A Different Place

By Dark Star

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What we hadn't counted on as we materialized and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion was that we weren't alone.










Chapter 18




What we hadn't counted on as we materialized and collapsed to the ground, in exhaustion was that we weren't alone.

I looked up blearily, to see my brother still unconscious, and the boy lying beside him, in a similar state, only there was a police officer kneeling down beside them.

He turned quickly, as we materialized in front of him, and stood quickly.

"What the..." he uttered, before I was shocked by shields flaring brightly around him.

My own, flared as well, and I quickly extended them to include the boy and my brother.

I didn't have a lot of strength left, and the others were in worse shape than me, since I had drawn on them, to accomplish our last task, but I staggered to my feet, and could feel the others doing the same, lending me their support.

"Who are you?" the officer asked.

"Leave us alone, we don't want any trouble, if you don't then..." but my words were drowned out as the shock wave from the explosion struck us, knocking all of us from our feet, and tumbling us around as the ground shook and sound enveloped us.

I had forgotten about the repercussions to our actions.

An event of that magnitude was bound to have foreseeable results, if I had thought about it.

As everything settled, and the tremors subsided, I could hear the officer on his radio.

"144 K1 10-33 996B unknown location we just got struck with the shock wave, 144 K1."

"10-4 144K1 all units be advised 144K1 is advising of a 996B occurring with an unknown location."

"Multiple units, unit with emergent?" the radio went on but I tuned it out as the officer started getting to his feet.

I also was climbing to my feet, but trying to check on the others as well.

The officer headed towards my brother, and the boy, as I called out.

"Stay away from them."

He turned to look at me, and said "they're hurt, and I need to see if they have been hurt further."

"Stay away from them." I told him raising my hand towards him.

His shield flared brightly, and he said

"Look I don't know who you are, but do you honestly think you are in any shape to take me on right now?"

I just looked at him, and then he said,

"Look, I don't have time right now to deal with you, too many people out here are going to be needing my help, not to mention those two." he said pointing at them "listen to me," and I knew he wasn't talking only about his voice, as he continued, "let me transport all of you to the medlab beneath my house, and you can take care of them, and get some rest, while you're at it. Stay there until I get there, and we can talk. I mean none of you any harm." He finished, as I read the sincerity of his intentions.

I wasn't sure what to do, but I was barely able to stand any longer and I could see the others hadn't even bothered to try to stand up.

"Look, there are biobeds and replicators there. do you know how to use them?"

I nodded and said, "Ok."

He nodded and then waved one hand towards us, and the other towards Tani and the boy, and everything faded, as he sent a last thought to me. *stay in the medlab, my children will be home later, but will stay above.* I sent acknowledgement to him, as things faded, to be replaced by a full med lab, with a number of bio beds laid out.

The boy and Tani, were already on a bed each, as the others asked if it was ok.

I told them I hoped so, and they collapsed where they were, exhausted.

I went around and quickly scanned them, deciding to put all of them onto bio beds, but it was a chore to get them up there.

When I finished, I addressed the computer.

"Computer emergency medical protocol on all active bio beds."

"Acknowledged, medical program initiated." The computer responded, as I sank down onto the floor, I didn't know what was going to happen, or if we were safe, but I just had to rest. I surrendered to the blackness of complete exhaustion.

When I awoke, it was to a small face peering at me, which startled me, causing me to sit up quickly, and him to giggle softly.

"Hi," the little boy said, and it wasn't Keith, although he appeared to be about the same age.

"umm," I muttered, causing him to giggle again, and then the events of the recent past came crashing down, and I looked around frantically to find my brother still lying on the bio bed but the others were gone.

I also wasn't on the floor, anymore either.

"What's wrong?" the little boy asked.

I looked back at him as I stood up, and started to extend my senses outward.

"Who are you?" I asked

"That's my son, Alex." a voice said. "who wasn't supposed to be down here, bothering you."

I swung around and let my shields flare up around me, as the police officer from earlier walked into sight.

