A Different Place

By Dark Star

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This story may very likely contain scenes of a sexual nature. Not only that but the scenes may be between children as well as between children and adults and may be homosexual in nature. I am not sure where the story will go at this point so cannot say for sure all that may occur. This is NOT a sex story and if you are looking for one then go elsewhere. This story also may deal with abuse of a child by reference or by description. Except for any abuse described the scenes of a sexual nature will be consensual. If this isn't your cup of tea then stop now.

Author's Note

I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

This is my first story and you should know that while it is likely to have sex in it at some point, a lot of the story won't. It isn't about sex. I have tried to make it about writing a good story. I hope you enjoy it and like I said keep in mind it's my first. I hope it's not too bad. Thanks go to Jeff, AC, MS and DK amongst others who couldn't write chapters fast enough and caused me to give it a try after reading Comicality and his comments about how he got started. Feel free to e-mail me at Darkstar7177@gmail.com or Darkstar7177@aim.com

Author's note 2:

*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Chapter 2

As we headed back towards the apparent center of the city she slowly set the craft down, saying "welcome to San Francisco."

"welcome to San Francisco" she said, and we just stared mute at the surroundings.


She continued "it was once one of the greatest of their cities on this continent. A popular place to go for people on vacation and renown for its cultural life as well as culinary arts."

 We donned and activated our LSUs as she continued.

"the population of this city was almost 800,000 people crammed into this small geographical space, initiate transport" she said

causing us to materialize outside the ship. Looking around was utter and complete desolation made even more horrible by the still standing buildings.

While, after 200 years, there was damage from time, it still looked liked someone could come walking out of one of the buildings with very little imagination.

 It was an eerie felling as we wandered the area looking in various buildings and at various things we came upon. We spent the day there before returning to the ship. The mood was somber as it had been all day long. Little was said as we contemplated the remnants of a civilization.

We ate and turned in as mother headed towards the bridge.

   I went to the bridge and sat down looking out over the desolate city. I had visited here several times when I was on this planet. The memories came flooding into my consciousness as I lay back in the command chair. The cable cars, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, The Glass Factory, all places that came back to me, The Sheraton and their huge glasses of Strawberry Daiquiri that took me forever to drink. I had never seen a serving container that large before. Little Joe's and their famous Joe's Special that I always ordered with a side of spaghetti in garlic butter to mix with the Special, so many places.

The look of wonder on little Danny's face as he saw the Golden Gate bridge for the first time or when we went out to see the whales. I felt the tears running down my cheeks as I remembered it all.

I knew it was going to hit me hard but as soon as we materialized this morning outside it slammed into me like a brick wall, and we weren't even where it was going to hurt the most yet. There were some things that no one but Caral knew and Danny was one of them...

 Oh Danny, I miss you so much.



I was on patrol when I received the call,

"45K1 273A at Elmhurst Elementary 911A Mrs. Walker be advised 902R that location"

I acknowledged the call. It sounded bad, 273A meant a child abuse complaint and the fact that rescue was responding indicated the child was hurt pretty badly. I reached down and pushed the lever all the way to the right turning on my lights and siren and headed there.

I had been on planet for several years now living in what was called the United States which was the most powerful nation state on this planet. I had settled in the westernmost part of this nation state in a place the natives called California, more specifically the southern part of that area in a region called Los Angeles.

 I had spent several years exploring the world before settling down and pursuing something I felt not only worthwhile but something that would allow me to see all sides of the people of this world and help out as well.

I became an enforcer of law on this planet. Specifically I became what was called a deputy sheriff with the region's government.

I had selected to be fully female and as such was often given assignments of this nature involving children and/or women who were victims of criminal actions. Of them all the children were the hardest to deal with.

Often times they would not receive the help they so desperately needed to escape maltreatment and other times when they did receive the help it was often not much of an improvement over what they had been subjected to and occasionally even being worse than what they had endured prior to the help being offered. The government was filled with ineffectual bureaucracy that harmed many of the children it was supposed to be helping.

While among our people we would summarily terminate any adult who did such a thing to a child should it occur, here that type of system was not in place. Among our people where if such a thing were to occur the child would be taken in immediately by someone who would love it, here the child would be placed with strangers who often were in it solely for financial gain, caring little or not at all for the child involved.

