A Different Place

By Dark Star

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Keith asked "what's going to happen now?" They all looked a bit lost and were showing what I was feeling and I didn't have an answer for them.

"I don't know." I told not only Keith but the others as well.

"I don't know"








Chapter 19

Silence reigned once again until the newest addition to our group quietly approached me and stopped a couple of feet away, looking like he wanted to ask me something, but at the same time being somewhat afraid as well.

"Its ok Andrew, what did you want?" I asked him

I felt bad that I had basically ignored him since I woke upl not to mention what he had gone through on my account.

"Well, um, I want to go home." He said softly, so softly I had to strain to hear him clearly.

"Oh um..." I started to say, but he interrupted me saying, "you are going to let me go home, aren't you? Please."

I shook myself out of my daze and told him,

"Of course you can go home, I wouldn't keep you away from your family, I know what that's like. I finished the last softly wishing I could go home to mine.

He got a look of relief on his face at my words, and I figured I better see what could be found out. I didn't know if the computer would respond to my input or not, but I figured I could only give it a try, or wait for Dan if it didn't.

"ok Andrew, I am going to tell the computer to check on you right now, and where you live. It will need to know your name and maybe some other information so when it asks, I want you to tell it, ok?"

He nodded and I spoke up a bit

"Computer, access all Earth records on the following subject;" at which point I nodded to Andrew, who spoke up hesitantly, "umm, Andrew Charles Martin, I'm eight years old." He added at the end, to which I gave him a smile, which seemed to calm him some.

"Working," replied the computer which meant I had access after all, then "Andrew Charles Martin born February 18th 2009 to parents Linda and Kevin Martin."

"Hey that's me." Andrew interrupted, but the computer continued as if there wasn't an interruption.

"Subject listed deceased, May 12th 2017 Children's Hospital Los Angeles California, United States of America, planet Earth."

"What does that mean?" Andrew asked. I shook my head and rather than answer his question, I addressed the computer.

"Computer, is that information correct with access to all Earth records including military and restricted documents?"

 "working," it replied, then "information remains the same upon accessing all records." It told me.

"What's it mean?" Andrew asked again.

"It means they say you died." I told him, which caused him to shake his head and say emphatically,

"but I ain't dead, I'm fine."

"I know, but let's see what happened first, before we do anything else, ok?" and he nodded his head.

"Andrew, what happened that got you into their medical facilities?" I asked him and he gave me a kind of confused look.

I realized the others had been following what was going on but now Matt got a grin on his face and said,

"He means how did you get hurt that made you end up in the hospital."

The confused look on his face disappeared, and he said "Oh ok, you talk weird." which elicited giggles from the others, before he opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it again with the look of confusion back on his face.

Before I could say anything Dan did

"If he was hurt badly, it is not uncommon to not remember how the injury took place."

I looked up and saw him standing there with the kids arrayed behind him.

He went on,

"Computer, access local police, fire, social service and medical records for that subject, or possibly related subjects including parents, siblings or any others. Also full report on family of subject prior to other results." Dan told it.

"Working" and all was quiet for a moment before Dan came in and sat down on a chair with the kids just sitting wherever they seemed to feel like.

"Information available." the computer reported and Dan told it "Proceed with initial report." 

"Summary report as follows; detailed report available. Subject Andrew Charles Martin, born Earth year 2009 is the second child to Linda and Kevin Martin. The first child was Emily Michelle Martin, born 2007. The third child David Alexander Martin, was born in 2010 and the fourth and fifth children Peter Kevin and Paul Michael, were born in 2013. Subjects lived at 23922 E. Elmwood Circle, in Diamond Bar California. End summary report do you wish a more detailed report?"

Dan looked at me and I shook my head slightly, causing him to say "No," to the computer

I called Andrew over to me and pulled him into my lap.

He gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything, as I held my arm around him.

"Next report is ready." the computer intoned, and Dan told it to proceed.

"Various agencies' reports have been correlated to provide this summary report, detailed individual reports are available." It said before pausing then continuing,

"On May 9 subject and his family were listed as involved in an automobile accident. Subject received critical injuries, resulting in his death, at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles on May 12th. The mother Linda Martin was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, while the father Kevin Martin is reported as alive, but in extremely critical condition from injuries sustained in the accident."

Andrew let out a loud scream of "NO!" and tried to bolt from my arms, but I held him tightly to me, as he struggled, and Dan looked on with compassion.