"I wasan bothing him." the little boy said.

He held out his hands in a gesture of peace and said, "Its ok, I told you I mean you no harm."

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Upstairs with my obedient children." He said smiling at Alex, who was sure he had been slighted somehow, but wasn't quite sure how.

"what's o...ob..obedant mean?" he asked.

I couldn't help but smile, but before I could answer, his father said,

"it means what you aren't," which brought a scowl to Alex's face.

Before it could go any further kids started appearing, first was Keith, who launched himself into my arms, and then, Matt and Mandy soon followed.

They all linked with me, and the relief that washed over me was enormous. I felt tears flowing down my face, as I felt all their love surround me, and permeate my entire being.

I had been so worried about them, and when I woke up and found them gone, it was probably one of the scariest feelings I had ever had.

But they all appeared to be alright and within the link they quickly apprised me of what had happened since they had awoken earlier.

Mostly they had been playing with the man's children, and he hadn't spoken to them, other than to tell them that I would be fine, and was just sleeping.

As we calmed down, after the reunion, I turned to find Alex looking at me funny.

"Why are you crying?" he asked.

"Cause I'm happy, that my family is ok." I told him

"Why don't you go upstairs and I'll be up in a little while, ok?" he said to Alex, who looked at him and then promptly disappeared.

"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be," he said as he sat down in a chair across from us.

I looked at him questioningly, and he said, "He seems to have attached himself to you all, and you in particular."

"Oh," I said as I really didn't know what to say to that.

"Now, I guess some introductions are in order, I'm Dan Thompson." and looked expectantly at me.

I looked at the others and then back at him before saying,

"My name is Danny and this is Keith, Matthew and Amanda" I said pointing to each then pointed at the bio bed saying "and that is Tanara."

"What about the human boy upstairs he has been rather quiet?" he asked.

I started to tell him, but Keith jumped in and said "his name's Andrew."

I looked at him and he said "well I kind of asked."

"Its ok." I told him.

Dan was looking strangely at me and I told him "its kind of a long story."

He grinned as he said "I kind of thought it might be."

"How's my brother?" I asked

"Fine, he should be up and about by this afternoon, amazing what a couple of days in a bio bed will do isn't it." He stated.

I sat upright and said, "days?"

"Yes, you were out for 2 days, mostly exhaustion coupled with some type of drug in your system," he told me.

"that place gave it to us." Keith added, causing Dan to raise his eyebrows.

Then it hit me, Ben and Rebecca.

I could see that everyone else had picked up my thought as they looked stricken for a moment, as I went to activate my comm. unit and Dan interrupted saying,

"this facility is fully shielded your comm. won't work I'm afraid."

I interrupted before he could continue, and said "Release the shielding."

"Look I know you don't trust me and that's alright. Trust takes time to build, and we haven't had any yet. I was going to tell you that if you instruct the computer to link into your comm. unit it can initiate the call for you.

"Sorry," I said "Computer link to my comm. unit channel 983, and initiate transmission." I instructed it.

"Awaiting authorization code" it responded.

"Delta 33204 Gamma 2" Dan replied.

"Transmission opened"

"Rebecca," I called. "Rebecca are you there?"

"Danny is that you?" she finally responded.

"Yes, its me, are you ok?" I asked.

"Yes, although I have been worried sick about you bunch, is everyone alright?"

"Yes we are fine, for the moment, but is Ben ok?" I answered but I had noticed that Dan had sat up straight, when I mentioned Rebecca's name.

"excuse me, but if I may interrupt for a moment." Dan said.

"who is that?" Rebecca answered.

"A friend" Dan replied, before I could and I added "He has helped us so far."

Dan gave me a look, but then said "excuse me Rebecca, but does the phrase `Tia loves horses,' mean anything to you?" he asked her.

I heard a gasp from Rebecca before she said,

"And Tony loves music."

"And deep in the valley shrouded by fog therein lies their safety from prying eyes." Dan said.