It was an extremely sad state of affairs and one that I hoped would someday be resolved as this society matured. There were many faults in this world but many good things too. I had hopes for this world as time went along that they would develop and change those which left so much to be desired.

There were many times when I got these calls that I had to use everything in my power to keep my distance. I wish I could take these children away to a better place and it broke my heart to see them hurting like they were. Being able to feel their pain and know what they were thinking was a great help but it also made it much more difficult in dealing with the emotional trauma these children were suffering. The one redeeming thing about it was that it often enabled me to help them more than a human would be able to do.

   I approached the school killing my siren as I pulled into the main drive, rescue wasn't here yet. I went 10-97 and exited my patrol vehicle where I was met by a woman in her mid-40s who introduced herself as Mrs. Walker, the principle of the school.

"I'm glad you're here, he's in bad shape."

I asked what happened and exactly why they called it in as a child abuse complaint and she just looked at me and said

"come with me" turning and walking quickly away before I could question her.

I normally liked to get some background first before I got thrown into the middle of things but this time it wasn't to be. I followed her down the hall into the nurse's office. She then led me back into a room in the rear where I stood frozen in shock when I saw what was lying on the cot.

It was a young boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old with dark hair and bruises over most of his body. There was also a red stain on his underwear. I could feel his pain radiating from him even though he was unconscious. Even so his mind remained troubled denied the peace that unconsciousness should have brought.

"My God what happened?" I asked shocked.


I walked over to where he lay and knelt down placing my hand on his forehead while keying the radio to tell dispatch to have rescue get a move on.

I scanned his body cataloging the injuries as Mrs. Walker started to explain.

"we aren't sure other than the obvious. Danny, that's his name, came to school this morning and the teacher thought he appeared kind of out of it but when she went over to tell him to pay attention the poor thing just looked up at her and passed out. She carried him down here to the nurse who undressed him and found what you see now."

I had closed my eyes in grief that anyone could do this to anyone but especially the most innocent of creatures, a child. SRC had said that rescue was less than two out and while I now knew the child's injuries I made as if I didn't know anything as I knelt next to his feverish little body.

"How bad is he hurt?"

 I asked the nurse who was standing silently by. The nurse looked uncertain but started cataloging what she thought might be wrong with him as I reviewed what my scan had found already.

The boy had bruising over a large extent of his body. There were internal injuries to his spleen and kidneys as well as a concussion from a blow to his head. The internal injuries were bleeding which was the most serious threat and the one to his kidneys had caused him to pee blood when he lost control of his bladder.

He was in bad shape and I had to do something so I sent my energy out through his body healing the most serious of his injuries at least enough to ensure his survival until the native medical authorities could treat him.

I looked back up at those waiting and realized that I had been quietly whispering to the child the whole time and now found them looking at me strangely. I ignored them and kept telling the little boy that he was going to be alright and was surprised as his eyes opened for a brief moment locking onto mine. A tendril of thought reached out to me and I gasped in shock as I felt contentment and trust mixed into the pain he was experiencing.

It only lasted a moment before he sunk back into unconsciousness and before I could delve any further the paramedics showed up and rushed to the boy's side. I quickly stood up and gave them room to work turning towards the principal and school nurse asking them the usual round of questions, did he say anything at all, had they noticed anything before, what was his family situation like, and what was their address. They answered no, no, not sure and she would get it for me.

It was extremely frustrating to me to have to repeatedly deal with the school system for I almost never got any other answers to those questions. No one had ever noticed anything unusual before this and no they didn't really know anything about the family situation and no they didn't really want to be involved in pointing fingers although they would never ever say the last.

The problem was that the school system was the first and many times the only safety net for children. The children were there every day 5 days a week from 9 to 3 and by paying a slight amount of attention many children could be saved years of abuse. But first you have to get someone to care and make the effort to look at these kids.

 A couple of months ago I had received a call to a school and found a 9 year old girl being treated by paramedics for vaginal bleeding. The girl was hemorrhaging badly.

Upon talking with the children in her class and the teachers it was like we were in different realities. The teacher said she had never noticed anything with the child that would cause concern.

The children in the class though related that the child had bled from there before and when they told the teacher, the teacher had told them to mind their own business.

Not only that several of the girls had stated that the child in question had told them over a period of time on several occasions that her "thing" really hurt. These girls had told the teacher and the teacher had dismissed their concerns and told them it was private and again to mind their own business.