Finally his struggles turned to sobs as his body shook with the news of his families' condition.

Finally after several minutes he sobbed out

"My brothers and sisters, what about them?"

Dan looked like he wasn't sure whether or not to let the computer continue, but Andrew pleaded,

"Please," and he relented instructing it to continue,

"Emily Michelle is reported in stable condition at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Further details regarding injuries are available. David Alexander is reported in serious but stable condition at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Peter Kevin is reported in critical condition, and Paul Michael is reported in critical but stable condition at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Further details regarding injuries are available. Social services was contacted and has taken the children into their custody, while attempts to locate any relatives are taking place. Current progress indicates that no relatives have been found, yet. Prognosis for the children as well as the father is available if you so desire." the computer finished as Andrew turned his head up and looking at me asked

"what does all that mean?"

I looked to Dan, and then back to Andrew, before saying, "it means that your brothers and sisters were all hurt in the crash and some of them were hurt real bad."

He looked back and forth between Dan and Me for a moment before he asked, softly "can you help them, like you helped me, please?"

It hurt to see him so upset, but I didn't know what was possible, it wasn't like we could storm the hospital, and take them.

Dan was obviously thinking, and finally said, "We'll try Andrew," before looking back at me and asking,

"What about you?" I didn't have an answer and just shrugged my shoulders.

I didn't know what to do now.

I had gotten my brother back, but without a ship there wasn't a lot I could do, and even if I had one, I couldn't travel through time.

"Lets go talk somewhere privately." Dan told me, as I nodded my head, and gave Andrew over to David, and the others.

Dan took my hand, and we transported back down to the medlab, where Tanara still lay silently.

Dan walked over to him, and then turned back to me saying,

"He should wake in about 4 hours or so."

I simply nodded.

I knew he wanted to talk but I didn't really know where to begin.

"Dani, are you ok?" he asked me and I felt the tears welling up inside me again.

He moved quickly and had me wrapped in his arms, sinking with me to the couch, and holding me, as I started crying hard.

I couldn't speak, or think or anything, all I could do was cry for the next little while.

It was all too much.

I was eleven years old not a grown up, and it hurt so much.

Everyone was depending on me and I was just a kid.

I couldn't do it.

I wanted my mother and father, I wanted everything back the way it was.

I wanted to be a little kid again.

Time travel and timelines and the end of the world, was more than I ever bargained for, and I wanted it over.

After an indeterminate amount of time, I felt the tears and sobs receding from my body, and I began to calm down somewhat.

"Better now?" he asked me softly and I nodded my head into his chest slightly.

I couldn't tell you why it was, but it was.

"Remember Dani, you're just a kid, be one, you only have one childhood."

And it was so reminiscent of what my mother used to say, that it started the tears again, but not as hard as before.

Finally I said, "its so hard trying to be strong for everyone and having to make grown up decisions all the time. Thanks."

"Anytime you need someone, I'll be here for you, Dani, don't ever forget that, you're family."

I squeezed him tight with my hug and said "Thank you," while he rubbed his hand up and down my back, trying to comfort me.

"I don't know if I've done the right things. I have done so much, and I don't know if I did right, Dan, I killed people." I told him.

"Why?" he asked me simply.

"He wouldn't leave us alone and he tried to hurt us. He tortured Andrew, repeatedly, and he enjoyed it. He...he became sexually aroused by what he did to him, and the others helped."

"Did he need to die?" he asked me again simply.

I thought for a moment and then with complete certainty said "Yes."

"Dani, its not easy to kill someone, I know," and I could feel that he did, "its something that you will never forget, and something you should never enjoy, but sometimes it is necessary." He told me.

"I guess so, but it doesn't make it any easier." I said back to him bitterly. "No it doesn't, but would you have done any differently now that you have had time to think about it?" he shot back.

I started to answer, but then stopped and thought.

For all that I felt the way that I did about taking their lives, I realized that under the same circumstances, I would do it again.

I shuddered as that realization hit me, but it was the truth, and I softly replied,

"No" to his question.

He didn't say anything and I knew there was nothing really that he could say.

Finally he spoke, "that's not all though is it?"

I shook my head, as I answered "No, its just so much. I changed the timeline here. I have Matt, Mandy, Keith and Ben, and they all look to me to protect them, and I'm just a kid." I said as I looked up at him, "I'm just a kid too"

I could feel the tears start again and he pulled me closer in a hug as he said,

"Dani, looking back, if you had known about being in the past, would you have let them die?"