"Oh my God, only one person knows that." Rebecca said.

"and I am her son," replied Dan.

"Little Danny?" Rebecca asked.

"Well, not so little anymore, Rebecca, I kind of grew up, and have a few of my own now." He told her.

Rebecca laughed, before saying "yes, you children do have a way of doing that. Danny, you can trust this man, as you trust me. I knew his mother, many years ago and you are safe with them, and Benjamin is fine." She told me.

They spoke for a few more minutes, and it was settled on how they would get here.

It would take them several hours from their current location, but they would be here this afternoon.

Now I turned back to Dan, and asked him, "who are you?"

He smiled and said, "I told you my name is Dan, Dan Thompson."

Rebecca may have said I could trust him, but I still didn't know who he was, and with my past experiences of late, I wasn't willing, quite yet.

"You are not human," I told him

"neither are you." he replied.

"No I am Calmatrian, now who are you?"

He looked at me for a moment, without speaking, before finally saying,

"Dan Thompson as I said. I was born of an Earth woman, and a Lanaran male, and raised here on Earth my entire life, with the exception of a few excursions off planet. Your turn." he said to us.

I knew I had to be careful, in how I told this. Even though I had altered the timeline to some extent on this world, what I did now could have repercussions off world as well.

Dan wasn't human.

"It's a long story," I began, "our ship encountered difficulties, and my mother initiated an emergency protocol to get us to safety, which sent us down here. but we were both injured. I had head injuries, that resulted in the loss of my memory. I woke up in one of their hospitals, with no knowledge of who or what I was. Keith was there, and he was the first person able to communicate with me."

"Because of his age?" Dan asked.

I shrugged my shoulders at him "I would guess, in many non-telepathic races, the very young are more open, so that may be why in this case."

"He is human, or was." Dan informed me.

"well he was dying, and while I didn't understand what I was doing, or how, I had to save him. His heart stopped, and I wanted him ok, so..."

"You had already established a link with him unknowingly?" Dan asked,

"Yes, and when I went into heal him..."

"you initiated a full bonding link, instead of a healing one" he stated.

"Yes. Only I didn't know it at the time. Looking back, it wasn't a full one but close to it. Anyway we eventually met Matt and Mandy, and likewise I unknowingly linked with them. I picked up the language somewhere along the way, and activated them as well. Finally we all were fully bonded, and when I did regain my memories, I gave them the knowledge and training needed to control their new abilities." I told him.

"It looks like you did a bit more than that too." Dan said.

"Yes, I fully empowered them since I had already inadvertently changed them, I made them complete. I also gave them Chakreeth crystals, and placed the appropriate blocks in them. We are fully bonded now, and they have the same knowledge and powers as any of my race would have." I said challengingly to him.

"I understand." he replied, so I went on,

"When I healed Keith, it showed my powers to the wrong people, and they took Keith, and I captive. We escaped, which is where we met Matt and Amanda and eventually ran into Rebecca, who brought us here, to rescue my brother. Only it was a trap, Tani wasn't in the room when we got there, Andrew was. We started healing him, only to discover that it wasn't Tanara. We finished the healing, but they were waiting for us. They held Tani's life as hostage, to get us to go with them. I thought that once I saw where they were keeping Tani, I could transport us all to safety, but as soon as we got there, we were drugged, with some type of airborne pathogen. I don't know how long we were in there, but eventually they discovered that they couldn't interrogate me, if I was kept on such high levels of the drug that I couldn't form coherent thought. Anyway they slowly lessened the dosage, until it was sufficient to allow me to extend my shields beyond personal, and filter the air. Once that was done, it was only a matter of time, which we almost didn't have. They brought Andrew in, and began abusing him to make me talk. When I had recovered sufficiently, I transported Tani and Andrew to safety, and took care of the commander and his base."

He looked at me appraisingly for a moment before saying,

"and what's the rest of the story you aren't telling me?"

He knew something. "That is the story."

