looked on in confusion, and obvious hope.

The commander threw down the box in a rage, reaching up and slapping the boy across the mouth again, and looked at me before saying.

"Bring him," as he turned and headed out the door.

As he left he said over his shoulder,

"Don't think this is over, I'll be back." and with that was gone, for the moment.

I took a deep breath, and let my eyes close, knowing I needed time, more than anything else right now.

I finally fell asleep, and while I didn't have any illusions about it being for long, I knew it was the best thing that could happen to me right now.

When I awoke again, it was to find the little man from the corner shaking me and to see the commander back with his smile, standing at the foot of my bed, while two soldiers were there holding the boy again.

The boy was clearly terrified about what was going to happen next, and you could see him shaking.

His face was bruised and battered, and there were also bruises on his stomach.

His genitals looked horrible from what had been done to them, and I knew he was in an enormous amount of pain.

I was much better, and I quickly went into myself, ridding myself of the remaining toxins, in my system.

I was still weak, but now I had the strength to fight, at least for a little while, and fight I would.

I extended my senses to the others, and found them awake and scared.

We linked together and I quickly outlined what I had thought up.

They were all happy to know I was safe, and while they were all weak, and still under the effects of the drug, they all thought they could transport out safely, which I was glad to hear.

I was brought back to the here and now, by the commander speaking.

"So I guess its time for another lesson in what continued defiance will bring." again with that cold smile plastered to his face.

Only this time, I smiled and said,

"No, now its time for you to die." and initiated transport of my brother to safety, while also transporting the boy, in front of me.

The look of complete shock, and then fear, as what had just happened, registered on his brain, was extremely satisfying, as he pulled his weapon, and aimed it at me.

The soldiers had also withdrawn their weapons, and had them pointed at me, as well.

I shattered the restraints around me, and sat up in bed, swinging my legs over the edge, as the commander yelled,

"Stay where you are!"

More soldiers burst into the room,, pointing weapons at me, and I was the one to just smile this time.

I took delight in the clear fear that was showing on the commander's face, as I stood up and he yelled again at me.

"If you move any further we will fire."

I just smiled and looked at him before saying,

"your weapons will have no effect on me, you should know that by now."

Then the one who was in their employ, began an assault on my mind. but this time, I knew who and what I was.

More importantly, I knew how to use my abilities, to their furthest extent, which I did.

As he launched the attack, I followed the path of it, back to its source, ripping into his mind, and utterly destroying it.

The scream, which resounded throughout the area, left everyone in the room looking around in dread, for it was a scream of pure unadulterated agony.

"Your pet is no more." I told the commander, and his look of fear increased dramatically.

I stepped forward, and the commander fired at me, with no effect, as nothing came close to me.

I knew the others were ok, but they had wanted to look around a bit, and make sure that no one else was trapped in this pit, before leaving it.

The soldiers opened fire next, and with the same result.

Not real smart apparently.

When they stopped, I simply waved my hand and their weapons disappeared.

I then extended my hand and grabbed the two who had held the boy both times, and raised them in the air.

I noticed the little man, scurrying like a teklal, towards the door, and I froze him, as well, causing a little squeak to escape his lips.

"The rest of you, get out, or die." I told them, and they looked at each other, and then the commander, before looking back at me, and bolting for the door.

The commander tried to bolt as well, but I sealed the door first, and he turned back around, at the door, looking at me.

"your brother will be killed." he said, and this time it was my laughter that rang out, as I told him,

"My brother is now beyond your reach at the moment, and soon to be forever beyond your reach."

I turned back to the soldiers who were looking at me with dread and decided to make it quick.

"Because of your actions, you will now die." and I watched as the fear coursed through them, causing one of them to urinate himself, as I reached into their bodies, grasping their hearts, and exploding them.

It was a painful way to go, and they would stay conscious for several minutes, as I let their bodies drop to the ground.

It wasn't as painful as what they had done to the boy, though.

I turned to the little man, and raised him up in the air, bringing him over to me, where I repeated the process.

He joined the soldiers whose screams had died down to whimpers, as they headed towards certain death.

I needed to end this, as my energy was rapidly being drained, so I turned towards the commander and said,

"I promised you," and extended my hand outward but he spoke up,

"you won't stop it, others will come after you. You may kill me, but it won't end."

I just looked at him and said,

"I hope not, because you don't know what you are dealing with, I could destroy this planet, with a thought. Leave me alone, or suffer the consequences."

And with that, I went into his mind, brutally, causing him to scream out with the pain of it, and sifted through what was there.

It was like burrowing through a waste reclamation plant, but I learned a great deal about many things.

I felt the children coming and decided to take care of this piece of waste, finally, and make him pay for everything he had done to so many others.

"I was going to make this rather quick, but seeing what you have done to so many others, I have decided to make you suffer, a little bit of what you have inflicted on others."

"Take your best shot," he told me.

"With pleasure," I responded, and then reached into his body locating all the blood vessels within, except for vital ones needed for life, and ripped them out of his body.

Next, I went in, and activated certain nerve receptors, in his body, which caused him to begin screaming in agony.

Then I let him go.

I also placed a block on his mind that wouldn't allow him to take any action, which could end his life.

He would die within a week in increasing pain, for which nothing could be done, with his body bloated, and dying around him, from lack of circulation.

But his heart, lungs and brain would be fine, until the end.

The children came into the room, and looked at the commander, before coming over to me, and hugging me.

They were a bit unsteady on their feet, but they would be alright eventually.

We were still linked and I told them of my final plans, to which they agreed.

Deepening the link, I drew on their power, as well as what was left of my own, before transporting the commander to the office of his superior, who had been watching the whole thing over a video feed.

Then I looked up, at where the cameras were, and said

"Watch, and learn what we are capable of, and we aren't  even at full strength right now."

With that, I started building power within, building it until I had enough to destroy this entire facility.

I knew it was necessary to get across to these people, that further attempts to harm us would not be a good idea, and so as the power built to a level that would be effective, we prepared ourselves, and finally released it.

The resulting implosion destroyed the entire complex, and the surrounding area, leaving a crater a mile wide in diameter, while with our fading strength, we initiated transport, to the sign we had seen earlier.

What we hadn't counted on as we materialized and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, was that we weren't alone.


Well the government might have been taken care of, hopefully. Dani got them out, but at what price? He does have his brother back though.

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