"NO, how could you..." and then I stopped, as I realized what I was saying, what he had got me to realize and say.

What I needed to realize and say.

I wouldn't have.

I looked at his face as a smile came across it.

"it wouldn't have made any difference, you couldn't just let a small boy die, when you could save him or the others." He said to me, and he was right.

Even if I had all of my memories intact, I wouldn't have allowed them to die.

"Listen to me Dani, you have been through hell, and then some. You have done what you have, out of love and caring for others. You seem to have followed your heart from what you have told me, so far, and no one can find fault in that."

"Thanks." I said and then *I would like to share our story with you* and he nodded and I began making myself comfortable against his chest as I let the memories of recent events begin flowing through my mind starting on the ship.

When the memories had finally caught up to the here and now, and I once again looked up at him, he was smiling down at me.

*you handled yourself well little one, be proud of that.* he pathed to me.

*thank you* I replied

*Now, I would like to share my story and that of your mother and the family you don't know,* he told me, and I pathed acceptance of the idea.

I had ended up sharing so much more than just the last little bit.

He now knew my family somewhat.

My father and siblings back in my time as well as Tani.

There would be time for more later, but now I felt some of his earliest memories start flowing into me.

It started with his mother...


Marrika said "Danny, I am going to transport you home and I want you to stay there with your brothers until I return, they will remain unconscious until I wake them, can you do that for me?"

I looked at her and said "yes." and she initiated the transport sending us to the medlab.

We got there, and Kyle and Sean were on the beds that were supposed to heal them, and I was standing in the middle of the room.

I wasn't sure what to do.

I walked over to Kyle, and took his hand, telling him "you're going to be alright now," before turning and doing the same with Sean.

Finally I walked over and sat down on the couch to wait until Marrika got back.

A little while later Marrika transported in, and I jumped up and ran into her arms.

It felt so good to have someone who would hold me, and hug me all the time now.

"Hey little one, how are you and your brothers doing?" she asked me.

"Ok," I said, as she carried me over to the beds, and checked them briefly before telling me that she had to go back and clear up some things, and then she would be home.

She told me to get something to eat or drink, if I wanted it, and showed me the food dispenser, before setting me down with a kiss, and telling me she would be back soon.

As she left, I went over and got a juice from the dispenser, and sat down on the couch.

I just sat there not knowing what to do for a while but when I started yawning, I decided to take a nap for a while.

I knew I was a big boy now, and big boys don't take naps, but I was sleepy.

I went potty and then went over and crawled up next to Kyle wrapping my arm around him, as I lay down with him thinking you're going to be ok now, and that was the last thing I remembered for a while.

I awoke to Marrika gently shaking me. "What?" I mumbled to her.

"I need to check your brothers over and see about waking them up." She said, as she scooped me up in her arms.

I wrapped my arms around her and asked,

"Is the bad man gonna hurt them anymore?"

"No! He'll never hurt anyone again." she told me.

It felt so good to be held, I didn't want her to put me down, but she did.

I stood there as she walked first over to Kyle, and placed her hands over his chest, and then a soft glow appeared.

She stood like that for a while, and I could feel her enter his body, and mind, extending healing energy to both.

I felt it as she put knowledge into his mind about his powers, and how to use them.

I watched as she healed the injuries that had been inflicted on him, and then went back into his mind, doing something else, before finally withdrawing from him, and smiling at me, before going over and repeating the process with Sean.

"They should be ok now Danny, I have healed them, and blurred a few of their memories, so it will be easier for them." she told me.

"can't you just make them forget or something?" I asked her.

She shook her head with a sad looking smile and said "No, I can't. They are a part of who and what they are now. To take away so much from their minds would change them too much."

I didn't answer, but wondered if maybe forgetting might be a good thing for them and not a bad one.

"Well should we wake them up now?" she asked me and I nodded my head yes, as she turned to Sean first, and then Kyle, letting them wake up.

They opened their eyes, and looked confused at first then they started sitting up.

Marrika had moved back by me, and we were watching them as they sat up and started looking around.

I moved closer and they both said

"Danny," at the same time, and then Sean said, "they got you too didn't they."

I was shaking my head and saying "no" as Kyle asked "where are we?" and Sean asked "Are you ok?"

"Whoa, lets take a second here guys," Marrika said to all of us, and they seemed to notice her for the first time, and they became scared, I could see it as well as feel it.