I was completely shocked and confronted the teacher about it and was told that girls often masturbate and use objects and it wasn't her business to harass a child about such things. I told her it was her business to find out if the girl was being raped or not and she walked away from me.

I couldn't believe it. The girl in question had been molested and raped over the last two years and shortly after it started was the first time that the teacher was made aware of what was going on yet she didn't look into it at all. This child suffered for two years completely needlessly all because a teacher couldn't be bothered to care.

Sadly this was the rule rather than the exception to the reality out there. There were also the other cases where a teacher did do the right thing and on more than one occasion the school had rewarded the teacher saving a child's life with their dismissal or some other disciplinary action.

It was a truly sad situation and needed to be remedied. As I was thinking this the paramedics had been working and had the child packaged for transport with an IV running as well. I asked where they were taking him and was told they were going to Whittier Pres and I told them I would be up there later and to advise the doctors that he was in police protective custody as of this time.

They headed out and I turned to the principal who had came back in with a file folder. I reached out for it but she held it away from me, so I asked to see it. She had an uncomfortable look on her face and said

"I'm sorry but these records are confidential."

 I stared at her in disbelief before replying

"You are joking I hope, did you see that kid? He is in police custody as of 1 minute ago so hand over the records."

She stared at me for a moment then glanced to the nurse before drawing herself up and stating

"I'm sorry but you can't have them without a court order."

 I had enough of this and applied gentle pressure on her mind to slow her reactions down slightly as I smiled at her and told her

"Well if you're not going to give them to me the easy way then I guess we'll have to do it the hard way."

As I was saying "way" I suddenly stepped forward grabbing hold of the file folder and yanking it from her grasp. I had already started walking towards the door as she gasped and started protesting against my actions. I stopped and swung around suddenly causing her to take a hasty step back as I said with all warmth drained from my voice.

"We'll take care of the notifications on this, do NOT contact the parents. If you have any questions call the station."

I pivoted around and was out the door with her mouth still gaping in shock. I was through the front door as she started her protests once again, I yelled back that the files would be returned later and got in my unit pulling around the block before stopping and looking at the file.

It didn't say a lot. 5 year old male, single parent home, some concern expressed by teachers over a possible unhealthy home environment. Some bruises noted in the past, nothing serious.

What was glaringly apparent though was the repeated comments that the child was exceptionally quiet and seemingly withdrawn. That should have been a huge red flag all by itself but coupled with the other things in the file it might as well have been written in big red letters on the white page.


And they had ignored it once again, this is why they didn't want me to have the folder, it hadn't been sanitized yet. I got the address of the child and notified dispatch that I would be en-route to that location for follow-up and requested that a unit be sent to the hospital for crime victim photographs to be taken as well as to stand by with the child.

I also requested a unit back up to the child's home for 273A investigation. 45A responded to the request and I advised him to meet up with me several blocks away where I filled him in on what I had so far and then we both headed to Danny's house.

I pulled up with Tim from 45A pulling in right behind me and got out heading up to the house. It didn't look like much with an unkempt yard and a dirty exterior badly in need of some paint. I walked up just to the side of the door and knocked loudly and waited.

 I knocked again and the door was pulled open suddenly with a woman shouting,

"alright for Christ's sake, shut up will ya."

I glanced at Tim, and started to say something to the woman when she said

"What the fuck you want?"


"Mam are you Karen Michaels?"

She looked me up and down and then glanced at Tim before nastily replying

"Why do you want to know?"

It was apparent she had started her partying a wee bit early, or maybe it hadn't stopped from the night before. I tried to keep my cool but I was not in a happy mood as I asked her once again if she was Karen Michaels. This time she told me

"yea whats it to ya"

I replied "Mam I am Sgt. Thompson with the Sheriff's dept and its about your son D..."

 I never got to finish my sentence as she took off in a tirade

"What the fuck has that little shit done now, Christ you'd think the little fuck would learn after the whooping I gave him this morning, God Damn it, well what's he gone and done this time?"

I just stared at her speechless for a moment not believing what I was hearing. Could anyone be that dumb to admit something like that to a police officer, the answer was apparently yes. Finally I noticed that Tim had become very alert and his hand was back resting on his gun as I managed to reply,

"mam you gave him a whooping as you call it this morning?"