He just continued to look at me and I back at him, before he finally said,

"This is a closed world, if your ship was in distress, anywhere in this system, or had crashed here on Earth, my AI would have been informed of it, and it wasn't."

Then he waited, watching me to see what I was going to say next.

I finally decided to bluff it out.

"I can't speak for why your AI didn't report the problem, maybe a diagnostic would be in order."

Which caused him to laugh and shake his head.

"Ok, well it seems you aren't ready to talk, yet" he added "so why don't we go on upstairs and you can meet the rest of my brood. Also just so you know, the implosion of the government facility is being ruled as a lab accident. The bulletin for the four of you from Montana, is still in effect though, so it might be best to stay hidden."

I nodded my head and we stood up. I felt him reach out and we were transported from the med lab to the main part of his house.

There were a number of children present, and Dan started introductions.

"These are my children, Alex, whom you already know, and then there is David, Kenneth, Michael, Julie, and Sean." He said pointing to each of them as he went along. David looked to be about 9, while Kenneth and Michael were twins, and about 8. Julie was about 6 or 7 and Sean was 4 or 5 while, Alex was about 4 as well.

Alex came over and jumped up in my arms as Dan said,

"Guys this is Danny and you have met Keith, Matt, Amanda and Andrew already, so be nice."

This was met with a chorus of "Daaaaaaad" from all of them which caused me to laugh and then they were coming over and talking, and soon we all were having a ball, playing around and just being kids for a change.

Alex stuck to me like glue, and seemed to have adopted me or something.

Keith didn't look like he knew what to do, and I made it a point to let him feel my love for him, which seemed to brighten him up when he started to get a bit down.

It was later as we were heading back inside from playing a bit, to get something to drink, that I felt the shock run through Amanda's mind, and I quickly extended my shields, and took off running towards the house.

Keith and Matt were right behind me, and I could hear David and the others calling their father in concern.

I came running in to find Amanda across the room staring at some pictures on the mantle and asked what was wrong.

She was tightly shielded and I couldn't read anything from her.

She didn't move, she just kept staring at the pictures in front of her, as I went over to her and said,

"Mandy, what is it?"

I hadn't looked at the pictures yet, my concern was with her.

I felt Dan enter the room and then Mandy said,

"Danny, look," and I looked up.

It was my turn for my blood to turn to ice, as I looked at the pictures sitting there.

I heard Keith and Matt gasp, as they walked up, and saw what we were looking at, and felt my reaction.

"Kids get away from them now" I heard from Dan, as I slowly turned and stared at him.

All of my group were shielded fully, and all of us had a soft glow around our bodies.

His kids were looking at us, and back to their father, with fear etched on their faces, and he repeated his command to them.

Looking back and forth they finally started moving towards their father, while we just continued to stare at Dan.

I could see that he had his shields fully in place as well, and had extended them to protect his children also.

I couldn't tell you what would have happened if someone hadn't done what they did next.

Suddenly Alex broke off and went running back to us, as Dan called out,

"Alex no, get back here." he raised his hand, I think to transport him but before he could, Alex was in my arms, and looking back at his father.

"What's wrong Danny, why are you scared and mad?" he asked.

"Alex you really should go to your father" I told him, while still staring at his father.

"No, what's wrong?" he asked again.

"I would like to know that as well." Dan said from across the room, worry plainly etched on his face.

Finally I said, "Where did you get those?"

"I don't know what you are talking about. What has you so upset?"

Alex was looking at me, and at the pictures and then back to me again and then he said,

"Danny, why does Granma make you mad?"

I looked at him in shock, as his words floored me, "Grandma?" I said as I looked at him.

"Something about my mother bother you Danny?" Dan asked quietly, and I could see the same soft glow enveloping his body now.

I couldn't think straight, this was too much. I figured he thought I was some type of criminal, since mom was a Peacekeeper, but I wasn't sure what to do.

Once he had said `mother' though, all the blood drained from my face, and I heard the others gasp in surprise, as I sank slowly down to the floor, with Alex still in my arms.