"My name is Marrika, and first of all, you are safe now. Completely safe, no one will ever harm you again."

I could tell they didn't trust her, and were wondering what was going to happen to them, so I said,

"its ok, really. She won't let no one hurt you no more."

They just looked at me, and then back to Marrika, still not saying anything.

"Listen to me please, I know that both of you have been through a lot, and I know you don't trust me, hell you don't even know me, but try to believe me when I say that you are safe now."

They looked back and forth between them and then Kyle asked "where are we?"

"you are in my home, yours now as well if you want it" Marrika told them.

"Kyle, Sean, she saved me from mom. She won't hurt you." I told them.

*what does she want? How did we get here, and what happened to the man? Why is she helping us* they fired questions at me but before I could answer Marrika did.

*I want to provide you a safe place to grow up in.* as both the boys gasped looking at her in shock *you got here because I found where you were being held, and went and got you, along with all the other children. The man will shortly be killing himself, along with a great number of the others who harmed you, and the other children. As to why I am helping you, Danny is why. I love him and he loves you. If you give me a chance, I would like to love you as well.* she told them.

They were silent as they stared at her, and then me. *she won't hurt you* I told them but they didn't answer me.

*I know this is all scary for you* she started to tell them as they just looked at her. *I know that you are scared of me and what I want from you, but please just give it some time, and you'll see that its going to be ok.* She told them while sending out love and reassurance to them.

"look I am going to go upstairs now, and leave you alone with your brother, for a bit. Talk with him and when you're ready, he'll bring you upstairs, ok?" she asked them.

They still didn't answer, and finally she just smiled and walked away.

After she was gone a while, they turned to me and I started to tell them all that had been going on, but finally realized that I could show them a lot better which is what I did.

We spent a long time down there with me filling them in on what happened up until I woke up a few minutes ago, and then they started telling me a bunch of stuff I didn't know, and what had happened with them, since that night when mom had given them to the man.

In the end, we all ended up crying a lot, me, cause of what my brothers had been through, them because they were finally starting to believe, that they just might be safe now.

When it was over, we all went into the bathroom, and washed ourselves off, and then they asked what they were supposed to do for clothes, they didn't want to be naked.

I smiled, as I said "make some." and they looked at me funny. "She told me that she put how to use our powers in your minds, so just think about how to do it."

They both looked funny for a minute, and then moved their hands over their bodies and when the glow faded they both had jeans and t-shirts on.

"See," I said to them.

"I forgot underwear." Kyle said and Sean added "so did I." as his face turned kind of red.

"Its ok, no one cares, you ready?" I asked and they nodded their heads as I took their hands and brought us to the living room, to find Marrika sitting there reading a book, which she put down as we materialized in front of her.

"Doing better?" she asked them and they nodded. "good," with shy smiles on their faces.

"Thank you for saving us." Sean said quietly. "Are you really from another planet?" Kyle asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Your welcome Sean, and yes Kyle, I am from a planet called Calmatria."

"Wow." Kyle said. "Did Danny tell you about your father?" she asked them.

"Kind of, he said he was a kid like us who was... well was used..." Sean tried to say.

"Its ok, he was used sexually like you were, to father children who were raised to do what you had to do. None of that was your fault." She told them.

Kyle whispered, "but we liked it, sometimes."

And they both hung their heads down.

"Did you like the feelings or what was happening to you?" she asked them seriously.

They looked at each other, before Sean said, "We didn't like what was happening to us, but sometimes the men were nice to us, and really cared about us, and we liked how it felt when they..." and couldn't finish.

"I want you to listen to me very carefully, ok? She asked them, and they nodded their heads.

"What was done to you was completely wrong, period. Nothing that was done to you was by choice, even if someone asked you what you liked, and didn't like, it was still forced. What happened to you is very bad, but you liking the feelings sometimes, is not bad. Your body is made to feel good, if certain areas are touched. There is nothing you can do about it. I bet there were times when you wished you didn't get hard and it didn't feel good, but it did." she said as they started shaking their heads yes.

"Its normal for you to enjoy the feelings that your body gives, when those areas are made to feel good. Some men love children, and truly do care about them, and I am glad that you found some of them." She told them, "don't ever think because your penises felt good, it meant you liked being held like that, and enslaved, it doesn't.

They seemed to sigh with relief at hearing that.

Then Kyle asked "but what about the ones we liked doing stuff with, the ones we wanted to do stuff with?"