She looked at me like I was an idiot before replying

"what, you deaf or something, I just said I whooped the little shit this morning didn't I? I found him being a pervert again and whooped his hide. I won't have none of that in this house."

 I tried to stay calm as I said

"maybe you can explain exactly what happened please.?

She looked at me again like I was dense before saying

"the little perv was playing with hisself again and I've told him not to be doing that so he got it again."

I took a deep breath before continuing

"so he causes problems a lot, behaves in an inappropriate manner like that as well?"

She smiled as she told me

"hell yea that kid ain't nothing but trouble let me tell you. Always doing something, let me tell you. As much as I beat his ass you'd think he'd learn by now but no, he never does. My hand done hurt like hell but it don't do no good at all. Must be a little slow, if you know what I mean, gotta come from his father, ain't from me, let me tell you. Gots so I spend half my time trying to teach that kid right from wrong."

I took another deep breath before asking,

 "is there anyone else here that helps you with him, maybe the father.?"

She let out a snort before going on

 "father hell, he done died before the little brat was born. I can't even get a boyfriend cause of the kid, so no ain't no one but me here and let me tell you it sure ain't easy just me and that kid. He's a right handful let me tell you. I sw..."

 I interrupted her rudely,

"Mrs Michaels your son is in the hospital with severe injuries we..."

 and she interrupted again

"what did he go and do now, this is all I need, the little fuck."

 I had had it,

"Karen Michaels you are under arrest for felony child abuse and battery on a child" as I grabbed her to place her in custody.

She started fighting me as Tim grabbed onto her, and with great pleasure I slammed her to the ground and put the cuffs on her wrists. I quickly scanned her mind and found that she beat this child constantly to one degree or another and never gave him any love. It sickened me. I pulled her up and told her in no uncertain terms

"you will never have to worry about `the little shit' again because you are never going to get near him again."

 Tim took her out to his car as I went in and started looking around the house. She was still ranting and raving as he slammed the door and headed back to the house. What we found was disgusting not to mention disturbing, the place was a pigsty and his room was dismal. He didn't even have a bed to sleep in. There was blood on the floor as well. I called in and had them send out a crime scene unit to document the house and a unit to secure the scene while Tim headed out with our suspect. As soon as the unit assigned arrived to secure the scene I headed to the hospital. When I got there they said he had been taken to emergency surgery and I headed upstairs to the waiting room. The officer posted downstairs told me that they had photo documented his injuries and had taken his clothes for evidence as well. When I got upstairs I had told the nurse on duty what I was here for and she said she would let me know as soon as they knew anything. I sat down and extended my senses out to where the child was being operated upon and checked on what they were doing. All seemed to be going well so I pulled out keeping a tendril attached as I thought about this world and the things that were going on in it like this. Several hours later a doctor came out to tell me that things went well and the child was in recovery. I asked when I would be able to see him and he told me not for at least an hour. I thanked him and sat down to wait. He had told me that he would have a nurse come and get me when I could be with him so I waited. When the nurse did come out I went quickly back with her to find his frail little body still asleep lying there with tubes running into and out of him from several places. I went over to his side and gently took his small hand and started caressing it gently as I spoke to him.

 "its going to be alright, little one. No one will ever hurt you again, I promise."

 I just kept repeating that he was going to be ok now over and over again as I softly stroked his hand in mine. I knew he was going to be ok physically and finally decided that I could put off the mental examination no longer as I gently extended a tendril of thought into his mind. What I found there had tears running down my cheeks as I explored his short life, one filled with pain and hurt that no one much less a child should have to endure. One filled with way too little love and way too much agony. What made it even worse was that this child was gifted, very gifted, and he had been subjected to so much. I was lost in exploring his life when I was startled violently by a thought entering my mind purposely

*don't be sad*

I sat up fully looking around in shock as I heard a childish giggle in my mind. I turned and looked down at the boy to find his eyes staring up at me with a mischievous twinkle in them.

 *hi* he said.

 *well hi there*<warmth, caring>

*you were at school* he pathed.

*yes I was, my name is Linda* I replied silently.

 *mine is Danny, where are we*

he pathed trying to look around.