I was shaking my head as I felt tears I was trying not to shed start down my face.

"Danny," I heard Alex say, then "Daddy," as everything drained out of me. I could feel the others standing around me, still in a state of shock, and Alex saying something but all I could think about was that one word `mother' for among the pictures on the wall, were a lot of a woman and several different children at different ages.

That woman was my mother.

I felt strong arms, wrap me in their embrace, and a voice gently asking,

"Danny, what is it? Why do the pictures up there of my mother upset you so?" Dan asked me quietly.

I didn't answer, I couldn't but Keith did

"Because that's his momma and she died."

I heard Dan gasp, and then he said ,

"Look I think there has been some kind of mistake, my mother is very much alive, and she doesn't have any other children."

I looked up to find Keith shaking his head and the others staring at me silently.

"I guess you are right, I must be mistaken, she does look a lot like my mother though," I said into the silence.

Now it was my turn to feel the shock from the others, but it was Keith who said,

"it ain't no mistake, that's your mama, and you know it."

"Keith..." I started to say warningly, they couldn't know and I had to figure out what was going on here.

"Just what is going on here?" Dan asked as if in echo to my thoughts.

"Show him the recording" Keith said, "it is her, Danny" he finished.

Dan, was looking back and forth between us and finally said,

"computer current location of my mother and her status?"

"Your mother is located on Calmatria Prime and status is nominal." The computer replied.

"See, Keith its just a mistake is all."

"No its not. That's his mom and if he would show..." but I interrupted and said,

"Keith enough, I made a mistake."

"What recording is this?" Dan asked me.

"Nothing" I told him.

"Look something is going on here and I would like a straight answer about it."

I tried desperately to remember the code for temporal incursion that we once learned but couldn't think of it for the life of me.

"I would like to see this recording." Dan stated to me and I was at a loss for words, for a minute before simply saying

"No, I can't let you see it."

"Why not?" Dan asked me kindly.

"Tell him," Matt said and I looked up to see Mandy nodding her head as well.

I felt the tears start afresh as I summoned my pack to me and the recording device.

I took it out, and held it in my hands, as I looked back at Dan.

"The reason the sensors didn't notify you of our ship crashing, is because when we departed Earth, we encountered subspace distortion fields, which caused massive damage to our ship, and injured all of us. The only thing was the distortion fields must not have been just subspatial but temporal as well." I heard Dan gasp as I continued.

"We came out of the fields, into this time period, when Amanda saw the pictures on the wall she recognized my mother, and when I saw them..." but I couldn't go on.

I simply activated the recording, and the holo-image appeared before us as we all watched it in complete silence.

When it finished a sob escaped from Dan's lips, and I heard a soft "mom," come from him.

We sat there, for a while, everyone having taken seats around us, on the floor, and all of us silent, thinking about what we had just seen.

Finally Dan spoke,

"She never mentioned you or ever having children." He said.

"That's because she hasn't had them yet." I told him, and saw the shock, register on his face.

"You're from the future?" he said, and I nodded my head.

"But you didn't recognize..." and then his voice trailed off as what he was saying hit him and he looked up at his children, before looking back at me.

"Now that I saw the pictures and the one when you were small, I recognize you, but..." my voice trailed of as I told him quietly.

We both knew that it meant in my time, he must be dead, or I would know him.

He also knew, I didn't nor did I know his children.

"You said when you saw the pictures?" he asked and I knew he wanted to know what I had meant.

"The last couple of weeks, before we came back, mom had been very sad. I thought it was just because of where we were, but now I think it was more than that. A couple of times, her thoughts weren't shielded very well, and one of those times the images I got were of her entering a dwelling with a small boy and instructing an AI to set condition 2 and she was worried that someone would hurt her and the boy."

Dan gasped in surprise, and told me, "that was the first day I came home with her. She was afraid some bad people were after me. Tell me if this is what you remember," he said before addressing the computer

"Computer replay security logs from the first day I entered this house."