"oh honey, under different circumstances, it would have been ok, and you didn't do anything wrong, but it was wrong because you were being held in captivity, and forced to do it." She told them.

"But we weren't, I mean not with the ones who really cared. They wouldn't do anything with us if we didn't want to." Sean stated.

"They would only do stuff if we wanted to. Lots of times they would just hold you and nothing else" Kyle added.

"Well it sounds as if they were very special men, then if they didn't take advantage of you." Marrika said.

"They were. There was only three of them, and they loved us a lot." Sean said quietly. "They kind of made up some for all the others." He added.

"Well, I'm glad you found someone at least to care about you, there." Marrika said then, "Now back to your father, you need to know this. He was also from another planet," which caused them to gasp with shock, "he was captured, and when he got old enough, was forced to father children. That is why you have the powers that you do." She told them.

"We're from another planet?" Sean said, and "we're like aliens or something?" Kyle added.

"No you were born here. You mother was an Earth human, and only your father was from off-world." Marrika told them.

They were looking at each other and back to Marrika as if they didn't believe it while she just smiled until finally Kyle asked

"What's going to happen to us now?"

"Well there are a couple of options; the first being what I hope you will choose, and that is to live here with Danny and Me and make this your home. The second is to stay here on Earth, and go to a foster home to live, while the third choice is to see if you have any relatives on Lanara and go to them, and before you say anything, they would take you and love you as well."

"What about Danny?" Sean asked.

"I'm staying with Marrika." I told them before she could answer their question, and walked over and crawled into her lap where she wrapped her arms around me giving me a hug with a surprised look on her face.

I felt the love as she let it flow around me.

"You boys need to know that whatever decision you make, you will be kept in contact with Danny. Don't worry about that. You have a home now, and forever here if you want it, but I won't force it. You also don't have to make the decision right now either. You can give it a few days or longer and see how you feel, before deciding." She told them and they nodded saying "Thanks."

We spent the afternoon talking about things and them getting to know each other, as well as the three of us getting to know one another again, although with the sharing earlier a lot of that had already been resolved.

It wasn't long before they curled up with us on the couch and she had arms around both of them while I had a smile on my face.

I could already feel the light link that had formed and knew they would be staying, even if they didn't know it yet.

I just didn't know then, how much they hadn't shared with me now or earlier.

The next couple of days were some of the best, and some of the hardest for me, as we spent the time just being together and becoming a family again, or maybe for real this time.

We had always been close but now we were free to show that love to one another, and Marrika made it a point to always give us hugs and kisses which we needed so much.

Sometimes she would just wrap her arms around one of us and hold us for a minute, while at others she would pull one of us into her lap, or next to her and hold onto us for a while.

She made sure we felt how much she loved us, and I could tell that those things were having an effect on Kyle and Sean, ever so slowly.

They still were afraid all the time, and it was almost funny, if it wasn't so sad, the first time Kyle had to go to the bathroom and I found out why.

We had been sitting on the couch talking and Kyle had started squirming around a bit, but when we asked him what was wrong he said nothing.

This got worse, and I noticed him grabbing himself, when Marrika wasn't looking, and quickly letting go if he thought she was.

I knew something was wrong but didn't know what.

I thought maybe his penis was hurting him, but didn't know for sure.

Sean kept looking at him, and back to Marrika, with an almost begging look on his face, and finally Marrika noticed, and asked

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Kyle said followed by Sean's "Nothing."

"Look I can tell something is wrong, now what is it?" she said to them.

They both got scared looks on their faces, and Kyle was openly holding himself, and wiggling around.

He finally said in a whisper

"I'm sorry, I can't hold it"

"What are you talking about? Marrika asked totally confused, but I suddenly realized what it was.

"He has to go to the bathroom." I said quickly.

Marrika looked at him strangely, for a moment and said,

"Ok so go," as if she couldn't understand what the problem was.

Sean looked at her and said, with a questioning tone in his voice, "Its ok if he uses the bathroom?"

Marrika looked at him and replied "if he needs to go, then of course it is."

I could tell she was really confused now, but Kyle said "where?" and I stood up quickly saying,

"I'll take him." and he jumped up following me, holding himself tightly.

"hurry, I can't hold it, its coming out." He whispered, at me sounding so embarrassed and afraid.

I took him into the bathroom and then said "there it is," starting to leave when he said

"Wait, can you help me?"

"Yea what's wrong?" I asked him.