*don't try to move around or speak yet. You are in the hospital, you were hurt and they had to operate on you but you are going to be fine, there is a tube in your throat to help you breath and you won't be able to talk until they take it out.*

 I told him. I could feel the fear start to take hold and I broadcast warmth, caring, and feelings of safety to him as I told him

*you ARE going to be okay. I also know how you got hurt*

 he started to become panicked as I forcefully told him

*listen to me, LISTEN TO ME, you are SAFE, do you understand me, YOU ARE SAFE, no one and I mean NO ONE is ever going to hurt you again, I promise*

 I just kept telling him that he was safe and going to be okay until I felt the panic receding within him.

*you ok now*

 I asked and got a silent

*umm hmmm* from him.

*I want you to listen to me for a minute okay? Your mother has been arrested and she is in jail, she will not be getting out for a long, long time and you are safe. You did not do anything wrong and certainly nothing to deserve this. You need to understand that. You didn't do anything wrong*

I told him. He looked at me and then silently almost in a mental whisper said

*but I was bad, that's why she had to spank me.*

 I felt the tears start rolling down my face again as I silently told him

*no you weren't bad, and even if you were she didn't have the right to do this to you. This wasn't a spanking honey, a spanking is a swat or two on your butt not this. Also what she said she hit you for isn't bad sweetheart, its normal and natural and something all people do.*

He turned his face away from me and I could feel the shame and embarrassment in him. I reached out and gently took his face turning it back to face me as I told him

*Do not be ashamed or embarrassed little one, do you hear me, it is there to be enjoyed and that is all you were doing. There is nothing wrong with that.*

He looked into my eyes searching them for the truth as I gently told him

*one cannot lie to another with the mind speech little one, I speak the truth. You did nothing wrong, and you are safe now, she will never hurt you again.*

Now it was his tears that started to fall and all I could do was to send waves of reassurance and love to his small frame as the horror began to wash away from his soul. Sometime during this he fell into sleep once again only this time his mind was much more at peace. I just sat there and held his hand in mine while my mind enveloped his with thoughts of peace and love. At some point in the evening I must have fell asleep as well for I awoke with a start as a nurse was gently shaking my shoulder. I looked up at her confused for a moment before I remembered where I was and then started to panic when I realized that Danny was not there anymore. She quickly reassured me,

"he has been taken up to pediatrics just now and I thought you might want to go as well so he won't be alone when he wakens."

I smiled at her and said thanks as I got up to leave. I headed towards the elevator after finding out where exactly pediatrics was. I was just arriving at the proper floor when I felt Danny scream out in my mind


With the mental scream was broadcast fear and images of a man that terrified Danny. I couldn't teleport in public like this but as soon as the doors opened I pulled my gun and went running down the hall towards Danny's new room. I grabbed the mike on my radio shouting into it


I heard the dispatcher putting it out as I rounded the corner, several nurses had screamed as I went running by and came upon Danny's room. There was a man advancing on Danny who was lying in his bed still hooked up to everything. Danny was terrified and white as the sheet he was lying on. I moved into the room and identified myself ordering the man to stop and raise his hands. He froze as I scanned his mind and I knew at that second that he not only had a gun in his hand but that he was planning on using it on Danny. He had meant to not make any noise and was only going to use the gun for intimidation but that plan was gone now as I had shown up. He was just going to shoot Danny before I could stop him. All this ran through my mind in an instant as I yelled at him to drop the gun and not to do it but it was too late. His hand was already moving, raising the weapon to a position where he could fire. I didn't think but fired three times into the center of his back, striking him with all three bullets. I felt the shock and pain hit his body and the movement of his hand stopped well short of where he could fire his weapon. He was frozen there for a moment before slowly starting to turn around towards me. I was yelling for him to drop the gun but he kept turning and bringing the weapon up towards me. I had no choice in what happened next. He was almost turned around and was looking at me now, as he said "fuck you bitch" as his arm raised fully towards me with the gun now pointing at me. I fired my weapon twice more at that point but unfortunately too late. I saw the puff of smoke as his weapon discharged and felt it slam into me as I watched his hand lose the ability to grasp the weapon as his body followed the gun to the floor, as dead as the piece of metal he had so recently been holding. I felt Danny's mental scream in my mind


 Unfortunately I was also sinking to the floor as well. I managed to grab my mike and call into it while gasping for breath,

"45King 1...999...45......Forty...Five...

And that is the last thing I remembered as things turned to black...



Well that finishes chapter 2 hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 3 will be up soon.