"Working." it replied, and a moment later a holo display appeared showing

My mother entering the house with a small boy at her side. She stopped when she got inside and instructed the computer to set condition 2 and scan Danny's as well as Ricky's life signs, into system. She spoke Galstan, and the boy asked what condition 2 was. My mother got a shocked look on her face, and asked him `what?' and he asked her again what a computer was. She said kind of mean `what did you say' and you could see the boy cower in fear. Then she knelt down, and told him she was sorry, and didn't mean to frighten him like that.

"Pause playback." Dan said and asked me "is that what you saw?"

I nodded and told him, "yes some of it."

He ended the archive, and then

"and she never spoke of me or my family?" he asked.

I just shook my head.

I couldn't answer him.

"What about Kyle and Sean" he asked, and once again I had to shake my head.

"Well, it looks like she named you after me at least," he said trying to lighten the mood some.

I nodded, I didn't know what else to do.

Silence reigned for a while, the kind that is decidedly uncomfortable though.

Mom had had a family and never told her new one about it.

Finally I had an idea, maybe the hand comp had logs or something stored on it.

I picked up the thing and addressed it

"computer, is there any information in your banks regarding my mother and a child named Danny, reference the planet Earth?"

A small metallic voice said "working" then "there are several files with a message appended for Dani. If that is you please identify."

"Dani Gamma 6 3 1 7 Beta 3 5" I told it, as Dan and the others watched intently.

Finally a holo image appeared, and mom was there looking, it seemed right at me.

"Dani if you are getting this message, then it means I have finally found the courage to tell you about my first child, the one I named you after, and you apparently are searching for additional information, beyond what I told you. That's ok. I hoped you would."

There was a sad look to her face and I could tell it was with great difficulty that she was recording this.

"Your father has always wanted them to be a part of our family, but it just hurt too much so I have kept it to myself, all these years. I named you after my first little boy, whose name was Danny. I have told you before, that I was stationed on the planet Earth, and I am recording this about a month before we plan on taking you and Tani there, to see it. Gods I don't know how I am going to get through being there again. So many memories, and to have to see it now, but somehow this is something I have to do, your father volunteered to take you, but I wouldn't let him. It has to be me, I have to face it. Maybe that is why you are now viewing this, because I did."

I could feel the tears running down my face, and could see that Dan too was crying softly. His children had gathered around him closer and were offering comfort, although they didn't understand what exactly was going on.

"While I was stationed on Earth, I ran across a little boy who captured my heart, the very first time I saw him. He had been hurt severely, and his life had been really terrible, up until then, but I started falling in love with him, right away. It's a long story, but I ended up linked with him, by accident and awakened powers in him, that were dormant. I took him as my son eventually, along with his brothers Kyle and Sean. I loved them so much, Dani, and I always wanted you to know them, but it was not to be. The files attached to this message will explain in detail our life together and there are numerous images of them, and eventually the families they had as well. Just know that all of them were a great joy to me, and I loved them with all my heart. Danny ended up with six children of his own, and they were so sweet and loving. Kyle and Sean each had families as well, and all stayed on Earth to the end. They didn't get out, Dani, and I have never found out why. The only information I ever received was about Danny, and that he went into a blast area trying to get some children to safety, before it was too late. That was the last anyone ever heard from them before the planet was completely destroyed."

Dan and his children had gasped in shock at hearing this but the message continued,

"I have lived with the knowledge that my children and grandchildren died without me there for over 200 years now, and it still isn't any easier now than it was when I heard the news of the planet's destruction."

There were tears flowing down their faces as mom continued,

"I hope you can forgive me, for not telling you, until now, but it just hurt too much, but know this, I never stopped loving them, and to this day, I still remember each and every one of their birthdays, and they are all always in my mind and heart. Danny was my first child, Dani and his death is something that I have never gotten over. I hope with these files you can come to know your brothers and nieces and nephews as I did, and love them as well."

The image ended with a wistful and sad smile on her face.