He was obviously in discomfort as he stood there, and said "I can't let go or I'll pee myself, its already coming out." and he looked so scared, when he said it.

I didn't understand what was wrong, but I walked over to him, and reached down inside his pants looking for his penis while telling him

"Oh I'll hold it for you, and you get your pants down"

He nodded as I found it, and got a good hold on it, below where he was holding it, through his pants.

As soon as I got it, he let go and started undoing his pants and soon was free.

I pointed it, pulling back his skin and loosening my grip and the pee started coming out really hard.

He was just moaning, as he went and I smiled.

I knew how good it could feel sometimes. When he finished I surprised him by shaking it for him, and smiling as I did it.

He blushed and said "thanks" before pulling up his pants.

Then he got really scared and turned to go back out to the living room, and I asked him what was wrong

"Nothing," and he went through the door with me following.

What happened next I couldn't believe.

As he walked into the room he walked over to Marrika and knelt down with tears running down his face saying

"I'm sorry."

Marrika was shocked, and then Sean said

"Please don't hurt him too much."

"hurt him? What the hell is going on here?" causing Sean to fall to his knees on the floor next to his brother saying,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please." As tears started running down his face his whole body shaking in fear

Marrika looked at me, but I didn't know what to say or do.

Why were they on the ground like that?

"Ok, enough, what is going on here? Why are you both on the ground in front of me? Why do you think I'm going to hurt you?" looking at both of them but not getting an answer.

"Sean, Kyle, please talk to me, what's wrong? She asked again.

*Kyle what's going on?* I asked him silently. *you guys are really scaring us what's wrong?* I asked the both of them this time.

Marrika moved down onto the floor and reached out to pull them into her arms and they both jerked liked they expected to be hit or something.

I didn't know that was exactly what they were expecting.

She held them for a while just making mommy noises at them, and rubbing their arms and backs, telling them that everything was going to be alright.

I had came over and sat down on the couch next to them and didn't know what to say anymore.

This was weird.

Finally Sean looked up and asked

"You aren't going to punish us?"

I could tell that Marrika was totally confused, as she looked up at me before looking back at Sean, and with disbelief in her voice said

"Punish you, what in the world for?"

"because I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't hold it" Kyle said softly.

"What?" Marrika asked loudly causing both of them to jerk in her arms, the fear apparent both on their faces and coming from their minds.

"And because I made you mad" Sean added.

Marrika was shocked to say the least but finally said,

"Look, I don't understand what's going on here. Please one of you tell me why in any existence, I would be angry with you for having to go to the bathroom."

Sean looked at Kyle and then back to Marrika and told her

"Cause we ain't supposed to go unless you tell us its ok, and he couldn't hold it either. If we have to go and you find out about it we get punished. If we can't hold it we get punished a lot but its worse if we pee ourselves, that's why he finally said something."

"Boys, listen to me very carefully, I don't understand everything you have gone through, but I had no idea this had happened to you." She was shaking her head, not being able to believe it, as she continued, "By all the gods, how could anyone be that cruel to a child? Look you don't have to ask my permission to go to the bathroom. You go whenever you need to, do you understand me?" she said getting nods from both of them before continuing,

"also, while I'm at it, you can get something to eat or drink anytime you want, as well. There will be rules but you won't get hit for not following them. If there is something you aren't sure about, then simply ask, you will never get in trouble for asking me something. Do you understand?" she told them.

They both looked at her and I could tell that they didn't quite believe it, but they nodded their heads yes, and then Kyle asked,

"You really mean we can eat whenever we want?"

"Well, within reason, if I'm serving dinner at 6 then I don't want you eating at 5:30 but other than that, yes."

Kyle didn't answer and I could tell he didn't really believe Marrika.

I would have to tell him later though.

It was things like that which happened over the first few days that hurt to see.

They were always afraid, and would cower if someone spoke to them, but it was on the 3rd night that I had them back, that I will remember the most as it was probably the saddest.

End Note

This flashback takes place where Marrika's ends in the earlier chapter. This is what happened next.

Editors Note;

Thank you DS, I know that you didn't do this especially for me, but you might as well have. After what we went through in the last chapter, reading about Dan's early life after being reunited with his brothers, sad though it may be, is very nice to learn. It is seen through the lens of the past, which tends to soften the pain and separate it. When we learn more about the people we have come to care about, it makes the story that much more real for us, the readers. This story is very well put together, and we have all come to love the People in it and we care what happens to them. I am ready for the next chapter now.

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