All of us were crying and holding each other.

No one knew what to say, or wanted to say it at least until finally David said,

"we're gonna die." in a lost voice

Dan looked at me with a lost expression on his face, and I didn't know what to say or do.

The pain that was flowing around us and the confusion from the younger children was overwhelming, but there was no comfort to be given.

What can anyone say after you have told them they are going to die, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

It was Keith who once again came to the rescue and said,

"Danny just stop it."

I looked at him and started to say something but stopped and started thinking.

Dan spoke at last

"he can't Keith, the timeline would be altered severely if he were to do anything to change it."

"But he already has changed it" Keith insisted.

"Maybe, but probably small changes that won't damage anything in the long run, this would be a major change that would have serious repercussions." Dan told him.

"Not necessarily." I started to say but Dan cut me off.

"No, I realize you are very young Dani, but altering the timeline would be disastrous, and I won't allow it."

"wait though, what if no one knew the timeline was altered then it wouldn't change anything?" I asked him.

He looked at me oddly, but finally said,

"Dani, we all die, if we don't then it changes the timeline, period."

"no that's just it, you don't, I mean you do, but just listen."

I went back to the recording and went through it quickly until I found the section I wanted, and then played it again watching as our mother said

"Danny ended up with six children of his own, and they were so sweet and loving. Kyle and Sean each had families as well, and all stayed on Earth, to the end. They didn't get out, Dani, and I have never found out why. The only information I ever received, was about Danny, and that he went into a blast area, trying to get some children to safety, before it was too late. That was the last anyone ever heard from them, before the planet was completely destroyed."

I stopped it, and said,

"don't you see, they don't know what happened to you.

You didn't get out, but they don't know what happened to you.

They think you died, but maybe you don't really," I told him excitedly trying to think, and put what I was thinking into words.

Dan was frowning and said once again,

"Dani, you have changed the timeline already, but it only applies to people on this planet who will not survive anyway.

Altering our families' timeline could have disastrous effects.

We aren't human, and...but I interrupted,

"Dan what if you didn't get out like history records, but still survived?" I asked him.

"Dani, you don't understand. If I don't die," and his voice caught as he looked desperately at his children," If I don't die, if all of us don't die, then we would exist when we hadn't before."

"Dan listen, mom said that she never found out why you didn't escape. She said no one heard from any of you before the end. She assumes you died, but what if you didn't. What if you did make it, but she didn't know it?"

Dan was shaking his head and finally said, "I would have contacted her immediately, I would have known she'd be worried sick about us. I didn't so I couldn't have survived." He held up his hand, as I started to say something else and continued,

"Dani, do you really think if I had survived, that mom wouldn't have told you?" he asked me and I hung my head, as I knew he spoke the truth.

I would have known my whole family if that had been the case.

I don't know how long we all sat there before Dan excused himself, saying he needed to speak to his family privately and leaving the room.

Keith asked "what's going to happen now?" They all looked a bit lost and were showing what I was feeling, and I didn't have an answer for them.

"I don't know." I told not only Keith, but the others as well.

"I don't know."

End Note

I bet I know someone who is happy now. J

Dani has found the rest of his family now, but faces losing them, all too soon. What will he do? What can he do? They are fated to die, can he alter fate? Until next time...DS

Editor's Note;

"You Dirty Rat"

He thinks I should be happy now.

In a way, I guess I am. I did tell him I hoped that Dani would find Danny, but, to find him and a family he didn't know he had, and then realize that he would lose them again. That is so very sad. You should see me typing this. On second thought, no you shouldn't. Tears are running down my face, and I can hardly breathe, let alone type. I have backspaced so many times fixing what I have typed wrong, I'm sorry. This must have been very painful for DS to write. I hope he had all the love and support from Dani and the rest, as well as Sam to hold on to him as he wrote it all down. Del and Jamie are sitting here with me with their arms around me, trying to comfort me, as I write this note, and believe me, when I tell you, it really does help. Thanks guys.

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